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Monday, February 25, 2002

David fills Vanessa in that Chris is investigating suspicious heart attacks as links to Proteus. Vanessa sarcastically says that she must be Proteus, because of the suspicious deaths of Paolo and Larry. David tells her that she isn't smart enough to be Proteus, but she could be working for him. Meanwhile, Maggie frees one hand, and begins pounding on the wall. David notices, and accuses her of having a lover stashed here. She stops him from investigating and tells him that no one else is here. She then changes the subject and tells him that she knows all about his secret experiments and secret lab. She threatens to tell Joe Martin about it, unless he stays out of her life. David tells her that she's getting desperate, as he walks out of the loft. Afterwards, Vanessa returns to Maggie, promising to make David pay. She also yells at Maggie for releasing her hand, and tells her that she's had her last chance.

Anna shows up at the hospital and tells a nurse that she's looking for copies of the same records that Agent Stamp picked up. The nurse tells her she isn't authorized, but Anna gives her Chris' "authorization." The nurse leaves to get the information, as Anna says to herself, "You're good."

Jake tells Greenlee that they're alone on the island, but Greenlee tells him that they aren't. He turns around and sees Leo. He quickly fills them in on how he found them, and Jake politely excuses himself to check on Leo's rescue plane. After he leaves, Greenlee tells him what Vanessa tried to do, but he isn't buying it. He accuses her of running back to Jake whenever the going gets rough, and tells her that she's insecure. She gets upset and begins kicking dirt on him. She says that she can't believe he would believe his own mother over her, as she shows him the scar from the needle that Vanessa struck her with. It finally begins to dawn on Leo that she's telling the truth. With Greenlee still upset, and Leo feeling guilty, Jake returns and tells them that they have to leave now, because his female pilot is upset that Leo was going after a fiancée. Before they can move far, however, they look up in time to see the plane flying away. All three are upset as they realize they are still stranded. Leo asks to see Jake's bruise, and he finally realizes what Vanessa did. He apologizes to both of them about not believing them, and walks away to be by himself. Jake notices that Greenlee wants to go with him, but Jake argues with her not to. He tells her that Leo is always playing this hurt act, wanting her to comfort him. She can't keep falling for it. He tells her that Leo is incapable of love, but she tries to defend him. Finally, Jake says, "Don't. Choose us." She gets up and walks over to Leo. When Leo sees her, he gives her a hug as Jake watches.

Kendall pulls Ryan back into the room, before the sniper can fire. She tells him to stay away from Mateo, Hayley, and the drug scene. He tells her he isn't worried, and he leaves again. While the sniper looks on, Erica shows up to see Kendall. Before they get far, Chris and Mateo show up as well. They pull Ryan into Kendall's room to talk to him, while Erica and Kendall are left outside to talk.

Chris and Mateo ask Ryan for the disk, but he refuses to give it to them until he clears it with Hayley first. He doesn't trust Chris, and he thinks that Mateo's wrong to trust him. Mateo says he doesn't care and to "give me the damn disk." Chris settles down Mateo, and kicks him out to talk to Ryan alone. Chris tells him he cares about him, and someone could try to kill him as long as he has the disk. Ryan asks him why he cares so much. Chris tells him to think about the picture with "Stamp of Approval" on the back. He asks Ryan to look at him and tells him that he loved his mother. He loved her nine months before he was born. "I'm your father, Ryan. I am."

Outside the motel room, Erica tells Kendall she came to see her to talk about Bianca. However, she makes an observation that Kendall seems overly protective of Ryan. Erica tells her that Ryan doesn't deserve her, and she should stay away from him. They continue exchanging insults, as Kendall reminds her of how she used Chris, and then lost him. Kendall reminds her that she likes to collect men. Erica starts tearing up, and admits that she did lose Chris, and it was a horrible mistake.

