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Monday, September 16, 2002

At the Chandler mansion, Stuart, Marian and Mia refused to leave Adam and Liza to quarrel. Marian stated that they were beginning an intervention for the pair while Mia declared that they were not fit to be parents because they were using their daughter in a tug of war. Stuart told the pair that they had "buckets of chances" to do the right thing and that their situation was not a good one in which to raise a child. He declared that they were "taking charge of the situation" and were going to do what was possible to ensure that Colby had a normal upbringing. Liza and Adam attempted to defend their positions but all that ensued was another argument. Mia interrupted the bickering with a sharp whistle and Liza told her mother that she was only trying to protect her daughter. Marian acknowledged that but stated that she was making all of the same mistakes that were made in her childhood. Adam charged that was why he had taken Colby away for five weeks and assured them that their time spent on the lake fishing were memories that were going to last a lifetime. Quietly, Stuart replied that he had never fished with them or played with Colby because he was on the phone with his lawyer the whole time. Angrily, Adam asked him which side he was on and Stuart replied that he was on Colby's. Mia and Marian chimed in with the same sentiment. As Colby watched, crouching on the stairs and peering in between the railings, Stuart explained that since their daughter was too young to voice her own opinions, they were going to do it for her. Stuart suddenly caught sight of Colby and rushed to her side. The little girl explained that she had heard loud voices and wondered what was going on. Stuart tried to console her and suggested that she finish her watercolor painting. Colby left with Marian and Stuart informed Adam and Liza that they were "fired." Shocked, the pair wondered what he meant and Stuart declared that they were going to share Liza. Mia piped in that she was available to help Colby and Liza rudely told her that she was sick of her being in the house and wondered when she was leaving. Mia quietly replied that she was moving out immediately and Liza stated that was "the best piece of news (she had) gotten all day." Stuart jumped in and demanded that Adam take the east wing of the house and Liza take the west and that they could resume their parental duties once they calmed down. Adam promised that they would but Stuart didn't believe him. Before he left, he told them that it wasn't too late to give Colby a healthy childhood and assured them that if they stuck together, they could do it. As he left, Mia stated that she would be gone as soon as her bags were packed and Liza quickly began to apologize. Mia interrupted her and reasoned that Stuart was right in what he had said. She wondered why they claimed to be such good parents when all they did was compete for a top prize: their daughter. Mia left the room and Adam and Liza remained, silent. Alone, Adam wondered how they had gotten to that point and Liza confessed that she

At the Valley Inn, Anna was disgusted by Tad's news that David told Maria that she had murdered someone. He reasoned that it was all in his grand plan and, as Anna held up her sonogram picture, she wondered what type of father she had given her child. She assured Tad that David would have no influence on the decision she would make with her unborn child. Tad wondered when she was going to tell David about her pregnancy but Anna was unsure. He apologized for being hard on her but insisted that David had to be punished for his actions. He explained that Jake was working on the medical side of it, he was probing for more information from Maria, and it was her job to make sure that David could be charged. Anna agreed to call Jack to see what charges could be laid against him as she wondered how David could have done such a thing. Again, she wondered what type of a father he would be and became teary. She asked Tad to leave and he agreed, promising to stay in touch. Alone, Anna sat on the bed and wiped her tears away.

In Dr. Clader's office, David sat overjoyed as he watched the movements of his child on the doctor's computer. "My child," he whispered, as he printed off a picture of the womb. "What the hell are you doing in Clader's office?" Jake demanded, as the door swung open. David quickly began shutting down the computer as he told Jake to leave him alone. "What are you going to do? Fire me?" he asked him, as he jumped up and left the room without an explanation. Curious, Jake walked over to the computer but all that remained was a blank screen. Outside the room, David watched a man holding his newborn son. He approached them and began talking with the man. David declared that he just found out he was going to be a father and hastily walked away, as the man yelled his congratulations to him.

