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Monday, November 25, 1996

Nikki knocks at the Hughes home. Chris opens the door, tells her she's not supposed to be here. Nikki says she knows, but heard that Ryder hurt his wrist again and has to see him. Scene changes to Dani climbing into her bed with Ryder, who is passed out. She begins to kiss him and he responds. Nikki comes down the hall and knocks at Ryder's door, but there is no answer. She hears something in Dani's room and pushes the door open a little bit. Lightning from the storm lights up the room and Nikki gasps. Dani stops, surprised by the interruption. Nikki goes off on Dani but she says she can explain. Nikki doesn't want an explanation. She accuses Dani of backstabbing her to get Ryder and wants to know what's going on. Ryder, who is dazed asks what is going on, but that's what Nikki wants to know. She asks what he is doing in Dani's bed. He wants to know how he got there because he doesn't remember. He does remember having a few beers after taking his pain killers. He says he isn't in her bedroom but when he looks around, he freaks out. Kim and Chris walk by and look in. Kim stops, shocked. She send Chris to his room. She asks Nikki what she's doing here. She starts to explain but Kim asks her to leave, which she does without another word. Kim then tells Dani and Ryder to get out of the bed. Kim asks Dani to explain why Ryder is in her bed. Dani tries to make up a lie as she goes along but Kim isn't buying it. Kim tells her not to lie. Dani says she isn't. Ryder jumps in and tells Kim not to blame her, she didn't mean for this to happen. Kim asks what did happen. Ryder says it isn't what it looks like, and that you should know what Nikki means to me. Nikki, who was eavesdropping outside the door comes back in the room. Ryder starts to say something to her but Kim interrupts and asks Nikki to wait downstairs for her. Nikki leaves again. Kim tells Dani she is disappointed in her (I'd do more than say that) and doesn't believe that this was a mistake. She tells Ryder to go to his room and never set foot in Dani's again. Ryder says she can count on it and leaves. Kim tells Dani that she has made the biggest mistake by lying to her and leaves. Dani closes the door and smiles. She muses that tonight was the most beautiful night of her life and it's just the beginning. Kim goes downstairs to talk to Nikki. She asks why she is there. Nikki says she heard that Ryder hurt his arm again but when she went to see how he was doing, she saw them together. Kim asks what they were doing. Nikki doesn't know, only that they were in bed, but knows that Dani planned the entire thing. Kim says she knows it's hard, but Dani is not entirely to blame. Ryder bears the same amount of responsibility to not have let it happen. Kim blames Nikki for involving Chris to let her inside when Kim wasn't home. Nikki explodes and says she can't believe that they have sat by and let Ryder be blamed for something he didn't do. Kim says the family has been very supportive of him. Kim says that you were in the courtroom, you heard Dani's off-the-wall testimony, it wasn't expected. Nikki says they should have seen it coming. Kim tells her that if Dani had stuck to the truth and had been credible, things would be different. Nikki doesn't think they have helped him enough. Kim says that they have filed an appeal, and have tried to keep Ryder from going off the deep end and keep him out of jail. Do you want him there? Nikki asks if she can see him, but Kim doesn't think it's a good idea. Nikki wants to know why. If Ryder had ignored Dani's pleas for help, he wouldn't be in this mess. Why keep him locked with her, who started the whole thing to begin with? Kim reminds her that she helped him break his house arrest and is as much to blame as Dani. Nikki doesn't say another word, turns around and leaves. All Kim can do is put her face in her hands, probably thinking what a mess everything is. Ryder returns to the scene of the crime. He tells Dani to cut the innocent act and knows what she is up to. He knew where he was supposed to be but didn't know it was her. She set him up, but Dani denies it. She says she had nothing to do with that. Ryder tells her that he doesn't want to break up with Nikki. He has tried to be nice, told her they were friend from the start and thinks that she must live in some fantasy world because nothing gets through to her. Dani begins to cry. Ryder keeps on by telling her she is selfish and he's glad that Nikki got to see just what kind of friend she is. Dani tells him she loves him but he says he wants her to stay away from him and wants nothing to do with her so get it through your head and slams the door behind him. Dani breaks down crying hard. (Hate it for you! You did it to yourself). Later, Kim talks to Betsy. She tells her that she hoped it would have helped Dani to move in, but Dani has problems that can't be helped. Betsy says that when she talks to Dani, she sounds ok and the letters Dani sends look fine too. Kim says that Dani's life isn't fine, she is troubled and can't trust her in the hosue with Ryder. Dani is eavesdropping at this point. Betsy asks if Kim thinks Dani would agree to live with her in Helsinki? Kim says it isn't Dani's choice. Kim will be calling the airlines and booking her a flight. Kim tells Betsy to get a grip and pay some attention to Dani. Betsy asks if she can wait a few days but Kim says she won't. Dani begins crying again. (Aww... poor baby!)

