AMC Recaps: The week of December 4, 1995 on All My Children
Maria took steps to increase her chances of getting pregnant. Bobby pressured Anita to have sex with him. Jonathan managed to stop Louie from revealing the truth about Erica's addiction. Despite Trevor's objections, Tim remained determined to have a relationship with Michael.
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Monday, December 4, 1995

Bobby tried to seduce Anita in having sex with him. He even used that classic line that wins over any girl's heart "Hey, I got protection." Anyway, Anita said she was uncomfortable having sex with Bobby and he immediately tried to turn the tables on her. He said that if she doesn't like him, she's free to see anyone that she wants. Anita told Bobby that it had nohting to do with her lack of feelings for him. In fact, she added, she is head over heels for him, but just isn't ready to take the plunge after only three months of dating. While Anita was having dating problems, her sister was not having any better of a time with Noah. In the middle of a romantic moment, Julia felt Noah's gun. Er, Let me clear that one up. She found his handgun. The new Enchantment model said that he needed the gun to protect Julia from Louie. Even after Noah added that Louie bought a gun off the streets himself Julia still insisted that Noah lose the gun. But he refused. Tad and Liza finished off their reunion kiss and had mixed emotions. Tad said that the kiss was only brought on by Liza's trumped up trouble and was compounded by the fact that they had a relationship in the past. You could tell Liza really wanted more kissing especially after she had visions of her and Tad in her nighttime thoughts. If she was wondering if Tad is still the same in bed as he was when they were an item, she could always ask Dixie. Tad and Dixie had long overdue sexual relations as a make-up for their fight earlier. The next day, Tim stopped by PV High to talk to his Uncle Mike. Tim expressed a desire to continue his relationship with his uncle even if Trevor didn't approve. Charlie and Cecily stuck their heads in at Tad and Dix's to announce that they were engaged. The announcement caught Tad and Dixie completely off guard, but they were very happy for them. Liza called Dixie a few minutes later and apologized for causing a rift between her and her husband. Later while Dixie was getting herself ready for school/work, she picked up the phone to make a call and wound up hearing Tad and Liza talking about the "mistake" they made the night before. As good as that sounds, that wasn't the daily cliffhanger. Derek took a trip over to Noah and Julia's apartment not for a social visit, but to act on a warrant asking for Noah's arrest.

Tuesday, December 5, 1995

Noah's threats and harsh words didn't keep Derek and Taylor from hauling him off to jail. Noah said that the only way he'd be taken to jail was if he were shot or beaten. When they finally managed to get him to headquarters, Noah tried to enlist a few favors from his ex. Noah pleaded with Taylor to turn her back for a minute or two so he could escape. You could see her teeter-tottering back and forth, but in the end she couldn't help him. She said that she'd end up losing her job and she couldn't do that. Back at the apartment, Jack showed up just minutes after Noah was taken away. Julia was overjoyed and asked Jack to help get Noah out of jail. That's when Jack broke the news: he was appointed as temporary district attorney until a special election can fill the void left by former DA Seth Tanner. He also told Julia that he can't represent Julia or Noah because it would be a violation of his new job. Jack's next stop? The jail to tell Noah that news. Noah wasn't pleased to find out that Louie could walk free while he was in jail and told Jack that if anything happens to Julia while he's incarcerated Jack will have to answer (as well as the cops). On cue, Taylor came in to talk to Noah and tell him that she still had feelings for him. She even told Noah he could have avoided jail time by listening to advice to cool off. Noah tried to get her to help him again, by opening up the jail cell and letting him walk. She refused. Anita asked Kelsey for advice about having sex with Bobby. You could see the pain in Kelsey's eyes, but she didn't tell Anita that the Bobsy twin was the father of her baby. In fact, the two got into a fight about Anita's asking for advice. Anita stomped out of the room, but Kelsey wasn't about to see her last visitor. Bobby wandered into Kelsey's room looking for his girlfriend. Kelsey, still on the adrenaline high from her argument with Anita, laid into Bobby asking him if he has a thing for virgin girls. And don't think she forgot to remind him that she is carrying his baby, but Bobby just gave his little smirk and shook his head. Opal stopped for a visit to her galpal Erica, but was stunned to see Erica in her peejays with Dr. Kinder. Erica explained her version of her breakp with Dimitri, but left out all of the details of her drug dependency. Opal, the worry-wort that she is, fled over to Wildwind to talk to Dimitri. Dimmie broke all the details to Opal about the drug use and, of course, Opal was totally shocked. Erica saw to Jonathan's departure, but when the doorbell rang, she quickly ran over to get the door hoping that Jonathan had forgotten something and came back to fetch it. It wasn't Dr. Kinder. In fact, it wasn't even Dimmie. I thought for sure that's who was coming to the door, but even I can be surprised. Louie Greco burst in to Erica's house and laughed at how alone and vulnerable she was.

