AMC Recaps: The week of November 11, 1996 on All My Children
Bobby and Kelsey's marriage was voided, but Hector still refused to let Anita date Bobby. Grady rigged Julia's car to prevent her from identifying Belinda's shooter. Noah planned to shoot down Grady, but it was Hector whose life ended up on the line.
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Veterans' Day Monday, November 11, 1996

People really can change their ways. Myrtle returned home to the boarding house and found it completely dark with no one home. She called out for Michael or Gloria, but no one responded to her cries. As she flipped on the light, a music box began playing circus music. Red barked out carnival-speak telling Myrtle to step right up and have some cotton candy. She looked around the living room area which had been draped in rainbow colored ribbon and saw cotton candy, bags of popcorn, fried Indian bread, and salt water taffy. Myrt asked Red what he was up to. He said that he heard that Myrt was a "carnie girl" and said that this display was an attempt to make up for his poor showing on Halloween. Myrt thanked her boarder for his gift and the two sat down to begin digging in to the many, many goodies scattered around the room. After Myrt decided that she couldn't eat another bite, she struck up a conversation with Red. During the conversation, Red told Myrtle how his wife had passed away the previous spring and how he is having trouble dealing with her death. Red said that he poured two cups of coffee each morning for weeks after his wife died. He said that he was no longer to deal with the painful memories of living in their house and decided that he would move from place to place to try to escape these memories. Myrtle told Red that she to misses her husband, but said that they need to "get up and join the living" rather than trying to avoid things that might be unpleasant.

Janet did her best to explain why she was digging in Erica's flower bed. but let's face it... there really is no way of explaining a shovel away! Janet explained that Trevor was doing a disservice to his client, Erica, by keeping her from digging up Kinder's body. Trevor disagreed. He said that the way he is seeing things, he could get Erica cleared of murder charges and pin them on Janet. Skye and the police officer found their way to the garden and Skye ordered the cop to arrest Trevor for breaking in to Linden House. The officer asked Trevor why he was on the grounds, but Janet stepped in and said that Trevor was there on her behalf because she wanted to talk about her "dear friend Erica." Skye did a double take, but played along with Janet and Trevor. The policeman then asked Janet why she was in a roped off area. Trevor enjoyed watching Janet squirm and echoed the officer's question. Janet's excuse consisted of a walk in the garden and a lost earring. She said that she was hoping that she could find the missing piece if jewelry, but said that it was too dark to see anything.

Belinda told her mother that she should give the police a description of Grady. Keeping with her previous stand on the issue, Rose refused. She said that she cannot risk having Grady's men hunt her down. She must have forgotten that they are already trying to hunt her down! Noah remained enraged by his mother's lackadaisical attitude and asked her if she is so set in her ways that she doesn't even care that Belinda and Julia could be killed if Rose does not step forward with a description. Belinda added that Grady and his "associates will not let us be" as long as their is someone that can ID them. Rose had an explanation. She said that they can all run away together and live in Jamaica with Grace's friend, Lila. Noah laughed at his mother's idea. He said that he has already tried the fugitive thing and that it's not a day in the park as Rose would seem to suggest. Belinda's attending physician entered the room and said that Belinda needs to rest, not get herself worked up, He suggested that everyone leave the room and let Belinda rest for a short time. Before her mother left the room, Belinda begged her mother not to give up her dream of being a family.
Outside the room, Noah looked his mother square in the face and told her that she has to come through for him/

Jack implied that Janet was somehow involved in Kinder's murder and said that Erica should not try and cover up for the murderess' deeds. Erica vehemently denied Janet's involvement, but Jack wasn't so sure. Jack added that there is no conceivable that Erica could have disposed of Jonathan's body all by her petite self. Dimitri bellowed out that Erica was sticking by her confession and that she will not answer any more questions without an attorney present. Jack stormed out of the cellblock but not before telling Erica that he wishes she was not choosing to be so stubborn.
Dimitri confessed that he is not sure that he did the right thing. He said that he does not want Erica to go to jail without there being a fight. He said that he feels obligated to put up some resistance instead of passively watching things happen around him. Erica thanked Dimitri for keeping the truth from Jack and said that she "should've known [she] could trust you to take care of my daughter." Dimitri took his wife's hand and corrected her "our daughter."