The sun rises in Tahiti. Barbara wakes up to find John not there. He soon arrives. Barbara asks where he has been. He tells her that he went to the Harbor Masters office to find out the location of the yacht. He says that they are on their way to a small island and has chartered a plane to beat them there. Barbara is estatic. John says the Harbor Master will call when the plane is ready to go. He also lets her know that he got the water turned on so she can take a shower and get ready. She goes into the bathroom, but screams and a "thud" is heard. John goes to check on her. She slipped in the water John spilled on the floor when he was in there. Barbara asks if he ever heard of a bath mat to put on the floor? He tells her they are lucky they have towels at all. John helps her to the bed and looks at her ankle. He says it looks like it's only sprained. The phone rings and John answers. It's the Harbor Master telling him the plane is ready. John tells Barbara that she can stay and he'll go rescue Lisa and goes out the door. Barbara screams behind after him to not leave her there. After Barbara gets dressed, John comes back. She asks what he's doing there, she thought he already left. He says he couldn't leave her there and picks her up and carries her out.

Lisa stands and eavesdrop on the conversation between Mr. Lee and Martin. They are talking about how Martin must marry Lisa before the end of the cruise and get Carly's Get Real shipments back on schedule or Martin will have alot to answer for. She moves to go back into the interior of the yacht but trips on the floor board announcing her presence to them. They turn and see her and she smiles to them. She tells Martin she is surprised to see him still up on deck and thought he would be sleeping, making it look like she didn't hear a thing. She says she wanted to see the sun come up on the water. Martin says he was just making plans with Mr. Lee for breakfast. (Look, another lie!) Mr. Lee asks if she wants anything for breakfast. She says she really isn't hungry but will take a little tea and some toast. Martin says he doesn't want anyting. He tells Lisa she looks radiant. She says it's because she's engaged and that it's just all so beautiful on the sea. He asks if she has any regrets. She says she doesn't, but that he was right, that they needed to get away. It's given her a chance to think about their future and wants to spend more time with him and plan trips like this one. Lisa tells him that she has been thinking of giving up a few of her businesses like maybe the Argus and Get Real. (Martin tries not to show any emotion, but you know he's jumping up and down inside.) She asks if she would have any problems finding someone to run them. Martin doesn't think she will have any at all. He asks if they can talk about business later. She agrees and decides to call Barbara to let her know everything is ok and not to worry. Martin stops her though, reminding her about the time change and that Barbara is probably asleep. Lisa remembers and decides that she will call later. He comments about how much he likes being isolated and having her all to himself. Lisa wishes that they stayed in Tahiti a little longer. Martin says that there are lots of other islands unpolluted by tourists. As Martin goes on talking, Lisa flashes back to the conversation she had with Martin when he wanted her to go national with Get Real. Martin snaps her out of it and says he'll be right back. Mr. Lee comes out on deck and begins to dump food overboard. Lisa sees sharks come up to the top and thinks that he's encouraging them. Mr. Lee says that one must be careful not to fall overboard with a tone that frightens Lisa. Martin returns and takes pictures of Lisa with the sun and sea behind her trying to smile, but Mr. Lee is behind Martin with a hard look on his face. Later, Lisa sneaks into the radio room. She comments to herself that they took her phone. She tries to send a signal out but doesn't know how to work the equipment. She concludes that it doesn't work.

