What prevails in the windmills of our mind?
by Nel
For the Week of February 22, 2021
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And so it goes. Sharon's brain seems to have vacated the premises, and Victoria wants what she can't have. Will Sharon ever cut ties with Adam? Will Chelsea stay with Adam once she is able to move -- and is she hiding her own secret? Can Rey and Sharon's marriage survive? Is Faith finally going to receive the help she needs, or will she continue to spiral? Will Devon and Elena reunite? Can Amanda and Naya find level ground? So many burning questions to ponder and so many opinions are waiting in Two Scoops.

Sometimes writing this column every other week is like chatting with a friend who also watches The Young and the Restless. Where should I begin? I have to wonder if Sharon's rational thoughts have become lost in the catacombs of her brain? Does she truly believe that Rey will condone her actions regarding Adam? Faith's drinking issues should be more important to Sharon than her obsession with Adam. I have to wonder if she is going to abandon Faith once again because of Adam. You might recall that Sharon abandoned her family years ago when things went south with Adam. Sharon faked her own death and wound up on a ranch in New Mexico, where she met and became involved with the owner, and veterinarian, Sam Gibson.

Rey has seen how Sharon reacts around Adam, and he had a lot to say about it while arguing with Sharon. Adam disgusts him. Rey said that he'd dumbed down his feelings out of respect for Sharon's decisions, and he had supported her. Rey pointed out that Sharon always puts Adam first, and she caves to Adam's wishes. I agree with Rey. Sharon certainly never seems to hesitate about doing things for Adam. It's almost as if her brain slips into neutral when it comes to Adam. What kind of evil sorcerer is Adam? What Machiavellian hold does he have over Sharon? Sharon's excuses for her actions fell on Rey's deaf ears. I don't blame Rey for not buying it. Sharon has repeatedly chosen Adam over her family in spite of the warnings she has received from so many sources.

At this point, Sharon should be dealing with what Faith is going through. Has Sharon given any thought to how Faith will feel when she discovers Sharon is in Adam's orbit again? As a therapist, shame on Sharon for not seeing to her daughter's needs first and severing all ties with Adam.

Sharon is allegedly a licensed therapist. Now, I'm no expert; however, I did a little research, and from what I can gather, you don't just become a practicing therapist upon graduation. Apparently, there is an internship before graduation that involves many hours of supervised work and then you practice for many hours, also supervised. We've never seen Sharon do this. Sharon went from graduation to therapist in one slick move. Also, Sharon wouldn't have been permitted to work with Adam, Chelsea, or Connor because she's been involved romantically with Adam, and there is a family tie-in -- Noah and Faith are Connor's cousins, and that is certainly a dual relationship. It's time for Sharon to think with her parenting brain and not her other body parts.

The extreme measures Sharon had taken in the past to get away from Adam should speak volumes. I wonder about her thought processes where Adam is concerned. What does she see in him? He lies, manipulates, has no scruples, hurts everyone he touches -- just like King Midas in reverse. He also leaves a path of destruction in his wake. Sharon doesn't seem capable of really seeing how her relationship with Adam is affecting Faith and Rey. She wants her marriage to Rey, yet it appears she wants Adam in her life, as well.

There is no way in hell that Rey would condone that, and I think Faith would sever ties with Sharon if Adam were in their lives again. Faith started spiraling after Adam's exposť. The information about Adam's past has been the cause of the taunting and bulling. Faith turned to drinking to relieve some of the pain it has caused her. My heart goes out to her. She is only fourteen years old and shouldn't have to be dealing with this.

Faith told Nick and Sharon that someone had set her up by putting the vodka into her locker. She also claimed that thanks to Sharon, she could no longer be friends with Jordan, the one who didn't hate her. Well, I beg to differ. I think Jordan is the instigator and one of the mean girls that Faith referred to. Jordan knew Faith drank vodka, and she probably knew Faith's locker combination. I believe she instigated that whole scenario against Faith. Jordan strikes me as way too smug and manipulative. She knows exactly what to say to adults and how to get around them, but when she takes off her mask, the evil witch that she is emerges.

I recall a scene when Faith told Jordan she couldn't attend a party because Nick and Sharon were onto her about her drinking, and rather than being a sympathetic friend, Jordan turned on Faith until Faith said she would find a way to get to the party. In my world, friends don't do that to their friends. I hope Faith finds out very soon that Jordan has been the ringleader of the mean girls and that Jordan instigated the taunting and bullying.

