Raquel Dion
Actor History
Carolyn Neff
Ara Celi
Former waitress
Former garment factory worker
Resides At
Her family's ranch in San Antonio, Texas
Formerly at condominium 102 in a development near the park
Marital Status
Single/Divorced (Mateo Santos)
Past Marriages
Mateo Santos, Sr. (divorced)
Angela Dion (cousin)
Mateo "Max" Santos. Jr. (son; with Mateo)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • Tried to flee town with Max to prevent Mateo from gaining custody of Max
  • Staged Max's "disappearance" to make it look as if Max had run away
Brief Character History

Raquel Dion Santos arrived in Pine Valley when she read about Mateo and Hayley's mishaps in the newspaper. She did not make her presence known right away while she stayed at the Pine Cone Motel. She let Mateo become fond of Max before letting them know they were father and son. She did not know Mateo's whereabouts the last few years but never stopped loving him.

When Mateo wanted to be a real father, he asked Raquel to move into Wildwind with him, Hayley, and Edmund's family to share custody and quality time with Max. She has tried to sabotage his relationship with Hayley and wouldn't give Mateo a divorce. Recently she told Mateo she would give him his freedom and accept the living arrangement with the nearby condos.

There was an accident at Mateo's new club site and Max could have been crushed to death from a falling scaffold. Raquel pushed her son out of the way, but ended up in the path of the falling equipment. She was hospitalized with serious spinal injury.

Raquel recuperated at a condo Mateo bought for her and hired round the clock nurses for her. After finally agreeing to divorce Mateo, Raquel made several last attempts to win him back. Raquel was unsuccessful in making Mateo forget about Hayley and finally threw in the towel and headed back to Texas to live at her parents' ranch.

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