Mark fantasizes about his planned evening for Jones. He snaps out of it, and looks at his watch, beginning to worry about where she could be. There's a knock at the door. He opens it up to find an Oakdale police officer standing there. The officer notifies him that Jones has been in an accident. He stands there in shock a moment and then tries to remember where he put his keys. The officer offers to give him a ride telling him it would be faster with the lights flashing. He agrees and leaves with the officer. Jones is found slumped over the steering wheel by the EMT's on the scene. They check for a pulse. Later, they take her in to Memorial. Ben is there when they bring her in and directs them to a trama room. Mark comes in behind and Ben tells him to wait outside while he goes and checks her out. Mark stands in the ER for a moment then goes into the trama room. He can't believe what he sees and begins to get emotional. Mike and Sarah enter ER and ask for Ben. The nurse at the desk tells them he is in the trama room. They go and find Ben trying to get Mark to wait outside. They tell him that Ben called as soon as he found out she was on the way and ask what happened. He doesn't know, but she was on an assignment. He tells them she talked about playing it safe, taking a desk job but Mark didn't want her to. He babbles about her and her life and he wanted to have children, etc. A doctor comes into the ER to ask a nurse to call up to surgery and get a room ready. Mark jumps up and asks him what's going on, but he ignores Mark and goes back into the trama room. Mark freaks but Mike holds him back. Mark doesn't want her to die. Sarah tells him that Ben is doing everything he can. Mark only wants to see her and Mike and Sarah let him go. Sarah tells Mike that she has never seen Mark like this. She says that Mark was waiting for Jones to get home when she stopped by so it must have happened just after she left. Mike didn't like the look on Ben's face and says that she has to pull through and doesn't know how Mark will take it. Back inside the trama room, Ben comments to a nurse that it must have been some accident judging by all the massive internal injuries. The camera then zooms in on Jones. You see a flashback with Diego talking to the woman in the parking garage. She regains consciousness for a moment to look around, then fades back out. Ben comes out to see Mark. He tells him it's too soon to tell but she is in critical condition and has massive injuries but she is awake and wants to see you. They go in and Ben clears out the room for privacy. She tries to tell Mark that Diego is really Umberto, but can't say the word Diego. He wants her to save her strength and tells her how much he loves her. She tells him what the T. in her name stands for. Her name is Te Amo, which means "I Love You." She drifts back into unconsciousness and then flat-lines. Ben comes back in and tries to bring her back. She was pronounced dead at 11:03pm. Ben leaves Mark with Jones who just stands there devastated.

Tuesday, November 26, 1996

Nancy is talking to Martha on the phone. She tells her that Lonnie has been trying to persuade her to compete in the state dance competition to win a medal. Nancy isn't sure about it. They conclude their conversation and hang up. Bob and Nancy then talk about the situation between Ryder and Dani. Nancy says that Ryder told her all about it. Bob probably thinks it's all one sided. Bob asks if Kim told her that she talked to Betsy. Nancy didn't know about it. He tells her that they have decided to send Dani back to her and that Kim has gone upstairs to bring Dani down to tell her. Kim comes down and tells them that Dani isn't there and that her suitcase and clothes are gone. Meanwhile, at Sparky's, Ryder stops working on a car because he can't seem to concentrate. He flashes back to the fight Dani and Nikki were having over him before he realized what what going on. Sparky passes by and Ryder asks him if he's sure that Nikki hasn't called. He tells him he is as sure as he was 15 minutes ago and walks off. Ryder goes back to working. Nikki enters. He says he thought she'd never speak to him again. She says after finding him in bed with another woman, she shouldn't. She brought him back the flowers he sent her. It isn't going to buy her forgiveness. Ryder tells her she has it wrong and that Dani set him up. Nikki says that Dani isn't innocent. He tells her that she knows how Dani is. Nikki thinks he should have been on guard himself. She asks why he got drunk and if he wanted her. He says that he told Dani that he never wanted to see her again. The phone rings in the background. Sparky comes up to Ryder and tells him that Bob is on the phone for him. Ryder asks him what he wants now. Bob asks Ryder if he has seen Dani today? He tells Bob that he didn't and doesn't care to. Bob warns him that his wish may have come true and that Dani seems to have run away. Ryder relays Bob's news to Dani, who kinda rolls her eyes. Bob asks if he knew where Dani may go. He doesn't know, but will come home right away. They hang up. Nancy asks if maybe she went to Nikki's. Kim thinks that it's unlikely, given the situation. They think maybe she went to Susan's. Bob offers to call but Kim takes the phone and says she will do it seeing as it was her idea to bring Dani into the house. Later, Ryder and Nikki enter. They ask if they have heard anything. Bob says they haven't and have checked everywhere, even the hospital. Nikki hopes it's ok she came over as she is worried about Dani too. Kim tells her she appreciated the help. Nikki thinks that Dani may have gone to Yo's or to the boathouse. Kim thinks Nikki should go check. Kim will check the malls and Bob goes to see Margo. Ryder wants to go out and search too, but Bob reminds him that he has to stay in the house because of his probation and suggests stay with Nancy in case she calls. They all leave, but will check in every hour. Ryder tells Nancy that he hates his house arrest. Nancy tells him that they will find her. He blames himself, but Nancy says it isn't his fault. He says she should have seen Dani's face when he told her to stay out of his life and wouldn't be surprised if she never came back. He didn't mean to hurt her, he was just upset with her. Nancy says people always say things they later regret. Ryder says he has to do something and it only takes one person to sit by the phone. Nancy doesn't like the tone in his voice. He thinks he might know where she is, but needs her help. Will she do it for Dani?