Holding hands in the park, Edmund assured Maria that her life was "there" and that he would help her find it. Maria snatched her hand away and asked him how she could want a life she couldn't remember. Edmund declared that he wouldn't stop until she remembered their life together and asked her if she would let him help her. With his hand on her face, he reminded her of the many picnics they had on that very same bench. Smiling, Maria asked him who won and Edmund replied that she was the one who usually had to go home to change. Standing, Maria suddenly became quiet and explained that she didn't even know what "home" was anymore. Edmund asked her to let him show her but Maria only admitted that she was "scared." As he touched her hand, she told him that she was afraid that she wouldn't have anything to give him in return. Softly, Edmund told her that he was in love with a woman, not a memory, and that there may be a part of the old Maria still inside her. "Tell me who you are," he asked. "Who is Maureen Gorman?" She replied that she was a doctor, wife and mother and couldn't remember being any of these three things. Edmund told her to not beat herself up and advised her to just be herself but Maria stated that she didn't know who that was. He suggested that the clue may be in her past but Maria only whispered that was where he wanted it to be and not necessarily where she wanted to find it. Edmund replied that she had survived a crash and that she was an extremely strong woman. He wondered what had led her back to Pine Valley and reasoned that it could have been curiosity, her heart or her faith. Maria wondered if she was religious and Edmund assured her that she was. Confused, Maria asked him why her faith wouldn't have stayed with her and Edmund told her that it was because she wasn't as ready for it back then as she was now. She asked him if that meant she should have faith in him and Edmund replied that she should because he wanted to help her. Maria confessed that it was all a little overwhelming, as there were too many people who wanted too much from her. Edmund agreed to back off a little bit and, as he gazed up at the sky, he confessed that he couldn't remember the last time he was that happy. Maria apologized for not being able to help it and asked him to consider the possibility of her never remembering her past life at all.

Jake informed a nurse on the pediatrics floor to be on the look-out for David Hayward. Suddenly, Tad approached him and Jake only that he just missed David, who was snooping around on Dr. Clader's computer. He wondered what he wanted with an OBGYN and Tad grew silent. He explained to Jake that Anna was pregnant and that she didn't want David to know. As they entered Clader's office, Jake wondered if Anna was going to be able to have the nerve to arrest David but Tad assured him that she would. He explained that David had told Maria that she had killed someone and told him that Anna was convinced he should spend the rest of his life in jail. Tad hoped David hadn't found out about the baby and declared that Anna would have to spend the rest of his life beating him off with a stick. Jake suggested that they call her to see if she had laid any charges but Tad replied that she needed some time alone. They opened the door and saw the man with his newborn son in the hallway. Growing sullen, Tad stated that if Dixie had lived, their baby "Kate" would be about that size right now. He called the situation a "cosmic joke" that David, a destructive and self-serving person, was about to become a father while his own wife and child were dead. Jake received a page and had to leave. He asked Tad if he was going to be alright and a shaky Tad assured him that he was. Alone, the man sat down with his son and smiled at Tad. Tad struggled to return the smile and quickly left.

At the hospital, tad peered into the baby nursery at the newborn babies. He saw a small little girl and pressed his hand to the window, as he gazed at her.

In her room, Anna put out another APB on David and warned the person on the other end of the line that David might be a flight risk. As she hung up, the doorbell rang and Anna answered it to a beaming David. He let himself in as Anna begged him to leave and get out of her life. "It's not just your life anymore," David smiled. Anna grunted in disgust but David pressed on. He told her that she wouldn't have been able to keep it from him just as she wouldn't have been able to keep their child from him. Anna replied that he was able to do it to Maria and David vowed that was in the past and he was a new man now. He told her their baby was a symbol of all that was good in their marriage and declared that they were going to take joy in raising their child together. "I can't even stand being in the same room as you," Anna replied, as she laughed at David's thoughts. She reminded him of the oath he had taken and that he had inflicted nothing but psychological trauma on Maria. He asked her to forget about it but Anna confessed that she couldn't. Suddenly, he held up the picture of their unborn child and asked her to consider their baby. Anna stated that she had kept the child a secret because she would rather die than let him near an innocent child but David reminded her that he had parental rights. He promised to give her everything she wanted as a lover, father and husband and begged her to let them raise their child together and become the man that she had allowed him to be. Anna accused him of using their baby as part of his agenda, as well as hiding behind her badge to save himself. She told him that their child gave her the power to stay away from him and reminded him of the power of attorney and their imminent divorce. David became enraged and declared that the baby was his and that the power of attorney meant nothing. Anna roared that they were over but David vowed that they weren't and stormed out.

