AMC Recaps: The week of October 29, 2001 on All My Children
Greenlee and Jake believed that Leo was beginning to recognize Laura's deception. Anna was in a mysterious car accident. Mia told Ryan about Adam's file on him. Once Liza learned of Adam's deceit, she left her husband. Ryan was heartbroken to discover that his father was a drug dealer. Erica confronted Chris about working with Roger. Chris revealed that he had murdered Ryan's father years before. Bianca saw a lawyer about emancipating herself from Erica. Dixie covered for Liza when Adam found them at Seaview Hospital.
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Monday, October 29, 2001

Mateo frantically tried to wake Hayley. Clutching her body closely to him, he shouted her name. At last Hayley stirred and spoke to Mateo. Mateo was filled with relief. Hayley couldn't understand why Mateo woke her. She had not been getting much sleep lately, and was finally able to sleep when he woke her. Mateo started to tell her that when he saw her she looked like....then he stopped and recalled what Roger Smythe had told him about his love, Sandra. Roger thought Sandra was sleeping when he found her in bed; only to find out she was dead. Hayley's voice brought him out of his reverie. Hayley couldn't understand what was wrong with Mateo. His actions were scaring her. Just then the phone rang and Hayley rushed to answer it. It was Simone. Hayley was not happy that the waitress had called his house that late at night. She wondered if Mateo might be having a fling with the waitress. Mateo spoke to Simone. Simone was upset because she hadn't heard from Mateo since he left SOS. Mateo told her he would be returning to SOS soon. After he hung up, Hayley told him she thought he was acting weird. She wanted to know what was really going on. Mateo agreed to tell her, but warned her he was really scared - terrified. He explained that he was afraid of everything. Things weren't going well at the club. People were coming in, but weren't spending money. There was no cushion anymore and he felt he was letting Hayley down. Hayley suggested he use her trust fund, but Mateo refused. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family. What he really wanted to do was go far away. Hayley agreed, but wondered if they could afford it. Mateo said if they dipped into the trust fund they could. Hayley and Mateo discussed their trip. Hayley suggested Jamaica, but Mateo wanted to go somewhere different this time. He suggested the Cayman Islands. He was going to make reservations the next day. He got up to go back to SOS. As he was getting ready to leave, Hayley found a large box on the floor. Mateo stared in amazement as Hayley opened the box and pulled out a replica of the piggy bank he had broken. Hayley wondered where it came from. Mateo told her his mother might have dropped it off. Hayley was about to put it by Lorenzo's crib, when Mateo took it from her and said he'd find a place for it.

In the courtroom, as Laura was about to protest Leo's suggestion to the judge, Jake took her arm and warned her to sit down and shut up. If she didn't, he threatened to tell Leo what she'd been up to with her meds. The judge stated that she didn't feel there was enough substantial evidence to charge Greenlee. She would release Greenlee on the condition she stay away from Laura and Leo. Greenlee agreed to abide by the decision. The judge told Greenlee that if she were ever in violation, she would be arrested. Greenlee turned to Jake and he took her arm. As they were about to leave the courtroom, Leo stopped her. Laura watched in disbelief. Leo apologized to Greenlee. He felt things had gotten way out of hand. He was glad it was over now and hoped they could move on with their lives now. As Leo talked to Greenlee, Laura grew upset and jumped up to go after Leo. Jake stopped her and told her to leave them alone. He said Greenlee would live up to her part and Laura needed to live up to hers, also. Jake added that he saw her put the meds in Greenlee's purse. If she didn't do her part, he was going to tell. Then he told her to quit glaring at him because her husband was on his way back. He walked over to Greenlee. She was upset with him for talking her into accepting the judge's deal. She asked Jake what was going on. As he ushered her from the courtroom, he told her he'd tell her later when there weren't so many people around. Meanwhile, Brooke tried to sooth Laura after the judge's decision. She felt the judge hadn't been harsh enough. Leo tried to explain that things had just gotten out of hand. Laura wouldn't listen. She felt Greenlee should have been put in jail. The angrier she got, the more vocal she became. She shouted, "Jail is exactly where that "bitch" should be!" Leo, Brooke and Edmund were surprised at the extent of her anger. Sitting down, Laura apologized for swearing. Leo had rushed off to get her some water and when he returned Brooke explained that Laura was just stressed. Laura went on to say that this was exactly what Greenlee had wanted. She blamed Greenlee for getting her so upset that she overlooked the pills in her purse. Leo felt Greenlee had just gone overboard and now with the threat of jail, she might straighten out. Edmund agreed. Laura said she just would like to concentrate on her wedding plans. Leo told her she should, then suggested they stop for a drink. Laura said she was tired. Leo then asked Edmund and Brooke to see that Laura got safely home. He had an errand to do and he wouldn't be gone long.