Janet and Skye were the next to visit Erica in jail. Janet told Erica that she tried to dig up Kinder's body to dispose of the rug, but said that Trevor interrupted her. Erica panicked, but said that everything would soon work out. Again Jack interrupted Erica's visit, but this time had Trevor along side of him. Jack informed Erica that she was going to be arraigned on charges of manslaughter. Erica was some relieved and said that she would be getting to go home on bail. Not quite, Trevor interjected. He said that a tough judge was presiding over Erica's case and that he will most likely try to make an example of Erica. Before Janet could leave, Trevor told her that she should not leave town.

At Erica's request, Dimitri returned to Wildwind and told Bianca that she would be returning to Seattle. Bianca objected. She said that she did not want to leave her mother in a time of crisis. Dimitri asked Bianca if she knew how Jonathan died. Like she'd done before, Bianca said that she was kidnapped and held hostage by Jonathan through a perverted sort of reverse psychology. Dimitri apologized for leaving Bianca alone in the stables on the day of her kidnapping, but Bianca said that he had no idea of knowing that something would go awry. Bianca continued her story and said that she pushed Jonathan down the steps---but that Janet took him to the hospital and that he was okay. She then added that Jonathan later returned to Linden House where he attacked her mother and ultimately tumbled down the steps again. Dimitri urged Bianca to suppress her involvement with Jonathan or forget it all together.
A few minutes later Erica and Trevor waltzed into castle Wildwind. Trevor announced that the judge had a surprising case of "the nice-ies" and that Erica had been let go on bail.

Grady and Julia talked about Noah's photograph. Julia insisted that she was keen on the idea of displaying Noah's work at "Mr. Harris'" gallery. When a knock sounded at the door, Grady asked if he could use the bathroom to avoided being spotted by the visitor. The visitor turned out to be Anita who dropped by to check on Julia's health. She heard that Belinda had been shot and that Julia was shot at. Julia said that she was fine and quickly turned the tables and began asking Anita some questions. She asked Anita how Bobby and Kelsey's annulment hearing had gone. Anita said that she was so wrapped up in other things that she didn't have a chance to find out. Anita rushed home to do some work even though Julia tried to keep her around to meet Mr. Harris. From the bathroom doorway, Grady aimed a gun at Julia's head.
Shortly after Anita left, Noah returned home. Grady popped out of the bathroom and said that he need to be on his way. Noah told Mr. Harris that he does not want to discuss his photography now because it's not the right time. "Time is running out Noah," Grady said coldly. "But I'll be in touch." With that Grady left. Noah asked Julia if Mr. Harris was giving her any problems. She said no. She then told Noah that she was going to have the policeman stationed outside their door escort her to the hospital.
Noah looked over some of his more recent snapshots and after calling several of the photos "garbage," something caught his eye. In one of the photos, Noah saw Mr. Harris standing near his mother on Front Street. Something didn't seem quite right and Noah raced off.

Grady met with Officer Murphy and told him that Julia is planning to undergo hypno-therapy in the morning (he heard Julia talking about the appointment with Anita) and that she had to be taken care of before that time. Murphy nodded and walked off.

At the hospital, Julia talked to Belinda and Rose. She told them that Rose should go to the police station because it could mean whether or not she ever gets her son back. Officer Murphy smirked as he entered the room holding a brown paper bag. He told the women that there was shift change and that he would now be the one who was looking after them.

