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Finally, Henry admitted what we've all known for years...he loves his best friend. Sure, it's likely that Bubbles will break his martini-loving heart in this fake-marriage scheme, but let's not worry about that.

They must be making ice cubes in Hell, because the impossible has happened Scoopers: Henry got a storyline. And peel me off the ceiling, it appears to be a potential love story with Katie.

Finally, Henry admitted what we've all known for years: He loves his best friend. Sure, it's likely that "Bubbles" will break his martini-loving heart in this fake-marriage scheme, but I'm not worried. Maybe Katie will discover her feelings go deeper than friendship, too.

The ruse of their engagement was hilarious, from Henry replacing Simon's head in the engagement photo with his own, to that J-Lo sized diamond. And don't get me started on those kissing scenes to make Mike jealous. Brilliant.

I can only hope that with this tale, we'll find out more about Henry's past. Although he's been in Oakdale for years, we know little about him. Wouldn't it be a hoot to find out that he did go to Harvard, is some kind of genius and is independently wealthy? All we know is that he is a pilot, he never works, and he has expensive taste in clothes, alcohol and women!

--Never, I repeat, never, give Will Munson anything in the color beige. OK, so maybe it wasn't the color so much as the giver of the new car that set him off. Still, I wouldn't take any chances, considering his history. I hope Will wrestles his demons and wins, soon. He has great potential to punch up Oakdale's much-needed teen scene.

--I'm not sure what to make of Craig and his new attitude. Craig resisting a chance to stick it to Dusty is like Henry turning down a martini. So, yes, I'm a little worried. Did that soul-searching at the monastery actually reform this champion-manipulator, or is it all a ploy to get back in Sierra and Lucy's good graces? Time will tell.

--Only Sierra and Craig, could make sipping milkshakes into must-see-TV. Wow. What chemistry those two have. Now there is an unfinished love story, if ever I've seen one. Toss Lily into the mix, and things could get interesting.

--Why didn't Parker get to go on the camping trip? Poor guy. The kid practically single-handedly found Jack, but he can't score a spot in a sleeping bag. It's just wrong, people.

--Apparently A.J. Lamas is out as Rafael. The show execs wants to take the character "in a new direction." I'm not sure what that means. An actor with shorter hair, perhaps? Will the new Rafi be a bad guy? I hope not. Poor Lucy has had a rough couple of years, already.

--It's a shame some fans have spewed such venom toward actress Sarah Brown over her role as Julia. Brown is a great actress and deserves respect for tackling a difficult, and unpopular, role that broke up supercouple Jack and Carly. It disappoints me that so-called "fans" resorted to personal attacks on the actress. It gives soap fans everywhere a bad name. I personally don't like the character of Julia, now that she's latched onto Holden. But that only proves that Julia's a good villain and that Brown is superb at what she does.

--Kudos to Carly for owning up to setting up Julia. I thought for sure she'd deny the whole thing to Jack. How refreshing that she actually told the truth.

--I was really looking forward to Holden getting a storyline that didn't involve babysitting. But getting horizontal with his cousin's last wife, well, let's just say I'd hoped for more. I was thinking perhaps, Holden and Emily. Lord knows, Hal hasn't been Mr. Supportive to her, lately.

--Lily and Carly make quite a devious team. OK, sure, their plan backfired and resulted in Julia ending up at the cabin with both of their husbands. But hey, Team Snyder gets an A for effort. I hope to see these two plotting again.

--Shame on Paul and Hal for not figuring out that Barbara is behind Emily's odd behavior. They know her antics, yet neither of them are suspicious of her. It's stories like this that make it difficult to believe these characters.

--Now that Ben has been redeemed at the hospital, will he and Jessica rekindle their romance? I hope not. Ben needs to venture out and get in touch with his bad boy to give this character a little edge.

--I like Mike and Jen. They have chemistry, and for once, Jennifer didn't throw herself at a man. It was a slow build, and I'm buying their romance. Lucky for us, Katie isn't.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry tries to convince Katie that Mike is over her.)
Henry: "Katie, face it. Mike dumped you."
Katie: "He did not."
Henry: "Alright, let's revisit the facts shall we, instead of your little barge on the River of Denial."

(Katie questions Henry as to why he announced their engagement in the newspaper.)
Henry: "If we're going to do this. Let's do it right. This born-again monogamous is out to prove there's more to me than meets the martini."

(Henry toasts Katie and their future.)
Henry: "May our only pain, be champagne."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Patsy, of Baltimore.):

"Come on Fans, Sarah Brown, "Julia" is a wonderful actress, isn't that why we HATE her (Julia) so much? I have to admit most of us older fans have a hard time seeing Jack kiss and fondle her, and we cried with Carly (even though she deserved a bit of hurting.) But shouldn't it really be a compliment to Sarah Brown that she can act so convincingly? I think some of us need a reality check. Don't hate the actress or do dumb things like send hate mail to actors! I will admit I totally despised the character Julia from the beginning, but I loved the actress." That's all for now. See ya next time Scooopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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