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Monday April 17, 2000

Holden knocks at Katie's door and she is in the bathtub. She thinks that the stalker is back and she starts to scream. Holden breaks the door in and runs to the bathroom and gets her calmed down. After she is out of the tub and has her robe on, she tells Holden that she can't cover the benefit at Java. Holden tells her that it is OK, Henry can shoot some footage and they will do the story from that. Katie tells Holden that she doesn't deserve the success that she has received. Holden gives her a pep talk and tells her that she is just as good as Molly and she does deserve her success. Holden gives her a hug and of course she loves it. She tells him that she is feeling better and thinks that she can cover the benefit at Java Underground. Holden tells her not to push herself, she has been through a lot. Katie says that she will do anything for him and she goes to change her clothes. Holden calls the Super to get Katie's door fixed. When Holden is finished on the phone, Katie comes out and is fully dressed. Holden tells her that she got ready in record time. She says that she is ready to go except for one thing, she needs her dress zipped. She turns her back to Holden and he zips her dress for her and she has a big smile on her face.

Simon opens his door and Lily is standing there wearing a "period piece" lace dress. Simon asks her what she is up to. She plays coy with him and asks him what is he talking about. He wonders why she is dressed the way she is. She says that she is on her way to a benefit and just stopped by to see how the portrait is coming. Simon tells her that she is not doing that at all, she is there to return the letters that she had stolen earlier. She tries to deny it, but Simon won't go for it. Lily tells him that she just wanted to read the letters again because she wants to know how it feels to be "beloved." Lily tells Simon how she has been feeling lately and that Holden has been busy and she has felt left out of things. Well, Simon is ready to go. He wants to take her back to his bedroom right then and there. She says that she doesn't have time right now because she is late for the benefit. Simon tells her to tell her family that she got stuck in traffic. She tells him that wouldn't go over very well and she really has to go. She tells him that they will have another time to be together. Simon tells her that he will go to the benefit with her.

At Java Underground, the place is hopping. Isaac is playing the host. Camille comes up to him and tells him that if Roland wasn't there she would feel better. Isaac tells her that guys like Roland don't scare him, he scares guys like Roland. Bob and Kim and Denise come in and Ben comes in shortly after them. Ben introduces Bob and Kim and Denise to Isaac, but dances around how they know each other. When Ben and Denise are alone, Denise asks been what was going on between him and Isaac. Finally, he tells Denise that Isaac is his half-brother. He explains that his father fooled around on his mother and Isaac is the product from his infidelity. Denise thanks him for being honest with her about Isaac. John Dixon comes barging into Java Underground and walks up to Denise. He has gotten news that Andy is missing and he is not happy that Denise is with Ben. John storms over to Kim to tell her about Andy and Denise leaves Ben and goes with John.

Lucinda and Bryant enter Java Underground and Bryant comments how he has missed the sound of rolling dice. Lucinda makes a comment that there are laws in the US about underage gambling. She sends him to get her a sparkling water with a lime twist. Bryant spots Jennifer across the room and he walks over to her. He doesn't remember who she is and he asks if she is an actress? She realizes that he doesn't remember meeting her and she reminds him that they met at Java Underground with Abigail. He finally remembers. Bryant offers her a glass of champagne and she takes the glass and puts it to her lips. Hal walks up and takes the glass away from and tells her that it isn't a good idea. Bryant, not knowing who Hal is, tells him that they didn't ask his opinion. Hal informs him that she is underage and he is her father. He starts to read Bryant the riot act and Barbara comes up and drags him to the dance floor for a dance. While they are dancing, Barbara is trying to calm him down. Hal tells her that he and Jennifer have had an agreement since she was two, she wouldn't get involved with any man until he is dead. Hal and Barbara make their way back to Jennifer and tell her it is time to take her home. Bryant suggests that he bring Jennifer home and Hal tells him that he had been drinking. Barbara tells him that maybe another time would be better and they walk off. Bryant stops Barbara and asks if she isn't sure that she is Jennifer's sister. Barbara looks at him and says that he is just like his father and she walks off.

Lily and Simon finally arrive at the benefit. Lucinda meets them at the door and questions what Lily is wearing. Iva comes up and Lily asks Simon if he remembers Iva. Simon shakes Iva's hand and says that Lily had said that everyone would be dressed up this evening and he expected to see the crown jewels tonight. Iva tells him that she opted for something a little more low key. Lucinda drags Simon off to talk about the fire at Lily's house. Iva takes Lily aside and asks her what is up? She says that the last she heard, Lily was going to get the goods on Simon. Lily tells Iva that Simon was going to leave again, so she came on to him. Iva says, "You did what?" Simon walks up and asks to see Lily alone. Lily and Simon walk over to a secluded corner.

Holden and Katie arrive and Henry comes up to Holden right away and says that they have to get started right away or they are not going to have anything to report on. Holden tells Katie to get herself something to drink and he takes Henry off to explain what they are going to do. Katie starts to mill around and she comes across Simon and Lily. She hears Simon say that he wants to be alone with Lily. Lily tells him that they will have some time alone and it will be worth the wait. Katie has her ears wide open. She walks over to where Holden and Henry are and Holden says that he needs to find his wife. Katie says that she just saw her over there and points to the corner. Holden walks over and Simon is telling Lily that they need to get out of there while there is still time. Holden pushes Simon away and asks, "What are you doing with my wife?"

