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Victoria accepted Travis' proposal. Dylan told Nick that he was suing for visitation. Jack joined Phyllis to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. After Mariah conducted a touching interview with a homeless woman, Hilary anonymously sent the woman money and an encouraging note.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 21, 2016 on Y&R
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Travis Proposes to Victoria Travis Proposes to Victoria

Monday, November 21, 2016

At Sharon's house, Mariah had a heart-to-heart discussion with Sharon after Sharon demanded that Dylan leave. Dylan had earlier taken Faith to stay at Nick's tack house after the child had requested she be allowed to live with her father and Christian. Mariah reminded Sharon that Dylan had stuck by his wife, even after everything Sharon had done. Mariah pleaded with Sharon to find Dylan, apologize, and work out their differences. Sharon insisted that what she needed most was for her daughter to return home and live with her. Mariah assured Sharon that Faith loved her. Mariah suggested that Sharon busy herself with work as a distraction.

At Nick's tack house, Nick and Chelsea talked about celebrating the upcoming holidays without their respective spouses. Nick suggested that he ask his parents to invite Chelsea and Connor to the family's Thanksgiving dinner. Chelsea explained that Victor had already extended an invitation himself. Chelsea said it was important for Connor to be surrounded by family after Adam's death. Nick noted that Connor and Christian, as cousins, would always have each other. Chelsea replied, "Exactly. The cousins."

Faith walked downstairs and said she had a video project about Thanksgiving, complete with costumes, due to be uploaded to her teacher. Chelsea quickly sewed the costumes. Faith wrote the lines of a script about the first Thanksgiving. After Chelsea left, Faith and Nick watched the video she'd made. Nick portrayed an Indian and a Pilgrim. Faith interviewed both characters and noted that despite their difference, the Indians and Pilgrims had found common ground. Faith was proud of her work.

At Chelsea's design studio, Chloe was working when Kevin stopped by. Kevin and Chloe discussed Sharon and Dylan's awkward appearance at the Newman ranch. Chloe cited Sharon's decision to conceal Christian's true identity for a number of months. Chloe, speaking about Sharon, said, "What she did was really stupid and really wrong, but I think she really loved Sully, though technically he isn't hers." Chloe said she thought that Sharon had suffered enough, even though Sharon had interfered with the relationship between a child and his father.

Chloe told Kevin that she wouldn't judge Sharon's actions. Kevin replied, "Maybe that's because you've done the same thing." Kevin noted that Sharon had failed to tell Nick about Christian, and Chloe had failed to tell Bella's father that he had a daughter. Chloe explained that she'd had a one-night stand with the man who'd fathered Bella. Kevin reminded Chloe that Bella had a genetic link to her father. Chloe said that she and Bella's father had signed a no-contact agreement. Chloe added, "My kid. My call. My life." Kevin was miffed when Chloe brushed off his offer to enjoy Thanksgiving together.

After Kevin left, Sharon arrived. Chloe assured Sharon she wouldn't judge Sharon because they'd both been involved in difficult situations and should stick together. Sharon embraced Chloe. Chelsea arrived, and Chloe left. Chelsea said she'd been at Nick's house when Faith had arrived. Sharon cried that Faith needed to be at home with her mother. Chelsea said that Nick would take great care of Faith. Chelsea said she'd done her best to be Sharon's advocate. Sharon said, "It's so obvious you want Nick."

At GC Buzz, Devon and Hilary discussed increased reader interest related to Sharon's "baby-snatching" story. Hilary said she intended to learn more about Sharon from Mariah by offering a monetary incentive. Devon noted that Sharon had donated the money she'd received as compensation to a charity, which might help improve Sharon's reputation. Devon showed Hilary comments posted by readers indicating an unfavorable opinion about her pushing dark, sad stories. Hilary said she'd keep her stories fresh by offering new revelations.

After Mariah arrived, Hilary immediately planned updates to the story about Sharon and Christian. Mariah seemed wary as Hilary discussed plans to interview a child-development expert about the possible detrimental effects Christian might experience. Hilary said she'd also explore what happened to people when their secrets were exposed. Mariah replied, "Like what happened to you when your affair with Devon was exposed?" Mariah became irate and said she was aware of Hilary's manipulation. Referring to Sharon's secrecy after learning of Sully's true identity, Mariah said, "I know nothing!" Hilary said she didn't believe Mariah.

