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Ryan learned that Patrick Lavery was his biological father. Jonathan's ex-fiancée arrived in Pine Valley. A DNA test proved that JR was Ace's biological father. Jonathan stalked Bianca and Miranda.
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Babe, Jamie, JR, Kevin and the baby all met at the clinic to perform the DNA test. They all postured and stated their claims to the baby and brought up all the attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

Kevin tried to get Babe to agree to let him have custody and he'd do what he could to reduce the charges against her and allow her to be in his life. She refused and told him she'd fight for her son and get custody before he cuts his next tooth.

Ethan showed up at Kendall's and informed Zach his gaming license had been pulled after the Commission found out Zach was operating a casino with a false identity. Zach could only ask him how it felt to flex the Cambias muscle. Ethan said he would make Zach proud as the rest of his life slipped through his fingers. Zach left and Kendall seemed disturbed to overhear Ethan threatening someone's job on the phone and to learn he reported Zach to the Commission and was gloating about it. She reminded him that she feels better after stopping her vendetta against her mother. Ethan surprised Kendall with a large bathtub full of champagne, dozens of roses, lots of candles ...all set up in the middle of the living room. He promised her anything she's ever wanted. She asked him to forget about Zach.

Zach watched Edmund in the bar, bribing a waiter for dirt against Zach. Myrtle and Opal showed up to gamble and take their minds off all the baby troubles. Zach came to Edmund and offered to help with his story. Edmund refused and Zach threatened to get to Edmund before he could get to him. Opal and Myrtle looked on.

Bianca arrived home, stunned to find Jonathan holding Miranda.

Lily was in the hall, dressed as a janitor, taking notes on her surveillance of Jonathan. Bianca was terrified as Jonathan told a fairy tale about how bad people in the kingdom were jealous of a beautiful princess. Bianca demanded Jonathan hand Miranda back to her. Jonathan got smarmy and apologized for scaring her and was incredulous she could think he could hurt Miranda. They discussed Maggie and Jonathan reminded her that Maggie chose him. Bianca vowed to stand by her friend, no matter what. Jonathan left and kicked a radiator in the hall, causing it to malfunction. Jamie arrived and fixed things while Jonathan slipped away. He was there to see Bianca and ask her to drop the charges against Babe about Miranda. Bianca said no. Jamie explained he wasn't asking for Babe, he was asking for the baby, the same way Bianca fought for Miranda.

Aidan and Anita enjoyed a romantic dinner and were surprised to get a bottle of champagne, compliments of Maggie. Maggie defended Jonathan and was hostile about his therapy, saying he was only doing it for Ryan. Aidan told her that she was not the first woman Jonathan had hit and the last time had been worse. Jonathan arrived and stopped by to tell Aidan and Anita there were no hard feelings and that he was seeing a therapist. Neither of them believed Jonathan was sincere. Maggie was shocked to hear Jonathan say he had to stop by Bianca's before dinner. She demanded he leave Bianca alone. Jonathan was angry and Maggie noticed he'd pulled the petals off the rose he'd brought her. She asked if he'd ever hit a woman before. He became even more angry at her for ruining their special romantic evening. She apologized profusely. Jonathan threw a fit with the waiter and stormed out, taking Maggie with him. Aidan had a plan to get through to Maggie.

Lily called Aidan in the middle of a panic attack in the lobby. He calmed her down and she told him about her surveillance of Jonathan. Aidan told her she shouldn't be doing detective work and offered her a job to organize his office if Jack approved.

In the nursery, JR excitedly told Adam that Adam III would be sleeping at home soon, as soon as he's dealt with Kevin Buchanan.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Anita tells Bianca that she's on her way over to Maggie's to meet Aidan. She and Aidan have uncovered evidence that will probably shake Maggie up and she might need Bianca. She asks Bianca to join her but Bianca is reluctant. She feels it would be best if she stayed out of things at the present time because Maggie is so resistant to her efforts. Anita is understanding and leaves. Kendall is a little surprised at her sister's decision and questions her about it. Bianca tells Kendall about the kiss she shared with Maggie and her declaration of love to her which Maggie viewed as using her as a consolation prize after her break up with Lena. Shortly after Kendall leaves, Myrtle stops by for a visit. As they discuss relationships and love, Myrtle advises Bianca to follow her gut instincts. To make herself happy which in turn will make Miranda happy.

