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Arturo Rosales
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Actor History
Jason Canela
Construction contractor

Former head of construction at Dark Horse

Former contractor at Rainbow Gardens

Resides At

Miami, Florida

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Adrian Rosales (father)

Celeste Rosales (mother)

Rey Rosales (older brother)

Lola Rosales (younger sister)


Mateo Rosales (son with Mia)

Flings & Affairs

Mia Rosales (lovers in the past, one night stand 2019)

Nikki Newman (lovers 2018)

Abby Newman (lovers 2019, engagement broken)

Health and Vitals


Crimes Committed

None known

Brief Character History

Rey was the oldest child of a Cuban family born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When their father abandoned them when their mother was pregnant, Rey took over raising his younger siblings Arturo, and Lola after she was born. Rey likes to say he spent his life cleaning up Arturo's messes, who got in a lot of trouble. Always at odds, Arturo says he borrowed a neighbor kid's bike to get a prescription for their mother, Rey says he stole it.

Nikki and Nick Newman became partners, and bought Rainbow Gardens retirement apartments to rehab and rent to low income families. When the repair bid was a lot higher than Nick thought was fair, Nikki began having sex with the contractor, Arturo Rosales, and got him to lower the bid, but she didn't tell Nick. Nick eventually saw Nikki and Arturo kiss and enter a hotel suite together. Nikki explained that she and Victor had an open marriage, and that yes she and Arturo were lovers. But Nikki and Victor reunited after his near death, and Nikki called it off with Arturo.

Five months later, Rey was brought in from Miami and the U.S. Department of Justice by DA Christine Williams to take over the J.T. Hellstrom case. J.T. was the prime suspect in two attempts to murder Victor Newman, but had suddenly disappeared. Rey was long separated from his wife Mia, and he became close friends with Sharon Newman, his deskmate, who was the GCPD victim liaison.

Arturo was not happy to see Rey again after all the years. Their sister Lola, who had arrived a month earlier, was a great cook, and owned a food truck named "La Vida Lola" featuring Cuban Authentic Street Food. Lola moved in with Arturo and tried to get the brothers together to forgive and forget. Lola was dating Kyle Abbott whose grandfather was the founder of Jabot Cosmetics. Arturo had moved on to heiress Abby Newman. Abby accused Arturo of only wanting another Newman, but he charmed her, and she got past it. Abby was also told by her father Victor to stay away from "this Arturo fellow." Arturo started losing contracts and being harassed by the police, they thought thanks to Victor, but it turned out to be a jealous Nikki. Abby transformed the handsome Arturo from blue jeans to designer suits, and they vacationed in exotic places.

No one was happy to see Rey's brassy estranged wife Mia show up in town intent on repairing their marriage. But Rey let her move in, and tried. She got drunk and caused a scene at the Jabotique launch party, exposing that she had an affair with Arturo which is what had broken up her marriage to Rey. Abby was upset, but Arturo convinced her that it was part of the stupidity of his youth. Mia insisted she and Rey have a vow renewal ceremony. Arturo got caught up in the moment and proposed to Abby, who accepted.

Rey and Sharon were caught in a snowstorm, hit ice and spun out, while on police business. With the car needing repair they stopped at motel in Kenosha, which only had one room left with a full-size bed. They were careful to keep their distance, so nothing happened, but they were obviously tempted. Meanwhile, Arturo was helping Mia by fixing the heat in Rey's apartment, she came onto him again and again, and they ended up having sex.

Rey, Arturo, Mia, and Kyle were tested but not a match for Lola's liver transplant. It was Lola's boyfriend Kyle who brought Lola out of her coma. Dr. Nate delivered the news that they had found a donor who wished to remain anonymous. Both Lola and the donor came through fine. But Kyle broke Lola's heart by admitting that he had married Summer Newman to convince her to donate part of her liver to save Lola.

Later when Mia and Rey broke up, Mia threatened Arturo that she would tell Abby about their encounter unless he convinced Rey to take her back. Arturo refused and told Abby about it before Mia could. Abby, who had been cheated on too many times before in her life, broke up with Arturo and would except no excuses nor amount of flowers and promises. Abby went out and smashed up Arturo's SUV with a hammer. He caught her, told her he loved her, but she told him to not ever say that again. Arturo turned around, only to be slugged by Rey. Abby fired Arturo from Dark Horse, but later told Nick to feel free to rehire him, saying he was a good employee, just bad with women.

Arturo let it slip and Lola guessed that Mia had been the one who attacked her, thinking it was Abby. Lola confronted Mia, Abby overheard and joined in. Abby was about to call the police, but Lola talked her out of it for Mia's baby's sake. But later Paul questioned Mia and she told him what had happened that night, then cried out in pain. Mia was taken to the hospital, but was fine later. Rey accused her of faking it for Paul. Neither Abby or Lola would file charges against Mia. The pregnancy was far enough along that a blood test was taken for paternity which revealed Arturo was the father. Ray and Arturo hugged, and Arturo and Mia left together for Miami. Ray filed for divorce, saying they deserved each other. Arturo returned to Genoa City to attend the wedding of Lola and Kyle. Their mother Celeste walked Lola down the aisle with Rey, and father Adrian was an uninvited guest who at least waited until after the ceremony to be seen by Lola. Lola was not happy to see Adrian, who tried to apologize to her. She said she wouldn't let her ruin her big day, and told him he could stay or leave, she didn't care. A few days later, Celeste convinced the brothers to reconcile, and they hugged goodbye with Rey asking for photos the minute Arturo and Mia's baby was born. Arturo sent the photos to Rey and Lola with news that they had named their baby boy Mateo.

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