Tuesday, November 12, 1996

The Santos family held an evening gathering at Hector and Isabella's house. Mateo announced that his friend from Texas, Tanner, would be attending his wedding ceremony. For some reason Rosa was being fitted for a Pocahontas outfit. Bobby arrived fresh from the courthouse eager to show off his annulment decree. Bobby approached Hector with his hand held out and asked if he could begin dating his daughter. True to form, Hector said no. He told Bobby that he did not make a good decision by running right from the courthouse to the Santos house. Hector implied that it was disrespectful to go "wife hopping." All the Santoses jumped in to help Bobby with his case. Isabella and Anita both commented that Bobby proved he is a decent young man through his love and affection for Sam. Only when Hayley chimed in to Hector about how his is a man of his word and that she knows he will keep his word about allowing Bobby to date Anita now that his marriage has been voided. Now backed into a corner, Hector stood and agreed that Bobby can "court" his daughter.
Now that the family was again in harmony, Anita wanted a few moments alone with Bobby. She begged her parents to let her and Bobby do the dishes, but Isabella said that it was Rosa's turn at kitchen duty---besides, she added, "you've have a guest." Anita insisted, but it wasn't going to be in the cards for her and her young suitor. Rosa suggested that they all play a game of Monopoly. This was not the kind of evening that Anita wanted to spend, but she would have been stuck with it had Hayley not intervened with one of her crafty ideas. She asked Mateo if they could move "that thing in the basement" to Holidays. Mateo was totally oblivious to what Hayley was doing, but she Hayley stomped on his foot his proverbial lightbulb went on. Mateo told his parents that they needed help moving a heavy object from the basement and that Bobby and Anita would be the perfect helpers. Hector agreed, but told Anita that she needs to be home in time for her curfew. Anita thanked Hayley for saving her from a boring family evening and Bobby and Anita were free to go on their way.

Adam teased Liza that she needs to study up on the past Mrs. Adam Chandlers if she is going to pull off a fake engagement. Liza snapped back that it would take her well into the next millennium to read up on all of his ex-wives. Adam was talking of his vision of their engagement party as Tad walked in. Tad didn't know what Adam was talking about, but he told him that he should get his "vision" checked because they are cavorting in his office. Adam asked Liza if she would be joining him later as planned for a late night dinner and a swim in his heated pool. Liza, not really wanting to take a dip in the cool November air, said that she did not having a bathing suit and therefore could not take Adam up on his offer. Adam smiled devilishly and said that they didn't need any bathing suits. Tad cringed at the thought of Adam and Liza prancing around naked and order Adam out of his office because he and Liza had some show details to smooth out. Well, Gloria was added to the mix as she dropped by the station to take Tad out on a date. Tad groaned and told Glo that it seems they are going to have to pass on their date because they are running late with their station work. As tension started mounting, Gloria asked if she could speak to Tad in private. Gloria told Tad that Liza might need to live with Adam before she can enjoy her time alone. Tad was shocked that Gloria could be so prophetic and asked her where she got in from. Glo smiled and asked Tad "Did you see that white-haired man" in your office? The two agree that they would reschedule their date for the weekend. Adam and Liza discussed Tad and how he would be putty in Liza's hands after he hears of their engagement. Adam upped the ante in his deal with Liza. He said that he would give her a ten karat diamond that she can later sell to get cash for a beach house or anything else her heart desires. Liza wasn't sure that Adam's plan would work and said that Brooke might come after Adam, but Tad is too busy with Gloria to care what she does. Liza's green-eyed monster emerged from hiding as she told Adam that she could "take" Gloria in a fight.

Kelsey returned to the boathouse near the lake. She recalled her tender moment with Bobby a few days before Halloween and how Bobby told her that she can be a very sweet person when she wants. As Kelsey reminisced, Bobby and new gal pal Anita approached. Kelsey took to a hiding spot and listened as Bobby and Anita discussed their mutual attraction for each other. The tears in Kelsey's eyes welled as she peeked around the corner and saw Bobby and Anita kissing.

