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Monday, October 29, 2001

Bonnie shows up at Java Underground. Isaac walks up to her and asks what is she doing there. Bonnie beats around the bush until her mother shows up. Isaac realizes that Jessica does not know that Bonnie has been fired. As he starts to tell Jessica, Bonnie blurts out that Isaac fired her. She tries to play on her mother's sympathy and suggests that they sue Isaac. While Bonnie and her mother are talking, Ben walks up to Isaac and tells him about Bryant being in an accident. Isaac asks if he was wearing his seat belt and is he all right. Ben tells Isaac that Bryant died in the car crash. Isaac is crushed and tells Ben how stupid he feels for berating Bryant for being late for work. Ben walks over to Jessica and asks if she has given Bonnie the news. Bonnie wants to know what they are talking about and Jessica informs her about Bryant. Bonnie says that she can't believe it. She feels so stupid for all the petty things that she complains about. After her mother leaves, Bonnie goes behind the bar and asks a customer if she can help them. The customer gives her an order and she starts to mix their drinks. Isaac walks up and asks what is she doing behind the bar. Bonnie tells him that it is the least she can do. She tells Isaac that she is smart and she can learn. After she has worked at the bar several hours, she takes a break and Isaac sits with her and tells her that if she can apologize for her actions, he will give her another chance. She tells him that she is sorry and she would like another chance. Isaac tells her that she now sounds like Bryant. He pats her on the shoulder and tells her that she has possibilities. She pats him on the shoulder and tells him, "So do you, Isaac." She adds, "Especially if you will rethink that wardrobe." She walks off and Isaac straightens his shirt.

Also at the Java Underground, Rose meets Paul. As Rose approaches the table, Paul stands up and tells her how great she looks and he loves her dress. She tells him about Bryant not being there and Paul asks if she would like to go somewhere else. She says that this is fine; it is kind of comforting to be there. She tells him about Lucinda giving her a job and she can now afford to have a place of her own. Paul gets worked up and tells her that he can't stand it any longer. He needs to be alone with her. She tells him that she could have a place by the weekend. He tells her that he needs to be with her tonight. As they stand to leave, they kiss each other and hurry out of Java Underground.

At Hal's house, Jennifer, Abigail and Adam are discussing Bryant. Jennifer says that she isn't sure that Bryant had seen she and Billy together, but she was sure that he had. Adam yells at the two girls and says that he doesn't want to hear anymore about Billy and Jennifer. Billy opens the door and walks in. Adam wants to know why he is there. Abigail tells Adam to stop being so nasty to everyone. Billy tells Jennifer about Craig and Sierra calling and wanting to see him at Bryant's cottage. The four teens discuss what it is that Craig and Sierra want to see Billy about. Finally, Billy says that he will go and see what they want. Billy leaves and Jennifer says that she has to go get Will at school. After she leaves, Adam and Abigail get into an argument about Nick. Adam asks Abigail if she cancelled their date to be with Nick. She tells him that she can't lie to him and she tells him that she did. Adam gets tears in his eyes and before Abigail can explain, he runs out.

At the cottage, Sierra and Craig look around to see if they can find any clue as to why Bryant was so upset the night of his accident. Craig tells Sierra about asking Bryant to loan him some money. She gets upset with Craig and tells him that it is his fault for thinking about himself and not finding out what was wrong with their son. Craig explains that he tried to get their son to talk, but he didn't want to tell him why he was so upset. There is a knock at the door and Craig looks up and says, "It's Billy." Sierra opens the door for Billy and he walks in. Billy tells his Aunt and Uncle that he was going to come back and clean up but he can see that they beat him to it. Craig tells Billy that they are trying to find out why Bryant was so upset the night of the accident. Billy says that he doesn't know why he was upset. He goes on to tell them that he had said goodbye to Bryant and then he went to his Aunt Margo's to say goodbye. He realized how late it was getting and decided to stay there for the night and leave in the morning. Craig and Sierra apologize for interrogating him. Sierra tells Billy that they have a favor to ask of him. Billy says, "Sure, anything." Craig asks if Billy will give the eulogy at Bryant's funeral. Billy says, "No, no, I can't do that!"

Back at Hal's house, Hal walks in and turns on the light in the kitchen. He starts to sort through the mail and then realizes that Adam had been sitting in the dark. Hal asks him where Jennifer is and Adam tells him that she went to pick up Will. Hal asks where Abigail is and Adam tells him that she is in the living room, studying. Hal says that it sounds like there had been a fight. Adam shakes his head yes. Hal gives his son some advice about women. Jennifer comes in and Hal asks where is Will. Jennifer says that he wanted to go to his friend's house until his dad got home. Hal tells her that he will go and pick him up. As Hal is leaving, Abigail walks into the kitchen. Adam yells to Hal that he will go with him. After the two men are gone, Jennifer picks up the mail and looks through it. She finds an envelope addressed to her and it is from Bryant. She tells Abigail that she doesn't want to read it in fear that it will be a suicide note. Abigail tells her that she will read if she wants her to. Jennifer gives her the envelope and Abigail opens it and starts to read the note inside. She tells Jennifer that it is not a suicide note. Jennifer asks her to read it out loud. Abigail reads that Bryant has left her a special gift and he hopes that she will like this gift. Jennifer questions what it is that he is talking about. Abigail tells her to look in the envelope. Maybe there is something else in there. Jennifer pulls out some more papers from the envelope. She starts to look through the papers and she tells Abigail that Bryant has left his trust fund to her. She tells Abigail that with everything being up in the air, she wants to keep this a secret for a little while. Abigail agrees to keep it between them.

