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Monday, November 27, 2000

Barbara is fixing Thanksgiving dinner at her house and Will is trying to convince her to let him go to Aunt Kim's house for the day. He finally tells his mother that "somebody" needs to eat her cooking. Hal is off spending the holiday with Nikki. Jennifer comes downstairs and tells her mother that Bryant has invited her to have dinner at the Snyder Farm. Barbara tells her to go but she has to drop Will off at Aunt Kim's first. Will is all happy and runs upstairs to get his coat. Jennifer asks her mother about being alone on Thanksgiving. Barbara tells her that she will be OK. Jennifer asks about her father being with Nikki on the holiday, does this mean that they have had a new fight? Barbara hugs her daughter and says that they have not had a new fight, they are still arguing over the old fight. Will comes downstairs and they kids leave. As Jennifer goes out the door, she tells her mother that she is the best. Barbara tells her that she knows. After the kids are gone, Barbara makes a phone call to Craig Montgomery and asks him to come over for dinner. When Craig arrives, he has a very expensive bottle of brandy with him. He and Barbara have a few snifters of the liquor and Craig makes a move on Barbara. Barbara tells him that she is sorry, but....
Craig says that he understands and kisses Barbara on the cheek and leaves.

At the Snyder Farm, Lily walks into the kitchen and sees Holden and Faith and Luke sitting at the table. Luke is playing with olives and she tells him not to ruin his appetite. Luke runs into the other room and Lily tells Holden that she is glad that they decided to spend the holiday together. She tells him that her bed is cold at night. He tells her that his bed is colder since he is staying in his mother's tack house. Jack and Julia come in and see Holden and Lily together. They tell them that they have a question to ask the couple. They ask Lily and Holden to be their child's godparents. Lily and Holden look at each other. Holden says that it is a lot of responsibility. Lucinda and Bryant come in and interrupt. Lily walks over to her mother and explains that she and Holden decided to put everything behind them for this day and celebrate the holiday together. Jennifer arrives and tells Bryant that the dish she was bringing spilled all over her car. The two run off to clean up the imaginary mess. Lucinda makes a comment about young love being so sickening. Jack and Julia bring up to Holden and Lily again about being godparents to their child. Finally, the two give in and say that they will be the godparents. Jack and Julia are happy and the family has a wonderful celebration. Lily starts to stare off into space and the camera switches to Simon sitting in his car in the garage all alone.

At the Hughes', Kim, Bob and Nancy are joined by Tom, Margo and the boys. Nancy asks Tom about Daniel and Tom tells her that Emily gets Daniel for Thanksgiving this year. Kim hears Tom and says that Chris is spending Thanksgiving with Emily and Daniel. Tom makes a comment about Chris taking his charity too far. As Kim tries to explain, Chris walks in with Daniel. Tom goes over and takes Daniel from Chris, he is so glad to see him. Emily walks in the door behind Chris. Margo walks in and sees Emily standing there and she is not pleased. Kim explains that Chris had called and asked if he could bring two people with him for dinner. Margo says that she all the sudden forgot how to say no? Margo adds that if Emily stays that she will be going. Emily says that she doesn't want to ruin anyone's holiday and she will go. Kim grabs Emily and Margo and tells them that she was being selfish. She wants her family together for the holiday and she expects them to set aside their differences for one day and celebrate as a family. Margo decides to stay. The family starts to talk about Andy. They wonder if he is sitting in a bar somewhere getting drunk. Bob tells them that Andy has only been gone an hour and they should give him the benefit of the doubt. Chris says the he thinks he knows where Andy might be and Margo adds that she thinks she knows too. She says that she will go look for him and get a breath of fresh air. She adds that she really needs the air and she leaves.

Denise and Hope are having their Thanksgiving dinner together. There is a knock on the door. Denise answers the door and Andy is standing there. He tells Denise that he would like to see Hope. Denise tells him that she will bring her by next week. Andy tells her that he won't be here next week, he is leaving town for a while. Denise lets him in and Hope walks over to Andy. Andy kneels down and tells his daughter that he is going to be gone for a little while. Denise asks where is he going? Andy, still talking to Hope, says that he is going to Washington State to a rehab and when he returns, he will be running wind sprints. There is another knock at the door and Denise opens the door and Margo is there. She tells Andy that his mother and the family is waiting on him to have dinner. Andy tells her that he will be there; he doesn't need a police escort. Margo says that he should let Denise and Hope get back to their dinner. Andy tells Hope that he will write her everyday and he loves her. Andy leaves with Margo.

