AMC Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on All My Children
Maria and Aidan went to the Bahamas to kill Julian, who was actually at Wildwind. Kendall had a showdown with Erica. Reggie finally agreed to accept Trey's help. Anna needed immediate surgery, which David reluctantly performed. Adam tried to bribe Laurie into getting back together with JR.
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Monday, February 3, 2003


Who was going to shoot first? That was the question, as Aidan and Morgan stood next to each other, guns pointed at each other's heads. Aidan attempted to wheel and deal with Morgan. Take the cash, and I won't shoot, he offered. Morgan refused. You killed Julian's wife, and he wants his revenge, Morgan declared. Just then, a sickly Maria appeared. Realizing that Morgan hadn't heard her, Maria grabbed a book and banged it on the floor. The distraction caused Morgan to turn around, giving Aidan the opportunity to whack Morgan over the head with his gun. While Morgan lay crumpled on the ground, Aidan and Maria hugged. Then they burst into action. Aidan dragged the unconscious Morgan across the floor and stuffed her in a closet. Maria ran to the Wildwind safe and grabbed huge wads of cash, and together, they ran out of the house. They stopped when they got to Morgan's car. Aidan demanded to know why Maria was breathing funny. Maria explained that Edmund had been secretly giving her David's memory drug, and that she would never go back there. The only thing I care about is you, Maria exclaimed, and hugged him tight. Aidan explained that he must quickly take Maria to Isabella's, and tried to hotwire Morgan's car. But Maria wasn't having it. She begged to go with him. Aidan refused, explaining that he was going to The Bahamas to kill Julian. Maria nodded in acceptance, and insisted that he needed her. Don't leave me with that psychopath Edmund who used me as a lab rat, she begged. Aidan told Maria that she was a stubborn wench, and reluctantly consented to bringing her along. They got the car started, and took off.

In the meantime, back at Wildwind, Edmund had visitors. It was Chris Stamp on official business, along with a handsome Scotland Yard agent. At first, Edmund was annoyed that Scotland Yard was asking questions again. "Again?" asked the handsome agent. Edmund described the cop who had come by earlier, and the handsome agent immediately recognized this as an imposter. The agent demanded to see Maria, and Edmund ran to get her. After Edmund was gone, Chris turned to the agent, and asked who was this imposter. The agent explained that it sounded like Morgan, Aidan's accomplice in murdering Fiona. Chris seemed puzzled that the agent had never before mentioned Morgan. Just then, Edmund appeared. "Maria's gone", Edmund announced.

Edmund was ordering a full search for Maria when one of his security guards walked in, carrying a gagged Morgan. Edmund immediately recognized her. But if she's Aidan's accomplice, why did Aidan tie her up, Edmund asked. The agent speculated that Aidan must have gotten a bit rough. Edmund turned to Morgan: "Where is my wife?" he demanded. With Aidan, Morgan replied angrily. He's got your gun, your money, and your wife, and they took off.

The cops took Morgan to jail. Chris informed Morgan that she would be shipped back to England, and left the Scotland Yard agent with her alone. "You really think you're going to get away with this?" Morgan shouted. Yes I certainly do, the agent replied. Then Morgan brazenly started to come on to the agent. "I've missed you Julian." Yes, that's right. The agent was really Julian.

Julian proceeded to scold Morgan for messing up his grand plan. Morgan assured Julian that he could still get his revenge. Aidan is on his way to The Bahamas because he thinks Julian is there, Morgan explained. Julian agreed with an evil smile. After Aidan watches Maria die, he's going to beg me to kill him too, Julian predicted.


The Fusion women were in a tizzy because they needed to get more of their hot new lipstick to Lacey's by the next day. So they decided since they didn't HAVE the color, they were going to MAKE the color. So, Simone, Kendall and Mia gathered at Kendall's house, got out a big pot and started throwing in all sorts of random lipstick ingredients.

Greenlee soon entered and was quickly appalled that the women were actually trying to create the Fusion formula themselves. It looks like blood, Greenlee exclaimed, glancing at the red boiling mixture. "Why did I even get involved with you people?" she crudely asked aloud. "Because you have no friends," the girls answered. Greenlee smiled, didn't argue this point, and joined the girls with their lipstick stirring.

