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Monday, January 13, 1997
by Sage

At Yo's, Ben and Mark are horsing around and challenging each other to a game of basketball out back. When they head out, Connor notices them just as Cal touches her on the shoulder. Outside, Mark whoops Ben on the court and appears to have a good time. Ben tells him he's glad to see him happy. Ben asks about Connor and Mark comments about wanting to play or talk about his personal life. Ben's beeper goes off and he has to leave. Mark stays out back shooting around.

Connor and Cal sit down at a table. Cal thanks her for agreeing to meet him there. He hands her the final divorce papers. The marriage is officially over. Connor gets a little teary eyed and tells Cal if she could do things over, it would be different. He tells her she can't and has to leave so he can get his horses settled before it snows. Cal kisses her on the cheek, saying "Bye Darlin'" and leaves. Later, Connor strolls outside to where Mark is playing basketball by himself. He looks at her and asks if she's ok? Connor says she's fine and admits that she just received her final divorce papers from Cal and shows them to him. He tells her he's sorry that she has to go through that. Connor thinks she better go but Mark asks her to stay and play some ball hoping that it'll take her mind off things. She declines but he tells her that if she stays, he'll let her win. "Oh you will, will you?" She replies. Mark proceeds to tell her the ins and outs of basketball as Connor listens, amused. The start to play. Basically, she kicks his fanny. He laughs and makes a comment about how he thinks he's been played a fool. She asks if she forgot to mention the four years of high school basketball she played? They laugh and wrestle around playfully. Connor falls down and Mark falls on top of her. They gaze into each other's eyes.

Cal, back at his ranch, strolls out to the stables to get the horses ready for the snow. He starts thinking back to the time when he surprised Connor with Comet, the horse he bought for her. He then decides to put that all behind him. He takes Comet's name plate off the front of the first stall and puts it in the trash barrel. He comments to himself how he has his health, his company and his family. He thanks God for Luke and Lily and walks off.

Margo, at home, is cleaning up and listening to the radio. A weather report comes on and the announcer talks about below zero temps and blizzard like weather conditions. He says in Boston they are buried in snow. Margo's mind flashes back to the crash. The radio announcer says he'll play "Let it snow, let it snow." Instead, Margo hears her call to Tom on the day of the crash. She freaks out and trys to shut off the radio. It doesn't work and she falls to the floor. She remembers going back for Samantha after talking to Tom. She picks up the phone and calls Dr. Michaels. She tells Dr. Michaels that she needs to talk to her.

At the jail cell in Maryland, Emma tells Holden about how Damian died. He quizes her on the details and then tries to find out how Lily has been handling things. Emma tells him about Lily's obsession with finding out the reason behind the plane crash and that Lily and Luke are with her out on the farm now. Holden asks about Lily's personal life. Emma beats around the bush. Finally, Holden just flat out asks her... Is she seeing anyone? Emma tells him about Diego even though Lily hasn't mentioned him as often lately and that he's a remarkable young man. Holden wants to know if Emma thinks that Diego is after her money? Emma doesn't thinks so and tells Holden how Diego helped Cal and how he's been there for Lily. Finally, an officer comes back and tells them the judge is ready to see him. After Holden gets out, they go back to where he has been staying. They talk about where he has been and what he has been doing the past year and that he is content with how things are and with his home. Emma is not impressed and tells him that it's not much better than the jail cell he just left. Holden tells her that he's got to go on. Emma asks him to come home and tells him she'll stay in a hotel nearby until he decides to do so. Holden tells her no and that she should just go on home.

Diego, in Pilar's hospital room with Lily listening outside the door, tells a sleeping Pilar about destiny and how it has played a wonderful roll in his life now that he realizes that it all led to Lily. Lily has heard enough and leaves, shaking. Diego waits around awhile and finally tells Pilar that he has to leave and walks out. After he walks out, Pilar opens her eyes. She says outloud: "My brother, a murderer. My God, please forgive him... God, please forgive him." Later, Ben comes in and checks on her. He notices that she's upset. He asks her if she's having any pain. She says no. He asks if it's something else.

