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Monday, February 28, 2000

Chris has been hiding in the closet of the dorm that Jennifer and Abigail are staying in. Abigail is asleep in the bed and Chris comes out and puts a daisy in her hand and tells her that he will be around and be her guardian angel. He kisses her on the shoulder and slips out the door. Abigail stirs in her sleep and whispers Chris' name and then she sits straight up in bed, throwing the daisy aside and says, "Christopher?" Jennifer walks in the door and Abigail tells her about her dream she just had. They talk about how real dreams can be. Abigail finds the daisy on the floor and wonders where it came from. Jennifer tells her that she probably didn't see it there before. Abigail asks Jennifer if maybe Chris found out that she was in New York and followed Jennifer there? Jennifer reassures her that nobody knows that she is in New York. Abigail brushes it off and the two girls sit on the bed and talk about Jennifer's shoot. Jennifer tells her that it went great and they said that they will be calling her. Jennifer tells Abigail that she doesn't think her mother will let much come of it, because she is so paranoid about Jennifer becoming a model. When it is time for Jennifer to leave, she begs Abigail to come back to Oakdale with her. Jennifer says that at first she thought what Abigail was doing was cool, but now that she has thought about it, she doesn't want her to be alone in New York. Abigail tells her that she will be OK and she promises to stay in touch. Jennifer leaves and Abigail gathers her things and leaves too.

At the abandoned movie theater, Chris has bought some food and blankets for Abigail and places everything in a neat pile in the middle of the floor. Chris starts to leave and hears a noise. He hides behind some old curtains. Bryant Montgomery comes in and sees the food in the middle of the floor. He makes a comment that Santa has come early. Chris is watching from behind the curtain. Now, Bryant leaves and Abigail arrives. This makes Chris happy. Abigail sits and starts to eat a granola bar and she is saying how good it tastes. Bryant comes in and asks her if she is talking to herself. She says that she is. Bryant says that he finally meets a good looking chick and she turns out to be crazy. Abigail accuses Bryant of getting the food. He denies it. She won't let him off the hook. Chris is not happy about this. Bryant continues to deny that he got the food. The two sit down with their blankets and eat some food. Chris is behind the curtain going nuts.

Simon has shown up at Lily's house to retrieve his letters that he has lost. Lily gives him the letters and then he starts to leave. Lily says that she hates to impose on him but she can't stand not knowing about the letters. Simon sits down with her and he tells her the story about his great grandfather who was engaged to his great grandmother. But the letters were not written to her. His great grandfather met a girl while he was engaged to his great grandmother and fell in love with her. He wanted to break off the engagement to his great grandmother but his family would not let him because his great grandmother was from a family of wealth and influence. So, secretly, his great grandfather made plans to run off and marry his "beloved" in the letters. His family found out and stopped him by telling him that his "beloved" was offered a sum of money and happily took it and had left. She was really abducted and put on a ship that sailed her away. Lily asks if his great grandfather believed that she had done that and Simon says that he didn't at first, but his father showed him a box of stuff that she had left for him. So, he married his great grandmother and never saw his "beloved" again. Lily asks how he came to have the letters. Simon tells her that his grandfather gave them to him since he was the namesake of his great grandfather. Lily is taken aback. She can't believe the story that she has heard. She gets Simon a cup of coffee and then asks him what do the letters mean to him. He tells her that it is a reminder to never settle for nothing but the best. He tells her that he keeps the letters with him at all times. One day he had stopped at the Snyder Pond to get a "nature fix" and the letters fell out of this pocket and he didn't know it. He tells Lily about traveling around the states checking out the architecture of the cities. He tells Lily about just finishing college in Melbourne in architecture. Lily tells him about trying to finish the family room and failing. Simon comes up with an idea. He wants to thank Lily in some way and he can pay her back by finishing her family room. She tells him that would be too much. They go out and look at what has been done so far. Simon tells her that he will draw up some plans and bring them back to her tomorrow. She tells him that for an architect to draw up plans would be several hundred dollars and maybe he should just write her a thank you note. Simon tells her that he wants to do it and besides, doing this kind of work for a prominent person like herself in the United States would look really good on his resume`. Lily agrees and Simon tells her that he will be back in the morning and leaves. After he is gone, she gets on the phone and calls Holden. Holden is unavailable and Lily asks how long will he be unavailable? Lily tells the person on the phone to never mind and hangs up. She says to herself, "Holden Snyder, wait until you see what I have in store for you."