Edmund suggested that they head back to the hospital and asked her to let them do a psych work up. Maria was dubious but Edmund was hopeful that they may be able to determine the cause of her amnesia but, if not, she would be free to live the life that she wanted. He vowed to "move heaven and earth" to give her "the life (she) treasured." Slowly, the pair joined hands and left the park.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Erica was trying frantically to find someone on the phone. Eventually she gave up and said, "Fine. I'll see him at B.J.'s!" Val, overhearing this, reminded her that she was going to order lunch in, and that a designer was coming to show her wedding dresses. She ordered him to cancel it, and he reluctantly agreed. Bianca arrived, and Erica shouted at her, "Where were you yesterday?!" She tried to apologize, but Erica ripped into her some more, telling her that this isn't a country club she can pop in and out of. Erica said that she never respected Enchantment, and never wanted to work there anyway. Bianca said that that isn't true. She told her that Maggie was in trouble, and she needed to help out a friend. Erica continued screaming at her, until Bianca told her that she's going to her office and they can talk about this later. Erica tried to follow her, telling her that they would talk about it now, but Chris walked in. She screamed at him to get out of her way, and then said that the last person she wants to see right now is him. He tried to calm her down, and he asked her what was wrong. She told him that he lied to her, again. She said that he has been reinstated as an FBI agent, and he didn't tell her. She was upset because he'll be back risking his life everyday. He told her that he loves his job, just like she loves her's, and she can't expect him to sit home doing nothing while she runs her company. He said that if she wants that, then she has the wrong guy. She replied, "Well, maybe I do!" She told him she was serious, and maybe they should take a break. Chris tried to tell her that she's scared, but she said that she can't trust him. He screamed at her and said, "After all this love we share, how can you say you can't trust me?" Rather then answer, Erica told him she has to go, and she left her office without another word. Afterwards, Bianca walked in and told Chris that she overheard. She told him that Erica yelled at her just a few minutes ago, but she left. Chris told her it was a good move to leave, but Bianca disagreed. She said that her mom was testing them, and they both failed.

Greenlee and Leo rushed out of an apartment in and headed towards Washington Square Park to do some rollerblading. Afterwards, Greenlee showed Leo two plane tickets she had to Paris, one way. He told her that he wants to go to Paris with her, but he has to wait until he's totally free. Greenlee tried to convince him that it would be okay, but he continually worried about getting caught. Finally, he relented and agreed to go to Paris with her, as long as they got to hang out in New York for a few more hours.

Anna showed up on Liza's doorstep. Lisa tried to tell her she was on her way out, but Anna said it was police business. She had some questions about her connection with David Hayward. She asked Liza why he visited her shortly after he was accused, and she said he needed her help. Liza tried to defend what David did as "heroic" for saving Maria's life, but Anna filled Liza in on what else he did. Liza seemed to change her opinion of David, and Anna persisted by telling her to be sure she knows what she's doing if she wants to help him. Anna changed her tone, and told Liza she just wants to find out why the man she loved betrayed her. They both sat down, and Anna told Liza that she thought she could love him, and back him more human. Liza said that he wanted to make her more like him, and she wanted to make him more like her, but it doesn't work that way. Anna told Liza that she's pregnant, and Liza responded, "God help you." Anna told her that she might be willing to forgive him if he really wanted to love her child, but it's not love he wants, it's ownership. Anna related her situation with Liza's and asked her why she stays with Adam. Colby interrupted them to ask Liza if she could go in the pool. As Liza hugged her, she told Anna that "This is the reason I stay." Liza sent Colby out of the room to get ready for a doctor appointment, and she walked Anna to the door. Anna asked her if she was afraid of the influence Adam would have over here, and Liza replied that she has no choice. If she ran, he would find her, and Colby would always love him, because he's her daddy. Anna thanked Liza for talking with her, and told her she would keep in touch, before leaving.

David arrived at Dr. Clader's office, and was surprised to see Jake standing there. Jake said that he asked Dr. Clader to call him, and David asked, "Why?" Jackson stood up from a chair behind the door and told David that if he knew he was waiting to see him, he never would have come. Jake explained to him that he broke into Clader's office, and David tried to justify it by saying he was consulting on a heart patient who's pregnant. Jackson didn't buy it, and he presented him with a restraining order. He will be arrested if he comes within 1000 feet of the hospital. Jake moved the meeting into the hallway, while he left to consult on another case. David tried to explain to Jack that his wife is pregnant, and he had a right to know. Jack defended Anna by telling him that she is through with him, so he should leave her alone. David told him that his marriage is off-limits, but Jack persisted by telling him that his marriage is over. David said that Anna always knew who he was, which is why she still loves him. Jackson said that he's an egomaniac, and no one is left who will come to his defense. Jackson said, "You're mine," as he left.

