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Monday, June 27, 2011

In Marissa's hotel room, Marissa worried that she had upset Bianca. Bianca insisted that Marissa was amazing and then confessed that she was attracted to her. Bianca quickly assured Marissa that she didn't expect Marissa to return those feelings, or for their relationship to go beyond friendship. Marissa initially thought that Bianca had been joking until Bianca admitted that her feelings for Marissa had been growing for some time. Bianca was relieved when Marissa claimed to appreciate Bianca's honesty.

Marissa was flattered that Bianca had trusted her with the truth, but she quickly clarified that she was "straight." Bianca began to worry that Marissa was uncomfortable with the situation. "Of course not," Marissa assured her friend; however, Marissa was concerned that she might have said or done something to lead Bianca on. Marissa didn't want Bianca to be hurt because Marissa couldn't return Bianca's feelings. Bianca explained that she had just needed to say what had been on her mind, so that she could move on, but she remained concerned that her confession would affect their friendship. Marissa promised Bianca that everything was fine.

Marissa quickly dashed out of the room on the pretext of checking on AJ. A short time later, Marissa and Bianca took the children to the pool to go swimming. Miranda admitted that she was thrilled that she could spend some time with AJ and that Bianca had Marissa there for company. Marissa seemed startled by the remark, but quickly covered it up. After the kids jumped into the pool, Bianca noticed that Marissa still had on her cover-up. Marissa smiled nervously as she took it off and then started to apply sunblock.

Bianca offered rub the sunscreen on Marissa's back, but Marissa quickly changed her mind. Marissa decided that it was a bit chilly, so she pulled on her cover-up. Bianca realized that, despite Marissa's claims to the contrary, Marissa was uncomfortable around her because of the confession. She accused Marissa of wanting to be anywhere but there. Marissa claimed that Bianca was wrong, but Bianca insisted that Marissa be honest with her. Marissa confessed that Bianca's admission had been surprising, so Marissa needed time to process it.

Bianca relaxed when Marissa promised that nothing would change between them. Bianca noticed how quiet Marissa became, so Marissa admitted that she had realized that JR's birthday was the following day. Bianca sensed that Marissa wanted to return home, but Marissa was reluctant to cut AJ's vacation short. Bianca offered to let AJ stay with her and the girls while Marissa returned to Pine Valley. Marissa accepted the offer, so she told AJ and then shared an awkward hug goodbye with Bianca before leaving. Later, the children asked Bianca to go swimming with them, so Bianca agreed on the condition that they all jump into the pool together.

At Krystal's restaurant, JR recalled Amanda's promise not to tell Jake about their encounter at the Yacht Club. JR turned to watch Amanda, Jake, and Trevor at a nearby table. Moments later, he approached Amanda to cryptically thank her for meeting him about the public relations "situation." Amanda realized that JR was actually thanking her for keeping quiet about their tryst, so she assured JR that she knew that it had needed to be "resolved." Jake warned JR that what had happened between JR and Amanda would not happen again. JR looked nervous until Jake clarified that Amanda was supposed to be on vacation, so Jake didn't want JR to continue calling on Amanda about work problems.

JR apologized to Jake and Amanda for disturbing their plans and then walked away. Jake insisted that Amanda needed to relax, so he asked her to give him a head start, so that he could take care of some things before she arrived home. Amanda agreed, so Jake picked up Trevor and then left. Moments later, JR returned to her side. He confessed that, for a moment, he had feared that Amanda had told Jake about their night together. Amanda was annoyed because JR had made it sound as if their affair hadn't been a big deal.

JR explained that it didn't have to be as long as she didn't tell Jake that they had slept together. Amanda reminded JR that she had given him her promise to stay quiet. JR smiled as he suggested that she cheer up because it meant that she wouldn't lose her family. Amanda realized that JR didn't want to lose Marissa either, so she admitted that she hoped that everything worked out for him. Later, Amanda arrived home to find Jake dressed as a pirate, and the living room transformed into a pirate's cove. Amanda was curious what was going on, so Jake explained that he had hoped to recapture the spirit of their first date together.

Jake wanted Amanda to know that she didn't have any reason to doubt his love for her. They shared a passionate kiss before Amanda pulled away to find out where their son was. Jake explained that Opal had agreed to watch Trevor, so that Jake and Amanda could spend some time alone. Jake kissed Amanda again, but she started to cry. Jake feared that he had overwhelmed her, so he tried to lighten the mood by cracking jokes and reassuring her that he loved her. Amanda appreciated his efforts, but she begged him to stop.

Jake refused to stop telling her how much she meant to him because he wanted her to know that he was committed to her, their son, and the rest of their family. "The rest?" Amanda asked. Jake revealed that he thought that they should have another baby. He insisted that he wanted to have an entire crew of "little pirates." Amanda refused to have a baby simply because Jake wanted to prove something to her, but Jake insisted that he wanted to have another child because she and Trevor meant everything to him.

Amanda and Jake made love. Afterwards, Jake confessed that he hoped that she had gotten pregnant. Amanda warned him that women seldom got pregnant on the first try. She then decided to get some water. Amanda stood up, but stopped when she suddenly experienced sharp stomach cramps. Jake immediately became concerned, but Amanda assured him that she was fine.

At the Martin residence, Cara set a box on the foyer table as Tad entered the house with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Tad began to sneeze as he offered her the colorful blooms. Cara was touched by the gift because she knew that Tad was allergic to the flowers. She started to take them to the kitchen, but stopped to tell Tad that she had found the box, on the foyer table, in the basement. According to Cara, the box had gotten wet, so she had been concerned that the contents had been damaged. Tad opened the box while Cara went to put the flowers in a vase. She returned moments later and found Tad holding a small stuffed animal.

Cara sensed that Tad was troubled, but he explained that the toy had been a "blast from the past." He revealed that the stuffed animal had belonged to JR when JR was a child. Moments later, Kathy entered the living room. Cara warmly greeted Kathy by referring to her as sunshine in Spanish. Kathy revealed that it was a nickname that Tad had given to her. Cara suspected that the nickname was a reference to Dixie's favorite song, which had been, "You Are My Sunshine."

