AMC Recaps: The week of July 23, 2001 on All My Children
Marian told Ryan that Mia was the person she wanted him to make vanish. Mia blackmailed Marian for more money, but refused to leave town. Gillian asked Opal to help deliver a message to Ryan. Tad beat up Officer Sweeney, escaped from jail, and went on the run, with a little help from Mateo. Marcus threatened Gabriel after Gabriel figured out that Marcus had beaten Shannon. Gabriel covered for Rosa's mistake at SOS. Adam slept with Kaye Campobello to get her to find David not guilty during his trial.
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Monday, July 23, 2001

Sitting under the stars, Greenlee asked Jake if he really thought he could fall in love with her. He wanted to know if that was so hard to believe. She told him that was not supposed to happen because they're friends and roommates. They were together before because she felt alone and unloved and needed someone to hold her. Jake said he couldn't do that – he wouldn't fall in love with a woman who was in love with another man. He made that mistake once and it wouldn't happen again. Jake added sticks to the campfire and told Greenlee he would cook supper, but she wasn't hungry. She wanted to know why he brought her out there if he didn't want sex. Jake explained he didn't want her to ruin Laura's reception. Greenlee insisted she only wanted to go to show everyone she could be an adult about the situation. She wasn't going to tell anyone she saw Leo take money from Brooke. Jake told her he didn't believe her. Even after he hid her clothes, she found a way to get to the party. Jake felt he should have known that whenever someone got in the way of her happiness, Greenlee had no problem making someone else miserable. Greenlee wanted to know why Jake cared more for Laura than her. He took her away from the party just so Laura could have her fantasy world for a few days. Jake tried to explain that he did care about Laura, but what he did was for her. He was trying to save her from hurt and humiliation. He had dragged Greenlee out of there once, but she went right back to the height of them toasting their happiness – Laura's beaming face and Leo acting like the devoted bridegroom. Jake saw the pain on Greenlee's face and it was pitiful. He told her if she would have dropped her bombshell, she'd have been the one hurt and Leo would have resented her. Greenlee finally realized he didn't drag her from there for Laura. He did it to save her from her own stupidity. Jake corrected her saying it was her own impulsive personality he saved her from. She asked him why, but Jake didn't have an answer. Greenlee felt it was because he loved her. Jake adamantly denied that and said he wasn't about to let that happen again. Greenlee told him not to fall in love with her because that would be the dumbest move he'd ever make. He assured her there was no possibility of falling in love with her. Greenlee felt that when he made love to her it was a transforming experience for him and it confused him. She wanted someone special for him – someone mature, intelligent and as kind as he. That wasn't her. She ruined every relationship she'd been in by being childish, jealous, insensitive and untrustworthy. Jake stated that he wouldn't fall in love with her because she was still in love with Leo. Greenlee agreed with him and then asked if he could love her if she wasn't in love with Leo. He replied that he couldn't fall in love with someone who couldn't love him back. Greenlee was surprised that someone like Jake could fall in love with her. He felt he could see the "real" her. Yes, she drove him crazy, but he felt he could see something in her no one else could. Greenlee said she had tried a million times to become a better person. Maybe that was why she loved Leo – he accepted her the way she was. Greenlee said she wished she didn't love Leo. She should just get smart and get over him. Jake told her that she loved Leo – what else could she do? She apologized for asking him to make love to her. Jake told her again that it wasn't going to happen – but if it would have happened, it would have been very nice. Then on the way home she would have been thinking of Leo. Greenlee told him he was right on both counts. Jake got up to get more wood for the fire. While he was gone, Greenlee began to daydream that Jake was taking her to see Tad and Dixie. They were going there to tell Tad and Dixie that they were engaged. Instead of being happy for the couple, Tad and Dixie were appalled and told Jake he was making a big mistake. They pointed out all Greenlee's shortcomings and told him she wasn't good enough for him. When Jake returned, he noticed Greenlee's somber mood and wanted to know if she was ok. Greenlee had wrapped a blanket around her shoulders and watched as Jake heated some coffee. She told Jake she needed to go and freshen up. Jake gave her a toothbrush and soap and told her to go down to the creek. She was gone for only a short time when Jake heard her scream. As Jake tried to calm Greenlee, she swore she saw a large snake – possibly an anaconda. She wanted to go home. Jake would have none of it. They were staying. Greenlee didn't want to sleep outside with the bugs and snakes. Jake told her she could sleep in the tent. He had a perfectly good sleeping bag and intended to stay the night. He had a sleeping bag for her, too. There was no way Greenlee would get into that sleeping bag. She had heard stories of snakes getting into them. She was going to sleep with Jake in his, with her clothes on and no sex. Jake gave in and Greenlee crawled in beside him. As she snuggled in, she asked Jake to promise her that even if they fought, they'd still be friends. Jake told her yes and smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

At the reception, Leo looked through the photo album Laura gave him. As he glanced at the pictures, he remembered Laura telling him that no one could love him like she did. A strong memory of Greenlee overtook him. It was a flashback to the time Greenlee thought he was dying and told him if anything happened to him she'd die. She told him she loved him. Laura came into the room and told Leo the pictures weren't supposed to bring him down. Leo said they weren't, but were making him remember.

Outside Leo and Laura's house, Phoebe complimented Vanessa on her handsome son. Vanessa said she had two handsome sons. Vanessa said she meant Leo. She asked what Leo's plans were and how he was going to support her grandniece. Vanessa replied that Leo was a man of many talents and she was sure he was weighing his options. They both agreed that he should probably enjoy his marriage state for a little while.