Wednesday, December 6, 1995

Maria and Edmund had a quick bite to eat at McKays before Edmund had a meeting with Brooke about Tempo business. Well, at least Edmund ate. Maria announced that her laporoscopy was moved up tothat afternoon and she couldn't have anything by mouth until after the surgery. Brooke moved in and Maria said that she had some unfinished business with Brooke. Maria went on to apologize for her overacting over the months mainly at Brooke's expense. Shortly thereafter, Maria headed to the hospital to have her procedure done, but she told Edmund to stay with Brooke and finish up business. After all, she'd been through the procedure before. When she finally made her way to the hospital, Maria's appointment was running behind so she had a few minutes to spare. Joe was wondering why Maria was still having the operation done especially since Kelsey was going to give Maria and Edmund her baby. Maria reassured Joe that if she gets pregnant, Kelsey's baby will receive the same amount of love as their natural child. She made a point of asking Joe if he and Ruth treated Tad any differently. Ouch, you could feel that one. Dr. Frankenstein, er, Dr. Kinder continued to lurk around Pine Valley and overheard Edmund talking to Brooke about his quest to find the hit and run driver. With this news in hand, Jonathan took off for Erica's. I think Helga and Jonathan were hatched from the same egg---they boh are great lurkers! At Castle Wildwind, Kelsey and Bobby were still going at it. Bobby denied that Kelsey's baby was his, but she said that a simple blood test would determine that. Bobby said he didn't wanna go through a test, but Kelsey reminded him that legally, she can make him take one. In the middle of one of Kelsey's threats to expose Bobby as Daddy Warbucks or Daddy Warner, you decide, Anita bobbed back into the room. It looked like Kelsey was going to spill the beans, but she just wanted to see Bobby sweat a little bit. Before he could leave, Kelsey told Bobby that she wasn't done with him yet. Dixie asked Tad what exactly he and Liza were going to forget happened. Tad was ticked that Dixie was listening to his phone call, but she insisted that she was merely placing an outgoing call when she heard Tad and Liza talking. Things are not peachy there at all. In the middle of their argument, Adam wandered in and told them to stop bickering. Dixie told him to butt out because he has no place talking about marriages considering all his divorces. Adam reminded Dix that she hasn't exactly been a saint herself. When Adam left and returned to his mansion on the hill, he found Brooke sitting on the sofa naked as a [fill in your own word here] with Pierce painting the whole scene. It was all part of Brooke's attempt to win her bet with Adam. While Brooke was doing all this, Erica was busy fending off Louie Greco. He threatened to expose her as a druggie to the tabloids, but Erica wasn't concerned. Until he started to walk out the door. Then she said that she'd pay him so he wouldn't tattle. Erica scrambled for the phone, but Louie cornered her and had her by the throat. Enter Dr. Kinder. Jonathan pulled Louie off of Erica and told him to get lost. Louie said he was still off to tell the tabloids the tale of the "Pill Popping Princess," but Jonathan said Erica would call and report that Louie has assaulted her and tried to rape her. Louie backed off and slinked away, swearing that he'd be back. Grateful to her rescuer, Erica and Jonathan shared a passionate kiss. If only they knew that at the same moment Maria, heavily sedated for the operation, was telling Edmund that she could remember knew details of the car accident, they wouldn't have been so cozy.

Thursday, December 7, 1995

Adam did his best to swallow his anger at seeing Brooke stark naked. I guess seeing Brooke naked didn't make him angry, it was the fact that Pierce was painting her that pushed him over the edge. Adam slinked off to visit Janet at the cabin. When he got there, he interrupted a visit by Laura. Laura and Janet spent the day decorating the cabin with handmade Christmas stuff and Laura was about to confide something in Janet, but Adam's entrance ruined that. Laura went back to the city after making up a story that she had extra homework to do. Adam informed Janet of Pierce's painting project, but she didn't let Adam get the better of her. Adam was hoping that Janet would go off the deep end and cancel the painting, but it didn't work. When Pierce finally returned to the cabin, Adam had already left. Pierce had no problem telling Janet was he was up to and even showed her pictures of the model. Jason got shoved out the door when he started pressing Dixie for details on the troubles between her and Tad. Thinking he was gone, Dix called Michael and left a message on his answering maching saying that she needed him. Jason overheard the whole message when he came back in to pick up a glove he dropped on the way out. Michael was busy gabbing with Laurel at McKays. Laurel told her brother that she loved him very much and was not ashamed of him in the least. They reminisced about their childhood, how nervous they got when boys would call up, and vowed that they would not be torn apart by anyone else's ignorance. Kevin, Jason's younger brother, showed up (albeit late) for his tutoring session. Somehow the two got sidetracked and began debating who the greatest thirdbasemen of alltime is. That's when Big Bro showed up to squash their fun. Jason told Michael that he knew he was having an affair with Dixie and he didn't like the idea of Michael breaking up a happy marriage. I guess Jason would prefer if he was the one breaking up a happy marriage! Mike just laughed it off and denied all of Jason's accusations. Kevin just looked on with absolutely no clue what was going on in front of him. Mateo slipped down to the river to toss away Noah's illegal handgun, but got caught along the way by Taylor. Officer Cannon demanded to know where the gun came from so Matt made up a (very weak) lie that he found it and wanted to throw it in the river before some kid picked it up and got hurt. Taylor was going to haul Matt of to jail but decided against it. I guess with Noah in jail their prison would be overcrowded! Anyway, Taylor took the gun back to the station and hid it in a brown paper bag where anyone could grab ahold of it. Jack and Julia went up the hill....Jack and Julia went to see Noah in his cell, but Noah had nothing but lip for the temporary DA. Jack warned Noah that if he doesn't watch himself, he's going to be spending a long time behind the iron bars. A while later, a stranger came in to visit Noah at his cell. The visitor was hidden by the darkness of night. It was Louie. He came by to tell Noah that he is going to pay a visit to Julia because she is probably lonely without her man in bed with her at night.