Denise is at Kim and Bob's talking to Andy about getting married. Andy is being wishy-washy about the idea and Denise asks him if he is having second thoughts? Andy tells Denise about getting a call from his editor about a new assignment. He tells her that he will have to go away for awhile. She gets upset and says that she can't handle his father by herself. Andy tells her that he won't leave for a couple of days and they will have time to get married. They hear a car drive up and Andy sees his father coming to the door. He tells Denise to go hide from John. Denise walks into the other room with Hope. John comes in and asks if everyone has gone crazy? He informs Andy that they have a trial to attend. Andy tells his father that he has time. John asks if he has seen Denise. Andy lies and says that he hasn't seen her. John goes off on how bad a mother Denise is and they have to take that baby away from her. Andy is going along with what John is saying. Denise, listening from the other room, is not happy about the way Andy is responding. John is happy to see that his son is seeing things his way and that things will be better for Hope when they have custody. John leaves to go to court and Andy tells him that he will be there, there is something that he has to do first. After John is gone, Denise comes out and questions Andy on his actions. Andy tells her that he was only going along with his father to keep him off their trail. Andy tells her that he wants to marry her but they have to go do it now. Denise thinks that they should wait a few days and Andy tells her that they have no time, they have to get married before the trial starts.

Andy and Denise along with Hope arrive at the Justice of the Peace. The JP comes out and says what a nice couple they look like and they have a little girl. Denise apologizes for having to bring their daughter with them and the JP tells her that they do not judge people here, they only marry people who are in love. He calls for his wife to come downstairs. His wife enters the room and makes over Hope and tells Andy and Denise what a beautiful baby they have. The JP's wife takes Hope to hold her during the ceremony. Andy tells the JP that they don't have much time and need to get married. The JP tells Andy that he understands when two people are in love, they just can't wait to get married. This makes Denise uneasy and she starts to think of Ben. Andy sees that she isn't feeling well and tells her that if she wants to back out, they will stop right now. After Andy talks with Denise she decides that she only has one choice.

At the Courthouse, John runs into Margo and Tom. He asks them if they have nothing better to do. Margo tells him that he was by her side when her trial was going on and she wants to be there to support him. Kim comes in and asks if Denise has shown up. John tells her in her dreams. Kim asks about Andy and John says that Andy will be there shortly. He tells Kim that he and Andy have come to an agreement and Andy is going to do the right thing. The court comes to order and the judge comes out and asks if all the parties are present. Denise's attorney says that she will be there soon. The judge says that he has waited long enough for Ms. Maynard and they will begin. John stands up and says that his son is not there yet, but is on his way. The judge tells John that he is not waiting for him either, they will begin. Andy walks into the court and John goes over to greet him. He tells him that he got there just in time. Denise walks in behind Andy and John says that he knows what Andy was doing, looking for Denise. The judge says that he is glad to see the mother and asks Denise to come forward. He asks Denise to state her name. At first Denise starts to say Denise, then gets her composure and says, "My name is Mrs. Andy Dixon."

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Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Katie is trying to get a moment alone with Holden to share some ideas for the show. Holden is very busy and asks her to please wait one minute. He gives a person some instruction and then writes on his tablet. Finally, he looks up at Katie and asks her about what is on her mind. They walk into another room and Katie starts in on what she has been thinking about. Lily comes running in and she is all excited. She asks Holden if he is done for the day, she is going to kidnap him. He looks at Katie and Katie starts to say that they were just starting a meeting, but Lily interrupts her and says, "Good, you're all finished for the day." Katie leaves the room and Lily tells Holden about her day. She tells him about Simon showing up at the house when she was having her worst day ever. She tells him about Simon telling her the story about the letters and then that he is going to finish their family room. Holden is skeptical because this Simon is a stranger off the street. Lily tells him that he isn't a stranger, somehow, she feels connected to him. Lily kidnaps Holden and they leave the station together as Katie watches them go. Henry comes up to Katie and says, "News announcer crushed, film at 11:00." Katie says that a few more minutes and she and Holden would have been out of there. Henry hugs her and says that she may be with her station manager yet tonight. Henry says that she is going to have to short circuit all those home grown morals that Holden has learned down on the farm. Katie says that her interest in Holden is purely professional. She holds up a folder and tells Henry that she has a folder full of ideas on how to improve the broadcast. Henry says that while she is holding her folder, Holden is holding his wife. Henry takes out is cell phone and Katie asks him what he is doing? Henry says that he is going to get Holden's undivided attention.

