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Monday, October 5, 1998

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Carly is asking to see Rosanna at the casino. Rosanna sees her and goes over to see what she wants. She sees that Carly is pregnant and says that she is not surprised that Carly did not fulfill that part of the deal. She wants Carly to go away and Carly wants to talk to Rosanna. Carly picks up the dice and challenges Rosanna to a roll of the dice. If Carly wins, Rosanna has to talk to her. Rosanna rolls and gets 10, Carly rolls and gets 7. Carly wins. Rosanna goes back to the table to gamble. Carly asks Rosanna if those are $1,000.00 chips and Rosanna tells her they are $10,000.00 chips. This bugs Carly. Carly asks Rosanna if she knows what some people could do with the money she is gambling away. Rosanna asks Carly to get to the point of her visit. Carly tells Rosanna that she lost her design business and her father died. Rosanna has little sympathy, she wants to know what exactly Carly is there for. Carly asks Rosanna to be her baby's godmother. Rosanna asks everyone to leave, she will see them tomorrow. Carly and Rosanna have a long talk about their past, about Mike and Nora. Carly tells Rosanna that she does not hold it against Rosanna about her losing Nora. Carly asks about her new love, Arthur. Rosanna says that he is nice and kind. Carly sees that she is still in love with Mike. Carly tells Rosanna that she has not seen Mike since she left Oakdale. Then, after all the reminiscing, Carly gets down to the real reason that she is visiting Rosanna. She wants Rosanna to give her the money, no matter what happens with her marriage.

Molly is following Emily around begging her for some more air time at WOAK. Kim overhears her and says that Molly could work on a story about unemployment and she should start researching now. Kim looks at Emily and says that she wants to talk to her alone. Molly leaves. Kim jumps on Emily for hiring Molly in the first place. She tells Emily that she was put in charge of the news to make it better. Emily brings up hiring Tom. Kim asks her how she could compare the two. Emily says that they are having trouble communicating, maybe they should go to lunch and discuss it. Kim replies back that she will not play girlfriends over lunch. Kim leaves and Molly returns still after Emily to put her on the air. The girl won't take no for an answer. Margo comes in looking for a book that Casey had left. Emily gets it for her and wants her to leave. She is afraid that Molly will say something to Margo about her and Tom. Molly asks Margo to wait, she has something she wants to say to her about her husband. Emily rushes Molly out by telling her she has to get to wardrobe if she is going to be on air later. Molly leaves a very happy camper. Margo can't believe that Emily is going to put her on the air with the fiasco that she made the last time. Later, Emily is alone in the news room and Molly returns. She wants to know if Emily is dreaming about Tom. Kim returns and says that she can't believe that Emily is still going to put Molly on air after the talk they had earlier. Kim informs Emily that all the anchors said that if Molly is on air, they would not be and she leaves. Molly tells Emily to put her on as an anchor. Emily gets that sly look again and tells Molly not to worry. She will not be alone on the air tonight. Molly asks if she is going to get Tom to be an anchor with her. Emily tells her yes. Molly is all excited and says that afterwards they can all go out and celebrate. Emily says that Molly can celebrate by herself. Molly gets the clue and says that Emily and Tom can be together and have another one-night stand.

Holden is in the woods searching for Lily. Jack, Julia and Lucinda find him and tell him that they are going to help search, also. Somebody calls Holden on his cell phone and tells him that Lily has been found and is being taken to a hospital close by. Holden leaves to go to her. At the hospital, they all find out that Lily has been bitten by a poisonous spider and she is really out of it. She needs a lot of rest. James comes walking in and Holden goes after him. Jack gets between them and at the same time, James is trying to tell Holden that he is the one that found Lily and brought her to the hospital. Holden goes into Lily's room, her fever has broken and she sees him. She asks him about David. Holden tells her not to worry about David, but she wants to know what happened to David. James walks into Lily's room.

