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For the Week of December 18, 2006
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I really wish AMC had not taken the path of a murder spree right after the Madden fiasco. It's hard to understand why they have decided to rid themselves of cast members in this way especially considering they are searching for a new female cast member to be brought onboard. It's enough to make one's head spin.
I really wish AMC had not taken the path of a murder spree right after the Madden fiasco. It's hard to understand why they have decided to rid themselves of cast members in this way especially considering they are searching for a new female cast member to be brought onboard. It's enough to make one's head spin. Unfortunately it didn't appear that Erin was allowed to die as peaceable a death as Simone. The PV police are almost always portrayed as morons and these murders only add to this premise as neither crime scene was secured and PV residents are allowed to wander about. Where's the CSI team when you need them? Vegas, NY or Miami? Why isn't Fusion shut down/roped off for a while during the ongoing investigation? So we now have another mystery to solve and hopefully the killer won't be a beloved veteran character. It's obvious since Zarf was the last person to see both victims alive (other than the murderer) that he won't be the culprit. This is a red herring in my opinion that allows for more Zarf scenes both with and without his precious Bianca. I've had a multitude of emails on the Zarf storyline with the vast majority wondering why. AMC is desperate for ratings but I don't believe this avenue is the answer. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Mary F who writes: "I'm no homophobe, but the Zarf story turns me off, especially since he has such a ridiculous personality (running around nude in the office?) and has such a flagrantly "drag queen" personality. There must be other head writers around than Megan McTavish." Oh, yes there certainly are other head writers, now we have to wonder if AMC will make the switch. Rumors have been circulating for months on a replacement.

Old Lovers?

Jeff has malaria which makes him delusional to the point of thinking he's still married to Erica and they are on their honeymoon. I don't understand Erica getting in bed with Jeff, in fact I don't understand Erica living in the Valley Inn. If she HAD to leave Jackson why didn't she move back into her penthouse? The writers probably don't remember she used to live there. Erica shows up at the crime scene with Jeff where the police immediately assume Erica is Jeff's wife and spout that assumption out for Jackson to hear.


Babe has told everyone and anyone who will listen she loves her husband regardless that she slept with Josh. Josh has told everyone he loves Babe but will respect her decision to stay with her husband and leave her alone. I wonder what Josh's definition of alone is because he seems to follow her around, show up in her bedroom and just generally be anywhere she is. The word stalking comes to mind as Josh also is at the Fusion gals press conference. This is the press conference that just screams taunting to the murderer and makes sure the murderer knows each and every one of the Fusion ladies. While all this is happening JR is observing the developments on TV along with Colby. JR admits to still loving Babe and caring for Colby. Both of these relationships seem destructive.


Ryan and Jonathan are feeling the pain of losing their sister. Both Cameron (Ryan) and Jeff (Jonathan) have shown raw emotion. Well done. They are getting support from Annie and Amanda who both seem to have romantic designs on these brothers. Meanwhile Kendall has decided not to share the information David gave her exposing Emma's father as Ryan. Instead Kendall explains the resemblance between Annie and Greenlee to Annie, obviously trying to break up Annie and Ryan's budding romance. Kendall should be focusing on her own marriage and all of the mysteries Zach continues to keep from her. Kendall's maturity hasn't grown much in the past few years.


We now have the Wildwind bunch that includes Jonathan. I find that somewhat eerie considering Jonathan murdered Edmund and caused Wildwind to be vacated. Remember Brooke was in charge of many assets including Wildwind for Sam & Maddie? Guess none of that matters anymore as Julia has taken occupancy and is determined to rent out rooms for the young scene. Considering they all have rooms of their own, why is it Julia and Jamie continue to make out in the living room where they keep getting interrupted? It seems juvenile and very inappropriate.

Disappointing News!

Julia Barr has shared she has already finished filming and her last appearance will be at Simone's funeral. There will be no mention of Brooke leaving PV, no send off, no goodbyes just an inexcusable exit for one of the best actresses in daytime. Now the word is Janet (Kate Collins) will reprise her role next year briefly and Barbara Montgomery (Susan Pratt) will be coming to PV. TPTB must consider this a way to placate disgruntled fans. They are sorely mistaken.

Merry Christmas!

I'd like to wish my fellow Christians a very Merry Christmas and for you non-Christians the blessings of the season. I'll see you back here in two weeks with my year in review column!!


Mary Page
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