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Craig has never been a one-dimensional villain. Craig makes bad choices...sometimes for the right reasons, sometimes not. Yes, he's smarmy. Yes, he's manipulative. And yes, viewers love him anyway.

Shock. Dismay. Absolute astonishment. That's the only way to describe my reaction to the news that Hunt Block is leaving the show. I simply can't imagine this drama without Craig, the villain we love to hate. Rumors are that budget cuts resulted in his status change. If that's true, I can think of several other characters on the canvas who should be shown the door in order to save money, instead of Craig. As much as I enjoy Kin Shriner (Keith), he has no ties to Oakdale. The same for Dusty (Grayson McCouch), now that John is gone. And don't get me started on Celia.

Cutting Craig makes no sense. He has family in town. And as this week reminded viewers, he simply sizzles with Rosanna. Factor in that ex-wife Sierra just came back to Oakdale, and the move is all the more puzzling. Besides, we've all seen him deliver those dry, one-liners that could make the Mona Lisa burst into a guffaw.

Craig Montgomery, as portrayed by Block, has been the one constant bright spot in the show. This is an actor who steals every scene. His Craig has never been a one-dimensional villain. Craig makes bad choices, sometimes for the right reasons, sometimes not. Yes, he's smarmy. Yes, he's manipulative. And yes, I love him anyway.

I'm hoping that news of his departure is greatly exaggerated. But, I have a sinking feeling it isn't. Oakdale will be one boring place without the adventures of the mischievous Craig Montgomery. It's like "General Hospital" without Luke Spencer or "The Young and the Restless" without Jack Abbott. It's just wrong. Meanwhile, I'll be rocking in the fetal position waiting for the news that this is just some cruel hoax.

In other musings: :
--Never, I repeat, never, get into a police vehicle with Jack Snyder. It's clear he missed the day of police training that deals with transporting prisoners. Poor Carly, it's no wonder she's having nightmares.

--Congratulations to the writing staff for taking home the Emmy for Best Writing. The win was bittersweet. Former head writer Hogan Sheffer was an incredible talent, and I'll miss his brand of storytelling. I'm hoping the new writing staff will continue his vision and at the same time, improve the areas that need improving.

--The casting of Jennifer Landon for the character of Gwen is an interesting choice. She doesn't have the typical look or sound of a soap ingénue. I like that she's different. Although, I'm a little scared. Gwen is bordering on becoming a stalker.

--I'm so used to Henry being comic relief, I forget that Trent Dawson can really do drama. Wow. His scenes with Barbara and Katie this week were incredible. I like angry Henry. And with Katie still hung up on Mike, I think we'll be seeing some more of ticked-off Henry.

--I couldn't help but laugh at Paul, saying he felt like he should be looking for Rosanna. Gee, really? Your wife takes off without a word to anyone for months and now you're worried?

--Kudos to Craig for calling out Rosanna about Cabot. He was his father before Jordan and Paul. And I'm glad someone on the writing staff finally remembered that.

--Is anyone else hoping Carly is the one to knock Jennifer off her high horse soon? Last time I checked, Jen was a model who designed some ripped up jeans. And Carly is a proven designer. Jen's condescending comments to Carly made Jen look like a sniveling, jealous brat, instead of a professional business woman.

--Will gets points this week for being the only one of Barbara's children who hasn't forgotten what she's capable of. His line about "Give her an inch, and she'll cut out your heart" had me rolling.

--Where did Henry get the cash for a Hawaiian vacation? Last I heard, he and Katie were broke.

--Wouldn't the cop who pulled Henry and Katie over for speeding have chased after Katie for fleeing the vehicle? Oh, that's right. It's the Oakdale PD. Enough said.

--I enjoy it when character's speech patterns match their personalities. For example, Jack used the term "trying to birddog my fries" this week. Brilliant.

--Is Casey a player? It's obvious he slept with Gwen. I have some advice for Casey: Own it, dude. Avoiding Gwen isn't working. Those guilty looks you get every time she walks into a room are going to give you away sooner or later.

--I had no idea Jennifer's middle name was Louise. Was that a family name?

--Why did Les climb back into a van leaking gasoline and ready to explode? I guess the guy really is crazy. Was he trying to kill himself or trying to make the cops think he died? I'm with Keith. I'm not buying it until some body parts are found and identified by DNA.

--It was hard watching Katie watch Mike and Jen's wedding. I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Katie. It's obvious she still has feelings for Mike. But, perhaps she has matured. The old Katie would have tried to stop the nuptials. I don't like that Henry is her consolation prize. So, here's to the day she realizes that Henry is just as swoon-worthy as Mike.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Rebel Gwen marvels at Casey's perfect all-American life and questions fellow rebel Will about their friendship.)
Gwen: "How did you get to be his best friend?"
Will: "Because I'm such a freak?"
Gwen: "Give it a rest Will. It's not like I'm Hilary Duff."

(Barbara tells Henry that his wife Katie is in love with Mike.)
Barbara: "I was involved in a loveless marriage once."
Henry: "Only once?"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Linda.):
"Thank you for mentioning the "interruptions." I said basically the same things you did, with a few four letter words thrown in. We have to hear all about the breaking news on the nightly news shows and morning shows for at least a month and that is plenty. So I say, let us have our shows that we pay the cable companies too much money for.

(From Two Scoops reader Marie.):
"Yes, Jennifer! Right on about the adds. I thought it "odd" that Babs held the Kohl's box up close and personal for the camera and not five minutes later: voila, an ad for Kohls. And the big testimony by Lisa for Nice 'n Easy and voila, an ad for Nice 'n Easy in the very next segment. You missed one though: How about that '50s dance where half the music was Elvis. And how many times have you seen the CBS "Elvis" movie pushed during the past month? More than enough! I just hope they don't show Jennifer coming out of the bathroom wiping her mouth with Charmin!"

(From Two Scoops reader Janet.):
"I am totally undecided about Craig. He can be such a good guy, as per his past relationship with Carly, but lately he's the guy you love to hate. Now my real complaint about the show is the way that Maura West was left out of the nominations for best actress. She has been really outstanding. Love your Two Scoops. Look forward to Monday morning and you. Thank you from a 74 year old grandma who started watching this show when Ellen and Penny were teenagers in the ‘50s."

That's all for now. See ya next time Scooopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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