Lily has taken Holden to Mabel's Red Hots and they comment on how the place still looks the same. Mabel is glad to see them but she is busy and tells them to have a seat. Lily and Holden go to the bar and Lily tells Holden that she needs to confiscate his cell phone. Holden gives it up reluctantly. Lily tells Holden how she was feeling while Simon told the sad love story about his great grandfather and the letters to "beloved." Holden tells her that she is weak when it comes to a sappy love story. Holden's phone rings and they try to ignore it, but it keeps ringing. Finally, Holden answers it and it is Henry, they have a big problem at the station. While Holden is talking to Henry, Lily gets two beers for them. When she comes back, Holden tells her that Henry called and Katie has received a death threat from some sicko and he needs to get back to the station. Lily understands and they leave.

Back at the station, Katie walks in after Henry is finished with the call to Holden. She asks him what it is that he has done? Henry tells her about telling Holden that she had received a death threat and she was so upset and Holden was on his way back to the station. She tells him that she is not comfortable with what he has done. He tells her that she had better wipe the war paint off her face and try to look pale before Holden gets there. Henry leaves and Katie gets her purse and a tissue and looks in the mirror and starts wiping the make-up off her face. Holden comes running in and she asks him what he is doing there? Holden tells her that Henry had called him. She says that she told him not to do that. Holden holds her and says that they are not going to let anything happen to her. She snuggles close to Holden and has a satisfied smile on her face.

Camille is fixing dinner for Isaac and he comments on how great everything smells. He asks if he could take a shower before dinner and she tells him that he has time. Isaac leaves the room and then there is a knock at the door. Camille answers the door and Ben is standing there. He is all upset about Denise. He tells Camille about Denise wanting to make love and then he told her that he wanted to wait until they were married. He tells Camille that Denise felt rejected by that and then Denise decided that they should call off the engagement for now. Camille feels bad for Ben. Ben goes on to tell her that Denise came to him at the hospital and wanted to run off and get married. Camille says that it sounded romantic. Ben tells her that he told Denise that they had a few things to work out before they could get married. Ben and Camille go into their relationship and how everything got messed up because Ben was so head strong. Isaac walks back into the room and he and Ben look at each other. Ben starts to leave but Camille won't let him. She asks Isaac to give them a minute. Isaac goes to check on the chicken cooking in the kitchen. Camille tells Ben that for once he should shut off his head and listen to his heart. Ben thinks for a minute and says that she is right. He asks her to help him put together a wedding, he and Denise will get married tonight!

At the courthouse, Denise has just announced that she is Mrs. Andy Dixon. John is standing and throwing a fit. He is telling Andy that he is throwing away his life. The judge calls the court to order. Andy and Denise take there seats with Denise's lawyer. The judge says to Denise that she is listed as Denise Maynard. Denise tells him that she and Andy were married earlier that afternoon. The judge is not taking kindly to this, he says that he has had postponements and people not showing and now this. Denise tells the judge that their marriage is legal and binding. Andy shows the judge the marriage certificate. Denise appeals to the judge, she tells him that she has not always made good decisions in the past, but she wants to make up for them and she and Andy want to be together as husband and wife to raise their daughter together. Andy stands up and tells the judge his side. John tries to interrupt and the judge tells him to let his son speak and then he will have his turn. Andy tells the judge about how he felt when he found out that Hope was his daughter. He had so many emotions and an instant bond that came out of nowhere. He says that he and Denise have remained friends. The judge says that being friends is not substantial for a marriage. Andy says that all they want to do is be together and raise their daughter. John stands up and wants to make a statement. John goes through the whole history again about Denise and how unstable she is and she is not reliable to be a mother. He says that he feels that his son and Denise are not capable of having a stable home for Hope to live in. Finally, the judge makes a ruling. He tells Andy and Denise that they can have Hope to raise and love, but, they will be visited by a social worker because he is still not sure about their marriage. John is crushed. Andy and Denise are happy and leave the court. Kim follows them and welcomes Denise to the family. John walks out and tells Andy that he is throwing his life, pretending to be married and pretending to be in love. Andy says that no one is going to fight for Hope or around Hope ever again. He looks at his father and says, "Do you understand me?" Denise leaves to get Hope. Andy tells his mother that John is way out of line. Kim tells him that she knows that he is over the top. She tells him that she wishes that he was in love with Denise. Andy says that love is overrated. Andy says that he and Denise love Hope. Kim says that Denise also loves Ben.