Leo was packing for the trip, as Greenlee called up Casey, her boss, and told her that she was transferring to the Paris office, immediately. After hanging up, there was a knock on the door, and it was David. He told them that Greenlee asked for Leo's passport, and he had a seminar in the city anyway. Leo said that it's an odd coincidence, and David said that he really "needed to talk to my brother." David told them that Anna was ready to file a divorce. Greenlee told him that they have a while before their plane leaves, so he can tell his story. David was surprised and told Leo that he can't go. He said that he needs him to stay and try to show Anna all the good things about him. Leo was reluctant, until David reminded him about the plane he got for his wedding. Leo told him that he owed him one, and David was calling in that favor. He pleaded with Leo that he needs him to stay. Finally Greenlee agreed that they could stay, and David left with them back to Pine Valley.

Erica walked into BJ's, frantically looking for Jackson. He eventually found her, and she chewed him up for daring to have lunch before coming to see her. She went on and yelled at him, because he knew that Chris was reinstated, and he didn't tell her. He said that it wasn't his job to tell her. She said that she counts on him to be honest, and if she can't count on him, who can she count on. He was about to tell her that her life is full of people, but he stopped short when he remember the date. He asked her again if she's alright, "because today is your father's birthday." They sat down to order, and she tried to change the subject. Jack wasn't buying it though, and asked her again if she's okay. She said she didn't want to talk about her father. He remembered that it had been twelve years since she last saw him, and he told that he's sorry he walked out on her when she was little. She told him that she has made piece with what her father did. Jackson asked her if she had told Chris about it, and she responded, "Why should I?" He told her that she needs to let him know about her most vulnerable memory. She began arguing that she isn't vulnerable, and he told her that her father leaving her is what drives her today. She prepared to leave, but Jackson told her to sit. He told her that he knows who she is, but she said that he doesn't know her as well as he thinks she does. He became offended and was about to leave. She said, "Go ahead. Leave." He stopped at the door, turned around, and sat back down. Without saying a word, Jackson put his arm around her. Chris walked in the door, looked around, and saw Jackson sitting with his arm around Erica.

Anna went to the airport to leave on a flight to St. Justin's to finalize her divorce. After getting her ticket, she turned around and saw David, Greenlee, and Leo arrive. David saw the ticket in her hand, and said, "St. Justin's Island? You're going to divorce me."

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Jake and Mia had just finished making love on the floor of Jake's apartment. Jake told Mia he had missed being with her and he had figured Adam convinced her to stay away. Mia apologized and said she had spent too much time with Adam and Liza. She told Jake that she was moving out on her own and that she had a favor to ask of him. Jake cuddled Mia and said he couldn't say no to her. Mia said he didn't even know what the favor was yet but Jake said he was pretty sure he knew. Jake said his place was big enough for the two of them. Mia was a little taken back and said that wasn't the favor, it was that she needed her job back at the hospital. Jake was a little hurt and Mia confessed that she had briefly thought of moving in with him but that she really needed some time on her own. Jake said that was ok as long as she remembered how comfortably she fit into his place. Jake agreed to give Mia her job back. She was thrilled and they hugged. After getting dressed Jake asked Mia to go to the hospital with him and reminded her of his offer for her to move in with him. She said it would be nice but that she really wants to live alone for awhile. Mia said it would be hard to be away from Colby though and Jake reminded her that she'd be able to see Colby frequently. Mia agreed and said at least she'd have that much, she never sees William. They talked a bit about William's father and Mia said she did the right thing, not telling William's father that she was pregnant. She said their past was forgotten. They left for the hospital.