Dani, in what looks like a bus terminal, flashes back to Ryder telling her that he never wants to see him again and for her to get it through her head. She comments to herself that he got his wish and hopes he's happy. She starts to throw away the hankerchief that he gave her away, but decides to keep it. A girl around Dani's age comes up and asks her to cover her. Dani is confused and starts to move, but the girl asks her to stay where she is and just smile. A guy behind Dani pulls some money out of his bundle and places it back into his bag. The girl Dani is helping is watching him. The girl pushes Dani into the guy, takes the remaining money the guy put in his bag and runs out of the terminal. Dani starts to go after her, but the man holds onto her and asks what she is doing. The man only wants an apology for Dani bumping into him. He comments how her generation doesn't have any respect for anyone. (You should see her life, mister.) Dani apologizes to the man and goes after the girl. Dani finds her outside the terminal counting the money. The girl offers Dani half of it, but all Dani wants is for her to give the money back. She tells her that she only took what she needed to get out of Oakdale. Dani kinda pulls her back into the terminal to give the money back but the guy is gone. The girl tells Dani that she can't stay in Oakdale another minute and figures Dani must be new to the game. Dani asks why she wants to leave. She asks Dani the same question, knowing they both have the same plan. Dani wonders why she says that. The girl points out that Dani has a big suitcase and has been studying the departure board trying to figure out where to go. Dani again asks why she hates Oakdale. The girl tells her that she is tired of her parents ordering her around. Dani says she can relate. The girl introduces herself as Lola. Dani is amazed that there is someone else like her feeling the same thing and admits that everyone is trying to run her life, but that her Mom is cool. Dani begins to talk about Ryder. Lola asks if it's her boyfriend. Dani tells her it is, that they met while he was trying to protect her from someone else. Lola guesses that her guardians don't want her and Ryder seeing each other. Dani agrees, adding that she and Ryder were living together. (Warning: FIB Alert!) She says they talk all the time. Lola thinks they do alot more than just talk. Dani laughs with her. Lola doesn't get it though... sounds like Dani had it made. Dani tells her she did, until Nikki took him away from her. (You think Dani would have learned her lesson, but I guess not). Lola can't believe that Dani's best friend stole her boyfriend. Dani says that Bob and Kim started in on her and then told Ryder to steer clear of her and she doesn't know what to do. Lola suggests that Dani go with her to Chicago. She knows where they can get set up with a place to stay and a job where they can set their own hours and no one can tell them what to do. Dani doesn't know. Lola asks if Dani believes if they will ever come looking for her.

Lucinda pays a visit to Emily's office. Emily is on the phone talking with someone but gets off it rather quickly. Lucinda congratulates her, she has the team spirit by not telling Paul that she knows Lucinda is backing EAS. Lucinda wants to know how she did it. Emily gave her word and wants what is best for Worldwide. Emily has bent over backwards for Lucinda's trust. Lucinda wants to know what else Emily wants. Emily says that all she ever wanted was to be President of Worldwide. Lucinda says she has to leave for a breakfast meeting at the Lakeview. After she is gone, Emily makes a call to Paul. Kelly tells her that he's not there and is in a meeting in the Lakeview Terrace. Emily says it's perfect.