Kathy proudly admitted that she knew every word to the song. Kathy noticed the fresh-cut flowers in the vase, so Cara selected one, broke off a portion of the stem, and then placed it in Kathy's hair. Tad hugged his daughter, but then began to sneeze as the flower triggered his allergies. Cara decided to take Kathy to her room to keep Tad's allergies from getting worse. Tad explained that he would drop the box off at JR's house, so Cara asked him not to stay away for too long. Tad was surprised when she revealed that she had something special planned for them later that evening. Tad wanted a hint, so Cara told him, "It's something we faked before, but this time it's for real."

At the Chandler mansion, Tad dropped off the box of JR's childhood keepsakes. JR immediately recognized the stuffed animal. Tad recalled how much JR had loved the little toy, which Dixie had given to her son when JR had been a baby. JR was curious what had prompted Tad to give him the box, so Tad explained that it was an early birthday gift. JR wondered if that were true, or if Tad were trying to move on. Tad tried to deny it, but JR was certain that Tad's growing feelings for Cara had been behind Tad's decision to let go of the past.

JR wanted Tad to be happy because Tad deserved it. Tad decided to change the subject by asking JR how things were going with Marissa. JR confessed that he might have screwed up with Marissa, but he avoided explaining how. Tad advised JR to relax; he realized that JR tended to hold on tightly to people because JR had lost so many important people in his life, including Dixie and Stuart. Tad urged JR to have faith. JR admitted that Tad sounded like Dixie, which Tad considered to be a compliment.

Tad reminded JR that Dixie wanted JR to be happy. JR confessed that he had been thinking quite a bit about his mother, which he suspected was because of his impending birthday. JR admitted that he wished that his mother could be with him. "Lord, so do I," Tad confided. However, Tad was certain that Dixie was with them in spirit. After Tad left, JR looked through the box of mementos. He found a picture of Dixie and himself as an infant, which prompted him to look at a family picture of him, Marissa, and AJ.

JR pulled out his cell phone and then called Marissa. He reached her voicemail, so he left her a message admitting that he missed her. JR confessed that he wished that she and AJ were there with him. "Would you settle for one of us?" Marissa asked as she entered the parlor. JR was surprised when Marissa admitted that she had thought about him the entire way home. JR quickly pulled Marissa close for a heated kiss.

At the Martin residence, Opal entered the living room with Trevor. Cara, sporting a mud mask, was startled to see her mother-in-law and Trevor. Opal revealed that she was watching Trevor because Jake had planned something special for Amanda. Cara claimed that she was happy for Jake and Amanda, but Opal had her doubts because she knew that Cara's marriage to Tad had been in name only. Cara insisted that she didn't want to hurt Tad, so she confided that she had also made special plans for the evening. Opal perked up and then offered to help Cara.

Opal claimed to be a "Glamorama guru," and then advised Cara to wash off the mud mask before it started to do damage. Later, Tad arrived home in time to overhear Opal assure Cara that Tad would be "head over heels." Tad was curious what Opal was talking about, but she swooped up Trevor and then quickly left without telling Tad. Moments later, Tad turned to see Cara enter the room. He was speechless when he saw how beautiful she looked.

Cara worried that she might have gone too far, but Tad assured her that she looked stunning. However, he was curious what the occasion was. Cara revealed that she intended to take him out on a real date. She confessed that she had realized that she was ready to move forward when they had watched the sunset together in the park. Cara admitted that she wanted Tad to be a part of her future. Tad seemed skeptical, but Cara assured him that it wasn't a "mercy date."

Cara wondered if he had a problem with taking his wife out. "Actually, I do," Tad admitted. A short time later, Tad and Cara entered the Yacht Club. Cara complimented Tad's suit, so Tad explained that he had to dress up, so that he would look good for their real date. Tad and Cara were shown to their table, which had a bottle of champagne waiting for them.

Tad was curious how long they had been married, so Cara told him. Tad smiled as he held up his glass and then proposed a toast. "To our three month, two week, and five day anniversary," Tad said. Cara returned his smile as she confessed that she hoped that they had many more.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location, Dixie slept restlessly as she dreamed about JR's premature birth and the heartbreak over Adam taking her infant son away from her. Dixie's dreams then drifted to Tad's vow to reunite Dixie with her newborn son, and the moment that JR had been put back in her arms. Later, Dixie's dreams centered on Tad holding her in his arms as he wished upon a star that he would get to spend another year with his wonderful family. In the dream, Dixie recalled how Tad had hoped that they would always hang on tight to each other if life ever crashed through their front door.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, JR and Marissa snuggled in bed. She flashed back to Bianca's admission of attraction to Marissa. JR interrupted Marissa's thoughts by saying that he'd missed waking up next to her. Marissa appeared distant, and he asked if she had second thoughts, but she said no. He called the prior night incredible, and she agreed.

JR recalled how just days before, Marissa had said it had been too much too soon, and he wondered what had changed her mind. She responded vaguely, and he guessed that Bianca had been behind Marissa's change of heart. Marissa wondered why JR had mentioned Bianca, and JR thought perhaps the women had discussed him during "girl talk." Marissa admitted she and Bianca had talked about him once or twice.

AJ excitedly ran in, and the boy explained that Bianca had cut their trip short due to a work obligation. With hope in his voice, AJ asked JR if JR and Marissa were back together, and JR implored her to answer. Marissa hesitantly affirmed that she and JR had reunited, and AJ cheered that their divorce was off. JR called it the best birthday present ever. AJ suggested they have cake to celebrate, and father and son hugged.

Bianca greeted Kendall at the Yacht Club. Kendall was surprised to see her sister, because Kendall was there to meet Griffin. Bianca said she was, too, and Kendall covered her disappointment. Griffin arrived and announced that he was leaving Pine Valley. He explained that he'd received the court's permission to complete his community service in Chile, where he'd oversee the construction of a new Miranda Center. Bianca reminded him that they'd just set up a facility locally, but he assured her that he'd find a good replacement.

Bianca wished Griffin luck, and he revealed that he had a flight out that day. An uncomfortable silence followed. Bianca implored him to go, and Griffin hugged her. He turned to Kendall and asked what she would do without him around to drive her nuts. Kendall replied that she'd survive, and she became teary-eyed as she also told him to go and wished him luck. "You too," he said, and he walked off.

