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Adam continued to resist therapy. The Abbotts learned that Theo was suing for Dina's entire estate. Sally ingratiated herself with Jack by telling him about Theo's request for information. Ballistics proved that Billy's gun had fired the bullet that had struck Chance. Sharon found out about Faith's drinking.
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Adam continued to resist therapy and Theo sued for Dina's entire estate
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Monday, November 23, 2020

At the psychiatric facility, Adam peered out a window covered on the outside with iron mesh. Dr. Rhodes entered through a locked door and asked if Adam understood why he was there. Adam claimed he was there because his father wanted to punish him. Dr. Rhodes explained that a licensed therapist had provided a dossier to a judge about Adam's psychological state. Adam knew at once that Sharon was the therapist.

Dr. Rhodes explained that both Sharon and Victor had been concerned that Adam might be a danger to himself and to others. Adam disagreed and demanded to be released immediately, insisting that Victor, himself a real danger, had orchestrated the plot to have him committed. Adam said he was certain Sharon wouldn't have gotten involved had Victor not relentlessly persuaded her, and he accused Dr. Rhodes of being one of his father's hired hands. Dr. Rhodes explained that he didn't work for Victor and wanted to help Adam. Adam refused to cooperate, insisting that the doctor would twist his words and use them against him.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea rushed through the door and demanded Sharon tell her where Adam was. Sharon apologized for causing worry and explained that Victor was supposed to have contacted Chelsea. Chelsea replied, "Well, he didn't, so what happened to Adam?" Sharon and Chelsea moved to the patio, where Sharon admitted her news wouldn't be easy for Chelsea to hear. Chelsea replied, "Just say it." Sharon, speaking with compassion, explained that she and Victor had placed Adam in a facility where he could get the help and support he so desperately needed. Chelsea reacted with anger and cried that what they'd done would make Adam feel more alone and persecuted.

Chelsea was livid that Sharon had colluded with Victor. Sharon said she'd agreed with Victor that Adam required inpatient treatment. Chelsea blamed Sharon for her failure to be objective because of her history with Adam. Chelsea accused Sharon of attempting to win back Adam. Sharon refused to discuss her involvement with Adam, insisting the man she wanted to be with was her soon-to-be husband.

Chelsea said Sharon was afraid of losing Adam forever and wondered aloud how Rey felt about her refusal to let Adam go. Sharon expressed concern about Adam's constant struggles ever since he'd learned about his involvement with A.J.'s death. Chelsea was quick to defend Adam when Sharon mentioned the kidnapping, and she was surprised that Sharon knew about Adam's plot to commit a horrible crime against his family.

Chelsea cried that Adam needed to get away from Sharon, the Newmans, and Genoa City, so he could be surrounded by people who didn't judge him or want him dead. Sharon told Chelsea that if she still loved Adam, she'd understand that professional treatment was necessary. Chelsea insisted she knew how to help Adam and told Sharon she was a pathetic woman trying to hold onto someone she'd let slip away. Chelsea vowed to get Adam released. Sharon replied, "You can't. He's under a court-mandated 72-hour hold. After that, his doctors and the judge that signed the order will determine if he can be released." Sharon added that she expected Adam to remain under supervision. Chelsea warned Sharon that she would regret what she'd done.

After Chelsea left, Mariah stopped by and immediately discerned that Sharon was troubled. Sharon said it had been a trying day, though she intended to turn things around. Mariah shared happy wedding news, announcing that Lola had made arrangements through Abby to host both the wedding and after-party at Society. Sharon said it was very generous of Abby, given that the wedding would take place on New Year's Eve. Sharon's gloomy demeanor was at odds with her reply that Mariah's plans sounded wonderful.

Sharon explained that she was experiencing doubts about a decision she'd made. Mariah asked Sharon if she was having doubts about Rey. Sharon insisted that her decision to marry Rey was the best thing she'd done in a long time. Mariah offered to manage the coffeehouse, and she encouraged Sharon to take a break.

Victor stopped by Chelsea's suite. Chelsea begged for Adam to be released. Victor refused and explained that they had to stop coddling Adam and get to the root cause of what was bothering him. Chelsea admitted they'd enabled Adam, but she expressed shock that Victor would leave his son at a mental ward. Chelsea cried that inpatient care would break Adam instead of helping him. Victor remained stone-faced.

Chelsea cried, "Oh, my God. That's what you want." Chelsea accused Victor of wanting to remake Adam into the man Victor wanted him to be. Victor denied Chelsea's claims and implored her not to interfere. Chelsea begged to know where Adam was, but Victor left without responding.

Sally ran into Kyle at Society. She thanked him for suggesting she approach Jack about the job at Jabot Collective. Kyle said he'd had no idea Sally had intentions of running the division. Sally bragged that she always shot for the stars and had made her objectives known to Jack. Kyle explained that Lauren had chosen Summer, though Summer had not yet officially accepted the offer. Kyle acknowledged Sally's extensive experience and noted that Summer had poured her heart and soul into JCV and was the right choice to lead the company into the future.

