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Monday, June 17, 2002

Tad and Brooke show up at a hospital, looking for Maureen Gorman. Brooke tells the nurse on duty that there's a little boy she could save. They explain to her that Maureen is a match for the Lorenzo, and they ask her for help in tracking down Maureen. The nurse excuses herself and talks with another woman who approaches Tad and Brooke. The woman told them that they aren't the only ones looking for Maureen. She said that Maureen stopped showing up to work about two days ago, her phone was disconnected and she left no forwarding address. She went on to tell them that everyone is very worried about her, and the kids keep asking about her. Tad was skeptical as to why the woman would just leave when a little girl approached them. She asked them if they have found Maureen, because she hasn't finished the story about the princess. Tad told her no, but that they're looking for her. When they girl left, Brooke asked to see Maureen's file, and the woman agreed, because she knew Brooke was the owner of Tempo Magazine. After she left to get the file, Tad confessed that the little girl reminded him of the kind of girl Dixie would have had. Brooke comforted him as the woman returned. She announced to them that Maureen's personnel file is missing.

Joe told Mateo and Hayley that they could take Lorenzo home. As Joe walked away, Adam approached the couple and questioned why they brought Arlene back to Pine Valley. Hayley told him that her mother was a lot more understanding then he was. Adam apologized for coming down on Hayley, and she explained to him that they called everyone, and thought Arlene could have been the donor. He jumped to conclusions that she was drinking, or her liver was bad after years of abuse, and Hayley ripped into him again. She told him that she does love him, but she doesn't need his help right now. She asked him to leave, and he reluctantly agreed. When she returned to Edmund and Mateo, Edmund assured her that Tad and Brooke would find the donor and bring her to Pine Valley. Later, Joe gave Mateo and Hayley some last minute advice on taking care of Enzo, and she asked if they could drive him home, or do they need an ambulance. Joe said that that might do the trick, and he gestured behind them. They turned around to see Stuart, Marian, and Isabella pushing a baby carriage with balloons tied to it. Stuart said it's for Lorenzo's homecoming. Hayley and Mateo showed their appreciation for them coming down, as Edmund got a phone call at the desk. It was Brooke, and she told him that the woman disappeared and they can't find her. She assured him that they'll keep looking for her, though, but they're coming home now. When Edmund hung up, he broke the news to Hayley and Mateo. Edmund told them to keep up the hope, as he said goodbye to them. Mateo turned to Hayley and told her that everything would turn out okay. She said that she hopes he's right.

Erica continued dreaming about the fire, as she woke up screaming. Chris put his arms around her to comfort her. They got out of bed, and Chris poured her some milk. She told him that she was only scared because of the lightning and the storm. He didn't buy it, and asked if it was Kendall. She confessed that yes, it was Kendall she was thinking about. Later, Chris called a friend of his and found out that Kendall's trial is scheduled to begin July 5. Erica seemed to be unsure that she would really pay for her crime, and that she would find some way out of it. Chris, however, assured her that Kendall would pay, and after the trial she would be out of their lives for good.

Ryan told Kendall that he would keep her in the rain all night until she agreed to marry him, so she screamed, "Yes!." Ryan pulled her into an embrace and they kissed. They went back to their motel room, soaking from the rain. As Ryan dried off Kendall, she vowed to never push him away again. She told him that she is so happy, and she wished she could call someone and tell them how happy she is. Ryan suggested she call her mom. Kendall thought Ryan meant Erica, and acted offended, but he corrected himself and said he was talking about her adoptive mother, Alice. She told him that she isn't on the same page as Alice, and they have nothing in common. She went on to say that she wanted to wait until the trial was over anyway. Ryan managed to convince her to call her mom, so Kendall picked up the phone and dialed. When her mother answered, Kendall told her that she's getting married. She told her mother that she hopes she can make it for the wedding, and they say goodbye. She turned around and told Ryan that she's glad he made her do it. Ryan said that it's his turn now to call Chris, but Kendall said no. She told Ryan that Chris hates her, and he'll just try to talk him out of it. Ryan said that it won't work, and he proceeded to dial.