Margo, at the hospital, is on her way to see Dr. Michaels when Lily runs into her. Lily is wild-eyed and hysterical. She tells Margo that she has to come with her now, that Diego is in the hospital and that Margo has to come and arrest him now! Margo asks if she found out a connection between Diego and Umberto. Lily tells her that Diego IS Umberto. Margo is stunned. Margo takes Lily into a stairwell where they can have more privacy. She makes Lily repeat herself. Lily explains how she overheard Diego tell his sister. Lily pleads with her to go arrest him before he leaves the hospital. Margo, disgusted, says she can't. Lily, frantic, demands why not? Margo says that it's based on hearsay, that it would be his word against hers and would hold up in court. Lily freaks out and grabs Margo's gun, pointing it at Margo screaming that if she won't go do something, she'll do something herself. Margo wrestles the gun away from Lily, telling her not to EVER do that again. Lily, desperate, starts rambling about how she should have known... that she let the man who killed her husband hold her and her child. Margo unloads her gun. Lily tells her that isn't necessary. Margo says that it is. Lily doesn't think that Margo trusts her. Margo admits that she doesn't trust herself since she was on that plane, remember? They talk more about hearsay and evidence. Margo convinces Lily to go with her to the FBI with the new information. They walk back into the corridor at the hospital and run into Diego. He asks what she is doing there. She tells him that she is there for a prescription for Luke. He asks if she has been crying. He puts his hand on her shoulder and asks if there is anything he can do to help. Hostile, Lily says: "You can ask me that? You can seriously ask me that?"

Tuesday, January 14, 1997
by Sage

Playing basketball behind Yo's, Mark fouls Connor and lands on top of her on the ground. They gaze into each other's eyes... then they slowly get back up. Mark is suddenly worried about how cold it is outside and gets their coats. Connor thinks he wants to quit because he's getting beat. He takes her hands and warms them in his. They decide to head out. He gives her his scarf to keep her warm. They try to get into the same door of his truck at the same time. "What's going on here?" He asks her, softly gazing into her eyes. She asks "What do you think is going on?" He thinks it seems awfully familiar. They talk about how they both need company because they are both going through hard times. Connor tells him that she is glad they are friends and decides to head home. She places the scarf around his neck and heads off. As she leaves, Mark gently brings the scarf up to his face to smell her fragrance. Connor returns to Yo's and shoots the basketball by herself. She begins thinking about what has just taken place between her and Mark and what took place the other night when Mark thought she was asleep on the couch and he talked to her. She tells herself that it's not enough, Mark. Friendship is not enough and wants so much more. Just then a hand touches her shoulder. It's Kirk, and he's not looking too pretty either. Connor asks him when was the last time he slept? Kirk replies that it certainly wasn't last night. They talk about his problems... Samantha, Lucinda and Emily. He asks her if she's been out here playing ball by herself all this time? She admits that Mark was here playing earlier with her. Kirk thinks that she is going to have to tell Mark how she feels about him.

In the hospital corridor, Diego notices that Lily is upset and asks if there is anything he can do? Margo is standing close to Lily as she spews out "You can ask me that? You can seriously ask me that?" Diego thinks that Lily is upset with him. Lily asks why he would think that, now controlled and more cautiously. He thinks she is upset with him because he left her the other night when she wanted them to be together. He adds that he wanted to be with her more than anything in the world but Lily interrupts him saying him to stop because she can't listen to this right now. Diego asks if she is ok? Lily tells him that after what she heard today, she doesn't know if she could ever be ok. Diego asks what she heard. Margo jumps in, tells him that she brough Lily bad news about an old friend. Who, Diego asks intrigued. Lily says it was an old friend from school. Margo explains that this friend was on the police force and was shot last night. Diego thinks that is horrible. Isn't it, Lily says. Diego asks if the man was on duty? Yes, Margo says. He was gunned down in cold blood. He was a little too close to the case and was emotionally involved and wasn't taking care. Margo hopes that Lily got the hidden message. Diego sympathically says that he's sorry. Lily says that it was horrible and that the man's murderer is out walking the streets right now. Margo chimes in that the police will get him. Diego starts to say that he's sorry but Lily interrupts again saying that Diego should feel sorry for the man's wife and little boy that was left behind. He was a good man and a good father and he has left an incredible void in this world. Diego comments that they usually do and that most of the time the violence is so random and senseless. Diego reaches out to comfort Lily but Margo heads him off by sliding in between them. Margo tells Lily that they have to go down to the station to see his family. Diego asks if Lily would like him to go along? Margo and Lily both chime NO in unison. Lily says that she has got to do this on her own as Margo leads her out the door. Diego tells her to call him later and to give his sympathy to the family as he watches them leave. Diego then turns and looks back in the direction of Pilar's room.