Sally mentioned Kyle and Summer's recent engagement. Kyle said he didn't feel he knew Sally well enough to discuss it with her, pointing out that she seemed to be using every angle to her advantage. Sally insisted she hadn't intended to make trouble and was instead striving to make her own way. Kyle suggested Sally forget Jabot and JCV and seek opportunities to make her mark at Fenmore's. Sally thanked Kyle for the advice before he left.

Sally waited impatiently and told Theo he was late when he entered, accusing him of purposely avoiding her. Sally expressed frustration that Theo had failed to find out who Lauren had wanted in charge of JCV, ruining her intentions to take that person out of the running. Sally said she'd found out from Kyle and wondered if Theo had remained mum out of allegiance to his ex. Theo insisted he owed nothing to Summer and noted that whether Summer or Kyle were apart, they always remained a little bit in love with each other.

Sally said she'd need more information in order to take down Summer. Theo said he wouldn't become involved unless he was assured there was something in it for him. Theo explained that he'd just filed a lawsuit against the Abbotts regarding his lack of inheritance and wanted useful, solid intel about how the family intended to counter. Sally balked at being bossed around but agreed to find out all she could as soon as possible.

In the boardroom at Jabot, Summer gazed out the window at the nearby skyscrapers, recalling the day Kyle had shown her an order form for a nameplate identifying her as the co-CEO. Kyle had laid out his vision of their future working relationship. Another memory popped up involving the large house with a pool and a movie theater Summer had envisioned for them. When Summer had asked Kyle what he'd wanted, he'd replied, "You. Just you." After Summer's moments of reminiscing concluded, she sent a group text to Jack and Kyle, requesting they join her to talk.

Rey knocked on Chance's door at the Grand Phoenix. Rey entered and said he was glad to see Chance out of the hospital. Chance reported that he felt stronger every day. Rey informed Chance that the genetic material from the earbud found at the shooting site was a match to the DNA lifted from an earbud in Billy's briefcase. Chance replied, "But you still need to confirm that the DNA on both is Billy's." Rey said he intended to use a warrant to gather a sample.

Chance, reluctant to accuse Billy, admitted that a couple of earbuds didn't constitute a case. Chance warned that it wouldn't be easy to go up against one of the most powerful families in town. Rey phoned the station and learned that Billy's DNA was on file due to a DUI charge back in 2015. Rey acknowledged that finding the gun was the key to getting Chance the justice he deserved. Rey added, "And God help him, the justice Adam deserves, too."

Billy entered the Abbott mansion and called out to Jack. Billy checked his phone and read a text message from Lily asking if he was okay. Billy replied, "Can't stop thinking about me, huh?" Lily wrote back that Billy shouldn't flatter himself, and she promised to talk soon. Jack entered and greeted Billy. Billy didn't mince words and admitted he was a suspect in a shooting, adding that Adam had been the intended target. Billy told his brother that police had even searched his office and had taken a few things for inspection. Jack was shocked and said he hoped the investigation would end soon.

Billy said Amanda was serving as his lawyer, though he feared he might need someone else, should he end up being charged with attempted murder. Jack assured Billy he'd stick by Billy's side and suggested Billy focus on work. Billy explained that Lily had suggested he step away, so he felt like a man without a kingdom. Jack sighed, seemingly identifying with the deep worry and discontent his brother was suffering. Jack expressed concern that with his back against a wall, Billy might cave in and retreat to his old ways.

Billy assured Jack he wouldn't jeopardize his work. Billy added that his leave time had provided a blessing in disguise that he wasn't yet ready to discuss. After Jack left, Billy talked to someone on the phone about the status of the investigation and assured the person that he always protected his sources. Billy listened to the caller and responded, "Rey did that?" Billy requested he be contacted when additional information was revealed.

Rey stopped by Lily's office in search of Billy. Lily said she thought Rey had gotten all he'd needed the day before. Lily explained that Billy had taken a leave of absence. Rey assumed Billy's decision was related to the investigation. Lily calmly stated that she had no doubts that Billy was innocent. Rey reminded Lily that Billy had once pulled a gun on Adam and asked if she thought him capable of doing it again. Lily replied that it hadn't crossed her mind for a second that Billy might have aimed a shot at Adam.

Lily reported that Billy had found happiness after a long time and had worked hard to get to a good place. Lily added that Billy enjoyed his work, was on good terms with Victoria, and spent as much time as he could with his children. Lily assured Rey that Billy was no longer obsessed with the Newmans. Rey advised Lily that Billy's actions told a different story. Rey expressed doubt that Billy had let go of his pain and anger, given what Adam had done to him. Lily explained that Billy had published an article about Adam instead of wielding a weapon. Lily insisted that the old Billy no longer existed. Lily suggested Rey focus his attention on a wannabe killer running loose.

After Rey left, Billy showed up. Lily asked him if he knew what a leave of absence meant. Billy said he'd learned from a source at the police station that Rey was testing his DNA. Lily said Rey would only test Billy's DNA if he had evidence to compare it to. Billy insisted there wasn't any incriminating evidence because he had not been anywhere near the scene of the crime when Chance had been shot.

