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Last week, Will stepped in and pretended to be the father of Gwen's baby. Gwen had better start bullet-proofing her apartment now, because Barbara's not going to be happy when she hears the news that Will is going to be a daddy.

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The line to smack Jennifer Munson starts here. I've had it with her. Period. End of story. The writing for Jennifer is making it absolutely impossible to sympathize with this character. Jennifer Ferrin is a gifted actress, who I enjoy. But her character has turned into a sniveling brat. When the whole town rallies behind one character, at the expense of another fan favorite, it's a little hard to take.

And how long before Jennifer and Dusty hit the sheets? I'm taking bets here. We know Jen has a history of cheating (R.I.P. Bryant) and she used to have a thing for Dusty. So, I'm guessing it won't take long for her to feel threatened by Katie and turn to her new boss.

Dusty seems misplaced in this storyline. It would have made much more sense to have Craig as her boss, instead of this former boxing backer/bartender/business executive. So, I can think of only one reason he's even in this story arc, and that's to be a potential lover. Run, Dusty. Run.

In other observations:
--I don't know about the rest of you, but I get nervous anytime I see the Oakdale ladies in white robes in a spa. Just call it post-traumatic spa disorder.

--Thumbs up to whomever decided to get the teens jobs at the pool/sports club, instead of having them spend their summer slopping drinks at Metro.

--I like actress Marie Wilson, but I'm unsure about Meg. She seems a little forgive me boring. Let's hope Meg is harboring some deep secret that will be a bit spicier than her re-introduction was this week.

--If Gwen is so worried about money, why doesn't she stop wasting it on smokes? If she'd just lay off the cigarettes, she might be able to afford to eat.

--More cast changes were reported this week. Alyssa Diaz who plays Celia is out. And newcomer Alexandra Chando is in to play Henry's sister, Maddie Coleman. I'm not sad to see Celia leave. She had no real ties to Oakdale, and Diaz never really clicked with me or viewers. It makes much more sense to introduce or use teens who have family in town. Paging Curtis!

--It's hard to buy a besotted Paul, considering he was spouting the same mutterings of love to Rosanna and Rose, not long ago, that he's now telling Emily. Let's just say this guy falls hard and fast, frequently, which it makes it much less believable.

--What's the mystery with Carly's dad? Will we find out that she has other family in Oakdale? I could see Gwen being an illegitimate sister. She seems to have Carly's moxie.

--Just when I thought I couldn't love Will anymore, he stepped in and pretended to be the father of Gwen's baby. That's sign number one of a future soap hero. I can't wait until Barbara hears the news that Will is going to be a daddy. Gwen had better start bullet-proofing her apartment now.

--It seems Emily has returned to her adulterous ways. I guess she felt if everyone thought she was a lying, cheater than she should at least prove them right. I like Emily, so it's hard to see her acting like this. Hal has been awful to her, but it's too bad they made her the one to cheat.

--How could Paul cheat with his former stepfather's wife? If I recall, Paul and Hal were once very close. In fact, Paul looked at Hal like a father. Hurting Hal seems out of character for Paul. James, yes, but not Paul.

--Could Lucinda have breast cancer? She's the perfect character to do this story. She's strong-willed, independent, always in charge, and probably the last person you'd expect to ever have a stuffy nose, let alone cancer. Thumbs up to the message behind her hospital visit, reminding us all to get that annual exam. But what was up with her condescending comments to the female doctor? When Lucinda said she'd get a second opinion from someone "who knows what he's talking about," I was floored. Lucinda is the last person I'd expect to have a sexist standard when it comes to women physicians. After all, she's a CEO and her daughter was El Presidente of a small country. Perhaps, she meant she'd turn to her trusted, longtime, physician-friend John for a second opinion. Good luck finding him.

--Katie claims she loves Henry and wants her marriage to work, yet, she wasted no time putting the moves on Mike in the hotel room. I don't blame Henry for not wanting to be the consolation prize. If Katie doesn't come to her senses soon, then Henry needs someone else to shake his martinis with.

--Things are not looking good for Craig. I'm begging here, please, please don't kill this character. I'm hoping someone will eventually come to their senses and rehire Hunt Block. And that would be difficult, if they send the character six feet under.

--I'm sorry, but Casey is a punk. Where did he get that attitude? I'm waiting for the day that Will drop kicks some manners into him.

--Leave it to Craig to propose marriage on a paper napkin. He and Rosanna have always been one of my favorite couples, and they've never done things conventionally. I liked Ro with Paul, but never as much as when she was with Craig. These two just seem to bring out the best/worst in each other, and that makes for mighty good TV.

--Henry's date with Sadie was hilarious. Although it ended early, I would have paid money to see him chugging beer and hanging out with leather-clad bikers.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Barbara tries to see Jennifer, but is stopped by a very large man.)
Barbara: "Excuse me, what are you doing?"
Dusty: "It's okay, Deacon."
Barbara: "A man of the cloth?"
Jennifer: "Um, that's his name, Mom. This is my bodyguard, Deacon."

(Rosanna tries to call Emily, who is angry at Rosanna.)
Rosanna: "Emily's not picking up."
Craig: "The miracle of Caller ID."

(Craig tells Rosanna not to patch things up with Paul.)
Craig: "Don't humiliate yourself Rosanna. Not for Paul Ryan."
Rosanna: "Oh, I should humiliate myself by marrying you?"
Craig: "Exactly."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Joanie)
"I'm so glad that I'm not alone with the "Craig got Jen drunk and pregnant" bull. I liked Jen for a couple of weeks, and then, when she got pregnant I returned to my old opinion. She is so annoying! Anyway, this whole Craig being the father of Jen's baby could be so awesome, if Hunt Block was able to stay and finish it! I loved watching Craig and Rosanna interact recently again. They use to really love one another, and I loved the chemistry between them. I can't believe we are losing both Hunt and Cady. Unbelievable, I don't know who is worth watching except Henry. Please let this be a mistake. Hunt Block is the one and only Craig to me and I have watched "ATWT" since the late '70's when Scott Bryce was Craig and Meg Ryan was Betsy. I love your Two Scoops. Keep up the good work!"

(From Two Scoops reader Kari)
"I don't get the whole every time Emily becomes friends with a man she gets intimate. First it was James Stenbeck, when she worked for Barbara. Then Tom, when she was best friends with Margo, her sister's fiancÚ Chris, and now a seemingly budding romance with her husband's stepson Paul. It's getting gross even for soap storylines. Come on! They can't even say the name of how she is acting on daytime television!"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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