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The guests at Katherine's memorial service shared laughter and tears as they recounted their cherished memories. Paul and Christine wed. Victor learned that Jack was Adam's secret investor. Adam overheard Dylan tell Billy that Connor might have a degenerative eye disease.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 2, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Due to the Labor Day holiday, CBS did not air a new episode of The Young and the Restless today.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 3, and pick up where the Friday, August 30 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Katherine's memorial was set to take place in a beautiful spot in the park. Danny lovingly touched the frame of a portrait of Katherine, and he checked the sound to make sure it was perfect. Danny approved of the sound levels, and Amber approached Katherine's portrait. "Hey, home girl," Amber murmured, adding, "Guess we now know you weren't invincible after all, were you?" Amber grew teary as she looked at the portrait, and she pondered why it had taken something like Katherine's death to get her to return to town.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill looked at the childlike writing on an invitation to Katherine's memorial, instructing the attendees to "bring memories, smiles and a happy heart." She turned to Katherine's sketch above the mantel, and she hoped that the day made Katherine smile. Jill flashed back to memorable moments with Katherine.

Later, Jill informed Billy and Victoria that Mac couldn't attend due to some personal issues. Delia ran in, and Victoria said that she was impressed with the artwork Delia had made for the invitations. Billy added that it was just what Katherine would have wanted. Murphy and Esther announced that the car had arrived, and Delia asked if she could attend, but Chloe said that the girl had plans to go swimming with a sitter instead.

Billy wondered why the service was being held at the park rather than the mansion, and Jill explained that Katherine had expressly stipulated that it was to be at Lake Delaney. Murphy cryptically stated that they'd find out why when the time was right, and Victoria commented that Katherine had loved a good surprise. Jill vowed to give "the old girl" a party like Katherine had wanted.

The citizens of Genoa City prepared for the memorial. Jack tucked the invitation into his jacket and left. Father Todd entered the police station, and he and Paul smiled at one another and hugged. Nikki removed Victor's tie and declared that it wasn't a funeral but a celebration like Katherine had wanted. He and Nikki kissed.

At the police station, Father Todd informed Kevin and Paul that Katherine had requested that Father Todd officiate the service, and he wouldn't dare disappoint Katherine Chancellor. Father Todd inquired whether Kevin had become a cop, but Paul explained that he was just happy to have Kevin working on the right side of the law. Father Todd recalled that Katherine had been very fond of Kevin, and Kevin said that the feeling had been mutual. Kevin regretted that Katherine had never gotten to see him in his "good-guy hat," but Father Todd assured Kevin that Katherine was watching him from afar, and he was certain that she was very proud.

Nikki looked at a photo of herself and Katherine, and Paul called to check whether Nikki wanted him to move forward with her request. She admitted that she was confused, and he reminded her that she'd only given him a name and number to go on. She apologized for keeping him in the dark, and he promised that he'd be there if she needed help. She wanted to just get through the emotional day, and she thanked him for being a good friend. Nikki and Victor left for the park.

Paul put away Nikki's file, and he looked up and saw Nina standing in the doorway. Nina said that she was heartbroken over Katherine, but otherwise, everything else was good, and she hoped that it was for him, too. He said that he couldn't complain, and she revealed that Katherine had written her a lovely letter with a personal goodbye. Nina explained that Katherine had urged her to let go of her resentment and to live life without anger or fear. Nina said that she had been moved because she had still been upset that Paul had chosen Christine over her.

Nina continued that even though she and Katherine had never talked about it, Katherine had known that anger was keeping Nina from moving on, and Katherine's letter had set her free. Nina declared that she was ready to move on with an open heart and that she wanted to find love again, and Paul said that nothing made him happier than to hear that. Nina extended her forgiveness, and they hugged. Christine hurried in and was surprised to find Nina in Paul's arms. Nina apologized and said that everything was fine, thanks to Katherine.

After Nina left, Christine remarked that Nina's presence had been a surprise. Christine said that she felt closer to Katherine than ever and that Katherine's letter had gotten to her. Paul commented that Katherine's letters had had that effect on a lot of people, and she encouraged him not to be disappointed that Katherine hadn't left him one. He agreed to share what was in Christine's letter, and they hugged.