After Hilary walked away, Kevin stopped by to visit Mariah. When Hilary spotted Kevin, she sent Mariah on an errand to get her out of the room. Hilary approached Kevin, and he said that Hilary's interview with Sharon had caused a lot of trouble. Hilary noted that Sharon had volunteered to conduct the interview. Hilary added that she felt there was more to Sharon's story. Hilary threatened to keep digging until she uncovered the whole story. Mariah returned, and Kevin left. Devon suggested a different story for Hilary, but she refused to pursue it. Devon said, "It's not a request. I write the checks, so we are doing the story."

At Chancellor Park, Billy covertly watched as Travis proposed to Victoria. Travis held open a box containing an engagement ring and told Victoria that he'd love only her for the rest of his life. Travis looked into Victoria's eyes and pleaded with her to accept his proposal. Victoria asked Travis when he'd decided they should marry. Billy continued to watch the couple from a distance. Travis said that his devotion to Victoria had grown during the course of their relationship. Travis added, "I want this to be permanent. I want this to be forever. Do you want that?" Victoria asked for time before making a decision. Victoria left the park without Travis.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby overheard Ashley leaving a message for Billy. Ashley told Billy that she'd dropped Michelle off at the airport, so Michelle and Travis' relationship had ended. Abby asked Ashley what she'd said about Travis. Ashley said that Travis and Victoria were back together. Abby changed the subject and said that Jack had planned to celebrate Thanksgiving at the lake, so she'd split her time between the cabin and the Newman ranch. Ashley received a phone call letting her know that she'd be spending Thanksgiving in San Francisco to promote "Jabot Go." Abby was disappointed that her mom would be away.

After Abby left, Ashley met with Billy. Billy said he'd seen Travis propose to Victoria. Billy noted that he hadn't been able to hear Victoria's response. Billy said he believed Victoria hadn't given Travis an answer because she hadn't accepted the ring. Ashley scoffed and said, "Travis tells Michelle their interlude was a mistake, and then he heads right to the jewelers." Ashley asked Billy how he felt about the situation. Billy said he wanted to confront Travis about Michelle. Ashley cautioned Billy about hurting Victoria by telling her about Travis and Michelle. Billy said he wouldn't.

At Crimson Lights, Abby ran into Victoria. Victoria told Abby that Travis had proposed. Victoria said she was in shock, so she'd told Travis she needed to take a walk to think. Abby advised Victoria to wait until she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Victoria sighed and said, "Why does that sound so easy but feel so hard?" Abby seemed sympathetic to Victoria's difficult situation.

At Brash & Sassy, Billy met with Victoria. Victoria told Billy about Travis' proposal of marriage. Victoria said she hadn't anticipated it. Billy said Victoria shouldn't have been surprised. Billy noted that Travis and Victoria had moved in together and loved each other, so marriage was the next step. Victoria asked, "Do you think that it makes sense that I marry Travis?" Billy said it was Victoria's choice. Victoria said, "If you have anything to say, then just say it." Billy said he couldn't make the decision for Victoria, but he told her that he trusted her to make the right decision.

Travis later met with Ashley at the coffeehouse. Ashley said she'd driven Michelle to the airport. Travis said, "She understands that I'm committed to Victoria." Ashley said Michelle had received mixed messages because Travis had slept with her. Travis said he'd made a mistake. Travis vowed that he loved Victoria and wanted to be with her forever.

At Chancellor Park, Chloe caught up with Kevin. Chloe said, "I'm a jerk. I'm sorry." Kevin apologized for the things he'd said. Chloe said she wanted to give thanks with Kevin and for having him in her life. Chloe took a sip of Kevin's coffee and said it needed sugar. Kevin laughed and said, "I like it like this." The couple left to make plans for Thanksgiving.

Billy surprises Jack on Thanksgiving Billy surprises Jack on Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Billy entered the Chancellor mansion, and Jill wished him a happy Thanksgiving. He noted that it didn't smell like turkey, and he wondered if she'd lied about the food being almost done. Jill announced that the food was at Crimson Lights, since they would be feeding the homeless that day. Billy scoffed at the thought of her having a sudden humanitarian impulse, but Jill replied that it would be nice to give back to the community. He noticed a box full of aprons with Brash & Sassy's logo.