Anna and Edmund discussed the incident with Gabriel. Anna felt he needed to learn skills. Edmund took Gabriel's side by saying he hadn't perfected his social skills yet. He behaved like a teenager. He told Anna there was only so much she cold do for Gabriel. Anna felt no one had done anything for him yet – including herself. Edmund told her to calm down. Brooke watched from the window as Edmund fondly kissed Anna on the head. Brooke looked out the window at Anna and Edmund. When she realized Anna saw her, Brooke turned her attention to Laura. She wanted to know if Laura was tired. Leo answered for her saying he thought she was. Brooke decided it was time for them to say goodnight to everyone. Leo jokingly suggested they say, "Thanks for the presents, now get the hell out!" Brooke laughed and agreed that would do it. Just then Anna came into the room and asked Brooke if she could speak to her. Brooke agreed and they walked over to the other side of the room. Anna told Brooke she noticed the way [Brooke] looked when Edmund had his arms around her. Brooke laughed self-consciously and replied it was none of her business who Edmund had his arms around. Anna said, "You probably wouldn't mind if his arms were around you." Brooke explained that she worked with Edmund and at one time they had a thing going. That was before he married Maria. Anna suggested maybe Brooke never stopped loving Edmund. Brooke questioned why they were even having the conversation. Embarrassed, Anna said she was fond of Edmund, but he was so private and seemed so sad. Maybe he needed someone like Brooke. Anna felt he might still be in love with Alex and that he saw Alex when he looked at her. She could tell that Brooke cared. Brooke agreed that she cared about Edmund, but it was absurd to think there could be more than that. Edmund came up to them and told Anna they should leave. First he wanted to talk to Laura about a job at Tempo. Brooke didn't think Laura was ready for that yet. Edmund just wanted Laura to know the offer was there. Brooke explained that Laura was concentrating on getting well and Leo. What they really needed to do was find Leo a job. She had just the place for him in advertising. Edmund was amused at the thought of Leo selling. Brooke said, "Leo could sell sand in the Sahara!"

Palmer and Vanessa said their goodbyes and wished Leo good luck. After they were gone, Brooke kissed Leo on the cheek and thanked him for her daughter's happiness. She handed Leo another check for the month's expenses and reminded him that Laura was alive because of his love for her. Leo stared at the check as Brooke watched away. Unknown to Leo, Bianca been behind him and saw him take the check from Brooke.

Edmund told Laura to think about the job offer. As he was about to leave, Laura stopped him and asked about Ryan. Edmund told her it was a hard time for Ryan. Laura asked him if he'd tell Ryan she was doing good the next time she saw him. He replied that Ryan would be happy to hear that. After Edmund and Anna were gone, Bianca came up to Laura. Laura told Bianca that she was so happy and she had everything she wanted. She was sorry she had been so self-centered that she hadn't asked Bianca how she was doing. She reminded Bianca that she loved her. Just then Leo came outside and told Laura that Zora was looking for her. It was time for her meds. She said after she had her pills she was going to bed. Leo and Bianca watched her leave. Leo said it was scary how weak she still was. Bianca looked at Leo and said the only thing that would really hurt Laura would be if Leo didn't lover her. Leo looked confused as Bianca turned and walked away.

Laura and Leo sat on the bed talking after the party. Laura had on a silk gown Leo had given her as a gift. She told him she wished they could make love. Leo stopped her and told her they would have –plenty of time later. As he hugged her, he remembered Greenlee saying she loved him.

Gabriel, agitated and disheveled, wanted to know why Rosa followed him to the park. She wanted to know if he was all right. She thought he looked hurt. He replied, "Don't you mean wounded like an animal?" She denied that and told him he was scared. He said he was scared of what he would do to her boyfriend if he ever came near him again. Rosa wanted to know why Gabriel hated Marcus. Gabriel stared at her without responding. She told him to quit staring at her, then picked up his jacket and handed it to him. As he took the jacket from her, Marcus ran up to them and demanded to know where Rosa had been. He'd been looking all over for her. Rosa assured him she was fine and suggested they go back to the reception. Marcus looked past Rosa at Gabriel and asked, "What happened to your clothes?" Again, Gabriel just stared at them and did not answer. Rosa urged Marcus to leave Gabriel alone, but Marcus couldn't drop it. He jabbed his finger in Gabriel's chest and warned him to leave Rosa alone. Rosa insisted Gabriel wasn't coming on to her. He wasn't like that. Marcus asked how she would know what Gabriel was like and why she was even there. He angrily accused Gabriel of ruining the party by acting like a psycho. Rosa came to Gabriel's defense by saying he wasn't used to parties. Marcus looked at Gabriel and said, "That's why he's ripping off his clothes!" Gabriel responded, "Dogs don't wear clothes!" As he started to leave the park, Marcus shouted at him to stay away from Rosa. Then he turned to Rosa and told her again to stay away from Gabriel because he was a psycho. Rosa told Marcus that she would be working with Gabriel at SOS. Marcus told her she should quit, but Rosa told him it was her job. Marcus went on to tell her that his mother thought Rosa was jus the type of girl he should date. He wanted to know how she liked the earrings. She assured him she like them. Marcus wanted to dance. He pulled Rosa close, but soon Rosa became uncomfortable and pulled away from him. She said she had forgotten that she promised her mother she would meet Mateo now and rushed off. Marcus shouted after her, but Rosa kept going. Marcus turned to see Shannon approaching him. He accused her of stalking him. She told him she scored some "X" and asked Marcus if he wanted to party. She held out her hand to show him. Marcus reached for it and smiled.

Tad was in a troubled state as he begged Derek to do something. He felt Dixie would do anything she could to get him out of jail. He was fearful for Dixie's safety. Derek wasn't very concerned. He felt Tad's fear was just because Dixie got a name. Tad said it wasn't just any name. She'd wheedled Fiedler's name from Derek because Tad wouldn't give it to her. Fiedler was an unsavory character and Tad was afraid she would get his number and try to set up a meeting. Because they were trying to put their marriage back together, Tad worried that she might do something foolish. Tad was visibly relieved when Derek finally agreed to talk to Dixie. Later Tad was lying on the cot in his cell staring at the ceiling. An officer came up to the cell with a coved dish and told Tad his food was there. Tad looked up to see Officer Sweeney enter the cell and leave the dish. He told Tad to try it since it was made especially for him. Tad lifted the lid and found a dead rat on the plate. Officer Sweeney glared at Tad and said, "You're next!" When Derek came to see Tad later that evening, Tad related that Officer Sweeney had threatened him. Derek wanted Tad to calm down, but Tad was very agitated. He feared that next his food would be poisoned. Derek tried to convince Tad that Sweeney was a good cop. The other officers felt sorry for him because he lost his son. Tad accused Derek of taking Sweeney's side. Derek tried to convince Tad that he would be safe there and not to worry about Dixie. She was not going to interfere with Derek's job. With that Tad really began to lose control. Derek told him he was doing everything possible to keep him and his family safe.