Bob comes to visit Tom. Tom is not himself and Bob can see this. He wants Tom to tell him what is bothering him. Tom tells Bob that he has cheated on Margo with Emily and Bob says that he suspected it. Tom doesn't know if he should tell Margo about the affair and if he does tell her, he doesn't know if their marriage will survive. Bob reminds Tom that he had confessed to Kim when he had strayed. Tom asks him if he had it to do over again would he tell and Bob tells him "yes." Tom says that he knew he would say that. Bob tries to blame it on Emily, you know with her reputation and Tom won't let him do that. Tom tells him that he and he alone made the decision to sleep with Emily. Margo comes in and wonders if she has interrupted something.

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Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Rosanna writes out a $50 million dollar check and waves it in front of Carly. Carly wants to know what Rosanna is doing. Rosanna asks Carly if she thought it would be this easy to get the money. Right in front of her face, Rosanna rips up the check. Carly yells, "don't!" Rosanna tells her that she can go now. Carly says to Rosanna that Rosanna never intended to give Carly the money, she just wanted to see Carly beg. Rosanna tells her that the deal stands, she has to have the baby before the end of the year and be married to the father of the baby to get the money. Rosanna asks Carly if she remembers her fathers funeral and how comforting Carly was to her in her time of grief? And then Carly went and slept with Mike. Rosanna tells her that she knew that Carly was only ever after her money. Carly says that it was not true. Rosanna says that if that was not true then she would have told Rosanna to take her money and shove it. Rosanna tells Carly that she hopes Hal sues Carly for custody of the baby. Carly yells at Rosanna and tells her that Mike always wanted Carly more and he would never admit it. She tells Rosanna that she never took anything away from Ro, that Ro took from her and she owes it to her to give her the money. Rosanna says to Carly that she is going to call Hal and tell him that she will do anything that he needs for him to get custody of the baby. Carly grabs Rosanna by the throat and shoves her up against the wall. Rosanna tells her to go ahead and try to kill her, she is not going to fight with her while she is pregnant. Carly lets go of her and then starts screaming at Rosanna that she is a spoiled brat and she always had everything and Carly had nothing and now she wants to take her baby, too. The door opens and two big guys come in and take hold of Carly. After they get her calmed down, Rosanna comes in with two policemen and tell them that Carly is the one that attacked her. Carly wants to know what Rosanna is up to. Rosanna tells her that the policemen are there to escort her to a mental hospital so that she can get some rest. As they are taking her out, Carly is yelling that she is not crazy and Rosanna is going to pay for this.

Margo walks in when Bob and Tom are discussing Tom's affair. She thinks that she has interrupted something and she is going to go upstairs. Tom asks her to wait, he has something that he would like to discuss with her. Bob leaves. Margo wants to know what is bothering Tom. He hugs Margo and tells her that he loves her so much. He starts to talk about their marriage and everything that they have been going through and that he wants everything to be back on track. She says that she wants that, too. He is just about ready to tell her what he has done and the phone rings. Margo answers the phone and it is Warren from the station. Tom tells Margo that he doesn't want to talk to him right now. Margo tells Warren that Tom can't come to the phone, Tom will call him later. They hang up and Warren tells Emily that Tom wouldn't come to the phone and he is going to call another anchor. She says no that she wants Tom. Warren says that he will go over to Tom's house and talk to him. Tom starts to tell Margo again. He tells Margo that he has acted badly. Margo wants to know what naughty thing he has done. The door bell rings. It is Warren from the station and he wants Tom to be on the 10:00pm news. Tom says that he can't do it tonight. Warren says that they really need him, all the other anchors have walked out on them. Tom is still declining and Margo pulls Tom aside and tells him that she thinks that he should do it. Tom says OK and leaves with Warren. At the station, Emily meets Tom and thanks him for coming in on such a short notice. Molly walks up and Tom realizes that he will be on camera with Molly and he says that he won't do it. Emily begs him, she has a suit on the way for him. The suit arrives and Tom leaves to get dressed. Emily tells Molly that all she has to do is read the copy, that is it. Emily warns her that she better not make a fool of her in front of Kim. Molly says that she has got it under control and Emily should trust her. Molly and Tom take their place behind the anchor desk and they start the show. Molly is reading the story about Lily and how she has been found, but she is in the hospital from exhaustion and a spider bite. Then she gets emotional when they have no mention of David. Tom pulls it back together and starts on the national news. Emily is glaring at Molly and smiling sweetly at Tom. At the end of the newscast, Molly tries to apologize for her outburst at the beginning of the news. Emily is giving Tom the wrap up sign. Tom interrupts Molly and says goodnight and they are off the air. Emily tells everyone to go home and finish up in the morning. She tells Molly that she is finished. She had one chance and she blew it. She asks Tom if he would like to see the tape and he says that he has to get home. Emily tells him that she has ordered him a car and it is going to be a few minutes. Tom says OK and they go into the control booth. They are watching the tape and Emily is giving Tom all kinds of compliments. Emily secretly turns on the microphone to the studio. She is asking if there was any problems with Margo tonight. Molly walks into the studio and hears Emily talking to Tom. Emily stands up and comes close to Tom. Tom holds her back. Adam has talked Margo into going to the studio and meeting Tom and she is walking down the hallway to the studio. Tom tells Emily that it is not going to happen again. He starts to explain to her that they can't be together again and Molly knocks on the door. Emily goes to the door and says that she told Molly to go home. Tom says I'm out of here, goodnight. Molly says goodnight back. Emily starts to yell at Molly for interrupting her and Tom. Molly says that she thought Emily would be interested to know that the microphone to the studio is on. Emily goes and turns it off. She sees Tom and Margo on the monitor, hugging.