After leaving the room, Mateo hears some noise, and walks up by the sniper. The sniper ducks around, as Mateo asks, "Who's there?" He turns back around just in time to be knocked unconscious by the gunman. The sniper returns to his post.

David returns to his hotel room, and notices Anna looking over the files. He's impressed that she took the risk to get them. He fills her in on his visit with Vanessa, and they're convinced that she truly is hiding something, or she wouldn't blackmail him. Anna wants to surprise her again, so they both head over to the loft. Once there, they discover the loft empty. As they're searching around. Anna notices something on the mantle. She picks it up and shows it to David: a used syringe.

Ryan asks him Chris for the whole story. Chris tells him how he met his mother, and recounts their life in Chicago. He tells him about how his mother stayed with him when she was on the run from Patrick, how they fell in love, and how she left him. He tells Ryan he only realized the truth about a month ago. Ryan appears to be listening, and believing, but then tells Stamp that the timing is suspicious. He accuses him of playing this card just to get the disk and destroy it, and, along with it, any proof that he's Proteus. Kendall and Erica walk into the room as Ryan tells Chris that he isn't believing the lie that he's his father. Ryan storms out of the room.

Ryan walks across to his own room and sits down on the patio as the sniper takes aim. Meanwhile, Erica implores Chris to go after him. Chris finally does. As he leaves the room, Mateo regains consciousness and sees the sniper. He screams, "Chris, Ryan, Sniper!" Chris sees him, and runs in front of Ryan just as the gun goes off. Chris is shot in the chest and collapses in Ryan's arms. Erica leaves Kendall's room and screams when she sees what happened.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Dixie talks to her unborn baby that she hasn't drank milk in ages, but it helps her relax. She worries that JR hasn't arrived back home yet. Soon, she hears Tad's car pull up and heads to the door. JR storms in upset with Tad behind him. He tells his mother that he's upset because she's packing to leave. Tad asks exactly where his ex is going. JR suggests to Tad to let his mom explain it all. Dixie explains that she's going to Europe on a six-month course. Tad guesses that JR's upset because he wants to stay in Pine Valley with his girlfriend. Dixie says she's not going with JR. Tad asks if she's going with David to Europe. Dixie assures him that's not the case. She's going alone and needs to have space to study and settle in Europe. Tad's not buying her story and urges her to tell her why she's jetting off to another country. An upset Dixie tells Tad that everything she told him is true. He asks her to fill in the blanks that he's not getting. Before she can speak, Tad spots Dixie's mug with milk in it. Dixie says it's for relaxation. Tad thinks it's for a breakdown. Dixie says that she's simply trying to rise above the past few years and explore her life. Tad thinks it's a fine time since she almost died a few weeks ago. He asks what about JR. Dixie tells him to stop harassing her about her decision--they're divorced now! Tad backs down and recalls the night he came over to tell her that the court date was set on their divorce hearing. He recalls that they made love and he thought that they were going to move past their problems and make up. Then she kicked him out and dashed his hopes. He doesn't understand how they could love one another so much, but still lose one another. Dixie says Leslie and David were contributing factors. Tad thinks it started before then--with her miscarriage and the fact that he was relieved when it happened. Dix disagrees. Tad goes on by saying that if he had it to do all over again, he'd do the same thing as before. He would choose Dixie's life over the baby's any day. They're interrupted by a call from Adam who wants to know how JR is. Dixie tells him to call back tomorrow. After the call, Dixie explains that she's simply trying to take control of her life. Tad says that her decision's upsetting JR and could affect her health. Dix reveals that she's going to stay with her sister, Lanie and David has set her up with a cardiologist there. She asks Tad to look after JR. Anything for his love, Tad responds. Dixie says that she has to prepare for "our" trip and needs to be alone to pack. Tad asks who she's going with since she said "our" trip. He accuses her of going with David. Dixie claims she was just upset and used the wrong word--she meant "my trip." Dixie asks Tad once again to leave. Tad makes her promise to call her after work. After Tad exits, Dixie makes a phone call to the airport to catch the first available flight tomorrow morning to Zurich, Switzerland.