Jake led Greenlee to the beach to talk. Greenlee wanted to know why they had to come there. Jake explained he wanted her full attention. He told Greenlee that he felt she was right about Laura "playing" around with her meds. He had talked to Phoebe Wallingford earlier that day. Phoebe and Laura were on the same strict schedule with their medications. Sometimes they would take their meds together. Recently, Phoebe had noticed that two of her pills were missing. The pills were to slow the heartbeat. Jake felt Laura had used them to slow her heartbeat down when she was in the hospital. It would be hard to prove this theory since the meds would be out of her system by now. He then told Greenlee that he had seen Laura put some pills in [Greenlee's] purse earlier that evening when no one was looking. Jake had been able to take the pills from Greenlee's purse and put them in Laura's when she wasn't looking. In the courtroom, Laura faked her attack and then accused Greenlee of taking her meds. Jake had been watching Laura's reaction when Greenlee emptied her purse. Laura blanched when no meds spilled from the purse. If Greenlee had been caught with Laura's medication in her purse, they would have thought she was trying to kill Laura. Greenlee felt she had to fight back, but Jake stopped her. He agreed Laura was unstable, but that she was way beyond the "cat-fight" stage. He warned Greenlee not to fall into Laura's trap again. Going after Laura again would only look like [Greenlee] was stalking her. Jake wanted Greenlee to get on with her life, go back to work and let him handle the situation. Greenlee asked about Leo. Jake couldn't believe that Greenlee could still be concerned about him after all the hurt he had caused her. He felt Leo would be fine because Laura wouldn't want him dead. Greenlee explained that Laura maybe wouldn't physically kill Leo, but she would suck the life from him. Jake told her to let Leo and Laura live their lives. Greenlee said she couldn't do that. She was afraid Leo was throwing his life away. Jake couldn't understand Greenlee's feelings after all the pain Leo had caused her. He wanted to know if she was still in love with Leo. Greenlee didn't know. Jake then asked if there was even a remote chance that she could possibly love him. Greenlee didn't know. Jake looked at her and said he could accept that. At least he was still in the running. Greenlee was upset that he'd settle for that. Jake said he wasn't settling. He wasn't like her. She was used to getting whatever she wanted. Greenlee informed Jake she was going to take his advice and let him handle it. She was sure she'd go crazy sitting at home doing nothing. Jake said he could probably come up with something to keep her occupied. Greenlee smiled at him and they went into each other's arms and kissed.

After arriving home, Laura was still upset about the events of the evening. She couldn't understand why Leo stood up for Greenlee. She ranted and raved about Greenlee. Edmund asked if she really thought Greenlee was that big of a threat. Laura felt Greenlee was out to break up her marriage and was a real threat to her. Finally, Edmund told Brooke and Laura he was going to leave them alone for a while. He decided to take a walk. Once outside, Edmund glanced in the window at Laura and Brooke. Edmund sighed as he walked away.

Brooke handed Laura a cup of tea to sooth her. Laura was angry that Leo had stranded her. Brooke tried to tell her Leo was just running an errand. Since she was so upset, Brooke wondered if they should postpone the wedding until Laura felt better. Laura wouldn't hear of that. She was sure she'd feel better when she could be married in front of everyone. Laura said she was tired and that she'd be fine until Leo got home. Once Brooke had gone, Laura turned from the door and cursed the fact that Greenlee was still free and Jake was now involved. Then she smiled to herself as she had a visualization of Jake losing his medical license and Greenlee being hauled off to prison while she and Leo gleefully watched, happy in the thought that they'd finally be "alone."