Ben, checking up on Pilar in her room, notices that she is upset and asks if something has happened. She replies it's something terrible. Ben asks her, protectively, if someone hurt her. Pilar shakes her head no. He asks her if someone said something to upset her? Pilar mumbles that "it can't be true... it just can't be true." She talks to him about not being able to save people sometimes. The will to live makes the difference. Ben tells her that a life is a life. Pilar responds, mostly talking to herself, that God is the only judge. Ben tells her that she has to calm down because her stress is sending her vital signs through the roof. He lets her know that she can tell him anything because, like a priest, the doctor-patient confidentiality is the same. Just as she starts to tell him what's wrong, she notices Diego listening outside the door, visible upset. She stops and says that it's really nothing and just feels guilty about wrecking at the track, glad that nobody but her got hurt. Ben's beeper goes off. He tells her that he'd like to talk to her more about her feelings later. Pilar agrees. Diego watches Ben leave from around the corner and then slips into Pilar's room. Diego sees that she is awake. He asks her if Lily came to see her? Pilar tells him no, why? Diego says that he ran into Lily and she seemed edgy. Pilar starts to sob. Diego rushes over to her with a tissue and asks what's wrong and that whatever it is, he'll make it better. Pilar discusses their past as children and his goal to be like Bruce Lee, the Kung-Fu fighter. She was proud of his ambition. Then she recalls the first time she watch him tear someone apart with those beautiful hands. She asks him how he became this person... how did you become a murderer? Diego acts clueless and wants to know what she is talking about. Pilar tells him everything when he thought she was asleep. He tries to convince her that she imagined it because of the heavy medication she is on. Pilar gets upset, sits up in her bed and starts screaming: MURDERER! Diego grabs her and shoves her down on the bed. She winces in pain, crying out that it hurts. He recomposes himself and realizes that he might have accidentially hurt her. He tells her that she has to be quiet or someone might hear her. Pilar starts crying again. He starts to make excuses for what he did but she says that he didn't have to kill anyone. He says that it was Heaven's will and rambles on about Lily and his talk to God in the Chapel. Pilar thinks that Diego has lost his mind. "Don't you see," Diego says. "God used me to save Lily and now he is using her to save me." Diego goes on to say that he has lost so many people and can't afford to lose her too. Pilar tells him that he will never lose her. Diego gets a disturbed look on his face and asks Pilar if he's wearing her out by talking to her. She admits that she is a little tired now. He kneels down by her bed saying that he's straightening out her pillow. He fidgets with something in his coat pocket and then, just out of view, he messes with her I.V. cord a little. Talking softly to her, Diego watches her drift off to sleep.

At the police station, Lily tells Agent Templeton what she knows. He tells her that hearsay isn't enough. Lily asks about Sandramano? Sandramano's body was the one found in the crash. Margo is shocked to learn about this new development and wants to know why she wasn't told. Templeton reminds her that she asked to be removed from the case. Lily tells them that she'll take matters into her own hands if she has to. Templeton tells Lily that she will be in very real danger if Diego catches on to her. Lily thinks that he's right and will stay away from Diego and the case. Templeton leaves. Margo tells her that she knows what she is up to and that she just put on quite a performance for Templeton. Lucinda walks in and tells Lily about Sandramano being the body in the crash and that Umberto is still alive. Lily lies and tells her mother that she just found out, that was why the FBI called her down to the station. Lily tells her mother that she promised that all of them would stop investigating because it was getting too dangerous. Lucinda leaves. Margo asks Lily why she didn't tell her mother that Diego is Umberto? Lily tells her that Templeton said that the less people who know, the less of a chance of Diego getting tipped off. She tells Margo that the last thing she do is make him suspicious so he'll take off. Lily tells Margo that she is going to reject her family and friends to make Diego think that she's chosen him over them. He told his sister that if she was his, he'd tell her everything. Margo thinks that's too dangerous. Lily tells her that if she was in the same place, she would do the exact same thing. Later, Lily is on her cell phone, alone in an office still in the police station. Diego's answering machine picks up and Lily leaves this message:

    "Diego, it's Lily. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was so short with you at the hospital, but I was very upset about my friend. I hope you'll forgive me because I really need to see you. So, I was wondering if you could meet me tomorrow morning at 122 Woodland Ave. I'll explain what it's about when I see you. Bye."
Off in the distance across the room from Diego's answering machine, several candles enlighten a shrine of pictures that have Lily in them.