"That's it?" Bianca incredulously inquired. Kendall wondered what she should have done, and Bianca questioned why Kendall hadn't asked Griffin not to leave. Kendall said that even though she wanted Griffin to stay, the court had ordered him to go to Chile. Bianca thought Griffin could change the location of his community service, but Kendall countered that it was where he wanted to be. Bianca suspected that Griffin's impending departure was killing Kendall, who wondered why Bianca was on her case.

Bianca confessed that she herself had found the guts to put herself out there, and she believed Kendall should do the same. Kendall realized that Bianca had admitted her feelings to Marissa. Bianca explained that Marissa hadn't reciprocated her feelings, but she felt relief that the truth was out in the open and that she could move on. Bianca remarked that it had felt good to say what she had needed to say to someone who had needed to hear it.

Later, at Krystal's restaurant, Bianca apologized to Miranda and Gabby for having to return home early, but she offered to take them back to the spa for a full week the following year. Miranda asked if Marissa and AJ could join them again, and Bianca said they'd have to wait and see. Bianca looked up and saw Marissa, JR, and AJ in the doorway. Bianca apologized for dropping off AJ earlier than planned, and JR informed her that they'd had a lazy morning. AJ happily informed Miranda that his parents were back together, and Marissa and Bianca exchanged an awkward glance.

JR left to grab a table. Marissa asked if Bianca had been okay after Marissa had abruptly left the spa. Bianca claimed she'd had to return home for work, anyway, so it had worked out. Bianca inquired whether Marissa was fine with Bianca's admission of attraction. Marissa remarked that Bianca had just been honest and that she was more than all right with the situation.

Bianca noted that AJ was ecstatic that Marissa and JR had reunited. Bianca assumed that Marissa was thrilled, too, and Marissa seemed startled at the thought. Marissa stated that she was taking it one day at a time, and Bianca said she was happy, if Marissa was happy. Bianca urged Marissa to celebrate with her family, and Marissa said they'd talk soon. Bianca prepared to leave, but JR approached and said he owed her for whatever she'd said to Marissa.

Bianca told JR that she was glad things were working out, and she advised him to do more of what he had been doing. She started to mention a gallery opening, but he cut her off and said he'd take it from there. He headed back to his table, and she walked toward the door, but she looked back and locked eyes with Marissa.

David arrived at Fusion and told Greenlee that he loved seeing her in her element. She wondered why he wasn't at the hospital, and he handed her a box of personal items from her hospital office. He mused that she would be genuinely astounded by what he intended to do, and she assumed he meant playing God. He reminded her that she'd had no problem with his ego when he had saved her life, but she remained angry that he'd duped her into selling the hospital. She demanded to know his real motivation.

David accused Greenlee of looking for a conspiracy when there was none, but Greenlee doubted the hospital purchase had been Erica's idea. He commented that at one time, Greenlee would have been impressed by his savvy, but Greenlee scoffed at the idea that they were kindred spirits. He claimed that the hospital purchase had nothing to do with Greenlee, but she pushed for the truth. He said that focusing on Greenlee had been his biggest mistake, but he planned to resume performing miracles. She thought he had more in mind, but he crowed that he had everything he wanted and wondered if she could say the same.

Griffin arrived at the hospital, and David hoped Griffin would accept his job offer. Griffin explained that he was only there to tie up loose ends, because he'd made a promise to start Miranda Centers all over the world. David said that he was proud of Griffin, not only because of Griffin's medical skills, but because Griffin had kept his professional and personal lives separate. David recognized that Griffin had been tempted, and he commended Griffin for walking away with no obligations. An uncomfortable Griffin nodded, and he quickly left.

Elsewhere in the hospital, a reporter approached "Erica," who reveled in the attention until the reporter began to boldly interrogate her about her relationship with David. Ryan intervened and chased off the reporter. "Erica" thanked Ryan and expressed astonishment that the reporter had asked such personal questions. Ryan asked if he should be worried about her.

"Erica" insisted that she was fabulous, but Ryan commented that the hospital purchase had been a shock. "Erica" called it a good business deal, but Ryan asserted that David's reputation was a liability. She said that everyone had a past, but Ryan admitted he'd overheard the conversation during which David had told her that they were even. She struggled to explain, but he begged her to trust him, because he could help. He speculated that David was behind her kidnapping, but she denied it.

Ryan claimed that "Erica" was too important to him for him to ignore that something seemed off. She was flattered that such a handsome man was concerned about her. Greenlee eavesdropped as "Erica" assured Ryan that she could handle David. Ryan commented that Greenlee had thought the same thing, but "Erica" said she'd never allow herself to be manipulated by David the way Greenlee had. Greenlee entered and accused "Erica" of partnering with David to get back at Greenlee.

"Erica" pointed out that Greenlee had wanted to get rid of the hospital, but Greenlee accused her of knowing that Greenlee would never have consented to the sale if she'd known David had been involved. "Erica" said she'd keep an eye on David, but Greenlee retorted that "Erica" had given David the worst possible weapon -- power. "Erica" reminded Greenlee that David had saved Greenlee's life, but Greenlee spat that she'd lost respect for him when David had faked his death and had allowed Greenlee to take the fall. Ryan claimed that "Erica" knew David better than anyone and could handle him.

Once alone with Ryan, Greenlee worried that her performance had been too over the top. Ryan assured Greenlee that she had played her role perfectly. Greenlee was certain that there was more to the situation than met the eye. Greenlee pointed out how Erica had talked about David's redeemable qualities, much like Greenlee had after the motorcycle accident. Greenlee theorized that David had convinced Erica that she needed him, and Greenlee vowed to figure out the rest of David's plan.

Meanwhile, David pulled Jane into an exam room and warned her that she'd made a mistake. He explained that Ryan lived to torture David and that Ryan was already suspicious of them. He ordered her to stay away from Ryan, but she was certain that she had convinced Ryan that she was fine. She argued that she had an advantage, because Ryan cared for her. David clarified that Ryan cared about Erica. Jane blasted Greenlee for thinking the universe revolved around her, and David remarked that Greenlee and Erica had that trait in common.