As Brooke stood in the courtyard outside of Laura's home, Edmund approached her. Brooke thanked him for waiting for her. She told him she didn't want to talk about Laura. Edmund said he wouldn't say anything anymore. He didn't want it to get between them. Brooke said she would try to get a perspective on this. She felt she had been through a lot with Laura and may not have seen everything. Edmund assured her she'd figure it out. Brooke asked Edmund if he'd help her. He took her in his arms, kissed her and asked if she'd like to go to the Pine Cone Inn with him. Brooke was surprised Edmund wanted to spend the night together at the Pine Cone Inn. She asked if there was food service there. Edmund smiled and said there wasn't, but he was sure they could get chips. She smiled and said he should just take her home. As they walked away, he teased that it was her last chance for chips at the Pine Cone Inn.

Anna found David at SOS. She chided him for leaving his medical bag with the tracking device in his office. She knew he had made several other stops before he got there and teasingly asked where he had gone. Smiling, David said he'd tell her everything. He told her he was one of the biggest master drug lords ever and that he had just made a cool million. Anna brushed him off. Then laughing, she said, "A cool million in two hours, huh? The dinner is definitely on you, then!" Simone brought David and Anna's order to the table and asked if they had seen the owner of SOS that evening. They said they had not seen him. Just then David saw Roger sitting at the bar. He excused himself and approached Roger. As he walked up behind Roger, David heard him order a triple scotch. He asked if that was a good idea. Roger told David to get off his back. David replied that if he did, he [Roger] would be a dead man. As they talked, Anna watched from her table. David returned to the table with Anna and they continued their playful bantering. Just then Leo came up to their table asking David where he had been. Leo said he had tried to reach him all night. David introduced Anna to Leo. After the introductions, Anna left David and Leo alone to talk. Leo wanted to know if Laura was ok. David assured him that Laura was well. Leo explained what had happened that evening and added that Laura had flipped out when he didn't press charges against Greenlee. The judge had let Greenlee off as long as she stayed away from Laura. David wanted to know if Leo was ok with not seeing the woman he loved. Leo replied that he had no choice. He had to push Greenlee away. Leo nursed his drink as he recalled the scene with Greenlee at the courthouse. He remembered Greenlee accusing Laura of conveniently losing her pills when things don't go her way. David drew Leo out of his thoughts by saying it must be difficult for Leo, pretending to be in love with Laura when the love of his life was still out there. Leo tried to convince David (and himself) that he loved Laura. David told Leo his marriage to Laura had been a noble gesture. Leo again stated that he loved Laura. David replied that Leo "wanted" to love his wife and that was a big difference. Simone came to their table and asked if they wanted another round. David said no and Leo ordered a double. Just then David's cell phone rang. It was Laura. She asked David to meet her at his office to discuss Jake Martin. David said he'd have to think about it. She then asked David to do her a favor and not tell Leo. David agreed and hung up.

Anna came up behind Roger as he sat at the bar. He turned when he noticed her and apologized for staring. She said she was looking for a new doctor and wondered if he knew Dr. Hayward well. She had noticed him talking to David. He replied that he didn't know David well. He then asked if she'd have a scotch with him. Anna continued to quiz Roger about Dr. Hayward. Roger insisted that he hardly knew they guy. Then he said he had to leave. He had too much to drink and stumbled when he got up. As Anna reached out to steady him, she slipped a small device into his pocket. She then asked the bartender to get him a cab.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Still furious with her mother, Bianca met with an attorney at the courthouse to see if she could declare herself legally independent. In essence, she wanted to sever ties with her mother. Erica overheard Bianca arranging a meeting with Frankie at the courthouse. Erica fumed when Bianca lied about her intentions, while Frankie attempted to dissuade Bianca from challenging her trust fund in a court of law. Chris did his best to distract Erica, but Erica remained consumed with Bianca. Suspecting Frankie of fortune hunting, Erica challenged Frankie to a battle for Bianca's affections.

On the beach, Mia and Ryan discussed their feelings for one another. As things turned more emotional, Adam called and summoned Mia to meet with him immediately. Mia tried to get Adam to back off so that she could spend more time with Ryan, but Adam insisted that she do as he requested.

Adam cheered when he learned that Ryan's father dealt drugs, but Mia dampened Adam's mood when she informed him that she no longer wanted to be his spy. Although Adam warned Mia against falling in love with Ryan, Mia did proclaim her love to Ryan.