At home, Dixie was making arrangements with someone on the phone. She stated that she would pay him in cash as soon as she got the information she wanted. Arrangements were made to meet in twenty minutes and she hung up the phone. A little later, Dixie answered the door to find Derek there. She told him she was on her way out to pick up JR. Derek explained he was there on Tad's request and told her of Tad's fears. She assured him she wouldn't interfere in police business. Derek hoped she wouldn't because getting involved wouldn't help Tad and would only add to her troubles. As she showed him to the door, Dixie assured him again that she wouldn't interfere. Once Derek was gone, Dixie shouted, "He's gone." Fiedler came from the hallway into the room. Dixie asked, "Now where were we?" Fiedler replied that they had been about to settle on a price on the names of young Mr. Sweeney's business associates. Dixie asked how much. He told her maybe she should listen to the police. She told him Tad was innocent. Fiedler wanted to know why she wasn't letting the police handle it. Dixie knew Lt. Frye didn't have the final say in the matter and everyone else was sure Tad was their man. To make matters worse, Sweeney's father was a cop. Fiedler rubbed his forehead in consternation when he heard that. He said if that were the case, Tad would be lucky to get out in once piece. Again, he tried to convince Dixie to let the police handle it. Dixie was persistent and felt Tad needed her. She had to do whatever it took to help him. When JR came home, he handed Dixie an envelope. He said a man had handed it to him and told him to give it to her. Dixie looked at it and said, "Already!" JR said he was going to bed. Once he was gone, Dixie ripped open the envelope and read the note. It said: "See how easy it was for me to get to your son. This envelope could have been a bullet." Dixie looked up in fear and then shouted for JR. He came into the room and Dixie ran to him and held him tightly. JR wanted to know what was wrong.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

"Upstairs", Jesse was searching for Gillian. He discovered her in a room full of 'guests' and asked them all to leave. They disappeared and were replaced by Natalie, Cindy and Travis. Gillian told them that it looked like a group therapy session and was surprised to find out that they all felt she needed counselling. She pointed out that she needed to get back to Ryan and said smugly that since she was Hungarian royalty, she could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Jesse just shook his head and the others smiled. Gillian didn't understand why she couldn't go back to Ryan. Trying to help her understand, they all took at turn at speaking. Cindy told Gillian that she had problems 'crossing over' too and thought that Stuart would be lonely. She added that things turned out fine for him, that he met Marian, who made him happy, and she was the one he was supposed to be with. Natalie stepped in and explained to Gillian that Trevor had ended up marrying Janet, Natalie's sister, after Nat was gone. Janet needed help and it was because Natalie wasn't in the picture, that Trevor was able to help her. It was then Travis' turn. He told Gillian that when he died suddenly, he left behind Bianca, who needed him very much. Bianca knew how much Travis loved her, even though he was gone, and it was because of his love, that she became wiser and stronger. Gillian stopped him and told them all that she was sorry that they had problems dealing with their deaths in the beginning, but she wasn't them, and she wasn't about to give up on going back. Jesse told her that it was time for her to let go. Gillian told them all that she wasn't going to listen to them anymore and stormed out. She ran into a person who explained that he was the father of someone she knew very well. "Who?" she asked. "I'm Tad's daddy, Ray Gardner," he replied, "pleased to meet ya," as he checked her out. Gillian asked him if he could help her get back to Pine Valley. He told her that if he helped her, maybe she could help him. Gillian told him that she would do anything to help him. He told her that he had been trying to get into the room she had just been in, but 'they' wouldn't let him in. He leaned closer to her and told her he had to get in 'there' and proceeded to tell her what he needed her to do. Jesse appeared and Ray said in an angry tone that Jesse didn't know how to stay out of his business. Jesse replied that Ray just didn't know when to quit. Gillian jumped in and said she wanted to help Ray, but Jesse explained that Ray was where he was supposed to be; he had made Tad's life a living hell when he was on earth and now it was pay back time. "You're in Hell?" Gillian asked Ray. "Don't listen to this jackass, missy," he replied, "I'm here to help you." Jesse, with a wave of his finger, made Ray disappear. Gillian was upset and asked Jesse why she couldn't find anyone "upstairs" who could help her. She ran off. Jesse looked up and pointed and said "you know, you;'re gonna have to upgrade that bonus you were going to give me, cuz this one......EEEEEEE."

At S.O.S., Gabriel was hard at work, when Anna came in and wanted to talk. She was about to ask him what had happened at the party when Rosa and Mateo walked in. They were discussing loudly what she did or didn't do at the party. They stopped when they realized that Anna and Gabriel were there. The phone rang and Mateo walked off to answer it. Rosa stood there and stared at Gabriel. She excused herself to get ready for work, leaving Gabriel and Anna alone. Anna asked Gabriel what had happened last night and why he had turned over the buffet table and walked out. Gabriel, staring at the door, didn't answer. Marcus arrived carrying a bouquet of flowers. Rosa saw him come in and ran over and kissed him. Anna noticed that Gabriel was watching them kiss and asked him if his outburst last night had anything to do with Marcus and if he was interested in Rosa. Gabriel became agitated, asked Anna if she expected him to hide his feelings like everyone else did and then added that he wasn't like everyone else and she should just 'deal with it.' Marcus and Rosa were still in an embrace when Mateo re-entered the room. He saw them and in an attempt to pull them apart, threw a bunch of menus on the table which made a loud noise. Marcus and Rosa turned around and Rosa pointed out the flowers that Marcus gave her. Mateo asked her to go in the back and do some inventory. She left but remained within an earshot of them. Marcus kept referring to Mateo as Mr Santos and was quick to point out that he cared about Rosa and would never hurt her. Mateo explained that Rosa was stubborn and terribly naive and didn't want her taken advantage of. Before Marcus had a chance to respond, Mateo asked Marcus if he knew who Matea was. Marcus seemed confused about the question and answered that yes, he was Rosa's brother. Mateo told him that wasn't what he meant. He was a guy, just like Marcus, and understood what a guy Marcus' age wanted. He added that he knew Marcus was trying to 'snow' him and told him to give it a rest. Marcus agreed. Gabriel asked Anna if she knew anything about Marcus and added that Marcus had 'dead' eyes; there was nothing going on behind the eyes. Mateo walked away and Marcus stood staring menacingly at Gabriel.