Billy called Jill's plan a self-serving stunt, and he insisted on leaving the aprons at home. Jill considered it to be a generous contribution to the less fortunate, and she anticipated passing out Brash & Sassy toiletries with the food. Billy opted to order Chinese food and watch football instead, but Jill huffed that if she was going to work, then he was, too. He wondered where Colin was, and Jill reported that her husband's plane had been delayed. Jill suggested that Billy invite Victoria and the kids to join them, but Billy figured that Victoria would be spending Thanksgiving with her soon-to-be fiancÚ.

Billy informed Jill that Travis had proposed the day before, but Victoria hadn't given him an answer yet. Jill imagined that Victoria was waiting for the best opportunity, and that was Billy. Billy told Jill to give it a rest, but she refused to stop until he was content and happy. She doubted that he preferred to spend the holiday alone rather than with Victoria and his children, and he mentioned that he was picking up the kids for dessert. Jill asked why he was settling, and he grabbed the box of aprons and headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Summer offered to talk to Victor about including Phyllis in the Newmans' Thanksgiving plans, but Phyllis shuddered at the thought of having dinner at the ranch. Summer didn't want her mother to be alone, and she offered to cancel her plans. Phyllis insisted that Nick needed Summer, and she announced that she had interesting plans of her own. Abby overheard and accused Phyllis of conspiring to crash Jack's Thanksgiving festivities with her "candied yams." Phyllis swore that neither she nor her yams would be crashing the Abbott cabin, since she knew where she wasn't wanted.

Abby was relieved, and Phyllis wished her a happy Thanksgiving. Abby apologized, and she bemoaned that the day was falling apart. Abby mentioned that she was there to pick up pies before heading to both family celebrations, and she asked what Summer was doing that day. Summer pointed out that she was no longer a "step-Abbott," but Phyllis was sure that Jack would love to see Summer. Abby revealed that Traci had the flu and that Ashley had to work, and Phyllis implored Summer not to skip Thanksgiving on her account, since Phyllis planned to serve dinner to the homeless. Abby snickered until she realized Phyllis was serious.

On the patio, Hilary griped that people would feel good about themselves for feeding the homeless, but she'd be screwed because she had no big story. Mariah figured that maybe someone would have some ugly shoes that Hilary could trash. Devon stressed that they were there to do an uplifting human interest story to balance the dirt they'd been covering, and he reminded Hilary that it was why they'd originally wanted GC Buzz. Hilary countered that people wanted something juicy, but Devon insisted that it was their job to make people care about something more.

Hilary complained that interviewing people with a lot less than her made her uncomfortable, and she didn't know what to ask. Devon assured her that the homeless were regular people with their own stories to tell, and he was confident that she was clever enough to make it work. She reluctantly agreed to do it for him, and he stepped away. Phyllis was surprised to see that Hilary was televising the event, and Esther thought it would help to have news coverage to drum up donations. Phyllis remarked that it was generous of Esther to call GC Buzz news, and Esther went to check on the warming pans.

Hilary surmised that Phyllis was jealous of GC Buzz's success compared to Phyllis' sad gossip blog, and Phyllis conceded that Hilary had surpassed her in trashiness. Phyllis wondered what dirt Hilary would dig up that day, and Hilary replied that dirt followed Phyllis wherever she went. Phyllis huffed that she had work to do, and Hilary taunted that she'd thought Phyllis had been there for the free food after Jack had left her penniless. Phyllis ordered Hilary to leave Jack alone, and Hilary asked when Phyllis had last seen Billy. Hilary quickly added not to answer, since she would just keep watching.

Billy and Jill arrived at the coffeehouse, but she spotted Phyllis and suggested that they leave. Billy sympathized that Phyllis had been going through a rough time, but Jill grumbled that it had been of Phyllis' own making. Billy pointedly noted that Phyllis had had help, and Jill begged him to stay away from Phyllis, since she'd thought he'd learned his lesson. Billy replied that he'd learned not to let Jill run his life anymore. Esther was stunned that Jill was actually there, and Jill asked Esther to help hand out samples. Esther firmly stated that she was in charge, and she handed Jill a hairnet and ordered her to put it on.

Phyllis refused to be threatened by Hilary, who recalled that Phyllis had been intimidated when she'd thought Hilary had been trying to steal her husband. Hilary imagined that it had just been Phyllis' guilty conscience, and Phyllis snapped that Hilary shouldn't be one to talk after sleeping with her husband's father. Devon interrupted and pulled Hilary aside, and she begrudgingly agreed to try to make a heartwarming story out of the event. Hilary crossed over to Mariah and asked if she had anything interesting, and Mariah was pleased with the footage she'd gotten. Hilary spotted Billy and said to forget about the poor and unfortunate, since things were about to get interesting.

