Kit Fisher
Actor History
September 1998 to April 1999
Other Names
Christine Montgomery (birth name)
Former Orsini Vineyards employee
Resides At
Seattle, Washington
Formerly in South Carolina
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Travis Montgomery (brother; deceased)
Jackson Montgomery (brother)
Bianca Montgomery (niece)
Molly Montgomery (niece)
Sean Montgomery (nephew)
Greenlee Smythe (niece)
Lily Montgomery (niece; via adoption)
Reginald Montgomery (nephew; via adoption)
Miranda Mona Montgomery (great-niece)
Flings & Affairs
Tad Martin (lovers)
Edmund Grey (kissed)
Health and Vitals
Sexually assaulted by Braden Lavery
Crimes Committed
  • Embezzled from Orsini Vineyards
  • Falsely accused Tad Martin of rape
  • Falsely/mistakenly accused Ryan Lavery of rape
  • Con artist
Brief Character History

"Kit Fisher" came to Pine Valley in the summer of 1998 to reunite with her brother, Jackson Montgomery. Jackson refused to believe that Kit was his sister, Christine, who was thought to have drowned as a child, but in reality had been raised by a man named Nathan Fisher, who had found her on a beach. After struggling to get Jackson to consent to a DNA test, Kit got drunk at a bar on Halloween night and was raped. She accused Ryan Lavery of the rape, and Ryan was jailed. Later DNA tests proved that Kit was, in fact, Christine Montgomery, and Jackson vowed to make Ryan pay for raping his sister. During the trial, Kit grew closer to Edmund Grey, who also believed Kit's claim that Ryan Lavery raped her. Her allegations were made less credible when it was revealed that she had previously falsely accused Tad Martin of rape years before in California.

In the spring of 1999, it was discovered that Braden Lavery, Ryan's brother, was the real rapist, and Ryan was freed from jail. Kit left Pine Valley to live in Seattle with her other brother, Travis.

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