On the deserted island, Leo tells Greenlee that he is sorry that she has been hurting and blames it all on Vanessa. He's upset that Vanessa duped him again. He violently kicks the sand and rocks and later tells Greenlee he would never hit her. She tries to console him by saying that Vanessa was just being her usual self. Jake walks in during their conversation and mentions how good he has it that he grew up with normal parents. Leo remembers all the scams his mother made him pull with her and is disgusted with himself and Vanessa. He thinks that he didn't cut her off enough after she framed him for Paolo's murder, unlike David. Leo knows now that Vanessa killed Larry just like she killed Paolo and blames himself for not stopping her from her crimes. Leo later tells Jake that he owes him for giving him Greenlee on a silver platter. Greenlee tells Leo to cool off. Jake tells du Pres that after they get rescued, he's going straight to the cops about his mother. Leo slugs Jake. Greenlee tells her man to step away. Jake says they aren't getting anywhere fighting. Greenlee tells Leo to go away. Leo barks that she can now spend time with her hero and goes as far as accusing Jake of setting the whole shipwrecked plan with Vanessa. Greenlee says that Jake loves her and would never do that. Leo sees that she wants him and storms off. Greenlee almost goes after him, but Jake tells her to let go. Greenlee says that thanks to Leo's arrival on the island, she's lost her appetite. Jake strokes her hair as Leo looks on from afar.

At Greenlee's loft, Anna gets a hold of a syringe and wraps it up. She tells David that they need to have it dusted for prints and have an analysis done on whatever is in the needle. They wonder who Vanessa may have used the syringe on. The duo head for the hospital.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Chris takes a bullet meant for Ryan and falls. Erica screams. Ryan assures to Kendall and Erica that he's okay, but Chris is in bad shape. Erica orders her daughter to call 911. Ryan sees that he's losing blood. Mateo arrives and says that the shooter got away. As Chris wheezes, he continues to bleed profusely. Soon, David and Anna arrive on the scene and David goes to assist Chris. Mateo accuses him of setting up the hit on Ryan. Anna pulls him aside and assures Santos that she's been with David all night. Anna tells him that her beau isn't Proteus and asks Mat to go with her through the alley. Meanwhile, Chris' bleeding has slowed down, but he's still critical. David says that the bullet has braised his heart and vessels. David says that he needs to put a hole in Stamp's chest immediately. Erica says that it could be dangerous and they should wait for the ambulance. David says it could be too late. Go for it, Erica replies. Elsewhere, Kendall comforts Ryan as he watches his newfound father fighting for his life. The paramedics arrive and rush Chris to the hospital.

At the hospital, a paramedic mentions that David's actions possibly saved Stamp's life. Joe tells everyone that Dr. Jacobson will be in soon to operate on Chris. What about David, screams Erica. Joe says that he's been suspended and can't operate. Erica demands that Dr. Martin forget about David's status at the hospital and let him save Chris before it's too late. Joe gives David the go ahead. As Chris is rushed to O.R., Erica tells him that she loves him. Meanwhile, Ryan flashes back to Chris telling him that he's his real father. Ryan realizes his dad's fighting for his life.

Mateo and Anna arrive at the hospital and spot an FBI Agent, Foster, grilling Ryan on why the hit man was after him. Kendall tells him to leave Lavery alone. Anna sidetracks Agent Foster and asks him to have the needle dusted for prints and have its contents analyzed. Anna and Mateo want to speak to Ryan in private. Kendall goes to Erica to see if she's okay. Anna and Mat urge Ryan to give up the disk. Ryan finally gives it up and says that he wants Proteus dead. Meanwhile, Erica says that it's not fair that Chris is fighting for his life. During her heart-to-heart with Ms. Hart, Erica sees Joe and asks for an update. Joe says Stamp needs AB-positive blood. Ryan says that he has the same blood type as Chris and goes to donate.