Just then, he phone rang, and Kendall screamed, "I'll get it." The Fusion girls cackled at how Kendall could have won the Olympic Gold Medal for that sprint to the phone. The caller was Maxie - from Lacey's. Kendall assured Maxie that their Rioja lipstick would be ready by the next day. After she hung up, the girls interrogated Kendall about who she was HOPING was on the phone. I bet she's waiting for the Aspen mystery man, they said a bit mockingly. Kendall denied this and then ran out of the room. After Kendall returned, Mia stared at her quizzically. She asked Kendall if she ate too much guacamole. Kendall grabbed a mirror and screeched, "Oh my God, my lips are green." The girls panicked and decided to re-sample their mixture. A quick coin toss determined that Simone would be the next guinea pig. Greenlee applied their potion to Simone's lips. While the color looked very pretty, Simone couldn't speak because her lips had become glued together.

Even more panicked, the Fusion girls began to brainstorm about how to unglue Simone's lips. Kendall suggested turpentine or mail polish remover. Simone grunted in disapproval. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Boyd who had run over, at Kendall's request. At first he refused to help because of his exclusive contract with Erica. But once Kendall promised him dinner, he melted. He advised Simone to simply apply heat and quickly left, with a quick reminder about Kendall's dinner promise.

Kendall went back to stirring the lipstick potion while Simone began to gossip. She asked Kendall how much she liked Boyd, implying that she would like to get to know the hunk. He saved my lips, Simone reasoned. Kendall got clearly uncomfortable with the conversation, and demanded that Mia try her latest potion. She brushed it on Mia's lip and when they saw that the lipstick didn't stick, the girls started to jump and scream. They loved the new Fusion formula. Greenlee and Mia carried the big pot back to the office, leaving Simone and Kendall to clean up. The doorbell rang and Kendall stared in shock. It was Michael, the Aspen man, with a rose and a smile.

After their kiss, Erica continued to comfort Jackson. He told Erica that she would forever hold a place in his heart. He leaned over to kiss her again, and then they really started reliving "old times." Erica climbed into his lap, and the lights went out.

After the "event" was over, Jack was sitting by the fireplace, in deep thought. Erica entered the room, and they peered at each other awkwardly, as Jack buttoned up his shirt. But .. saved by the bell ! It was Jack's cell phone. It was good news: Lily was out of danger. Erica gave him a hug, and he headed for the hospital to see Lily. Before leaving, he made an attempt to discuss what just happened between them, but Erica stopped him. It was what it was, she said simply, and pushed him away. Jack opened the door, and there was Bianca. Jack gave a quick goodbye and exited.

Bianca observed some awkwardness, but Erica quickly covered up by explaining that Jack was distraught over Lily. Bianca accepted this explanation, and brought up the real reason for her visit. Bianca showed Erica the new Fusion lipstick and expressed her worries about how popular the color was becoming. Erica snatched the lipstick, and examined it closely. Then she started to giggle. "Those devious little wannabe's... This isn't even theirs", she exclaimed, as she started to unravel the label. Erica showed Bianca that this Fusion sample was a fake, that it was really the product of the bankrupt company, "Shanghai Girls." Bianca was relieved, but still concerned that Fusion wanted to take down Erica. "Con-Fusion" won't put a dent in Enchantment, Erica stated confidently.

Mother and daughter then sat on the couch, and Bianca brought up Jackson's quick exit. Bianca told Erica that it seemed like she had caught them "off guard." But Erica deftly brushed off her questions, and Bianca complimented Erica for being such a good friend to Uncle Jack.

After Bianca left, Erica stared at Chris's photograph, and appeared upset. Then she sat by the fireplace and had flashbacks about her and Jack's recent passionate interlude. She stood up abruptly and phoned Maxie. She warned Maxie that there is a "cut-rate company" out there peddling the "Shanghai Girls" stock. Junk like that could ruin your reputation, Erica warned with a smile.