The Winters clan met over breakfast at the Athletic Club, and Devon mentioned that Ana couldn't get away from school to attend the memorial. Devon also revealed that Katherine's death had hit Tucker harder than Tucker was willing to admit, and Cane remarked that at least Tucker had had a chance to say goodbye. Neil asked how Devon was holding up, and Devon replied that it had hit him for the first time that morning that he no longer had a grandmother, and that day made it real.

Nick and Avery arrived in the park, and he called it a perfect place to have the memorial. He mentioned that he hadn't been there since Noah had been little, and he and Sharon had flown kites with Noah. Avery agreed that that it was the perfect spot, and Nick realized that they might have solved one of their problems.

Victor and Nikki made small talk with Nick and Avery. Nikki approached Jill and said that the park looked magnificent. Jill complimented Nikki's idea to have Delia do the artwork for the invitations, but she noticed that Nikki seemed preoccupied. Nikki lamented that a world without Katherine would never be the same again. Jill acknowledged that she and Nikki had never been close, and Jill blamed herself for being jealous of Nikki and Katherine's connection. Nikki implored Jill not to doubt that Katherine had loved Jill, too.

Jill wondered if Katherine had assigned both Jill and Nikki to put the memorial together to encourage them to become closer, and Nikki contemplated whether Katherine was trying to tell them something. Both women pondered whether they could help one another solve the mysteries left behind in Katherine's letters. Danny hugged Nikki and Jill and offered his condolences. He asked to borrow Jill for a question about the sound, and he led Jill away.

Jack arrived, and he and Victor glared at one another. Chloe stared at Katherine's portrait, and she remembered having a conversation with Katherine about the Serenity Prayer. Chloe had stated that she thought it was a cop-out, and Katherine had advised Chloe to realize that she couldn't fix other people and to turn her focus toward her greatest challenge -- herself. Kevin asked Chloe if she was all right, and they discussed Delia. Kevin said that he missed both Delia and Chloe.

Jack told Billy that the day made him think of John, and he could hardly believe that it had been seven years since their father's death. Billy said that he could still see John, and Jack looked at him with surprise, but Billy clarified that it was only in his head. Jack recalled that John and Katherine had grown up together and had been close, and he almost expected to see John there. Billy imagined that John and Katherine were in heaven, skinny-dipping like they had in high school. Jack said that the stories made him miss John all the more.

Cane and Lily greeted Amber, and Lily stated that Katherine would be grateful that Amber was there. Amber noted that the Ashbys looked happy, and Cane proclaimed that they'd never been better. Jill's eyes became misty when she saw Brock, and they hugged without saying a word.

Devon flashed back to telling a bedridden Katherine that he didn't want anything from her. Devon fretted to Neil that Devon had wasted precious time instead of getting over himself and embracing the fact that he'd had an amazing woman for a grandmother. Neil assured Devon that there had been a lot of love between Katherine and Devon when she had died, and he told Devon to hold on to it.

Victor said that he was glad Gina could make it, and she called it one party she wouldn't want to miss. Nikki reminded them that there were to be no tears, and Gina beseeched Katherine to return to force her not to cry. Nina greeted Danny, and they shared a warm hug. He said that it was too bad it had taken a sad occasion to get together, and she insisted upon no sadness or regrets. Danny asked if Nina had any, and she joked that if the event turned into the party Katherine had wanted, then maybe she'd have some in the morning. They laughed.

Father Todd asked everyone to find a seat, because it was time to celebrate all that they had loved about the great Katherine Chancellor, and the guests applauded. Father Todd introduced himself and welcomed everyone, and he declared that he was humbled and thankful to be there to honor the beloved mother, grandmother, wife, friend, and long-time pillar of the community. He continued that he knew that Katherine would be thrilled that everyone had gathered to celebrate her life and to share memories with one another. As he recited a passage from the Bible, Danny played the keyboard, and each guest thought of his or her own special moments with Katherine. Father Todd asked if anyone would like to speak, and he turned the podium over to Victor.

Victor declared that Katherine had had no fear of telling the truth, and he flashed back to her ordering him to be a better father. He had replied that sometimes his children had failed him rather than the other way around, but she had advised him to learn from his past mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future. Victor stated that Katherine had always spoken the truth, and he'd become a better person for it. He added that he would never meet the likes of her again, and he called her a remarkable woman. He blew a kiss to Katherine's portrait and told her to rest in peace.