Agent Foster phones Anna at the hospital and says that the syringe contained a drug used to induce heart attacks and all three prints on the needle belong to Mrs. Cortlandt. Anna gives Mat the news and he realizes that's how the guard who stabbed him died.

Kendall once again asks Erica what she can do for her. Erica wants to see her other daughter, Bianca. Soon, Joe comes back out and says that there were complications in surgery. Joe will give more information as it becomes available. Ryan says that he caused Chris to be shot. Kendall comforts Ryan with a hug.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Anna quietly opened the door to Leo and Greenlee's loft and walked in. She looked around and saw no one else. As she walked to the other side of the room she heard a noise. She grabbed a book off the coffee table and tossed it across the room, then quickly hid. David came out of the bedroom to investigate and Anna popped out, gun drawn. They were both startled to see the other. David told Anna that Proteus wasn't in the loft and Anna said she was there looking for Vanessa. David wondered why she was looking for his mother and Anna told him about having the syringe tested. It had traces of a heart-attack inducing drug and it had only Vanessa's fingerprints on it. "Vanessa is Proteus" Anna said. David was speechless. He refused to believe Anna and she began listing the proof they have against Vanessa. David had a very difficult time swallowing this information and insisted this must be a sick joke. Anna tried to convince him further when she spied an object on the floor. She picked it up and showed David an earring. David assumed it was Greenlee's but Anna pointed out that it was not Greenlee's style, it was a cheap "young person's" style. Anna told David he must see that Proteus is Vanessa. The door bell rang and Bianca walked in. She was surprised to find David and Anna and told them she was looking for Leo. Anna dropped the earring and Bianca picked it up and recognized it as Maggie's. Bianca wondered what Maggie was doing in Leo's apartment and where she was now. She told Anna and David that Maggie had been trying to figure out the message Frankie had left in the book of sonnets and that she was on the trail of her sister's murderer. Anna said maybe Vanessa was holding Maggie against her will

Meanwhile, Vanessa had Maggie still tied up in the wheelchair. Vanessa was on the phone with someone and was very angry to find out that Ryan had turned over the disk to the feds. After hanging up she turned to Maggie and asked her if she was afraid of her aunt. Maggie tried to put on a brave front and asked Vanessa to let her go since "You don't kill family!." Vanessa refused her request. Maggie then said she'd been thinking about how Vanessa had tried to help Frankie. Vanessa said yes she did try to help Frankie but that Frankie messed things up. Maggie said Frankie had fallen so deeply in love with Bianca that she made stupid mistakes. She then asked Vanessa if she'd ever been in love. Vanessa said she had only ever loved her two sons and then turned on Maggie, accusing her of trying to "humanize her" and keep her from killing her. Maggie said she knew Vanessa was human, her mother had told her that "Aunt Vanessa didn't kill Uncle Charles." Vanessa snickered and said if he hadn't pulled the trigger she would have and that was something her ungrateful son David would never forget. Vanessa went on to say that Charles was useless and he had to die. Maggie asked if she'd ever loved her husband and Vanessa said no, she had only wanted a child. Charles couldn't compete with her love for David so he went into business for himself, trying to make enough money to win Vanessa's love. But Vanessa knew what he was doing wasn't legal and she went along with it anyway. But when Charles made some promises that he couldn't keep which resulted in threats against David's life, Vanessa said she knew it was time for her to take over. Maggie was amazed at this story. Vanessa continued, saying she took over "the operation" and Charles couldn't take the fact that she did it better than he did. He killed himself and "that was the best thing that ever happened to me" Vanessa told Maggie. Maggie was repulsed by this. Vanessa said she was telling Maggie about her past "in order to comfort her." She said that sisters can be very different. Maggie agreed and said she was very brave and for Vanessa not to underestimate her. Vanessa said the next move was up to Maggie and that there are distinct advantages to making a deal with the devil. Maggie tried to talk Vanessa into letting her help Proteus but Vanessa just laughed at her and said she doesn't need anyone's help because she has Leo. Vanessa said she wasn't going to take the fall as Proteus and that she was going to set up David and have him go to prison, forever branded as the drug lord "Proteus."

