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Monday, March 26, 2001

Jake and Molly get home from their dinner and the apartment is a mess. Abigail comes out and says that the girls are asleep, but she didn't have time to clean up. Molly starts running around cleaning up and she yells at Jake and Abigail to help get the place cleaned up. Abigail says that Adam won't mind if the place is a little messy. Molly tells her that she is not doing it for Adam. They are expecting some applicants to come over for interviews for the nanny position. They get the place cleaned up and then the games begin. One applicant after another come in and they are all weird. At the end of the interviews, one person named Mary had not shown up and Molly and Jake are tired and don't want to talk to another person. As they sit on the couch and discuss what to do with the girls, the doorbell rings and Jake answers it. There is a normal looking woman standing there and she apologizes for being late and explains that she got caught in traffic. She says her name is Mary and she has an Irish accent. Jake invites her in and they interview her and she is very normal. Jake brings one of the girls out to meet Mary and they seem to get along. Molly asks if they could do a two-week try out and if everyone gets along, they will make it permanent. Mary asks, "When can I start?" Molly tells her that she can start tonight!

Henry is sitting at the Java Underground and he sees Rose come in. Then he sees Lily come in and sit down with Rose. He calls Katie on the phone and tells her that Lily is back in town. Katie gets worried and asks Henry if he has found out anything on Simon yet? Henry teases her over the phone and she tells him to cough it up. He coughs over the phone and then hangs up. He continues to watch Lily and Rose.

When Lily sits down at Rose's table, Rose tells her that she looks rested. She comments that the vacation must have been good for her. They make small talk and Lily tells her that her homecoming was good. She says that the kids were all over her. Rose asks about Holden? Lily tells Rose that she wants her husband back. Rose tells her that while she was away, she and Holden had been seeing each other and had gotten closer. Lily says that she knows Holden needs time and she is going to give him all the time that he needs. She tells Rose that she and Holden have been together since she was fifteen years old. Rose says that they have been off and on. She adds that she knows Lily has been with other men, many other men. Lily informs her that she and Holden always find their way back to each other. Rose sees Simon come in and go behind the bar. She purposely, on accident, knocks Lily's wine into her lap. Lily jumps up and says that the red wine is never going to come out of her clothes. Rose sends her to the bar to get some club soda to put on her clothes so they don't stain. As Lily goes to the bar and sees Simon, Rose sneaks out of the club. Lily tells Simon that she just got back into town and she hasn't even talked to her mother. She asks if there was a trial? Simon tells her that her mother dropped the charges. Lily asks, "Why did she do that?" Simon says that he doesn't know why her mother does the things that she does. Lily tells Simon that she is going to get back with Holden. Simon wishes her luck and starts to walk away. Lily tells him that she knows that he has gone through a lot for her. She says that he got married and now Katie is pregnant. Simon smiles and then turns to Lily. He tells her that Katie is not pregnant. He adds that Lily was right, Katie lied about her pregnancy. Lily offers to help him with the INS. She says that her mother got him into this and she can help him out of it. Simon tells her that he doesn't want her help. He says that he is going to stay right here in Oakdale with Katie. Lily asks why would he do this? Simon tells her that one day, she will find out.

Rose goes to see Katie. She tells Katie about Lily being back. Katie tells her that a little birdie already beat her to it and she knows that Lily is back. Rose asks if she knows where her husband is? Katie tells her that her husband is at work at Java Underground. Rose informs her that Lily was at Java Underground tonight, too. Katie gets worried. She tells Rose that she is jealous because she has the husband of her dreams and Holden will never go for a carbon copy. Rose tells Katie to listen. Can she hear that sound? It is the reality train and its name is Lily, catch it. Rose leaves and as Katie walks by the car parked in the garage, Henry pops out of it and says that he heard it all. Katie yells at him for scaring her. Henry says that he is there to give her the information that he has found on Simon. He goes through when he was born, where he was born, where he went to school. Katie tells him that she knows all that. She begs him to give her something that she doesn't know. He goes on and on and then he tells Katie that he made contact with some of Simon's buddies that are still in Australia and they had told him that Simon had said that he was going to America to get married. Katie says that just because he said he was getting married didn't mean that he got married. Henry tells her that he will keep digging and try to find if Simon has a wife somewhere. He asks Katie to do something for him. She asks what is it? He asks her to ask Simon about this so-called wife. She says that she can't do that. Simon will know that she is digging up stuff on him and it will be easier for Henry if Simon doesn't know what they are up to. Katie begs Henry not to let her down.

