Picnics and pool parties
For the Week of July 5, 2010
Dan is off this week. If you missed last week's column, please take this opportunity to read it. And for more from Dan, be sure to check out the Two Scoops Archives, where you can review six years' worth of Two Scoops columns.

Whoever has been spreading the nasty lies that I would not be writing this column this week should be given some of David's mystery drug. I think it's inappropriate to… oh, wait. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

I decided early in the week that I'd do whatever I could to write this week's Two Scoops. So many of you wrote in to say that you miss me on my weeks off, and I decided to try to give you what you want.

Is it just me or has Pine Valley suddenly become a dangerous place? Everywhere you go, people are being stung by bees or going into anaphylactic shock. Gone are the days when everything happened for a reason. That headache? Brain tumor. The itchy left eye? A rarely seen virus spread by lemurs. When I've said in this column that I want to see "normal" stuff happen to the residents of Pine Valley, I just meant I want them to have to pee or get a pet or sneeze without the fear of dying from a strange disease.

You didn't need Miss Cleo to tell you that Caleb would be causing trouble for Erica and Jack. I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one that shook my head when Erica had her flashback/dream/vision of Caleb while resting at Pine Valley Hospital. This is after the man she presumably loves showed up, carried her off to the hospital, and then transported her home to Pennsylvania. Even more frustrating was the way that Erica proclaimed how much she'd learned from her scruffy mountain savior.

So many soap fans bemoan when secrets drag out for too long. To that end, I have to say that it was refreshing that Jack's attempts to keep Erica from finding out about Greenlee and David's involvement in her plane crash failed miserably. When asked what people were hiding from her, Madison quite innocently told Erica, "I think they also tried to kill you." Did we really want that to be kept from Erica through November Sweeps?

Anytime someone speaks badly of the soaps, they usually slam the actors' acting abilities or the so-called "cheesy" production values. Yes, soaps are (for the most part) filmed inside in a studio, but that doesn't mean that the shows don't make every effort to make things looks realistic. I thought that Friday's show featured some production values that we haven't seen before from AMC. I'm referring specifically to Angie's research in the hospital lab, the handwriting from her notes "overlayed" on the scene.

And as far as the acting comments, one need only look at the explosive scenes between Emmy winners Debbi Morgan and Vincent Irizarry. These two performers have a sickening amount of on-screen chemistry. I can't put my finger on it to say exactly why they click, but I enjoy the scenes -- particularly when they go at it!

While I'm discussing Angie, her medical condition is really upsetting. As far as I know, Debbi Morgan is not leaving AMC -- so that hopefully means that Angie won't die from his mystery infection. I do find it fascinating that soap operas so often rely on blindness (or brain tumors) as their horrific medical ailment of choice. I do suppose that for most people, losing their sight is one of the things they'd fear most. I know that AMC has featured several storylines of lost vision, but only one is coming to my head as I write this column: Natalie Dillon (when the role was recast with Melody Anderson). Remember the Christmas miracle when Nat was able to see the angel atop the Christmas tree? I have no idea where AMC's new writers are headed with Angie's storyline, but it's nice to see the Hubbard family in a front-burner plot.

On a much lighter side, I chuckled as an exasperated Bianca told Jack about her run-in with Greenlee at the yacht club. "Just once I'd like to come home to Pine Valley and find nothing but picnics and pool parties," she sighed.

Don't look now, but the teens are coming! All My Children has cast a newcomer in the role of Asher Pike. I'll let you guys write the jokes on that name. Anyway, there's word that he will mix things up with Colby and Damon. If you look at the photos of newcomer, Trent Garrett, you'll see that he bears a striking resemblance to Finn Wittrock (Damon Miller). Could Tad have fathered twins? Did Krystal sell one of those twins, too?

Timing is everything. On Wednesday, when All My Children was partially preempted on the East Coast for a presidential news conference, ABC jumped in at the most perfect time e-v-e-r. Liza, Damon, and Tad were watching a movie, when Tad announced that he had to leave to tend to business. Liza pleaded with him to stay. "Tad, honey," she cooed. "You leave. You can't go. We're at the best part…" Then that familiar ABC News Special Report music chimed in.

And another thing that I thought was --

We interrupt this Two Scoops column for a special report from the Daytime Emmys. Be sure to tune in to CBS on Sunday, June 27, to watch as daytime is honored in a splashy Las Vegas ceremony. It's important that anyone who is a fan of daytime watches the telecast. We need to let everyone know that we care about our soaps -- and we want them to continue. There will be complete coverage of the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys here on soapcentral.com beginning on Emmy Night and continuing through the week. To check out our coverage, visit: http://soapcentral.com/emmys. We now return you to our regularly scheduled Two Scoops column, already in progress.

-- was the best thing ever. Don't you think?

Well, that probably is enough of me for one week. I need to go get ready for the Red Carpet. It takes a small army to get me presentable for public consumption.


Dan J Kroll
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