At the hospital Frank Hubbard was telling a joke to a nurse while Simone listened in. The nurse didn't find the joke even slightly amusing but Simone did. The nurse left and Simone asked Frank to go get some food with her. He agreed to go when his shift ended in a few minutes. He began to tell her another joke when Simone's father appeared and told him this wasn't a comedy club. Frank went back to work while Simone spoke with her father. He thought she was only speaking with him because she needed rent money but Simone assured him that she didn't need his help. She told him she was hoping to write for "Legends" magazine but Dr. McMillan wasn't impressed. Simone asked why he couldn't be happy for her and he reminded her of what happened the last time she had a writing assignment. Her father walked away and Frank returned, saying her father was a real laugh riot. Simone said he wasn't always like that and Frank asked what happened. She said she'd tell him over a meal and Frank clocked out. As they turned to leave two EMT's rushed in an over-dose case. Frank began to work on him and the nurse reminded him that he was off duty. Frank said no one else was around and started ordering tests. The EMT's were none too enthused about working on the patient, they told Frank that he'd be dead in a few minutes so why bother. Frank got angry and insisted on treating the patient. They put him in an exam room where Frank saved his life. Afterwards Frank called the boy's parents and gave them the medical status on their son. Simone watched and spoke with her father, who had seen Frank treat the patient. Her father snidely commented that it was never easy to see a life wasted. Dr. McMillan walked over to Frank and began to berate him on his unprofessional behavior and lack of teamwork. Frank argued with him and was told to "stop posturing for my daughter." Dr. McMillan started to walk away but Frank grabbed his arm. Frank demanded respect and that he doesn't let people talk to him that way. Dr. McMillan continued to bad-mouth Frank who finally exploded and said if he were his kid he'd get as far away from Pine Valley as possible. Frank stomped off to an empty exam room and Simone followed him. Frank said her father was an "insufferable old goat" and Simone said the two men were quite a bit alike. Frank said he was nothing like her father but Simone said he attacked her father the same way he had attacked Frank. She left and Mia came in. Mia tried to comfort Frank and touched him gently on the chin. Jake walked in just in time to see the gesture.

At BJ's Erica and Jack were seated at a table when Chris showed up. Jack said this was a set up by Erica but she feigned innocence. Jack said Erica knew Chris would track her down with him and it would make him jealous. Jack stormed off and Chris sat down. He told Erica he thought she was a she-wolf but that wouldn't scare him off. Erica threatened to leave and Chris convinced her to stay. She tried to defend herself, saying she needed a man who would listen to her and care about her. Chris wondered why Erica didn't meet with Bianca or Myrtle or Opal instead of Jack or even himself. Erica said she needed to talk about Chris to someone so she wouldn't have called him. They argued about his Fed job. Erica said he went back to the bureau to get away from her.He said she makes it very hard to love her but that he loves her for the duration. Erica said "Until you have to leave, the bureau will send you to some hot spot." Chris replied "If you believe that maybe we shouldn't get married." He said he was calling off the wedding and Erica argued, saying she was calling it off. Chris said he's the one doing it and that he was going to take Jackson out for a beer. Erica got very angry. Chris said there was nothing wrong with being afraid and that he was sorry for her. Erica told him not to pity her. Chris said he didn't and wondered who did this to her. "Who was the first to let you down? Eric Kane?" Erica was stunned when Chris said he knew it was her father's birthday. He said she should make peace with what her father did to her. Erica said she had already but Chris said her father didn't keep his promises. Chris asked what Erica would want her father to say if he were there right now. Erica said she didn't know and if her father wanted to talk to her he could find her easily. Chris offered to use his connections to find Eric Kane and that when they did find him he'd sit right next to Erica while she asked her father anything she wanted. She agreed then said she needed to run to the office for a bit and would come back. Chris got on the phone and told a colleague to start looking for Eric Kane. Then Chris called Enchantment and spoke to Bianca. He asked for Erica and Bianca said Erica wasn't there. Chris thought that was odd and wondered where Erica had gone.

At the airport David, Leo and Greenlee tried to stop Anna from leaving to get the divorce. Anna told David he had no say in this at all and he argued that it was his child too. Anna said it was her child, not his. Leo told David to go to the car with Greenlee and he'd talk to Anna alone. After David and Greenlee left Anna told Leo she didn't want to listen to what he had to say. Leo said he owed it to her and to David to try to help them now. Leo said David screwed up and asked if Anna was going to bail on him. Anna said there was nothing left to save. Leo said there was the baby and that it deserved the best start they can give it. Leo told her that she is the best part of David's life. Anna said he made choices and now he had to live with them. Leo said David wants a life with her and Anna said she did too but it wasn't possible now. Leo said David is a different person now because of Anna and that he loves her more than anything. Anna said she wasn't letting David near her baby. Leo reminded Anna that fathers have rights and Anna said David would have to track her down. She said she wasn't going to live in this town and have to see David. Leo said she'd see David whenever she looked at the baby. He begged her to give David another chance. Meanwhile Greenlee and David talked in the car. He thanked her for trying to help him. David said he and Anna were meant to have a life together and went on about what a miracle this pregnancy was. He held up the sonogram picture and Greenlee said maybe they did have a chance if Anna gave him that picture. He looked at Greenlee and she realized he stole it. "You're such an idiot!" she told him. David said the child was his legacy and the one truly fine thing he ever did. He said he would never give up. David and Greenlee returned to the gate and found Leo sitting alone. Leo said Anna got on the plane. David ordered the gate agent to call the plane back but of course was turned down. David was devastated and started to cry. Greenlee comforted him while Leo picked up the sonogram picture off the floor.