Paul says that's glad Connor is coming on board with EAS. He asks if Kirk is coming to this meeting. Connor says no, he is working on product development. Paul begins to wonder where Sarah is, commenting that she is usually early to meetings and hopes that nothing is wrong. They go ahead and start without her. Just as they get ready to talk, Paul's cellular phone rings. He answers it and it's Sarah. She won't be able to meet with them because something terrible has happened with Mark. She tells him that Jones died in a car accident. Paul tells her that Mark needs her and to take all the time she needs. Paul gives his condolences and they hang up. Connor asks what that was all about. He tells Connor what Sarah just told him. Connor says Mark doesn't deserve this, it is the last thing he needs after a year of disappointments. Paul understands if she wants to postpone meeting to support Mark. Connor says she can't and that it's up to his family. Emily enters, sees them talking. Paul talks business with Connor but she isn't paying attention to him. Emily comes to the table and says hello, asks if they heard about Jones. Paul tells her they have. Connor decides to postpone and leaves. Emily hopes she wasn't interrupting. Paul asks why she is there. Emily tells him she knows of a way to makes his dreams come true. He asks if it's her, but Emily tells him it's Lucinda. Paul laughs. Emily says she can bridge the gap between him and Lucinda. Paul tells her that if Lucinda was down and out, he would give Lucinda a job... washing floors. Paul doesn't want to have anything to do with Lucinda. Emily tells him that Lucinda can do wonders for him. Paul says that Lucinda would have to be the last person on Earth, and even then wouldn't ever do business with her. Paul's tone of voice is rather loud and Lucinda, sitting close by, perks up when she hears her name. Emily tells him that he has no choice. Emily knows Lucinda is sitting there, seething. Paul chooses not to do business with her, but will listen to her reason why he has to. Emily tells him that he and Lucinda are both powerhouses in Oakdale and can accomplish more together than apart. Paul doesn't doubt Worldwide's track record. Lucinda laughs to herself listening to Emily's pitch. Paul asks her if she thought how Lucinda would feel about this? Emily said she already ran it past Lucinda and she overwhelmingly approved it. Paul says he knows Lucinda and finds it hard to believe. Emily tells him that Lucinda has respect for EAS and she ventures to say that Lucinda thinks it's a very good investment. Paul can't believe it. Emily says she is there as President of Worldwide and it's a real offer. Paul wants to know if she is serious. Emily says she is and tells him to think about it. It could be profitable for all of us. Paul says he has to get back to work and leaves. Emily goes to leave and fakes her not knowing Lucinda was there. She asks if Lucinda is sold yet. Lucinda gives her a sarcastic clap.

Mike and Sarah talk about being worried about Mark. He enters the house. He says he's looking for the EAS plans and that they have a lot to do. Sarah and Mike just look at each other. Sarah tells him that he doesn't need to worry about work and asks him if he's hungry. Mark says that he and Mike have a deadline to meet and won't let it suffer because of him. Mike tells Mark that he needs to talk about it and reminds him how when Carly lost the baby how he didn't want to talk about it either. If he doesn't, it'll catch up to him. Mark sends Mike to retrieve the rest of the plans in his truck. After he leaves, Sarah tells him that she has made arrangements for the funeral. She asks that if he has any special arrangements, she will take care of them. She asks if there is anyone of Jones's family she should call. Mark tells her that he was all she had. How about friends? He says no. She says she'll call the newspaper. Mark wants to know why. She says that they have to let people know because he won't be the only one who will grieve. He will also have to make some choice that she can't. Mark explodes and says no. He gets up throwing plans to the floor and walks away from her. He has tears in his eyes. As she picks up the plans, he comes back over and apologizes to her, knowing she trying to help him. He knows he has decisions to make. Sarah says she is sorry too, and they hug. Mike enters and sees them. Just behind comes a delivery man. He says he has a package for Mark Kasnoff from T. Jones Kasnoff. They all look at each other, confused. Mark signs for the package. Mike and Sarah think he should wait, but Mark opens it anyway. Inside is a name board that says Mr. & Mrs. Kasnoff. There is also a letter enclosed. After Mark reads it, he walks out the door. Sarah asks Mike what it said. He reads:

    "To my husband, Mark, the one last chance I never thought i'd ever find. Your loving wife, Ms. T. Jones Kasnoff"
Mike and Sarah hug. Outside, Mark holds the sign close to him as Connor watches him. She cries a little for him. Mark leaves and goes to the cottage. He looks at the remains of his plans from the night before. He flashes back to all the great times he and Jones shared. Mark is startled back to reality when he hears the outgoing message on the answering machine. It's Sarah telling him that she'll be there for him and will help him pack up Jones's things, just call her. He gets up and turns the volume down. An image of Jones appears. She doesn't want them to be disturbed either. Mark concludes that she must have been here all along waiting for him to return and knew she wouldn't leave him alone. They profess their love for one another and kiss. Mark gets jolted back to reality by a knock at the door. When he opens it, he finds Templeton standing there. He asks if it's a good time to talk. Mark just wants him to say what he came for. Templeton says that Jones was a good agent. She loved her job and there won't be another one like her again. He says in the last conversation they had, she talked alot about her future life together with him and how much you meant to her. Mark asks if that's it? Templeton says yes and says he is sorry. Mark has something to say to him. Mark says they talked about her job. It was the job that killed her. Templeton says that there is no proof of it. Mark accuses her of sending her out without backup, that he didn't care about her. Templeton thinks he's wrong. Mark says he killed his wife and that the FBI killed his wife. Templeton says he's sorry. Mark asks if he knew what they had planned? They planned for the new house and a family. He says he wished he told her not to take the assignment but she wanted it. Templeton said she was on to something, but Mark doesn't want to hear it and closes the door. Mark pulls the replica of the house out of the box and looks at it. Connor comes up to the door and slips an envelope underneath it. She watches as he destroys the replica and knocks a table over, asking Jones why this had to happen. Connor leaves him in his torment.

Wednesday, November 27, 1996

John with Barbara find the yacht Martin and Lisa are on docked at a small island. It's foggy out and hard to see anything. The get close to the ship but hide behind some crates when they hear some people coming towards them. Mr. Lee is talking to two other men. One asks how much longer he is going to wait on Martin. Mr. Lee tells them to leave Martin to him, just keep watching Lisa. They ask what he is going to do. He says that Lisa won't be making it to the next port of call. John and Barbara look at each other, worried.

Lisa, out walking on deck is trying to sneak off the board, looking around to make sure no one sees her. She bumps into Martin, who scares her. She tells him that she didn't think anyone would still be up. He asks why she is out on deck. She says that the lights from the island looked so inviting. Asks if he wants to come along. He says no and tells her that it's much to late for this.

Mike is at Sparky's garage working on his car. Sparky asks why he isn't at home celebrating with the family. He says they don't feel like celebrating since Jones died. As Sparky exits the garage, Diego enters looking for Mike. He asks Mike what he said to Lily. He says he told her the truth, though Diego believes that Mike has distorted it. Mike tells him that when the truth comes out, Oakdale will find out just want kind of fraud he is and warns Diego that he better not hurt Lily. Mike promises to find out what Diego is up to and then it'll be goodbye for him. Diego doesn't think so and leaves. Diego isn't gone long before Pilar shows up. Mike is glad to see she came to Sparky's and asks how her car is doing. She says it looks better than his and points to the car he's working on. He asks what he can do for her. She is worried that something else will go wrong with her car and wants him to show her something about cars. Mike asks how long she planned on staying. She says she doesn't know, but that Oakdale is looking good so far. Mike wants to know what that is but she thinks he asks way too many questions. Mike just wants to get to know her. He asks her to pass him a cresent wrench, but she hands him a monkey wrench knowing that what he really should use. She thinks it looks cute. Mike agrees that it would work better and accepts it. (Pilar 1, Mike 0) Mike asks what she does for a living. She wants him to guess. He thinks she deals with cosmetics. Wrong. How about a writer? Nope. An actress researching the life of a race driver? A driver who finishes 2nd, I don't think so. Mike laughs. Pilar tells him his time is up and will see him later. He wants to know about his questions. She tells him he has to win the race and then she will give him her phone number like she promised not to mention the answers to all his questions and she leaves. Mike acts giddy and everything.