Jane wondered how David had ever fallen for Greenlee. David insisted that Greenlee was no match for Jane. Jane gushed that Ryan had seemed protective of Jane, and David again corrected that Ryan felt that way about Erica. David warned that if Ryan suspected anything, Jane's game would be over. Jane understood that David didn't trust Ryan, but she presumed that David was jealous.

David insisted that he wasn't jealous of Ryan, who posed no threat to David's mission. Jane wondered what he meant, and David announced that he had much bigger plans in store. She questioned what they were, and he vowed that when he was done, Greenlee, Ryan, and everyone else wouldn't know what had hit them.

Later, at the penthouse, Greenlee explained to Ryan that she'd developed a bond with David over months, whereas Erica and David's connection had happened suddenly. Ryan agreed that something had changed. Greenlee pondered whether they were simply jumping to conclusions, when she realized that Erica had been wearing last season's shoes, which was very out of character for Erica. Ryan thought Greenlee's observation meant something. Greenlee said that she'd missed working together with Ryan and that it felt like the old days. Ryan moved in for a kiss.

Ryan thought about how close he'd been to losing Greenlee and wanted her to know that he loved her. She returned the sentiment, and he said that no matter who tried to interfere in their relationship, they had to fight to stick together. She said she'd meant her wedding vow to always be by his side, whether he wanted her there or not. He confirmed that he did want her there, and they resumed kissing.

At the Slater home, Kendall recalled Bianca's words and contemplated calling Griffin, but she was interrupted by a knock at the door. She opened it to Griffin, who said he hadn't been able to leave without seeing her again. Griffin handed Kendall her medical chart and announced that he'd gone over it with her new doctor. She joked about the new doctor not being able to read Griffin's handwriting. Griffin quipped that the new doctor wouldn't be as easy on the eyes as Griffin was, but she'd adapt.

Kendall disclosed that she had been about to call Griffin, but she quickly claimed that it had to do with the Miranda Center. She speculated that he hadn't had time to pack, and she fondly recalled the ugly gear she'd worn on the night of their non-date. He said the evening was still fresh in his mind. She urged him to go, because she didn't want to be the reason behind him being late. He said he had to listen to her heart one last time.

Griffin had Kendall take deep breaths, and he declared that her heart sounded good. She bragged that she was his best patient. They agreed that they'd gotten off to a rough start, but he'd worked hard to gain her trust, and she acknowledged that he had earned it. She marveled at all they'd been through and how he'd put everything on the line for her. She apologized for not trusting him more, and he assured her he had put it behind him, because that was what friends did. She said he was more than a friend and challenged him to admit it.

Kendall covered by stating that Griffin was also her doctor. He said he could see through her tough act, and they bantered about who would miss the other more. On the count of three, they admitted together that they'd miss one another. Kendall tried to grab Griffin's stethoscope and insisted that she listen to his heart. He playfully held the stethoscope just out of her reach, and she joked that she just wanted to make sure he had a heart. They sat on the couch, and he unbuttoned his shirt. He helped her to place the stethoscope over his heart.

Kendall remarked that Griffin's heart sounded strong and that she wasn't ready for a new doctor yet. He replied that she'd consider the next doctor much better, given how much she'd complained about Griffin. They lightheartedly bickered about Griffin's bedside manner. He buttoned up his shirt and commented that there was only one flight to Chile that day.

They gazed at one another and appeared to be about to kiss, but they hugged instead. Kendall pulled back, and Griffin murmured "goodbye" as he looked into her eyes. He gently touched her face, and then he headed for the door. "Wait!" she called after him.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At the Slater house, Kendall said Griffin couldn't leave without giving her his email address. He said his same email address was good worldwide, and he expected to receive pictures of her family. Kendall was surprised to hear that he couldn't reciprocate with pictures of his own because he didn't have a camera. She offered him hers, and as she showed him how to work it, she took a picture of the two of them together.

With a nervous laugh, Kendall said they needed to stop dancing around it and find a way to say goodbye. Griffin responded that he wasn't good at that. She said that he meant a lot to her, and he called her a "real experience." Kendall kissed him on the cheek and stroked his face. She abruptly pulled back, and after he left, they each stared at the door.

At home, Greenlee wanted to take the day off, so she and Ryan could canoodle all afternoon. Ryan, however, said she had to catch up at Fusion, and he practically shoved her out of the house. After she left, he thoughtfully shifted through the contents of a lockbox.

At the Martin house, Cara was gloomy after receiving a text message about Griffin leaving town. As Tad consoled her, he received a call from Ryan, who desperately asked for Tad's help. Tad reluctantly agreed and kissed Cara on his way out the door. Cara stared at a picture of herself and Griffin. After remembering special times with him, she left the house.

Cara arrived in Griffin's hotel room and found him packing. He said he'd text-messaged her to avoid being talked into staying. She tearfully replied that she wouldn't do that, but she knew they'd miss each other like crazy. She spotted the camera, and he murmured that it was a gift from some patient. Cara saw the photo of Kendall and him and replied, "Some patient, huh?"

Cara saw pictures of Kendall's family on there, too, and Griffin snatched it away. He said he'd made connections in Pine Valley, but Cara had a real future with Tad. Cara mused that putting her whole self into a marriage took more courage than being on the battlefield. The siblings hugged their goodbyes, and Cara left.

Tad arrived at Ryan's house under the assumption that David was Ryan's urgent problem. Glancing at the gun in the lockbox, Tad hoped the situation didn't call for it. Ryan showed Tad an antique butterfly necklace and said he just needed something new, borrowed, and blue. "I want you to marry me and Greenlee today," Ryan added.

Tad couldn't believe that a wedding was the big emergency. Tad said his license was still valid from when he'd officiated for his brother and Amanda; however, he refused to bake a wedding cake. Ryan instructed Tad to write down what he'd say at the wedding, and as Tad thought about it, he remembered the vows that he and Cara had exchanged. Elsewhere in the world, a bedridden Dixie was recalling her vows with Tad.

Ryan left a message for Kendall about the surprise wedding, and then he sat Emma down to ask for her advice on throwing a surprise wedding party. Emma said they needed flowers, and Greenlee loved purple. They hugged, and Emma vowed to throw the best party ever.

