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We don't recognize Adam, but that's okay because he doesn't recognize anyone -- but does it work? His homecoming wasn't all rainbows and lollipops, and like the Biblical Prodigal Son, the older brother wasn't as joyful about the reunion as daddy was (and neither were his sisters). No sooner was he back in town than someone put a bullet in his belly. Talk about Sweeps! Let's jump right in and scoop about this improbable return from the not-quite-so-dead.

First, I want to let you know I'm trying something new. Sometimes I include reader feedback in a special section. This week, I'm trying to include it in the body of the article. We'll see how it goes! Please be patient, as it's my first try, but if it works, put in a comment, and I might include it next time. If it doesn't work, put in a comment, and I might get it to work and include it next time. A little adventure is good for the soul!

The Adam in the Room

Now, let's get right into it. Adam is alive. He isn't the same Adam, but he looks a bit like Victor's portrait, which is why they put it so prominently near him in scenes. Not identical, clearly, but he physically looks like he could be Victor's son. We don't recognize him, but he doesn't recognize anything, so it somehow works. And so far, it looks like he's a pretty decent actor. He doesn't look exactly like Justin Hartley (not many men do), but Justin isn't available, and Mark Grossman has some similarities. I'm going out on a limb (I'm sure people will be heated about disagreeing) and say I'm okay with this recast because it's more important to have Adam on the screen and in the story than it is to worry about whether he's one of the former actors who played the role. We'll get used to him, and I do presume he's here for a while.

Yes, indeed, Adam looks really good for someone who has had burns that would require plastic surgery, although apparently it didn't happen the second time because he hopped a freight train then played poker, which felt natural, so he wasn't hospitalized. Not sure how that happened, or if he was maybe on his way out when the house blew up, so he was knocked out but not burned? Still, he got burned and needed surgery once, and the burn victims I've known didn't fare so well with facial reconstruction.

Did anyone else notice that Sharon's voice was very breathy when she asked if Adam remembered her? It made me wonder if there's a part of her that might wander on over Adam's way if things don't work out with Rey (and with her track record, she might almost be planning for when things don't work out with a guy, not if they don't work out. It's awful of me to say, but she hasn't seemed to get it right, and I'm not feeling it with Rey now that they can be together). She was the one who got Adam to return to Genoa City (but tell me it didn't look like he fully intended to go as soon as she left the room?), which Victor had failed at.

Adam kept Christian's picture, and Victor told Adam that Christian was his son. This, of course, has Nick worried, but here's where I get into a semi legal question for which I don't have all the answers. I know the DNA test was switched so it showed Nick as the father. Nick was married to Sage when the baby was born. His name is on the birth certificate. It would be a hard sell for Adam to claim custody, even if he wanted to, which it doesn't seem like he wants. Why Victor introduced the child as Adam's son is beyond me.

I liked that they introduced the family members one at a time, and they all informed Adam of their relationship and his history. It reminded him and viewers (and told new viewers) some of Adam's high points (if they're actually high points). I did feel bad that Abby was the last to know and is so often an afterthought in her family. She has that dynamic of competition present in both sides of her family. I was stunned that Delia's picture was just dropped on Adam, and nobody, not Victor or Sharon, warned him what he was walking into when he met with Victoria and Billy. He genuinely looked like he didn't like who he was or what he'd done.

What is Adam up to? Is his amnesia legit? It seems like it is, but I can't tell for sure. He's definitely working an agenda. Who is he texting? Why does he have beaucoup de bucks (which he was not afraid to count in front of Sharon)? That stuff, we'll have to wait to see. And who shot him? That's the big thing. All that other stuff fades away. I don't think it was Victor, but maybe Nikki (although we know her aim is poor). Chloe is always a possibility. I don't think it's Billy because he had the chance and didn't do it when Adam knew what he was doing, so I doubt he'd do it when Adam doesn't. Nick has been getting messages from Chelsea, but I don't think she'd do it. Next week will be awfully exciting! I hope.

Departures on the Horizon

I've said it before, and this may be the last time I say it. Rey can tell Paul that Mia didn't mean to hurt Lola, but she did mean to hurt Abby. It wasn't an accident. That she faces no repercussions, not even a warning, is wrong. But it is time for Mia and Arturo to move on, and they're heading home to Miami.

I can't buy into the apologies from Arturo and Mia. Pardon me for being crude, but what are they saying? "We didn't mean to cheat. My penis just slipped inside her."

I always read paternity reveals in the Maury voice: "Arturo, you are the father." Rey was clearly ambivalent, relieved that he could be with Sharon, upset that he wasn't going to be able to be a father. Arturo was ambivalent, relieved it was his baby, but he had never planned to be a father, so it was a change.