Esther instructed Jill to finish sweeping, and she asked where Jill's hairnet was, but Jill protested that no one else was wearing one. Jill added that she didn't know where her hairnet was. Esther handed her another one and chirped that she had other fun ways for Jill to help out once she was done sweeping. Hilary approached Jill and inquired whether Billy and Phyllis were there to use feeding the poor as a cover to resume their affair. Jill adamantly stated that Billy and Phyllis weren't together and never would be again. Esther ordered Jill into the kitchen, and Jill agreed to wear the hairnet if Esther helped to hand out product samples.

Hilary grabbed her cameraman and had him film Billy and Phyllis, who exchanged a smile. Devon asked what Hilary was doing, and she asserted that it was her job to report news. Devon lectured that they'd bought GC Buzz to combat gossip, and he insisted that they leave to make sure they got a story on the air. Hilary complained that they didn't have any story, but Devon intended to pull from Mariah's footage. Mariah swore that she'd gotten something good, but Hilary doubted that it would boost ratings.

Billy told Phyllis that it was great to see her there, and he admitted that he was there because of his mother. Billy asked if Phyllis was having dinner with Summer, and Phyllis replied that she and Summer had gotten together before Summer had headed off to both the Newman and the Abbott festivities. Phyllis inquired about Billy's plans, and he said he'd meet his kids later. Phyllis mentioned that she'd heard from Abby that both Traci and Ashley had canceled on Jack, and she implied that Jack could use some company.

Billy asked how things were between Phyllis and Jack, but she refused to talk about it. Billy pointed out that no one else understood better how much they'd hurt Jack, and she confided that things hadn't been easy, but she didn't think they should be. She added that she was staying hopeful, since she really loved Jack, and Billy stated that he'd always known that she loved his brother. Jill sent Billy on an emergency run to get forks, and she hissed at Phyllis to back off from her son. Phyllis smirked at Jill's hairnet and was thankful for the sight of it.

At Lily and Cane's home, Lily helped to make Cane comfortable on the couch, and the twins ran to the door to let in Neil and Moses. All three kids ran over to join Cane on the couch, and Lily warned them to be careful. Neil inquired about Cane's recovery, and Cane said he'd be back on his feet in no time. Lily reported that her husband had been going stir-crazy, and Cane regretted that he couldn't help with Brash & Sassy's sponsorship to help the homeless. Cane asked to run some business ideas by Neil, but Lily objected to shop talk on a holiday.

Cane struggled to get up to head to the dining room, but he was clearly in pain, and he sank back down on the sofa. Lily fetched Cane's pain pills and some water, and he said he just needed a minute before he moved to the dining room table. Neil urged Cane to stay there, and they'd set up dinner around the couch. Cane hesitated to mess anything up, but Neil assured him that they'd have things moved before he knew it. Lily called out to the kids to let them know they were having a Thanksgiving picnic.

After dinner, Cane said he was grateful for his beautiful family, and Lily gave credit to the wonderful doctors who'd taken care of him. Neil expressed gratitude that he'd found his mother after many years, which never would have happened without Lily's help. Lily prompted the twins to say what they were thankful for, but they couldn't think of anything. "Ice cream!" Moses exclaimed.

At GC Buzz, Devon thanked Mariah for trying to keep Hilary on the straight and narrow, and Mariah replied that it was her most constant challenge. Hilary reviewed footage and yelled for Mariah, and she asked how Mariah had accomplished getting more than lame sound bites. Mariah explained that she'd just listened, and Hilary admitted that she hadn't thought there had been a "chance in hell" of making it work, but Mariah had pulled their butts out of the fire.

Devon called Lily to inform her that he and Hilary would be there soon, but he insisted that she turn on GC Buzz to catch the holiday episode. Lily didn't want to ruin the holiday by watching Hilary carve someone up, but he swore it was worth watching. Lily hesitantly turned on the television, and Hilary started the episode by announcing that there would be no secrets or scandalous crimes, but they had a very compelling story straight from the heart. GC Buzz aired footage of a homeless woman named J.J., who said she'd once volunteered at soup kitchens before she'd flipped from having it all to having nothing.