At Dixie's, Derek and Dixie were reviewing the note. Derek told her that it was just a scare tactic and nothing for her to worry about. She told him that whomever wrote the note was making threats and she wondered aloud if it was Officer Sweeney. Derek tried to put her mind at ease by telling her that Officer Sweeney had been questioned and Derek didn't feel that it was he who was making threats. The phone rang, and it was Tad asking how she and JR were. He could tell from her voice that something was going on. As Dixie was talking to Tad, there was a knock at her door and an officer entered asking Derek if he still wanted a guard posted outside. Tad asked why Derek was there. Dixie hesitated and then told Tad that she had received a threatening note about JR. Tad freaked out and Dixie told him that he had to calm down. Tad ended their conversation and headed back to his cell. He turned around and asked the officer that was with him if he knew Officer Sweeney. The officer said he did and Tad asked him to call Sweeney and tell him he wanted to see him. The officer chuckled and said "ya sure." Tad then told the officer that he should tell Sweeney that Tad was ready to confess. Sweeney arrived and was let into Tad's cell. Sweeney said to Tad, "so you want to confess, to me. You want to appeal to my forgiving side." ."No," Tad said, "I want to appeal to the side that cares about the truth; the side that made you want to become a cop in the first place." Sweeney asked Tad if he knew what the best part of being a cop was, the best part was, as he removed his revolver and pointed it in Tad's direction, was using firearms. Sweeney then asked Tad to explained how he murdered his boy. Tad asked him to put down the gun but Sweeney refused. Tad told him that he understood how he felt; Tad had 2 sons and if anything happened to either of them, he would do absolutely anything he had to to help them. He added that he did not kill Sweeney's son but would help him find out who did. He thought that perhaps the person who supplied drugs to the younger Sweeney had killed him. Sweeney stepped in and told Tad that his son did not use drugs. Tad replied that maybe he didn't do drugs, but he did sell them; he sold some to JR. Sweeney grapped Tad, put the gun to his head, told him he was a lying bastard and he was going to kill him, like Tad had murdered his son.

Ryan was asleep on the couch in Liza's office and Mia walked in and stood over him. He woke up and she then confronted him about accusing her of cheating. She grabbed him by the collar, pulled him up and demanded an apology. He pushed her away and asked her if she was 5 years old and wanted to take him out to the playground and punch him in the stomach. She punched him hard and again asked for an apology. He replied that he knew she was cheating; he knew a grifter when he saw one. She went to hit him again and he grabbed her and held her in a headlock. She got out of the headlock and threw him to the ground. He then flipped her and ended up sitting on her, holding her arms. Just then Marian walked in and announced that she had asked him to take care of her, not kill her. They jumped to their feet and Mia questioned why Marian had asked Ryan to 'take care of her.' Marian tried to explain but Ryan jumped in and demanded to know what was going on and how Marian knew Mia. Marian avoided his question and asked Mia why she hadn't left town. Mia explained that she had run out of money and asked for more. Marian replied that she was out of her mind. Mia then turned to Ryan and asked him if he was ready to hear the whole dirty story. To keep her quiet, Marian handed her a cheque and asked her to keep her mouth shut and leave town. Mia told her that she would keep quiet but had no intention of leaving. Marian asked Ryan if he could keep his promise to her and get rid of Mia. Ryan started asking questions about Mia, and Marian again asked Mia to keep quiet and leave. Marian walked out and Mia grilled Ryan as to why he was taking money to get rid of people. She asked him if his wife knew how he brought home the 'bacon.' Ryan stopped her and told her to never mention his wife again. Jesse and Gillian appeared and Jesse told Gillian that he knew she was going to end up in Pine Valley again. Gillian wondered what Mia was doing with Ryan again. Mia asked again what happened to Ryan's wife and he told her to get out. She pushed for more and asked him if his wife was gone. Waiting for a reaction, she then asked if his wife was dead. He said loudly, "get away from me." Gillian, at that moment, knew that Ryan could feel her presence. Mia didn't understand what he meant and told him that she wasn't any where near him. He replied that he was thinking about someone else and he could smell her perfume. Mia, obviously feeling bad for Ryan, told him that she understood what it was like to lose someone; in fact, she added, she had recently lost someone also; on June 25. Ryan stood there and stared at her and told her that was the day he lost Gillian. Mia pulled money out of her pocket and handed it to Ryan and told him that he was right; she had cheated and now they were even. During their conversation, Gillian kept asking Jesse repeatedly to get Mia to leave. She then turned to Jesse and asked him if it was Mia who was supposed to be with Ryan.

In Tad's cell, someone was lying on the ground, chained to the bed, with the gun beside them. The other person, wearing the uniform, walked out of the jail cell. Dixie entered and saw who she presumed was Tad, lying on the floor. She was about to call his name, when a hand covered her mouth. It was Tad. Tad told her to be quiet and explained that Sweeney had pulled a gun on him, they struggled and Tad knocked him out. Dixie wondered why Tad was wearing the uniform and Tad explained that he was going to get out of jail this way. Dixie tried to dissuade him by telling him that the cops already thought he murdered someone, now he had added assault. Tad replied that he had to protect his family, no matter what. Tad left and shortly after Derek appeared. He went into Tad's cell and found the unconscious Sweeney. Before he had a chance to ask Dixie what had happened, she told him that Tad wasn't there when she arrived. Derek ran off to put an APB out on Tad and to get an ambulance for Sweeney.

Marcus and Rosa were looking at the flowers and Mateo walked in the room and took Marcus aside again. He asked him if he understood where he was coming from. Marcus understood. Mateo suggested that he leave as Rosa had worked to do. Marcus walked outside and in frustration, threw his arms in the air. Rosa appeared and asked Mateo if he had thrown Marcus out. Mateo replied that he told Marcus Rosa had work to do and suggested he leave. Rosa asked if he was trying to ruin her life, he nodded and replied that that was his main goal. They discussed Marcus some more and Mateo took her into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Outside S.O.S., Marcus was sitting down thinking about Mateo when Shannon appeared and told Marcus over and over that she was the girl for him and not Rosa, or 'convent girl', as she called her. Marcus grabbed her and told her to shut up or he would shut her up. Mateo was tied up with a phone call so Rosa took her cell and went outside to call Marcus. Marcus was still standing there staring at his hand which appeared bruised. Rosa was surprised to find him there and he explained that he didn't want to leave, even though Mateo expected him to. He told Rosa that Mateo was only looking after her and he promised that he would never hurt her. They kissed again as Shannon, who had been hit in the face, looked on, sadly.