Busy spring cleaning, Erica is surprised when Edmund arrives on her doorstep trying to enlist her help to bring down Zach. Initially, she suspects that Edmund's quest is inspired by jealousy and bitterness over being cuckolded but alters opinion when Edmund tells her about Bobby and the accusations that Zach was behind Ryan's shooting. Erica, while sympathetic, tells Edmund that she unfortunately has nothing that can be used to take down Zach. After Edmund leaves, Erica resumes her cleaning and comes across a box of Chris Stamp's things.

Zach runs into Maria in Livia Frye's office. She wastes no time letting him know that she's there to withdraw her divorce petition. Zach in turn asks her to tell Edmund to lay off playing PI in his casino, that he's making his employees uncomfortable. Defending her husband, Maria tells Zach that Edmund is just trying to get to the bottom of Bobby's disappearance then asks Zach if he had anything to do with it. Zach denies being responsible of anything but firing Bobby. He goes on to tell her that he also had nothing to do with Ryan's shooting. Maria is dubious but a bit shaken when Zach suggests that Bobby was paid off by Edmund to make the accusation because he is jealous and determined to do whatever it takes to get Zach out of Maria's life. Not wanting to hear anything else Zach has to say against Edmund, Maria leaves but not without first making it clear that she stands by her husband.

Enjoying a breakfast at the Valley Inn, Jonathan and Ryan discuss possible business ventures. Ryan shocks Jonathan when in the middle of it, Ryan asks him once again if he had anything to do with Greenlee's poisoning. Offended, Jonathan suggests that Greenlee is just threatened by their history and closeness then asks Ryan if he really believes Jonathan capable watching someone disintegrate before his eyes. He claims that there's a big difference between hitting a woman once and slowly torturing one over a long period of time. He goes on to suggest that Ryan is behaving just like his father, not believing him regardless of how many times he declares his innocence. Jonathan continues making the comparison by asking Ryan if he is seething with anger, ready to pull off his belt and beat him with it. Ryan ignores his accusations and questions and instead tells him that he believes him. That he just had to ask again. Jonathan isn't satisfied. He points out that unless they find the true culprit, Ryan will always have doubts. Ryan promises him that he will find out who drugged his wife so that Jonathan and Greenlee can make peace once and for all. After Ryan receives a call from Erica, he starts to leave but runs into Kendall. He takes the time to apologize to her then asks her to just leave his brother alone. Once Ryan is gone, Kendall walks up to Jonathan and joins him at the table. Jonathan makes no secret of the fact that he is less than happy to see her and demands that she leave. Kendall refuses. Instead she suggests that they work together to find out who really drugged Greenlee since they are both being accused of the crime. Jonathan refuses to play along. He tells her it's a nice attempt on her part to infiltrate the enemy camp but he sees through her ploy.

Ryan arrives at Erica's apartment where she presents him with the box of Chris's personal effects. They fondly remember Chris while going through his things. When Erica finds his journal she opens it and begins to read it aloud to Ryan. She stops though when she comes across a particular passage that seems to draw her up short. Sensing something wrong, Ryan asks her to continue reading but Erica brushes him off trying to redirect his attention. Ryan won't let her though. He insists that she hand him the journal so that he can read it himself. When he reads the entry to himself, Ryan is shocked by what it says.