Nikki revealed that she'd experienced the worst night of her life in Mexico, when she'd thought that Victor was dead, and she had been very drunk. She couldn't imagine what would have happened if it hadn't been for Katherine's strong voice on the phone, and she flashed back to Katherine telling her that feelings weren't facts. Katherine had instructed Nikki to go back to the hotel and sleep, and she had implored Nikki to cling to hope. Nikki said that it had been a very dark night, but Katherine had saved her countless times and had never let her give up hope, and she wondered what to do without Katherine. Nikki struggled against tears and apologized to Katherine for crying, and she whispered that she loved Katherine.

Devon said that learning that Katherine was his grandmother had changed his life, and nothing could have prepared him for that moment or for losing her. Lauren and Danny talked about watching music videos with Katherine, and Jill remarked that Katherine had loved younger men. Several guests tittered, and Lauren said that it was incredible that not only had Katherine given them the money to make Danny's first video, but Lauren had gotten a beautiful lifelong friend. Brock recalled Katherine's incredulous reaction to his pronouncement that he'd found the power of the Lord.

Cane shared that Katherine had chided him for interfering when he'd told her family about her surgery, and he was honored that she'd treated him like family. Cane said that he'd defy her wishes again to ensure that her family had been there to support her. Jack spotted John standing across the park, and he smiled.

Christine read the letter that Katherine had written to her, and Katherine had counseled that no one's tombstone read that the deceased wished they'd spent more time at the office. Katherine had encouraged Christine to live life for the moment and to let the paperwork wait. Katherine had written that "only by embracing the now can you find true happiness, and once you do, don't ever let it slip away."

Nina said that there had been a time when she'd despised Katherine, and Katherine and Jill had tried to bribe Nina to move to Guam. Jill and Nina good-naturedly bantered about their history, and Jill admitted that she and Katherine had been wrong. Nina said that it hadn't taken Katherine as long to admit it, and she was really grateful that she and Katherine had been able to set aside their hostilities and become friends.

Amber recounted that Katherine had saved her life in more ways than Amber could count. Amber flashed back to being trapped with Katherine after the Clear Springs explosion, and Katherine had advised Amber to forgive herself, or Amber would keep messing up. Katherine had suspected that she and Amber were a lot alike, because Katherine could hardly begin to count her own mistakes, but Amber had pointed out that Katherine was confident and successful. Katherine had urged Amber to act that way until she felt like she was.

Esther couldn't stop crying at the podium, and Jill barked that Katherine would have wanted Esther to get on with it. Esther composed herself and announced that her favorite memory was the day "Mrs. C" had shown that she wouldn't take Jill's abuse anymore, and Katherine and Jill had declared war on one another with a food fight.

Jill said that she had a million stories about Katherine, from epic battles to undying friendship. Jill scoffed at the idea of there being no tears. "To hell with that!" she cried, and she wailed that Katherine had left them with no warning, with much unsaid and undone. A sobbing Jill wondered what she would do without Katherine, and she broke down at the podium. Cane rushed to her side and held her as she wept.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Katherine's memorial service continued in the park as Jill recovered from her momentary breakdown. Jill said that Katherine wanted those gathered to think of her with joy. Jill admitted that grief had gotten the better of her for a moment. Jill raised her fist to the sky, looked up and told Katherine that she would not let Katherine make her crazy on that day.

Jill told those gathered about meeting Katherine when Jill was eighteen and working in a hair salon. As Jill told her story, she had flashbacks to the events that had occurred between herself and Katherine as she referenced their long, back-and-forth relationship.

Jill said that she had hit it off with Katherine from the start and had always made sure that Katherine sat in Jill's chair. Jill was thrilled when Katherine had asked her to become a paid companion. Jill said that meeting Katherine had changed her life. Jill explained that when she started living in Katherine's home, Jill had learned that Katherine had been married to the bottle, and Katherine's husband, Phillip, had been desperately lonely.

Jill said that companionship with Phillip had turned to love, and Jill had gotten pregnant. Jill remembered the heated conversation between Katherine and Phillip about divorce. Jill said that she had thought that it had signaled the end of her relationship with Katherine, but instead it had become the beginning. Jill added that she had never imagined the impact that Katherine would have on her life and what Katherine would teach her, not the least of which was anger.

Jill recalled arguing with Katherine after Katherine had been drunk and had driven Phillip over a cliff. Phillip had died, but Katherine had emerged unscathed. Jill had accused Katherine of driving over the cliff in a deliberate attempt to kill herself, as well as Phillip. Jill said that it had turned out that loving the same person could create a bond between people. Jill added that it had not been easy and recalled several other moments that highlighted the love-hate relationship between Jill and Katherine.