Ben and Camille are busy getting everything set up for a wedding. They have a preacher and a dress and flowers and music. Ben is very excited. He thanks Camille for helping him get everything together and he leaves. Isaac comes out and Camille tells him that she is going to go meet Ben and Denise and maybe he should come with her, he and Ben could clear out some of the old bad feelings that they have had. Isaac says that he had better stay there an not go along. Camille tells him to suit himself and she starts to go out the door. Isaac has second thoughts and tells her that he will go along. How can he pass up escorting the most beautiful women in the world. Camille smiles at him and they leave.

Andy and Denise arrive at Denise's apartment. Denise tells Andy to make himself at home. He drops his duffel bag and says thanks. He asks Denise if he can put his daddy skills to work and put Hope to bed. Denise says sure and Hope and Andy go off to her room. There is a knock at the door and Denise opens the door, Ben is standing there with a goofy look on his face. He picks Denise up and twirls her around and then gives her the biggest kiss.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Katie is dismayed when she learns Holden has called in Jack to investigate her alleged stalker. Lily invites Simon to come over and show her the plans. When Camille and Isaac ask Lisa for help in selecting a wedding dress, she assumes they're eloping and Camille is quick to explain the dress is for Denise.

Denise is stunned when an animated Ben says he has planned their wedding for that night. She reveals that it's too late--she's already married. When Andy starts to explain, Ben asks to talk to her--alone. Lisa is charmed by Isaac. Emily overhears Isaac threatening somebody on the phone and questions him about his views on the initiative to legalize gambling before Lisa threatens to throw her out.

Katies tries to avoid answering Jack's questions, claiming she doesn't remember, and looks at Henry for clues as to what to say. Holden suggests to Jack that Katie's stalker could be the same person who took photos of Molly and Chris. Alone, Henry tells Katie not to panic and says she should thank him for getting Holden away from his wife. Lily takes one look at Simon's sketches and brands him a liar.

Ben refutes Denise's claims that the marriage doesn't change anything between them--you're married, he roars. Over her protests, Holden tells Katie he's escorting her home and beefing up security around the station. Lily explains to Simon that his sketches are almost identical to what she had envisioned. When she hesitates about taking him up on his offer to build it, he hints that he may have to leave.

Camille is perturbed when Isaac balks at helping her decorate the church--he was raised very differently from his brother, he explains. When Andy returns early, a bitter Ben tells him to stay--he's her husband, after all. Emily is irritated when Lisa refuses to buy her upcoming story for the Argus and threatens to leave town with Daniel. Lisa promises she'll have to go through her first. A caustic Isaac questions why Camille is helping her ex-fiancee plan a wedding to someone else.

Ben tells Denise he shouldn't be dropping by--in the eyes of the state it's her wedding night. Both of them are in tears by the time he leaves. Simon refuses the opportunity to stay and meet Holden. Holden and Katie stop by Mabel's to buy some red hots and Katie starts crying, telling him she's never met another man like him.

Ben isn't happy when he sees Isaac at the church. Camille follows him down the aisle and his voice breaks as he tells her the wedding is off. Denise cries over Ben's photo and pulls away when Andy tries to comfort her.

Lily is pleased when Holden looks over the sketches and approves of them. Andy brings Hope to Denise and reminds her their daughter is the reason for everything.

Camille fights back tears when Ben explains that Denise married Andy. When Isaac makes a crack about his brother she chastises him for never having been in love and walks out. Ben picks out a flower from Denise's bouquet and holds it in his hands.

