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Carly and her schemes
For the Week of March 13, 2006
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Will Carly Snyder ever learn her lesson? Carly has this preoccupation with scheming, and things always go wrong. When things go wrong, she has to lie and withhold information from her husband yet again.
This was a busy week in Oakdale as there was a lot action going on with a wedding, a murder confession, lies and possible identity fraud. So the upcoming short week should be very good. We only have about two more weeks until the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest daytime dramas on television.

Carly Schemes Goes Wrong
Will Carly Snyder ever learn her lesson? I like Carly a lot but she has this preoccupation with scheming then things go wrong. When things go wrong then she has to lie and withhold information from her husband yet again. I wish there was another way however I am happy that this story did not have her getting romantically involved with Nick. It is obvious that she does feel guilty about Jack's issues at work because she could have stayed out of it and Nick is his own worst enemy so he would have botched things up on his own. So now Carly is going to be accused when she was not as involved as everyone will think she is - after all, she did drug her own sister and who would not believe that she would do it again.

I don't feel sorry for Nick but he is really in big trouble now. His ego is a problem and hopefully this is the writer's way of taking him down a peg so he will appear more sympathetic to the audience. He may be a Kasnoff but he is no Mike or Mark.

One of the nicer moments this week was Carly seeing Lily at the Lakeview and recalling their past as schemers during the Julia drama. Lily knew that Carly was up to something.

Mr. and Mrs. Munson
What judge would marry two teenagers without a parent's approval? I know that Will and Gwen have had a lot of bad luck so for something good to happen to them is really nice; to have Casey and Maddie as their friends is a good sign. I like Will and Gwen together and I like Casey and Maddie as a couple so now I have to wonder how all of this going to play out with the history these guys have between them. There was moment this week that puzzled me: why is that Lisa never mentions Casey and Gwen having a baby together. However it was a priceless moment to see her catch the bouquet from Gwen.

On the subject of Casey and Maddie, what is Margo's problem? She should know that Maddie has a good head on her shoulders before she allows things to get too serious. In addition, Casey has learned a serious lesson from everything that happened with Gwen. Hopefully she will not blame Maddie, it would be better to have her under her roof than to have them sneaking around.

Jade - The Fake
I thought from the beginning that Jade was a fake so the evidence proves that she is not who see says is grows with each episode. I do like the fact that she is being the friend that Luke needs right now. Lily should have done what her mother told her to do by having a DNA test first. Lily is so gullible then when she gets a clue she has to get the truth fast.

Luke is in need of someone he can confide in and Jade has become quite the confidante; I do hope that her friendship with him is not a part of her plan to stay in the family. Holden needs to be honest with Lily and Luke; this story is moving along at a good pace and it is being done in my opinion well.

The Murder of Dusty?
Dusty can not be dead - how much can one woman deal with in such a short period of time; first her child, then her brother now the man she loves all believed to be dead. Why is Paul confessing to killing Dusty is he did not do it? Meg is acting very guilty herself especially after seeing the bloody hands. I certainly hope the writers can come up with another story than the pretend death stories - this would three in one year who are all involved with the same character. I guess we just have to see how it all falls into place.

50th Anniversary Special Moment Recollection
One of the stories that I think about and remember how good it was: the poisoning of Lily by her mother-in-law, Orlena Grimaldi.

The reason why it was so good in the beginning was because Orlena was being played by an extraordinary actress - Claire Bloom then she was replaced by Lynn Milgrim and the story took a turn and became less suspenseful and more melodramatic. I remember one scene in particular when Lily was begging Lucinda to believe her when she was telling her that something was wrong. It was one of the few times that Lucinda did not believe Lily and felt sorry that her daughter was losing touch with reality. The truth came out about who Damian's real mother was and Orlena's death scene was great.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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