Aidan goes to Maggie's apartment to talk to her. Maggie isn't receptive to his attempts to convince her that Jonathan is not what he seems. He asks her to please give Anita a chance to discuss things with her. Maggie is not pleased when Anita shows up with another woman. The woman turns out to be Larraine Rossiter, Jonathan's ex-fiancé. Maggie at first refuses to listen to Larraine as she tells her story. According to Larraine, she and Jonathan were perfectly happy until their engagement, but once she had accepted his proposal, Jonathan became very possessive and jealous. Maggie refuses to give Larraine's accusations any credence, suggesting it's nothing more than payback for being dumped by Jonathan. Larraine ignores Maggie, continuing with her story. She tells her about the final night that they were together when Jonathan punched her and threw her across the room, breaking her nose because he had seen her with her male friend. Larraine adds that had it not been for the intervention of her friend, things could have gotten much worse. As it was though, she called the police and because it was Jonathan's first offense, he got off lightly. Unfortunately, Jonathan wasn't through with Larraine. He stalked her afterwards until she felt she had no other alternative but to move. Maggie refuses to believe any of it. She asks Aidan how much they paid her for her story. Aidan and Anita explain to her that there is proof; police records and X-rays which back up Larraine's claims but still Maggie won't believe her. Larraine is adamant though. She continues trying to convince Maggie of the truth by sharing with her some of the things that Jonathan told her. About falling in love for the first time, asking her how it felt, and even his request to push him off a bridge to his death if she didn't want to continue being with him. Maggie flashes back when Jonathan had said almost verbatim the same things to her during their tumultuous relationship. Realizing the time, Larraine departs to catch her bus back home but not without first warning Maggie to be careful when she breaks up with Jonathan because that's when he will become quite ugly. Shortly after, Larraine's departure, Jonathan arrives. He's not pleased to find Aidan and Anita at Maggie's and less so when Maggie tearfully tells him that's it's over between them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Zach drops by Cambias Industries to see Ethan. He offers to testify on Ethan's behalf when he goes to trial for shooting Ryan. Ethan rejects his offer just as JR walks in. After Zach leaves, JR takes the opportunity to thank Ethan for helping him in court then tells him that the results of the paternity test were as expected. He was shown to be the biological father of James/Ace. Talk of the judge being deep in the Buchanan's pockets leads to Ethan wondering aloud the possibility of the judge presiding over his case being deep in someone's pocket. The implication is clear. Ethan is asking for JR's help which he is more than happy to provide. Zach approaches Ethan as JR leaves questioning him about their exchange. Ethan asks him if he's taken to lurking and eavesdropping in on private conversations but Zach ignores the barb instead warning him that the Cambias curse seems to be getting it's hold on Ethan. Ethan dismisses Zach's implication and tells him instead that he's the heir Alexander Cambias wanted and he's more than happy to run Cambias Industries. Before leaving his office, Ethan tells Zach to make sure he's gone by the time he returns. Alone, Zach flashes back to an argument with his father about Zach's birthright and Alexander's ruthlessness both in business and his personal life. Zach remembers telling his father that he refuses to be molded into a man such as his father before storming out of the office. Determined, Zach leave's Ethan's office.

Under false pretenses, Babe barges into the Buchanan mansion dressed as a pastry chef. The moment she's alone she finds James/Ace who is in his playpen. She picks him up and cuddles with him. Her reunion with her son is interrupted when Kevin walks in and tells her he had been expecting her to show up. He goes on to tell her that she seriously hurt her case by showing up there because he has security cameras set up recording everything. Babe tells him that she wasn't there to take the baby but to spend some time with him. Kevin isn't impressed. He once again tries to convince her to let him raise James/Ace but Babe is resistant. She asks him about his own childhood and whether he would have missed his mother. Kevin listens but remains steadfast in his desire to keep James/Ace. He takes the baby out of her arms and shows her to the door where JR is standing, about to knock. JR shows him the DNA tests that reveal him as James/Ace's biological father. Babe and JR argue while Kevin looks over the paper. During the arguing, JR is able to shuffle Babe out the door.

While visiting Bianca, Greenlee tells her that she's terrified for Ryan because of Jonathan, whom she believes is lying about drugging her. Bianca admits that she too believes Jonathan capable of doing such a thing because of how Jonathan behaves when they are alone. Cold and calculating, his eyes and speech flat and calm much the way Michael Cambias was. Bianca goes on to tell her that she believes Jonathan is a control freak, isolating Maggie from the life she had prior to their relationship. Greenlee in turn shares her concerns about Ryan's protectiveness of his brother.