Stuart tried to detain Brooke at Chandler Mansion by showing her some art books. Brooke insisted that she had to be going, but Stuart told her to wait until after he heated up some hot chocolate for her. Stuart left for the kitchen and Brooke passed her time by paging through an old photo album with pictures of her and Adam as a married couple. The walk down memory lane ended with a stumble as Liza and Adam returned home and walked in on her. Brooke thanked Stuart for the hot chocolate and said that she had better get going. Liza started to page through the photographs, but Stuart told her to keep her hands off because it was private. Liza asked where she would be spending the night and Adam pointed her in the direction of her room. She toyed with Adam by asking why she was not being given a suite of rooms. With a few moments alone, Adam asked his brother what he and Brooke had talked about. Adam confessed to Stuart that he is trying to get even with Brooke for breaking his heart. He talked of how he gave Brooke the space she needed---and how she used that space to land in bed with a "Caveman" (That's Pierce, if you're wondering). He said that he is now trying to return the pain. Stuart blasted his twin and asked why he just can't tell Brooke that he loves her. Adam said that he tried that and that it just doesn't work. Liza returned to the study clad in a bathrobe. Adam told Liza that Tad will go crazy if she agrees to marry him. He said that Tad "married his soul mate [Dixie] and threw it all away for one tumble with you." Liza agreed to the engagement plan. She then asked how big a ten karat diamond was. Adam smiled and said that it was somewhere between a ping pong ball and a doorknob. Wow!

Back at WRCW, Tad sat alone in his office tossing crumbled paper balls into the trash can. He placed a call to Gloria and asked if she could join him at the station. When she arrived, Tad asked her if she would consider appearing on The Cutting Edge and talking about how she feels now that her former boss, Jonathan Kinder, has been killed. He said that Gloria looks radiant on camera and that he wants everyone to see how beautiful she is. Gloria accepted.

Noah called Derek while en route to the hospital and told him that Julia is in danger. He didn't have time to explain as he whizzed down the highway, but told Derek to get his men over to the hospital immediately. Officer Murphy left his post outside the door and made a call telling someone that things were "all clear." Rose and Julia bickered over whether Julia should go through with hypnotherapy as discussed. Julia tried to convince Rose that Grady's men would not win if she went through and identified the shooter. Rose disagreed. She said that Grady and his men win no matter what happens. They had no idea that Grady slipped into the hospital dressed as a surgeon and was planning on carrying out a non-surgical operation. As Grady approached the door to Belinda's room, Derek's men arrived on the scene. Grady slipped inside an adjacent room and waited for things to settle down. Noah raced into his sister's room and asked where the cop was that was supposed to be stationed outside the doorway. Derek instructed his men to search the hospital wing with a fine toothed comb. By this time Grady had already slipped outside the room onto the window ledge. Noah showed his photo to Julia and asked her who she saw. Julia knew the man as "Fred Harris," but Noah told her that he has another idea of who the man really is. Rose refused to finger the man as Grady and Noah erupted. He screamed that this man had been alone with his wife and told Rose that she had better think twice about what she's doing. Rose finally agreed to tell the police everything she knows. "The Keefer out it to a vote and the ayes won," she said in her concession speech.
In the parking deck, Grady slipped out from under Noah and Julia's car. He made a call to Slade and told him that "Julia Keefer will not be making it home tonight." Julia and Noah got into their car a few minutes later and listened to words of advice from one of the police officers when he told them to be careful on their drive home because the roads are very dangerous. Underneath the car, a thick liquid dripped from the car's undercarriage....