Friday, December 8, 1995

A pretty good show today. Where to begin...Let's start with Dixie and Cecily. Dixie was alone in her house hoping to hear from Michael. If you remember she called Mike on yesterday's show to ask him to give her a call. She wanted to tell him how she had caught Tad in a lie about Liza. So when the doorbell rang she naturally assumed it was Michael. Wrong. Cecily came by because she wanted to ask Dixie if she'd be her matron of honor in the wedding. Cecily went on about how Tad and Dix have the perfect marriage and by having Dixie be the matron of honor some of the eternal marital bliss wou;d rub off on her and Charlie. Saying Dixie wasn't thrilled would be an understatement. She didn't want to tell Cecily about her troubles with Tad, but, as you can figure out, she did. At the station, Tad walked in on Liza rehearsing an opening for the show which had an eerie word for word similarity with the dialogue he and Liza had the night of "The Kiss." Tad blasted Liza for recording their conversation. Lighten up, Liza laughed. Then, without blinking, she invited him over for another late night brainstorming session. Tad declined. While Dixie was telling Cecily all the details of Tad's lie, who else but Tad walked in. Cecily jumped up, put on her scarf, and ran out the door. Tad and Dixie looked like they were going to go at it, but cooler headds prevailed---at least in the beginning. Dixie told Tad that Adam gave her the idea that something was up. Tad said that just because Adam said he [Tad] and Liza went up to her room doesn't mean anything. Oops! Adam never told Dixie that they went to Liza's room. In the middle of the spat, Cecily called up and provided me, at least, with a good laugh. Don't worry about her, Cecily carried on. She's not nearly as beautiful as you are (or something close to that) Cecily informed Dixie. I couldn't believe that she'd call up from the WRCW and tell Dixie this!! Tad invited his wife along on a business trip with him, but she turned him down flat. Louie continued to taunt Noah. He told him how he was hiding in the closet watching Noah and Julia having sex and that he sent Julia her red-sequined dress. Julia had hidden all of this information from Noah. Louie excused himself to get a drink of water when the parade of visitors rolled on. Erica came in to visit Noah and tell him that she was going to pay his bail and try to put in a few good words with Jack when Louie popped back in and took to playing mind games with Erica, too. Erica cried out for the guard, but Louie beat it before he ever go there. A sparkle came into Noah's eye when he realized that Erica could help lock Louie up. He urged her to tell Derek that she tried to buy drugs from Louie on Front Street. Now you don't have to have watched AMC for 25 years to know what was going to happen here. Erica basically told Noah that there is no way in hell she is going to tell the police that she tried to buy drug. Besides, Erica continued, Louie is just trying to agitate Noah. He isn't going to hurt Julia again. At Wildwind, Louie lurked outside the main building while Anita threw her sister a bridal shower. Grace made a return to the show and they even made a point to explain where Rosa was. Do you get the feeling that they are reading the Pages? Kelsey slipped outside to get a breath of fresh air when she ran into Louie who tried to pose as a delivery man. When Kelsey said that she was going to call teh cops, Louie came clean. About as clean as a mud puddle. He gave Kelsey a sob story about being a ditched lover of Julia's and begged her to let him in so he could see Julia. Inside, Edmund, who had given Kelsey the laptop computer he promised, was listening to Maria talk about almost being able to recognize the driver from the hit and run. A call from Tempo drew Edmund out of the house and the ladies were just leaving the party. This set the stage for Louie to sneak around Wildwind trying to find Julia.

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