Anna and Gabriel were talking and Anna told him that they were family and she wanted to help him work through his feelings. She then asked him if he was interested in Rosa. Changing the subject, Gabriel said he needed to get back to work. He walked away. Mateo entered the picture and Anna thanked him for helping Gabriel. Gabriel found the note Marcus had given Rosa with the flowers. It read, "Rosa, I think I'm falling in love with you, Marcus" Gabriel crumpled up the note. Outside S.O.S., Rosa was telling Marcus that he shouldn't be mad at Mateo. Gabriel walked in on their conversation and noticed blood on Marcus' hand. He asked what had happened. Marcus asked Rosa to go inside so he could talk to Gabriel alone. Marcus told Gabriel that he wanted him out of his face and if he didn't get out of his face, he would put him down, "like the dog you are," he said. Gabriel told him to stay out of his way and Marcus walked away. Gabriel heard crying and walked around the corner, but only found a scarf with blood on it. Back inside S.O.S. Tad ran in and told Mateo that he was in trouble and needed a place to hide.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

In Liza's office at WRCW Ryan thanked Mia for giving his money back after the poker game. He wondered why she did it though and Mia told him it was because he "busted her." He asked if it was an attack of conscience, or did she just feel sorry for him. Mia said that bad things happen and life goes on and if Ryan wanted sympathy he "should go to a therapist." Ryan asked her why she cheats at cards, which reminded her to pick up her cards that had been strewn around the room last night. Gillian and Jesse watched this exchange and Jesse made Gillian leave just as Liza came into the office. Liza was stunned by the mess in the room and demanded to know who held a keg party in her office. Ryan introduced Mia, who said she knew exactly who Liza was. She said she knew Liza Colby Chandler was the head of WRCW and introduced herself as Mia. Liza asked for a last name but was told it was just Mia. Liza turned to Ryan for an explanation of the mess and he said there was a little card game last night and that he'd clean it up. Mia said she had to go and Ryan reminded her about her deck of cards. She told him to keep them and left the room. Liza told Ryan she wasn't used to walking in on such things in her office and Ryan realized she thought he and Mia had been fooling around. Ryan said he would never touch Mia, the only woman for him was Gillian. Liza apologized for invading Ryan's privacy. He reiterated that he and Mia weren't doing anything. Liza said she'd always be there if he needed to talk and she sympathized with him about losing a loved one. She said she couldn't imagine ever losing Adam or Colby and Ryan sadly said he never imagined losing Gillian, she was his life. He wondered if he'd ever see Gillian again and Liza told him yes and that "Where ever she is, she's waiting for you." They shared a hug as Adam walked in with a large bouquet of roses. He was not happy to see this and asked if he should've knocked first. Liza was happy to see him and told him to come on in. Adam said to Ryan "You need a shave Lavery" and Ryan snipped back "Nice to see you too, Adam." Adam looked around the room, noting the mess and asked what happened. Liza told him some of the crew had a party while she was out of town. Her husband strongly suggested that every one of them be fired and Ryan spoke up, saying it had been his party. Adam looked at Liza and told her she should listen to his advice. Sensing a fight brewing, Liza sent Ryan to find a vase for the roses. Adam asked how she was and Liza told him point blank that she was not going to lie for JR. Adam said he shouldn't have asked her to and that he wants them to get back to the way they were when they were just married. They began to argue a little about Ryan and Liza put a stop to it. She asked if they were still going to dinner and Adam told her yes. The phone rang, Liza answered it and was shocked to hear about Tad's arrest. After hanging up she asked Adam why he didn't tell her about Tad and he said he had more important things to worry about. She got very upset that he hadn't told her about her best friend being in jail. Adam in turn got very jealous about her concern over Tad Martin and stormed out of her office.

In the park Adam met with David Hayward. Adam asked if it bothered David at all that he was taking advantage of a boy's mistake. David said he couldn't afford to care and wanted to know what Adam had been doing to get the charges against him dropped. Adam told him he'd met with the lawyers and they all agreed that there was no way to get the charges completely dropped but they were sure they could get the minimum sentence. This was not good enough for David and he demanded more from Adam. David said he knew Pine Valley's finest citizens wanted his head on a platter but now one of them was in trouble himself, Tad Martin. He told Adam that Tad had escaped from jail and couldn't testify against him now. Adam didn't believe this, but David told him to listen to the news. David told Adam to turn on the charm and get the judge to drop the charges or he'll turn over the tape of JR admitting to stealing drugs from the hotel room. Adam said he'd checked with the lawyers and since JR didn't know he was being video taped it couldn't be used in court. David said it didn't matter, it would still get the police interested in JR, plus he had JR's fingerprints all over his hotel room. David also shocked Adam with the news that he'd hired a private detective to follow JR and that he knew JR had tried to meet with Sweeney at the boathouse the night Sweeney died. Adam said JR wasn't involved with Sweeney's death but David said maybe JR was on drugs and killed his dealer. Adam was infuriated and said his son was no drug addict. Finally Adam broke down and said he knew the judge who was hearing David's case but that she couldn't be bought. David told him to find another way to persuade her or tomorrow he'd turn over his evidence to the police. Adam said "If I do find a way and you walk free, you'd better watch your step" and stomped off.

Tad talked Mateo into letting him hide in a storage room at SOS. As they walked to the back Dixie and Opal walked in the front door of the club. The two women discussed how they could find Tad. Dixie asked an employee where Mr. Santos was and was sent to the back rooms. Tad and Mat heard her coming and Mat came out of the room and pulled the door shut just in time. Dixie and Opal told Mat about Tad escaping from jail. They asked if he'd seen anything but he of course said no. Tad leaned against the door with relief when he realized Mat was going to keep his secret. Dixie and Opal told Mat they just want to get word to Tad that they love him and want him to stay safe. He agreed to put the message out and they went back out front as he went back into the storage room. Tad thanked Mateo for not giving him away, and said that Opal would let it slip that she knew where Tad was but that Dixie knew he was going to break out of jail. Mat wondered if Dixie approved. Tad told him about the threatening note Dixie had received and Mat said he'd help Tad however he could.

