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Luke interrupts a funeral
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Henry is really in love with Katie, and he wants to do right by her. He is willing to let her go, if that is what will make her happy, but it looks like Katie wants to make Henry happy, too.

For only airing three days this week, there was quite a bit happening in Oakdale this week: Julia's funeral with Luke looking more and more guilty; Jennifer can barely contain herself with wanting to spill the beans about her night with Craig and Celia and Rafael are still in Oakdale making many want to fast forward every time they are on the screen.

Julia's Murder
This is the focus of most of the action lately and Luke is making things worse for himself and his mother because of his erratic behavior. Why did he go over to Lucinda's to burn Lily's gloves - it's obvious he is a teen as he just reacts without really thinking about the consequences. If I had a grandmother as powerful as Lucinda, I certainly would have confided in her. To make things more complicated, he goes over to the church and interrupts the service right in front of JJ. Luke is making himself more and more of a suspect with every hateful word he spews about how happy he is that she is dead. I must commend Jake Weary who now plays Luke for his outstanding performances, he definitely holds his own against the adults - it is so obvious that he inherited his acting skills from his mother, Kim Zimmer.

Lily should never have gone to Julia's funeral. Lucinda was so funny when Lily told her she was going to the funeral; she said you mean the funeral for that "skanky brunette." Okay, she wanted to be with Holden to show her support but it seemed so out of place after all that happened with Julia. She should be spending more time trying to keep Luke quiet before he takes them both down along with Carly. I just don't what will happen if Jack finds out about Carly's involvement in this mess.

Holden is still trying to do the right thing by Julia and he is willing to turn in his son in the process. He has help from his other son, Aaron who broke his promise to Luke by telling Holden about Luke burning something behind Metro. So with the info from Lucinda, he goes right to Jack.

Craig is so involved in this quadrangle now after giving Henry advice and then sleeping with Jennifer. I guess Craig is up to his old tricks again. Well, Dusty senses that something is up between Craig and Jennifer. Poor Jennifer is just beside herself because she does not want to be like her mother and she wants to tell the truth. As the show ended on Wednesday, she was just about to spill the beans to Mike. It's hard to predict what Mike will do with this information: will this be his opportunity to end this relationship and pursue Katie or will he go after Craig - something he has wanted to do since the Carly incident.

Henry is really in love with Katie and he wants to do right by her. He is willing to let her go if that is what he thinks will make her happy. It looks like Katie wants to make Henry happy. I like these two together. This story is so much fun to watch because there is always something new being thrown into the mix to keep it interesting.

The Kids of Oakdale
Celia and Rafi are still around and making things painful to watch when they are on the screen. I hope that TPTB have read as much as I have about how these two are not adding anything to the canvas in Oakdale. The new Rafael does not in any way look like he could have been a boxer and Celia is still as irritating as she was when she was uncrated. I don't how much more of them the viewers will be able to take. These two remind me of two other characters who were about as annoying: Sarah Kasnoff and that model, Zoe - remember those two?

On the other side, we have younger characters played by actors who can act like Will, Casey, Allison and Aaron. I was thinking that they could give Curtis more to do and bring in another female character for Casey to get involved with.

Finally, I wonder if anyone else has noticed that since Aaron has taken over as Metro manager he is starting to dress just like Dusty did when he was at Metro - in dark clothes - his outfit last week looked like something Dusty actually wore but in a smaller size.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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