On the plane Anna sat and looked at her copy of the sonogram picture. She put it away and put her hands on her belly. In tears she told the baby that "David is not going to hurt you or me ever again."

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

As soon as Trey leaves, Kendall hurries to search the apartment for the Proteus files. As she's looking, Trey comes back in and asks what she is up to. Kendall answers that she is looking for batteries for her PDA. Trey is suspicious, but can't prove that Kendall was doing anything wrong. After Kendall leaves, Trey calls Leo to say he's coming up.

When Trey arrives at Leo's, he tells Leo that Chris Stamp and the Feds are holding Vanessa as a protected witness. Leo wants Trey to find out if he can get in to see Vanessa since he is her lawyer. Trey isn't sure because he really isn't Trey Kenyon, Attorney at law. They discuss what to do next. Leo reminds Trey that when they do find the money, they are going to turn it into the police. Trey agrees, but in his mind he's thinking otherwise.

Greenlee arrives at work to find Kendall has taken her place. Casey tells Greenlee that since Greenlee quit, Kendall begged to fill the empty position so they hired her on a trial basis. Greenlee marches into her office and tells Kendall to "get the hell out." Greenlee has decided not to quit after all. As Kendall protests, Greenlee begins to tell her about everything she's been going through lately. As soon as Greenlee mentions Trey wanting to team up with Leo, Kendall's ears perk up and she has a light bulb moment. Kendall finally realizes that Trey was the one who burned down Erica's house. He set the house on fire in order to steal Chris's Proteus files. She also realizes that Trey set her up to take the fall for his crime. Both women need to stop Trey and they realize that they need to team up in order to accomplish this.

Tad and Jake go to the hospital to find out what they can about David. They decided to compare Maria's records to Dixie's. Jake compares Maria's blood chemistry from before and after the plane crash, then looks at Dixie's blood samples from before and after she was given the experimental drugs. He discovers that both blood samples had changed in the same way meaning that both women were probably given the same drug treatment. They go to Jack with their findings. Jack feels this may be just what they need to convict David. Now all they need is Maria's testimony against him.

A messenger delivers papers to Jack. Jack is dismayed to find out it is Anna's resignation. He calls her to ask what is going on. Anna tells him she's no longer sure she can trust her own judgment. Jack tells her he needs her help and asks her to come to the hospital. Anna informs him she is on St. Justin's Island getting a divorce. Jack tries to convince Anna that she really is a good police chief. After hanging up with Jack, Anna has second thoughts. She calls him back to say he was right. She will return to Pine Valley and her job. Anna asks Jack to subpoena Liza Chandler.

Edmund brings Maria to see Dr. McMillan. He sees no physical reason why Maria can't be released from the hospital. Edmund is adamant that Maria stay put until her memory comes back. He fires one question after another at the doctor, wanting Maria cured. Maria takes offense to the fact that no one is asking her opinion. Dr. McMillan asks Edmund to give them some time alone. Maria tells the doctor how frustrated she is. She is tired of everyone expecting her to be Maria Grey, but she is not Maria, she is Maureen Gorman. Dr. McMillan asks her to explain exactly who Maureen is as a person, but Maria can't or won't answer.

When the doctor asks what has kept her going all these years, Maria tells him it was her work. She loved working with the children and being at the hospital. When he suggests she get back into the medical field, Maria/Maureen becomes stubborn saying that Maria was the doctor, not her. When Dr. McMillan presses Maria for more information about the past five years, she refuses to answer. She will only tell him that she kept mostly to herself and didn't form any close relationships with anyone. She omits any comment on David's involvement. Dr. McMillan advises Maria to stop running. He tells her she must now decide who she wants to be.

Once the session with Dr. McMillan is over, Edmund is ready to take Maria home to Wildwind. Maria has no intention of going there. She wants to be on her own.