Adam must be in his glory. With Chelsea incapacitated, he has free reign to seek Sharon out at will without the fear of Chelsea catching him. Adam found Nick in his penthouse, talking to Chelsea, and threw him out, claiming Nick was upsetting Chelsea. Are Adam's insecurities so deeply embedded that he needs to lash out at everyone around him? Clearly, Nick hadn't upset Chelsea in the slightest. Adam had the audacity to tell Chelsea that Nick was bitter because Adam and Victor had recently formed an alliance. Is this guy for real? Adam seems to make things up as he goes, and I guess it's to make himself feel superior. I don't think Adam's mind is firing on all cylinders.

When Adam told Victor that Chelsea was the only one for him, Victor questioned why Adam kept turning to Sharon. I guess my question is, if Chelsea really is the one for him, why did Adam kiss Sharon? He wants Sharon, not Chelsea. In my opinion, Chelsea is just a stand-in for Sharon, and Adam would leave Chelsea in a heartbeat if Sharon agreed to reunite with him. I believe he loves Chelsea; however, I have to wonder if Adam really loves Sharon. I believe it's more of an obsession than love. I, for one, don't want to see him and Sharon as a couple. I really hope Sharon and Rey can mend their fences.

Chelsea is another story. She is keeping her own secrets. She is capable of movement in her left hand, yet no one is aware of it. Why is that? What does Chelsea have up her sleeve? For the moment, she is trapped in her chair, but I believe she is fighting to regain control of her body. I would strongly suggest that Adam leave town, because I believe Chelsea is planning payback. She strongly suspects his dalliance with Sharon, and once her suspicions are confirmed, Sharon and Adam will bear the brunt of her wrath.

Chelsea isn't one to tuck tail and run. I personally think she was a fool to reunite with Adam in the first place; however, I'm on tenterhooks, waiting to see what she does. I'm in Chelsea's corner this time around. I know I keep switching corners when it comes to Chelsea, but I want her away from Adam. She doesn't deserve this. He has used her for far too long. I hope this will be her wake-up call, and she will finally make a clean break from Adam for good. I will be delighted to see that happen.

Victoria... for a brilliant businesswoman, her brain slips a few gears when it comes to Billy. How many more times does she want to throw Billy to the curb, where she originally found him? Billy never measures up to her standards, so why does she think it will work this time? Billy seems to be head over heels in love with Lily, and I believe the temperature has slipped quite a bit where his feelings for Victoria are concerned. I get the vibe that Victoria believes all she has to do is snap her fingers, and Billy will come running back to her.

I admit it, I cheered when Billy called her out about trying to win him back. Of course, she denied the accusation, but you could tell she was furious. He told Victoria that it had been a long time since he had felt as good with anyone as he feels around Lily. Oh, that must have warmed the cockles of Victoria's heart. She has repeatedly inserted herself into Billy and Lily's plans deliberately, and she has tried to manipulate Billy by telling him he had to minimize the time Lily spent around the kids. She even said he shouldn't tell the kids that he and Lily were an item.

Another cheer from these lips, because I loved it when Johnny blew that out of the water by asking Billy if Lily was his girlfriend. Did everyone notice the look on Victoria's face when she found out that Johnny knew that Billy and Lily were a couple? She was livid, but she couldn't chastise Billy because he hadn't instigated the reveal. It served her right for trying to dictate terms and conditions to Billy. Well, none of her plans have come to fruition, so it's time for her to move on, or will she keep trying?

Sally has certainly inserted herself into everyone's lives and has placed herself squarely into Jack's orbit. If Jack ever thought that Phyllis was a handful, wait until he experiences Sally. She comes with a truckload of trouble. Phyllis will look tame in comparison to Sally. Sally is like a steamroller who will crush anyone who gets in her way. I would hate to see Sally and Jack become a couple. In my opinion, Sally is going to hurt Jack badly if she is successful in digging her claws into him. I think she is going to resort to dirty play with him to get what she wants.

I was so happy to see Bill Spencer get in Sally's face. Bill is someone who scares the daylights out of her. I wish he would return more often, just so she would know that he could destroy her world.

I spy with my little eye a relationship that is about to go up in a huge cloud of smoke. Wait until Summer finds out that Kyle had a child with Tara. Summer is going to drop Kyle like a hot potato. Then, of course, there will be Summer's jealousy of Tara to add to her misery. Summer can't have another woman around Kyle without that green-eyed monster making an appearance. However, I think this time, that green-eyed monster is going to appear with a vengeance. This should be interesting, and I can't wait for this relationship to go belly up.

Summer seems to think she still has the upper hand over Sally, but she doesn't know what Sally is holding over Kyle's head, and what Sally knows caps anything Summer believes she has on Sally. Sally is far more vindictive than Summer will ever be. Sally is a barracuda. Once she sinks her teeth into something, she will not let go until she gets what she wants. It's no holds barred with her. It's funny that Phyllis has been a hated character for many fans for a long time, but I think they are about to change their minds when they see what Sally is capable of. I believe she is going to be far worse than Phyllis ever was.