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Due to CBS news coverage of the memorial service for the fallen Columbia astronauts, today's show will be pre-empted in most parts of the country. The episode originally scheduled for today will air tomorrow, Wednesday, February 5th.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Kendall opened the condo door to find Michael. She was so shocked that she slammed the door in his face. She ran to a mirror as he yelled through the door "Did I come at a bad time?." Kendall looked at her face, covered in the lip color and tried to explain through the door that her co-workers and she were working on their product. He told her she looked gorgeous and Kendall opened the door, telling him to keep talking. Michael asked her to go out with him that evening. He told her he was in Pine Valley on business and that he had to see her. Kendall told him she had a business crisis and explained about Fusion's lip color being in hot demand. Simone came out of the back and told Kendall to go to dinner, she'd explain it to Greenlee. Kendall introduced Simone and Michael and Simone said he looked familiar. Michael said he'd remember such a beautiful girl. Simone was flattered and left, telling Kendall to have a good evening. Kendall told Michael she'd freshen up and that he could relax for a few minutes. When she came out, Michael was paying a cleaning woman, who had completely cleaned the condo. Kendall was amazed. Michael got her a martini and she asked what they should drink to. Michael said "First impressions or second chances?." As they raised their glasses Kendall stopped and said she couldn't do this. When asked for an explanation, Kendall said when something feels this right it usually means something bad is lurking around the corner. Michael said he'd check every corner they come to as he helped her on with her coat. They headed out the door. They ended up taking a helicopter to NYC. Kendall was very impressed and tried to get him to talk about his job, which afforded him these luxuries. Michael changed the subject and asked about Fusion. Kendall got very animated and said they weren't a giant yet like Enchantment but they will be one day. Michael asked if they were trying to take over Enchantment. Kendall said her mother taught her to dream big. Michael wondered about her mother and Kendall was a bit surprised that he didn't know who she was. She told him that she calls Erica Kane "Mommy Dearest" and that she's not going to know what hit her when Fusion gets up and running. Michael said "So your goal is not to emulate your mother but to destroy her?" Kendall said yes and he smiled. She asked if he thought she was terrible and he said no and wished her much success. Kendall asked him again about his business that brought him to Pine Valley and he admitted that he actually came to see her. Kendall questioned him "You flew here just to see me?." Michael said that was right and she asked why. Michael told her "Because you're worth it."

Greenlee and Mia were gathering product containers at Fusion. Greenlee complained loudly that she shouldn't have to be doing this, she was a CEO of the company. Mia told her they were all working hard and that she should've been home with Jake today instead of at Fusion. Greenlee wasn't impressed. Mia tried to call Jake but got no answer and said maybe he was working. Greenlee whined, "Well at least someone is!." Mia went to the store room and Greenlee turned around to see a gorgeous man come in. She demanded to know who he was and he explained that he was with maintenance. Greenlee was crabby and told him to stay out of her way. After he walked away she picked up a photo of Mia and Jake. She looked longingly at it and said "This should've been you and me, Leo." She was startled when she heard a strange noise and tried to call Kendall just as Simone walked in. She put the receiver down and the phone rang. Greenlee answered it and it was Jake. Greenlee told him that Mia was too busy to talk to him and not to call back. Simone told Greenlee that Kendall was going out to dinner with the man from Aspen. Greenlee said he'd dump Kendall as soon as he gets what he wants. Simone wondered how Greenlee got so cynical about love. Simone said she could turn around right now and there would be the man who'd take her breath away. Simone did turn around and ran right into the maintenance man. He excused himself and went back to the hallway. Simone was amazed at how good looking he was. Greenlee wasn't impressed and Simone asked why she couldn't even appreciate a handsome man. Greenlee said she wouldn't apologize for grieving her husband. Simone said the problem is that Greenlee doesn't want a man in her life and doesn't think the rest of them should have one either. Mia came back and Simone told her that Jake had called. Greenlee said there are no fairy tales in love and walked away. Mia called Jake but got no answer again. Simone told her to go find Jake. Mia thanked her and ran out. Simone tried to lift the box of product that she needed to take to Lacy's but it was too heavy. She called to the maintenance man and asked if he could carry it out to her car. They flirted while Greenlee watched from across the room. They walked out and Greenlee began to hear strange noises again. She went into the hallway and the pipes began hissing. She banged on the pipes, which caused a leak. Greenlee put her hand over it and called for help. A few minutes later the maintenance man returned and pulled her away from the spraying water. She ordered him not to touch her again and he said in his deep, accented voice, "Don't worry, I won't!" He walked back to the hallway as Greenlee slipped on the water.