In a parking garage, Dixie's suddenly-opened car door hit Liza in the belly, causing her to take a tumble. Dixie thought Liza was being overly dramatic until she learned that Liza was pregnant. Dixie took Liza to Seaview after Liza refused to go anywhere near Pine Valley Hospital and Dr. Clader's office. Tests showed that the baby was fine and that there had apparently been no damage done. admitted that Adam did not know, and that she wasn't certain who fathered the baby, but Dixie urged Liza to tell Adam the truth.

Seated on a bench in the park, Leo and Ryan discussed the fact that neither one of them had the father that they'd wanted. In the background, Chris overheard Ryan express his desire to find his dad.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

At the courthouse Erica told Frankie that she'll "bury her." Bianca turned to Jack and said her mom has lost it. Erica tried to defend herself but Jack sided with Bianca and said he didn't blame Bianca for wanting to get away from her. Bianca told her mother this situation wasn't happening because of Frankie, it wasn't Frankie's idea. Erica told Jackson not to let Bianca get into her trust fund because that's what Frankie was after. But Bianca told her mother that Frankie is her friend and isn't after her money. Jack took Bianca aside and told her he'd watch out for her money. Erica butted in and told Bianca to listen to her uncle. Bianca responded by saying all she really wanted is for her mother to be out of her life. This hurt Erica deeply and she started to say, "If your Grandmother was here.." but Bianca jumped in and said "If Grandma was here right now she'd be furious with you!" and she stormed off. Jack tried to talk sense into Erica, telling her that Frankie has done nothing wrong. Erica was horrified and Jack went on to say Frankie's only crime was in befriending her daughter. Erica said she knows Frankie is a con and is dangerous, but that she wants Frankie to know that she herself is very dangerous too. Jack said he's the DA and can't have Erica running around threatening people. Erica turned on Jack, and said he's putting his job ahead of his family because she rejected him. Jack started to argue but then stopped and told her he loves both her and Bianca and wants to help them settle this. Tears welled up in Erica's eyes and Jack gave her a hug. Meanwhile Bianca told Frankie she's not giving up her fight. Frankie said Bianca's life was perfect before she came into the picture and she was sorry she came between Bianca and her mother. She asked Bianca what she sees in her and Bianca told her courage and strength. Bianca said that Frankie has shown her how brave she can be too. The two girls shared a hug as Erica and Jack walked up. Erica just stared at them and then walked off. Bianca told Jack she's not giving in and if her mother wants a fight she'll give her one. Jack told her that she can fight but she won't win this one. He said she doesn't have the grounds to be emancipated and that she should explore other options. Bianca asked if that meant he wasn't going to let her have her trust fund so she can help Frankie get a place to stay. Jack said he has to honor the rules of the trust fund but he can give her a loan. At first Bianca turned the money down but finally Jack convinced her to take it. He also convinced her not to pursue the emancipation and she agreed. Jack told the girls if they needed anything at all to just give him a call as he left them alone. Bianca told Frankie she needed to tell her attorney to stop the process and walked down the hallway. Frankie's phone rang and she said to the caller "She just left! No, she doesn't suspect a thing. Everything's going as planned."

Tad broke into David's office at the hospital and found Jesse already there. Jesse told him that he's going to help Tad prove David is a drug lord. He asked what Tad was looking for and Tad said any kind of evidence. Jesse had a better idea and told Tad to team up with Chris Stamp. Tad said no way, he's got "special help, Jesse the Friendly Ghost!." Jesse found this amusing but just then David walked in. He was furious to find Tad in his office and demanded to know why he was there. Tad made up a lame excuse, saying he wanted to "bury the hatchet" so David would leave his family alone. David said he wasn't buying it and told Tad to get the hell out of his office. Tad left but Jesse stayed, saying "Let's see how you live when nobody's watching." Jesse got a little antsy when David appeared to just being doing hospital paperwork. He decided to stir things up and caused a burst of air to blow papers off David's desk. Startled, David looked around and wondered where the breeze came from. Just then his phone rang and David told the caller he couldn't get away but that "this shipment is crucial." Jesse was excited to get a break in the case and disappeared. He showed up at SOS just after Tad had walked in and found a seat. Jesse told Tad about David's phone call and Tad got very interested. Jesse told him he could scratch plan B now, "the nut-job girl." Tad said yes, he wouldn't have anything to do with Leslie now that Jesse was helping him.