Wednesday, November 13, 1996

Brooke returned home well after her promised "curfew." Laura, who was reviewing calculus with Scott, chewed her foster mother out for not calling to tell them when she'd be home. Perhaps sensing a possible feud, Scott said that he had better be going. Laura again asked Brooke where she had been. Brooke said that she was with Stuart, but Laura caught her on the lie and said that Stuart had called a long time ago to say that Brooke was on her way home. Brooke confessed that she took a long drive after leave Chandler Mansion because she needed to clear her mind. Brooke then tried to change the subject my voicing her approval of Scott. Laura smiled and asked Brooke if she could answer a question for her. She asked how she can be sure when a guy is "the one." Brooke chuckled and asked Laura why she couldn't have asked an easier question--- like explaining particle physics. Laura explained that she thinks about Scott all the time and that she replays their dates over and over in her mind. Brooke told Laura to listen to her heart and that she'll know when she's with "Mr. Right."

Still at WRCW, Tad asked Gloria how she got tangled up with a slimy man like Jonathan Kinder. Gloria answered with a question. She implied that it was that some women let themselves be taken in by the wrong men. Gloria blamed her involvement with Kinder on low self-esteem and added that "Kinder was the best [she] could do" for a job and had to make a living somehow. Tad then asked Gloria why she fell for Adam. She said she "saw the monster from the man" and fell in love with the charming side of Adam's personality. Tad repeated over and over that he can't believe that a woman would want to be involved with Adam. Gloria responded "Liza's a woman of the world" and that she can take care of herself. Glo then commented that Tad can mentioned Liza's name because it's obvious that he cared for at one time.

Mateo surprised Hayley by doing some last minute work at Holidays before the contractors begin their work in the morning. Mateo told Hayley that three quarters of all new business fail and that he doesn't want all their hopes place on the venture. Hayley was a little more optimistic. She said that in 5 to 10 years there will be Holidays scattered all around the country. Mateo put his finger up to his fiancee's lip and told her that as long as they are still together in 5 to 10 years he'll be the happiest man in the world.

Liza may have accepted Adam's proposal, but she said that they need to discuss the terms of going through what she called a "public humiliation." Adam reminded Liza that she's already going to get a sizeable chunk of WRCW stock as well as a diamond the size of small European country and asked what more she could possibly want! Liza called her pretending to be in love with Adam a task that ranks along side of Hamlet's Soliloquy on the difficulty scale. She added that she'll look like a fool if she is engaged to Adam and then dumped for Brooke. Adam suggested that Liza be the one who ends the relationship: "Adam dump-er... Liza dump-ee" Not good enough. Liza said that she wants to be given ownership of half of WRCW. Adam refused. He said that half of WRCW is worth a small fortune and that Liza is no longer playing by the rules of their agreement. "We don't play by the rules," Liza replied and said that if Adam wants to continue their scheme he has to agree to her terms. Liza bid Adam farewell and adjourned for the evening, saying that she wants an answer in the morning.

Noah and Julia prepared to drive home, but they were stopped by Derek Frye. He told them that they were to have a police escort at all times. Noah initially refused indicating that he can take care of his wife. Derek told the couple that his squad car is equipped with bullet proof glass and mused that Noah could play with the siren if he was a good boy. Julia agreed that it might not be such a bad idea to have the police take them home and Noah finally came around.
Derek and a fellow officer scoped out the hunting lodge before allowing Noah and Julia inside. Derek ordered the young couple that they were under a virtual house arrest and that they are not to leave the lodge under any circumstances and said that he would personally escort Julia to her meeting with Dr. Tolan.

Hayley woke up before Mateo and watched her lover sleep. When Mateo finally did wake up, he thought it was odd that Halo took pleasure in watching him sleep. The two had fallen to sleep on the billiard table at Holidays. Hayley and Mateo soon got to talking about their restaurant venture and Hayley told Mateo that getting Holidays ready for its Thanksgiving opening was a lot of hard work. She added that the cosmetics business really isn't her cup of tea. She said that she took on her job at Enchantment to make Adam happy. She thought that she'd be in charge for three to six months---and that was three years ago! Now she's decided that she doesn't want her relationship with Mateo to take on a part-time schedule. She concluded that she needs to work at Holiday's full-time and that she is resigning from her duties at Enchantment. Mateo asked if Hayley knows what she's doing and that she is not supposed to quit Enchantment to make him "happy." Hayley insisted that she was doing what she wanted to do and that was the end of the conversation.