The count asked Leo if he would take the DNA test, and Leo agreed. There was a knock at the door, and it was Wolfe. Leo asked them both if this was some sort of set up. Count Du Pres assured them that Wolfe was going to help them, not hurt them. Wolfe apologized for what he did to them, and the Count assured them it wouldn't happen again. He told them that Wolfe is also his chauffeur, and he wanted to take Leo and Greenlee on a tour of Paris. He told them that he would like to get to know the young man who might be his son, and Leo said that he would like that, too. Later, the Count and Wolfe took Leo and Greenlee on a tour of the city. When Greenlee saw something she liked, she got out of the car to look closer, leaving Leo and the Count alone. They talked about Leo's past, and he assured the Count that he isn't a con anymore. The Count said that he did his homework, and he knows that Leo has changed. The Count offered Leo some advice and told him never to let Greenlee leave him, because she's a treasure. They heard Greenlee calling for Leo and the two men left the car. After they left, Wolfe got on the phone and told the other person that he has a message for Vanessa Cortland. "Her son is getting into water over his head." They later returned to Leo and Greenlee's suite, and Greenlee told Count DuPres that Wolfe gives her the creeps. He agreed that Wolfe can act a little aggressive at times. Before leaving, he confessed to Leo that he wouldn't mind if the DNA tests proved he was his son. Leo said that he would like that, too, and the Count left. Afterwards, Greenlee observed how happy Leo was, and Leo admitted that he likes the Count. Greenlee offered to cancel her flight and stay with Leo and Guy, but Leo convinced her to go back to work. He then told her that this might be the last father's day he spends without a father.

Chris was telling Erica a story from his childhood when the phone rang. Erica picked up the phone, and it was Ryan. He acted surprised that she answered, and told her that he has some big news. He told her that he wanted to talk to Chris, and Erica handed him the phone. Ryan immediately told him that he's marrying Kendall. Chris asked him to think about this and don't jump into it, but Ryan wasn't listening. He tried to convince Ryan that Kendall is going to go to jail and he told him her trial date has been set for July 5. Ryan responded that he and Kendall will be married the day before her trial begins. After Chris hung up, he told Erica what happened. She tried to console him as he complained that Ryan was going to throw away his life, "for her!"

After hanging up, Ryan assured Kendall that he's marrying her before she walks into that courtroom. He finished by saying that if Chris or Erica try to bring her down, "they're going to have to go through your husband first."

Brooke and Tad said goodbye to the woman, and told her to keep in touch if she hears from Maureen. As they left, the little girl, Brittany, returned and told Tad to tell Maureen she wants to see her. Tad promised, and the girl threw her arms around him. After Tad and Brooke left, Brittany told the nurse that she hopes they find Maureen. She wants to find out what happened to the princess who lived in Wildwind Castle, and if she lived happily ever after.

Count DuPres climbed into the back of his Limo and told Wolfe that he never dreamed he would have another son. Wolfe responded that he might wake up tomorrow and discover that his new son is gone again.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Upstairs in her hotel room, Erica tells Opal that Ryan is engaged to Kendall. Erica seems to be showing doubt that Kendall is guilty of setting the fire. Opal supports the guilty charge but Erica thinks a jury may find reasonable doubt. Erica begins to express her own uncertainty but Opal thinks otherwise.

In Greenlee's office at Revlon, she, Mary and Simone discuss the wedding fair. Anna enters and tells her they need to talk - now. Anna is upset that Leo left the country. Greenlee tells her that he's trying to find out where the drug money is. Anna is afraid that the Count may be her accomplice. Anna is also concerned that Leo may not return. A tired Anna starts to depart as Greenlee asks her to give her a break. Anna reminds her that she is aiding and abetting a felon and she had better be careful. Mary and Simone approach and Simone mentions that they are taking Vanessa to Pine Valley Hospital for a check up. Mary is suspicious and wants to know why Greenlee has to know. Greenlee covers and asks Simone to join her at the fair. They leave but Mary sneaks out.

Myrtle, Maddie and Brooke enter the fair. Brooke holding a Maria's wedding picture. Maddie wants Brooke to get a dress just like her mom's and to be her new mommy. Brooke declines and says she want to make her own lifetime with her and needs her help.