In Pam Coulson's apartment Leslie asked her sister if Tad had called. When Pam told her no, Leslie got visibly upset. Pam told her not to get any ideas now that her life was beginning to get turned around and then handed her her meds. Leslie pretended to take her pill but actually kept it in her hand. Afterwards she said to Pam "I'm really better, don't you think?." Pam agreed and Leslie said "What can we do now to get into trouble?" A little while later Pam was sitting at the table when Leslie walked in with a batch of freshly baked cookies. She offered one to her sister but refused to eat one herself, saying her meds ruined her appetite. Leslie asked Pam if she remembered the summer long ago when Pam had stolen her bike and wrecked it. Pam said yes and Leslie reminded her that she'd baked cookies then too but added something to the mix. Pam about choked and asked if Leslie put worms in this batch of cookies too! Leslie smiled and said no and Pam asked what she'd done now as she fell onto the table unconscious. Leslie said "You should've learned your lesson when you wrecked my bicycle!" Leslie bound and gagged Pam and then examined an airplane ticket, saying she has a date with Tad. Then she walked out of the apartment.

At SOS Mia asked Ryan why he wants to find his dad. Ryan said he's got unfinished business with his old man. Chris Stamp overheard this and said to himself "It will never be finished." Mia told Ryan he didn't really know where to start looking for his father and said he should just close the door on the past and not look back. She said sometimes there were roads you shouldn't go down. Ryan said he knows what he has to do and knows it won't be a "bear hug" father/son reunion. But he wants the chance to say goodbye and to tell him to go to hell.

At another table Roger Smythe sat alone. Anna walked in and asked if she could join him. Stamp saw this and moved closer to listen in. Roger asked her to sit down and offered her a drink. Chris barged over and told Anna he needed to speak with her alone immediately. She excused herself and joined Stamp at the bar, where he jumped all over her, saying she was going to blow his cover. Anna said she realized that SOS is his control center so that means Proteus must be close by. Chris said he thought David was her main suspect and she said maybe he is. Chris made a snide comment about how Anna might just "sleep with the whole house" to weed out suspects. She raised her hand to slap him but he caught her wrist and smiled. "If you're too sensitive you should let the big boys handle this!" he told her. He also said that she has no idea who the players are. Anna asked him if this was personal for him and wondered if Ryan was a suspect since he kept watching him. Chris said no and Anna was amazed that she got a straight answer from him. Chris told her to leave Ryan out of everything. But Anna said if she can break this case she can get back into the agency. She went back to Roger's table and told him she'd take a raincheck on the drink. She then joined Ryan and Mia. Ryan told her the playground dedication would be soon and asked her to attend. Then he asked if she would help find his father. Anna agreed to help him. Ryan told Anna about changing his name because he didn't want any of his father sticking with him. Anna told him that finding his father could be painful but Ryan said he was prepared. Ryan thanked her for helping him and left SOS. Mia soon followed him and Anna went back up to the bar. Anna told Chris she just got a new assignment. Chris told her she couldn't snoop around for Ryan's father and she wondered what could stop her. Chris said she was going down the wrong road to find Proteus or Ryan's father. "You won't find him because I killed him!" he told Anna as Erica walked in.