Brooke and Edmund discussed the hit man's attempt on Ryan's life and concluded that it was a set up. Simone entered and said it was a set up and they wanted Ryan because she made it happen. Brooke asked for details and Simone said she'd handled the whole situation badly. She admitted that she got emotionally involved with a married man and thought she could handle it. She was angry that she was being pushed out of the Proteus investigation and the only way she could "save face" was by continuing the story on her own. A New York publisher contacted Simone saying they'd gotten wind of the story and offered her a book deal. Simone said she was mad and didn't look close enough and started to double agent herself. She said she overheard Chris, Mateo and Hayley talking about Ryan having some evidence. Simone said she knows now that the NY editor was actually Proteus or an agent of Proteus and that she caused Chris to get shot. Simone handed over her resignation to Edmund. He said what she did stinks but if she can convince herself that this is the worst thing she'll ever do he'll still let her submit to Tempo. Simone was stunned and touched by Edmund and Brooke's faith in her. She told them she was taken in for questioning last night and they asked if she had a lawyer yet. The discussion was interrupted when Edmund's help was needed in editing. He left the two women alone to talk. Simone told Brooke she knew better than to fall for Mateo and Brooke said love makes it's own rules. Simone admitted that she's still hung up on Mateo and then asked how long Brooke and Edmund have known they loved each other. Brooke said it had been a long time but the timing wasn't right before now. Edmund returned in time to hear this. Simone left as Edmund walked in. He asked if the timing was right now and planted a passionate kiss on Brooke. She laughed and said he couldn't rip her clothes off in her own office. Edmund asked if she could be ready to marry him by May and she said absolutely.

Outside Chris's hospital room Kendall tried to talk to Ryan about finding out Chris was his real father. But Ryan didn't want to hear anything she had to say. Bianca arrived with coffee and sat down with them. Kendall told her that Erica had been in the room with Chris all night and they didn't have any news. Kendall told her sister to go in and see Erica, that she'd asked for her the night before. In the hospital room Erica talked out loud to Chris, saying he did what he did because Ryan is his son and he'd die for him. Chris began to open his eyes and Erica was thrilled. A nurse came in and checked him out, then left to get Joe Martin. Chris asked about Ryan and Erica said he was fine and that he stayed at the hospital all night. Chris asked if he was hurt and Erica said no, and she went to the hallway to ask Ryan to come in. Ryan refused and tried to leave. Erica demanded that he go in to see Chris, saying "He took the bullet for you, you ungrateful louse!." Ryan finally went into Chris's room and stood at the foot of the bed. Chris looked up and Ryan thanked him for what he did. Chris tried to brush it off, saying "Years of training!." Erica was appalled at their behavior and said that Chris took the bullet because he is Ryan's father. Ryan didn't buy it though and said Chris was his father like Erica was Kendall's mother. Outside the room Kendall told Bianca how Erica had asked for Bianca last night and that for one brief moment she wanted to help their mother. Bianca wasn't impressed and left without talking to Erica. Ryan told Chris he was glad Chris is ok and started to leave. Chris yelled out in pain and told Erica he couldn't move his legs. Ryan stood by as Joe rushed back in the room. The nurse ushered Ryan and Erica outside while Joe told Chris the bad news. A bullet fragment had lodged too closely to his spine and they weren't able to remove it during surgery. Joe said once Chris had his strength back they'd go back in and try to remove the fragment. Chris said "I don't get any guarantees do I?" In the hallway Erica told Ryan not to feel guilty about what happened. Ryan asked if this meant he owes Chris forever, "He's no better than the other father I had." Erica went off on Ryan and Kendall stepped in for Ryan. Ryan walked away and Kendall followed him, while Erica just waited outside Chris's room. Joe came out and told Erica that Chris didn't want to see her again and told her about the bullet fragment. Erica didn't take this well and stormed into Chris's room. Chris told her to stay away from him and to keep Ryan away too. "Get the hell out of my life!" he bellowed. A brokenhearted Erica left the room.