Wednesday, January 15, 1997
by Sage

At the hospital, Ben "cries" to Mike about how Mark beat his butt at hoops and wants to know Mark's weakness. Mike tells Ben to challenge Mark to a game of Chess. Mark thinks he good at it, but he's really a "LOSER" at the game. Ben thanks him for the tip and kids Mike about why he's really there at the hospital. Mike laughs and admits that he's there to see Pilar. Ben tells him he'd better wait a minute because Diego just went in to see her. Mike begins fuming. Ben tries to defend Diego, telling Mike how he has helped Pilar and how he helped Cal walk. Mike warns Ben not to be fooled. Ben tells him that just because some credentials don't match up doesn't mean he's a bad guy. Mike asks Ben if he knows why Diego helped Pilar. Ben says it's because their blood type matched. Mike says it's more than that... they are brother and sister. Ben is shocked. Ben understands now why Diego is always in her room all the time, but doesn't understand all the sneaking around. Mike tells him that Diego is hiding some big secret and now that the law is closing in... Ben interrupts, asking if it's about all that murder, plane crash stuff you were talking about? It's true? Mike responds affirmatively. Mike says that he's got to talk to Pilar because she's got more information than she's letting on. Ben warns Mike that she's a "post-op" patient and he can't be stressing her out. Mike says that he'll be careful. Ben mumbles something about that could explain why she's been so emotional lately. Mike freaks and wants to know what Ben knows. Ben tells him it's nothing, but even if he did know something, he couldn't tell him because of the patient-doctor confidentiality. Mike tells him to damn the rules. The both realize that they are causing a scene in the hospital and agree to talk more later. Diego walks by them, glaring at Mike.

Diego looks through the glass in Pilar's door and sees that no one is with her. He goes in while Pilar is asleep. Diego kneels down beside her bed and reaches underneath. He planted a tape recorder during his last visit and he is checking on it. Pilar awakens to find him reaching around under her bed and she asks him what he is doing. Diego makes up a lame excuse about how he's making sure her mattress is firm enough for her. Diego asks if Mike has been to see her today but stresses how she has to be careful around him. She tells him that Mike isn't a threat to her. Diego growls and tells her that Mike is a threat to him... and what affects you, affects me, do I make myself clear? Very clear, Pilar retorts. Diego softens up and asks how can he keep her safe if she won't do as she is told? He strokes her cheek with the back of his hand. She comments that his hand is cold. He pulls away, disappointed. The recorder is recording from underneath the bed. Pilar asks if he has heard from Lily? He mentions the message she left and that he is going to meet her later in the morning. Pilar thinks that's good and asks if Lily is still acting strangely? Diego tells her that Lily explained everything in her message and that it was because a friend of hers had died. Pilar comments on how bad it was and how painful it always is to lose a friend. Diego responds that it is even more painful to watch someone you love get hurt. Pilar looks up at him uneasily. Diego tells her that he loves her and she must do as he says.

At 122 Woodland Ave is a cemetary. Lily is dressed in black and is waiting for Diego on a stone bench when Margo calls out to her. Lily is startled and asks how Margo knew where she would be or did she follow her? Margo reminds Lily that she made the call to Diego from the station and that she inadvertantly overheard it. Margo wants to know why Lily picked this particular spot to meet Diego? Lily tells her that she has her reasons. Margo tells her again that it's too dangerous. Lily agrees, but it's necessary. They argue about why Lily shouldn't be doing this but Lily stresses to Margo that Diego wants to tell her that he killed Damian. Margo wants to know why she thinks that. Lily says she knows that Diego wants her forgiveness after he tells her. Margo tells her that she is going to "lurk" around to back her up, just in case. Lily hears Diego approaching and tells Margo to go and hide. Lily tries to steady herself before Diego sees her. Lily is glad he got her message and decided to come. Diego finds her and asks why she wanted to meet here? Lily reaches down and touches a headstone dedicated in Damian's memory. Diego is very uneasy. Diego asks himself... why here Lily? Diego tells her that he doesn't understand why she wanted him to meet her here. Lily says it's important to her, that she needs closure in her life. She wants Damian to be at peace and not be forgotten, that's why she got the stone. She needs to know why Damian died so she can get on with her life. Diego goes over near a bush, kneels down and cradles a large stone in his right hand. Lily notices out of the corner of her eye from Damian's headstone and gets nervous. Diego returns the stone and comes over to Lily with a fist full of soil. He crumbles it at the base of the headstone and tells Lily softly that this is how they do it in his country. Lily takes an easy breath. She then starts talking about destiny and putting the past behind her and welcoming the future. He is amazed and excited that she shares the same view as he does. Lily tells Diego that she wanted to share this with him, that he is the only one she can trust. She tells him that over time he has helped her begin to feel again. Diego, in anticipation, asks what she is feeling. Lily tells him softly that she loves him. "Oh, thank God, thank God." Diego whispers, crumbling down to his knees, encircling his arms around her hips and resting his head on her thighs. Lily stares ahead with the look of "contempt and victory" in her eyes as she strokes his hair. Diego tells her that he as waited so long just to hear her say that and has been afraid... "Of what?" Lily asks. He says that he was afraid he was misreading her, seeing things that weren't there. He has wanted her so much, wanted her since the first day they met. He kisses her. Lily starts to rattle on about the obstacles that were keeping them apart. Diego tells her he would die before he lets anyone get between them again. She tells him that her life is in his hands, that he is the only one she'll listen to from now on. He starts to tell her about his past and how much she's changed him. He suddenly stops and says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore here, that cemetaries give him the creeps. She says she wants to finish saying goodbye to Damian, for him to go on and that she'll call him later. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. When he is out of range, Lily begins to freak out, wiping her face and mouth. Margo runs over to a hysterical Lily and comfors her. She tells him what she told him. Margo lets Lily know that she understands why Lily did it and asks if she thought all of this through. Margo adds that she is going to put herself back on the case, but Lily can't tell anyone. It has to be kept between the two of them, that they will do this together. Margo leaves. Lily puts some flowers on Damian's headstone and explains things to him and tells him that she will always love him.