Lily's fever has broken and she is asking Holden about David. James is listening at he door. Holden tells her not to worry about David. She says that she is worried that David will come back after the baby. Holden tells Lily that David took the money and left the country and told him that he is never coming back. When James hears this he walks away from the door with his head hanging. Lucinda and Julia come walking in. Lucinda wants to know how James is doing. Holden comes out to talk to Lily's doctor. Holden wants to take Lily home. The doctor tells Holden that they got some more test results back and Lily's condition is not as good as they thought at first. She is not responding to the antibiotics and the infection is getting worse in her system. They can't bring the baby to see Lily because she could pick up the infection from her mother. Holden goes back to Lily to tell her the bad news. Lily is bummed, but she understands. She just wants to make sure that the baby is safe from David. Holden promises her that she is. They decide the baby needs a name. They decide to name her Hope. Holden leaves Lily to rest. Lily falls asleep and starts to dream about Hope. Hope is crying and she can't find her. David appears and says to Lily that she will never see her baby again. Lily wakes from the dream, but she is hysterical from her fever. She leaves her room to find Hope. Holden comes in and sees that Lily is gone. He runs out to find her. He finds her in one of the hallways. She is calling for Hope and saying that David has her. Holden manages to get Lily back to her bed and calmed down. He tells her that he has to tell her something about David and he hopes that she understands and forgives him. Lily, he says, David is dead.

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Eddie and Brad dine together at Yo's. Brad recalls spending his entire first paycheck trying to pick up women. Eddie doesn't think that his dream woman would show up at a bar. Andy and Katie then show up at Yo's. Carly's demands to be released are met by Rosanna and a psychiatrist--she just needs to be sure Carly won't hurt her baby, Rosanna explains. Lucinda is nonplussed by James' marriage proposal. Holden tries to calm down a frantic Lily and finally tells her she needn't worry--he killed David. Lily is relieved to hear that David is out of their lives permanently, but urges Holden not to shut her out.

Rosanna informs her sis that she had her put in the mental ward because Carly was choking her. She seeks to repair the damage by calling Hal for Carly, but Carly is adamant in her refusal. James asserts that he'd been planning to ask Lucinda for some time, though not in such circumstances. Though she can't decide if he's kidding himself or not, Lucinda is sure of one thing--she doesn't buy it. John assures Julia that baby Hope is improving.

Julia coos at the baby and tells her she was worth it--all of it--as she recalls watching Holden bury David. Lily is understanding when Holden recounts how the gun went off in his struggle with David. She tells him he did the right thing. She comforts him as he wipes back tears. Molly and her cameraman walk up to Brad and Eddie. Eddie is leery of her but she promises that she just wants to do a piece about romance, her forte. Molly cajoles Brad into going on camera to talk about his dream girl. He quickly turns around when he sees Camille enter.