At the fair, Kendall tells Bianca she is engaged. Bianca asks if she is going to love her until "prison do us part"? Bianca tells Kendall she is selfish but Kendall retorts that Bianca is just jealous because she is marrying a man, and that's the one thing that mommy has always wanted for Bianca but could not get. Bianca calls Kendall a liar but Kendall asserts her innocence. Erica walks up just as Kendall declares that she took a lie detector test and past. Erica looks surprised but Kendall rages that she wants everyone to leave her alone and walks off. Brooke approaches and she and Erica exchange barbs. Myrtle walks up and mentions that she could've stopped the house fire if she had only stopped Kendall that evening. Erica, surprised, asks for more details. Myrtle tells her that she is quite sure that Kendall left the boarding house at 7:30. Myrtle departs and Erica wonders aloud if Kendall even had time to start the fire. As she turns to leave she runs right into Greenlee. They exchange insults and Greenlee lets Erica know that she knows she lied to her and used her. Erica says Revlon is doings the exact same thing. Kendall approaches and admires Greenlee's wedding dress for the bridal fashion show. She shares her engagement news with Greenlee. Greenlee laughs at the thought of it saying Ryan is too smart for that and walks off, leaving Erica and Kendall alone. Erica turns to Kendall and tells her that marrying Ryan will not change anything between them. Kendall mentions to her mother that she over-reacted when she read the letter meant for Chris. Erica questions how she knows about her fight with Chris, she must've been eavesdropping. Kendall then asks Erica why she won't ever believe or trust her. Kendall tells Erica she is marrying Ryan "despite" her feelings. Erica tells Kendall not to invite her to the wedding.

Marian, Mia and Colby talk at the bridal show. Colby asks Mia if she's ever been married or had a baby. Mia, visibly shaken, says no. Colby tells her she needs to find a Daddy just like her own daddy. Marian, there because she wants to renew her wedding vows with Stuart, approaches and tells Colby to go play. Marian is concerned that Colby upset Mia but Mia guarantees her she did not. Mia explains that she is at peace with her decision to put her son up for adoption and admits that she never told the father about it.

Bianca wonders who it was that invited her to the wedding fair. As she questions Opal Greenlee comes in asks them if they want to be in her wedding. Both are quite shocked and try to say not, especially since Bianca and Greenlee hate each other. Bianca asks why and Greenlee says because Leo adores her and Maggie is family. After a bit of persuasion they both agree but after Greenlee leaves Bianca tells Maggie that she's going to do it her way.

Anna returns to her room to find Liza sitting on her bed. Anna questions why she is there and Liza is surprised Anna does not know. Lisa tells Anna that the David tricked her into signing the agreement. Liza claims David has no scruples but Anna gets defensive and defends David against Adam. As they snap at each other Lisa winces in pain and has to sit down. Liza claims it's a migraine and that she is fine. She angrily tells Anna she wants David to stay out of her life and storms out.

Vanessa arrives at the hospital for a check up as Mary runs into her. Mary asks to talk to her privately. At first Vanessa pretends not to know her after Mary introduces herself Vanessa asks her to sit for a conversation. Mary and Vanessa both discover that the other is not too keen on the engagement. Vanessa says she has plans for Leo and Mary admits she had other plans for Greenlee as well. Both believe that if they can convince Greens and Leo that the wedding is happening too soon they will eventually get them to call off the wedding too. Vanessa tells Mary that if she is willing to undo "the ties that bind" Vanessa may be able to help her with a plan. Mary is shocked when she learns that Vanessa tried to kill Greenlee and still wants to kill her but Vanessa laughs it off. Mary walks off digested as Vanessa tells her she'll see her at the church.

Greenlee and Simone get Greenlee's dress ready for the show. As Greenlee leaves to get dressed, Mary finally shows up. She claims she was stuck in traffic and then notices Simone's bracelet. She said her ex-husband, Roger gave her one exactly like it. Simone is visibly embarrassed but covers and excuses herself. Mary smirks and leaves to find a seat. Kendall walks in and finds one of the dresses that Simone and Greenlee were carrying. She tries it on and while admiring herself in a mirror she turns around to find Greenlee dressed in the same dress.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