Back at the Hughes', Margo and Andy walk in. Kim is the only one in the kitchen; everyone else is in the dining room. Margo tells Andy to tell Kim about his plans. Andy tells his mother about going away to the rehab and when he returns no one will be able to keep up with him. Kim is very happy and she tells her son that she is proud of him. As Margo and Andy start into the other room, Kim tells her son that she loves him. After Margo and Andy are gone, Kim sits down at the table and starts to cry. She looks up to heaven and says, "Very nice!"

At Jake's apartment, Carly, Parker, Rose and Joe join Jake, Molly and Abigail. Ben, Curtis and Isaac arrive later. Jake asks Ben about Denise and both Ben and Isaac answer that she had plans. Ben and Isaac look at each other. Ben confronts Isaac about calling Denise to invite her out on the holiday. Jake runs interference and takes Isaac into the kitchen. There is another knock at the door. Molly wonders who could it be, all their guests have arrived. Rose says that she invited Simon, because he was going to be alone. Molly goes to the door and there stands Katie. Molly asks her what does she want? Katie is looking for Simon. Molly tells her that he is not there. Katie asks if she will give him a message? She has been staying at the garage and she can't get the heater to work. She needs help. Molly asks if she is living in a garage? Katie says that she is staying with Simon and he lives at the garage. Katie starts to leave and Molly asks if she has eaten yet? Katie asks if this is some kind of joke? Molly tells her to come in and have dinner with them. Katie comes in and takes off her coat. She tells Molly that this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Joe and Rose are visiting Holden at the farm. They have come out to see Abigail's horse run. After they come back to the barn, Joe starts looking the horse over and sees that some spots have been dyed. Rose asks why would anyone want to do that? Joe explains that if the horse is stolen, they would want to cover any distinguishing marks. Rose suggests that some horses have tattoos to identify them. Joe looks in the horses' mouth and sees that there is a white smooth spot in his mouth. Joe tells Holden that sometimes they use a laser or bleach to cover the tattoo. Holden just can't believe that he may have a stolen horse. He suggests that they may have captured the sell on tape since he had a camera crew at the event the day he bought the horse. He tells Joe and Rose that he will go to WOAK and look through the archives to see if he can find the person who sold him the horse. Joe tells him that he may be able to help him. He has some connections.

Barbara brings Julia a present. She walks in with a big long pillow. Julia asks what is this? Barbara explains that after she gets too big with the pregnancy, she will need the pillow to hug to get any sleep. Julia appreciates the gift very much. She tells Barbara that she is searching the house for Christmas decorations. She wants to make this Christmas as nice as possible for Jack. She tells Barbara that she suspects that Jack is off with Carly at the moment. She says that she is sure that it is police business and she believes her husband would not be cheating on her. Barbara follows Julia to the garage to see if she can help search for decorations. As they are looking, they uncover a homemade sled. Julia is so pleased to realize that Jack is happy about the baby. She had felt that he was feeling trapped into something that they had not planned. Since she has found this, it makes all the difference in the world. The two go back to the house and Julia starts to worry about Craig telling Jack what he knows about the envelope that he has taken from Stiles. Barbara suggests that she go and talk with Craig if she was so worried.

At the boathouse, Jack has met with Carly. Carly tries again to talk Jack into leaving Julia and being with her. Jack finally breaks down and tells Carly that Julia is pregnant and he is happy about it. Carly tells him that she can't believe that they are having a child so quickly. She tells him that the ink on the marriage certificate is not dry. Jack walks away from her and she realizes that this is not a planned pregnancy. She tells Jack that Julia has done this to trap him in marriage. Jack takes Julia's side and tells Carly that he is happy about the baby and Julia is going to make a wonderful mother. Carly takes out the compass and hands it to Jack. Jack doesn't take the compass and he asks her what is she doing. She says that he gave her the compass to find her way home and she feels that he needs it now. They hear a car drive up and Jack goes out a side door. Mr. Stiles meets Carly at the door and he thinks that he is there to meet David Stenbeck's father. Jack comes up behind him and grabs him. He tells "Mr. Stenbeck" that he followed his son's instructions. Jack twirls him around and asks if he followed the instructions then why did he not get the envelope that was intended for him. Mr. Stiles explains that Mr. Montgomery interrupted him and threw him out and took the envelope from him. Jack insists that Mr. Stiles tell him what was in the envelope. Mr. Stiles tells him that he never looked inside and he only knows that it was a newspaper article inside. Jack asks who was in the article, was it him? Mr. Stiles says no. Carly asks if it was her? Stiles says no. Mr. Stiles tells Jack that all he knows is the picture was of two people and he has a number to call and get a copy of the article. The article covers some high society event in New York. He writes it down for Jack and then he leaves. Jack asks Carly why it would be of his interest to get an article of someone that he doesn't know. Carly reminds Jack that Mr. Stiles didn't say that Jack didn't know the person in the picture. She tells Jack not to get mad, but doesn't Julia go to some events in New York? Jack says that he will have to call and get a copy and put this mystery to rest. Carly tells him to let her know when he gets the article. She suggests that they meet the next evening at the boathouse. Jack tells her no. Carly reminds him that if it wasn't for her, he would not have known about the envelope. Jack says that he will meet her, but he wants her to stop playing tricks and it will be only business. Carly holds her hand in the air and swears. As Jack turns to leave, Carly says, "G-man." Jack stops, but does not turn around. He walks out the door and Carly follows. She has a big smile on her face.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