Ryan asks Erica about the revelations in Chris's journal, asking her why he would lie about being his father. Erica too is shocked that Chris claimed Ryan as a son when he was in fact a true Lavery. Erica suggests that maybe Chris lied because he loved Ryan's mother so deeply while Ryan speculates that maybe Chris knew what a stain it was to be the son of Patrick Lavery and wanted to rub it out. Sensing Ryan's devastation over learning he is truly a Lavery, she tries to convince him that he is still the same man he was the day before. Ryan tells her that she's right but is suddenly impatient to leave. Erica reminds him that she's expecting Ryan and Greenlee later that evening for the party she is planning for Bianca before Ryan walks out the door. He assures her they will both be there. Ryan ends up going to a bar to shoot pool while he reflects on a recent conversation with Jonathan about how lucky Ryan was not to be poisoned with Patrick Lavery's DNA. Just then Zach walks in and accuses him of destroying his son then punches him.

Erica finds Greenlee at Bianca and immediately reveals the findings of the journal. Upset, Greenlee rushes out to find Ethan. She demands that he help her find Ryan. That it's the least he can do after Ryan kept him from killing his father.

Jonathan is furious with Aidan, blaming him for Maggie's decision to break up with him. Aidan tells him that it was the truth about Larraine that made Maggie see the light, not anything Aidan said. Jonathan asks to be alone with Maggie to discuss things privately. Reluctantly, Aidan and Anita go out to the hall to wait while Maggie talks to Jonathan. He begs her to reconsider but Maggie refuses. She tells him that Larraine was there and that she talked to her in person. Jonathan is stunned. He suggests that Larraine exaggerated things but Maggie cuts him off, pointing out that Larraine had a broken nose with X-rays and hospital records to back up her claims. Jonathan then tries to suggest it was an isolated incident that got out of hand but Maggie isn't swayed. She goes on to tell him about the scripted things he said to both her and Larraine during his relationships with them which Jonathan does his best to explain to no avail. Maggie doesn't believe a thing he has to say. Switching tactics, Jonathan, begins to tearfully plead with her to not let 2 mistakes, the two abusive incidents, ruin their relationship. He tries to impress upon her the sincerity of his feelings claiming his willingness to get help is proof of his love for her. Maggie refuses to relent. She tells him that she realizes she had never really loved him. That there had been potential for love in the beginning but that once he hit her it disappeared. She tearfully tells him that they never really knew each other and she had gotten caught up in the idea of being in love. Jonathan refuses to accept that. He begins to blame Bianca and all the others who intervened. He accuses Maggie of choosing Bianca over him but Maggie is adamant. Bianca had nothing to do with her decision. Realizing that there is nothing left to say, Maggie tells Jonathan to leave. Aidan and Anita re-enter the apartment to back her up. Jonathan returns the keys and having no other alternative, leaves. Aidan decides to stand guard outside of Maggie's apartment.

Erica leaves Bianca's shortly followed by Bianca and Miranda. Jonathan, lurking behind a corner in the hallway steps forward once Bianca steps into the elevator and the doors close.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

At the head offices of Cambias, Greenlee pleads with Ethan for his help in finding Ryan. She reminds him that Ryan has had his back more times than he deserved (most recently - keeping Ethan from shooting Zach), and he owes Ryan. Ethan blows her off by saying that he has bills to pay. Exasperated, Greenlee tells him that he is just like his father after all.