Craig gets back to his hotel suite and he is so upset that he starts smashing things. Carly comes out from her former bedroom when she hears the noise. She asks Craig if he is OK? Craig looks up and tells her to go home. Carly doesn't leave and she pours Craig a drink. He accepts the drink and she tells him to sit down and calm down and tell her what the problem is. At first, Craig doesn't want to tell Carly and then she takes out the photo of Lucy with the big red "X" through it. He asks her where she got that? Carly tells him that his sister paid her a visit. Craig tells Carly about the Hong Kong syndicate and how they have threatened to kill his ex-wife and his daughter and possibly his son. Carly can see the fear in Craig's eyes. She sees that he has cut his finger. She takes a band-aid out of her purse and tells him to bandage his finger. As he is taking care of his finger, Carly takes a piece of paper out of her purse. Craig asks, "What is that?" Carly tells him that it is the check from the insurance company. Craig asks her what is she doing with it. She says that she is signing it over to him. Craig tells her that she can't do that; she needs the money to get her life going. Carly says that Lucinda had given her some money and that will sustain her for a while. She adds that she is going to have to get a job. Craig says that she will hate that because she has trouble taking orders. She laughs and he gives her a kiss on the head. He tells her that he will never forget what she has done and if there is anything he can do for her, just name it. She smiles at him and says that right now, she can't think of a thing she needs. She leaves his hotel suite with a very satisfied smile on her face.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Jack finally went to see Carly to explain why he didn't show up the other night, but Carly slammed the door in his face.

Holden snapped at Joe that he had no intentions of hurting Rose while he still figured out what he was going to do, but he said he needed time to make the decision on his own.

Katie found Lily in her garden and, to Lily's dismay, tried to find out information about Simon's past, but she wasn't about to tell her nemesis anything.

Rose ran into Simon at Java Underground and asked what happened the night before between him and Lily. To her surprise, Simon told Rose things were over between them and Lily was free to go back with Holden. Freaked out, Rose told Simon he couldn't give up and he should fight to get her back. Simon admitted he still loved Lily, but that was exactly why he was giving her up. Rose cried that he needed to keep fighting or else her and Holden were doomed. She said it would be best for everyone, but Simon lamented that Lily had made up her mind. Trying to convince Simon that her and Holden were right together, Rose showed him the letter Holden wrote her and said he was the only one who could change Lily's mind.

Holden apologized to Joe for yelling at him, but said he would not hurt Rose. Joe accepted and said he knew Holden was a good man, but Rose was fragile and he didn't want to see her upset.

Simon phoned Holden to set up a meeting to talk about Lily.

Katie and Lily continued to trade insults and a very annoyed Lily made it clear that she wasn't interested in anything Katie had to say and told her she would fight for Holden this time because her and Simon were over.

Jack finally made his way into Carly's apartment and explained to her how Julia showed up just as he was leaving to see her. He was able to tell Julia he didn't love her anymore, but, to Carly's disdain, he didn't tell Julia he wanted a divorce. Jack said he wouldn't lose Carly again and he would end his marriage. Carly demanded he do it today. Jack picked up the compass he gave her and told her that she was his home. They shared a passionate kiss and he left.

Jack brought Julia to the hospital to commit herself and Jack told her that this was the end - they couldn't go back to the way things were. Julia made a final plea that they could work things out and that she wasn't crazy, but Jack told her she was sick and she needed to be in the hospital so she could stay out of jail. Then Dr. Michaels came in and Julia, sensing that her marriage was really over, told the doctor that she was reconsidering committing herself and that it was all Jack's idea.