Jill ended her remarks by saying that she wished that she had had one last time with Katherine so that she could tell Katherine how much Jill loved her and how much Katherine meant to Jill. Jill said that even though Katherine had left her with a simple "goodnight," Jill was somehow at peace because she knew that Katherine would always be with her. Jill looked to the sky and told Katherine that Jill would miss her more than Katherine could know and that none of their lives would ever be the same without Katherine.

Murphy turned to Paul and gave him a letter from Katherine before taking the podium to tell friends and family that Katherine had wanted everyone to participate, share good thoughts, and remember Katherine's connection to them. While Father Todd read Katherine's favorite poem, "I'll Live On," Murphy placed her urn on a table, and each of her loved ones placed a white flower next to her ashes, said their private goodbyes, and remembered special moments with Katherine. Chloe read a lovely poem that Delia had written for Katherine, and then Murphy concluded by telling them all that the park was a last gift from Katherine; it would be named Chancellor Park and would Katherine's place, "now and for always."

As the formal service broke up, guests lingered for conversation. Paul read his letter and smiled as he looked skyward. Jack and Victor said civil words to each other, and Nikki thanked Victor for not starting anything. Victor said it was for Nikki's sake and for Katherine's. Neil, Lily, and Devon remembered how many lives Katherine had touched. Devon wanted to lead as vivid a life as Katherine had led.

Nick and Avery realized that Chancellor Park would be a terrific setting for their wedding. Victoria and Billy agreed. Christine noticed that Paul was smiling and wondered about his letter. When Father Todd joined them, Paul asked him to read the letter to Christine. The crowd was stunned to hear Katherine's words imploring Paul to marry Christine immediately. Paul got down on his knees, and Christine agreed.

The assembled crowd got a huge laugh when Christine pointed out that Katherine was matchmaking at her own memorial. Danny thought it was a great idea and told Christine that he had moved on. Jill said it was fabulous and a perfect way to end the day in the spirit that Katherine had intended. Father Todd said that the wedding was a continuation of the celebration of Katherine's life.

The guests rallied together. Amber gave Devon music suitable for a wedding playlist to use with the stereo system. Gina gave Christine something borrowed, Lily contributed the blue, and Victoria offered something old. Lauren and Chloe collected flowers and made a bouquet. Michael called in a favor and got a wedding license. Paul asked him to be best man. They shared a man hug. Christine and Nina exchanged looks and a smile, and Nina said, "Yes."

Nina preceded Christine down the aisle to where Paul and Michael stood. At the podium, Father Todd read a famous Bible chapter about love. When he concluded, he asked if Paul and Christine wanted to speak. Paul said he felt lucky to have a second chance to prove that they were soul mates. Christine said that she, too, believed that they were soul mates. Christine said that she believed in Paul and she believed that they would get it right. They did not have rings, but both Christine and Paul recited the traditional vows from memory. When they were done, Father Todd pronounced them husband and wife.

One by one, friends and family gave the happy couple their congratulations. Paul wanted to spend more time with his brother, Father Todd, but Todd said that he had to return home to Michigan. Todd hugged Paul and gave him the white wedding Bible that he had read from. As the guests said their goodbyes and left the park, Lauren asked Jill to lunch, but Jill said that she wanted to stay because she felt close to Katherine there.

Jill saw that Nikki had also remained behind. They sat on a bench and talked about how beautiful the service had been and about how easy it had been for Paul to follow Katherine's advice. Jill said that she had not been left a letter, but an epic quest. Nikki laughed and said that Katherine had left a quest for her too. Nikki said that she did not know if she could face the challenge without Katherine. Both women agreed that they wished that Katherine were there with them.

Delia was overjoyed to see Kevin when he escorted Chloe back to the Chancellor mansion. He told her that Chloe had read Delia's poem and complimented Delia on it. Delia told Kevin that she missed him, and Kevin said that he missed Delia, too.

In the living room, Cane asked Murphy what would happen next. Devon asked if there were any more plans. Murphy said that there was still the reading of the will. At Nick's home, Nick and Avery were touched by the service and happy that they had found the perfect spot for their wedding, even if someone else had been married there first.

In their own living room, Billy and Victoria hugged. Billy was amazed by Victor's civility. Victoria told him not to get used to it but that it did not matter what Victor thought because Billy and Victoria were together. Billy took her in his arms and said that he would never take Victoria for granted again.