Carly tells Ro that if Hal knew anything about her trip, it would ruin any chance of them reconciling. Ro tells Carly that she figures Carly got pregnant twice--one for Rosanna's man and once for her money. Carly bitterly reminds her that she lost Nora because of Rosanna. This baby is all she has, Carly asserts. Camille and Brad fondly recall their first meeting on the side of the road. Camille passes off her worry as being related to her search for the right wedding gown.

Eddie goes outside to play basketball, just as Katie emerges from the ladies' room. Andy nixes Molly's plea to talk on camera, but Katie allows her to record her talking about her fantasy--staying in one place. Molly is momentarily let down when Katie says that she goes down to the river to think about her dream guy--her father.

Lily swears to Holden that it will be their secret. Jack affirms to Julia that he will never close the case--not until he finds David. Carly calls Jack, begging him not to hang up. Jack is incredulous when he learns Carly is in a psychiatric ward in Reno. He can't come, he says, and advises her to calm down, for the sake of the baby. Carly describes Jack to Rosanna as "one of the most important people in my life." Jack advises John about Carly. Julia gives Jack the go-ahead to go help Carly if he needs to--she's beyond petty stuff now.

Holden insists to Lily that they can't tell Jack. Lily is equally insistent that they must call Julia. Julia relays to Holden the fact that Jack is obsessed with finding David. A grateful Lily tells Julia that she can never repay her for all that she's done. For her part, Julia isn't at all sure how much longer she can keep David's death a secret, especially since Lily now knows.

James admits to being lonely, and wanting some stability. Lucinda wonders aloud what she would get out of their marriage--she can only see the negatives in it. "I love you," he tells her, and she whirls around.

Katie confesses to Andy that she may have revealed too much in Molly's interview of her. Eddie rushes back inside when Molly mentions there being a cute blonde, but by the time he gets there, Andy and Katie are gone. Camille is cheered by watching a funny movie with Brad, and blithely tells him about her clump of hair. He cheers her through laughter.

James urges Lucinda not to make a hasty decision. When he leaves, she muses over the name, "Mrs. James Stenbeck." Camille is earnest when she reveals to Brad that he's the best friend she'll ever have. He too was changed by meeting her, he admits.

Holden and Lily cuddle on her hospital bed. Lily falls asleep as she promises to get stronger for him and their child. Carly is awakened by news that she has a "gentleman" visitor. Having just dreamed of Jack, she rushes to look presentable, but it's John who walks in.

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Thursday, October 8, 1998

Lucinda tries to calm Lily when she suffers a nightmare about James taking Hope in exchange for David. When Lily awakens, she is shocked to learn that the bouquet of flowers in her room are from James and even more shocked when James pays her a hospital visit. Lucinda assures Lily that James means well, but Lily warns her mother that James is not trustworthy. When Lily is taken for tests, James reappears and presents Lucinda with an engagement ring.

Margo seeks advice from Lila and Andy about letting Katie hear the recording Casey made for his daughter before Margo pulled the plug on his life support system. Katie is anxious to hear the tape and is overwhelmed with bittersweet joy by the voice of her father. Margo quickly stops the tape before Katie can hear the part where Casey begs Margo to pull the plug. She tells Katie that there is more about her father's death that she needs to know, but that they should wait a little longer before they talk further.

Georgia is thrilled to be back "at home" with Eddie at his apartment. Eddie assures Georgia that he's making good money now and can take care of her. Eddie is surprised by a knock at the door and the delivery of various household items from the local department store. Georgia tells him that "Auntie Lu" gave her some money and she just wanted to give something back to him for being there for her when she needed it. When Eddie claims that he is over Margo, Georgia assumes it is because Eddie is falling in love with her.

John wants to know what Carly did to get herself in such a mess this time. As Carly begins to explain the events, Rosanna arrives. As the two sisters face off, John intervenes pointing out to Rosanna that she started the whole thing by dangling the money in front of Carly. He tells her she should just drop the entire scheme for the sake of the baby. However, Rosanna confesses that the trust is irrevocable--as long as Carly meets the terms, she has to pay her. John tells Carly that the only way he will help her return to Oakdale is if she agrees to be released into his custody. Later, they arrive back at John's suite. As John is explaining the living arrangements, he is called away on a hospital emergency. Carly promptly exclaims "I will be no one prisoner," and leaves. Meanwhile, Rosanna books a flight back to Oakdale.