Lily said she'd tried to convince Rey he was 100 percent wrong about Billy. Billy expressed concern about Rey's aggressive tactics. Billy changed the subject and suggested being away from the office would allow him to see Lily outside the office without blurring the lines. Billy asked Lily if she'd consider going on romantic dates. Lily smiled and said she would.

Billy entered the Grand Phoenix and found Rey waiting for him. Rey told Billy they'd found the gun believed to have been used to shoot Chance. Rey said the weapon had been broken down and tossed into a Dumpster next to a building that housed ChanceComm. Rey informed Billy that the gun was registered to him. Billy's jaw tightened, but he didn't immediately respond.

After Jack and Kyle joined Summer in the boardroom, she acknowledged she'd already spoken to Kyle and announced to Jack that she was leaving Jabot to head up JCV. Jack was proud for Summer and said it was a spectacular opportunity. Kyle echoed Jack and said Lauren would be lucky to have her. Summer credited Jack for his guidance that had allowed her to grow. Jack assured Summer she'd always have a position at Jabot if she wanted. Summer looked at Kyle. Beaming, Kyle looked proud, pleased, and elated for Summer. Before Jack left, he told Summer and Kyle he'd give them a moment together. Both awkwardly reacted and stated they were fine.

After Jack left, Summer offered to help Kyle find her replacement. Kyle said he planned to ask Mariah to come on board. Kyle told Summer not to worry, and he wished her all the best. Summer exited the boardroom, but she was hesitant to walk away. Jack later returned to the boardroom and asked Kyle if he was okay. Kyle claimed he was concerned that the third-quarter earnings hadn't been as strong as they'd hoped. A woman walked through the open door and said, "John Abbott, Jr?" After she handed Jack an envelope, she said, "Kyle Abbott?" After Kyle responded, he also received an envelope. The woman said, "You've been served."

Jack read his summons and said Theo was suing them for Dina's entire estate. Jack checked his phone and learned that Ashley and Traci had also been served. Kyle added that Abby had, too. Kyle cried that it was a disgusting insult to Dina's memory. Kyle told Jack he'd warned that Theo couldn't be trusted and should have been kept on the outside where he belonged. Sally lingered outside the door and overheard Jack and Kyle discussing Theo.

After Kyle left, Sally entered. Sally told Jack that Theo had been asking her to spy on him and his family regarding a lawsuit. Sally explained that she didn't feel right about it. Jack said Theo was crying sour grapes. Sally suggested feeding Theo bad information to make him give up and go away. Jack thanked Sally and opted to let the court settle the matter. Jack told Sally he wouldn't forget her gesture.

Kyle stopped by Crimson Lights and approached Mariah. Mariah took one look at Kyle and said, "Bad days seem to be contagious. What's wrong with you?" Kyle could barely contain his anger and told Mariah about Theo filing a lawsuit claiming he was entitled to Dina's entire estate. Mariah replied, "I didn't think he'd actually go through with that." Mariah explained that she had not been aware of Theo's plan but knew he'd been hurt during the reading of the will. Mariah was certain Theo couldn't prevail. Kyle changed the subject and announced that Summer had left to run JCV. Mariah was elated when Kyle offered her Summer's job.

Kyle ran into Theo at the bar at Society and told him he'd never get away with what he was attempting to do. Theo said it was up to the judge. Kyle was seething and insisted Theo wasn't entitled to anything more than the pen he'd received. Theo replied, "Well, my lineage seems to differ, and why are you so against sharing the wealth?" Kyle said his grandmother had made her wishes clear, and they should be honored.

Theo insisted Kyle had been handed enough already. Kyle reminded Theo he'd blown an opportunity Jack had given him at Jabot. Summer overheard the men arguing and asked what was going on. Theo abruptly left. Kyle told Summer that Theo was suing the family to get Dina's estate. Summer said Theo's plan was insane. Summer told Kyle not to play into Theo's hands by reacting. Summer assured Kyle he was a million times the man Theo was.

Rey becomes suspicious after questioning Victoria Rey becomes suspicious after questioning Victoria
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mariah entered Society and thanked Devon for asking her to meet him, since she'd become a hermit with Tessa being gone. Devon pointed out that Mariah had invited him, but she denied it. He pulled out his phone and read a text message that called him a chump if he didn't meet her. Mariah explained that she'd been lonely without Tessa, and it would have been more satisfying if someone had invited her to do something, so she'd played a trick on her brain to make herself feel better.

Devon played along, but he suspected that Mariah was trying to check up on him. She asked if he was okay, and he shared that Nate's hand might not fully recover. Devon insisted that he hadn't meant to ruin his cousin's career, and he recognized that no one was solely to blame for the situation. His phone pinged, and he announced that he'd just had power vested in him.

In a hotel suite, Chance informed Abby that his mom was taking care of the flowers, and he thought things were falling into place easier than he'd expected. Abby fretted that she still had hundreds of things to do, like find a dress. Chance assured her that she could wear what she had on then and still be the most beautiful bride ever, and Abby cooed that she was definitely keeping him. She explained that their wedding would be simple, but she wanted her dress to be amazing. Abby answered a knock at the door, and Sally introduced herself as Lauren's assistant.