Simon told Holden that he saw Lily last night and their relationship was officially over because Lily wanted him back. Steamed, Holden said he knew what was going on and he didn't need Simon to tell him. Simon said Lily didn't deserve to be treated badly and swore again that they did not sleep together when they were marooned on the island, in fact Lily talked nonstop about Holden and her family. But Holden interrupted and said it didn't mean anything because she left him for Simon. But Simon said he's not standing in the way anymore so he wants to know what's stopping Holden.

The catfight continued as Lily told Katie she didn't care about Simon otherwise she wouldn't have pulled so many tricks, but she snapped back and called Lily a hypocrite because she didn't care about him either and that she was selfish and passionless. Fed up with Katie, Lily took the garden hose and watered her down! Lily finally said that Simon did have someone in his past - her - and she would do everything she could to free Simon of Katie. Lily said there was now no reason for Simon to stick around, but Katie wasn't so sure.

Simon told Holden to stop blaming Lily for all their troubles, but asked if he planned to leave Lily for Rose. Simon admitted he still loved Lily, but he was willing to leave town for her so she could go on with her life. He suggested that if Holden loved Lily, he too would do anything to get her back. Holden left and Rose came bounding in wanting to know what happened.

Carly had Hal take Parker for the night as she planned for a reunion with Jack.

Julia confessed to Dr. Michaels that she didn't want to be committed and Dr. Michaels suggested outpatient therapy, but Jack interrupted and said that wasn't a good idea especially considering Julia could go to jail for killing Flashdance. But he gave in and said he would bring Julia home. Elated, Julia said he only wanted to be with him, but Jack said he wouldn't be staying there with her. Julia immediately changed her mind and said she would stay at the hospital where she would get well.

Privately, Jack told Dr. Michaels he no longer loved Julia and planned to leave her, but Dr. Michaels said that was out of the question if Julia was to get better. If Julia thought Jack wouldn't be there for her, she could check herself out of the hospital and be right back where she started. She asked Jack to give her a couple of weeks to let Julia build up her confidence. Feeling defeated, Jack agreed to stay with Julia for a while longer. Overhearing everything, Julia was pleased that her plans to hang onto Jack were working.

Julia gave Jack her wedding and engagement rings and asked that he hold onto them until she was better. They said good bye and Jack told her everything would be all right.

Simon came home to find Katie drenched and she told him about her meeting with Lily. Simon said it was over with Lily and Katie was glad because now they could be a real couple. Simon told Katie they didn't have a future together and he was leaving Oakdale, but Katie said he was not going anywhere.

Jack called Carly to tell her that things didn't go as planned and, in a rage, she hung up on him. Wondering why she let Jack do that to her again, Carly smashed the compass with a champagne cooler.

Lily went to see Holden at the farm to tell him Luke's teacher asked the both of them to come in for a meeting. As they talked, Rose came in and overheard the conversation. Feeling desperate, she slipped her letter from Holden into Lily's purse.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

At Java Underground:
Jake and the twins are at Java Underground. Isaac told Jake he's got great kids, but thinks they should be getting sunshine instead of being inside at Java. Jake told him he brought them there to introduce them to his friend. Isaac wanted to know what Molly would think about him taking the twins to a bar. Jake asked Isaac to be his best man. Isaac thought about it and then said he'd be honored. Mary called Jake and told him she would bring Bridget's favorite toy if he told her what part of the park they were at. He told her that he was at Java's. Jake was trying to convince himself that he did nothing wrong with being at Java's with the girls. When Mary got there, Jake asked her if she could take the girls with her, he had things to do at the newspaper.

At Molly & Jake's condo:
Molly was folding clothes. Mary wanted to help, but Molly told her she's almost done. Mary wanted to know if they are going to fire her since Molly is doing all the work. Molly told her she's just not used to having someone doing her work. Mary understood and asked if they are ready for a nanny. Molly told her they were very ready and agreed to let her do things.