Back at Cal's house, someone walks in the door with a flashlight in hand. The camera pans down and shows a woman's feet.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

The Java Underground event is going great. Camille tells Isaac how impressed she is with him. She tells him that she wants to give a big long kiss but she doesn't know exactly who she is kissing. She wonders if she is kissing a kind, compassionate person or a conniving shyster? He tells her to kiss him and find out. She gives him a little kiss and he asks where is the rest of his kiss? She tells him that she is saving it for later. She says that she has to do some mingling, but they will have some "alone time" later. She walks away and one of Isaac's employees approaches him and tells him that there was some trouble outside and the perpetrators want to have a meeting. Isaac tells him to tell them that they will meet after the benefit is over. Camille hears him and can't believe what she has just heard. Later, she asks him if he is coming home with her and he makes up an excuse that he has to meet with his employees after the benefit is over. He asks for a rain check and Camille walks away from him. She walks out the door without speaking to him.

John, Kim, Bob and Denise leave the benefit to go to Denise's apartment to wait for word about Andy. As Denise is leaving, she glances an "I'm sorry" look at Ben. At her apartment, they can't find out anything about Andy's situation. John starts to blame Denise for Andy running off to Russia because he is in a loveless marriage. Kim takes Denise's side and tells John to lay off her. Denise tells John that Andy took the assignment to get some extra money to buy she and Hope a house. Kim and Bob go to look at Hope and Denise steps outside to get some air. While she is outside, Ben walks up and says that he was wondering if the had any word about Andy. As they are discussing the situation, Ben gives Denise a hug and John walks out and catches them. John starts in on Denise again and Denise tells him that he is taking it out on her because he is so upset about his son. She tells him to let out, she can take it. John softens and tells her that the minute she hears something to give him a call. Denise promises that she will and John leaves. Ben hugs her and asks what are they going to do now? Denise turns to him and thanks him for showing his concern and kisses him. She walks into her apartment. Kim is holding Hope and rocking her. She is telling Hope that her daddy is going to be back real soon and she is going to tell him how she held her and rocked her. Denise walks over to Kim and puts her hands on her shoulders. Ben is watching from outside.

Lily gets in between Holden and Simon. She tells Holden that she is going to tell him the truth. Simon tells her not to do that. She takes Holden off to the side and tells him about his birthday present. She says that she and Simon are working on a portrait of her for his present. Holden softens and says that he can stay until the portrait is finished and then he wants him gone because he doesn't trust him. Lily goes over and tells Simon that she told Holden about the portrait and Simon is surprised. Holden goes off to work on the reporting of the benefit and Simon tells her that they can still be together tonight. Lily says that she doesn't know, Holden will be going home with her. He tells her to come up with an excuse. Later, Holden and Lily are dancing and Lily tells Holden that she can't wait to get home and be alone with him. He tells her that he has to stay and oversee the benefit project. He tells her that he will probably have to take Katie home because she had a breakdown earlier. Lily is not happy but says that she understands. As they are dancing, Lily looks over Holden's shoulder at Simon and they exchange glances.

Simon and Lily arrive at Cal's house and Lily says that she will get the lights. Simon tells her to wait. He says that he wants to get to know her and he tells her how much it means to him that she came with him instead of her husband. He leans in to kiss her and she breaks away and turns on the lights. The room has been ransacked. Simon starts looking through his stuff as if he is looking for one thing in particular. Lily finds the phone and starts to dial. Simon grabs the phone and tells her that she doesn't want the police there. He goes on to convince her that Holden will find out and they don't need him getting upset again. He tells her to go home and they will be together another time. When she is gone, he starts to search his things again.

When Lily gets home, she sends an email with the picture that Simon had, requesting information about the woman in the picture.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Jennifer tries to call Bryant but hangs up when the butler answers. Meanwhile, Abigail arrives at the Walsh estate to go horseback riding with Bryant. John and Kim arrive at Denise's just in time to receive word that Andy's helicopter was shot down over the mountains and he's presumed dead.

Camille is cool towards Isaac when he visits her at the hospital. A furious John refuses to believe Andy could be dead and is determined to return to work. Bob encourages a hesitant Ben to follow his heart and visit Denise. Jack learns another reporter has been assigned to cover the police eat and confronts Julia.

Julia admits to Jack that his kiss is responsible for her giving up the assignment. Jennifer storms out after arguing with Hal over the way she's dressed. Bryant initially tries to backpedal to Abigail but Lucinda orders him to grow up.

Denise assures Kim she's not alone. Jack is touched when Julia confesses that their kiss affected her more than she'd like to admit. When Jen visits Bryant at home, she's dismayed to see Abigail there. John lashes out at his staff before admitting to Camille he can't handle the stress. Kim is upset when she sees Ben and Denise hugging, feeling it's a betrayal of her son. Denise agrees--they need to focus on Andy--and Ben is left outside her apartment.

