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There is no better story being told on daytime right now than that of Katie and Henry Coleman. How refreshing, and realistic, to see a story about two friends who are grappling with the decision of whether to stay platonic.

So James staged Cabot's death just to torment son Paul? Um, OK. Whatever. This storyline is so silly, I'm trying to forget the absurd details and just enjoy the powerhouse performances. James is one of daytime's all-time best villains, and Anthony Herrera plays every scene with gusto. Actress Cady McClain is so fantastic as a desperate Rosanna, that I'm trying not to think about the fact that she actually took time this week to thank James, the man who kidnapped her son.

Adding Paul, Barbara, Will and Emily to this mess makes it even better. I applaud the fact that so many characters are involved in this plot, but the story is just ridiculous. It seems more fitting for "Days of our Lives" or "Passions."

The fallout has been great, though. Paul is crushed, and may perhaps turn to Emily for a little comfort. Will is slowly getting lured back into Barbara's evil lair. And who knows what will happen with Rosanna, James and "Jimmy?" It's just too bad that James is so bad. Oakdale needs a good villain in town, who isn't a psycho.

In other musings:
--There is no better story being told on daytime right now than that of Katie and Henry Coleman. How refreshing, and realistic, to see a story about two friends grappling with the decision of whether to stay platonic. It's a situation most of us have faced at some point in our lives. Who can fault Katie for wanting to fall in love with Henry? He's dependable, always puts her first and loves her beyond measure. Watching her decide whether to trade passion for a lesser kind of love is riveting. And those kissing scenes were played perfectly, a little awkward and very hot, in a forbidden kind of way. It's so nice to see a story that involves character history, friendship and emotions instead of psychotics, kidnappings or the latest plot device. Bravo!

--Why do the newbie teen boys all have 70s hair? First it was Rafi, now Casey. Craig needs to give them his barber's card.

--Poor Mike. All in the mood to procreate, but Jennifer's not willing. Somehow, I think if word got out that Mike wanted to father children, there would be a line of willing ladies headed to Oakdale.

--I couldn't help but laugh when James poked fun at the Oakdale folks asking Rosanna, "Don't you people ever go to work?" I've often wondered the same thing.

--If JJ broke his leg and is at the hospital, why is no one there with him? It's hard to believe Julia's proclamations that she always has JJ's best interests at heart, when she can't even tear herself away from her love-nest to be with her kid.

--Am I the only one cringing at the Dusty/Sierra flirtation? Ewww! He was sleeping with her daughter just a few weeks ago, people. Please. Stop. It.

--So, Casey is the latest high-school kid to work at Metro. I'm sure it won't be long before Celia is behind the bar serving drinks, too. Can't these kids find jobs at the country club or the pool?

--Please, please, please give Craig and Sierra more scenes. These two have major chemistry and so much history that the story would practically write itself.

--Lily is acting like a maniac. I understand that she's fighting to save her 20-year marriage, but physically attacking her husband's lover was crazy. Is it any wonder Holden wants out of that marriage? She's acting more like Barbara every day.

--Jennifer gets major points this week for not giving into Mike's pleas to have a child. She's right that he's reacting to Katie and Henry's situation. I love that Jennifer is reading this situation correctly and calling Mike on it. In the past, she hasn't always shown such maturity. (Remember Dusty?) I'm liking the Jennifer/Mike pairing more every day. And with Craig in the mix, it's even better.

--Barbara back in the business world makes me smile. Hurling threats at Craig, blackmailing Jennifer, this is the Barbara I've been waiting for. She's ruthless in the boardroom.

--I hope Julia has life insurance. The foreshadowing is on the wall: She's going down. Lily threatened her. She's got that crazy ex-husband. And her criminal past from Texas is catching up with her. From the previews, it appears Carly and Lily are going to get their wish for Julia to leave town. Of course, it appears it will be in a body bag.

--Here's my theory about Henry: He's uber-rich. I'm guessing old money. We know he's a pilot. He's intelligent and loves to read. He's got a first-edition set of books. And he rarely works. ("It's a lifestyle choice.") Yep, I think he's rolling in it. Or it could be, judging from his book collection of "Peter Pan" and "The Wizard of Oz," that he just doesn't want to grow up.

--Could it be Craig really did turn over a new leaf? I fully expected him to lie to Sierra and pull some scheme to cover up the Street Jeans mess. Surprisingly, he came clean. I love it when a character does the unexpected.

--I really like Keith. He seems to be the only person who puts JJ first. I hope he sticks around Oakdale.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig joins a pensive Jennifer.)
Craig: "Dollar for your thoughts?"
Jennifer: "Huh?"
Craig: " Inflation."

(Barbara tells Jennifer and Craig that she knows all about the success of Street Jeans.)
Craig: "Lots of fashion magazines in the prison libraries?"

(After Barbara tries to blackmail Jennifer into business, Jen ponders her mother's evil ways.)
Jennifer to Craig: "Do you think she even sees a reflection anymore?"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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