Carly was there for a visit and Molly asked if she would design her wedding gown. Carly was thrilled and told her she'd love to and that she already had a design in mind. Mary walked in and Molly introduced her to Carly, as their nanny. Molly noticed that Jake forgot to take Bridget's favorite toy with them. Mary offered to find Jake and the girls at the park and take it to her. After she left, Molly asked Carly to be her maid of honor. Carly began to cry and hugged Molly. She told Molly she is so lucky and that she is so happy for her. Molly told her if good luck could happen to her, it could happen to Carly too. Molly asked about the insurance money. Carly told her that she gave it to Craig. Molly was surprised that Carly gave it to someone she can't stand, and wanted to know how Craig conned her out of her money. She told Molly he didn't con her out of the money and that Craig was not as bad as everyone thinks. Molly suggested that something is going on between them. Carly denied it and told her that the only feelings she had for Craig were bad ones. She told Molly she is out of her mind to think that something romantic was going on between her and Craig.

Jake walked in and gave Molly a big hug and kiss. Molly wanted to know where the twins were. He told her that the nanny took them so that he could get some things done at the newspaper. Mary walked in with the girls and covers for Jake about not him not being at the park. Quietly, Jake told Mary that she didn't need to cover for him. He told her he would tell Molly the truth himself. Carly told Jake that she is throwing Molly a big bachelorette party.

At the Police Station:
Carly asked Hal where Jack is. He told her that Jack called in sick, a family emergency. Carly laughed and remarked that there is always a crisis with Julia. Carly leaves the broken compass on Jack's desk. Hal wanted to know why she did that. She told him that Jack would know what it means. As she walked out, she ran into Margo and told her that she gave the money to Craig. Margo thanked her.

Margo asked Hal, when he's going to drop the case on Craig. Hal told her when he could stop Craig from marrying Barbara. Margo wanted to know if the wedding were off, if he'd drop the case. Hal asked her if she knew something. She told him sometimes things change. Barbara walks in. Hal wants to know if the kids are OK. She said they are fine. Hal asked if she's there about Jennifer, and then told her that he convinced Jennifer not to move out. Barbara thanked him for that. Barbara told Hal that the engagement was off, which delighted him. Hal wanted to know what happened to break them up. She told him that when she visited Paul, he suggested a prenuptial agreement, and it upset Craig. Hal told her to stick to her guns about the prenuptial agreement. If Craig loved her, he'd sign, Hal told her that he would sign in a heartbeat; he'd do anything for her.

At Lucinda's:
When Tom walked in, Lucinda told him she only wanted good news. Tom told her their hands are tied. Lucinda can't believe that Craig was going to get away with it. She wanted Tom to find a loophole so Craig doesn't wriggle out if. She asked if it would become a crime if the loan weren't repaid? Tom mentioned something about a time machine, which made Lucinda come up with an idea. The loan papers say that any loan would have to be repaid by the time the trust comes due, but there is no specific date. She was the one that set up the trust fund and she can change the maturity date. Tom agreed that it's interesting and it's also legal. Lucinda was thrilled and told Tom to draw up the papers. Bryant walked in and Lucinda told him that they found a way to fix his father for good. Lucinda showed the loan papers to Bryant and how Craig will have to pay back the loan in 90 days. Tom wanted to know if Bryant is willing to take his own father to court. Bryant told him "absolutely." Lucinda told Tom to get the ball rolling and that she would set up another trust for Bryant when this was all over.

Later Lucinda returns home. Bryant wanted to know if she saw Craig. Lucinda told him she did and that Craig was scared, but he deserved the trouble he is going to get. Bryant told her that Craig could get the money if he married Barbara. Bryant told her that's why he's working on some insurance to make sure Craig learns his lesson once and for all. Lucinda wanted to know if his plans are legal. Bryant assured her that there wouldn't be any cops coming to her house.

At Craig's hotel suite:
Craig is on the phone. He told the person on the phone that he had the cash but didn't know where to deliver it. There was a knock at the door. Craig opened it cautiously and found it was Cass. He told Cass his time was up at midnight and that he called, but they keep making him wait. Craig hoped that it's not too late to save his family. Cass assured him that the people would want the money more than hurting his family. Craig wanted to know if his life insurance was in order. Cass looked at the briefcase full of money. Craig told Cass it was a gift from Carly. He told him there is enough money to pay back the loan, but not enough to repay Bryant's trust fund. He was glad that he had a couple years to pay it back.