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Friday, September 20, 2002

Greenlee sat in the driver's seat of her car parked outside of her condo. Kendall was with her on the passenger side. Greenlee was thinking of a plan to find out what Trey is up to and to get Leo to realize Trey is conning him. Kendall wanted to rush inside the condo and confront Trey about framing her for burning down Erica's house. Greenlee told Kendall, "My game, my rules." Kendall finally agreed. Greenlee wasn't sure she could trust Kendall. They left the car to go to Greenlee's condo.

Trey was alone in Greenlee and Leo's condo talking on the cell phone in very loud, demanding tone. Leo, unnoticed by Trey, entered the condo carrying take-out food. Leo was puzzled. Who was Trey talking to? Trey hung up the phone as Leo slammed shut the front door with his foot. Surprised to see Leo, he quickly told Leo he was talking to Judge Wilson's law clerk. The clerk agreed to talk to the judge about getting an injunction against the Bureau so they will have to tell where Vanessa is being hidden. Leo, playing a con as well with Trey, told Trey he is glad he is his brother and that they will find Vanessa together and return the money to the DA. Leo also told Trey that he and Greenlee will be moving to Paris once the Proteus money is turned over to the DA. Trey was surprised to hear Leo's plans. Leo asked Trey not to tell Greenlee about their plan to find Vanessa.

While they were eating the take-out food, Kendall and Greenlee burst into the room. Greenlee was curious about what was going on. Trey and Leo pretended they were just hanging out together as brothers. The phone rang. Trey and Leo weren't too eager to answer it. Greenlee grabbed the phone. It was Judge Wilson and he wanted to talk to Trey about Vanessa. Greenlee glared at Trey as she handed him the phone. He talked briefly with the judge and hung up. He made up an excuse that the judge was helping him get a restraining order. Leo quickly announced that he and Trey were going to go to a sports bar. They dashed out leaving Greenlee and Kendall dumbfounded. Greenlee quickly grabbed Kendall exclaiming they had to follow them. Greenlee realized Leo and Trey were not really going to a sports bar. They rushed out of the condo.

Greenlee and Kendall briefly fought over who was going to driver her car. Kendall took over and jumped into the driver's seat. They raced off after Trey and Leo. Leo noticed headlights in his rear view mirror were getting closer and closer. He realized he was being followed.

Anna returned home to the Valley Inn room she shared with David and found David waiting for her. He demanded to know if she aborted her pregnancy. Anna didn't answer his question. David tried to convince Anna the baby was created out of love. Anna scoffed at him. "You don't know how to love," she replied. David was very afraid Anna was going to terminate the pregnancy and was relieved to hear she had not. Anna denied him any access to the baby. "It is my baby," she retorted as she handed David the final divorce decree. While they argued, Anna made many trips from the closet to the hallway outside the room as she threw David's clothes in the corridor.

Anna told David she thought he was hiding the fact that he used an experimental drug on Maria. David denied he did. He challenged Anna to prove it. Anna called his bluff. I'll go to the source she replied. " Let's see what Maria has to say about God Hayward."

Edmund talked to Maria at Pine Valley Hospital after her appointment was finished. She clearly told him her name is Maureen. Edmund is confused why she doesn't want to be called Maria and why did she choose to be someone she isn't. Maureen told him it she isn't Maria and asked Edmund why can't he accept her for who she is now. Edmund told Maria he thinks she is rejecting the past. Maria denied she was. Edmund asked Maureen what does she want him to tell Sam and Maddie about her not being Maria. Maureen did not know what to say. She agreed, though, to talk with Maria's children that evening and went with Edmund to Wildwind.

Edmund tried to talk Maureen into staying at Wildwild and she refused. She wanted to live on her own. Maureen felt Edmund was pressuring her to become the Maria he remembers. Edmund wanted her to come home and be Maria. Maureen replied she was not ready. She did not want to live in a fish bowl. Maddie and Sam came running into the room glad to see their daddy. Maddie asked Maureen if her angel mommy was going to live with them. Maria said no. She explained she was always going to be truthful with them and that she could not remember them. She needed to live somewhere else until she was ready to live at Wildwind. Sam hung his head. Maria asked him what was wrong. "I don't remember you either," he replied sadly. Maria gave him a hug and told him it was ok.

The phone rang at Wildwind. It was for Maria. Anna told Maria/Maureen that the Commonwealth had a case against David. " Will you help us?" She asked Maria.

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