Adam barged into the exam room and told Liza that a reporter let him know she'd come into the ER. Liza told him she had been careless and barreled into Dixie's car door but that she was ok. The doctor walked in and asked Liza if her OB had been in yet. Adam looked at the doctor and asked what his wife would need an OB for. He turned to Liza with a joyful look and asked if what he'd been praying for had come true. Dixie piped in and said the OB was for her, there was a remote chance that she was pregnant. Adam asked why she didn't take a home pregnancy test and she said she didn't want anyone in Pine Valley to know. Adam asked Liza why she came to Seaview instead of Pine Valley. Then a little bell went off and he turned to Dixie, saying she came here as insurance against Tad killing her when he finds out the baby is David Hayward's. Liza told her husband to apologize to Dixie but Adam kept laughing, saying Dixie was carrying David's "love child." Dixie denied this but Adam was most amused. Liza finally told him to put a sock in it. Still laughing he asked Liza if she was ready to leave. She sent him out of the room while she changed clothes. Liza thanked Dixie for covering for her. Dixie told her she owes her big time and that she's got to tell Adam the truth. Liza said she realizes how much this baby means to her and that she will have to play this by Adam's rules. Dixie questioned this but Liza said "pulling an Adam" will keep the baby safe. She'll tell Adam that she used protection with Ryan. Liza said if Adam suspects the baby isn't his he'll make Ryan's live a living hell and her and Colby's life a raging sea. Liza made Dixie promise not to tell anyone. Dixie pointed out a glitch, saying when the baby is born Ryan can count back nine months and figure it out. Liza said she'd cross that bridge when the time comes and for now she has to "out-Adam Adam." After Adam and Liza got home Adam continued gloating that Dixie was carrying David's baby and what that would do to Tad. Liza told him he was ghoulish, getting pleasure from other people's problems. She said what if Dixie is carrying David's baby, didn't Adam think Tad could learn to love the child? Adam said no man or marriage could survive such a thing. Just then the doorbell rang and Adam opened it to find Ryan Lavery. He asked to speak to Liza alone and Adam gave them some privacy. Ryan told Liza that he is looking for his father and Liza offered her help. He turned her down and told her that after the playground dedication he is leaving Pine Valley.

Dixie walked into SOS, looking for Tad. She found him and reminded him that they had a date. Tad gave her a big hug and asked how her day was. She told him it was crazy. Jesse told Tad he was going to check on "Dr. Do-Wrong" and left. Dixie asked Tad if he'd heard from his PI lately about where Leslie could be. She said she'd just had a "feeling" about it. Tad wondered why she was thinking about Leslie at all and Dixie said the dream she'd had was just so real to her. Tad told her that he'll never let Leslie hurt her again.

In his office David looked at a medical file with Dixie's name on it as Jesse watched.He flashed back to a conversation they'd had in the hospital, where Dixie was berating him for using J. R. and then she slapped him and called him evil. David said to himself that she will change her mind about him. David placed a phone call, telling the other person that he'd pick up the shipment at the abandoned warehouse in an hour.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

At the hospital, David explains to Laura that he has taken Jake off her case. That isn't enough for Laura. She thinks Jake is discussing her case with Greenlee. David agrees that the accusation is serious, but refuses to take her bogus charges to the board. Jake overhears the last part of their conversation. After David leaves, Jake confronts Laura. He tells her she has gone too far. Jake accuses Laura of trying to frame Greenlee by putting the pills in her purse. He also brings up the conversation he had with Phoebe and makes a connection between Laura's recent heart episode and Phoebe's missing pills. Laura tries to tell him that as long as she is married to Leo, Jake can have Greenlee.

Vanessa sits at Leo's table at SOS while they discuss his upcoming wedding. Leo claims he's looking forward to it, but Vanessa isn't buying his story. However, she finds a silver lining in the whole situation telling Leo to stay married to Laura for a couple of months and then collect a hefty settlement from Brooke. Leo is not pleased with his mother's suggestion. Vanessa changes the subject and begins pumping Leo for information on Anna and David. Laura enters the club and Vanessa promptly leaves. Laura vents to Leo about her run-in with Jake. She is angry that Jake is discussing her case with Greenlee. Leo leaves SOS to confront Jake.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Chris tells Anna he killed Ryan's father while working on a case. Erica interrupts wanting to talk. When Chris asks her to give him a few more minutes with Anna, an angry Erica storms out. He returns to his conversation with Anna. Anna believes Ryan should know that Chris killed his father. She threatens Chris that if he doesn't tell Ryan, she will. Chris proposes a compromise. If Anna agrees to keep quiet about Ryan's father, Chris will cut her into his investigation. When Anna hesitates, he promises to tell Ryan everything once the case is over.

Ryan enters the club. Mia approaches him offering her help in finding his father. He turns her down, saying he is leaving town for good. Mia is hurt that Ryan is dumping her when their relationship has just begun. Ryan explains that it has nothing to do with her. He has to find his father himself because he doesn't have the money to hire an investigator to do the work. Mia states that she knows someone who has information on Ryan's background. Adam. She suggests to Ryan that he might find what he is looking for there.