Change is in the Air for Phyllis

I feel like they're setting up Phyllis' story for the actress transition. Phyllis complained about "having your dreams crushed at every turn," but how long-held is this dream that she's upset to lose? A week? Two? I loved that Lauren said, "When the two people who love you the most say the same thing, why don't you do something crazy like listen?" Phyllis got mad that her illegal search of Jabot's files led to Jack retaliating and making accessories. They're both wrong, but Phyllis has enough drive and ambition that if she put away her need to retaliate, she might make something new and exciting and be a bigger (legitimate) success than she can even imagine. Lauren told her, "There is a difference between resilience and retribution," and there is.

Summer tattled to Jack, who immediately texted Phyllis, who feels "I got screwed over." No, you got caught. Jack might have said that the IT department found the breach, but Phyllis knew Summer had been the source of the information. Nick reprimanded Phyllis because when she broke the law, Summer was the one who felt guilty. Phyllis doesn't care about any of the advice. She wants a shell company. She's going to make counterfeit goods. And she might well get arrested for it, which could pave the way for the actress transition.

Glimmers of Romance

Were there seeds of potential romance planted between Jack and Lauren? She told Traci he was "such a catch." And she seems intent to find him a good woman. I really hope it doesn't go that way, but the writers seem to be dropping hints.

Lauren asked if Traci was in love, and Traci definitely has a thing for Cane. She wasn't encouraging his excitement when he got the letter from Lily. She was very flustered with her vision of Cane in no shirt. But will they go there? I don't see that happening. I'd like her to find someone better, who wants her and loves only her.

It looks like nuNate and Abby are on the slow road to relationship. I'm on board if it's not an instant hookup. We'll see how it plays out, if there's good chemistry when she's less on the rebound. I like the little spark between them. I like that she's recognizing she needs a break. And I like that he is not hiding his ongoing interest (and he probably liked her when she wasn't available, but he didn't make a play for her or let her know).

Victoria told Billy, "I love you with all my heart and soul, which is why I think we shouldn't get married." I like that they're willing to commit without the wedding rings. I believe that relationships are what you put into them, not whether you have a ring or not. I know some very unhealthy marriages, and some very healthy non-married couples.

When the week ended, we definitely had some love in the afternoon with Rey and Sharon, and Billy and Victoria, who were all enjoying sexy time.

Kyle and Lola and Summer, oh, my!

Summer is petitioning for Kyle's job to change. She seems like she's undermining Kyle because she's mad at him because he's just not that into her. I don't know what her manipulation will do with Jack, who wants his business to succeed but is Kyle's father. I guess we'll have to wait and see. But I don't want this manipulation to put her and Kyle back together. However, I kind of see shades of her mother in her behavior!

I just don't think Summer is in love with Kyle. The idea of him? Yes. The unavailability of him? Yes. But I agree, I just don't see Kyle being in love with her anymore, not since he met Lola after Summer outright rejected him. If he were available and into her again, Summer would probably get bored.

Kyle asked Lola to live with him, which seems like a natural step and possibly their greatest chance of making this relationship work, especially with Summer's ongoing interference. Lola seems more annoyed with it now rather than insecure because of it, which is a change. There are lots of Abbotts in the Abbott mansion. Lots of them. I totally agree with Lola that she and Kyle should live alone. Especially with her aversion to all things wealth-related, which may be somewhat abated since she has a more secure income.

Exchanges of the week

Summer: Love is really dumb.
Nick: It is the dumbest.

Nate: I believe women call it multitasking.
Abby: I believe men call it impossible

Nick: He's hiding our amnesiac brother from us.
Billy: As one does.

Lines of the Week

Michael to Phyllis after she asked him to help her set up a shell company to make counterfeit goods: Sometime in the not-too-distant future, I'll be bailing you out.

Random Observations

When Adam was sitting on the couch and I saw the moss balls on the coffee table, I thought of my fish who loves to hide in his moss balls. They seem more natural in the fish tank, but what do I know about home decorating, I suppose. At least Phillipe (my fish) likes it.

When Jack was going through his mail, I noticed a lot of it wasn't sealed, and it all had stamps. At my day job, everything goes through the machine that prints on postage (and I'll remember what it's called after I submit the file). Most of the mail I receive comes that way, too. Especially business-related mail!

Who goes in an outdoor pool in Wisconsin before Memorial Day?

In one little anomaly, Nick left a voicemail. Then, Sharon read his text message.

Closing Thoughts

What will happen next week? I don't know, but I know I'll be right there, on the edge of my seat, watching with you. And I'll be fairly certain that Adam will survive and that he's back for a good long time!

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