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Angelo Veneziano
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Actor History
Mike Star
Other Names

"Guardian Angelo" (by Gloria)

"Poppy" (by Angelina)



Angelina's manager

Resides At

Los Angeles, with his daughter, Angelina

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Francine (niece)


Angelina Veneziano


Vig (a dog)

Flings & Affairs

Gloria Fisher (engagement broken)

Crimes Committed

Apparently has long criminal record as a mob enforcer and hitman

Assault of Jeffrey Bardwell

Kidnapping of Jeffrey Bardwell

Theft of cash from cash register at Gloworm

Theft of Gloworm bank funds by coercion of Jeffrey Bardwell

Brief Character History

Jeffrey Bardwell, co-owner of the nightclub, Gloworm, had a gambling habit, and ended up in debt to Mark Hogan's crime organization. After his on-again/off-again wife, Gloria's son Kevin discovered that Jeffrey was skimming from the till at Gloworm, Jeffrey was unable to make his payments. Mark would stop by Gloworm and make threats toward Jeffrey about his and Gloria's welfare. So Jeffrey began laundering money out of Gloworm as a bookie running his own betting operation.

Mobster Angelo Veneziano took over for Hogan, and the threats against Jeffrey became more violent. One separated shoulder and one knocked out tooth later, and Jeffrey was in big trouble with the mob. Gloria was still oblivious to what was going on, believing that Angelo was just the nice man who stopped by the club with his little dog Vig, who flirted with her. When Gloria would leave the room, Angelo would threaten Kevin and Jeffrey that their women would be hurt next if Jeff didn't pay up. Kevin told Angelo that his attorney was holding a copy of the ledger of all bets that were laundered through Gloworm and details of the operation which convinced Angelo to back off threatening their women. Shortly afterward, Jeffrey won big in Las Vegas and paid off Angelo. But Angelo returned, demanding Jeffrey turn over the ledger.

Jeffrey and Gloria had a fight and Jeffrey disappeared. Gloria was devastated to find out that Jeffrey had drained the Gloworm bank account, then had sent her flowers with a farewell note. Desperately needing money to keep Gloworm and herself afloat, Gloria began to butter up Angelo. She convinced record company owner, Devon Winters, to listen to Angelo's spoiled gum-chewing Jersey-accented bimbo daughter, Angelina, a beautiful young girl who wanted a singing career. Although Angelina couldn't even sing on key, Devon reluctantly agreed to help her get into a singing competition. Angelina told Devon, "What Angie wants, Angie gets, and Angie wants Kevin." Newly engaged, Kevin, refused to have anything to do with Angie, and warned Gloria that Angelo was a mobster. But Angelo, who had always been smitten with Gloria, gave her the cash she needed in exchange for becoming her partner in Gloworm.

On Thanksgiving, after dinner with the Winters family, Devon was summoned to Gloworm to witness Angelina sing for her father Angelo, the Baldwins, and Gloria. The song was written by Devon for Angelina, whose singing had only somewhat improved due to his coaching –- at least she sang on-key. But the viewers got to hear Angelina sing in the beautiful voice of her portrayer, Diana DeGarmo instead, as if that were the way that she and Angelo heard her, while the others cringed.

As Kevin and Chloe prepared for their wedding, Angelo persuaded Kevin to keep Angelina away from her ex-boyfriend, Carmine, in exchange for the deed to their dream house. Kevin persuaded Angelo to agree to let them go on their honeymoon without Angelina, but Angelo insisted that Angelina would sing at their wedding in return. As Kevin, Chloe, Daniel, and Devon watched Angelina rehearse, all were amazed when her voice turned from bad to beautiful only when she was looking at Kevin. Afterward, Angelina was seen by viewers making a phone call to Carmine, telling him that she needed his help.

Angelo gave Gloria a Christmas gift of Gloworm free and clear. Michael took issue with the contract, but Angelo swore it was legitimate and that they would fix it to Michael's satisfaction. Gloria called Angelo her "Guardian Angelo" and began dating him.

Everyone was waiting at the church for the groom at the Christmas Eve wedding of Kevin and Chloe. Meanwhile, Kevin and Angelina were being shot at in the parking garage leaving Devon's studio. Angelina told Kevin that it was her ex-boyfriend, Carmine, that she was pregnant by him, and how Carmine was insanely jealous of Kevin, whom he suspected was the real father. Angelina convinced Kevin that they had to stay away from the wedding or his family would be in danger from Carmine, and that calling the police or letting her father handle it was not an option. Kevin phoned Chloe and called off the wedding, telling her he needed time to think, with veiled references to keeping her from getting hurt.