At the bridal show, Kendall and Greenlee squared off in their identical gowns. They threw nasty barbs at each other and Kendall tried to slap Greenlee. Greenlee taunted Kendall with Erica's scheme to get rid of her and the role she played in it. Greenlee started to walk away and Kendall put her foot down on the train of Greenlee's dress, ripping the back in two. Greenlee demanded that Kendall take off her gown and give it to her. A pushing match turned into an all out cat fight. Out in the lobby Mary was on her phone describing Greenlee's association with Vanessa, a.k.a Proteus, to someone at Revlon. Opal walked up to Simone and commented on her beautiful bracelet. She said she saw a matching piece somewhere and went to look for it. Simone tried to remove the bracelet when Roger showed up. He asked her not to break the bracelet and she said she'd like to break him. She walked away from him. Myrtle found Opal and they went to grab seats for the fashion show. Chris walked over to Bianca and asked where Erica was. Bianca said that after Kendall and Erica bared their teeth at each other, Erica left. The fashion show began and the announcer introduced the first model. The crowd oohed and aaahed as Roger found Simone again. He begged her to talk and she said not there, she would meet him at the park. He said he couldn't leave now but she ordered him to meet her. They both left the bridal fair. The announcer introduced the "Bride of the Year, Miss Greenlee Smythe, soon to be Mrs. DuPres!." Kendall and Greenlee appeared on the runway, chasing each other and fighting. They realized where they were and Greenlee tried to take control. But Kendall attacked her again while photographers snapped away. Bianca and Maggie cheered them on as Chris pulled Kendall off Greenlee and a waiter grabbed Greenlee. Greenlee yelled that she was going to press charges against Kendall and Kendall told her to "bring it on!" Mary walked over and asked the crowd to give them some privacy. She told Greenlee that she just got off the phone with her boss at Revlon and she wants to know how the fiasco started.

At the park Simone tried to get the bracelet off and Roger said it was breaking his heart that she would give back his gift. She asked how many other women he'd given this same bracelet to and he just tried to blow her off. Simone demanded that he leave her alone and she started to leave. Roger grabbed her around the neck and said he could learn to live without her but that she was going to make it up to him. She wondered what he meant and he said they had a book deal to finish. Simone said a clean break was best but Roger pushed her up against a wall. He said they will finish the book because he needs the money. Simone realized then that he'd been using her all along. When she asked him he told her "don't go there, it will only embarrass you" and asked when they could start work on the book. She said she wasn't writing a book with him and Roger threatened to tell everything to his therapist (Simone's father). Simone said that was blackmail and Roger said he just wanted to be her friend and colleague. Simone slapped Roger's face.

David returned to his room and found Liza outside the door in pain. He took her inside and sat her on the bed and asked Anna to get a cold compress. Liza yelled at David and told him to stay out of her way. She did finally agree to let David check her out and he did some tests and decided she was having a normal migraine. When she felt a bit better she asked David how he could've taken advantage of her when she was ill. David just went into another room in response and Anna offered to get Liza a cab. Liza refused but warned Anna to be careful of David. Liza left and David returned. He asked Anna what that last comment was about. Anna said Liza told her she has reason to doubt her husband. They argued and David told her she shouldn't listen to anyone else about him. Anna said that everyday something comes up that makes her question what kind of man he really is. She ranted on him about taking advantage of Liza and said he gets off on being the center of conflicts. David said she was using this as an excuse to walk away and make him out to be the cause of their failed marriage. He said that she wants to love him the way he is but that she's afraid to do it. David said they belong together but Anna wondered why she should invest in someone who throws away every chance he gets at being respectable. Anna said David was willing to risk everything, even his life and it scared her. He said he was right, that she is afraid of losing him. Anna said yes, she is afraid to lose him. She said she saw Robert die and she couldn't survive it a second time. David said that because she loves him that made everything alright.

Barry and Adam met at the park. Barry gave Adam a packet of custody information. Adam said that Liza embezzled from Chandler Enterprises and she was going to pay. Barry questioned his motives and said that Liza has plenty of ammunition against Adam too. Adam said that when he's done working Liza, she'll look worse than he ever could.

At the Valley Inn Adam found Liza and took her into a small dining room. She said that David knows she's onto him but Adam said he thinks Liza made a mistake. This made Liza doubt herself and asked what he meant. Adam tried to avoid the question but Liza forced him to talk. He told her not to lower her guard with David. Liza said she wants David to know she's watching him. Adam said Liza was one of the sharpest, brightest people he knows and she shouldn't doubt it. Liza thought he meant she was losing her edge. Adam told her not to get agitated. She wanted to know if he thinks she's not as sharp as before her surgery. He said it was probably temporary and that last week he'd spoken to Dr. Decarlo. Liza got upset to learn he'd spoken to Dr. Greenberg's assistant without her knowledge. Adam told her not to worry and wanted to take her home. Liza leaned into Adam and begged him to help her. He held her as he said "Of course, what else would I do?." They left the Valley Inn together.