When Denise's friend Lacy makes a surprise visit, Denise is uncomfortable at the reminder of her old life. Jack shows Hal the photo of Julia and wonders who the man with her is. Craig agrees to meet Julia in his suite to discuss the photo. Hal suggests to Jack that David Stenbeck used the photo to blackmail Julia into helping him escape and advises Jack to stop coddling his wife--make her tell you the truth.

Julia confesses to Craig she's afraid he'll betray her secret to Carly. Jack learns Julia called the Lakeview before leaving home. Tom tells Bob of his decision to return to his law practice and worries about what will happen to Lisa after he leaves the Argus. Lacy surprises Denise when she tells her she's working as a dance instructor for kids and tells her of a job opening at the studio. Ben arrives at Denise's and is stunned to see Lacy there. Your secret is safe with me, Craig promises Julia--not only does he not trust Carly, but any friend of Barbara's is a friend of his.

Jack arrives at Craig's suite and demands to see Julia. Craig covers for Julia by telling Jack he was trying to get her to work at the Intruder. Jack asks Julia if Craig is blackmailing her, showing her the photograph and asking her who the man is beside her. When Ben learns Denise may be working with Lacy again, he can't hide his disappointment. He's relieved to subsequently learn she's not going back to her old life as a go-go dancer, but Denise is infuriated by his attitude--he has no say in her life anymore.

Jack interrogates Julia at home about the photo, implying their marriage is over if she walks out again. She stuns Jack when she haltingly confesses it's a photo of her with Winston Lowe. Tell me everything, Jack orders.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Adam and Abigail decide on which pair of glasses to get for Adam while discussing Molly's situation with Vicky's ghost. Adam decided to set up a video camera in Jakes house without them knowing and then they get a picture of Vicky and find out if in fact what Molly is seeing is real.

Molly goes to see a psychiatrist to talk about her dreams and Molly tells her she is seeing a dead person. She told her how real everything was and also how perfect Vicky was and about her insecurities as a parent and possibly as a soul mate for Jake. In the mean time Jake decides to go to Fashions to pick a gift for her. He later meets her at the doctors office and they go home.

Julia finally tells Jack the truth but only after trying to lie again about her a Winston meeting last year in New York. She tells him everything and said she only did it to help him and that now she knows it was wrong and she can no longer live with the lies. Jack got really angry and said he needed to be alone but later returned home to say he forgives her and they need to be together for their baby. They both said how much they love each other and how they took vows for the good stuff and bad.

Friday, December 1, 2000

Jen was excited to finally go on a real date with Bryant to Yo's. She was annoyed, however, when they ran into Ruby, who tried every brazen trick in the book to seduce Bryant. Jen held her own and she and Bryant shared a sexy dance together while Ruby watched.

Lily paid a visit to Agent Halliwell, the INS agent, and asked that Simon be given a fair hearing before they deported him. The agent informed Lily that it was impossible to stop Simon's deportation no matter how influential his friends were.

Katie cleaned up and organized the garage as a surprise for Simon, but he told her that a clean garage did not mean that they have a future together. Katie tried to convince Simon that if he married her, his troubles with the INS would be solved. She continued to throw herself at Simon and he continued to push her away. After Katie left, Lily burst into the garage and told Simon that the INS was coming to make him leave the country that night, and he needed to get out of there fast.

Jake gave Molly a present (the sexy teddy he bought at Fashions) and asked her to move in with him permanently. Molly was touched and a little overwhelmed at his proposition, but feared that Abigail might react negatively. After some persuasion from Jake, she decided to discuss it with Abigail before giving him her final answer. Jake and Molly were astounded to find Abigail and Adam sleeping soundly on Jake's bed, with Adam's video equipment running. Jake was furious at first but cooled down when Adam admitted that they were still on their ghost finding mission. Abigail and Adam went to get some pizza, leaving the video equipment running. Molly finally told Jake about her visions of Vicky in the apartment and was relieved when he wasn't angry. While Jake was in the shower, Molly heard noises in the living room. When she went to investigate, she confronted Vicky's ghost!

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