In the alley behind SOS Jesse and Gillian were talking but stopped when they saw Officer Sweeney on the phone talking about Tad Martin. They heard him tell someone that he was "going to take him down" and saw him pull out his gun. Jesse told Gillian he'd worked with Office Sweeney and that he "always goes too far." As they watched, Sweeney broke into the back door of SOS. Gillian and Jesse followed and watched the officer walked around the club. Gillian noted that Jesse looked worried and he admitted he was, that Tad Martin was one of his friends. Gillian asked why he didn't do something, "What are guardian angels for if they can't help?" They watched Dixie and Opal sit down at a table to get a bite of lunch. Dixie spotted Sweeney and told Opal. He demanded the bartender tell him where Mateo was and headed towards the back room. Opal asked Dixie if she ever wished ol' Jesse Hubbard was still around. Meanwhile, in the back room Mateo asked Tad why he didn't go to Derek about Officer Sweeney. Tad said because Sweeney was psychotic and on a mission to hurt him. Suddenly Officer Sweeney began pounding on the door. Mat came out and was asked if he knew Tad Martin. Mat said yes and the officer asked if Tad could be hiding in SOS without Mat knowing about it. Mat said there was no way and Sweeney wanted to know what was in the room he'd just come out of. Mat told him it was just a storage room and he'd just set off a bug bomb. Sweeney was very testy and said "So you won't let me in there to search?." Mat said "Sure, you have a search warrant, right?." Sweeney admitted that he didn't and Mat offered to call Derek, a "personal friend" of his but Sweeney backed down. He said he'd talk to Detective Frye himself and left. Mat went back in to Tad, who thanked him for covering for him. Mat offered to give a note to Dixie but Tad said that was too risky. He had another way of letting Dixie know he was there and ok and told Mat what to do.

In the dining room Opal was lost in thought and Dixie questioned her. Opal said she was thinking of Jesse and what a good cop he was. Gillian said to Jesse that he could get through to Opal but he refused. She tried by telling Opal to order onion rings and ranch dressing. Opal told Dixie to forget the soup, she wanted crunchy onion rings with lots of ranch dressing. Gillian was very pleased with herself and Jesse just rolled his eyes. He told her it was just a coincidence and that they're not supposed to use people that way. Gillian said she wanted to use Opal to get through to Ryan but Jesse said no and took her away.

Liza and Ryan came into SOS for lunch. She was upset that Adam had walked out but Ryan told her Adam always comes back to her. She told Ryan that they couldn't agree on how to handle JR. Ryan said Adam won't stay mad, he loves Liza too much. She said she couldn't cave on this issue. Across the room Opal left to go to the ladies room and Dixie sat at the table waiting for her. A waitress brought over a plate of chicken fingers and Dixie's eyes lit up. She looked around and said "Tad, you're here!." She got up to go find Tad and David Hayward walked in and called her name. She stopped to talk to him. Opal returned and didn't see Dixie at the table. She thought Dixie had left without her.Gillian popped back and started talking to Opal, which stopped Opal in her tracks. Gillian told her how much she loved Ryan and that he was the most beautiful, loving, loyal, brave man she'd ever known. Gillian begged Opal to tell Ryan that she loved him and was there for him. Opal walked over to Ryan, almost trance-like, a planted a huge kiss on him.

Mateo reported to Tad that Dixie had gotten the chicken fingers and knew what it meant. Tad was very appreciative.

Adam went to visit the judge presiding over David's case. He asked if David could get acquitted and she assured him there was no way. "If he's proven guilty, he'll get the maximum sentence" she told Adam. He said he thought David had suffered enough, because he'll never practice medicine again and he's now the town pariah. The judge was stunned and asked why Adam would stick up for David. He told her that David has saved more lives and on that basis alone he's served enough time. She was very skeptical and Adam told her he was "prepared to do anything" to see that David goes free. Kay (the judge) asked if he's trying to bribe her. Adam begged her to hear him out, that this was a matter of life and death. She reminded him that he was just convicted of bribing another officer of the court. He said he didn't have a choice. She requested more details but Adam said he'd told her everything he could. She came around the front of her desk and sat in front of Adam. She said they may be able to work something out. Adam looked repulsed as he realized what she was implying.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Flabbergasted, Ryan pulled back from Opal's passionate kiss and stared at her. As Gillian looked on, Opal explained that she had just seen him through "new eyes" and declared that she loved him. Ryan suggested that she had too much to drink but Opal stood firm on her declaration. Liza asked her where Dixie was and Opal suddenly became quiet. She closed her eyes, shook a little and when she opened her eyes again, she was confused over what had happened. Opal left to get some air and Gillian frantically followed her in an attempt to get through to her. "That was weird. Even for Opal," Ryan declared. Liza reasoned that she was worried about Tad and had a few drinks on an empty stomach. Quietly, Ryan confessed that he had "felt something" when Opal told him she loved him because it had felt like it was coming from "someone else." Shaking his head, he wondered why he always "did that" to himself and reasoned that Liza was right. She told him that she couldn't believe Tad's situation and didn't know what would happen next.

Ryan brought a solemn Liza a drink and she confessed that she was thinking about Adam. Ryan suggested that she call him but Liza refused. She explained that she couldn't "show any weakness" when fighting with Adam because then she'd "never hear the end of it." Ryan admitted that he and Gillian had played the same games when they were first married until they realized that they were wasting the time that they could be spending together. He wished that he had a phone that would connect him with Gillian then suddenly rose and said he was leaving to go to the one place where he could forget his troubles. Liza asked if she could join him and the pair left.

As Kaye's foot climbed higher up his leg, Adam suddenly jumped up and suggested that they continue conversation from earlier. Kaye reasoned that he had come to her and stated that she didn't want his money. As she stared at him, Kaye commented on Adam's "piercing blue eyes" and he nervously replied that Liza was always telling him that their daughter had the same eyes as him. Unfazed, Kaye told him that she knew he was married and that she had never met anyone like him before. She admitted that she had been thinking only of sleeping with him during all of their innocent talks at the country club and that he would have to give something to her to get something in return. Smiling, Adam told Kaye that she was a beautiful woman and assured her that her "overture" would be welcome under different circumstances. He stated that he loved his wife and that he didn't want to jeopardize their marriage. Calmly, Kaye replied that she could take no for an answer and said goodnight. With her back to him, Adam begged for her to hear him out because David's freedom was very important to his family's happiness. He reasoned that $2 million would make her life a little more pleasurable but Kaye only turned to Adam and asked him what he was worth. Laughing, Adam replied that he didn't know his net worth but Kaye suggested that it was somewhere between the $2-5 billion dollar range. Slyly, she explained that she would help him in exchange for one night with him. Frustrated, Adam stated that he needed more time to think about it and asked if they could meet again. As she rose, Kaye stated that she was renting a room at the Valley Inn for that night, advised him to arrive on time and left. Frantic, Adam jumped up and ran out.