Sally revealed that her boss had heard about Abby's wedding dress emergency, and Lauren had refused to let Abby get married without the perfect gown. Abby flipped through photos on Sally's tablet and found a dress she loved. Sally promised to find out how quickly they could have it made, and she recommended playing with the length and changing the neckline to feature Abby's lovely neck. Sally claimed that she was excited to be working at Fenmore's, especially since it had acquired Jabot Collective, which had been the reason she'd moved to Genoa City. Chance was sure Sally would go far there.

Sally left some samples and encouraged Abby to call her if she had any questions -- even on Thanksgiving. After Sally headed out, Abby was relieved to have one less thing to do. She felt overwhelmed by the details she still had to plan, but Chance urged her just to focus on what mattered most -- love, family, and their future together. They kissed. She received a text message as he prepared to go for a short walk. Abby decided to leave with him so she could meet Mariah and Devon, because Devon had just sent a mysterious text message about being vested with power by the state of Wisconsin.

Abby joined Devon and Mariah and wondered what his message had meant. Devon explained that Abby needed someone authorized by the state to marry her and Chance. Abby realized that Devon had been ordained, and she marveled that everything was falling into place. She mentioned that she and Chance had just been talking about not stressing over the small things and just focusing on what really mattered, like love, family, and friends.

Devon considered using that in his speech before leading the couple through their vows, and he recognized how tough it could be when one lost those things. Mariah added to the good news by sharing that Kyle had offered her a job running Jabot's marketing department. Abby imagined being a fly on the wall to see what happened, and Mariah wondered if she had something be nervous about. Abby recalled that things could get pretty tense with the Abbotts in the boardroom, but Mariah was confident that she was up to the challenge.

Abby gushed about how special her wedding day would be. She recalled getting the call that Chance had been shot and thinking that everything they had together had been gone, and she remarked that Devon and Mariah had no idea what it had felt like. Devon looked away, and Abby apologized for reminding him of Hilary. Devon was determined to celebrate the rare kind of love Chance and Abby had, and he understood needing to make the most of it because they never knew when it might be gone.

Devon assured Abby that she didn't have to worry about mentioning Hilary or Neil because they were part of who he was. Devon turned the topic to Abby's intention to have kids, and she pictured having three. She looked forward to sharing the world with her children and finding out what they loved. Abby praised Devon and Mariah for everything they'd done to make the wedding happen.

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy reeled from Rey's report that a gun registered to Billy had been found dismantled and dropped in a Dumpster behind the Chancellor Communications building. Billy confirmed that he owned a gun but that he didn't know how to dismantle it. Billy added that it had been years since he'd seen the gun, since he'd left it in a lockbox in Victoria's house when he'd moved out, and he had no idea how it had ended up in a Dumpster. Rey shared that the lab had run a ballistics test on the bullet that had been pulled out of Chance, and Billy correctly guessed that it had been fired from his gun. Billy curtly thanked Rey for the information and apologized that he couldn't be of more help. Rey walked off.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria discussed Thanksgiving plans with Nikki over the phone. She switched over to an incoming call from Billy, who asked if she'd seen his gun lately. Victoria replied that she hadn't thought about the gun in years. Billy revealed that his gun had fired a bullet that had hit a police detective, and Victoria realized he meant Chance. Billy wondered if the gun had been stolen when the house security alarm had gone off, and he noted that they hadn't looked for the gun at the time. Victoria abruptly cut him off when she spotted Victor in the doorway.

Victoria told Victor about how Billy's gun had been used in Chance's shooting. She speculated that it was all part of a plan Adam had hatched to set Billy up. Victor was skeptical that Adam had broken into her house, found the lockbox, stolen the gun, and hired someone to shoot him, all to frame Billy. Victoria argued that Adam had concocted elaborate schemes before, but Victor called it nonsense. He thought reality was staring her in the face, since Billy hated Adam.

Victoria scoffed at the idea that Adam would never do anything sneaky or nefarious, but Victor didn't want to discuss it any further. He revealed that Adam had been committed to a psychiatric institution to get the help he needed, but she couldn't imagine Adam seeking treatment voluntarily. She realized Victor had had Adam committed, and she respected her father for finally accepting that Adam was a real danger. Victor asserted that he was trying to help Adam, just as he would any of his children.

Later, Rey stopped by Victoria's office with a few questions related to Chance's shooting. He asked if Billy had left a gun at her home, and she stated that it had been locked away in a closet for years. She assumed that the gunman had stolen it during a break-in at her house about six weeks earlier, right after the exposť had been released. Rey started to look up the police report to find the exact date, but Victoria recalled that she hadn't reported it because there had been no signs of a break-in other than the alarm. She suspected that Adam had been behind it to retaliate for the article.

