Kings, queens, rooks, and pawns...
by Nel
For the Week of May 17, 2021
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Chelsea finally confessed, but at what price? How long will she need to remain in the psychiatric facility? Will Adam receive the redemption he is seeking or support from Nick? Will Adam reassess his life and take a new path? Can Sharon and Adam cut the ties that seem to bind them? Our columnist explores these burning questions in this week's Two Scoops.

Let's begin by opening all the windows and doors and cheering loudly. Chelsea confessed. She has been caught in her own web of lies by none other than Victor, who always seems to carry that huge stick. He always gets what he wants by threats and blackmail. Chelsea wound up in Victor's crosshairs. He wanted Adam's freedom, and he got it -- but at what price for Chelsea?

Chelsea's performance of becoming unglued was magnificent. She almost had me believing she was really unhinged. Was it just me, or did others find it awfully convenient that Rey, Michael, and a psychiatrist just happened to be on hand for Chelsea's meltdown and confession? The psychiatrist was at the ready with a sedative for Chelsea when she became unhinged, and Michael and Rey were there to hear her confession. Victor told Adam that he'd seen that Chelsea was about to come unglued, and he'd called Michael and Rey. Victor managed to get a psychiatrist, who apparently had nothing better to do, who arrived in time to hear Chelsea's confession and give her a sedative to calm her.

I guess the psychiatrist was having a slow day, and that was the reason he'd been available at the drop of a hat to get to the ranch. Isn't the ranch some distance away from town? It would have taken the three gentlemen some time to get there, so are we to believe that Victor saw that Chelsea was about to have a breakdown and he did what... gag and hogtie her to keep her from unhinging until everyone was present? This was too big a stretch for me; however, as it turned out, of course, it was a setup.

Even Rey commented on how convenient everything appeared. He was obviously as suspicious as I was. However, Rey was gobsmacked when Chelsea claimed that Adam and Sharon had been having an affair right under her nose. Now, that was an out-and-out lie, and Chelsea did it deliberately. Chelsea's revenge plans failed to have Adam arrested for poisoning Rey, so she took one last kick at the can and decided she still had a chance for some of her plan to work by destroying Sharon's marriage. She planted the seeds, and Rey watered them and allowed them to grow.

Chelsea admitted she'd planted the poison in Rey's toiletries herself, but it had never been her intention to kill Rey. She'd wanted Adam to pay for not being there for her when she'd needed him most, especially since it had been his fault that she'd suffered a stroke. Well, that argument might hold a drop or two of water, but because Adam had turned off all power to the ChanceComm building, no one forced Chelsea to climb up on the handrail and try to exit through the trap door in the ceiling. That had been her decision alone. A normal person would have tried calling for help, and if there was no reply, they would have sat down and waited for the power to be restored. Where did Chelsea think she was going to go once she was on top of the elevator, especially in those high heels?

Rey confronted Sharon about having an affair with Adam. You could see the heartbreak on Sharon's face. She said the fact that Rey had even asked her about it, had broken her heart. She believed they were really over. What is the matter with Rey? He saw Chelsea come apart. He believed her confession, but he's also heard Chelsea lie on multiple occasions. My guess is because Rey saw the bond between Adam and Sharon, he chose to believe the affair between Sharon and Adam was real, even though Sharon had denied it. Rey's choice about which of Chelsea's lies to believe was selective. Sharon had told a lie or two, and she'd withheld information from him. Chelsea, on the other hand, was a walking, talking, and breathing lie. Rey chose to believe Chelsea's lie about the affair because of his hatred for Adam. Boo, Rey, boo! Not objective or good detective work on your part.

I absolutely loved the scenes with Nick and Adam. That wall they'd built against each other was beginning to crumble. Nick saw another side of Adam while they were trapped in the Montalvo basement during the tornado. Nick saw that scared little boy who'd killed a man while protecting his mother and the caring man willing to risk his own freedom to donate a kidney to Faith. Nick realized that Adam had been at the Montalvo farm to bury the ghosts of the past. When Adam was finally able to exit the basement after clearing the rubble, Adam had the ideal opportunity to run and hide, but he didn't. Adam chose to return with help for Nick, who had gashed his leg during the tornado. Adam risked his freedom to help Nick. I just wanted to hug both of them at that moment.