Julia woke to the new morning after a night of terror-filled sleep. She told Noah that she had a nightmare. In the dream she was walking down a corridor at the hospital toward a door. As she walked, the door seemed to get further away. Then footsteps followed behind her. As she walked a little bit faster, she finally reached the door. She opened the door and found a dead body laying on an examining table covered by a white sheet. She lifted the sheet and looked into the eyes of the deceased---and the eyes were her own! Julia said that a nice hot bath would soothe her frazzled nerves. She checked on Officer Rowan who has been stationed outside the door. He said that all was quiet on the home front...but he spoke too soon. A gun shoot fired out from the bushes and the police man fell to the ground. Julia screamed out for Noah who raced to her side and shut the front door. After checking to see that Julia had not been hit, he picked up the phone to call 911. Whomever was outside had cut the phone line. Grady, his gun ready for another round of shots, slinked up to the cabin and prepared to take out Julia. Officer Rowan had enough presence to give Noah his police radio and told the couple that channel D would let them contact the police station. Noah told the dispatcher that they need assistance immediately because they were under fire and that an officer was down. With help en route, Grady tried to gain access to the cabin. Noah grabbed his firearm and let of two quick shots. Derek arrived a few minutes later, but Grady had already fled the scene. Officer Rowan was taken to the hospital and Julia, much to Noah's chagrin, demanded that she go through with her scheduled hypno-therapy session.

On the set of a live edition of The Cutting Edge, Tad ordered his crew to make sure that Erica "comes out smell like a rose" after their piece on Jonathan Kinder. Brooke, Laura, and Scott exchanged questions on the format. Laura thought it was strange that Liza would be appearing on a show that she was in charge of running. Scott explained that Liza "was on to" Jonathan first, but couldn't notify the authorities because Jonathan led her to believe that she had killed Skye. Adam was on stage as a replacement for Skye. As the interviews progressed, Liza became furious that Gloria was on the panel. She commented to Adam that she could "snap [Gloria] like a twig." Adam had plans for his spot on the show. He told the television viewers and those assembled in the studio that he was very cynical with humanity after he learned that his daughter had been held hostage by Jonathan, but said that Liza's affection and companionship showed him that the world was not all bad. Then he looked into the camera and said that that was the reason that he has asked Liza to become Mrs. Adam Chandler.

Thursday, November 14, 1996

A visit to the hospital to check on Belinda's condition turned into a family fracas for the Santoses. The family was told that they could not see Belinda because no visitors were being allowed into her section of the hospital. Seeing that they were not going to be allowed to visit with Belinda, Anita told her parents that she had better get going because she had a date with Bobby. Hector blew a fuse. He told Anita that she was not to see Bobby without a chaperone. Isabella wasn't as stern with her daughter but said that Anita needs to clear her social activities with her parents. Anita expressed her disapproval with her parents' attitude and said that she feels like she is being forced to sneak around behind their backs in order to see Bobby. Anita said that she and Bobby don't want to have to resort to these "hide and seek" games. Hector demanded that Anita lower her voice, but Anita continued to yell as loudly as she possibly could. Anita sought help from her big brother, but Mateo was unable to make much progress either. He asked Hector if he trusts his daughter. Hector nodded, but said that it's Bobby that he is wary of Bobby. Hector offered a solution and said that if Anita swears on The Bible that she will not let Bobby take advantage of her, he'll reconsider and let her go on a date with him. Anita told everyone assembled that she and Bobby will do what they want---but only when they feel the time is right. The reply was not what Hector wanted to hear and he forbid her daughter to see Bobby. Kelsey arrived at the hospital looking for Ruth, but when she saw Hector sitting by himself in the lounge, she decided that she needed to have a few words with Mr. Santos. Kelsey had just had a run-in with Bobby at the boathouse. Bobby asked her why she was sneaking around. Kelsey responded that the boathouse was a place where she felt at ease and could clear her mind. Bobby told her to get lost. Kelsey looked on the verge of tears and was stunned that Bobby apparently still thinks that she's dirt. Kelsey ran off before she could hear that Bobby said that he doesn't think she's dirt. Now with revenge on her mind, Kelsey approached Hector and expressed her "concern" for Anita. She said that she doesn't want Anita to end up the way she did---pregnant and without the baby's father around to help care for the infant. Hector assumed that Kelsey meant that Bobby would take advantage of his daughter and became furious. Kelsey said that Anita and Bobby were at the boathouse and that tonight could be the "night that Anita will always remember."..or the one she'll never be able to forget.