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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Ryan visits Chris in the hospital. He tells Chris he couldn't just walk away after what Chris did for him. He wants to do anything he can to help. Chris turns away saying he's heard enough of Ryan's "guilt induced epiphany." Ryan leaves, not knowing what else to say or do. Chris places a call to Derek. He wants a search warrant issued for David's cabin and hotel room. Despite Joe Martin's assurances that David saved his life, Chris is certain that David is Proteus.

Kendall is waiting in the hospital corridor for Ryan. She tries to convince him to stop blaming himself for Chris's injuries. Ryan is still in shock that Chris would take a bullet for him. Kendall moans that Erica would never do such a thing for her, she's says Erica would rather go blonde first. Ryan and Kendall strike a truce and decide they are friends.

On the island, Leo sees Greenlee and Jake sleeping next to each other. Leo accuses Jake of doing more than just sleeping. This turns into an argument over whose fault it is that they are stranded. Greenlee has had enough. She asks to speak to Leo alone while Jake goes off looking for firewood. Once alone, Greenlee bats her eyelashes and tells Leo that she was so afraid she would never see him again. Leo is not about to be swayed by Greenlee's charms. He is still angry that he found her and Jake ready to make love. Greenlee, trying to defend her actions, brings up how she felt when Leo betrayed her with Laura. Before the argument can gather steam, Jake appears with the announcement that the Coast Guard is heading their way. They are about to be rescued.

Maggie begs Vanessa to let her go. Hearing a knock at the pump house door, Vanessa slaps a piece of tape over Maggie's mouth before answering. Stuart and Marian, out for a day of cross-country skiing, saw smoke coming from the chimney and wondered who was there. Vanessa explains that she had no where else to live after being banished from Cortland Manor. Marian makes some snide remarks before Stuart drags her away. Next, Vanessa makes a trip to David's cabin where she uploads all of Proteus' files to his computer. With wicked satisfaction, she tells herself that since David crossed her, now he will pay. Vanessa receives a call from Leo. He tells her she has to leave the country. Today.

The police are busy searching Greenlee's loft for clues on Maggie's disappearance while Bianca nervously tells Jack about Maggie finding a code in the book of sonnets. She thinks that discovery may have led to Maggie confronting Vanessa. David is there with Anna. He keeps trying to reach Vanessa on her cell phone, but there is no answer. David confides to Anna that he is feeling guilty for introducing Vanessa to the heart attack inducing drug. Angrily David vows that if he finds Vanessa before the police do, he'll kill her.

Moments later, David receives a call from his security company that the alarm was triggered at his cabin. David and Anna leave to check it out. When they arrive at the cabin, David finds nothing out of place, but he still senses something is very wrong. He turns on his computer to see if anything there has been tampered with.

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Friday, March 1, 2002

At the ice house Vanessa receives a phone call from Leo. He tells her they need to leave town and he will meet her at the boathouse. There is nothing left for him in Pine Valley. Vanessa smiles approvingly as she agrees to meet him.

Vanessa confesses to Maggie that she framed David. Maggie is surprised that Vanessa would do that to her own son. Vanessa justifies her actions and tells Maggie she is leaving her there and promises someone will find her eventually in the unheated ice house. Maggie, who is sitting in a wheelchair with her arms tied and her mouth taped, struggles to get free but to no avail. Vanessa leaves the ice house to go to meet Leo at the boathouse. Maggie manages to get the tape off her mouth and screams for help. She's afraid of freezing to death and asks Frankie to help her. She closes her eyes, hoping to rest for just a few minutes.