Suddenly, the animosity between Nick and Adam began to crumble. They might not really care for each other -- yet -- but things might change. It appears that Adam wants to be a better man, and he seems to want Nick's approval more than Victor's. I loved it when Nick said he would stand with Victor and Sharon to show everyone they were willing to give Adam a second chance. Nick gave Adam some sage advice and options. He left it up to Adam to make a decision. Wise move, Nick.

How did everyone enjoy Adam's stand-alone episode in black and white? It wasn't my cup of tea; however, it was an interesting concept. Each chess piece represented someone in Adam's life, and those people were able to express their feelings about Adam -- or at least what he thinks their feelings are, deep in his psyche. Each person's comments were an interesting way to sum up their experiences with Adam.

The first chess piece to appear was Rey -- the knight, protector, and cop. Rey said he'd known Adam wanted to be rid of him. Rey said Adam claimed he was misunderstood and that the circumstances of his life had led him to be the person he'd become and the terrible things he'd done. Rey claimed Adam wasn't capable of a solid and forever relationship. He said Adam was broken and beyond repair.

I agree with almost everything Rey said, but I'm not so sure that Adam is broken beyond repair. I think Adam can be redeemed to a point, but let's keep the bad boy under the surface. It's fun watching how Adam exacts revenge.

The next chess piece was the pawn, Chloe. She told Adam not to underestimate the pawn's power because it could be the key to the whole game, even though it can only move one square at a time. She said the last time Adam had been in the hospital was because she'd put him there, and he hadn't reported her to the police because he'd wanted to exact his form of punishment on her himself.

I recall Chloe's many attempts to kill Adam because he'd killed Delia. Chloe knew Adam had wanted to level the playing field by getting revenge on Chloe for trying to kill him. Adam wanted to settle the score; however, he never succeeded. I agree with Chloe's assessment. Adam was determined to make her pay for trying to kill him.

Enter Billy, the rook. He said it was Adam's last shot at redemption, which meant resurrection of the scrapyard that was Adam's soul. Billy said that if Adam didn't start seeing things differently about the game, he would wind up with nothing. Billy said that Adam had built walls around himself, and they needed to come down so that Adam could experience things like true love, joy, and connection.

I can't contradict what Billy said. He is absolutely correct in his perception of Adam. If Adam wants any kind of redemption, he needs to bring down those walls.

Phyllis was next, the bishop. She reminded Adam of all the fun they'd had with blackmail, espionage, and hacking together, but since those days, Adam had become miserable. Adam claimed he wanted to change, but Phyllis told him that those who had wanted to change always reverted to their former selves. She seems to think she's living proof.

I disagree with Phyllis. Her idea of a leopard not changing his spots doesn't hold true. I know people who have changed their ways and have maintained their new persona, so Adam can be redeemed, but the question is, if he does change, will he be able to keep that new persona for his lifetime. I honestly doubt it. Adam is too focused on avenging those who do him wrong.

When Nick showed up as the white knight, he told Adam he knew who Adam's queen was, Sharon. Nick said that he was Adam's best chance of protecting the queen, by charging in and saving Adam's sorry ass. He asked Adam who his protector was. Adam claimed he didn't know. Nick said everyone knew Sharon was Adam's queen and that Adam played on Sharon's emotions.

I'm not so sure I agree with that. Adam and Sharon have quite the history together, and I believe they have a very strong bond with each other. I don't think Adam manipulated Sharon. She seems to run to his rescue as soon as he says, "Hi, I need your help." No questions asked, she is there for Adam. I'm still scratching my head over this connection after everything these two have been through, and not in a good way.

Sharon appeared as Adam's queen. She stated clearly that she shouldn't be by his side. She had always wanted him to be happy, and she wanted to help him find peace. Sharon believed she'd helped him by forcing him to see the truth; however, this time, they had fallen into their old habits, and Adam had used her as a crutch. Adam agreed with her.

I agree with Sharon's assessment of their relationship. I think it was just too easy to revert to their old habits. I believe Sharon loves Adam; however, she isn't in love with him. I really hope this is the end of this unhealthy and obsessive relationship. I would love to see Sharon happy with Rey and for Adam move away from her.

Chelsea was next. She claimed she'd been Adam's queen, and had Adam chosen her as his queen, he wouldn't be in this mess. She accused Adam of bringing Sharon in as her therapist when she'd been helpless. She asked if Adam had given any thought to what kissing Sharon might do to her.