Adam's stunning announcement dropped the jaws of everyone in the studio. But Liza was not about to be outdone. She remained quiet until the very end of Adam's lengthy speech and then announced to a live television audience that her sweetheart had signed an agreement to give her half of WRCW. Tad looked on in astonishment and asked if the two lovebirds were serious. The show came to an abrupt end, but Tad was no at all pleased with the way the show turned out. He accused Adam of taking a show that was supposed to help vindicate Erica and turning it into a tabloid trash show. Adam refuted the claim and said that the topic of Jonathan Kinder was too dark and that the news of his engagement to Liza provided the show with some light, so to speak. Tad told Adam that no one cares about his love life. Seeing Tad's obvious jealousy, Adam said that he's not so sure that Tad's statement is correct. Brooke tried to slip past Adam, but Adam flagged her down to see how she felt about the news. Brooke passed on her good tidings for the couple and said that she wishes them the best of luck.
Gloria and Liza had another near catfight as Gloria gave Liza instructions on how to deal with the housekeeping staff at Chandler Mansion. Glo said that if Liza orders the servants around like she does the staff at WRCW, the housekeeping staff will quit. The conversation ended as Liza tried to make Gloria feel bad about her con artist days. Gloria smiled and said that Adam apparently still has a soft spot in his heart for con artist or he never would have gotten engaged to Liza.
Adam yanked Liza aside and was told that she was quite surprised by Adam's on-air announcement of their engagement. Adam said that he wanted WRCW to be the first to break the story and added that he was equally surprised by Liza's bombshell. Liza told Adam that she had to tell everyone about her acquisition of half of WRCW so Adam could not back out on their deal.

Brooke met with Stuart at McKay's and the two talked about a mural that Stuart would be painting for the shelter. As much as Brooke wanted to discuss the art, Stuart kept changing the subject to the news of Adam and Liza's engagement. Stuart said that he nearly choked when he heard the news. Brooke said that she had a similar feeling but said that she heard the news live and in person. Stuart insisted that Adam loves Brooke and that Brooke needs to stop the engagement.

Jack told Julia and Noah that Officer Rowan is in fair condition. He also said that the police found some footprints outside the hunting lodge, but that the trail ended before they could make any determination on where the gunman might have gone. Noah continually asked Julia if she was sure that she wanted to undergo the hypnosis. Julia insisted that she wanted to get everything over and done with so she could finally breath free again. Noah was unsure of Dr. Tolan's techniques and asked if Julia was going to be trained to bark like dog. Anna laughed and said that she would save that feat for another time. Julia was told to relax and let her mind go blank. She was able to recall the events of the shooting, but when she go to the point where she was almost able to identify the shooter, she freaked out and broke out of the trance. Dr. Tolan told Julia that while she might want to identify the shooter, it seems pointless at this time because Julia's subconscious is blocking the memory. The doctor suggested that Julia get some sleep and that they could try again at some other time.
Rose told Noah and Julia that Belinda had a restless night. Noah informed his mother of the shooting at the hunting lodge and asked her if she was finally ready to tell the cops all that she knew about Grady. In her deposition Rose offered up five names of Grady's acquaintances and told Jack about a briefcase that Grady forbid her to touch or even look at.
Jack told Noah that he'd like them [Noah and Julia] to check into a "safe house," a location that even the police would not know about.
Noah returned home to gather some belongings and called the number that "Fred Harris" had given for his supposed art gallery. He left a message for Fred to call him back as soon as possible, saying that he wants to arrange a meeting. After he hung up the phone, Noah said that he wants to tear out Fred's heart.