J.J. reflected back on all of her "lasts" -- the last time she'd had gas in the car or held the keys to her own place or hugged her kids. With an unseen Mariah gently prompting her, J.J. sobbed that she'd made lousy choices, and she'd lost it all when she'd become an addict. J.J. revealed that she'd been clean for a while, and she wanted to see her children and feel their hugs. Hilary implored the woman's family to reach out to her if they were watching, since it was never too late. Hilary stated that the story had struck a personal chord with her, and she reminded the audience that help was available through various channels, including the Abbott-Winters Foundation.

Neil decided to take Moses down to Crimson Lights to volunteer, and Cane suggested that Lily also take the twins, since he'd feel bad if they didn't go because of him. Later, Cane winced in pain as he tried to move around on the couch. He reached for his bottle of pills.

Devon applauded Hilary for capturing the holiday spirit and making the episode relatable without tearing anyone down. He added that he knew the story was personal for her, and she wondered what her critics on social media had to say. Once she was out of Devon's sight, she removed an envelope from her purse and instructed the cameraman to deliver it right away, but no one could know about it.

Devon praised Mariah for doing a fantastic job. Hilary recognized that Mariah had stumbled onto a good story, but she advised Mariah to make sure the subject answered in full sentences the next time, so they could edit Mariah out completely. After Hilary walked away, Mariah told Devon that she'd almost thought for a second that Hilary had a heart.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary's messenger presented the envelope to J.J., who found several hundred-dollar bills inside. J.J. read an unsigned note that encouraged her to find her children and rebuild her life, since it was never too late.

Meanwhile, Jill accused Phyllis of throwing herself at Billy, and she assumed Phyllis had known Billy would be there. Phyllis was flattered that Jill thought she could read Billy's mind, but she noted that Billy couldn't make up his own mind from one minute to next. Neil interrupted, and Jill gushed over her grandbabies. Matty proclaimed that they were there to learn the real meaning of the holiday. Jill resumed bickering with Phyllis, who reiterated that things were over between her and Billy and that she wanted her husband back. Jill barked that both men deserved better than Phyllis.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack smiled as he went through a box of holiday decorations, and he picked up a painting of a turkey that Billy had made in his youth. Jack answered a call from Kyle, and he reported that he had the whole gang gathering at the cabin to have Thanksgiving together. Jack tossed the painting back into the box.

Abby and Summer arrived at the cabin. Summer explained that she'd be spending the second half of the day at the Newman ranch, but Jack was thrilled to have her there for the first part. Abby said she had bad news, but Jack couldn't complain about Ashley having to work to make the Jabot Go app a success. Summer volunteered to help with making dinner, but Jack announced that the turkey was almost ready, and Summer went to check on it. Jack asked Abby to set an extra place for Summer between him and Traci, but Abby passed along word that Traci wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be able to make it.

Summer returned and asked whether Jack knew that it took hours to cook a turkey, and he replied that he'd put it in the oven first thing in the morning. Summer reported that the bird was still cold, and his oven hadn't even been on. Jack lamented that he'd ruined Thanksgiving, but Abby suggested that they deep-fry it. Abby began rattling around pots and pans in the kitchen, and Summer searched for an online video about how to do it. Jack declared that it would be a new tradition.

Summer yelled out directions based on her online research, but she coughed and saw smoke drift in from outside. Abby questioned whether fried turkeys were supposed to smoke, and Summer found out that frozen turkeys should never be deep-fried. Jack ran in and grabbed the fire extinguisher, and he put out the flames. Jack figured that their family shouldn't be in charge of cooking, but he was glad that they didn't have to call the fire department that time. Abby asked when he'd needed to, and Summer awkwardly revealed that her mom had almost burned the house down when she'd tried to cook once.

Jack, Abby, and Summer dined on pie, and Abby called it a "singles" Thanksgiving. Jack pointed out that just a few months earlier, all of them had expected to spend the day with their significant others. Abby thought they still had a lot to be thankful for, and she declared that she was thankful for designer shoes. Jack was thankful for football, and Summer was glad that potpourri had taken away the smell of smoke and burned turkey. Abby panicked that Jack was eating the apple crumb pie, which she'd planned to take over to her dad because it was his favorite. Jack proclaimed that he had a lot to be thankful for as he happily dug in.

Summer and Abby departed, and Jack looked around the cabin and flashed back to confronting Phyllis about having sex with Billy at the cabin. Jack envisioned Billy and Phyllis getting passionate in various spots around the room.

