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Connor punched a kid at school, locked Christian in the garage, and jumped off the jungle gym to get what he wanted, which was his dad. With Adam and Chelsea as his parents, does the boy have the makings of being a serial killer? Or is he just the typical Newman, who knows a thing or two about manipulation? The devil's in the detail in Two Scoops.

Wow, Connor has been growing more and more into one scary kid, and Adam can't even get the entire blame for it. Chelsea has been so cautious about handling her son with kid gloves (so to speak) that Connor has become almost totally out of control. Yet, all Chelsea has ever said to him was, "It's okay, Connor. It will all be fine." How will it all be fine when Chelsea has refused to give her son any guidelines or to offer him any kind of structure or boundaries at all? Chelsea saw that her son was in pain due to the heartbreak over the loss of his dad, so she let him do whatever he wanted to act out, and she just coddled him afterwards. Not even a figurative slap on the wrist -- only a "No, you can't do that, Connor." Oh, yeah, those wimpy words would make any kid quit misbehaving. Not.

Shoot, after what he did to Christian, Connor may be a serial killer in the making. Anything could have happened to Christian when he was locked up in the garage. The poor guy could have even died in there, but the focus was only on Connor. Chelsea worried about Connor being scarred for life due to Adam's desertion, but what about Christian? He could be scarred for life if he remained around Connor. Christian was still shaking in his shoes, but all the attention was given to Connor, who didn't really give a hoot about what could have happened due to his bad act. If Connor starts torturing small critters, Chelsea had better watch out. (Just please, don't let that be on-screen.) Connor already seems to have no conscience, and Christian would be an easy target for more abuse from him.

So, was Connor just a spoiled, rotten brat or could he truly be on the road to the ultimate destruction? Even as proud as Victor always has been of diabolical behavior in his offspring, this would probably be pushing the envelope just a little too far. Even Victor wouldn't approve of this type of behavior, especially if the horrendous deed did in one of his other grandkids. But wouldn't Connor's being a serial killer bring the Newmans such notoriety, though? Then, nobody would ever want to cross the boy, which would normally be a trait that Victor would admire. However, even Victor wouldn't want the Newman name tarnished by an evil killer. No, that's not the "new man" Victor has ever envisioned. Yet, Victor would openly applaud if Connor became a pint-size master of manipulation.

If Connor was just a spoiled little kid, he was doing a good job of it, and Chelsea's been helping him right along. Yes, Connor was just like daddy dearest in that he already seemed to have no conscience, but the former con artist's pussyfooting around him has done him absolutely no good. I mean, I never would have ever dreamed of talking to my mother in the same manner and tone of voice that Connor talked to Chelsea. I would have been in trouble. Big time. And I sure would never allow either one of my sons to talk to me like that, either. We were taught to respect our elders, also. The way Connor has been acting toward Nick has been awful. The kid clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word "respect," but that's all on Chelsea. He sure had her wrapped around his little finger.

Yet, wouldn't watching the young lad transform into a juvenile serial killer, due to his mother and father's inability to parent, be a great soapy storyline? Sure, it may be a little difficult to watch at times, but sadly, there really were boys in the world on the rocky road to becoming murderers. Some just have no feelings or empathy for others, which sometimes appears to be the case with Connor. He never cared about how frightened Christian must have been in the garage as he waited for help. So, was Connor a small, devious devil or just a hurt, misguided angel? Either way, Adam and Chelsea sure were doing all the right things to send the unstable youngster toppling over the brink.

And Connor went so far over the brink that he had no qualms about injuring himself and breaking his arm to get what he wanted, which was his dad. Connor was capable of doing anything he could to get attention in order to force his father to return home. Hitting a boy at school didn't do the trick, and neither did scaring the living daylights out of his brother. So, even though Connor stated that he had jumped off the jungle gym because he was invincible like his dad and grandpa, Connor had also needed to go to a bigger extreme to get his father to notice him and return home. It was one self-centered man against a naïve but selfish boy. No amount of cajoling from Chelsea or reasoning from Nick was going to change Adam's mind, so Connor had become desperate.