Slade told Grady that he was getting tired of the screw-ups. "You're screw-ups reflect on me," Slade said. He told Grady that he'll get one more chance to kill Julia and Rose and then he'll assign the job to someone else. Grady smiled and said that he cut the brakes on Julia's car and that the next time she drove the car it would be curtains. Slade was not happy. He asked Grady what would happen if someone else would drive the car.

Back at the hospital, Julia told Mateo that she was going to be given a police escort everywhere she went and that she needed someone to drive her car back to the lodge. She tossed Mateo the keys and he said that he would be happy to give his sister a hand.

Friday, November 15, 1996

Today's recaps was writteny by Ron Brown. My VCR melted my video cassette and I missed all but five minutes of the show. I believe there is a conspiracy to make me miss the car accident scenes. First Natalie and now... well... read on.

Erica urged Bianca to go back to Seattle, telling her she doesn't want Bianca to miss too much school. After initial disagreement, Bianca agrees to go back.
Trevor acts as Jack's messenger to break the news to Erica that Jack found a judge to quash Skye's bogus "don't disturb my husband's final resting place" plea. The new warrant would allow the plice to exhume Jonathan's body and perform an autopsy. Janet and Skye were there for the news flash, and did not look thrilled. Erica begged for a little more time and urgeds Dimitri to get Bianca to the airport. Erica and Bianca said their goodbyes and Bianca left with Dimitri for the airport. Trevor tries to get the "holes filled" in Erica's story, but gets nowhere. Trevor then says "I'm on to ya, Toots. Your daughter whacked Kinder, didn't she?" Erica decides to spill, telling Trevor the story. She then threatens Trevor to keep it quiet, or she'll have him disbarred.
As the exhumation begins and Kinder's "grave" is opened. But as the ground flies left and right... there's no trace of the grave's much-in-demand occupant.

Rose, Julia and Belinda talk about Julia's hypnotism failure, and her wishes to reattempt the hypnotism. Julia insisted that she needs to give a description of the gunman. Rose has voiced her disaaproval in the past, but she now seems to understand why Julia is motivated to get everything over and donw with.

Fred Harris (Grady) returned Noah's phone call and a meeting wass set up in Center City. Noah then calls a friend for a "piece", saying he needs it *now*. Grady has a word with his boss, saying he'll take out Keefer at the meeting. Later, Noah gets the piece from his friend. Shortly after, Hayley walks in, and Noah aims right at her, as she stands in the doorway, stunned. The two of them argue about the gun. Noah tells Hayley about the scheduled meeting with Grady.

Later, Noah urges Derek to be a decoy to nab Grady. He reluctantly agrees, after Noah refuses to take no for an answer. Derek gives Noah a vest to wear. Noah orders Hayley not to tell Julia.

Grady calls Noah back, telling him he's in Pine Valley, They make arrangements to meet in a half hour. Noah gives the information to a dispatcher, as Derek is not around.

Bobby and Anita discuss Hector's wishes about celibacy. They profess their love for one another. Bobby suggests they wait until their wedding night. After he tells her this, he formally proposes to her.

Hector's main motive in life is finding Anita and Bobby. Hector gets in the car, Mateo in tow, and they go looking for Anita. They discuss Bobby and Anita, as Matt tells Hector to slow down. Hector hits the brakes, but the car continues to speed along the road. The car runs off the road and plummets down and embankment....

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