At a bar, Zach tells Ryan that he is ruining his son's life and starts a fight. He gets a solid punch in before Ryan pins him to the table and accuses him of hiring someone to poison Greenlee. Simone, who has witnessed everything from the sidelines, calls Greenlee to tell her to come down to the bar. At first, Greenlee refuses, but when she hears that Zach is beating up Ryan, she changes her mind. The fighting continues, with Zach blaming Ryan for the man Ethan has become, and Ryan saying he had no choice - the company wasn't his to keep. Greenlee and Ethan arrive on the scene, as the fighting continues out in the alley. Ryan gets the chance to knock Zach upside the head with a garbage can as well as throwing him into the sides of two dumpsters before the fight is broken up. Once some distance is established between the two, Greenlee tells her husband that she is going to take him home and get him patched up. Zach stalks back into the bar and Ethan reluctantly follows. Before leaving, Greenlee thanks Simone for all she did to help resolve the situation.

In the bar, Zach challenges his son to a game of 8-ball. The prize: winner takes all of the companies (Cambias holdings and the casinos), and the loser leaves town. Zach goes into the game confidently and, as they play, Ethan remarks aloud that he might have been swindled. A few moments later, Ethan misses a shot while Zach sinks the next one effortlessly. Then, the proverbial table turns and Ethan sinks the next two shots. Zach tries to distract Ethan, as everything is riding on the next shot. He fails, and Ethan wins the game. As he prepares to leave, Ethan tells Zach that he should send his lawyers over to the Cambias offices in the morning so they can draw up papers for the transfer of property. Zach tells him to sleep in because that won't be happening. Stunned, Ethan reminds his father that he won the game fair and square. Zach follows by informing his son that he has just learned the first rule of being a Cambias: deals don't mean anything; you play by your own rules. Ethan then asks what would have happened if Zach had won the game. Zach tells him had that occurred, he would have taken Cambias. He then leaves the tab with Ethan, and leaves the bar.

Back in the apartment, Greenlee finishes taping up her husband's fingers. Ryan appears very depressed, and Greenlee lets him know that she understands why. She tries to assure him that regardless of who his father really is, he is still the same warm loving man that she loves and married. Ryan tells her that he has more in common with his brother now - he's 100% Lavery. In addition, he still believes that his brother did not poison her, and that Zach is the guilty party. Not wanting to start down that road again, Greenlee continues to reassure him that nothing will change in their relationship. Not willing to give up so easily, Ryan says that he will prove Jonathan's innocence, and together, he and his brother will protect her from the real culprits. He tells her that Jonathan is not who she thinks he is. Trying once again to let it go, Greenlee asks if Ryan still feels up to going to Bianca's surprise party. Ryan insists that a couple of bruised knuckles wouldn't keep him away. Then, his bride asks if everything will be all right. Vaguely, Ryan asked why it wouldn't be - and then leaves to take a shower before awaiting a reply.

Over at the Martin household, Tad wants to have a chat with his son about his recent appearances in the courtroom. Tad feels that Jamie needs to clean up and present a more positive, confident front instead of the brooding, sullen picture he is currently presenting. They continue their conversation as they walk back toward the bedrooms. Once they are gone, Babe sneaks into the house through the patio door. The boys reemerge and see Babe in the chef outfit. While Jamie hopes this isn't a sign that Babe has made dinner, Tad thinks that Babe is probably in a lot of trouble. They ask what's going on but before she can answer, there's a knock at the door. Tad crosses to answer it and finds Krystal on the other side. Krystal pretty much ignores the boys and asks Babe how everything went. Both Jamie and Tad are confused and start to ask what happened that they don't know about. Krystal shoots a puzzling look at her daughter, and asks if she confessed. Babe admits that she was just about to do so before Krystal showed up. Babe turns to the Martins and admits that she went to Llanview and saw her son. Flabbergasted at her bold, yet stupid move, Tad begs her to say that she didn't get caught. Babe is forced to admit the truth - that Kevin Buchanan walked in and found her holding James, and that he has it all on tape. They ask her if she is trying to land herself in prison. Then, Jamie asks her why she didn't tell him about the plan. Babe tells him that she knows he loves her - and she also knows that he wouldn't have let her go if he knew. Acknowledging the truth in what she said, Jamie then asks Krystal why she didn't stop her daughter. Krystal admits that she would have done the same thing if she was in Babe's shoes, and feels quite certain that he and his father would have done the same thing as well.