Rey inquired whether Billy had ever confronted Adam about the burglary. Victoria encouraged Rey to focus on Adam because he was the dangerous one, and she referred to Victor having Adam committed. She insisted that Billy had his life back on track, so he wouldn't have risked everything to shoot Adam. She declared her ex-husband innocent as Billy entered the office. Rey thanked Victoria for her time, and Billy noted that Rey would have arrested him already if Rey was convinced that he was guilty. Rey advised Billy not to leave town, and he departed.

Billy appreciated what Victoria had said to Rey, and she reiterated that she couldn't see Billy shooting Adam in broad daylight. He joked that he would have waited until the middle of the night. He added that he'd told Rey that he wouldn't have lost sleep if the bullet had hit its mark, but she cautioned him against being that open with a homicide detective. Billy asserted that he didn't need a bullet to cause harm when ChanceComm was a more lethal weapon, even though he'd temporarily stepped down at the company until the investigation blew over.

Billy believed that Adam had manipulated everything from behind the scenes, and he was sure Adam was happy as a clam right then. Billy was stunned when Victoria informed him that Adam had been committed to a psych ward. Victoria stated that Victor recognized that Adam was a danger to all of them, but Billy contemplated whether Victor was just trying to protect Adam because of what Adam had already done. Billy reasoned that it would be easy to build a defense if Adam was in a mental hospital.

Billy acknowledged that it made no sense for Adam to hire someone to shoot him. Victoria shared that her father thought the same thing, and Billy assumed that Victor thought Billy had done it. Billy swore that he hadn't, but he understood if Victoria wasn't convinced because she'd be a fool not to consider the evidence against him. He vowed to prove his innocence by getting inside the head of the person who'd framed him -- and if it was Adam, that would be a scary place to be.

Victoria walked with Billy to the Grand Phoenix, and he thanked her for having his back. She said she knew he'd do the same for her, and he invited her to call him the next time she was a suspect in the shooting of a police officer. She pointed out that he needed all the help he could get, but he didn't want to drag her in deeper. Victoria preferred that she not have to take the kids to visit him in prison, and Billy promised that wouldn't happen because he always landed on his feet.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Rey looked at his phone and scanned through photos of evidence from Chance's shooting. Chance approached, and Rey was happy to see him out and about. Chance inquired whether there had been any progress with the investigation, and Rey groaned that it had been one step forward and two steps back. Chance understood, since he'd made it there, but he might have to take a cab back to the hotel. Rey was impressed that Chance was getting married that soon after everything he'd been through. Chance clarified that he didn't want to waste any time because of what he'd been through.

Rey shared that Billy had an ugly history with Adam and no concrete alibi, but he thought it was too neat a package. He revealed that Billy and Victoria thought Adam had broken into her house, stolen the gun, and set Billy up somehow. Chance argued that Adam was too smart a guy to devise such a stupid plan. Rey thought it had been a panic move to place the gun in the Dumpster outside Billy's office, and Chance questioned why Rey hadn't hauled Billy in.

Rey wanted to be positive that he had the right guy, and he didn't want a whiff of bias. Chance asked if Rey had spoken to Adam, and Rey divulged that Victor had had Adam committed. Chance believed that it was for the best, since Adam had been unhinged for a while. Rey questioned whether Adam had been disturbed enough to have someone shoot him to set Billy up. Chance thought it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

Later, Rey called Paul and told him about Victoria's passionate defense of Billy, but he was suspicious that she'd avoided the question about whether Billy had confronted Adam about the break-in. Rey sensed that something was there, and part of Victoria knew that Billy was capable of shooting Adam. Rey continued that he wasn't counting Adam out; however, he intended to go where the evidence took him, and he expected to have an answer soon.

Inside the coffeehouse, Sally was on the phone with her sister, Coco. Sally exclaimed that living in Genoa City was a dream, and the people had been really nice. She wished she could get home for Thanksgiving, but she'd been too busy at work with a challenging job she loved. Sally hoped it would work out to meet up for Christmas. She pretended that someone was calling from down the hall at the office and claimed she had to go. She hung up, and her expression darkened.

Abby returned to Chance's hotel suite and suggested that they go over menu options, but Chance preferred to rest because his walk had taken more out of him than he'd thought. She insisted that he was far ahead of where the doctors had expected him to be after having a bullet taken out of him. Chance remarked that someone should go to jail for it. Lauren sent a text message to inform Abby that her dress would be done in time for the wedding. Chance figured that they just had to show up and profess their love for one another in front of their friends and family. Abby exclaimed that she couldn't wait, and they kissed.

At the psychiatric facility, Adam pounded on the door and plopped down on the bed in frustration. A vision of his younger self appeared and advised Adam not to fight it. Adam spat that he didn't deserve to be locked up there because he didn't need to be cured, and they'd forced his hand by driving him to do everything he'd done. "They did this to you? You sure?" young Adam questioned. Adam protested that being there was making things worse, and young Adam responded that it was because Adam was fighting it when, deep down, he knew he needed help to finally get rid of the monster. Adam curled up on the bed.