Trey went to the clinic to speak with Janelle. She was upset about Reggie not attending school. Trey said he'd take care of it and left. He picked up some pizza and went home. When he came in he called for Reggie, who slowly came out from the bedroom. Trey asked if he was studying for his history test the next day and Reggie laughed at him. Reggie said he had people waiting for him and tried to leave. Trey said no, he was staying there and studying. They began to argue and Reggie said he was already failing, one test wasn't going to help him. Trey told him he needed to graduate and then he could do anything he wanted. "What do you want to do when you're 20?" Trey asked. Reggie said "I'll probably be dead." Trey asked him if he was psychic and Reggie said no, that was just the way things go and that passing a history test wasn't going to change his life. They got into a heated argument and Trey ordered Reggie to leave, saying he wasn't going to waste any more time on him. Reggie said one night of studying wasn't going to help him but Trey said he was willing to risk it. They sat down and opened the history book.

At the clinic David went into an exam room and tried to call Dr. Hoffman's office to get information about Anna and the baby. He was told that the doctor was out of the country. David got very upset and argued with the receptionist. Edmund thundered in and demanded information about Maria's blood tests. David told him he was on the phone with Anna's doctor. Edmund said ok, fine and grabbed the phone and hung it up. David was furious. Edmund requested the information again and David told him the blood tests came back normal, that Maria was suffering from a common flu bug. Edmund admitted that he told Maria that he'd given her David's serum. David freaked out and said she was probably at the DA's office spilling everything. Edmund said no, she was with "that homicidal Brit" and left the clinic. A nurse came in and told David there was a patient that wanted to see him. He came out into the lobby and it was Anna. They hugged and went back into the exam room. David was overjoyed and said she was huge and he knelt down to talk to the baby. He told Anna how he'd called Dr. Hoffman's office to get information. Anna said she had bad news, that because of the tests the doctor thinks their only option is surgery. David asked why she left Switzerland and she said she didn't want to be alone. He said Robin was with her but Anna explained that she sent Robin back to school, she didn't want to worry her. David grabbed their coats and said he was taking her back to the airport so she could go back to Switzerland where she and the baby can get the best care. Anna said Dr. Hoffman was in the States, he had a conference to go to and had agreed to do the surgery in Pine Valley. David was relieved but amazed that Anna went to the trouble of arranging this so he could be there, despite all that he's done. She said the past didn't matter now and they hugged. David said he'd take time off to help her get ready for the surgery. She said the surgery was going to take place tomorrow. They headed out the door but Anna stopped. She told David their baby was kicking and David knelt in front of her to feel it. Anna teared up and said at first she didn't feel connected to this baby but now she is the most important thing in her life. David held Anna.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

At Lacey's Department Store, Maxie Berlin gets a call from Erica informing her that Fusion does not have an original product. Erica tells her that all they did was slap a Fusion label on another company's items. Maxie is furious that she was deceived this way. Bianca overhears the conversation.

When Maxie hangs up the phone, Mia and Simone come in with their new line of lipsticks. They are excited to show Maxie what they have to offer. Maxie tells them to leave before she is forced to call security. The girls are stunned. Maxie tells them she found out they were passing off Shanghai's cosmetics as their own. Simone and Mia admit that yes, at first they did, but now they have created their own line. They ask Maxie to please give it a try. Maxie refuses, but Bianca steps in and says she'd like to try some. Bianca first puts some of the lipstick on the back of her hand and is impressed with its texture. She tries some on and likes the color and the way it feels. She tells Maxie it is a totally different product from what Enchantment is offering. She thinks customers will by both. Maxie gives in and tells Mia and Simone she will take the lipsticks for a thirty day trial period. Mia and Simone profusely thank Bianca. Bianca says don't mention it. In fact, she makes them promise not to mention it. Not to anyone.

Kendall arrives late at Fusion and apologizes to Greenlee for being late. Greenlee is not upset at all. Instead, she wants to hear all about Kendall's date. Kendall is suspicious at first, not understanding why Greenlee is being so nice to her. Kendall starts to describe her date with Michael. She tells Greenlee he picked her up in a helicopter and took her to New York City. Kendall didn't notice anything about the trip, she only noticed how Michael seemed to listen to every word she said. They had dinner at a fancy restaurant, but she didn't notice the food. The only thing she remembers is the way Michael looked at her. Now, he wants to see her again. Kendall is worried that it is too good to be true. Greenlee's advice is to just enjoy it while it lasts.