When Greenlee arrived at Fusion, Randi expressed her concern about Madison, who'd left the house early but hadn't arrived at work. Greenlee thought it was time to replace Madison; however, Madison rushed in, saying she'd get a raise for all the product brainstorming she'd been doing that morning. When Greenlee asked what Madison had dreamed up, Madison admitted that it hadn't been dreamed up quite yet.

Seeing doubt in their eyes, Madison asserted that Randi and Greenlee didn't think she had what it took. Greenlee instructed Madison to stop bracing for the nonexistent smackdown. Greenlee was frank about wanting to fire Madison just moments before Madison's energy had saved Madison's butt. Madison thanked Greenlee for her support, and Greenlee said to get busy.

Just then, Greenlee got a call from Emma, who implored Greenlee to return home right away to help deal with Harvey, the sick hamster. Smiling, Greenlee left work, because she had a date with a hamster. Unbeknownst to Greenlee, Ryan had put Emma up to the ruse.

Madison caught Randi watching her and promised she wasn't about to freak out. Randi expressed concern for Madison, who said that she'd been on the wrong path of pleasing men all of her life. Madison revealed that she'd decided to honor herself and her daughter by creating something that was bold, daring, and willing to take chances. Randi asked if Madison meant a new product, or herself. "Maybe both," Madison replied.

In the park, Greenlee encountered her father. She told Jackson about her hamster duty and giddily said she finally knew what it was like to be a working mother. She stated that she and Ryan were in a good place, and she owed it to Jackson's good, fatherly advice. Jackson got a call from Ryan, and played it off in front of Greenlee when Ryan invited him to the surprise wedding. After the call, Jackson offered to walk his daughter home.

Back at the penthouse, Ryan and Tad ribbed each other as Tad wrote his speech. Emma and Spike carried in flowers, and Ryan got the wedding jitters. Tad said everything would be fine. Kendall arrived, and Tad announced, "Stripper's here." She said she was there to pick up Spike. Guessing that she hadn't gotten his message, Ryan invited Kendall to witness a wedding.

Greenlee finally arrived with Jackson, and the kids yelled, "Surprise wedding!" The speechless Greenlee ran into Ryan's arms, and he guessed that meant she was ready. Tad began the ceremony by discussing what people did for love, and then he discussed the love between Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan told Greenlee that he loved her more than ever, and she was his soul mate. He said he'd always been deeply connected to her, just her.

On the screen played a montage of Ryan and Greenlee's relationship. Greenlee took her turn to speak, and the scenes of their times together appeared on the screen. Scenes of their engagements and past weddings replayed, and she said she'd always been deeply connected to him, just him. The couple exchanged rings, and Tad pronounced them husband and wife.

Later, Tad arrived home with a slice of cake, and Cara was astonished to hear that he'd been off marrying Greenlee and Ryan. Tad touted that he was a web-ordained minister, and Cara mused that there was a lot she didn't know about Tad Martin.

A montage set to music played, beginning with Kendall arriving home and running her finger lightly over Griffin's name on her medical chart. Griffin thoughtfully grabbed his camera and left his hotel room. Dixie shivered in bed, and Madison methodically tried out new looks in the mirror at Fusion. Lastly, Ryan whisked his bride upstairs to their bedroom.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tad arrived at the Chandler mansion, where he encountered a depressed JR. Tad quipped that JR would never be too old for a puppy, and he asked why JR seemed so bummed. JR contemplated what had happened to the innocent kid he'd once been, and he thought he'd let himself down. JR said he didn't like who he'd become, but Tad saw him as a wonderful boy who had been stuck with bad karma and big shoes to fill.

Tad thought JR had worked to end his bad habits and had taken responsibility for his actions, but JR wasn't sure that he could make a good thing work. An empathetic Tad remarked that the only constant thing about life was change, and he felt that JR was on the right path. JR disclosed that he and Marissa had reunited, and Tad suggested they celebrate with a birthday meal at Krystal's. JR said he had to wait for paperwork, so Tad agreed to take a rain check.

Amanda searched online about symptoms of pregnancy. Jake entered and amorously attempted to lure her back to bed, but she revealed that she had to drop papers off to JR. Jake reminded her that she had the day off, but she claimed she had forgotten an obligation from the prior week. He suggested that they take advantage of their time alone, since it wouldn't be long before they welcomed another baby.

Jake noticed that Amanda appeared upset, and Amanda covered by asking if he was trying to make her feel bad for taking care of work. He clarified that he had hoped to continue what they'd started the evening before. He blamed himself for the distance that had been between them, but he believed the prior evening had indicated that their marriage was back on track. He told her to do what she needed and that he'd be there waiting. He joyfully speculated that perhaps she was already pregnant, and she smiled uneasily.

Amanda arrived at the Chandler mansion and threw some paperwork to JR, and he observed that she'd been crying. She closed the parlor doors and informed him that Jake wanted to have another baby. She fretted that she and JR hadn't used protection during their romp, but JR scoffed at the idea that he'd impregnated her. Amanda became irritated when JR nonchalantly dismissed her concerns.

JR told Amanda not to stress, because they'd agreed to act like nothing had happened between them. She called herself a slut, and she recounted how she hadn't known who Trevor's father had been, but she'd worked hard to become a better person. JR said that the past was history and that she'd have the future she always wanted. She continued to worry that she might be pregnant with JR's child.

JR disclosed that he and Marissa were back together, and he reiterated that no one had to know what he and Amanda had done. Amanda admitted that she'd experienced twinges in her stomach recently. She stated that it was too early to take a pregnancy test, but she had a strange feeling. JR urged her to get over her guilty conscience and enjoy her life with Jake. JR thanked Amanda for dropping off the paperwork and reiterated that she should go home. Amanda left.

Amanda returned home and told Jake that her stomach had been bugging her, but that it was too early for morning sickness, so she suspected she'd eaten something funny. Jake went to the kitchen to make her some tea, and she pleaded with God that she wasn't pregnant.