A buzzer sounded, and Victor entered Adam's room. Adam sat up in bed and called Victor brave for being willing to be alone in the room with him after the stunt Victor had pulled. Adam barked to drop the look of fatherly concern, since Victor didn't have to put on a show for anyone. Victor insisted that he was genuinely worried about Adam, and Adam questioned where all the concern had been when he'd needed it years earlier. Adam growled that he knew why Victor had put him in there, and he thought using Sharon had been inspired.

Victor maintained that Sharon cared deeply about Adam, and he'd turned to her because he'd been desperate to save Adam. Adam requested that Victor get him out, but Victor replied that he couldn't. Adam bellowed that "Victor Damn Newman" could do anything because they were all pawns in Victor's game. Adam offered to disappear once he was released, and he agreed to sign the papers to renounce his claim to the Newman fortune. Victor ordered him to calm down.

Victor swore that he didn't want to drive Adam away or ask him to sign the document. Victor added that he hadn't known anything about the paperwork, and his only desire was to get Adam healthy. Victor sensed that Adam knew something wasn't right in his mind, but Adam countered that it was working fine for him. Adam contended that he would heal if he got away from Victor and Victor's need to control everything.

Adam argued that he'd made a plan to end the control, but the fact that he hadn't gone through with it was proof he was sane. He considered it insane to care about a father who didn't "give a damn," and he thought locking him up was the choice of a father who thought his son was a mistake. Young Adam reappeared in Adam's mind and urged Adam to stop blaming Victor. Adam told the kid to shut up, and Victor noticed that Adam was talking to someone who wasn't there. Young Adam warned that Adam was making things worse; he begged Adam to listen to Victor, or he would be locked up forever and could die there.

Adam repeatedly yelled to shut up. An alarmed Victor summoned an orderly. Victor hovered outside the room as Adam yelled at the orderly to get his hands off of him. Adam called out to ask if Victor was happy because he'd gotten what he'd wanted, and Victor could feel like he'd won. Victor fought back tears.

Later, a sedated Adam stirred and found his hands and feet bound to the bed. Victor said he'd heard Adam shouting, and he didn't blame Adam for being angry. Victor sympathized that Adam probably felt very alone, but he pledged not to abandon his son. Victor intended to help Adam, whether he liked it or not, since Adam had too much life to live, and Connor needed him. Victor implored Adam to get healthy so he could reunite with Connor and Chelsea. Adam closed his eyes and turned away. Later, Victor wallowed as he drank alone at Society.

Adam envisioned Chelsea appealing to him to get out of there because Connor was waiting for them, and she and Connor loved Adam. She begged Adam to return home. Adam opened his eyes, found himself alone and restrained, and sighed in despair.

Sharon finds out about Faith's drinking Sharon finds out about Faith's drinking
Wednesday, November 25, 2020
by Nel

As the Abbotts prepared for their Thanksgiving celebration, Ashley showed Jack the flowers Traci had sent because she wouldn't be there to celebrate with them. Billy arrived and inquired when they would be eating. Ashley said soon. Jack, Ashley, and Billy reminisced about past Thanksgivings with John and Dina and how strange it was not having their parents there to celebrate with them. Kyle arrived with two pumpkin pecan pies. Moments later, Summer also arrived with two pumpkin pecan pies and thanked everyone for including her in their Thanksgiving celebration.

When Summer took her pies into the kitchen, Kyle asked Jack why Summer was there. Jack said that he had invited Summer to spend part of the day with them and that she would be celebrating with her family later. Jack asked Kyle if that was a problem for him. Kyle denied that it was. Summer emerged from the kitchen and commented that she and Kyle had the same taste in pies. Kyle said he hadn't forgotten what she liked.

Billy emerged from the kitchen and found Summer sitting alone. He asked about Kyle. Aloof, Summer informed Billy that Kyle was on a business call and added that not all countries were celebrating Thanksgiving. Billy said he hoped she and Kyle would work things out. He said Kyle could be smug and a brat; however, Summer was a decent person, and she and Kyle were perfect for each other. Billy admitted that that statement had been spoken by the smuggest and brattiest of them all -- him. Kyle returned in time to hear Summer coldly tell Billy to go and be a jerk elsewhere. Billy said whatever Summer wanted, Summer got, and he left.

Kyle apologized to Summer. He claimed that if he'd stayed, she wouldn't have had to deal with Billy. Summer said she didn't need rescuing, but Kyle said he felt protective of her. Kyle asked how her new job was going and then realized she wouldn't start until after the holiday. Summer stated that the same applied for Mariah, who would take over Sumer's former position at Jabot. Jack watched from a distance and witnessed Kyle and Summer's awkwardness.

A short time later, Jack thanked everyone for being there to give thanks together. He acknowledged that Summer and Billy had their families to see, but it was a time for reflection, perception, and thinking about who they would like to see at their Thanksgiving table every year. He hoped they would all be there the next year. Ashley announced that dinner was almost ready, and she returned to the kitchen.

