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Thursday, September 16, 2010
by Kathy Gire

Janet screamed that she was not going to deliver her baby in a cabin, but Jack insisted that they could not make it to the hospital in time. Carly's sudden nausea distracted Jack, so Dusty actually delivered the baby boy. The baby, after a frightening moment of silence, began to cry heartily, and Dusty handed Janet her new son. Carly urged Jack to go meet his baby, as Janet commented that the baby seemed large to be several weeks early. She hoped that was a good sign that his lungs were fully developed.

Carly asked Dusty if he was okay, but he ignored the question and was in obvious pain. He reminded Jack that there was no way to summon an ambulance out there, so he named Jack the designated driver to Memorial. Jack apologized to Carly for the cancellation of their honeymoon, and the five of them trouped out to Jack's car to head to the hospital.

At Memorial, everyone headed for pediatrics except for Carly, who went off on her own. The admitting nurse mentioned that Dusty appeared to need medical attention, as well, but he refused help and said he would wait for Janet and the baby to be examined. Jack went to look for Carly, as John Dixon walked by and spotted Dusty, still in distress, out in the hall. John had a file in his hand, and he was beaming with pleasure. He told Dusty that he had something he wanted Dusty to see, and he handed the file to Dusty, explaining that he had run a DNA test on his own on Dusty. John advised Dusty to buy him a cigar at the first opportunity.

Jack found Carly down the hall, and she told him that she felt woozy and was about to pass out. It frightened her, so Jack suggested they have a doctor check her out, so they could think about a honeymoon. They walked down the corridor just in time to pass John Dixon and Dusty, and they overheard John tell Dusty that he was definitively the father of Janet's baby.

Jack was stunned as he took the report and read the findings. Dusty was ecstatic, and after Jack thought about the turn of events, he decided that the result was best for everyone concerned. He suggested that Dusty be the one to tell Janet, so Dusty dashed off to her room. The new mother was overjoyed that Dusty was the baby's father, and she shed happy tears. Carly wanted to leave, but Jack insisted that she be examined, as well, and a nurse steered them to a Dr. Monroe. Carly insisted on going in alone, however, so Jack waited impatiently outside.

Jack waited a very long time for Carly to reappear, so a nurse explained that the doctor was running some tests. Liberty arrived at the hospital to meet her new brother, and she saw Jack waiting. She was very caring and sympathetic with Jack on the loss she knew he was feeling. In Janet's room, Teri took Johnny to visit, but she, Johnny, and Dusty all left when Liberty took Jack into the room to talk with Janet. Jack and Janet had a heartrending conversation about their past and what the future might hold. After Jack left, Janet kicked out Liberty so the girl could make her plane to New York. Then Janet began to cry for happiness that all her dreams had materialized.

Carly finally returned to Jack, and he asked what the doctor had said. She told him to sit down before she told him, so they went to an empty part of the waiting room. Carly began hemming and hawing and not really saying anything, until Jack yelled, "Tell me!" Carly smiled and said, "We're going to have a baby!" Jack swept Carly into his arms and kissed her.

Holden and Lily had a nice moment at her house, but John Dixon interrupted them and rather bluntly asked Lily to forgive her mother. He said that Lucinda only knew one way to go after what she wanted, and that included Lily's love. It was in the woman's nature to start a fight, John said, and he doubted that it was reasonable to expect Lucinda to change the way she always got what she wanted. Lily argued that her mother needed to learn how to accomplish her goals without "leaving behind a body count." John had to return to the hospital, and as he turned to leave, he asked Holden if he could "fix" the problem between Lily and Lucinda.

Lily admitted that John was probably right, but Holden surprised her by saying how proud he was of her for sticking to her guns with her mother. He asked what she was going to do regarding Lucinda, and Lily said she had always caved in to her and would probably do so again. Holden held her hand and suggested that she put her will to the test and stand up to her mom.

At Java, Lucinda had a conversation with Luke, who told his grandmother that he had learned when Reid died that life was short and there was no time to waste by holding back and nursing grudges. He urged her to go to Lily's and make peace. Lucinda claimed she would not be welcome there, but Luke responded, "Who cares?" Noah walked in, as Luke finally convinced Lucinda to go see Lily.

Noah spoke with Luke, and they talked about Reid and how brave he was to the end. Noah told his friend that he could take comfort in the fact that all the recipients of Reid's organs were doing well, and suggested that Luke concentrate on all the patients who would benefit from the new neurosurgery wing at the hospital. Then Noah revealed that he wasn't going to Los Angeles, after all, but he was resuming his job there at the coffee shop. "Don't you dare do this for me," scolded Luke, but Noah said he was only paying back what Luke had done for him when he'd lost his sight. Luke grabbed Noah and headed for the door, shouting at the barista to hire someone else in Noah's place.

Luke took Noah to the apartment they had shared at one time, and he presented him with a new state-of-the-art camera and urged him to go to L.A. and make his movie. He said that Lily and Holden had sent on ahead all sorts of film and recording equipment because they all believed in him. Noah said he would take the gifts only if Luke promised to visit him soon. He told Luke that he "got it" as far as what Luke had shared with Reid, and he agreed that Luke needed to honor that. Then he said he loved Luke and recommended that Luke stay in Oakdale for a while to grieve for Reid and heal. Luke agreed, and Noah said he would be waiting for Luke in California, and the boys kissed goodbye.

After work, John Dixon went to the Lakeview Bar and saw Lucinda there. He ordered champagne in honor of his new status as "adopted grandfather." He shared the news about Janet and Dusty's baby with Lucinda, and he told her that he had visited Lily and put in a strong pitch for reconciliation. Then John mentioned that an institution in Amsterdam had offered him a short-term teaching gig, and he invited Lucinda to accompany him. Lucinda immediately declared that she couldn't leave her Oakdale obligations, but John said they could pick tulips and wear wooden shoes and have a fine old time. Then Lucinda's phone rang, and she received an invitation to Lily's house, which she immediately accepted.

At Lily's, Holden prepared to leave so that he would not be there when Lucinda arrived. He gave Lily another pep talk and urged her to stand up to her mother again. Lily asked Holden to stay, so Holden smiled and promised to stay as long as she needed him. They were about to kiss when Lucinda barged in and began to take control. Lily stopped her and announced that she had given up trying to pretend that her mother didn't exist. She said she would always love Lucinda, but she was not willing to forgive her yet. Lily declared that her mother had hurt her, and Lucinda's behavior had been inexcusable. She said she wanted a "time out," and she did not want to see her mother for a while.

Lily promised that eventually she would give Lucinda another chance, but it would take a long time. Lucinda looked at Holden, who smiled and said, "Goodbye, Lucinda." Lily also said goodbye, so Lucinda walked out the door. Holden held Lily's hands and promised to return later to read Ethan a bedtime story. Then he beckoned Lily outside, and he asked if she had noticed anything. Lily immediately smelled burning leaves, and she was reminded of the first day she and Holden had met in Lucinda's barn, a fall day permeated with the fragrance of burning leaves. Holden called her "Ma'am," as he had done that day, and the two kissed.

Lucinda returned to the Lakeview bar and asked John bluntly if his offer to accompany him to Holland was still on the table. "Of course," beamed John, so Lucinda asked what they were waiting for, and the two started towards the elevator to go to John's room. "Send up the champagne," shouted Lucinda to the bartender.

. . .

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