Jack turned on a football game. There was a knock at the door, and Jack found Billy there. Billy presented Jack with a bag of takeout and wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

Time for reflection Time for reflection

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

by Nel

Dylan returned home to pick up a few things and told Sharon he'd leave, but Sharon stopped him and apologized. She knew he'd tried to help, and she didn't want to lose him too. She asked Dylan to forgive her and assured him they'd get through it.

Nikki arrived at Sharon's and invited Dylan to the main house for Thanksgiving. Sharon asked if Christian would be there. Nikki admitted he would be and wanted Dylan to be part of the festivities. Sharon asked if the invitation was for Dylan only. Nikki accused Sharon of crashing Christian's birthday party. She expressed how uncomfortable everyone was because Sharon was a kidnapper and warned Sharon to stay away from her family. Sharon corrected Nikki about crashing Christian's party and said Nick had invited them.

Sharon advised Nikki that she and Dylan had plans. Nikki said there was no reason why Dylan couldn't spend time with his family first. Sharon stated that she was Dylan's family. Nikki accused Sharon of driving both her sons to their knees because of her lies and selfishness and said the invitation was for Dylan only. Nikki didn't understand why he stayed with Sharon after what she'd done.

Nikki told Dylan she'd always be there for him. Sharon scoffed and said that Nikki would stand by Dylan until things got rough then Nikki would side with Victor and Nick. Nikki claimed she'd never choose between her sons. Sharon asked Dylan if he wanted to go with her and be with people who would actually be happy to see them or if he wanted to go to the main house and be dumped on. Sharon said that Victor wouldn't want Dylan anywhere near his family or his new heir. Sharon went upstairs.

Dylan thanked Nikki for the invitation but said that he and Sharon needed to work through their issues. Nikki reminded him that Sharon had lied to him for months. Dylan admitted Sharon had been wrong, and he wasn't making excuses for her. He said that Sharon had loved their son and the family they'd created, and she hadn't wanted that to end.

Nikki knew that Dylan loved Christian like his own son, but Dylan said Christian wasn't his son. He didn't want to go to the main house to see Christian because that would be awkward, and he'd have to say goodbye to him all over again. Nikki and Dylan hugged. Nikki said she was grateful she had such a courageous son, and she left. Sharon returned, and they got ready to go to Chelsea's.

Jill caught up to Phyllis in the park and confronted her about Billy. Phyllis reiterated that things between her and Billy were over, but Jill didn't believe her. Jill said she'd seen Phyllis and Billy's heads together, and they'd behaved like they were the only two people in the room. Phyllis assured Jill that they had been talking about Jack. Phyllis said she'd been worried that Jack would be spending the holiday alone. Jill still didn't believe her.

Phyllis asked Jill if she knew where Billy was. Jill assumed he had gone to find some forks, but Phyllis said that perhaps Billy was mending fences with Jack at the cabin. Phyllis said she'd love nothing more than to share the day with Jack, but she knew she was the last person Jack wanted to see. Jill was worried that Jack and Billy would destroy each other, the cabin, and the surrounding woods.

Phyllis suggested that maybe Billy would get through to Jack. It was Thanksgiving, a day people took time out from the craziness in their lives and looked at what was important and what they had to be grateful for. There wasn't a better way for them to repair their relationship. Phyllis believed that Billy needed his big brother in his life, and Jack, in spite of Billy's screw-ups, needed Billy just as much. Phyllis waited for Jill to tell her she was full of it, but Jill said no, this time she believed Phyllis.

Billy arrived at the cabin. Jack wanted to know why Billy was there. Billy said he knew Jack was short two sisters who could cook, so he had some food for Jack. Billy spotted the burned turkey and admitted that the Abbotts shouldn't attempt to cook. Jack wanted Billy to leave, but Billy didn't want Jack to be alone. Billy grabbed a beer and sat down to watch football.

Billy told Jack that Travis had proposed to Victoria. Jack asked how Billy felt about that. Billy admitted it was none of his business. Jack agreed that Billy needed stay out of Victoria's business. Billy asked if Jack had implied that Billy would mess with Victoria and Travis' relationship. Sarcastically, Jack asked if Billy wouldn't enjoy the challenge of stealing another man's wife.