And it worked, by golly! Not only did Adam return home into the welcoming arms of his son, but Connor was able to convince his mother to let him stay with his dad. The chances of the kid becoming a serial killer may have just gone up astronomically. Chelsea had to practically force Connor to say goodbye to Nick before he hightailed it out the door. That boy was still rather rude to a man who had only wanted the best for him. Connor truly was a brat. But, at least Christian had a better chance to lead a long, healthy, and happy life once Connor left.

Because Adam returned home with Connor in tow, Phyllis had to leave his penthouse, but she was fine with that, since she got to move back into the Grand Phoenix -- and since she also got her friend back. Boy, that's pretty bad, when the only friend Phyllis had in town was Adam. Phyllis was certain that Adam and Connor would be good for each other, and actually, the boy was getting nowhere fast with Chelsea, since she let him do whatever he wanted. The first order of business was for Adam to play videogames with his son, although hopefully, he will learn that being a father is more than just playing with his child. Actually, I don't see where Connor was going to receive any more rules and guidelines from Adam than he did with Chelsea.

Connor needed stability, and he sure wasn't going to get it with the wishy-washy arrangement made between his parents. Counseling could help the lad cope through all his trauma; however, that thought seemed to never have crossed Chelsea's mind. (Actually, Christian could probably benefit from a dose of therapy himself.) But Connor had manipulated his mom and dad into receiving everything his heart desired, and he was calling all the shots; therefore, he knew who was in charge, and it sure wasn't Adam and Chelsea. Ah yes, after all, manipulation is the Newman way of doing things. His grandfather would be so proud.

However, Connor was also playing right into Adam's hands by wanting to stay with his dad. And Adam used Chelsea's guilt and concern over her son against her by insisting that Connor needed to remain with him, so Connor could be reassured that his father wouldn't leave him again. Hey, whatever works. Adam had already lost Christian, and he was going to make sure that he didn't lose Connor, too. Later, Chelsea had every reason to cry, because good luck to her in getting physical custody of her son back. If Adam worked with Connor against her, Chelsea was going to need more than luck. A whole lot more.

While Jack and Traci had fun going through the Abbott family history, they also had a mystery on their hands regarding the relationship between Stuart Brooks and Dina. Well, okay, as long as we don't go back to Jack's paternity being in question again, I'm fine with this. However, even if Jack was no longer the subject of a questionable paternity, could there be another kid fathered by Stuart lurking around? Maybe Dina had been with him during their wonderful and terrible night at a senior prom afterparty and had become pregnant as a result. Dina then could have disappeared overseas for approximately nine months (or less), and Stuart could have become blessed with a new bundle of joy -- and it's possible that he never even knew.

What was the point of rehashing Nate and Abby's breakup? Nate broke up with Abby and then questioned if he did the right thing, so he went running back to her. And when they talked again, Abby was able to call it quits with him. Was that so she could have the final dumping? Well, at least Abby could save face after that. Nate hated how Summer had been hurt by her family when the Newmans were circling the wagons, since the wagons had left her behind, but Abby never blinked an eye at it. But then again, Abby has always been too loyal to a family that has always pretty much considered her an afterthought. She was probably hurting herself more than anyone else with her loyalty, and no man will probably ever be good enough or strong enough to break through that.

And forget a love triangle, since we seemed to have a square going on with Kyle, Lola, Summer, and Theo. Summer was with Theo when she really desired to be with Kyle, who was with Lola, whom Theo seemed to be smitten with. And around and around they go. Okay, maybe that's more of a circle than a square. But Kyle seemed to still be just a bit intrigued by Summer, even as they claimed to be best of friends. And even if Lola denied it, there was just a spark of something for her toward Theo. No matter what, Kyle had no business telling Lola whom she could or could not be friends with. And he also should not have been picking out houses with Summer for his future with Lola. This was just so wrong.