David is checking his computer files to see if they have been tampered with. He finds some unfamiliar files. As the police are pounding on the door to David's cabin, David frantically tries to delete the files copied to his computer by Proteus. He realizes that they can't be deleted without a password. Anna tries to help and tells David to throw water on the computer. As David gets a pitcher of water, the police and Detective Frye barge into the cabin with their guns drawn. A policeman checks the computer files and finds those left by Proteus. David is arrested. He and his computer are taken to the police station.

At the police station Anna tries to convince Derek Frye that David has been framed by Vanessa. David is still in denial that his mother is Proteus. Hayley and Mateo go to the police station to verify the files on David's computer matches the ones he had copied. They are the same. David is read his rights and taken to a cell. Anna implores Mateo to tell the police that David was framed. David tells Anna to save her breath as Mateo won't help him. Mateo threatens David that Proteus will pay for what he has done. After David is locked in his cell, Mateo comes to visit him.

Hayley and Mateo visit Chris Stamp at Pine Valley Hospital. Chris tells them that he thinks David deliberately left a bullet fragment lodged by his spine so he wouldn't be able to walk. He's positive it's Proteus MO to cripple his victims to cause suffering. Hayley disagrees with Stamp's conclusion that David is Proteus and tells him about the syringe that was found with Vanessa's fingerprints. They don't think Chris has objectivity about Proteus' identity. Chris doesn't agree. His cell phone rings. Derek Fry tells him David has been arrested and they found the computer files that belong to Proteus on David's computer. Chris expresses his frustration that Proteus is going down and he can't be there to see it. He's stuck in the hospital. Hayley whispers to Mateo that she isn't ready to count out Vanessa being Proteus.

After Hayley and Mateo leave the hospital, Anna visits Chris Stamp in his hospital room and tells him he has made a mistake. David is not Proteus. It's Vanessa. She implores him to have David released. Chris refuses.

Vanessa, carrying her suitcase, jubilantly joins Leo at the boathouse. She's pleased that Leo wants to leave town with her. She reminisces about the old times they spent together in Europe running scams. Leo tells her he wants to pull one more scam before they leave Pine Valley. Vanessa gleefully asks who it is. Leo tells her she is the mark this time. Vanessa is stunned. Leo tells her he's not going anywhere with her. She tells him to stop joking. Leo tells Vanessa he knows she tried to kill Greenlee and Jake and left them in a sinking boat. He asks her how she could kill the woman he loves. He demands the truth from Vanessa. Vanessa in defiance defends her behavior. Greenlee isn't good enough for him and she was hurting Leo by flaunting her affection for Jake. Vanessa, at last realizing that there is no use in covering up anymore, finally admits to drugging Greenlee and Jake as well as killing Paolo and Larry. Leo doesn't want to believe what he is hearing even though he knows it is the truth. He's not ready to accept it until Vanessa reconfirms she did it all. He tells Vanessa he asked her to the boathouse so he could look her in the eye to tell her he can't stand her. Vanessa claims that isn't true and tries desperately to change his mind, telling him how much she loves him. Leo replies that she doesn't have a heart or soul and begins to walk away from her. Vanessa implores him not to abandon her and tells him to stop and turn around. As Leo turns around, he sees the pistol she is pointing at him. Leo challenges her to pull the trigger and walks slowly towards Vanessa. She warns him not to test her.

Bianca gets into Greenlee's car as Greenlee and Jake are about to go to find Leo. She tells them Leo's life is in danger. Greenlee tells Bianca she will find Leo as Bianca gets out of the car. As Greenlee is speeding all over Pine Valley, running red lights looking for Leo, Jake tells her to stop searching and go to the police station to report Vanessa's attack on them. Greenlee suddenly sees Vanessa's car by the boathouse. They quietly park the car and sneak up to the boathouse. As they approach the entrance they hear a gun shot.

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