AMC Recaps: The week of October 30, 1995 on All My Children
Kelsey agreed to let the Greys adopt her unborn baby. Julia got engaged to Noah, unaware that ex-con Louie Grecco was looking for her. Dixie learned that Michael was gay. Louie assaulted Erica, who later went through an awful withdrawal process.
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Monday October 30, 1995

Alec tried one more move to get the best of Hayley. He contacted Enchantment's bureau in Great Britain and told them that Enchantment was through doing business with them. Adam found out about it and waited for Hayley in her office. Hayley ordered Adam out of her office when she saw him there, thinking that he was there to remove her as head of Enchantment. Adam explained the situation and eventually Hayley came around. Father Chandler also informed Hayley that he made sure that the UK would still be part of Enchantment. Maria followed Kelsey into the bathroom and found her flushed (Hey! That's actually pretty funny. It wasn't intentional either!) Anyway, Maria figured out that Kelsey was pregnant. The two women went back to Anita and Edmund, where Anita mentioned that Kelsey should give up her baby to Edmund and Maria. Realizing that the Valley Inn wasn't the best spot for the discussion, the foursome went back to Wildwind. Kelsey told the Greys that she got pregnant from a one night drunken stupor. She didn't know who the father was and was sure that he didn't care if he fathered a baby. Edmund said that he'd talk to Jack about the legality of everything, but Maria's hopes were already in the air. There chance to have a baby might finally be coming to life. Louie Greco was released from prison early due to his good behavior and prison overcrowding. When asked what he was going to do, he sneered. "I've got a girl waitin' for me in Pine Valley," he answered. He took a picture of Julia off of his prison cell wall and crunpled it up. Taylor was asked to clear her things from her desk at the police station. For failing to provide medical documentation of her pregnancy, Taylor was being let go. Derek, who just found out that Taylor "lost" her baby, went to bat for her. But Taylor refused. Noah proposed to Julia. He said that Julia was his roots and his wings. Julia, sobbing the whole time, agreed to marry him.

Tuesday, October 31, 1995

Noah took a blindfolded Julia to a brand new apartment that Noah picked out for the two of them to live in. The celebration in the new abode was shortlived. Elijah called Noah because he heard someone inside his other apartment on Front Street. Noah left Julia to go look out for his "little brother." Louie Greco, the intruder in the apartment, heard Elijah nosing around outside and took off. He was waiting in the apartment hoping Julia would come in. Stuart visited Pierce and Janet at the cabin. He was there to pick up some of Pierce's paintings for the shelter's benefit auction. Pierce was surprised that Stuart wasn't at career night, but Stu said that Scott must have forgot to tell him about it. In return, Stuart dropped the surprise that Myrtle wasn't with Laura at career night because she was with an injured friend. Stuart showed up at the event, much to Scott's chagrin. Stuart hobnobbed with other parents and asked the Santoses if he could paint a portrait of Anita. Right before the second session of lectures. Pierce and Janet walked in. Only Laura had a smile on her face, everyone else was in total shock. As an aside, Robin [Janet] looked very attractive today. I think it had something to do with her wearing her hair in a different style. Back to the show, Gloria went by Linden to see Dimitri (because he called her), but Erica insisted that Glo was there to drop her bomb about Erica trying to steal pills. Gloria reassured Erica that she couldn't tell Dimitri even if she wanted to because of her patient-nurse confidentiality oath. Erica excused herself from a pre-planned evening with Dimmie for last minute work on the Cutting Edge. Dimitri sternly asked Gloria if Erica was addicted to pills and what Dr. Kinder was up to. Gloria bit her tongue and ran off before Dim could pressure her for answers. Erica went to Front Street to find a drug dealer who could provide her with her pain killers. Her first attempt failed, but the dealer brought back a friend: Louie Greco. Louie toyed with Erica's addiction. First he asked for $20 a pill, then he upped it to $40. Then he said that he wants to be on The Cutting Edge as a "dealer to the stars." Erica forked over the money, but Louie didn't give her any pills. He tossed her to the ground and loomed over her, mocking her.