Jack went home and called out for John. He looked at a photo of his deceased father and told him that it had been "a heck of a service." Jack looked upward and told John to say, "Hi," to Katherine for him. Victor went to the ranch, poured a drink, and sat in his chair. He looked at a photo of Katherine, raised his glass, and said, "To you, my friend."

Jill told Nikki that Katherine would be proud of them. Nikki asked Jill if she thought that Katherine would ever have imagined them getting along. Both women were astonished to see Katherine sitting across from them, surrounded by white light and smiling. Both acknowledged that Katherine was beautiful. Nikki put her arms around Jill's shoulders. As they watched, Katherine's image dissolved into the bright white light.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Victoria arrived at the ranch, and Victor informed her that Nikki had stayed behind at the park after the memorial. Victoria recognized that Katherine's death had been hard on Nikki, and Victor said that it had affected him, too, but it wouldn't be over until the reading of Katherine's will. Victoria acknowledged that he'd also suffered a big loss, and she offered to talk about it, but he preferred not to. She opted to show her concern by making some tea, and after she stepped out, Adam stormed in and demanded to know what Victor thought he was doing.

Victor reprimanded Adam for his behavior and told him to calm down. Adam spat that he was calm, but he was being followed, and he presented Victor with a bug. Victor recognized it as a recording device, and Adam reported that it had been planted in his office. Victor feigned surprise, and Adam coldly asked what Victor had expected to learn by bugging Adam's office and having him tailed. Victoria returned and inquired whether "the golden boy" had fallen out of favor.

Victor barked that it wasn't a good time for Adam's tantrum, because Victor had just lost a dear friend. Adam said that he was sorry about the timing, but his office had been bugged, and he believed it was a personal matter of a father not trusting his son. Adam accused Victor of stabbing him in the back when they were supposed to have a partnership, and Victor barked that their partnership was with "a bunch mysterious Harvard boys." Adam pointed out that he'd handed over their names and numbers, and Victor flew into a rage at Adam for trying to pull the wool over his eyes.

Adam said that he'd believed that things could have been different, and he told Victoria that she didn't have to be jealous of his and Victor's father-son camaraderie, because it had all just been a figment of their imaginations. Adam vowed to be the last man standing when the dust settled, and he stormed out. Victoria struggled to show restraint, but she ultimately told Victor that she'd warned him about Adam.

Victor revealed that Adam had pressured him to make an imprudent business move, but Victoria wondered why that disagreement was different from any other. Victor said that it wasn't important, and she reminded him that his affiliation with Adam had been important enough to push her out of the company. Victor countered that it had been her choice, and she argued that she and the rest of the family still had a stake in the business, so she wanted to know what was going on. Victoria surmised that if things fell apart, then Adam and his investors could push Victor out of the company, and she assumed that Victor had something up his sleeve.

Victor proclaimed that he knew what Adam was capable of, and Victoria questioned whether Victor's view had changed when Adam had risked his life to save Victor's. Victor contended that he'd always known that the heroic act hadn't eliminated the possibility that Adam would plunge a knife into Victor's back. Victor confessed that he'd hoped that Adam would turn out to be the son that Adam had claimed he'd wanted to be, but Victor was prepared to sever business ties with Adam if necessary. Victoria inquired about family ties, and Victor steeled himself to lose a son.

Victor said that Adam had shown no understanding of what it meant to be part of a family, and he added that even Summer was more of a Newman than Adam was. Victoria recounted that she'd seen the pride in Victor's eyes when he'd announced that he'd joined forces with Adam, and she was sorry that Victor had been disappointed and hurt. She believed that Adam had broken Victor's heart, but Victor swore that wasn't possible. Victor assured Victoria that he had everything under control, and she left. Victor made a call and asked if his investigator had found out anything. He repeated Jack's name and chuckled, "I'll be damned."

At the Abbott home, Jack said that Katherine would have loved the memorial, and Billy remarked that Katherine had controlled every aspect of her life up until the end and even beyond. Jack wished he knew her secret, and Billy assumed that Jack wanted to talk about Phyllis and Summer. Jack grumbled that Summer had stayed in Georgia to avoid being with him, and he was sure that had made Victor happy. Billy commented that Victor had been suspiciously pleasant at the ceremony, and Jack griped that Victor was doing everything he could to ensure that Summer remained a Newman.