Kendall returned to Ryan's room with Chris following her. He told her she was a sorry pain in the butt. He said she would've liked for Erica to see what had happened just to embarrass her. He asked her what Ryan would think of what she had done. Kendall said Ryan didn't have to know. Chris said he will find out and that she is just using Ryan. Kendall said that after the trial she and Ryan were leaving town. Chris said she'll be found guilty and asked if she'd thought about what life will be like for Ryan while she's in jail. He asked her not to let Ryan go into a cell of his own while she's in hers. She said she's not forcing Ryan to do anything. Chris said she was willing to let Ryan throw his life away by marrying him and that the best thing she could do for Ryan was to break up with him. Ryan walked in just in time to hear this.

Greenlee and Mary returned to Revlon. Greenlee went into a meeting with her boss while Mary paced in Greenlee's office. When Greenlee returned she told her mother that her boss was not angry about what happened. Mary said she was lucky, that adverse publicity will affect her job. Greenlee said her boss did mention her connection with Vanessa and that she suggested that Greenlee tone down the wedding plans. Greenlee wondered who called her boss and who sent the photos so quickly. "Who wants to trash my wedding?" she cried as Mary hugged her. Greenlee said she has to find out who's out to get her. Mary said she should just leave it alone. Greenlee's boss called and asked why her booth at the bridal fair was left unattended. Greenlee said she had left Simone in charge of it. Mary wondered if Simone was the one who "ratted" on her but Greenlee said Simone is the one person she doesn't have to worry about.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

At her Revlon office, Greenlee tries to do damage control when she learns that her bosses already have a picture of her knock-down - drag out fight with Kendall at the Bridal Fair. Mary urges Greenlee to tell Mr. Weyburn that Greenlee was set up by the competition - probably Enchantment - and Greenlee decides to take her mother's advice. Then Mary reminds Greenlee that Kendall got hold of the Wedding Dress BECAUSE Simone deserted her post at the Revlon Booth. However, Greenlee forgets all about her 'Very Bad Day,' when Leo comes in the door and she rushes into his arms.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Simone is reeling from the discovery that Roger romanced her just so he could get a book deal to 'tell all' about Proteus. But Roger shocks Simone even more when he informs her that Roger has been attending psychotherapy sessions with Simone's father - and Roger threatens to tell all to Simone's FATHER as well as to Greenlee. However, Simone decides that she will just tell Greenlee all about it on her own and leaves for Greenlee's office.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan walks in on Chris trying to convince Kendall to get out of Ryan's life for Ryan's own good. Ryan tells his Dad to butt out - in no uncertain terms.

At the Valley Inn, Aidan Devane bumps into a waiter pouring water for Erica, and seeing that the waiter spilled on Erica's architect's plans for a new home, Aidan tells Erica that the plans will never work if she really plans on including that Wall of Windows as they are drawn in her plans. As Erica chats cheerfully with Aidan, Erica invites him to join the construction crew working on her new home. Later, Erica is shocked when she learns that Aidan is related to Anna and Alexandra Devane.

Meanwhile, in the Hayward Hotel Suite, as David and Anna argue, David begins to kiss her, but Anna tells David that just forgetting about their problems long enough to land in bed is NOT a smart way to sincerely TRY to solve their problems. David points out that what they both KNOW is that they DO love each other.

Back at the Revlon office, when Leo realizes that Greenlee is upset, Leo immediately blames Mary - but Greenlee tells Leo about her cat-fight on the cat-walk - with Kendall! When Greenlee asks Leo about his DNA tests with the Count, Leo informs his bride-to-be that it will take one to two weeks before he gets the results of the DNA tests.

As Simone breathlessly arrives to confess to Greenlee about her affair with Greenlee's father, Simone is shocked when Mary immediately launches into a description of Greenlee's fight with Kendall, and Simone feels guilty when she learns it all happened when Simone left the Revlon Booth at the Bridal Fair to talk to Roger.