Chelsea is very much like Adam. She is self-centered and thinks only of herself. Like Adam, she likes to blame others for her actions. I agree that Adam shouldn't have brought Sharon in as her therapist, knowing how Chelsea felt about Sharon, and he definitely shouldn't have kissed Sharon. Chelsea harbors a lot of jealousy where Sharon is concerned, and I do blame Adam for that. He'd never given Chelsea any reason to believe that things were over between him and Sharon, especially when he constantly kept running to Sharon for help.

Last, but not least, enter Victoria. She asked why Adam had allowed everyone to push him all over the board. She claimed Adam would never be a knight like Nick or Rey. She stated that the game was about one thing: winning. Victoria moved the bishop across the board and said, "Check."

I'm not sure what Victoria's intentions were. Was she just playing Adam? We know how much she hates him, so was she trying to derail him, or was she encouraging him to stay his course and not seek redemption. I guess we will have to wait and see which path Adam will choose.

Adam woke up visibly shaken, so it remains to be seen whether he changes his ways, or if he will remain his old evil self.

I'm not sure I want to see a redeemed Adam. Most of us have loved to hate him, and we have always waited in anticipation, wondering what dastardly deed he would conjure up next. If Adam is redeemed, who are we left with to hate and throw rotten tomatoes at? In my opinion, every soap needs a villain. Adam is The Young and Restless' villain, and he should stay that way. I don't want to see another Adam and Sharon reunion. Their past relationship was unhealthy and toxic. Things wouldn't be any different this time around if they decided to reunite. For the moment, Adam has sworn off Sharon and Chelsea. He wants to remain a bachelor for a while.

Adam claims he wants to be a new man, but we know that won't last. If there is a reconciliation in the wind for Adam and Sharon, it will turn toxic again. You know the old saying I referred to earlier and modified ever so slightly: "A leopard doesn't change his spots, nor does Adam."

Adam did a wonderful thing donating his kidney to Faith, and he risked his freedom in order to save Nick after the tornado in Kansas. However, I believe Adam is only having a moment before he returns to his old ways. I want him to remain evil so I can continue throwing those rotten tomatoes at him and boo and hiss him. I enjoy seeing his softer side, but the evil side should remain prevalent. He makes things interesting.

Let's turn to Snowflake, Summer. With everything that has gone on with Kyle and Jabot, Kyle needs a bit of a break before the next barrage of problems from Ashland Locke surfaces, but all Summer wants to do is plan her big, splashy, and perfect wedding. I swear that no two brain cells are sparking in this girl's head.

The engagement party for Summer and Kyle had just begun, and oops! Look who arrived, looking slightly on the anxious side, Tara with Harrison in tow. I think this is the beginning of Summer beginning to throw in the towel with Kyle, again. Does anyone believe that she and Kyle are really in love? I think that Summer is in love with love, and Kyle is handy because he claims he has always been in love with her. If Kyle had always been in love with Summer, why did he jump ship and marry Lola. He reminds me a bit of Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful, who is forever waffling between two women.

As an aside, how many times are they going to pick up building Summer and Kyle's dream house? Is this the third attempt? I've lost count!

Kyle waffled between Lola and Summer, but now we have Tara thrown into the mix, with Kyle's son, no less. If Kyle was given the choice between Summer and Tara, I believe he would go with Tara and son. Unlike Summer, who has cotton candy for a brain, Tara is a very classy lady with a good head on her shoulders. There is a battle brewing between Kyle and Ashland. I wonder who will come out on top.

I'm loving Richard Burgi. We need someone like him on the show to stir things up. Victor is getting up there and has slowed down a shade or two, but I think Richard Burgi as Ashland Locke could keep things stirred up the way Victor used to do. I think the battle between Ashland and Victor could be intriguing, and those two rivals could keep things interesting.

Sally is dancing on my last nerve. Jack has made it clear that he isn't interested in pursuing a relationship with Sally, but she is determined she will win him over. It looks like she isn't very happy knowing that Phyllis and Jack are close. It also looks like she is planning something. I thought the whole purpose of Sally's move from Los Angeles to Genoa City was to start fresh and leave all that unhealthy scheming behind. Rather than leaving it behind, it appears she has upped her game. During a video conference with her great-aunt, Sally complained about Phyllis and Summer interfering in her plans to be with Jack. Her great-aunt suggested that Sally just move on, but will Sally take her advice? I doubt it.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts about what has been happening around our favorite town recently. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own thoughts. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, enjoy life and stay safe!

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