Mia and Simone come running in, eager to share the news of their good luck at Lacey's. They tell Kendall and Greenlee that they almost didn't get the lipsticks in because Maxie found out about their previous deception. They don't mention Bianca's name. Greenlee wonders how Maxie found out their secret, but Kendall knows the answer. Erica. While they plot what to do about this turn of events, Carlos returns to fix the pipes that burst. Greenlee tries to apologize for the way she treated him, but Carlos only wants to work. He is not interested in hearing any more of Greenlee's explanations. Meanwhile, Kendall decides she is going to pay Erica a visit and push a few buttons.

Bianca returns to Enchantment with the Fusion sample. She shows it to Erica. Erica too is impressed with the texture, but when she notices Bianca is wearing some, she hands her a tissue and makes her clean it off. Erica studies the product and wonders how the Fusion girls came up with such a good product when they have no lab and no chemist. She calls Boyd to her office. He admits he was there when they created the formula. He tells Erica they got directions off the internet then adds that he did give them a little advice. When Erica starts criticizing Kendall, Boyd defends her. At this, Erica figures out Boyd has fallen for Kendall. Erica begins ranting about the big salary she is paying Boyd when Kendall waltzes in ready to take on her mother.

At Pine Valley University, Maggie sits in chemistry class next to Henry. Every time the professor asks a question, only Henry raises his hand to answer. This begins to irk the prof and at her next question, instead of letting Henry answer, she calls on Maggie. Maggie immediately rattles off the correct answer. After class, the prof asks her to stay. She tells Maggie that she is a very promising student and that she should speak up more as she has a lot to offer. After Maggie leaves the classroom, Regina makes another cryptic remark about Henry then walks away. Maggie meets up with Henry and tells him about Regina. Henry says never mind about her. It has to do with them being Chinese and Maggie not. When Maggie asks him to explain, Henry brushes her off saying it's a cultural thing and Maggie could never understand.

Anna anxiously watches as the surgeon performs an ultrasound so they can see the baby. He tells Anna and David that the baby has a thickening of the left ventricle. David translates that this means the baby's heart is failing. Anna asks the surgeon to operate immediately so that her baby can be saved. Anna tells David to have faith.

David waits in the chapel and prays to God for the safety of Anna and their daughter. Trey comes in to be with David saying that Anna called him. As David tells Trey about the surgery taking place, Joe and Jake come into the chapel. They ask Trey to leave so they can speak to David alone. They tell David that the surgeon had a stroke on the way to the operating room. David is flabbergasted. What will they do? Who will operate? Jake and Joe tell David that he is the only one qualified to do the surgery.

Friday, February 7, 2003

At Chandler mansion JR madly searched around the room looking for something. Adam came into the room and asked him was he looking for the Calculus mind term test that JR had put in the trash. Adam chewed him out for getting a C-. JR retorted back at least he passed. Adam replied he had put his tutor in a higher cash bracket and JR still didn't get a good grade. JR sarcastically replied that Adam should fire the tutor. Adam argued that JR broke his agreement to get his grades up and he was also slipping back into his old habits. JR didn't want to pass his exams nor go to college. Adam asked him what he wanted. Laurie, replied JR. JR stomped out of the room as Liza came in to see what the argument was about. Adam explained JR was upset because he lost his girlfriend. Liza warned him about getting in the middle of a power struggle with JR over his girlfriend. Adam then left the house.

After Adam left Chandler Mansion, JR returned to the room looking for a lost DVD. Liza was sitting in the room and told JR she was sorry for his pain. JR replied he was through with dad and her. He blamed Adam for having to break up with Laurie. Liza asked if he would go to family counseling. JR said no because he wasn't a part of this family so why bother.