The doorbell rings again and this time Kelly Buchanan is on the other side. She says that she needs to talk to Babe and rushes into the house. Babe wants to know what's wrong but Kelly says they should talk in private. Babe tells her that she has no secrets from the people in the room, and urges her to say her piece. Kelly divulges that she saw Kevin and he filled her in on what happened. Jamie worries that Kevin may have called the police and that they are on the way. Kelly assures them that they are safe - Kevin isn't pressing charges because he feels that Babe is suffering enough already. Kelly then tells Babe that she thinks her son should be with her and wants to help. Tad thinks they have all lost it, and Jamie chooses this moment to remove his father (and his father's sarcastic comments) from the room by asking him if he could talk to him outside on the patio. Once they leave, Babe looks at Kelly and senses that there is something else she isn't saying. At first, Kelly is hesitant - but she finally admits that she is shocked at Babe's composure. She figured that Babe would be a crying mess after just leaving her son - and wants to know how she does it. Babe tells her that she certainly has her moments where she can't stop crying over lost time with her son...but that for the most part, she holds it together for him. She doesn't think that feeling sorry for herself is going to help her get her son back any faster. Kelly is surprised that Babe intends to come up with another plan after being caught twice. Babe says that she doesn't have a choice - and that she will continue to come up with ideas as long as she can. Krystal tells Kelly that Babe was just doing whatever she could to keep her head above water - she was surviving. Kelly in turn tells Babe that her ability to survive is something that she admires. She tells Babe that if she can think of any way that she can help, she is willing to listen. Krystal breaks in and says that she can start by convincing all the people in Llanview to adopt a different definition of kidnapping. Babe thinks that if they don't change their minds, she will probably have to start planning her first prison break.

Outside, Jamie asks his father's advice on what to do when you're in love with a woman who goes headfirst into enemy territory without protection or warning. Tad thinks for a moment and then confesses that if it were him, he'd marry the woman in question. Jamie finds it amusing that his father suggested he marry someone who could give a flip about her own personal safety, and who just got caught a second time for the same offense. Tad stands behind what he says - because a woman who is not willing to do what her man wants when he wants, unless she wants to do it, is a woman worth marrying. He then points out exhibits A and B to his son: Dixie Cooney and Brooke English. Although he admits they were exasperating at times, Tad admits that the times they were on the same page more than made up for the frustration. He goes on to tell Jamie that in times like these, sometimes you have to follow your gut in the hopes that everything will turn out all right in the end. Jamie, still laughing, tells his father that he sounds like Exhibit C. Confused, Tad asks what Jamie is talking about and is rewarded with a simple answer: Krystal Carrey. Tad informs his son that his thing with Krystal is over, especially after all she did. Jamie thinks it's ludicrous, when what his father did is taken into account. Tad, flustered, asks for an explanation. Jamie reminds him that while Krystal kept Bianca from her baby, Tad kept JR from his son. He goes on to say that both Tad and Krystal made impossible choices, assured that the ends justified the means. He tells his father that it's idiotic to stand around judging and condemning Krystal simply because he doesn't want to do the same to himself. Knowing his son is right, Tad quips that Jamie sounds far too much like his mother - and that it's annoying!

Back inside, Krystal smiles and tells her daughter that even though the day was hard, she is still really proud of her. Kelly stands back, observing, and then says that she wishes she could bottle the relationship they have. If they could, perhaps they would have all the money they would need to get her son back in her arms. Just then, Jamie reenters the living room and says that he has plans to do just that. Krystal walks over to the patio doors and watches Tad for a moment, silently. Jamie puts on his jacket and asks if Babe wants to know what his plans are. She tells him she trusts him and sends him on his way. After he goes, Kelly notes aloud that Babe found the real thing with Jamie. Babe knows how lucky she is - and is slightly surprised at the response. Kelly tells her that she believes the baby needs to be with his mother and father: Babe and Jamie. She then says that it's time she came up with a plan of her own. While they discuss the possibilities, Krystal joins Tad on the patio and gives him a coat. They share some light banter and then Tad remarks that Krystal seems in good spirits considering the truckload of charges coming down the pike. She tells him that it's because she's got a plan to get them all off the hook. He warily asks if he wants to hear it, and Krystal says that he has to - because he has to help her pull the plan off.