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Thursday, March 2, 2000

Jake rushes into Lucinda's house, excitedly, because the governor of Illinois is planning on feeding them a big story for their paper. Lucinda tells Jake that she has to go to the airport to pick up her grandson, Bryant. Jake is worried that Lucinda will miss the call, and in the heat of the moment, offers to pick up Bryant for her. Lucinda readily agrees, and Jake realizes that he has been duped. Lucinda tells him that it will be good for Jake to get to know Bryant, considering that he is going to work for him at the paper. Jake is appalled, and refuses to "babysit Lucinda's problem." Lucinda claims that Bryant is not a problem, but she does want to give him some productive direction. Jake refuses to hire anyone, sight unseen. Lucinda tells him that she will go to the airport, then, and take care of the situation herself, but Jake is more concerned about receiving the governor's call. He tells Lucinda that he will go and scope out the kid, but he doesn't want Lucinda making Bryant any promises without consulting him first. Lucinda agrees. Lily enters and Jake asks her how she turned out so normal. He leaves, and Lily wonders why Lucinda would send Jake to pick up Bryant. Lucinda expresses self-doubt to Lily about how she is going to handle "fixing" Bryant. Lucinda tells Lily that she feels she failed miserably in helping Georgia, and is afraid she will do the same thing with Bryant. Lily says that Lucinda shouldn't second-guess herself, because she did a pretty good job raising her. Lucinda wants Lily's input on how to handle Bryant, but Lily tells her that she has enough worries of her own. She tells Lucinda not to be so controlling of Bryant, and try to run his life. Lucinda says she isn't going to try, she is going to do it. Meanwhile, Jake is at the airport, holding a sign up with Bryant's name on it. The faux "Bryant" steps off the plane, and tells Jake that he is Bryant. Jake thinks he is a liar because of the boy's unkempt appearance. He checks "Bryant's" passport, and matches the picture up to the boy. The boy keeps using the words "cool" and "man", and Jake is surprised because he was expecting a young, articulate man. Jake thinks that Lucinda will be "thrilled" with her grungy grandson, and they head off to the mansion. Upon arriving at the mansion, faux Bryant is thrilled with his new "digs." Jake meets Lucinda out in the hallway, and Lucinda excitedly tells him that everything went great with the governor's call, and the presses are rolling. Jake tries to warn her about "Bryant", but Lucinda hurries into see him. She appalled to find this kid on her couch, and wonders who the hell he is. Lucinda thinks that Jake is playing a big joke on her, but Jake tells her that she checked his Montegan passport, and that the kid claimed to be Bryant. The kid tries to escape, but Jake collars him and tells him that he needs to answer some serious questions. They look at the passport again, and see that it is the real deal. The kid doesn't want to talk, but Lucinda threatens to call the cops and charge him with kidnapping. The kid agrees to tell them the story.

Katie and Holden are at WOAK editing some copy. The phone rings, and Katie answers it. It was just the editing room for Holden, but Holden warns her not to be answering the phones, considering she has been receiving death threats. After Holden leaves, Henry needles Katie for information on her evening with Holden the night before. Katie tells him that she is sick of lying to everyone, and that they need to stop this charade now. Just then, Margo enters WOAK, and asks Katie why she didn't call her after she received the threatening call at the station. Katie tells her that she believes the call was just a prank, and she didn't want to worry her needlessly. Margo insists on knowing everything Katie remembers about the call, but Katie is very vague in her answers. Margo asks Holden to arrange for her to speak to all the personnel at the station, and tells him that she believes there may be some tie-in between the pictures of Molly and Chris, and Katie's threat. Katie looks worried, and tries to dismiss the call as a joke, but Margo tells her that she is not going to risk anything when her sister is concerned. Margo and Holden arrange the details of the investigation, as Katie and Henry eye each other with concern. Margo interrogates Henry on who has access to Katie, and what he knows about the photos of Molly and Chris. Henry tells Margo he only knows what he has heard through the grapevine, but Margo catches him on it, knowing that he and Katie claim to have found the photos together. Henry realizes his slip, and backtracks. Katie steps in and praises Henry for being a real pal to her through this whole mess, and Margo lets it drop. Lily enters WOAK, and asks Katie how she is doing. Katie tells her that she is better, because Holden was so wonderful with her the night before. She drops that fact that Holden took her to Mabel's Red-Hots to "chill out." Lily is surprised because Holden did not fill her in on all the details. Lily tells him that she thinks Katie believes him to be "her hero" and she has noticed how she looks at Holden. Holden tells her that he feels protective of Katie, because if it weren't for the job her gave her, she never would be receiving the threats. He also says that he wants to do better with Katie than he did with Abigail. Lily tells him that he may think he is a "father figure" to Katie, but that Katie does not feel the same way about him. Holden dismisses Lily's thoughts and plants a big kiss on her, as Katie looks on disappointed. She goes to Henry, and tells him that with Margo rummaging around the station, they don't stand a chance on making this scheme work. Henry promises to fix everything. He goes to a locker, removes a pair of rubber gloves, and pulls out a newspaper clipped note that reads "Katie Peretti, prepare to DIE!"