While jogging in the park, Kim hollers out to Bob to slow down because she can't keep up. Both are winded. Kim complains to Bob that the muscle relaxer he gave her sure didn't do much good as she rubs the spot on her back. Bob is concerned. He asks her where it hurts, what it feels like, how long does it last and is it in the same place everytime. He wants her to see a specialist about it. Kim is sorry for opening her mouth. Bob decides that they should head back and that he's tired too. Bob jokes that maybe they should take a cab. They laugh and Kim agrees. Later, in Bob's office at the hospital, he invites Kim to stay with him while she waits to hear from Dr. Hardy. Kim fidgets around and then winces at a pain in her back. Bob asks if it's still bothering her. Kim says it does a little. Bob teases that it could be arthritis. They tease back and forth a moment before Kim decides to go down to Dr. Hardy's office to check if he's ready to see her yet. Bob asks if she wants him to go with her. Kim tells him no, that she'll be fine and leaves. Kim comes back a short time later and tells Bob that everything was ok but that Dr. Hardy has to get back with the blood results later. Dr. Hardy didn't think anything was wrong and that it was probably just a bruised muscle. They discuss going on a romantic cruise.

In her hospital room, Pilar is listening to something with headphones. Mike enters and she takes them off. Mike asks her if she had a good night. She admits it was a bit restless. He asks if Diego has been bothering her? She wants to know why Mike would think that? He says he has seen him leave her room and that the staff says that he's been visiting quite often. If he's upsetting you, he'll get rid of him for her. She tells him that nobody is bothering her. Mike says that he's stuck on her and he's staying. Pilar smiles. Mike notices that his flowers are gone when he sees the empty vase. Mike starts in on her about "Diego" and how he doesn't want some guy bothering her. Pilar tells him that Diego is not just some guy but that he's her brother. Mike is stunned that Pilar made that confession. A tape recorder rolls on underneath Pilar's bed. Pilar tells Mike that she shouldn't have said that. He says that it's ok and that he'd figured it out a while ago... same blood type, always hanging around and they are both from the same country. He asks her why she's afraid of her brother. She says it's because he and Diego don't get along. She loves diego and she was safe with him. After her parents died, Diego took over and cared for her. She called him her "Guardian Angel." Mike pumps her for more information about Diego and their childhood together. Pilar gets upset and says that she can't tell him. Mike remembers what Ben told him before he went to see her and apologizes and backs off. Pilar tells him that she's getting tired and that he'd better go. He says ok but he'll be back later. Mike tells Pilar that she's got nothing to be afraid or worried about. The tape recorder continues to record. Later, Pilar is asleep, dreaming. She sees Diego coming at her in her dark hospital room and he begins choking her to death. She cries out that she can't breath. She suddenly awakens back to "the real world" A little bit later, Pilar is asleep again. Diego comes into her room and picks up the recorder. He accidentally bumps something and Pilar wakes up, startled. "Diego?" she asks, fearful. He asks her what's wrong, puzzled. Pilar is just surprised to see him, that's all. He asks if Mike has been bothering her but she tells him he hasn't. Diego says that he has everything under control and she is lucky to have such a smart big brother and that he is her "Guardian Angel." Diego leaves. Mike walks in with some roses. She tells him that he is a very sweet guy. All of a sudden, Pilar realizes that if she talks to Mike, it will put him in danger. Mike picks up on her fear and asks her if Diego told her that she couldn't speak to him anymore. Mike tells her that they are alone now and that he'll protect her. She can tell him anything and Diego will never know. Meanwhile, Diego is alone in a stairwell. He pulls the recorder out of his pocket, crouches down in the corner and plays it. He hears Mike badgering Pilar about him, saying how he'll get Diego to leave her alone as Pilar screams out that Diego is her brother. Diego is furious. He jerks out the tape and smashes it with his boot. He crouches down again and picks up the pieces in his hand and leans back against the wall, shaken in disbelief.