Lily sits in Lucinda family room with the shawl that Diego gave her. She flashes back to the good times she has spent with Diego as Lucinda enters the room. Lucinda talks to her but she isn't paying attention. Lucinda snaps her out of it, asking where she was. She tells her that she enjoys Diego's company. Lucinda says that she and Cal talked about Diego a couple of days ago and they approve of him. Lucinda thinks that Diego is "besated" with Lily. Lily wonders if she could be making a mistake with Diego, but feel comfident that things will work themselves out and decides to go for it, no matter what Mike says. Lucinda thought that Mike was rather intense a few days ago. Lily says that Mike has been a help since Damian but now thinks that Diego is being dishonest. Lily tells Lucinda that Mike saw Diego with another woman, kissing her. But it was all a misunderstanding. Lily says that Diego told her about it before Mike did. She was a woman that Diego borrowed money from and was paying her back. Lily is confident that she is gone. Lucinda decides to invite her and Diego to dinner tomorrow. Lily accepts and calls Diego. She tells him that she was thinking about him. He hopes it was good thoughts. She starts to tell him about Lucinda's invite, but stops, says she has to do this in person and could she come over. Diego, in a state of shock, says yes and admits his surprise. She asks why. He says it's because she didn't want to come over when he first asked her. She said she changed her mind and will explain in person. He will be waiting for her. Later, while Diego gets the loft ready for Lily, there is a knock at the door. He thinks it's her but when he opens the door, Pilar enters. (Why am I not surprised?) She tells him that he can't get rid of her that easily. Diego tells her that Lily cannot find her there and must leave. Pilar says she won't and has looked away too many times already.

At the Hughes house, Kim is on the phone looking for Dani. Bob enters, asks Nancy if they have any leads yet. She tells him no. Kim gets off the phone. Nancy says that Nikki called and Dani wasn't to be found at the boathouse. Bob says that she wasn't at Oakdale Latin and didn't find Margo or Hal at the station, but left the photo of Dani for them. Nancy says that Dani will be ok because she has faith in Dani to be smart and when she thinks things through she will come home. Tom and Margo enter. The give their hello's to everyone. Bob tells them about Dani leaving. Margo asks when but Bob doesn't know. Could have been last night or this morning. Bob asks why Ryder is. Kim hasn't seen him and calls for him upstairs, but doesn't get a response. Nancy just stands there, not saying anything. Kim asks her, but Nancy just ignores her. Bob checks for his car and doesn't find it there. Bob gets mad. Nancy tells him that Ryder is the last person he needs to worry about. Bob explains that he is supposed to be here at home when not at work, no exceptions. He wonders where he could be. More people arrive. Nikki has brought William and Jennifer with her. Adam, Chris and Casey come in with them from the backyard. Nikki asks Nancy where Ryder is. She says that Ryder is working on a project and will be home soon. She asks Nikki to supervise and help in preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. Bob and Kim are huddling, talking to each other. They end their talking and go over to Nancy and ask her if there is anything she is not telling them. Nancy only says that they have been hard on him. They protest. Nancy tells them that Ryder has been through alot and is trying to do the right thing and would like to be trusted. Bob says that trust is something that has to be earned. Nancy suggests he listen more and judge less. They ask her again where he is. She says that Ryder thinks she may have gone to the bus station. He thought that if he could find her, he could persuade her to come home. Tom and Margo watch with facination. Kim says that Dani is wild right now and Ryder is the reason. Nancy tells them to keep their voices down so they don't upset the children. They tell her that she meant well but made a mistake that could make it worse. Nancy wonders if it stems from the fact that she trusts Ryder and they don't. Bob says that Ryder is under house arrest. Nancy thinks the judge made a mistake and that Ryder is innocent of the charges and nobody has stood up for him or fought it. Bob and Kim don't know what else to do except appeal the decision. Nancy, visably upset, tells Bob that if something like this had happened to you, your father and I would have never stood for it. Ryder helped Dani get away from a boy who certainly had ulterior motives and how has he been treated? Like a common criminal so don't you lecture me! (Alright Nancy!) Bob says whatever you say, mom. Bob takes his jacket and leaves. Nancy returns to cooking, like nothing happened.

Thanksgiving Thursday, November 28, 1996

Happy Thanksgiving! Show Pre-Empted for weekend.
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Friday, November 29, 1996

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