At Krystal's, Krystal noticed that Tad hadn't touched his burger and asked what was on his mind. He said that things had been going better than he had hoped with Cara, but he felt that something was off, and he wondered if he'd been out of the game for too long. Krystal knowingly assured him that he still knew what he was doing. He remarked that his relationship with Cara had been unconventional, but Krystal urged him not to look for more obstacles. He asked if Krystal could guarantee a happy ending, and she said he'd never find one unless he took the plunge.

JR found Tad at Krystal's, and JR offered to join him if the invitation was still open. Tad had thought about their prior conversation and mused that everyone wanted to know what to expect from the future, but no one would ever know until they took the leap. JR said they should take it together. Tad had a feeling everything would work out.

Asher gave Colby pointers about the layout of her video blog, and she complimented his ideas. She offered to give him a hug, but she recalled how he'd grimaced in pain the last time she had done so. He responded by pulling her into a kiss. He started to lead her to the bed, but she pulled away and asked to slow things down. He pointed out that he'd wanted her since he'd first seen her, and they recalled how they'd shared a kiss when she'd had a boyfriend.

Colby wanted to forget the past and move forward, but she'd regretted rushing into sex before. Asher agreed to take things slowly. He was clearly disappointed when she returned to her computer to announce to her fans that she and Asher were officially together. Colby explained that she couldn't keep her fans in the dark, and he wondered if being in a relationship would hurt her online reputation as a breakup expert. She said that her vlog wasn't about being alone, but having compassion and giving people hope.

Colby and Asher kissed, but Maya's entrance interrupted them. Colby noted that Maya was wearing sunglasses to disguise a black eye. Maya claimed that she'd run into a door and that she didn't want her clumsiness to worry anyone. Colby was positive that someone had hurt Maya and demanded to know who it had been. Maya insisted that no one had hit her, but Colby mentioned Maya's other bruises and suggested they call the police.

Maya refused to accept any help and declared that she was taking a sick day. Maya stormed out, and Asher recalled how Maya had been a mess when he'd first met her. Asher headed to the door to take off after Maya, and Colby joined him. They followed Maya through the park, and Colby observed that Maya looked scared. Colby and Asher saw a man approach Maya and grab her arm. Asher yelled for him to let her go and confronted the man with a punch to the jaw. "Are you insane?" Maya yelled.

Maya claimed that the man was her friend, Mookie, who had been protecting her from the ex-boyfriend who had hit her. Asher pointed out that Mookie had grabbed her, but Maya explained that he had been stopping her from going back to her ex. Asher apologized, and Mookie acknowledged that Asher had been looking out for Maya. Maya asked Colby and Asher to leave, and they walked away. Mookie called Asher a lucky guy, because if it hadn't been for Maya, Asher would have been dead.

Mookie demanded to know if Asher had a thing for Maya. Maya insisted that Asher was with Colby, and that they had followed her after seeing her black eye. Mookie promised that he'd never hit her again. He said that he loved her, and he knew she felt the same way because of how she'd had his back. Meanwhile, Colby implored Asher to lie down, but he said he had pain pills to take. She called his defense of Maya "hot." Colby exited, and Asher staggered over to the drawer and swallowed the last pill in his prescription bottle.

At ConFusion, Angie reminded a sullen Jesse that he'd said he was on board with her decision to pursue treatment to restore her sight, but he didn't trust David. She thought it was worth the risk, and she argued that everyone who had warned her against the treatment couldn't understand, because they could see. Jesse understood that Angie was frustrated and wanted her sight back, but she pointed out that no one had offered support because of David's involvement. Jesse divulged that he was investigating David for fraud regarding the hospital sale. She begged Jesse not to act on anything until she determined whether or not the procedure would work.

Jane fretted to David that Jesse wanted to speak with her about the kidnapping again. David reassured her that everything would be fine, and she accused him of wanting her to take the fall. He rationalized that if he exposed Jane and allowed Erica to return, the hospital sale would be deemed invalid, and he'd be back where he started. Jane remained skeptical. He called her beautiful and praised her for working hard to achieve her dream of living a new life.

David placated Jane by saying that he respected her and that she'd earned everything she had. She agreed that she had worked hard and that she had everything she'd ever wanted, but she couldn't stand the thought of going to prison. David instructed her to stop doubting him and to stay focused, and he was confident that everything would be fine as long as she maintained that she was Erica Kane.

At the hospital, Jesse couldn't stand the idea that Angie would become David's guinea pig, but Angie said they just planned to talk that day. David arrived and invited the Hubbards into his office. David crowed that he would be the one to help Angie, but Jesse declared that no one would touch Angie without a license to practice medicine. Angie suggested that Jesse return after her meeting with David was over, and David stated that he'd take excellent care of her. Jesse reluctantly departed.

At Erica's penthouse, Jesse told "Erica" that the police had hit a dead end regarding her kidnapping, and he asked if she'd remembered anything else. She proclaimed that she wanted to put the ordeal behind her and move on. He requested that she drive with him out to the crime scene, but she objected. Jesse inquired why she'd teamed up with David, and she called it a business move. He said no one would join forces with David unless they were in trouble. "Erica" pointed out that Angie was also working with David.

Jesse snapped that he wasn't there to discuss Angie, but "Erica" retorted that he'd questioned her own wisdom, so she thought it was relevant that Angie would admit that David was a superb physician. Jesse countered that David was also criminally insane. "Erica" politely opened the door and thanked Jesse for stopping by. She assured him that he didn't have to worry about her alliance with David, but Jesse warned that all women said the same thing before David obliterated their lives. "But I'm not every woman. I'm Erica Kane!" she exclaimed.

Angie asked David when the other doctors would arrive, but David announced that he hadn't invited anyone else, because the treatment they'd discussed wouldn't restore her sight. Angie berated David for giving her false hope. He explained that he'd been doing his own research and that he'd discovered another procedure that would be effective. He said the specialists had been going down the wrong path, but he could get favorable results by taking cells from her skin and turning them into retinal stem cells. She barked that such a procedure hadn't even passed animal testing, but he remarked that he wasn't hampered by government rules.