Thursday, January 16, 1997
by Sage

Diego strolls into Pilar's room at the hospital and asks how she's doing. She tells him that Dr. Harris thinks she is recovering very well. Diego thinks that's excellent and tells her that he made a deal with God that would spare her life and Diego would change his. Pilar doesn't understand. Diego explains that God spare her life but it is Pilar who has changed. He tells her that she is not the same sister who once loved him. She says to Diego that she will always love him but that she is just so scared for him after everything he has done. Diego assures her, in a voice that becomes more intense, that there is nothing to be afraid of and nobody can harm them if they stand together. He says that she will always be his guardian angel but that he may be hers now. She tells him that she will be fine but wants him to leave Oakdale before it's too late. She strokes his face. He says that he will not go without Lily and kisses her fingers. Pilar pleas strongly that he leave before the police find evidence against him. Diego tells her that he has covered his tracks very well. He squeezes her hand, the anger in his voices rising. He says to her, while applying more pressure to her hands that he won't be in danger unless someone he trusts betrays him or speaks too much. I have warned you about Mike Kasnoff. Pilar tells him that she hasn't seen Mike. He grabs her by the throat and screams: "DON'T LIE TO ME!!! I KNOW THAT HE'S BEEN IN HERE AND I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU TOLD HIM!! WHY HAVE YOU TURNED AGAINST ME?!?!" He is shaking her by the throat while shouting: "WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME... WHY?!?!" He growls until Pilar cries out in pain. She cries out to him that he is hurting her. Diego lets loose of a shaken Pilar. He stares at her in disbelief and can't believe what he almost did. He whispers to her... "Why? Why Pilar?" She says, faintly, that he knows she would never betray him. He tells her that he warned her again and again to be careful around Mike Kasnoff. Pilar assures him thta they only spoke of innocent things... of growing up... Diego interrupts her in mid-sentence, screaming: "No, No, NO! HE TRICKED YOU!!! HE TRICKED YOU!!!" Diego slams his hand down on her bed. "HE'S BEEN WAITING FOR ME TO MAKE A FALSE MOVE AND WHEN THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, HE WENT TO YOU AND YOU GAVE HIM AMMUNITION AGAINST ME!!!" Pilar says that she is sorry... so sorry. "Telling him that I am your brother was insane" he growls coldly while staring right through her. Pilar's eyes widen in fear. Pilar wants to know how he knew that, sitting straight up in her bed. Diego says that he knows everything and has eyes and ears everywhere... that is why they cannot stop him. He adds: "that not the police, not the FBI and certainly, CERTAINLY NOT AMATEURS LIKE... LUCINDA WALSH AND MIKE KASNOFF!!" He calms down and continues: "not unless you join them. Have you joined them Pilar? Have you joined them against me?" Pilar says that she wouldn't. Diego tells her that what she said could destroy him. Pilar says that she couldn't think straight, knowing that he'd killed. Mike kept pressing her and her head was running from all from all the questions but is very sorry. A look of understanding comes across Diego's face. "It's OK..." he says. "Mike Kasnoff took advantage ov your weakened condition." Pilar says it just slipped out and she doesn't know why. Diego tells her that he knows she wouldn't say anything to hurt him and wouldn't mean to do anything like that. Pilar says never. Pilar thinks that maybe it's for the best that Mike knows. Diego, puzzled, asks why she thinks that. She explains that if it's going to make you run, then it's a good thing. Diego spins up off her bed and starts pacing. She pleads to Diego to save himself. Diego says that he is not going to leave Oakdale. He has come too far to turn back now and he will not leaving without Lily. Pilar tells him to forget about Lily. He tells her that his love for Lily is what keeps him going. Pilar asks him to face reality. "Mike knows you are my brother, he is sure to tell her, Diego." Diego says that Lily will accept you as my sister because she is a warm and loving person. Pilar says she doesn't care about Lily, that's not what she is worried about. Pilar has seen how determined Mike is and he's not going to give up. Pilar thinks that Mike will find out who Diego really is. "Can you imagine it? When Lily knows you're Umberto, she's going to..." Diego stops her. "No! Don't say that, don't say that!" She continues: "You wanna know what? When the police know you are Umberto, the one who is wanted for..." Diego has a raging look on his face. He says he doesn't care about the police. "They don't matter and neither does Mike. The only thing that matters is Lily... and she loves me and when I explain to her, she will forgive me." Diego insists. Pilar says "You don't really believe that, do you? After all you've done to that family. She will never be able to forgive you, Diego." He insists that Lily will understand and will know that Diego had no choice. Pilar wants him to listen to her before it's too late. Diego asks why he should listen to her. Pilar tells him that she is the only family he's got left. Diego shakes his head saying that he can't trust her anymore. Pilar asks how can he say that? She wants to help him and doesn't want to see him caught. Diego tells her that is won't get caught and he won't leave Oakdale without Lily. He can handle the police and I can deal with Mike Kasnoff, he spits. He warns her not to make him feel like he has to deal with her too. Diego turns and leaves.