Kim is outraged to learn that Emily still intends to allow Molly back on the air. Tom is also upset and takes a moment to privately spell things out for Molly. Later, after overhearing Tom and Margo make a romantic date, Emily realizes that firing Molly would further her plan to break up Tom and Margo. She asks Kim to give Molly her walking papers.

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Friday, October 9

Lily is wheeled in as James is putting the ring on Lucinda's finger. An irate Lily then informs Holden about the proposal. Lisa delivers the catered meal to Tom personally on the rooftop. She wonders why her son is going to so much trouble, and he admits to feeling guilty. Katie delivers the flowers to Margo with the note about a change in plans, and Margo wonders why Tom now wants to meet her at the studio. Emily observes Kim tells Molly she's fired and then posing as Tom's secretary, Emily calls the florist to make sure that the flowers were delivered. Molly demands that Emily get her un-fired. Emily claims that as minority owner, her hands are tied. Eddie runs into Molly and begs to talk with her.

Lisa blames Emily for Tom's behavior towards Margo--she tried to get Tom to stray but never succeeded, Lisa trumpets. Margo is giddy as she gets ready for her date with Tom. Katie marvels that after so many years, thinking about Tom still makes Margo blush. Katie herself is leery of getting involved with anyone. Meanwhile, Eddie asks Molly for the name of the blonde she interviewed at Yo's. Molly wonders why he's so interested. Emily is disturbed when she sees Eddie talking to Molly.

Lucinda claims to be merely trying the ring on, though later she can't remove it. An agitated Lily yells at her mother and at James and then collapses in Holden's arms. Kim comes upon Georgia and chastises her for trying to lift a heavy object. Georgia is in the midst of fixing an entire meal for Eddie. Kim insists on helping and invites her to dine with her and Bob that weekend--their son Christopher is coming home from Columbia University. Georgia demurs, saying that she already has a boyfriend--Eddie.

Molly refuses to tell Eddie anything, citing her worry that he could stalk the girl. Eddie and Emily trade jabs and then he pretends to leave. Emily is agitated when she can't find Molly. Holden promises Lily that he'll "take care of" Lucinda. He and his mother-in-law then argue about James--he tells her of James' more recent threat to kill Lily and child. Lucinda asks James about it. Lisa listens as Tom takes responsibility for not treating Margo right. Tom hopes that they have another baby.

Katie comes upon Margo, who is looking at a copy of her pregnancy diagnosis. Margo wants to have another baby, too, but wonders about Tom's reaction. Margo is on her way out the door when Molly shows up. When Adam and Casey arrive home and tease their mom, Molly stops herself from telling Margo about the affair. Instead, she tells Katie that a guy showed up at the studio asking for her address. Katie asks Molly never to reveal any information about her.

Lily considers telling Lucinda about David but Holden nixes the idea. James owns up to threatening Holden's family but then castigates Lucinda for doubting everything. Trust that you love me, he says. Georgia confides in Kim about overhearing Eddie tell someone that she's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Georgia envisions a romantic dinner where she and Eddie kiss.

Eddie listens as Emily poses as Tom's secretary again and asks Katie if Margo got the flowers (and read the note). Eddie jangles Emily's nerves and then swears to himself that he's going to catch her in her tricks. Molly tells Emily that she chickened out of telling Margo, who is just arriving at the studio.

James proffers his hand for Holden to shake and claim peace, but Holden wants to talk to Lucinda--alone. He insists to her that she doesn't have all the facts, but he refuses to elaborate. When she won't back down, he threatens that she won't see Lily or her grandchildren again if she marries James. Lucinda surmises that Holden is afraid of James, and vows to find out why. An eavesdropping James vows to do the same.

Lisa urges her son to talk to Margo about his desire to have a baby. As she's applauding Molly's sudden attack of conscience, Emily sees Margo wandering around the studio. She surreptitiously pushes a button and then pushes Molly's buttons, calling her a whore. Both Margo and a lurking Eddie's ears perk up at the sound of Emily's voice in the studio. Molly shoots back about Emily sleeping with her best friend's husband--Tom Hughes. Margo whirls around.

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