Angie accused David of conducting illegal experiments, but he bragged that the results of his work had been revolutionary. He offered to perform the procedure on her, if in return she didn't tell anyone and pretended that she'd received the experimental treatment they'd initially discussed. A torn Angie wished he had told the truth up-front. He said he could perform the procedure immediately, but she suspected it was a con game. She asked why he hadn't gone public with a patent, but he claimed it wasn't about the money, because he was a healer. She called him a doctor without a license who expected her to cover for him.

David tempted Angie with the opportunity for her to see her daughter and to practice medicine again. She hesitated, and then insisted upon drawing her own blood. He placed a sealed syringe in her lap and asked if he could tie her tourniquet. She pulled up her sleeve, and she was surprised that his hands were warm. He joked that people thought he was cold and inhuman, and she stated that his reputation was his own fault. David commented that despite his faults, he had a calling to practice medicine, and nothing had changed the fact that he was still a healer who had saved many lives. Angie handed him the syringe and asked him to proceed.

David said no one would notice the scar, and Angie inquired how long the process would take. He admitted it could take a few tries to ensure he was producing retinal cells. She asked who the first patient he'd ever lost was, and he admitted that he couldn't remember, but he swore that he wasn't going to lose her. He said Jesse was waiting and reminded her not to say a word. Later, Jesse asked Angie how the meeting had been, and she said fine. He asked if she still planned to go through with the treatment, but she lied that so far she and David had only talked.

In David's Yacht Club room, Jane fretted to David that she still had to worry about Jesse's questions. David beseeched her to trust David, but she bemoaned that no one else did, and she wondered if she was an idiot for getting involved with him. He silenced her with a sudden kiss and murmured that he wanted her. She pulled away and insisted that she couldn't, because she'd never done it. He said that would make it even more special, and they kissed passionately.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dixie thrashed in her bed and called out Tad's name. At the same moment, Tad caught Cara in the foyer and told her not to go into the kitchen. Tad said that he was cooking breakfast, and Cara could tell from his clothing that something had gone wrong. She offered to help, but Tad insisted that he wanted to surprise her. He exited just as someone knocked. When Cara opened the door, Kendall immediately launched into an explanation of why she was there.

Although Kendall claimed she was just in the neighborhood and wanted to set up a play date for the kids, Cara knew that Kendall wanted an update on Griffin. Kendall asked if Griffin had landed safely in Chile. Cara said that she hadn't heard from her brother, and Kendall wondered why Cara wasn't worried. Cara said that she was, but knew that she had to respect the choices Griffin made for his life. Kendall was amazed that Cara appeared to be so flippant about her brother's safety. Cara asked why, if Kendall cared so much, she hadn't stopped Griffin from leaving town.

Kendall became defensive and asked if Cara believed Kendall was the reason that Griffin left town. Cara said that she knew Kendall cared about Griffin and wanted to know why Kendall hadn't asked Griffin to stay. Kendall tried to turn the tables, but Cara freely admitted that she'd begged her brother not to leave Pine Valley. Cara thought it was funny how both Kendall and Griffin refused to admit their real feelings for each other.

Kendall recoiled from the idea and instead asked when Cara had become an expert on relationships. Cara knew well how lucky she was to have Tad in her life, regardless of how their marriage had started. Cara asked not to be the target of Kendall's frustration. Instead of digging the hole she was in deeper, Kendall opted to leave. Tad returned to the foyer as the front door closed. He asked who had stopped by. Cara told him that Kendall had been their visitor, and that all Kendall wanted was Griffin.

Tad and Cara walked to the park. When they stopped, Tad pretended to be a German doctor intent on healing the pain that Cara felt. Tad's treatment was to give Cara a hug. When he let her go, Cara was crying. She talked about how missing Griffin never got any easier. Tad was at a loss as to how to make Cara feel better. Suddenly, they kissed.

Tad broke off the kiss and apologized. Cara quickly pointed out that she had been equally involved in the kiss. They agreed that the kiss had been a good thing, and Cara asked if "the doctor" had any other suggestions to heal her. Tad told her that the kiss had rendered him unable to think. Cara suggested that they take a walk -- and hold hands while they strolled.

When Tad and Cara returned from the park, Cara noted how impressed she was at the skateboard trick Tad had shown her. Tad said that he needed to keep things interesting for his girl. He asked Cara if she was okay with that status. Cara pretended to think about it, said that she was more than okay, and then planted a kiss on her husband. At the same time, Dixie's eyes finally opened.

Randi was shocked when she turned to see who had entered the Fusion offices. Madison confidently strolled in, clad all in leather. Randi admitted that initially, she hadn't realized it was Madison. Randi also expressed surprise at the direction Madison had taken with the new Fusion product line. Madison said that it hadn't been conscious. Madison said that she'd built the look from the face down -- or perhaps the inside out.

Madison confessed that for years, she'd spent her life waiting for the approval of others -- her father, her husband, and even strangers. Madison said that she'd finally realized that the only person's approval she needed was her own. Madison parlayed that into a product she felt was missing from Fusion's line.

Ryan descended into the living room of the penthouse and found a backdrop and a camera on a tripod. He called out to Greenlee, and was surprised to see her in a knight's outfit when she joined him. Greenlee confessed that she had wanted to surprise Ryan.

Greenlee reminded Ryan that they hadn't taken any wedding pictures. Greenlee saw Ryan as everyone's hero, and thought that the knight outfit would be perfect. Greenlee added that she'd had a problem with Ryan rushing off to save people, and promised that she would work on changing that behavior. Ryan pointed out that Greenlee always fought for what she believed in, and said that trait was one of the many things he loved about his bride.

Greenlee and Ryan hopped in front of the camera and Greenlee set the camera on automatic. They proceeded to pose for a series of hero pictures, complete with their knightly props. After they completed their photo session, Greenlee asked who Ryan planned to save next. Ryan said that he had his sights set on Erica. While Greenlee wasn't thrilled, she agreed that Erica needed to be saved from David.

Greenlee offered to help, but Ryan said he wanted to handle things on his own. Greenlee reluctantly acquiesced, and admitted that she needed to do some work at Fusion. Ryan asked how Madison had been doing. Greenlee admitted to being surprised, and said that Madison had submerged herself in work and the creative process. Greenlee dashed upstairs to get ready, and Ryan tried to call Erica. Jack answered and told Ryan that Erica had spent the night working with David.

