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Gwen has lost again
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Last week, the paternity test failed to name Casey as the father of Gwen's baby. Then Carly pulled a stunt to prove that Gwen was an unfit mother. Gwen's also losing Will as the only friend she has. Will she ever catch a break?

The women in Oakdale are having big troubles right now especially the ones in the forefront like Carly, Gwen, Jennifer and Lucinda. The drama is in Oakdale has drawn me in so much that I can hardly wait for the next show. Besides all of the drama on the screen - I keep asking myself where, oh where are Jessica and Ben?

The Baby Drama
This story is really quite good because as promised it involves a lot of residents in Oakdale. Right now, I am having a real problem with Carly - it was about last year this time that I was rooting for her to get Jack back and if she continues with her current behavior she will have problems with her marriage again. How crafty of her to include Nancy Hughes in her plot to discredit Gwen? Jack was able to see right through Carly and she still would not let Gwen off the hook. Is this all because of what she thinks she did to Iris' baby or because Rory was supposed to Rosanna's baby? Could it be that Gwen reminds Carly too much of herself and that is why she hates her? Carly is not one of my favorites right now.
Gwen is not getting any breaks in this whole thing. First, the paternity test doesn't name Casey as the father - we all know why. Then with this stunt that Carly has pulled does not make her worthy of the baby. She is also losing Will as the only friend she has. She is being duped by Paul and then has the town blackmailer as her mother, Iris. How is this girl ever to get a break?
Jennifer needs to get her baby back; she knows in her heart that her baby is still alive. This Jennifer on drugs is very fascinating to watch. She is doing all those things that drug users do so well by constantly lying first to her mother then to her father and trying to discredit Dusty. It won't be long before she goes over the deep end and her loving brother, Paul is causing her more pain than either one of them realizes.

This clinic that she has chosen is bad news. Why would anyone want to get medical help from a place that transports illegal organs? Now her grandson and Keith are missing. Right now, she is not well and has not received all of her treatments. The end result of all of this will probably be the reuniting of Holden and Lily.
Finally, there has not been a sighting of Jessica and Ben in a long time. I noticed that they do not even show Ben's photo in the opening credits anymore but you do hear his voice during halftime and before previews. With all that is happening in Oakdale, the disappearance of these two characters is quite apparent.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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