Paul and Rose burst into a room at the Lakeview. As they come through the door they are kissing and tearing at their clothes. The phone is ringing and Rose asks Paul if he is expecting a call. Paul says no and he wants to let it ring. Rose can't take it and she goes over to the phone and picks it up. She puts the phone to her ear and yells, "WHAT!!" She lays the phone down and tells Paul that it is the front desk for him. Paul picks up the phone and asks what it is that they want. He tells them to just leave it and he will take care of it tomorrow. The front desk won't give up and Paul tells them that he will be right down. When he hangs up the phone, Rose asks what is going on. Paul says that someone broke his windshield in his car and the alarm is going off. He tells Rose that he will go down and take care of it and be right back. After he leaves, Rose starts to take off her dress. She says to herself that if he likes the dress, he is really going to like what is underneath. She opens her purse and takes out some perfume. She gives herself a few spritzes. There is a knock at the door and she is surprised that Paul is back to soon. She opens up the door and says, "Surprise!" and then she lets out a scream when she sees Barbara standing there. Barbara says, "Right back at you, Rose."

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Barbara barges in on a horrified Rose in Paul's hotel room, revealing that she has proof of Rose's secret past - she was arrested for prostitution in New Jersey. Barbara taunts her and threatens to sell the information to the press. When Barbara asks what a customer got for ten dollars, Rose tells her to add two zeros and think of any night she had with Craig, except the man walked away smiling. Barbara wonders if Joe knows that his daughter is a whore and demands that Rose stop seeing Paul. Rose is astounded at the people Barbara is willing to hurt to keep her son under her thumb. Barbara leaves, threatening that Paul had better be home tonight. When Paul arrives back at the room, Rose tries to call things off. After he leans in to kiss her, she stops him and tells him she doesn't want him. He leaves, confused, as Rose curses Barbara. Back at Fairwinds, James tells Barbara that Rose is not the only woman she needs out of the way to get her life back.

Jack arrives at Hal's telling him that James called Carly and set up an exhibit of photos of Carly meeting Paul. Hal tells Jack that he should leave James alone and accuses him of using James as an excuse to detach himself from his life. Jack confesses that he's afraid of making a mistake that could end up hurting Carly. Hal warns that if Jack wants her back, he needs to tell her now.

Billy refuses when Craig and Sierra ask him to deliver Bryant's eulogy. Sierra thinks it's because of his grief, but after she leaves, Craig questions Billy about why the deck was destroyed. He wants to know what Billy's not telling him. Billy unconvincingly evades Craig's questions and leaves. Craig visits Carly and wonders where the missing trust fund papers are. He shares his suspicions about Billy hiding something but Carly tells him to drop it. Carly wonders why Craig seems so intent on asking everyone to punish him, and refuses to help him take the blame for his son's death. Jack watches through the window as they embrace. Jack knocks and tells Carly he just wanted to check if she was alright, then quickly leaves.

Jen unloads her guilt on Bonnie and confides in her that Bryant left her his trust fund. Jen tries to talk herself out of taking the money, but Bonnie convinces her that Bryant wanted her to have it and advises that she wait before making any decisions. Bonnie warns her to keep quiet about the money because people will try to take advantage of her. Billy arrives, warning Jen not to reveal their relationship to Sierra and Craig.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

At the Lakeview suite, Rose and Mitzi talk about Paul and Mitzi says he is "husband material." Rose asks Mitzi for help because Barbara is trying to not only ruin Rose's relationship with Paul but also to make sure "nothing good" ever happens to her ever. Rose explains that Barbara dug up information about Rose's past - a rap sheet with prostitution charges. Apparently, when Rose was young and upset over her mother's death, she propositioned a vice cop and did 30 days time. Rose tells Mitzi she would do anything to keep Paul to herself and that Barbara threatened to show the rap sheet to Lucinda and Rose's Pop. Mitzi tells Rose to stay away from Barbara. Rose tries to decide if she should tell Paul about the rap sheet. Mitzi doesn't think he'd understand because he's from a privileged background. Rose explains that Paul has had it rough because of his evil father, James Stenbeck. Rose and Mitzi wonder how Barbara even got the information. They realize someone must have helped her. Mitzi suggests that Jack Snyder could help. Rose doesn't think Jack would want to because he's Holden's cousin who Rose had to lie to when she impersonated her sister Lily and also because Jack is friends with Barbara Ryan. Mitzi insists he's "a stand-up guy." Since Rose doesn't have a better suggestion, she reluctantly agrees to ask Jack for help.