Jamie saw Laurie by the lockers at school. He asked how was she doing since she broke up with JR. She missed him but decided it was best they broke up so JR could go to Harvard. Jamie went to class leaving Laurie at her locker where Adam stopped by to talk to her. She didn't want to talk with him but he wanted to make her an offer. Laurie explained she told JR to study and get accepted to Harvard. Adam explained JR was trying to win her back and wasn't studying. He offered Laurie paid tuition at Harvard. She was totally blown away and couldn't believe what she had just heard. Adam explained she is very bright and he saw her transcripts. He wanted to give her an opportunity to follow her dreams. She wouldn't give him an answer so he left her to think it over. Adam returned home and Liza noticed he looked smug. He told Liza he made Laurie and offer she couldn't refuse.

Laurie's thoughts were interrupted by her father, Doug, the school custodian. He wanted to know what Chandler wanted. Laurie was ticked off her father never asked her what her dreams are. Doug was called away by a teacher. Jamie returned and saw Laurie by the lockers. She told him about Adam's offer and she couldn't believe it. Jamie encouraged her to accept it.

Kendall barged into Erica's office at Enchantment. She demanded that Erica leave her company alone and to stop slandering Fusion. Erica retorted that a little lip color would hardly make a difference to Enchantment as Bianca and Boyd stood by speechless. Erica
ranted on about Kendall's attempt to take Boyd away from Enchantment. Kendall replied she would never seduce Boyd. Boyd interrupted Erica's tirade and reminded her he was in the room so why was she talking about him as if he weren't there. Erica tried to dismiss his feeling for Kendall. Boyd defended Kendall. He told Erica that as long as he is under contract to her, she only own his ideas not him. When Kendall left the office, Erica lectured Boyd on Kendall's faults. He told her she was not his mother and stormed out of the office. Bianca told Erica she totally blew it.
Bianca had shown Erica Fusion's lip color so Erica would know what the competition had. Instead she used it to personally attack Kendall. You made Boyd feel like an idiot. Are you afraid of losing him to Kendall? How are we going to stay ahead of a start-up company that blows onto the scene and totally rocks? Bianca demanded. Erica told Bianca to come up with an ad campaign that would focus on the 18-24 year old market to cut into Fusion's edge.

Kendall went to the Valley Inn bar and ordered a health food shake-double. Boyd appeared. Kendall apologized to him for blowing up at him. He accepted; He remembered she had promised dinner and he said he was free now so could she make it lunch instead. They were about to sit down at a table when Michael walked in and saw Kendall. Kendall hinted at Boyd to leave her with Michael and he took the cue seeing how Kendall's eyes lit up when she saw Michael and left the bar.

Boyd returned to Enchantment and visited Bianca in Erica's office. He wondered if he had been fired. Bianca assured him his behavior was cutting edge. She asked if he had seen Kendall. He commented that Kendall seems to have gone after someone else so he's not on Kendall's radar screen.

Anna was wheeled back into her room. She was told the surgery was postponed. Dr. Hoffman had a stroke. Jake and Dr. Joe tried to convince David to perform the in-utro heart surgery on Anna's baby. He was hesitant. He was unsure that he would be able to perform this kind of surgery because he was unqualified. Dr. Joe and Jake told David that neonatal specialists were arriving to help. Jake had contact Dr. Pelosi, a leading pediatric cardio specialist from Boston. Dr. Pelosi couldn't come to Pine Valley hospital so he would be available by video conference during the surgery. David was torn about performing the surgery. He didn't like the risk. He decided he needed to talk to Anna.

David opened Anna's door and heard her talking to her baby. She was telling her to hang on. That she has her father's fight. Anna saw David standing in the doorway. "Are we losing her?" she asked him. David explained about the specialist on line from Boston. Anna seemed hopeful. She wondered if David could do the surgery. He asked her if she wanted him to. She adamantly said she trusted him. He countered with he wasn't qualified to do this kind of surgery so he was unsure of himself. He wanted Anna to be aware of the risks. She still wanted him to give their daughter a chance. Then Anna thought maybe it was time to accept her baby's failing heart and let her go. They talked about it for a few minutes. Tears were flowing down Anna's face as she thought about the peril her baby is in with her heart rate gradually slowing down. David agreed to do the surgery. He and Anna held each other close.

Anna is taken to surgery. Maggie saw David in the hospital hallway and wished him good luck. Dr. Janelle Anderson from the Clinic told him she was scrubbing in as well for the surgery along with Jake. In the operating room all the doctors had gathered ready to start the surgery. Dr. Pelosi was on line though video conferencing. David picked up the scalpel to begin.

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