Jack approached Billy and offered him a job at Jabot as a consultant while Billy was on hiatus from ChanceComm. Miffed, Billy said that Jack only wanted to keep an eye on him during the investigation to make certain he didn't gamble or drink himself into oblivion. Jack claimed the situation was no different than when Billy had helped Jack while he'd been addicted to pills. Angry, Billy said it was obvious that the turkey would be served with a side order of moral judgment. He picked up his coat and left.

Once dinner was over, Summer complained about being stuffed, but she had to leave. She complimented Ashley on her cooking skills and thanked Jack for inviting her. After she left, Jack chastised Kyle for not asking Summer to stay, but Kyle said he had to leave, as well, to follow up on what Jack had started. Jack and Ashley exchanged a confused look. Ashley asked Jack why Billy had left. Jack admitted it had been his fault for trying to bring Billy closer, but instead, he had managed to push Billy further away. Ashley stated that families always returned home.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Nick waited while Phyllis finished getting ready to go with him to help Sharon feed the homeless. Nick said it was great of Phyllis to help Sharon, and he commented on how kind she'd been to Sharon during her chemo treatment. Nick noticed she didn't look enthusiastic and suggested they could go to the ranch and make nice with Victor. Phyllis claimed she would rather eat nails. Nick received a call from Victor informing Nick that he'd had Adam committed to a psychiatric hospital.

At Crimson Lights, Devon presented Sharon with a sizeable check to help fight the hunger in their community. He said it was a cause close to his heart. Mariah told Sharon that Devon had been ordained in order to officiate at Abby and Chance's wedding. Sharon said she would have to keep that in mind.

Mariah and Faith teased each other while they packed bags of food to be delivered to the homeless. Faith asked if Mariah had heard from Tessa. Mariah said she had, and she missed her terribly. Mariah asked Faith if everything was okay. Faith claimed everything was fine and quickly headed for the kitchen. Suspicious, Mariah followed her.

Amanda arrived at the coffeehouse through the patio doors and saw Elena. She and Elena wished each other a happy Thanksgiving, and Amanda asked if Elena would be celebrating Thanksgiving. Elena said she she'd had a heavy shift and was exhausted. She said she would be catching up on some sleep. They said their goodbyes, and Elena left.

Devon entered the patio, carrying bags of food, and greeted Amanda. He asked why she was there because the coffeehouse was closed. He said that Sharon and her crew were preparing food for the homeless, take-out style. Amanda said that she had helped the previous year, but she hadn't realized it was an annual event. Devon invited Amanda for Thanksgiving dinner and said that Lily would be preparing the meal. Amanda declined because she wanted to be with a friend who needed some cheering up. Devon invited her for dessert. She accepted and left.

Nikki and Victor arrived at the coffeehouse and offered their help in getting the food to the homeless. Sharon said everything had been handled. Sympathetic, she commented that Adam had to have been on Victor's mind. Rey asked for news about Adam. Victor told them about Adam's rage and the need for him to be sedated and restrained. He thanked Sharon for helping him get Adam properly evaluated. He and Sharon agreed they had made the right decision to have Adam committed.

Nick and Phyllis were getting ready to deliver food when they saw Nikki and Victor arrive. Nick told Phyllis that he'd had no idea they would be there. Through gritted teeth, Phyllis said she would concentrate on the job at hand. Nick left Phyllis to talk to Faith.

When Phyllis saw Sharon, she asked Sharon what she could do to help. Phyllis said it was great to see Faith doing so well after her unfortunate incident. Sharon appeared confused as Phyllis continued and said that if the hangover hadn't put Faith off drinking, Nick definitely had. He'd stepped up and told Faith that bad behavior wouldn't be accepted. Sharon was stunned by the revelation but pretended she'd known about the incident.

Sharon entered the patio and asked to speak with Nick, but before they had a chance to talk, Rey told Nick it was time to go to make their deliveries. Faith followed Nick, carrying bags of food. Phyllis approached Sharon and said she'd been looking for the cleaning stuff. When Sharon didn't answer, Phyllis asked what was wrong. Angry, Sharon told her to figure it out and stormed out.

When Nick returned to the coffeehouse, he asked it Victor was okay because he knew it had to be rough on Victor after committing Adam. Victor caustically said he wished Nick had the same compassion for Adam, and he walked off to take a call. Phyllis approached Nick and told him that he might have a problem, but before Phyllis could explain, Sharon demanded to talk to him.

Sharon asked when Nick had planned to tell her about Faith's drinking. Nick explained that he hadn't wanted to put undue stress on Sharon. Sharon retorted that after what they had gone through with Cassie, Nick had decided to keep Faith's drinking from her. Faith stood a short distance away, distraught that Nick had told Sharon. She asked how Nick could do that after he'd promised not to tell Sharon.

Sharon asked if Faith had consumed hard liquor. Faith claimed that since the exposť about Adam, Sharon had no idea what it had been like for Faith. She said she'd been tormented by kids at school and online. Faith said she'd realized how idiotic it had been to drink. Nick said that he had told Faith he would trust her. Sharon spat that they didn't get to make deals behind her back. Faith claimed it had been a dumb mistake, and she felt awful. She hadn't expected that Nick would dump it on Sharon.