Out at the Snyder farm, Margo tells Lily that she isn't sure she should be helping her in her plan to get Diego to confess. Margo thinks that Lily is dealing with a man who kills with no remorse and asks how far she is willing to go and will she be able to control herself when the man who killed her husband tries to be intimate with her. "How will you ever be able to feel clean again after you let this man make love to you? He'll know you're faking." Lily says she'll do what she has to because the FBI hasn't done anything yet. Emma walks in and they change the subject. Emma says that Cal is on the phone for Lily. Emma asks Margo why she and Lily look upset. Margo says that they were talking about Damian's crash and how it affected both their lives. Emma seems to buy it. Margo asks Emma if she heard from Holden or if he's coming home. Emma tells her that she has, but doesn't know if he'll ever return. Emma asks Margo not to say anything to Lily about Holden because she is afraid it would upset Lily if she knew he'd been in trouble and that she already has so much to deal with already. Margo hesitantly agrees. Later, Emma and Lily talk about how much they depend on each other for comfort. Lily asks why Emma had to go away the other day. Emma says it was just something she had to take care of. Emma remembers about some shopping she has to do and leaves. As Lily straightens up around the farm, she comes across a picture tucked away in a drawer of her and Holden. She puts it away and then there is a knock at the door. It's Diego. He tells her to pack her bags, quickly, because he is leaving Oakdale and she is coming with him.

At the Stargazer's office, Kirk asks Connor where Emily is because he wants to offer his condolences.... NOT! Kirk continues to be amazed that Paul would hire her. Connor explains that Paul and Emily are old friends. Kirk asks Connor about Mark. She says that she hasn't seen him since they played basketball the other night. Kirk thinks she needs to tell him how she feels before it's too late. Just then, Mark shows up. Kirk excuses himself and giver a nod to tellhim. Mark tells her he came to make some changes on the set since he saw it on TV. Mark then tells her that he can't lie to her and that's not the reason he came. He says that she has been a good friend and he needs her to go down to the police station to pick up the last of Jones's personal effects. They go down to the station and he goes through he things tenderly. As the start to leave, Agent Templeton asks to talk to Mark.

At the police station, Tom is explaining to Hal that he doesn't want him to tell Margo any details about the Umberto investigation. Hal balks and Tom tells him why... she has been having "PTS" episodes again. Hal understands and says he'll do what he can. They talk again Sangermano. Margo comes in at this time and realizes that Tom has kept the fact that Umberto is still alive for her and gives him a piece of her mind.

Diego slinks (that's a good term for him!) into Sparky's garage and sees someone under the hood of a car. Diego assumes it's Mike and picks up a large wrench. Just then Ryder pops up and asks him, happily, what's up? Diego asks if he got all the parts he needed. Ryder replies that he has and he's eternally grateful to him for the backing. Diego asks when Mike will start racing again and starts to give him his card so Ryder can call him with the date and time. He doesn't want Ryder to tell Mike because Diego just wants to show up and surprise him. While digging out a card, Diego drops his drivers license. Ryder picks it up. Ryder says he thought he looked familiar. He tells Diego about when he saw the passport copy that Mike had a while back. Diego is very cautious until he realizes he can play it off. Ryder asks if he and Mike are in business together, that Mike mentioned entering the European circuit. Diego tells him how perceptive he is and that it's supposed to be a secret and that he and Mike don't want it to get out. Ryder says that he won't say a word about it. Diego says to not even talk to Mike about it. Diego plays it off like Mike would be upset if he knew the cat was out of the bag. Ryder agrees to keep quiet.

Diego, at his loft, is "tearing" it apart to see what else has been discovered. He starts ranting about how everyone has betrayed him, even God and Pilar. He goes into his shrine of Lily in his closet to calm himself down. He says to himself that everyone is trying to come between us Lily, but I won't let them. There is a knock at the door. He shuts the closet door and answers the door. It's Emily. She says "Thank God your're here" as she enters. "Not for you" he responds. Emily tells him that she needs his help and Lucinda has fired her because Emily wouldn't give her information about Diego. He wants to know how long Lucinda has been in the equation? Diego grabs her in a choke hold, twisting her arm behind her back and gets the information from her. He tells Emily that she is the only one who know the truth, but he can easily remedy that. Emily begs for her life and tells him that he needs to get away and doesn't want to see him get caught and will handle Lucinda until he's gone. "Get out while you can." Diego says he won't leave without Lily. Emily tells him to forget Lily and get out while you can.