Okay, the whole Katherine's will was a forgery storyline seemed to be rather pointless if the statute of limitations had truly run out and if nobody could contest the will, anyway. If Amanda was the first-rate, cut-throat attorney she claimed to be, she should have known that and never bothered to pursue it -- well, unless she knew of her resemblance to Hilary and was actually trying to cash in, as Devon claimed. So, even when Cane was able to retrieve the long-lost pages of Katherine's actual will, what good did it do him? Devon appeared to have no intention of honoring the will, since time had run out. And Cane already knew that Katherine had loved him. The two people who were instrumental to the story, Chance and Tucker, had remained faceless throughout it. Okay.

Aha! I just read the news on Soap Central that Daniel Goddard is out at Y&R, after playing Cane for the last thirteen years. That's a shame, but you could almost see it coming, after Lily left and Neil died. The writers kept Cane around for a little while longer, but his days were probably numbered all along. However, as Cane himself indicated, you can't go back; you can only go forward, and it was time for Daniel Goddard to do that, as well. I wish him the best of luck in his acting career. I loved Lily and Cane from the time they first got to be a couple, so it was nice seeing what may have been their last screen time together. I will miss them both.

Jill believed that Katherine's voice should be heard and that Devon should respect Katherine's wishes about Cane receiving most of her fortune, even if he was under no legal obligation to do so. It's understandable that Devon was brokenhearted to learn that his grandmother has chosen someone as beneficiary other than him. But even if Cane wasn't biologically a family member, Katherine had always loved him like a son -- or a grandson. I can't remember which. Anyway, if Devon did the ethical thing and abided by Katherine's will, he would still get the amount she actually left him, which was no small chunk of change, plus any money he had made from the profits of his businesses, since he had rightfully earned that. Devon would not be poor.

But whatever decision Devon made had to be done without Elena, since she had to dash off to a possibly cancerous Jett in the company jet. Now, that might be one prized possession that Devon will have to learn to live without. How will he ever manage? Before she left, Elena suggested that Devon talk to Lily. Yeah, Lily probably needed to return to Genoa City to help usher Cane out, anyway. So, she came back, and she was happy to see everyone -- well, except for Amanda. Even though Devon had warned her about Amanda's resemblance to Hilary, Lily really needed to see it to believe it. But once she accepted that she wasn't seeing the ghost of Devon's wife, Lily was a much-welcomed presence for Jill, Cane, and Devon.

Between Lily's advice and Neil's past guidance, Devon found some much-needed clarity and decided to keep Hamilton-Winters and give the bulk of the money to Cane. And Cane swore he would do right by Katherine by honoring her wishes. Ahh, that was so sweet until Jill saw an emblem on an envelope from a Maldives hotel where she suspected that Colin was staying, which got her brain cells clicking overtime. She wondered if maybe Colin and not Chance was the one who had hired Amanda. That did sound like Colin, but if so, was he working alone, trying to get the money for Cane, or was Cane in alliance with his father to get his hands on all that loot? After losing Lily, Cane may be taking a look at the dark side, where his dad already skulked. And, after all, Cane was on his way out.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Someone, please, please tell Adrian to just go away. He's a deadbeat dad and a loser, which is perfect for a despicable soap character, I guess. But still...ugh!

Sharon and Rey decided to go on another date. Anyone could see that coming a mile away. Maybe Adam and Connor could join them on a double date. Wouldn't that be so sweet? I'm sure Rey would love it.

Billy kept assuring Victoria that all was well and that he was still going to therapy, however, there was probably more to that than what met the eye, and she was too busy to see beyond his claims, anyway. Victoria was only seeing what she wanted to see, and Billy was her seeing eye dog leading the way. Yet, at the office, Billy was moody and defensive and seemed to be baiting Kyle. For a guy getting help, it didn't really seem to be working.

Why do I get the feeling that Mariah has never been cardio boxing?

Hmm...since Devon made amends with Amanda by apologizing for all his harsh words to her, how long will it be before they are canoodling? Come on, we all know that she's not going anywhere. But no matter how hard he tries, it seems like Devon will always be thinking of her as Hilary, which could be a very big problem. Maybe he should ask his good friend (and former lover) Mariah how she dealt with being the spitting image of the beloved Cassie. I'm sure she would have good advice -- as always. (Well, except for the Sharon and Rey reunion, that is.)

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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