Craig talked to Lucy on the phone and was glad to hear she was safe. She didn't like the bodyguards following her all the time. There was a knock at the door. Craig thought it was someone coming for the money. When he saw it was Lucinda, he told her it wasn't a good time. She told him it was as good a time as any. He told her if she doesn't leave, he'll have to throw her out. The phone rang and he almost knocked Lucinda down to answer the phone. The person on the phone told him to go to the old mill and bring the money. Lucinda told him she wanted to be fair and let him know that she was amended a clause in the trust fund; she changed the due date. She told him he had 90 days and if he doesn't repay the money, he's going down. Lucinda enjoys the fact that Craig is in a bind. She told him that the world would see him for what he is; someone that would steal from his own son. Craig pushed her out the door and Lucinda could feel that Craig was trembling and asked him what was wrong. Craig warned her not to follow or try to stop him.

At the old Mill:
Craig opened the door and walked in. He looked for the person he's supposed to meet. Someone walked in view and lit a cigarette. Craig walked to him with the briefcase and told him that all the money was there and now his family should be safe. The man sat down and opened the briefcase and said "not all of it." Craig insisted that all the money was all there; the loan plus the interest. The man told him it wasn't enough and wanted to know if Craig forgot something. Craig told him that was the amount they agreed on. The man told him that he forgot about the late fee and pulls out a gun and shoots.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Holden and Lily meet with Luke's teacher at school who blames Lily for the boy's recent troubles. Mentioning Luke sometimes doesn't want to leave school, Ms. Hopkins suggests that this might stem from problems at home. She also admits that a specialist at school has identified Luke as a "reluctant reader," a condition that stems from family problems. When the teacher starts to badmouth Lily's decisions, Holden finds a tabloid paper on the teacher's desk and blasts her for reading such trash about Lily. On the way home, the two start arguing until Holden ends up putting the car in a ditch. More arguing about who is to blame leads to passion as they kiss.

Craig seeks help from Carly and reveals that he's been shot in the foot. Carly offers to take him to the hospital but he insists that she not involve any doctor for fear of Hal and Jack finding out. Carly fixes the bullet wound in Craig's foot and then someone bangs on the door. Carly and Craig wonder who it is only to hear Jack's voice. When Jack stops by, Craig quickly hides and listens as Jack does his best to convince Carly that they are meant to be together. When he mentions Julia's decision to commit herself, Carly finally has enough and kicks Jack out, suggesting that Julia's simply involving him in another scheme. Craig causes her to laugh when he suggests that they make a better couple than she and Jack. After Craig leaves Carly starts to think and then calls Memorial to see if Julia has really been admitted to the psychiatric ward.

Bob stops by to check on Julia and she manages to win his sympathy by blaming Carly for all that has happened to her and Jack.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Carly dressed as a candy striper in order to sneak in the psychiatric ward and confront Julia. She accused Julia of pretending to be crazy in order to keep Jack tied to her and was stunned when Julia admitted that she was the one that killed Flashdance, Carly's racehorse. Carly was further horrified when Julia began describing the intimate details of the killing. When Julia started taunting her, Carly lost her cool and jumped on Julia, punching and choking her until she was pulled off by a hospital employee. The police were called and they handcuffed Carly and carted her off to the police station.

While their car was stuck in the mud, Holden and Lily declared their love for each other and made love. Afterwards they had a heart to heart talk and decided to reunite. Holden told Lily that he couldn't get back together until he talked to Rose and told her of their plans himself. He left to go see Rose and Lily was left with the unread letter still in her purse. Unfortunately, while waiting for Holden, Lily came across the letter.

Meanwhile at the Snyder farm, Rose confessed to Joe that she was feeling guilty for putting the love letter from Holden in Lily's purse. When Joe found out that Lily and Holden's car was stuck in the mud, he left to go get them out. Before he left, Joe told Rose that he would try to help her get the letter back but he was unsuccessful in his efforts. Rose was crushed when Holden arrived later on that evening and informed her that he was going back to Lily.

Barbara was dumbfounded when Craig arranged for a string quartet to play outside of her house. He apologized and begged her forgiveness, then admitted that he needed and loved her and agreed to sign the prenuptial agreement. After urging her again to marry him, Barbara happily said "yes!" and they shared a romantic dance.

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