Holden is on the open road on a motorcycle. He stops at the "Now Entering Oakdale" sign along the road. He continues into Oakdale. He pulls up to the gates at Lucinda's estate. He thinks back to a time in the stable with Lily. Heading down the road, he stops in front of the church where he and Lily got married and where they had their affair while she was married to Damian. He sits and stares for a while. It begins to snow. He takes off back down the road and finds himself by the mailbox at the end of the lane to the Snyder farm.

Friday, January 17, 1997
by Sage

At Pilar's hospital room, Mike comes in to see her. Pilar is surprised that he came back. Mike says he wants to ask her more about her brother. She pretends she doesn't know what he is talking about. She claims that the lack of sleep and being heavily medicated might have made her say strange things and doesn't remember saying any of the things he is talking about. Mike understands and respects her for wanting to protect her brother. He keeps at her and she finally slips up. He tells her it's not her brother that he wants but his boss, Umberto. She claims not to know who Umberto is. Mike tells her her most of the stuff he knows about him, then asks if she could live with herself if Umberto killed again knowning that she may have been able to do something about it. Pilar tells Mike that she knows that Umberto won't kill again. Mike demands to know how she knows that. Pilar admits that she knows Umberto.

At the Snyder farm, Diego tells Lily that she needs to go pack. He has to leave town right now and he wants her to come with him. Lily says she can't. Luke is at Cal's and she can't leave him behind. She asks why he has to go. Diego says that Lucinda is having him investigated and Bob has suspended him. She tells him that she knew that he was suspended but she thought she should wait for him to mention it himself. She asks him to stay around longer and she'll work things out or arrange things so she can go. Diego says he can't wait. She says he can tell her anything. He says goodbye to her and leaves. Lily begins to stress over Diego slipping through her fingers. She has to find a way to get him to stay. At the road in front of the Snyder farm driveway, Holden pets Big Max's neck. He watches a dark car race out of the drive. He smiles and decides to go to the house and see Lily.

At the police station, Mark is talking to Agent Templeton. He gets furious with Temleton and wants to be left alone. Templeton tells Mark that Jones was following what she decribed as a "big fish" when she called him from her car phone right before her accident. Margo asks if it was Umberto? Templeton says he's not sure but it might have been. Templeton asks Mark if Jones mentioned anything about it before she died. Mark says that she was too busy bleeding to death to say much. Margo and Templeton walk off to discuss some things. Connor comforts Mark. Suddenly, Mark remembers that Jones did make a reference to Umberto. He gets back together with Templeton and they decide it might have been more. Margo listens intently when Mark tells Templeton that Jones said "Umberto is Deh..." Maybe Umberto knew Jones was following him. Mark thinks that Maybe what happened to Jones wasn't an accident after all.

Holden walks up onto the porch. He peers through the window remembering when he delivered Luke for Lily. He hears a car door shut and steps off to the side. Emma walks in with an arm full of groceries. "Can I help you with that, Ma'am?" Holden asks. Emma puts the groceries down and squeezes him. They go inside and talk about old times between he and Lily. He finally gets up the nerve to go see Lily. They find a note saying that she is at Cal's. Holden races out of the house and runs over to Cal's. Emma finishes reading the note and sees that she is going to see Diego. Emma tries to stop Holden but he is already gone. Meanwhile, at Diego's loft, Lily finds Diego there, packing. She asks him to trust her... but she can't trust him if he won't trust her. Diego tells her that the racecar driver, Pilar, is his sister. He says that Mike likes Pilar and if he told her that, then she might have told Mike and he would have shunned Pilar. He said she was going to leave after the race at Cedarville but they know what happened there. They continue to talk about telling the truth, trusting one another and destiny. Lily tries to get him to open up more. He finally tells her she has to make a decision and not make this harder on the both of them. Finally he screams "GET OUT!" Lily goes outside on the landing and thinks of what to do next. Holden looks up at Lily on the landing of Diego's loft. Lily hangs out until Diego comes out with his suitcase. She follows him down the stairs, pleading with him to stay. She loves him and will understand anything he tells her. She never knew what love really was until she found it with him. Holden is hiding, listening to everything. Lily tells Diego she'll deal with her mother and then Mike. She then tells Diego that she can't live without him, that he should stay in Oakdale and marry her. Holden can't believe his ears. (Neither can I ... what was she thinking?!)

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