Roger is the next to arrive breathlessly and stuns everyone by announcing that he and Simone have some good news for all of them. Roger announces that he and Simone are working on a book about Proteus together. Greenlee gives her friend her blessings. After Roger leaves, Mary asks Simone what happened to the bracelet that was an exact duplicate of a bracelet Roger once gave to Mary when Mary had caught him having an affair, but Simone brushes her off.

When Chris meets Erica at the Valley Inn, Erica tells Chris about Aidan's experience in architecture and that he is related to Anna and Alexandra. But Erica is sorry to learn that Chris is sure that Ryan will continue his plans to marry Kendall, and that his son is NOT interested in listening to reason about any of it.

Meanwhile, as David and Anna argue, Aidan pops in to visit them. Before Aidan can beat a hasty retreat, Anna assures Aidan that she DOES want to keep her dinner date with him. Then Anna tells Aidan that David is on call at the Hospital, but David reminds his wife that he is on sabbatical due to the injury to his hand. When Anna invites David to join them for dinner, David merely tells her that he has things he needs to do.

After Anna and Aidan leave for dinner, David receives a phone call that upsets him.

Kendall and Greenlee run into each other in the Park, but before they can launch into Round Two of their fight, Ryan and Leo show up and split them up. Leo suggests they solve their problem by having a double wedding but Kendall and Greenlee agree that that will happen ONLY when pigs fly! In the Park, Ryan asks Leo to be his best man and Leo accepts - but Greenlee and Kendall STILL refuse to call a truce.

Meanwhile, at the Valley Inn, as Chris and Erica discuss Kendall and Ryan, Erica asks Chris if he thinks that it could be possible that Ryan is right and Kendall really IS innocent. But Chris reaffirms his belief that Kendall IS guilty.

Anna and Aidan arrive for dinner in the Valley Inn Dining Room, and Aidan tells Anna he does NOT want to stay at the Valley Inn on Anna's money. Anna urges Aidan to spend time at the Valley Inn to get to know David better but Aidan tells Anna that he would NEVER be able to trust his aunt's husband!

Meanwhile, in David's Hotel Suite, David says to a caller: 'No. I said no - damn it! Don't tell Tad. Look - I'll -- I'll take care of it - all right?'

Back at the Revlon office, Simone tells Roger that she will make him pay for what he has done to her. When Roger tries to sweet talk Simone, Simone warns Roger NEVER to touch her again - JUST as Mary returns and overhears the conversation. After Simone storms out, Mary comes out of hiding and confronts Roger, WITHOUT admitting that she overheard the heated conversation between Roger and Simone. Roger tells Mary that Roger believes that Mary's ONLY interest in Greenlee's wedding is Greenlee's trust fund. After Roger leaves, Mary calls the photographer who snapped Greenlee and Kendall's cat-fight and delivered the pictures to Greenlee's bosses - and Mary congratulates the photographer for his good work!

When Greenlee and Leo return to her office, they declare their love to each other and kiss.

At the Valley Inn, Erica tells Chris that she has a splitting headache and rushes off to get something for her aching head.

As Anna and Aidan dine, David suddenly arrives and announces that he will need to go out of town to take care of a medical emergency.

Back in the Park, Kendall asks Ryan if he wants to back out of their intended marriage. In reply, Ryan gets down on his knees and make an official proposal to Kendall and gives Kendall his mother's ring - that Chris had passed on to Ryan. Kendall agrees once again to become Mrs. Ryan Lavery, and they kiss.

Friday, June 21, 2002

At Pine Valley hospital Jake tried to talk Mia out of quitting her job. Jake explained to Mia he was trying to understand the hold Adam has over her. He wondered why Mia didn't come directly to him to tell him she was quitting her job. He accused her of sneaking around just as Adam would have done. Mia shouted back at him in defiance that she loved Adam. Jake looked stunned. Realizing what she had just said, Mia tried to explain what she meant by loving Adam. He cares about his family, she said. That's why I love him. Mia left to go to the Day of Compassion being held at one of the hospital's meeting rooms. Jake followed her down the hallway trying to continue his conversation. Mia told him she thought Jake wanted her to continue her job at the hospital because he wanted to control her. She compared his behavior to the way he was with Greenlee much to Jake's frustration.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam brought Liza a glass of water so she could take some medication for her headache. Adam tried to talk Liza out of going to the Day of Compassion being held at the hospital. David Hayward might be there he warned Liza. Adam continued to bagger Liza about her anger towards David. When he mentioned that he and Mia had talked about Liza, Liza became enraged and shouted at him why are you and Mia discussing my health behind my back.. Suddenly her mood changed and she became soulful. She expressed her desire to have her old self back. She began to cry softly as Adam comforted her. She was frustrated because of her headaches. Liza told Adam she is grateful how good he is to her. Adam held her in his arms. Unknown to Liza a sly smile crept upon his face.