Lucinda stops by John's office as Camille is comforting him. Lucinda informs Camille that Isaac is requesting he deliver the benefits check to Camille personally. Bryant stops Jen on her way out and suggests they meet at a later date.

Jack insists to Julia that their kiss meant something to him. To prove it, he kisses her again before admitting he's not over Carly. Wary, they both agree to try being a couple again by going out to dinner. Kim decides to channel her grief by going to Washington. Camille learns from Isaac's young friend Curtis that the private after-hours party Isaac was referring to was for Curtis's tae-kwon-do class.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Chris and Jake had lunch at the Lakeview because Chris wanted to thank Jake for standing by him during the stalking incident. Chris had written and article about the entire ordeal and showed it to Jake. Jake loved it and wanted to run it as a feature article in the "City Times" but Chris said he thinks it is too personal and may hurt to many other people. Jake points out Irv Becker the owner of the "Intruder." Chris tells Jake that things are over between he and Abigail mainly because of the pictures put on the front of that paper. After the lunch Jake goes to visit Molly and starts to remising about Vicky...Molly then asks "Don't you ever shut up?"

Tom spent time bonding with Daniel until Emily stopped by to barge in to yell about the front page of the "Intruder." It dealt with Emily's outburst on Tom and his family at the Lakeview. Emily thinks Tom set her up until Tom believes Irv Becker may have been there having lunch. Emily is determined to find out who was there to take the picture. Emily later goes to the Lakeview only to see Mr. Becker there so she some water and pours it over his head. Emily then tells him off and threatens to sue only to learn the "intruder has been running in the red for 3 years and he is waiting for a buyer. Chris later goes up to Emily to congratulate Emily on doing the right thing with Becker.

Margo told Katie Lila has fallen and broken her hip and wants Katie to take care of her for 6 weeks. Katie is upset over Margo and Lila wanting her to go to Los Angeles while Henry pressures Katie to stay which includes threats of playing the tapes. Holden then tells Katie about some new ideas he has. Katie leaves to go to Margo's to talk while Holden confronts Henry and tells him to back off. Henry now feels compelled to tell Holden about Katie's trip to L.A. Much to Henry's surprise Holden would let Katie go. Margo returns home and Tom asks how things went with Katie, while telling Tom Katie was upset about it Tom realizes that Margo is also upset. Katie walks in to say that she would go to L.A. but it was just a ploy to get Margo to feel really guilty and cave. Tom helps Margo decide to go to L.A. realizing she needs to spend time with Lila. Margo then goes back to the station to tell Katie her & Tom will work it out for Margo to go to L.A.

Lily is hoping someone responds to her picture on the internet. She also receives a finished portrait from Simon. She runs to Simon's to find out why he is leaving. Iva gives Lily more family pictures. Vera has a resemblance to Lily so she hopes Simon sees the same thing. Lily is determined to find out what the picture means to Simon. Iva tries to get Lily to forget about the investigation on Simon but Lily wants to continue. Lily shows the picture to Simon and he does see a resemblance especially seeing the necklace... while someone recognizes the picture on the internet

Friday, April 21, 2000

Intent on getting Margo to go to Russia with him, John chews his daughter out when she declines. Susan takes a dim view of Emily's plan to take over the Intruder, especially when Emily asks her to take out a second mortgage to finance it. When summoned by Jake, Susan confirms his suspicions--Molly is starting to wake from her coma.

Simon spies the necklace he's been seeking in a photo of "Aunt Vera," who was sister to Lily's great-grandmother. Margo explains to John that she's going to California to care for an injured Lyla. Jake calls Chris and apprises him of Molly's improved condition. Simon feigns that his car has broken down and tells Lily he's decided to stay on in Oakdale for a little while longer.

After Bryant refuses to let him talk to Abigail, Chris goes over and tells Abigail in person about her mother. Jake asks Molly how much of what he told her she remembers and is infuriated when she tells him to take a cold shower.

Susan refuses to follow Emily's suggestion to dip into Alison and Daniel's college fund. When Lily asks Simon point-blank about his interest in Aunt Vera, Simon accuses her of sending mixed signals herself.

Emily tells a wary Tom she has a proposition for him. Abigail cries when Molly calls her name. Simon admits to Lily that meeting her was no accident--he planted the letters. He then shows her the photo of Beloved and asks her to help him trace Beloved's descendants. Molly struggles, but manages to utter "precious daughter" to Abigail. Emily asks Tom to stake her in her new business, as a way to make her more independent.

Simon tells Lily he's determined to track down descendants of Aunt Vera, even if it takes him the rest of his life. Tom tells Emily he will continue to pay her child support but nothing more. An angry Emily vows to Tom that she'll protect Daniel at all costs.

Chris visits the now-unconscious Molly and she opens her eyes once he's left. Lily believes Simon is still lying to her. Someone finds the picture of Beloved that Lily posted on the Internet and compares it to the original photo she has.

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