Jack thought Traci had sent Billy to see him, but Billy said he hadn't seen Traci. Billy said he'd been volunteering at Crimson Lights, helping to feed the homeless, and Phyllis had been there. Jack was shocked that Billy would volunteer his time for that. Billy admitted that he had a heart. It was tiny and needy, but it was there. Billy said Phyllis hadn't sent him to see Jack, but she had mentioned that Jack was alone at the cabin. Jack became more annoyed and said Phyllis had no business telling Billy anything. They were divorced, and Jack's private life was none of her business.

Billy said Phyllis loved Jack, and if Jack opened his eyes, he'd see that Phyllis would do anything for him to try to make things up to him. Jack asked caustically if Phyllis had told Billy how much she loved Jack when she'd been naked with Billy on the sofa. Billy refused to take the bait and said Jack would be crazy if he didn't give Phyllis a second chance. Billy admitted that what he'd done to Jack was unforgiveable, and Billy understood if Jack wouldn't forgive him, but he wanted Jack to forgive Phyllis.

Jack bellowed "enough" and threw Billy's coat at him. Billy said he knew Jack loved Phyllis. Jack advised Billy not to presume to know what Jack was feeling or thinking. Billy said that Jack had made Phyllis' work life miserable, and in return, Phyllis kept trying because she loved Jack, who was the love of her life. Billy suggested that Jack get over himself and look at what was in front of him.

Jack suggested that if Billy left right away, he could watch the last quarter of the game at home or at some dive bar. Billy asked what Jack would do and wondered if Jack would just sit there alone, watch the game, and eat some charred turkey. He asked what Jack would do next and wondered if he would just be miserable. Billy said Jack deserved to be happy, and he knew someone who would love to see Jack. Billy left. Jack appeared reflective.

Victoria and Travis were getting ready to leave for the ranch when Travis asked why Victoria hadn't given him her answer. Victoria placated him and said she loved him, but it was a big decision, and she needed some time.

Michael and Lauren arrived at the penthouse and joined Chloe, Kevin, Bella, Sharon, Dylan, Paul, Christine, and Mariah for Thanksgiving. Nick arrived with Christian. Chelsea announced that she and Nick were going to the Newmans' for Thanksgiving. Chloe was upset, but Chelsea felt Connor should be with his family. As Nick and Chelsea opened the door, Sharon and Dylan were there. Sharon called out to "Sully" then apologized. Nick and Chelsea left.

Dylan told Paul he was grateful to be at the penthouse. Sharon thanked Dylan for going there with her. Chloe left for Crimson Lights to help Anita feed the homeless but promised to be back in time for the turkey dinner. Michael made the observation that Kevin and Chloe had started looking like a real family. Kevin admitted that it felt that way too.

Lauren asked Mariah if she was okay with Chloe and Kevin's union. Mariah assured Lauren that she was happy for Kevin because Chloe was it for Kevin. Mariah said she was still his best friend, and that worked for her.

Sharon thanked Christine for dropping the charges against her. Christine hoped there wouldn't be any more trouble. Sharon admitted she wasn't looking for trouble, but if Christine was asking Sharon to pretend that she didn't wish that Christian was in her life every day, that was impossible. Christine admitted that Sharon and Dylan had been victims, but she didn't think keeping Nick's child away from him was commendable. Christine agreed with Sharon that loving a child wasn't a crime.

Paul knew how tough the day was for Dylan and wished he could have waved a magic wand to make it all go away. When Paul picked up a little stuffed bear, Dylan acknowledged that he'd bought it for Sully. Nick had probably dropped it.

Sharon asked Michael if there was anything she and Dylan could do regarding Christian. Michael suggested time and healing, but Sharon wanted to know if they could sue Nick for visitation. Dylan approached and asked Sharon what she was doing. Sharon said she had been looking for options. Michael advised that there were certain things to consider. Dylan became upset and asked why Sharon hadn't discussed it with him first.

Sharon explained that she had wanted to get answers before offering any hope to Dylan. Dylan said it was like she had done with Sully. Michael left them alone. Sharon whispered that she'd seen Dylan's face when he'd seen Christian and when he'd held Sully's toy bear. She said they had loved and raised that little boy for a year. Dylan reminded her that Christian was Nick's son, not theirs. Sharon raised her voice and said it didn't mean that Christian should be cut out of their lives -- it wasn't fair to him or them. She wanted to know why they shouldn't fight to keep Christian in their lives. Dylan was embarrassed and apologized to everyone for upsetting them, and he left without Sharon.