At SOS, a concerned David confided to Dixie that he had heard about what happened to Tad and asked if there was anything he could do to help her. Coldly, Dixie replied that he could leave her alone and stormed off. In the back office, Tad was preparing to leave. He thanked Mateo for helping but their conversation was interrupted by Dixie. As the pair embraced, Mateo stated that he would keep watch for them but suggested that they leave quickly. Alone, Tad told Dixie that he had something to tell her. He stated that he didn't know when he would be back and confided that he knew the letter wasn't written by Sweeney. Dixie reasoned it was done by the people who killed his son and tearfully asked Tad what he was going to do. Tad quickly replied that she was safer knowing less and advised her to stay close to Derek and to hire armed guards to protect them. Crying, Dixie hugged him and asked him to tell her that he would look out for himself..

Outside the office, a snoopy David had followed Dixie but was interrupted by Mateo who grabbed his arm. He calmly asked him if he was lost but David jerked his arm away and replied that he was looking for Dixie, who had seemed upset when he had seen her. "Yeah, probably because of you," Mateo told him, as he led him away and out to a table in the club. He asked David what he was drinking then called a waiter over. He ordered David's drink and demanded to be told if the "good doctor" left his seat. Sarcastic, David thanked him for his hospitality but Mateo only demanded that he stay away from Dixie.

She pulled back and asked where he was going to stay and Tad assured her that Mateo was taking care of that. He demanded again that she hire an armed guard and Dixie replied that she would. Tad sadly asked her to tell JR and Jamie that he was always thinking of them and she assured them that they would do the same of him. As he stepped closer to her, Tad told Dixie to touch the star necklace whenever she missed him and to know that he was always there with her. Dixie began to cry and the pair embraced. She untied the scarf from around her neck and placed it in his hand. Mateo suddenly returned and told them the alley was clear. Tad pulled Dixie close, assured her they had lots of time left together and she left

Dixie returned to the front of SOS and couldn't find Opal. She stepped outside and was fumbling for her car keys when David suddenly approached her. He asked her if she was alright and she replied that she had been in Mateo's office checking with the police but they still had heard nothing from Tad. David offered to drive her home but Dixie reminded him of the police officer that was always with her and reasoned that she would get home fine. David calmly expressed his 'remorse' over her impending divorce and assured her that he only wanted her to be happy. Coldly, Dixie fingered the necklace and stated that his information was wrong, She declared that she and Tad were getting back together and that they loved each other now more than ever. "So just leave me alone!" she screamed, as she stormed away. Adam suddenly grabbed his arm and declared that the "game (was) up." Adam stated that their deal was off because the judge couldn't be bought. He reasoned that he had lived up to his end of the deal but David only told him to try harder. Quietly, Adam told him that his marriage wasn't worth it. Confused, David slowly pieced together what had happened when Adam paid the judge a visit and burst out laughing. "Stop it or you'll go too far," Adam warned him. David only replied that it looked as though he was the one who would be going too far. Adam stated that he wouldn't give Kaye what she wanted but David warned him that if he didn't, he would take all of his evidence against JR to the police and "ruin his life." He reasoned that Liza didn't have to know and Adam became furious. He stated that he may soon be a free man but he had gained a "very powerful enemy" and stormed away.

Mateo led Tad into the alley and asked him if he was going to be alright. Tad assured him that he was and thanked him for all that he had done to help him. He asked Mateo to take care of his family. Mateo agreed and went back into SOS. Alone, Tad pulled Dixie's scarf out of his pocket, looked to the stars and told Dixie he loved her. Alone in the park, Dixie touched her star necklace and looked to the sky. "I love you too, Tad," she replied. "Come back to me."

Ryan and Liza arrived at the community center and, as Ryan picked up a basketball, he asked her if she was in the mood for a little one on one. Laughing, Liza replied that she wasn't interested in stress-relievers that made her sweat. "Then get out of my way and cheer me on!" he stated, as he shot for the hoop. As she sipped her drink, Liza wondered if there was a way of making it more interesting by betting money. Ryan laughed and bet her $10 that she couldn't get the ball in from ten feet away. As she made her way to mid-court, Liza asked what he would give her if she made it from "center stage." Sensing an easy win, Ryan bet her $200 and stepped to the side. Liza bounced the ball a couple of times and threw it straight into the net. Amazed, Ryan just stood there. "Show me my money!" Liza laughed. As he counted out $20 bills to Liza, Ryan asked her where she learned to play like that. Laughing, she explained that she had always shot hoops with her father while she was growing up. Ryan challenged her to a game but Liza joked that he couldn't afford it. He replied that he wasn't ready to go home yet, got up and stated that he knew where they would go next.

A frazzled Opal entered the park, shocked by what she had just done. Aloud, she described to herself what had just happened and the feelings she had felt for Ryan. As she sat down, Opal explained that she had not only wanted to kiss him, she also wanted to undress him. She reasoned that something was wrong with her and was about to leave when a breeze suddenly washed over her. "Could it be that I'm not crazy?" she asked, as she rose. "Is there someone here with me?" A distorted voice in her head tried to talk to Opal but she couldn't understand what it was saying. She assured the presence that she wasn't scared because her daughter, Jenny, had communicated with her several times from the grave. Quickly, Opal called her psychic advisor, Frederick, but was dismayed when she got his voice mail and had to leave a message. The voices suddenly became so loud that Opal reprimanded them and everything became quiet. Opal reasoned that maybe she had gone insane and told the voice to make itself known before she counted to three or she was leaving. Silence accompanied the first two counts but when she hit three, a giant gust of wind came from nowhere and nearly knocked her over. "Princess!" the voice cried. Confused, Opal asked the spirit if she was a princess but couldn't make out its reply. She sat down and recounted what had happened at SOS. "I told Ryan I loved him," she remembered. The voice asked her who loved Ryan and Opal replied that his wife did. A gigantic smile came across her face as Opal asked, "It's you, isn't it?" The voice replied that it was. Opal became excited that she could hear Gillian and asked her why she had chosen her. She wondered if there was something she could do to help her and Gillian only replied, "Ryan." Opal asked if she had "crossed over yet" because she could hear her much clearer than she had ever heard Jenny. Soothingly, the voice instructed her to turn around and Opal did so. Suddenly, the glowing apparition of Gillian appeared. Amazed, Opal took one look at her and passed out.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Marian cut through the park on her way to her car. She came across Opal's lifeless body and quickly dropped to the ground to check on her friend. Within a second or too, Opal was roused back to consciousness. Marian helped Opal to a nearby bench before asking her what had happened. "You won't believe who I just saw," Opal said weakly. Opal looked to her left and spotted Gillian standing before her. Opal pointed at the apparition, but Marian saw nothing. By now, Marian was more than a little concerned for Opal's welfare. "You're scaring me," Marian said softly. Opal tried to chalk up her uneasiness to the trouble surrounding Tad. Opal again looked towards Gillian, who was now motioning for Opal to get rid of Marian. Marian offered Opal a ride home, but Opal politely declined. Marian did not want to leave Opal alone in the park, but she reluctantly accepted Opal's insistence that she'd be fine. Later, Opal asked Gillian what she was doing back on earth. Gillian explained that she was not a ghost; rather, she was "in transit." Gillian also explained that she'd been the force behind Opal's sudden urge to kiss Ryan. Slowly, things started to make a little more sense to Opal. Gillian warned Opal that she needed to take an urgent message to Ryan - a message to steer clear of Mia.