Nick told Faith he hadn't promised her that he wouldn't tell Sharon. He said that parents didn't keep secrets from each other, and kids should be open with their parents. Faith said she was sorry, and it wouldn't happen again. She asked them to forget it. Sharon said they would talk about it at home. Sharon told Faith that she wasn't fragile, and she had been growing stronger every day. She said that Faith could talk to her about anything.

On the patio, Nikki assured Victor that Adam was in very good hands. Victor said he wondered what Adam had to be thankful for. Nikki said whether Adam knew it or not, he always had Victor, because no matter what Adam had done, Victor's love for him never died. Victor claimed he would always be there for Adam. Nikki stated that Victor needed to focus on their blessings, since he'd done what he could for Adam. They had happy grandkids, and there were great things coming their way, like Abby's wedding. It would be a momentous occasion. They had "so much" to be thankful for. Victor told Nikki that she was pretty and he loved her.

Lily had been busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner at Devon's. She called someone and invited them for dinner. The party at the other end appeared reluctant, but Lily persisted.

Later, Devon told Lily he'd invited Amanda for dessert. Lily said she had invited someone, as well. Devon said it was fine, as long as it wasn't Nate. Lily said it was a holiday, and Nate would be alone. She told Devon to grin and bear it. When Nate arrived, the men exchanged a few low-key barbs. Nate decided it was time to leave, but Lily stopped him. She said their family was splintering, and she wanted to make it whole again -- even if it was only for a day.

After the meal, Devon told Nate it was great that Elena was back at the clinic. Nate said their patients needed the best of care, and Elena was the one to provide it. Devon agreed. Lily said she had to leave because she had a meeting with Billy to discuss some ChanceComm business. She asked Devon and Nate to clean up. A short time later, over cognac, Devon told Nate that Lily expected them to have a heart-to-heart talk. Nate asked if that was going to happen. Devon said no, and Nate left.

Amanda surprised Elena when she arrived at Lola's apartment with a bottle of wine and said and they could order takeout and watch the parade or a movie. Elena said she didn't think she deserved Amanda's kindness. Elena claimed she would have spent the day alone, and she thanked Amanda for being there.

Amanda said she knew that Elena had hoped that Nate would knock on her door. They had an awkward moment, but Amanda cleared the air. She said there hadn't been a connection between her and Nate and that he was a wonderful man. Elena admitted that she had feelings for him. She also admitted that Amanda had been right when she'd pointed out that Elena didn't know what she wanted. The last thing she'd wanted to do had been hurt Devon, but Amanda assured her that Devon would be fine.

Lola arrived and was surprised to see Amanda. She said she'd brought leftovers if they were hungry, but they said they'd already eaten. Elena admitted that she'd screwed up royally that year, and she thanked Amanda and Lola for making sure that she wasn't alone. Lola said that Devon had been lucky to have had Elena in his corner -- and immediately apologized for bringing up Devon's name. Lola knew how hurt Elena was.

Elena said she'd had to accept that she would never be what Hilary had been to Devon. Amanda said that no one would. She asked what Elena wanted to be to Nate. Elena said she knew that Nate cared a lot about her and she liked that idea. Amanda said she had to leave, and Lola said she wanted to wish Rey a happy Thanksgiving.

After Amanda and Lola left, Elena sent Nate a text message: "Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to see you at the clinic soon."

Kyle arrived at Summer's suite at the Grand Phoenix. She grouched that it had been torture waiting for him. Summer had given him the key to her room, and he wanted to know what it all meant. He asked about her new job and realized she wouldn't start that until after the holidays. Summer said the same applied to Mariah when she took over Summer's position at Jabot. Kyle said that all he'd been able to think about were all the mistakes he'd made.

Summer said it had been her fault because of her jealousy, the games she'd played, and her idiotic insecurities. Kyle said he was ready to hash everything out, even if it took all night, but Summer said she didn't want to rehash anything. In fact, she didn't even want to talk -- or overthink their situation again.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the lobby, Phyllis sat at the bar and kept checking her phone for a text message from Nick.

At Society, Lily and Billy sat at the bar, and Lily said she was surprised that Billy had been able to get away. Billy informed her that the usual had happened, and he'd lost his appetite because of Jack's attitude. Billy said that Jack thought he was headed down a very dark path. Jack felt that without a job, Billy would be a danger to himself and everyone around him. Lily stated that Billy knew that wasn't true. He appreciated Lily saying that and offered to buy Lily a drink, unless she had somewhere else to be. Lily said she was exactly where she should be.

THANKSGIVING: The Young and the Restless did not air THANKSGIVING: The Young and the Restless did not air
Thursday, November 26, 2020

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 30, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 25, episode concluded.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: The glamorous masquerade ball takes a tragic twist (1991) ENCORE PRESENTATION: The glamorous masquerade ball takes a tragic twist (1991)
Friday, November 27, 2020

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless aired an encore presentation of the grand masquerade ball that originally aired on October 2, 1991. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 30, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 25, episode concluded.

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