Bianca entered the dining room at the Valley Inn. She joined Chris at his table and asked where Erica was. Chris told her Erica was in her room with a headache. Chris talked with Bianca about the night of the fire and went over the timetable of when Bianca saw Kendall. He wanted to make sure all the facts were correct so Kendall wouldn't have a loophole to wiggle in.

Also in the dining room, Anna and her nephew Aidian continued their conversation. Aidian asked Anna why was she so upset David wasn't having dinner with her. Anna had wanted David to be with her during this Day of Compassion. Her daughter, Robin, is Hpositive. Aidian told Anna he would go with her to the program at the hospital. Anna was pleased.

At the hospital meeting room where the Day of Compassion was being held, Stuart gazed at Cindy's photo. He spoke softly to her and promised she won't be forgotten. Marian told Stuart how much she loves him and that she thanks God she has Stuart in her life. Everyone had arrived so the program began. Stuart spoke briefly about what the Day of Compassion was about-compassion for others. He asked if anyone wanted to speak before the group. Hayley stood up and went to the podium. She began to talk about having healthy babies and how much happiness it brings to the parents. But when a baby is ill it brings despair. She talked about all the friends and strangers who have tried to help Enzo and was thankful for them being there for her and Mateo. We all have power to heal ourselves she continued. She began to sob and Mateo stepped to the podium to comfort her.

Anna spoke next about her daughter. Hdidn't open a door for Robin but she is a fighter as she studies to become a doctor, Anna told the group.

Stuart ended the program and told everyone that we were put on the earth to love one another. Compassion can help heal. He asked for a moment of silence to remember lost loved ones as tears quietly flowed down his face.

The program over, Dr. Joe found Hayley and Mateo to tell them to come with him. He has found a donor and it is a perfect match.

Kendall, after accepting Ryan's engagement ring, swore to Ryan she will never hurt him or make him sorry he is marrying her. They kissed again. Ryan told Kendall he wanted to show her off but Kendall said there was one place he could not come with her. She wanted to get him a present so she told him to wait for her at the motel room. She then left on her mysterious errand.

Ryan brought roses and champagne to the motel room and began to light candles for Kendall's arrival. He placed rose petals on the bed and wondered aloud where could Kendall be.

Kendall arrived at the dining room at the Valley Inn just in time to overhead Bianca say she would put her hand on the bible and lie to send my sister to prison. What Kendall didn't hear was what Bianca had said to Chris before Kendall entered the room. Bianca told Chris she would not lie to send Kendall to prison but she knew Kendall would if the situation were reversed. She pretended to be Kendall as she spoke the words Kendall overheard. Kendall was horrified. Chris told Bianca he hoped the trial will show Ryan the real Kendall. Their conversation over, Chris walked with Bianca out of the dining room.

Kendall made a cell phone call to Trey and left a message that she overhead Bianca say she would lie in court. Her call finished, Kendall overhead Chris talking with Aidian about security and the telephone lines that would connect Enchantment offices and the penthouse suite. Anyone could hear conversations on the line he told Aidian.

Adam, Mia and Liza returned to Chandler Mansion after the program at the hospital. Adam overhead Liza talking with Mia about Jake. Liza was encouraging Mia to see Jake not knowing Mia was trying to break up with him. Liza recalled the cufflink found in Mia's bed which Mia denied was Jake's. Liza returned to the study where Adam was waiting for her. When Liza entered the room, Adam was searching behind the couch cushions. When Liza asked what he was looking for, Adam replied he had lost a cufflink and couldn't find it anywhere. Liza looked puzzled.

Anna called on her cell phone to police headquarters. She wanted an APB put on Dr. David Hayward.

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