Meanwhile Michael, looking for Kevin, discovered that Kevin's credit card had been used in Niagara Falls to buy lingerie, and Angelo spotted the missing Angie's new FacePlace photo uploaded from there too. Angelo sent his man, Dino, to Niagara Falls. Dino reported to Angelo that he had found Angelina in a motel room with Kevin, so Angelo told Dino to kill Kevin. When Kevin and Angelina spotted Dino in their room, they escaped to Long Island Sound where Kevin fell out of their boat and lost his cell phone on the way to Angelo's cabin on an island there. After they arrived, they discovered Jeffrey who had been marooned there by Angelo. Jeffrey claimed that he had not been the one who wiped out Gloworm's bank account, nor would he have abandoned Gloria. When Kevin and Angelina refused to return to Genoa City with him, he took their boat and left them marooned there in the cold cabin with no food or heat.

Angelina later admitted to Kevin that she had lied, she was not pregnant, that Vinnie was the one who had shot at them, saying that she did it to give them time together so that Kevin would realize that he belonged with her.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey capsized the boat, hit his head and lost his memory, only remembering that he had to get to Genoa City. Back on the island, Kevin and Angelina constructed a raft, and set off. After three days of rowing in Long Island Sound, they finally made it to land, cold and starving, but they discovered themselves right back on the island. Dino had pinged Kevin's lost cell phone to the ocean off Long Island Sound, and had arrived at the cabin before them. Kevin and Angelina gobbled up Dino's abandoned bag of burgers and fries, and when Dino returned and pointed his gun at Kevin, Angelina thought fast and begged Dino not to kill Kevin, telling him that they were going to get married.

Dino took them back to the mainland where they were married by a justice of the peace. On the way back to Genoa City, Angelina tweeted that she and Kevin had been married, so Angelo and Kevin's family were at Gloworm waiting for them with a reception. Kevin played along as Angelo congratulated them, but he looked miserable. He tried and failed to be alone with Michael to explain, and then Chloe and Daniel arrived. Chloe waltzed up to Kevin, slapped him hard across the face, then she and Daniel left without a word.

Kevin went to Chloe the next day to explain everything. But Angelo called during their conversation, threatening to kill Kevin if he didn't stay married to Angelina, so Kevin left while Chloe was out of the room. Angelo presented the newlyweds with the house next door to his, a tacky place whose former occupant, the elderly Gladys Kravitz, had been a friend to Angelina, giving her a place to escape from "Daddy," and to enjoy baking and watching soap operas together. Kevin was resigned to his fate, but began to see another side to Angelina that was sweet and endearing. Angelina told Kevin that she loved romance novels, especially Jackie Collins, and had always wished her life could be like that, so when she met Kevin she had fallen hard for him. Kevin let Angelina know that although he didn't reciprocate her feelings for him, he felt that everything would be okay between them, and he forgave her.

Devon played Angelina's re-mixed song "Running With You" for her in front of Angelo and Kevin's family. Angelina hated that Devon had added rap artists on HER song, and fired him. But Devon's record company still owned the rights to the song, so Devon released it as it was anyway. When it became a hit, Angelina relented and rehired Devon. But Devon only accepted with the provision that Angelo was not to be involved.

Angelina eventually realized how miserable Kevin was without Chloe and finally told Angelo the truth of how she had tricked Kevin into marrying her, how he had gone along with it, and that they were getting a quickie divorce. Meanwhile Kevin told Michael the same, so Michael tracked down the justice of the peace who married them, and convinced her to sign annulment papers.

Angelo asked Gloria to marry him, and she said yes. Witnessing this caused Jeffrey to suddenly get his memory back, and he confronted Angelo alone about his making Jeffrey write the farewell note to Gloria and empty out the Gloworm accounts and cash register, before Angelo had kidnapped Jeffrey and stranded him on the island. Angelo then beat Jeffrey up, bound and gagged him, and locked him in the dumpster. But Jill discovered Jeffrey in the dumpster and let set him free just in time to stop the wedding and tell Gloria everything that Angelo had done to him.

Meanwhile Angelina plotted with Daniel to get Chloe and Kevin alone together so that Kevin could tell her the truth about his abandoning Chloe at the altar and marrying Angelina to protect her, and for Chloe to admit that she still loved Kevin. Kevin ended up asking Chloe to marry him as Jeffrey simultaneously asked Gloria to remarry him. After both said yes, Michael and Jeffrey had a chat with Anglo, and Angelo agreed to legally return Gloworm to Gloria, and they would forget the whole kidnapping and theft. An impromptu double wedding was held at Gloworm for both couples with Katherine Chancellor officiating, and a miffed Angelo and tear-eyed Angelina looking on. Angelina finally realized the power she had over her daddy Angelo, kept him reigned in, and serenaded the wedding party with her newest single, "Good Goodbye," written by her about her feelings for Kevin. Afterward Angelina announced that she was moving to Los Angeles to launch her singing career with Angelo as her manager. Everyone hugged Angelina, wished her well, and forgave her, including Chloe, who admitted there was a time when she would have done the same.

Later, Angelina's handsome ex-boyfriend, Carmine, showed up at Gloworm looking for her and threatened Kevin and Chloe. After Eden explained what had happened between Angelina and Kevin, Carmine stayed in Genoa City rather than follow Angelina to Los Angeles.

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Who's Who in Genoa City

Y&R Actor biographies
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