Jack recounted that Summer had been upset when she'd seen Victor and Jack arguing, and he said that he and Summer had barely talked on the plane. He continued that she'd only wanted to spend time at the hospital when Jack hadn't been there, and she hadn't been in contact since Jack had returned home. Jack worried that Summer would choose to be with the family she knew over the one she belonged to. Billy cautioned Jack that starting a war with Victor would be dangerous and costly, but Jack declared that the war had already begun.

Adam suddenly burst in and demanded to talk to Jack about an urgent matter. Billy left to check on the restaurant, and Adam relayed that Victor was desperately trying to find out the identity of the person who had provided the money to privatize Newman. Adam explained that Victor had bugged Adam's office and had had Adam followed, and Jack panicked that Adam had been followed there. Adam assured Jack that he'd ditched the investigator and that they could explain the visit as a friendly one, but Jack was adamant that Victor couldn't know that Jack was the secret investor. Adam was certain that Victor didn't, but he couldn't wait until he eventually learned.

Adam agreed that Victor couldn't find out until after Adam had yanked the company out from under Victor. Jack said that he didn't want to be involved, because he had loaned Adam the money so that Adam could build a relationship with Victor. Adam huffed that it was clear to him that Victor didn't want one, and Jack took pleasure in knowing that Victor was about to lose something Victor cared about. Jack didn't want Summer feeling torn between Jack and Victor, and he reiterated that Jack's name couldn't surface. Jack declared that it was his money, but it was Adam's fight.

Adam regretted letting down his guard with Victor, and he wasn't sure what he had been looking for. Jack suspected that Adam had been seeking the equivalent of playing catch with his father, but Adam said that business was Victor's game of choice. Jack said that Victor always had to win, and Adam realized that was true, even when Victor played against his own kids. Jack said that he was sorry that the relationship hadn't turned out like Adam had hoped, and Adam groused that it had become a running theme in his life.

Jack said that Adam could still have it all with someone else besides Chelsea, and Adam wanted to focus on his strengths, but with Victor all over him, he'd have to take action sooner than he'd planned. Jack advised Adam to watch his back, and Adam said that he knew what he was doing. Adam promised not to mention Jack's name, and Jack was glad that Victor would be preoccupied with something other than Summer. Jack hoped that Victor lost everything.

Later, Victor arrived at the Abbott home, and he recalled that Jack had accused Victor of throwing his money around. Jack pointed out that Victor had, and Victor called him a hypocrite, because Victor knew what Jack was up to.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler and Courtney raved about the concert they'd just attended, but he noted that Noah and Abby had been quiet. Abby revealed that Katherine's memorial had been that day, and Tyler said that they could have canceled their concert plans, but Noah thought that Katherine would have insisted that they go, because she had loved good music and a good time. Courtney asked why Noah hadn't gotten back into music, and Abby and Tyler gushed that Noah was a brilliant photographer. Noah snapped at them all to shut up about what he wanted to do with his life.

Noah said that he was sorry, and Courtney apologized for overstepping. Noah explained that he wasn't sure if photography was what he was meant to do with his life, and Courtney asked what was. Noah complained that everyone else had clear goals and passions, and he pointed out that Tyler, Abby, and Courtney were all excited about their jobs. Courtney contended that Noah still had time to figure out what he wanted to do in life, and she inquired whether he'd ever worked for Newman Enterprises. Noah and Abby laughed, and Tyler asked what the non-Newmans at the table didn't know about Victor.

Abby said that no one in the Newman family had ever worked with Victor and stayed at the company, and Tyler questioned whether that said something about Victor or Victor's kids and grandkids. Noah declared that there was no way he could work at Newman, and Courtney asked what had happened to the other family members. Noah quipped that Nick had been scarred for life, but Abby said that didn't mean that Noah couldn't give it a try. Noah maintained that he had no interest in working at Newman.

Noah said that he hadn't meant to turn the outing into a career counseling session, but Courtney chirped that she'd had a great time. Noah suggested that Tyler buy another round, and Courtney helped carry the mugs to the counter. She peppered Tyler with questions about whether Noah liked her, and she wondered if Noah would ask her out again.

Victoria arrived at the coffeehouse and pulled Noah and Abby aside. Victoria voiced her concern for Victor, and she reported that Victor and Adam had had a major disagreement and that Adam had the upper hand at Newman. Abby groaned, and Noah asked what they could do. Victoria said that Victor would need help if Adam severed ties with him, and there was a possibility that Victor could lose Newman for good. Noah said that they couldn't let that happen, and Abby teased Noah about supposedly not being interested in the family business.