David awoke to find Jane staring at him. Jane suggested that she should leave, but David told her that there was no rush. Jane worried that she'd performed horribly for her first time. David assured her that their lovemaking the night before was more than satisfactory. David sealed his promise with a kiss.

Jane was amazed that she was able to please David. She mentioned that she hadn't been able to sleep with Jack because if he had realized she was a virgin, Jack would have known immediately that Jane wasn't Erica. Jane explained that she had told Jack she needed to get reacquainted with him post-accident. David was amused by the frustration he imagined Jack felt, but told Jane that she'd made a smart move.

Jane sat up bolt upright in bed when she had a realization. Jane was certain that David was going to use their lovemaking as blackmail. David tried to calm Jane down and said that the only thing on his mind was the connection between the two of them. David said that he was just as stunned at the turn of events between them as Jane was.

Although Jane protested, David said that Jane couldn't deny their connection. Jane was skeptical, but David said that if he could start things over again, he would start them in bed with Jane. Jane said that she couldn't continue to be with David because of her engagement to Jack. David reminded Jane that she wasn't Erica but said she could be with Jack if she wanted. Jane said that Erica was likely as amazing in bed as she was at everything else. Jane didn't think she could compare.

Erica lay in the bed where she was being held captive and thought back on her encounters with Jane. Infuriated that Jane was stealing Erica's life, Erica began to rip the room apart.

Kendall and Greenlee walked into Fusion and were surprised to find that the office had been rearranged. Randi explained that Madison had gotten an idea, and said she'd encouraged Madison to develop a full pitch. Kendall and Greenlee braced themselves as Randi started a smoke machine and some music. As Madison waltzed out into the middle of the room, her outfit shocked the owners. Madison launched into a monologue about the strength that existed in every woman. Madison's pitch asserted that Fusion's new line, Fierce, provided all of the tools a woman needed to take control of her life.

Greenlee thought that the concept had promise, but felt like the idea needed to be softened before the public saw it. Madison said that the point was not to compromise. Greenlee said that she didn't think Fusion should scare their customers or try to shove new products down their throats. Kendall agreed with Greenlee, so Madison asked for Randi's opinion. Randi said that she loved the idea, but also said there was nothing wrong with tweaking. Frustrated that she'd stayed up all night for no reward, Madison stormed out of the office.

Jane remembered that David had been with Erica as well. David insisted that while Erica had been a wonderful lover, Jane was much better. David tried to start another lovemaking session, but Jane's ringing cell phone halted his attempt. David tried to convince her not to answer, but Jane took the call. Ben told Jane that she needed to return to where they were holding Erica hostage, as the socialite had experienced somewhat of a meltdown.

Greenlee tried to talk to Kendall about Madison's idea, but it became obvious rather quickly that Kendall was preoccupied. When Greenlee finally got Kendall's full attention, Kendall admitted that she'd been thinking about Griffin. Kendall talked about how insensitive it was for Griffin not to contact anyone upon his arrival in Chile, but Greenlee knew Kendall was simply burying her true feelings.

Kendall finally admitted that she missed Griffin, but followed with an assertion that she had far too many things to do to waste time thinking about Griffin. Greenlee let it go for a moment before she realized that thoughts of Griffin had soured Kendall's mood. Greenlee grabbed Kendall's hand and insisted on helping Kendall out of her funk.

Ryan burst in on David as David worked in his office at the hospital. Ryan demanded to know where Erica was, but David claimed to have left Erica's company the night before. Ryan was suspicious and asserted that he wanted to know the truth. David said that both Ryan and Greenlee had heard the truth when they'd questioned Erica. David knew that Ryan didn't want to believe that David and Erica could accomplish great things.

Jane reached the location where Erica was being held, and asked Ben what had happened. Ben said that Erica had woken up and, seemingly without provocation, started to trash the room. Jane activated the intercom and asked Erica what was wrong. Erica said that she had done what she needed to do to get Jane to show up. Erica blasted Jane for the business deal Jane had made with David. Jane thought it was a brilliant move, but Erica noted that the move would destroy the life Jane wanted so desperately. Jane attempted to act unfazed, and instead asked how Erica had found out.

Erica needlessly reminded her captors that Jane had made sure Erica saw the news release. Erica insisted on knowing what else Jane had in store. Jane referred to recent events as her personal life and refused to talk about it with Erica. Erica was irate that Jane seemed to be on track to blow up Erica's entire life. Jane tried to leave, but Erica asked about Jack. Jane insisted that Jack was fine but wouldn't offer any additional information. Erica worried that Jane had slept with him.

Ben urged Jane to ignore Erica's attempts to get under Jane's skin. Jane ordered Ben to take a break, but Ben didn't want to leave Jane alone with Erica. Jane ignored his protests and made Ben leave. Erica chose that moment to tell Jane that while she looked and sounded like Erica, Jane could never be Erica. Erica said that if Jane was deluded enough to think she could really become Erica, she was stupid.

Incensed, Jane stalked into the makeshift bedroom to confront Erica. Jane confirmed that she hadn't slept with Jack, but after some careful questioning, Erica realized the truth: Jane had slept with David. Erica screamed about how Jane's actions were ruining Erica's life. Erica lashed out and ended up throwing Jane on the floor. On the way down, Jane hit her head and was knocked out.

Ryan broke into David's room at the Yacht Club. After he looked around for a few moments, Ryan spotted a pair of earrings near the bed. Ryan flashed back to a conversation he'd had and realized that the earrings belonged to Erica. A cleaning woman entered the room and was startled to see Ryan. Ryan laid out a few hundreds and asked the woman if Hayward had been alone. The woman eyed the money then told Ryan that David had been with Erica, and that Erica had spent the night.

David went to ConFusion and quickly spotted a striking woman. He was shocked when he realized that the woman was Madison. David was surprised that Madison had gone to work in such austere garb. Madison demanded to know what was wrong with the way she was dressed. David said he liked her image, and said she looked as though she was ready to take on the world.

Kendall and Greenlee met up with Ryan at the Yacht Club. Ryan instantly took the reigns of the conversation and told the women that Erica had spent the night in David's hotel room.

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