Speaking of Phyllis, I'm surprised her relationship with Nick has lasted this long. Be that as it may, they continue to co-parent Summer to the best of their ability. Well, that presents a giggle or three. Nick is a solid parent, but Phyllis is another story. What parent is constantly in their children's face the way Phyllis is in Summer's? Summer is an adult, and she gets to live her own life without Mama's interference unless it's asked for. Yet Phyllis is determined to find out what is going on with Kyle. It's none of her business. Phyllis is the last person to give anyone any advice. Her mind always goes to places where no one has gone, and it usually gets her (and the person who takes her advice) into trouble.

Having said that, I think Summer is going to be running to Phyllis in tears after she discovers that Kyle has a child. It should be interesting to hear what "sage" advice Phyllis will offer Summer. Can't wait for this reveal.

Kyle, on the other hand, has a snootful of problems after discovering he has a son with the wife of the worst person on earth. Does he believe that his relationship with Summer is solid enough that it could withstand this bombshell? As I stated above, I don't believe it will -- and clearly, neither does he, or he would have told her about the little bundle of oops. Summer will do what Summer always does when she doesn't want to handle a situation -- run. Kyle has some major decisions to make. He has to verify that the child, Harrison, is really his son, and then he has to break the news to Jack, Ashley, and Traci. How are they going to react when Kyle tells them that Tara is married to Ashland Locke, the notorious and ruthless Locke-ness Monster. It should be interesting to watch how things unfold.

Why is Abby in such a hurry to have a child with Chance gone? It makes no sense to me. I personally would want to wait for my husband to return. Chance could then be tested again to see if his situation had changed, then he and Abby could create their own child, and if not, then they could look for a donor. Speaking of donors, did anyone notice the look on Devon's face after he looked at the photo of Mariah that Tessa had taken? I got the distinct impression that Devon is going to offer his services to Abby as a donor for Abby's child. Devon already told Mariah he hadn't been a fan when Hilary had been seeking a donor, nor was he a fan of online dating. He had also commended Mariah on her selfless gift to Abby and Chance, and it inspired him to take this course of action. It should be interesting to see where this goes.

If Devon offers to be a donor -- and I will bet my last dollar that Abby accepts -- it would be perfect, since he and Abby are great friends, and Abby knows that Devon has many of the same qualities she is looking for.

Amanda and Devon seem to be getting closer, but is it going to last, because Devon appears to be having second thoughts about Elena -- and he sure didn't tell Amanda about his night with Elena, and we all know in soaps a one-night stand often leads to a little oops (they'd have cute kids). I would love to see him and Elena together again. I liked Amanda with Nate. To me, these were a better pairing. Nate and Elena just seemed a little off-balance to me. Is Amanda infatuated with Devon because of all the help he provided, and maybe she is mistaking it for something else? Hmmm, I wonder. Nevertheless, I felt Amanda and Nate made a better couple.

It will also be interesting to see if Amanda and Naya's relationship will grow into a comfortable relationship as mother and daughter, or if Amanda will choose to turn her back on that whole family. There really haven't been enough scenes to see which way this is going to go. If they do unite, will Naya's family accept Amanda into the fold or shun her? This is what I'm interested in seeing.

By now, I' sure you have all read that Sasha Calle (Lola Rosales) has landed the role of Supergirl in the upcoming movie The Flash, which will be released in November 2022. She will be the first Latina to play the role of Supergirl. What a coup for her! This is so amazing for her career, but what does that mean for Lola Rosales? I loved this character and her storyline with Kyle Abbott, but once the writers chose to split the couple up, Lola seemed to melt into the woodwork. There was no real storyline for her. No one seemed to like her paired up with Theo Vanderway, so what was left? Since the split, all she has done has been to basically provide advice to friends and family. To me, this is such a waste of this amazing actress' talent. I had hoped they would reunite Lola with a more mature Kyle.

The question is, will she remain in a recurring role as Lola, or will she exit her role completely? I would hate to see her leave the show completely. I would vote to have her remain in a recurring role until they can come up with a decent storyline for her. I believe she could play a pivotal role in Kyle's life, since his life is in complete chaos. I can't see Summer providing him with any sage advice, nor can I see her supporting him through this crisis. I believe that Summer will dump him when she discovers he has a three-year-old son. Lola could be his voice of reason, his shoulder to cry on, and his rock. That could lead to a Kyle and Lola reconciliation and put quite a twist in Summer's undies. As an aside, how adorable was Sasha's reaction in the video when she learned she got the role?

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts about what has been happening around our favorite town recently. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own thoughts. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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