Paul unsuccessfully tried to reach Dylan on the phone. Sharon told Mariah that she'd hoped it would be a good day for Dylan. Paul said Dylan wasn't answering. In her own defense, Sharon said she'd just wanted Michael's advice about the possibility of visitation, and she'd had no idea that Dylan would react that way. Paul was very angry and chastised Sharon for not discussing her plans with Dylan before plowing ahead on her own -- especially with something that sensitive. He walked away.

Sharon wanted to go look for Dylan, but Mariah suggested Sharon give Dylan some time and space, and he'd return to her when he was ready.

Sharon decided to go home and wait for Dylan so they could talk things through. Before leaving, Sharon asked Chloe to talk to Chelsea about Christian. Sharon admitted she'd overreacted when she'd last spoken to Chelsea. She said Nick listened to what Chelsea said and asked Chloe to convince Chelsea to talk to Nick about allowing her and Dylan to spend time with Christian. Chloe was uncomfortable and reluctantly told Sharon that if the opportunity arose, she'd do what she could. Sharon thanked Chloe and hugged her. Sharon left.

At the ranch, Faith was upset and asked Victor if Sharon knew that Faith still loved her, even if Faith wanted to live with Nick. Victor assured her that Sharon knew Faith loved her.

Victor greeted Victoria, Travis, and the kids when they arrived. Nikki offered Travis some Champagne.

Abby asked if Victoria had given Travis an answer. Victoria said there was no reason to hesitate because she loved Travis, but she hadn't given him an answer. Abby assured Victoria that it was okay to take her time. Victoria said that Travis was an amazing guy. Abby asked why Victoria wasn't jumping for joy. Victoria admitted it was fear because she'd had a string of really bad marriages, and she wanted this to be her happy ending. Abby suggested that the happy ending just required a leap of faith. Victoria hoped she could do that before Travis got tired of waiting.

Victor greeted Nick, Chelsea, and the kids when they arrived and was delighted that Chelsea had decided to join them.

Victor told Nikki that it had been a rough year for Nick and Chelsea. He also said he respected Dylan's decision not to attend, because that would have created unnecessary tension.

At the dinner table, Victor said they'd gone through a lot in a year and mentioned the loss of Sage and Adam. He knew that had affected everyone deeply, but they'd all pulled together to help each other. It had helped some of them to bond and, in some cases, to love each other. Victor asked everyone to express what they were grateful for.

Nikki was grateful that Victor was back at the head of the table, where he belonged. Nick was grateful for his daughters and Christian. Travis was grateful for having Victoria in his life, since she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Victoria said she was thankful for the man she loved and for his patience. She agreed to marry him. Everyone was surprised and offered their congratulations. Victoria said Travis had proposed the day before, but she'd needed time to think. However, she realized what a wonderful man Travis was and wondered what she'd been waiting for.

Victor reminded Travis that it was tradition for a suitor to ask a father for his daughter's hand in marriage. He asked if Travis had been afraid to ask him. Travis said that it was a lovely tradition but a bit old-fashioned. He was marrying Victoria not Victor. Victor chortled while Nikki said she was grateful because Victor was spoken for. Nick said Travis was a brave and lucky man. He advised Travis to take good care of Victoria.

Billy arrived to pick up the kids. Victoria and the kids told Billy that Victoria and Travis were getting married. Billy congratulated them and wished them all the best. He and the kids left.

Jack strolled through the park. Phyllis called to him when she spotted him. She asked why he was there and not at the cabin. Jack said he'd thought she was volunteering at Crimson Lights, feeding the homeless. Phyllis admitted she was, but she was taking a break. Jack told her that she shouldn't have sent Billy to the cabin.

Phyllis explained that she'd been worried and hadn't wanted Jack to spend the holiday alone. Jack said he liked being alone, but Phyllis said she didn't want him alone at the cabin on that day. Jack was about to leave when Phyllis suggested he go to Crimson Lights with her because they could use extra help to feed the homeless. Jack agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Jack helped to feed the homeless and seemed to enjoy helping with Phyllis. He and Phyllis smiled at each other while Jill watched.

Dylan arrived at the ranch and asked to speak to Nick in private. Dylan wanted Nick to know that he was going to sue Nick for visitation.

Thanksgiving Preemption Thanksgiving Preemption

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

Thanksgiving Preemption Thanksgiving Preemption

Friday, November 25, 2016

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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