Bianca and Miranda arrive at the center, which is currently under construction. Bianca is quite happy with the progress that has been made. They go through the doorway to check everything out and, unbeknownst to the duo, a pair of feet silently follows. After a short time, Bianca tells the baby that she's almost done and that they can leave soon. Just then, she hears a floorboard creaking beyond the door. She calls out, hoping to find out who is in the hall. Instead of answering, Jonathan freezes in his footsteps and holds his breath to see what Bianca's next move will be.

Just then, Jonathan hears footsteps coming down the hall and ducks behind some crates. Brooke approaches the door and enters the room. She finds a relieved Bianca on the other side, who believes Brooke was the cause of the sounds in the hall. They fall into an easy conversation, where Brooke reveals she will be writing a great feature story for Tempo and Bianca tells her about the plans for the center and how excited she is for the future of the organization. Brooke follows her until Bianca mentions that the office they are standing in will be for the legal ombudsman, who will run interference between the abused parties and the courts. Noticing that Brooke is slightly unfocused, Bianca asks if the topic was boring her. Brooke apologetically explains that anytime she hears reference to legalities and the courts, she thinks about Jamie. Understanding, Bianca tunes into all of the things that she herself is feeling: as a mom, Brooke feels she should be able to step into the situation, take care of her son's problems and protect him from all the bad things. As it is, it seems Jamie is out there, somewhere where she can't reach him and it's more than a little disconcerting. Bianca tries to assure her that everything will be all right by saying that he loves Babe, insinuating that they will take care of each other. Brooke is aware of their feelings, but what she wants is for Jamie to make decisions independent of Babe, and his feelings for her. They sit at the table, and Brooke verbally winds her way toward a question she wants to ask. She admits that while Babe doesn't seem evil, there's something more that she can't see. It seems that ever since Jamie, her intelligent son, fell under Babe's spell, he has been making choices and doing things that are not consistent with his character. Brooke then asks Bianca pointedly, as her former best friend, if Babe is just misunderstood or if she's really bad news.

Brooke wants to know what exactly it is about Babe that makes her dependable son suddenly do things that are reckless. Bianca tells her that she actually has an answer to that question. She says that Babe is whoever you want her to be. This confuses Brooke, so Bianca relates the story of her own experience as explanation. When she told Babe that she was gay, Babe just accepted it with no judgment. She didn't hesitate or feel awkward the way most people did. Babe just gets you - and that's what people want. And because of that, because she comes from this place of pure sincerity, people just want to help Babe. So, Bianca continues, when Babe looked at Jamie and asked that they go to Llanview and kidnap her son, Bianca has no doubt that Jamie just started the car with no question. Bianca then admits that Babe was probably the best and worst friend that she ever had - Babe probably would have done anything for her...except tell her the truth about Miranda. Brooke then apologizes for bringing up all of the bad feelings, but Bianca insists that she is fine. Brooke tells her that she needs to go and wants to know if they can walk out together. Bianca informs her that she has a few more things to take care of before she heads out, so they say their goodbyes and Brooke takes her leave.