At Sounds of Salsa, Rosa wiped down some of the bottles of liquor on the bar. As she worked, Marcus approached and announced that Rosa was "too beautiful to be washing dishes." Marcus asked Rosa about the flowers he'd given her. Rosa smiled and thanked him again for the roses. When questioned about the accompanying card, Rosa explained that she hadn't gotten a card with the flowers. She asked Marcus to tell her what he's written on the card, but Marcus claimed that he'd had too hard a time finding the nerve to write down the words and could not muster the courage to say them aloud. Across the room, Gabriel walked up to Shannon and, noticing her bruised face, asked her what Marcus had done to her. Shannon denied that Marcus had harmed her, instead saying that she'd "walked into a door." Marcus, meanwhile, sat down on a chair at the front of the club so that Rosa could return to her work. When he did, he spotted the card he'd placed in Rosa's flowers crumpled and discarded in the trash. Marcus immediately stormed over to Gabriel and demanded that he follow him outside. Gabriel did has he was ordered. As he exited the club, Marcus sucker punched him in the stomach. Marcus warned Gabriel to steer clear of him and his friends, but Gabriel refused to back down. Later, back inside the club, Marcus approached Shannon and asked her if she'd told Gabriel what had gone on between them. Shannon shook nervously, denying that she'd spoken to Gabriel. Marcus took a deep breath and his anger quickly subsided. He walked over to Rosa and tried to talk her into taking a day off of work for him. Rosa explained that she needed to adjust the cappuccino machine, but Marcus continued pursuing her. At one point Marcus offered to adjust the machine for her, but Rosa quickly explained that Mateo didn't want anyone touching his expensive machine. As she tended to her work, Rosa mentioned that she could not take any days off of work because she had a debt to repay. Marcus pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and offered to pay off her debt on the spot. Rosa's mouth gaped and it took her a few moments to be able to decline Marcus' offer. Marcus moved in to give Rosa a kiss, but when he spotted Mateo lurking in the background he decided to back off. Marcus filed out of the club. As Rosa was distracted, the gauge measuring the steam pressure on the cappuccino machine moved into the "danger" zone. Seconds later, there was a load noise and the machine exploded. The club patrons ducked and sought out cover and thankfully no one was injured. Mateo offered everyone free drinks for the rest of the night to make up for the near-catastrophe. Mateo yanked Rosa aside and angrily scolded her for not paying attention to her duties. He blamed her interest in Marcus for the coffeemaker accident and was about to fire her. Before he could get those words out, Gabriel appeared and said that he was to blame for the cappuccino machine's demise.

Stuart munched on a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich in the comfort of his home. Before he could get too involved in his sandwich, Adam dropped by to seek some advice from his brother. Adam explained that he had a predicament on his hand. He asked Stuart what he would do if a loved on needed help, but by helping that loved one another loved one was hurt. Stuart instinctively knew that one of the people Adam was referring to was JR. Stuart immediately asked Adam what he had done - or what he planned to do. "Damage control," Adam replied. Stuart wryly muttered that Adam hadn't come looking for advice; he wanted permission. Adam countered that someone was threatening JR's future. Stuart asked Adam what would be gained and what JR would learn if he was continually "covering things up."

The second phase of "Ryan and Liza's excellent adventure" took them to the local gym. Ryan was primed for some time in the steam room. Liza was not at all thrilled by the idea and decided that she'd linger around the juice bar. Liza stepped aside and placed a call to track down Adam. She reached his driver, George, and learned that Adam had been dropped off somewhere - and then given the driver the rest of the night off. Across the gym, Ryan was nearly knocked over when someone punched one of the punching bags into him. Ryan looked around the bag and found Mia hammering away. Mia told Ryan that she would be attending another card game, but Ryan passed on the idea because he was still unsure of Mia's underhanded dealing tactics. Mia wandered away and headed for the juice bar. There, she watched Liza carefully. As Liza walked away, Mia picked up the earring that Liza had taken off to use her cell phone and scurried away. Liza, meanwhile, tracked down Ryan and told him that she would be hitting the road.

Marian returned home and found Stuart waiting for her. Stuart mentioned that Adam had come by needing help with some troubles. Marian growled that she would make Adam pay if he did anything to hurt Liza. Stuart chuckled to himself and stated that Marian and Adam were an awful lot alike. Marian wagged her finger and Stuart and demanded that he take back his remark. Stuart left the room and a few seconds later there was a knock on the door. Marian was furious to see Mia standing on the doorstep. She reminded the young woman that she had given her $5,000 - and more - to get her to leave town. Mia explained that the money she'd been given was "invested... in a losing hand." This time, said Mia, she had not dropped by seeking money. She held out her hand and flashed the earring she'd taken from the gym. Marian quickly snatched the earring from Mia and warned her "for the first and last time" to stay away from Liza. "As far as Liza's concerned, you don't exist," Marian snarled. "I am very, very real," Mia replied. "And that makes me dangerous."

Opal showed up at the gym to speak to Ryan. Ryan did his best to stay at arm's length from the woman, asking her if she was going to try to kiss him again. "Your prayers have been answered!" Opal chirped. Ryan cocked his head to the side and asked Opal if she had been drinking. Opal rattled on for some time about how some things in life defy explanation. Ryan shook his head and sighed deeply, urging Opal to get to the point. "I saw your wife... Gillian," Opal said with a smile.

Adam showed up at Kaye's room and reluctantly agreed to step inside. "Don't worry," Kaye said reassuringly. "I won't bite... much." Adam gulped down the martini the judge handed him. In the blink of an eye the pair was in bed and Kaye was ready for "round two." They made small talk about their first rendezvous back in the 1970s, unaware that Liza was outside in the hallway preparing to knock on the door.

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