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For the Week of March 15, 2010
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Last week, it was revealed that Reid is gay. Did anyone see that coming, with all of the animosity between him and Luke? Still, Luke and Noah have been through so much as a couple, and it might be time for them to take a break.

The world keeps turning with interesting stories and lots of drama in Oakdale. Confession time: I am already experience separation anxiety - we are getting closer and closer to an end date and no word from anyone to save the day. I applaud those in charge who continue to write as if the world will keep turning for a long time. It is hard to see how they will wrap up these stories as they recast major characters and add new interesting characters like Dr. Reid Oliver.

Carly, Jack, Janet, and Dusty
It's true that Jack and Carly have always had a complex relationship; this time is no different. Jack's niece/stepdaughter has leukemia and his adulterous wife is pregnant with his child then you add the fact that he has rekindled his relationship with the love of his life - it is so complicated. It's drama like this with all of these twists and turns that keep me rooting for Jack and Carly to find a way out of this. If they did, they'd be happy and what fun is that to watch?

I have to applaud Dusty for stepping up once again to want to raise another man's child. Will he ever get a chance to be a father? Dusty has admitted his feelings without beating around the bush with Janet. I want them to get to together too; I think Janet needs a man more like Dusty than Jack. Jack belongs with Carly. Listen, anyone who has watched this show for any length of time has watched the trials and tribulations of Jack and Carly - this is always the best time for them when they are trying to get back together.

Dr. Oliver is Gay
Did anyone see that coming with all the animosity between him and Luke? It did look like that Luke and Noah were winding down as a couple. These two guys have experience so much as a couple since they have been together; it might be time for them to take a break. I believe they will be back together by the time the show ends.

Dr. Oliver is the best thing to hit Oakdale in a long time. He is a joy to watch because he feels he doesn't have to prove anything to the folks in Oakdale. As a matter of fact, he is making friends -- in spite of himself. I love to see how he evolves in a life in Oakdale. He is like in so many ways, a modern day version of Dr. John Dixon. When John Dixon came to town all those years ago. he was just as cocky and arrogant and unlikable as Reid Oliver, however respected as the great doctor that he was. Also, Dr. Oliver's relationship with Chris Hughes is reminiscent of Dr. Dixon's relationship with Dr. Bob when he arrived in Oakdale. There was something about John Dixon, though, that magnetically drew women like Kim, Susan, Emma, Barbara, Lucinda, and Lisa to him romantically.

Damian is Gone
Let's hope for good this time - this time Damian was a one-note song. He was not the romantic lead that he was when he first came to Oakdale. When he left a few months ago and everyone thought he was dead; why didn't he stay gone? It was not necessary for him to come back to town and kidnap Lily once again. How many times has she been kidnapped, anyway?

I need to say this too: I think this story would have gone over better if Martha Byrne was playing the role of Lily. There have been moments that I have enjoyed Noelle Beck in the role. It seems, though, that the writers have dumbed down Lily in a way that makes her this cartoonish damsel in distress - not too flattering for a character that has gone through as much as she has.

Henry and Barbara
This is the story that I have been waiting for. I enjoy them so much together because it was just not meant to be. Barbara sat on the sidelines for a long time without a man, while interfering in her children's lives. She is still so vital and attractive, why has it taken her so long to get a man? I know the writers were focusing on the boring relationships of Meg and Paul or Alison and whatever guy she cheated on before she was set to marry him.

Henry always needs to be front and center - watching him during that Brad Ghost story was proof that this guy is the best. Now Vienna is back so this will be interesting, though I kind of wish that she did not come back either. She is popping in and out of town a lot recently, what is that about? Henry has moved on with Barbara.

Here are some comments from readers:

  • "I am going to miss ATWT. I have been watching since I was a little kid. I hope that Molly and Holden close out the story as a couple. They have good chemistry. Let the new Lily end up with someone new. They need to bring in Bob, Lisa, Kim maybe even John Dixon, Andy Dixon for the final week. Where's Nancy these days?" -- Lily

  • "I have been a fan since the summer of '60. Lisa was the Carly of that era and she was a can't miss actress and character. I agree 100%. So give this long time diva a storyline! ATWT has always been "my show" and will continue until the last moment. I am a diehard Tom Pelphrey fan and hope he can be worked in until SEPT. I thought he and Allison were perfect." -- Sheila

  • "I loved seeing Lisa, Bob and Kim, and the use of history at Alison's wedding. You are right about Lisa. They writers should use her. She has so much to offer as do the other vets. I will always believe that the lack of usage of core/veteran characters has been the undoing of ATWT and GL. It's the history interwoven in the stories that we crave." -- Joy

    Finally, as we get closer and closer to the end - it becomes harder for me to watch the show that I have loved for many years. I am such a creature of habit and Oakdale has been my home too. I was recently watching the final episodes of Guiding Light and I hope that the end of ATWT will be different. Could it be like a soap wedding and someone runs in at the last minute to stop the cancellation? How great would that be?

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie Jackson
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