Abby wakes up from sleeping overnight in the abandoned theater to find Bryant next to her. He asks her "since we have already slept together, do you mind telling me your name?" Abby is startled, and screams, awaking Christopher who is hiding behind some curtains. With Christopher looking on, Abby introduces herself using her real name, and so does Bryant. Abby feels grimy, and wishes she could take a hot bath. Living on the streets doesn't seem so glamorous to her in the light of day. Bryant offers her a breath mint, and smoothes down her hair. Abby thanks him, again, for the provisions that he scraped up for them the night before, but Bryant refuses to take any credit for it. They both agree to go get some "toast and hot water" at the local diner, and after stashing their belongings, they take off. Christopher is upset that Abby is placing her trust in a guy she just met, and begins to look through Bryant's knapsack to find out who he really is. While he is rummaging, Bryant comes back with the coffee. Chris makes up the excuse that he thought the place was abandoned, and asks Bryant if he is squatting there with his girlfriend. Bryant won't give up any information, and tells Chris to scram. After Chris leaves, Abby comes in and wonders whom he was talking to. Bryant tells her that he discovered a poacher in their area, but he got rid of him. Bryant thinks that since their squatting place has been infiltrated, it is probably time for them to move on. Abby tells him that she need to find a job with good, reliable income, so she can find a permanent place to stay. Bryant wishes her luck, and is about to leave, when two people enter the theater. They ask Bryant and Abby if they are homeless. Bryant tells them yes, but they are about to leave if they need to a place to squat. The people tell them that they are film students and they want tape young homeless people. They decline to help, until the students offer to buy them lunch and pay them $50.00. They agree to be their subjects, as Christopher looks on. They tell the film students

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Friday, March 3, 2000

After Emma leaves with the kids Simon lets himself into Lily's house. Henry leaves another note among the news copy on Katie's desk. Lucinda and Jake interrogate Bryant's impostor and demand to know where the real Bryant is. Abigail is furious when she learns that Chris followed her to New York and determines to track him down.

Abigail tells Bryant about Chris's betrayal and he shows no emotion when she says she's from Oakdale. Simon avoids being seen by a returning Emma and rifles through Lily's desk. Lucinda throttles the imposter with a poker until he admits he met Bryant in Tompkins Square Park in New York, but he insists they willingly exchanged identities.

When she sees the stalker's note Katie falters in reading the news. Lucinda announces to Jake she's going to New York. With Bryant's help, Abigail succeeds in sneaking up on Chris. He admits he followed Jen to New York and Abigail feels betrayed when she realizes he was the one behind the daisy as well as the food and blankets. Jake advises Lucinda that New York will eat her alive and insists he's coming with her.

Simon sneaks out when Lily returns home and then pretends he just arrived. After seeing his estimate Lily formally agrees to let him be in charge of the family room extension. After regaining her composure and finishing the news Katie pretends to Margo and Holden that nothing's wrong but Henry "uncovers" the death threat among her notes. Privately, Katie blasts Henry for continuing the charade.

Jake admits to Lucinda he has to go to New York with her because he needs to pick up Vicky's things--I need you there with me, he confides. Abigail insists to Chris that she's not alone in the city and tells him to go home.

Chris agrees to go home, but only if Abigail goes to Saudi Arabia or returns to Oakdale--he's not leaving her in New York with a stranger. After overhearing Lily talking about going to a puppet show with the kids Simon tells Lily he's scheduled an appointment for the same time. Lily gives him a key to the house and tells him she trusts him and feels like she's known him for years.

After talking with Margo Holden tells Katie he'll be picking her up and taking her home from New York every day until the crisis passes. Lucinda makes airline reservations for the two of them and tells Jake he didn't need to insult her--he could've just told her he needed to come along. Chris refuses to let go of Abigail and kisses her.

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