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Happy Father's Day, James!
For the Week of June 14, 2004
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I know that Father's Day is a week away but watching James Stenbeck reading Bill Cosby's Fatherhood was a real hoot. This guy never ceases to amaze and entertain whenever he has screen time. James has always been one of my favorite characters to ever hit Oakdale and each writing team has found a way to keep him true to character. It's true that he has done some despicable things to a lot of people but he is so fun to watch in the process.

How close is Jordan to being a Stenbeck? Jordan is direct and pulls no punches in his approach to all of his issues so far since his arrival in Oakdale. Jordan and Jennifer are rapidly becoming the couple to root for. I am so happy that Jennifer is finally showing real character this time around because when Jennifer was in love with Bryant - it was a real snoozefest. I like the way that she is standing up to her mother and her brother at every turn. This is so much fun to watch.

Then there's big brother Paul to Jordan and Jennifer - it's kind of strange to have your brother in love with your sister: I know this is a soap opera so it's understandable. Is Paul falling in love with Rosanna Cabot? It is good to see that he has moved on from Rose DeAngelo.

Speaking of Rose DeAngelo, it appears that her other man has gotten over his grief as well. Dusty is saving a new woman now - Lucy Montgomery. This is the second time that Lucy has been saved from peril by an older man. She had a short crush on Paul, is the same thing going to happen with Dusty. I think Dusty might be too much from the young, sheltered daughter of Craig and Sierra. Is it possible that the person who wants her out of the way is Sierra's new husband? It's just strange how once she is one the way back to Montega, she is almost abducted.

Where is this thing with Margo and Doc going? I certainly don't want her to cheat on Tom - been there, done that. It might be a good idea for the writers to cut their losses with this Doc character or send into another direction - just not towards Jessica - been there, done that with Marshall Travers. Jessica seems to be too much on this thing about getting pregnant right now. She and Ben just need some time to just be married. Both Jessica and Margo are going through a midlife crisis.

Barbara has found the perfect man for her in Walker Daniels. It was terrific when he stopped her children from upsetting her with news about her ex. He genuinely wants to be with her and she is finally starting to think about herself for a change. We all know that once they are totally committed to each other, something from his past is going to come back to haunt him - he's too good to be true.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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