Wednesday, November 1, 1995

When he saw Janet and Pierce, Michael quietly told them that the event was for family only. Laura came to the rescue by saying that they were her parents, or at least the closest thing she has. Smart comments and glances forced Janet to retreat. She started to head back to the cabin. Trevor excused himself, saying that he was going to alert the babysitter, but he was really in hot pursuit of Janet. Janet finally decided to return, but she walked in on half of conversation between Pierce and Laura. Instead of hearing the full "Janet shouldn't have come because it was hard for her," she just her "Janet shouldn't have come." Erica screamed for help after Louie slapped her. The noise alerted Noah, who came running down to see what was going on. He grabbed the woman who was calling out and was shocked to see Erica. She begged him to take her somewhere to hide. She didn't want the approaching police cars to find her. So Noah took her back to his old apartment. Once inside, he asked her what the hell she was doing on Front Street. It didn't take long before he figured out that she was there buying pain killers. That idea was compounded when Derek and Taylor showed up on his doorstep asking him if he knew anything. He covered for Erica (who hid in the bathroom) by saying that he hadn't noticed anything. At Linden House, Bianca told Dimitri that she and Erica got into a fight over Mommy's "vitamins." Noah forced Erica to call Dimitiri, but while talking to her husband, Erica went berserk and hung up the phone. Louie Greco found out from a friend that Noah had moved out of the hood and "shacked up with that Santos" girl. With the directions firmly implanted in his mind, Louie set out to find Julia.

Thursday, November 2, 1995

Tara finally made it to town. The first thing she wanted to do was check on Kate/Kelsey/You Pick the Name. Kelsey went to bed early, probably wanting to avoid any contact with her mom. She had nightmares of being involved with Bobby and having already had her baby. Bobby didn't want anything to do with the baby, but Edmund and Maria did. Kelsey woke up from her dreams and said that the adoption has to go through. Left all alone in the new apartment on Halloween was making Julia more than a little jittery. Of course if she knew Louie Greco was outside her window wanting to get in, she'd be even more scared. Maria stopped by the apartment after her rounds at the hospital, keeping Louie away for a little longer. Maria told her sister all about the possible adoption and, in turn, Julia flashed off the rock on her finger. The two decided to leave the apartment and head off for a cup of coffee. Erica's withdrawl kicked into full swing. She felt snakes crawling on her skin and saw spots before her eyes. When Noah left to go get her some juice, Erica looked out the window and saw a drug deal going down. She was on her way down to try to get some drugs when Noah came back from the market. When morning finally rolled around, Noah took his houseguest to Dr. Kinder. Erica was in a total shambles. She looked her doctor in the eye and pleaded for him to help her.

Friday, November 3, 1995

Dr. Kinder finally found out the entire truth on Erica's sorted pain killer past. She wasn't telling him the truth when she said that she wasn't on pain medicine when she first visited him. If you remember, she stole Maria's prescription pad and forged her own perscription. Jonathan whipped up some kind of "cure all" (Maybe he and Pierce went to the same old man to learn learn their potions) and sent her to the relaxation room. Dimitri, meanwhile, was having to explain to Bianca why Erica wasn't there to see her off. Bianca thought she had done something wrong, but Dimmie stepped in and explained that Erica isn't feeling well and didn't want to worry her daughter by seeming less than her usual perfect self. With the new knowledge that Erica has "vitamins," Dimitri headed for an encounter with Dr. Kinder. The whole shabang was told to Dimitri as told to Jonathan by Erica. Dr. Kinder gave Dimitri some of the meanest looks in recent memory on AMC. Like they say, "if looks could kill...." Kelsey and the Greys moved into the next stage of the adoption process. Kelsey needed a lawyer, so she called Brooke. Brooke recommended she call Belinda. Belinda went to Wildwind to discuss the legalities of the adoption with Kelsey. She wanted to make sure that the girl was sure of what she was doing. The questioning really started to annoy Kelsey, so Belinda and Jack (representing Maria and Edmund) agreed that they'd draw up paper and meet back and Wildwind later. Dixie told Jason that she and Michael were working on more papers for teaching to which he asked if Mike wold be bare-chested again. When Jason left, Michael started laughing. "If he only knew," Michael chuckled. Dixie pressed him to ask what he meant. Michael then told her that he was gay. "Didn't you notice?" he asked, explaining that when ever asked about significant others he never made his answers gender-specific. Dixie, noticeably stunned, seemed more concerned about Mike's future, asking him what would happen to his teaching career if any one of Pine Valley's simple minds found out. As if on cue, Enid Nelson and Phoebe waltzed in. Enid was gushing about the "famous Mr. D," and invited him over to dinner.

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