Greenlee comes into the Enchantment office and sees Roger waiting. When he tells her how happy she looks, she claims it is because she is finally done with Leo. Greenlee leaves and Roger is left alone in the office. He sits at the computer, but before he can do anything, his cell phone rings. It is Chris saying he wasn't able to keep Erica away from the office. As Roger is arguing with Chris, Erica overhears the conversation from the other side of the office door. She waits for Roger to leave, then goes inside. Chris knocks at the door. He enters apologizing for not taking time for her at SOS. Erica confronts him with the conversation she overheard. She accuses Chris of being the drug lord. During her rant, she says she doesn't believe Chris ever cared for her, that he was using and manipulating her instead. He denies this. Erica goes on to say that Chris can prove himself to her by getting Frankie out of Bianca's life. If he doesn't do this, Erica threatens to go to the press with everything she knows about Chris and his operation.

Greenlee goes into Jake's office at the hospital and clears the things from his desk. Leo pushes open the door to find Greenlee lying naked on Jake's desk.

Ryan tells Liza he's leaving Pine Valley to look for his father. Adam sees Ryan leave. Liza explains the situation to Adam. Even though Liza is crying, she says she is fine with Ryan leaving. She wants to focus on her relationship with Adam. Liza leaves to check on Colby. Walter comes in with information he has gathered on Ryan. Adam puts the dossier in his safe. Later, Ryan barges in with Mia. He demands that Adam give him the information. Adam denies having any such thing. Ryan appeals to Liza. She opens the safe and finds that Adam does, in fact, have a file folder on Ryan. Ryan turns to Liza and asks for the file.

Jesse follows David to his cabin in the woods hoping that he can see what is inside the package David picked up at the warehouse. David takes out the package and to Jesse's delight, begins to open it. He is interrupted though, by the sound of a car pulling up. It is Anna. Jesse, feeling the package will not be opened anytime soon, disappears. Anna pours champagne. After David drinks from his glass, he begins to feel dizzy. He accuses Anna of drugging him.

Friday, November 2ND, 2001

Adam tried to deny that he had been actively digging for dirt on Ryan. Instead, he claimed that the file had been part of a routine background check that he does on all of his employees. Ryan quickly reminded Adam that he was no longer working for him and pointed out that most of the material in the file was new information. Ryan was furious that the bulk of the information had to do with his father. He refuted information that claimed that his father had sold drugs. Mia apologized to Ryan for being a part of Adam's undercover operation. Liza, meanwhile, told Adam that he had broken his promise to her by meddling in Ryan's life. Adam explained that he wanted to learn more about Ryan because of all the time that Liza had been spending with him. The explanation didn't wash nor did a subsequent remark by Adam that he did it because he loved Liza. Liza roused Colby for her sleep and she and her daughter left Chandler Mansion.

Leo was stunned to see a naked Greenlee sprawled across Jake's desk. As hard as he tried, he was unable to take his eyes off of his former lover. Greenlee managed to get Leo to admit that he was starting to have some concerns about Laura's mental state. Overjoyed, Greenlee planted a kiss on Leo. As they kissed, Jake returned to his office and demanded to know what was going on. Greenlee filled Jake in on Leo's decision to join their side. Leo, however, wasn't so willing to say that. Laura eavesdropped on the conversation before bursting into the office. She accused Greenlee of violating her court order to stay away from her and Leo and dialed the police. Leo took the phone from his wife and told her that he had walked in on Greenlee, not the other way around. Later, Jake expressed regret that Greenlee was so happy that Leo was finally seeing the light. He explained that once Leo left Laura, it would be only a matter of time before he wanted to get back together with Greenlee. At Sounds of Salsa, Laura concocted a bogus story about wanting to put their signatures on napkins at the wedding reception to get a copy of Leo's signature. She then forged a note on a napkin asking Greenlee to meet "Leo."

Anna drugged David's champagne and while he was rendered groggy she poked around his computer. Using "Dixie" as the password to get into the system, Anna thought that she'd soon crack open the Proteus case. David suddenly pulled Anna away from the system and told her to "look out." The computer burst into flames and started melting. David was furious that all of his work had been destroyed, but Anna believed that David had to have a backup of the files somewhere. In spite of the fact that Anna was investigating him, the pair agreed to continue their sexual relationship. Anna did manage to rebuke David's sexual advances. She got into her car and started on her way, all the while fuming that David was driving her crazy. Suddenly, Anna's car was rammed by what appeared to be another vehicle.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Port Charles
Sunset Beach
The Young and the Restless
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