At the loft, Dylan called Connor beautiful and perfect, and he mused that his son's eye problems didn't make any sense. Chelsea pointed out that the doctor's concerns might be nothing, but Dylan countered that the doctor wouldn't have mentioned it without good reason. Chelsea urged him not to get worked up before they received the test results, and she pulled out a four-leaf clover charm from her purse. She explained that she had planned to give it to Dylan after they'd graduated from their birthing class, but she had forgotten about it when everything had happened ahead of schedule. Dylan thanked her and said that they needed it, because he felt very unlucky.

Chelsea assured Dylan that he had a loving wife and a beautiful baby, but Dylan blamed himself for Connor's possible blindness, since no one in Chelsea's family had experienced eye problems. Chelsea looked panicked, and Dylan surmised that she believed the same thing. Dylan intended to do some research about his family's genetics, but Chelsea suggested that they focus on how to help their son. Anita arrived with an armful of gifts for Connor, and Chelsea said that she'd just put him down. Anita noticed Chelsea and Dylan's worried expressions, and she pushed to find out what was going on.

Chelsea said that the gifts were unnecessary, and Anita conceded that they didn't make up for the past, but she defended that she was trying. Dylan murmured to Chelsea that Anita was still her mom, and Anita hoped that Chelsea's ultimatum at the hospital had just been the result of postpartum blues and that Chelsea would realize that it would be a good thing for Anita to be part of Connor's life. Anita vowed to do better with Connor than she had with Chelsea, and Chelsea admitted that she and Dylan had received bad news. Dylan explained that Connor might have a degenerative eye disease.

Anita asked to talk to Chelsea alone, and Dylan encouraged the women to clear things up, because Connor needed all the love he could get. Dylan knelt by Connor's cradle and declared his love, and he left. Chelsea sobbed to Anita that the disease was hereditary, so Connor had inherited it from Adam. Chelsea said that Dylan was terrified, and Anita asked if he suspected anything. Chelsea lamented that he was blaming himself, and Anita stated that it was no one's fault, but Chelsea wailed that it was hers.

Chelsea thought that it wasn't fair that Connor had to pay the price for her lies. Anita remarked that things happened in life, but they'd get through it. Anita advised Chelsea that blaming herself wouldn't do Connor any good, and Chelsea agreed that care and treatment were the most important things to consider, but she feared that Adam could be a huge problem. Chelsea said that if Adam found out about Connor's condition, it wouldn't take him long to figure out that he was the father.

Anita said that Chelsea had to make sure that Adam didn't find out, and Anita promised that she wouldn't tell Jeffrey. Anita optimistically stated that they might learn that Connor was fine before anyone found out anything, but they had to find a good reason for Dylan not to tell anyone. Chelsea balked at telling another lie, but Anita reasoned that it would be the last one Chelsea ever had to tell. Later, Chelsea assured Connor they were both lucky because Dylan loved them and would take care of them. She cooed that Connor had the best daddy in the whole world.

At On the Boulevard, Dylan looked at the four-leaf clover, and Billy offered him a beer. Dylan ordered some coffee, and a surprised Billy said that Dylan's coffeehouse had better java. Dylan explained that he didn't want to have to answer questions, and Billy asked about what, but he quickly backed off and poured the coffee. Billy noted Dylan's tired appearance and inquired whether the baby had kept him up all night, and Billy remarked that the expression "sleeping like a baby" wasn't true.

Dylan wondered if there was any truth to the saying that the sins of the father were passed down to the son. He said that he was trying to work some stuff out about things he'd done, and he wondered if maybe his past had caught up with him. Dylan thought he might be trying to find answers when there were none, and Billy turned the topic to happier news, like Connor's first checkup. Dylan looked forlorn.

At the bar, Adam greeted Anita, and she tried to make a quick exit, but he congratulated her on her new grandson. He remarked that Connor was something special, and he surmised that Anita was happy. She confirmed that she was, because Chelsea had never been happier.

Dylan confided to Billy that the checkup hadn't gone well, because the doctor had detected a problem with Connor's vision. Billy wondered if the boy would need to wear glasses, but Dylan clarified that Connor might have a degenerative eye disorder and could go blind. Adam overheard.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This programmimng changing was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 9, and pick up where the Thursday, September 5 episode concluded.

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