With Brooke gone, Bianca mentally reflects back to the moment when Babe convinces her that Bess is really Miranda. Still disturbed by that piece of history, she shakes her head and prepares to move on to her next destination with her daughter. Just then, Jonathan steps into the doorway. She asks why he's there, and he responds simply that he wanted to talk to her. Bianca nervously tries to rebuff his offer, saying that the baby has a schedule and she needs to stick to it. Jonathan, not so easily swayed, asks her why she did what she did. He tells her that he lost Maggie and he wants to know if Bianca's involvement was personal, or if it was payback. She acknowledges that he is going through a tough time, but she tells him that she is not responsible for his breakup with Maggie. Further, she tells him (again) that she needs to go and that she will call security if need be to get past him. Jonathan reminds her that there are no phones in the room and that security is too far away to hear her - even if she screamed. He asks why she insists on making him out to be such a monster and why she is spreading rumors that he is the one that poisoned Greenlee. Bianca denies that she had any part in those things - but Jonathan doesn't believe her. He thinks that she is continually trying to find ways to destroy him. Nervous, Bianca says that if he insists on continuing the conversation, they should call Ryan and have him help them sort things out. However, Jonathan informs her that she doesn't get to decide what happens next. He continues to rant and rave about how Bianca's meddling was the undoing of his relationship with Maggie. He also admits that he heard her conversation with Brooke and he knows that Bianca thinks that she is better than everyone else. He says that all Bianca wants to do is judge everyone else - but she denies it. Jonathan tells her that there is something that she needs to know - everything that he did was for his brother. Regardless, she and her friends were setting him up to be a failure from the get go. Everything that went wrong for him is Bianca's fault. Bianca refuses to let him lay the blame on her and this enrages Jonathan enough to make him hurl a stool at the wall, breaking it into pieces.

Maggie steps out into the hallway in front of her apartment, and finds Aidan standing guard. Even though she doesn't think Jonathan will come back, Aidan wants to stay and make certain that stays true. She asks that if he is going to stay, he come into her apartment and join her in a beer...and explain to her how she could have almost married a woman abusing creep. Aidan accepts the invitation, but with a warning that she probably wouldn't like what he had to say.

Once inside, Aidan tells Maggie that what happened with Jonathan was not her fault - although Maggie isn't quite ready to believe that. He tells her that Jonathan's plan all along was to do whatever it took to get her where he wanted her - he buttered her up and put her on a pedestal. Jonathan chose that moment, after she felt secure in her station, to show his true colors - and make her believe that all of his problems were her fault. Aidan goes on to say that Maggie wasn't the first woman Jonathan pulled this on and, if he isn't stopped or doesn't get helped, she won't be the last. Maggie wonders why Jonathan chose her and Aidan tells her it was because she is fun, beautiful and sexy. Maggie admits that she doesn't feel like any of those things are true, but Aidan assures her that they are all still well within her grasp. He tells her that she was a prime candidate because she was available - and that men like Jonathan rarely fight for someone else's woman. Maggie then confesses that she pushed everyone away because of Jonathan, and that she is afraid she will never be able to face them again because of that. Aidan tells her that if she apologizes, her friends and loved ones would welcome her back with open arms. Maggie wonders if that will be enough - and Aidan asks if she means enough for her friends and loved ones...or for herself. Maggie corrects him and says she wonders if it will be enough for Bianca. She tells Aidan that she was awful to Bianca, and that she is afraid a simple apology won't cut it. A short while later, Maggie walks Aidan to the door and thanks him for being such a good friend. He reminds her that she won't die if she tells Bianca how she really feels - and that he is certain Bianca will want to be back in her life. Maggie expresses her uncertainties, but also confirms that despite them, she will give it a try.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Babe saves Bianca from disaster, but she's not out of danger just yet.

Krystal isn't about ready to let her daughter's world fall apart. She tells Tad of her scheme to insure that Babe doesn't have to spend a day behind bars. Tad sees exactly what Krystal is made of and reconsiders his previous assessment of her.

Jack gets some news that rocks him to the core. Jamie asks Maggie to talk to Bianca on Babe's behalf. Maggie, however, doesn't want to get in the middle and refuses. Babe saves Bianca from disaster, but she's not out of danger just yet.

Krystal isn't about ready to let her daughter's world fall apart. She tells Tad of her scheme to insure that Babe doesn't have to spend a day behind bars. Tad sees exactly what Krystal is made of and reconsiders his previous assessment of her.

Jack gets some news that rocks him to the core. Jamie asks Maggie to talk to Bianca on Babe's behalf. Maggie, however, doesn't want to get in the middle and refuses.

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