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Will is his own worst enemy; he refuses to be direct with Gwen about how he feels. He is an insecure guy, and it shows every time he lets his doubts about himself get the better of him.
This was the first week of May Sweeps and it started off with major chaos in Oakdale with Emily, the kids and the fallout (no pun intended) of finding the skeleton.

Emily tried to take her own life after months of taking a major downward spiral due to her relationship with Paul. I have to say that I have enjoyed every minute of crazy Emily - Kelley Hensley has been fantastic and I so hope she is rewarded next year with an Emmy nomination. However, the only thing that would lose it for her is the whining that she has started to control better. It is amazing to me that the women (Emily and Barbara) who have been married to Hal then leave him move into the forefront with exciting storylines.

Emily gave Meg some advice about getting hurt now that she is with Paul. I really believe that Meg is a great match for Paul; these two have so much chemistry together. It seemed to me that Emily was his rebound relationship after Rosanna and Meg is the real thing. However, they have an obstacle already with Emily being pregnant. I do not believe that she will abort her child and I don't see her going to jail either. It is amazing to me how these people in Oakdale commit horrible crimes and never go to jail except for Craig.

The Kids
First of all, Congratulations to Jennifer Landon (Gwen) on her Emmy win - definitely well- deserved.

What will happen with Gwen and Casey? I think that they have some unfinished business. It was really funny how awkward it was when Gwen and Casey were being interviewed as she was asked if she could ever say 'No' to him - there was a cold chill that took over the room for a moment. Barbara is playing it subtle this time with her scheming. I am waiting for Zach Roerig to return; this guy is good as a temporary replacement but the regular actor needs to be here to make this story work.

Will is his own worst enemy when he is not direct with Gwen about how he feels. He is an insecure guy and it shows every time he lets his doubts about himself get the better of him.

I like the way that Will is befriending Luke as Luke was such an outsider with the rest of the kids in Oakdale. Their talk showed how they were friends when they were kids. Will told Luke the truth about telling the truth to his parents - it's time that he confesses to Lily and Holden. Jade needs to go - now!

What is her real agenda? She attached herself to the Snyder family with a lie, trying to stay by attaching herself to their gay son now she is kissing Holden Snyder. Holden needs send her packing right away for her actions. She seems to be real interested in Will and his mother by how she is watching them. I have to wonder who she really is.

The Skeleton Mystery
Katie and Mike finally get married then Jack arrests him as soon as the ceremony is over. Doesn't Jack realize that Mike is one of the most honest people that he knows? Whatever evidence he has must be planted because Mike told Jack everything he knows about the situation. I hope that this is right unless Mike is hiding something major.

Hopefully this mystery will bring Carly and Jack back together. It was good to see the flashback to their wedding as Mike and Katie said their vows. Emma was right recently when she told Jack that his hurt feelings are causing him to waste valuable time. He was so jealous to see Nick with Carly. We can see that Jack is not going to be away for Carly for too much longer - let's hope so.

Finally, if Luke is coming out to his parents this week then this should quite interesting to see how each one of his parents handle the news. I have to commend the show for the way in which this story is being told - this is just more proof of how great of a show ATWT is.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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