James Stenbeck and Barbara talk on the phone. James tells Barbara he has more information that will be useful to her. She tells him he can't keep "popping up." James suggests meeting at the gazebo. As Paul walks into the room, Barbara quickly hangs up the phone. Paul tells his mother that Rose broke up with him. She feigns concern and says she wishes she had been awake last night to comfort him. Paul tells his mother that she knew Rose would break up with him and that's why she went to bed early. Then Paul adds, "And I bet you slept like a baby." Barbara insists Rose must have had a reason. Paul tells Barbara that Rose acted different. He explains how they booked a room at the Lakeview and he tells the story about security calling him about a broken windshield. After leaving to take care of it, Rose completely changed and broke up with him -- almost like she was being forced -- as if, someone got to her. Barbara says she wouldn't make another deal with Rose. She says maybe Rose is toying with him or showing a side he doesn't know about yet. Barbara tells Paul that he likes complicated women like Rose and Emily Stewart and that Rose has a dark side. Paul says Rose is a "breath of fresh air." Barbara says that Rose made threats to her the last time they tried to make a deal, even suggesting she'd break her legs. Barbara tries to convince Paul that she is not involved in the breakup. After their discussion about Rose is over, Barbara talks about the upcoming show and her new designs. She is especially excited to see the suit she designed which was inspired from the suite she wore at her wedding to Craig. She wants to see it on the runway because she will feel vindicated and it will be turning "disaster into art." Paul is worried and suggests to his mother that going to the show in NY would be a bad idea - interviews, photographers. (Carly's fashions on the runway, not hers.) He quickly leaves and Barbara yells, "Paul, I think you're doing a wonderful job!" Barbara calls James and tells him Paul is hiding something else from her. James says he will go right to the gazebo to meet her.

Jack goes to Margo's house and she tells him she is having a difficult time accepting Bryant's death. She says, "He was so young and in love and now he's gone." She feels she doesn't have the right words to use with her kids and with her brother Craig. Jack tells Margo that Craig has Carly. Margo is surprised to hear Jack say this. Jack isn't happy about it but says if Carly can help, he won't stand in the way. Jack then tells Margo that James Stenbeck is back in Oakdale and that he briefly saw him at the wedding. Margo tells Jack to follow up and to come back to the police force. Jack feels it is too soon. At that moment, Simon comes over interrupting their conversation. Jack leaves and goes over to meet with Rose and Mitzi. At first Rose pretends she is talking about a "friend" but then she admits the whole thing, the criminal record in NJ and how Barbara is using it for blackmail to keep Rose away from Paul and to gain control of Paul. After hearing the story, Jack says one word, "Stenbeck" and then agrees to help. At the gazebo, James waits for Barbara while Jack walks right over to him and says, "Waiting for someone?"

Simon is concerned about Katie and asks Margo if she has heard from her. Margo hasn't but agrees to help Simon find her. Simon tells Margo that they have to find Katie before Bruno does. Margo is upset and tells Simon about Bryant's death. Simon is sad about the news and tells Margo he is sorry about Bryant. He says he won't forgive himself if something happens to Katie. The last he saw her was when she hitched a ride to LA but then he lost her. Margo asks Simon if he wants Katie back. He tells her he's been thinking and the answer is yes - he wants Katie back. At his moment the exterminator that Margo had called shows up because Margo says there is something in her attic. After a few minutes a noise is heard and the exterminator says he found the problem. Coming down the stairs, he is holding a white bunny rabbit and Katie is running down the stairs after him. "Hi I'm back", she says. Katie hid in the attic because she needed time to think and didn't feel safe anywhere else. She heard about Bryant and is upset feeling as if she were a horrible aunt to him. Simon says he missed her and loves her. Katie says she is scared of Bruno and doesn't want him to get angry. Margo leaves to check on information about Bruno. Katie and Simon proclaim their love and kiss. Just then, the doorbell rings and it is Bruno. He tells Katie that if she doesn't do what he wants, then she will regret it.

Carly goes over to the cottage and finds Craig sleeping on the couch. Craig says he doesn't want to go to the funeral. "My son needed me - for what?" Carly tells him he may never know but whatever it is, it's over. Craig feels he was the last person his son could turn to and he let him down. Craig tells Carly that Billy is hiding something and that the answer is in the house, somewhere. Jennifer walks in and tells Craig, "I think I have what you are looking for." She tells him that Bryant found out that she was seeing another guy. Jennifer says she is responsible for Bryant's death. Carly says it's not her fault. Craig wonders why Billy didn't mention any of this and finally asks Jennifer if Billy is the other guy. Jennifer confirms it for him. Craig says, "You betrayed my son with his cousin." Carly tries to smooth things but Craig wants more details. He asks her how Bryant found out. Jennifer says he saw them together. Craig is mad that a picture of the two of them together, going behind Bryant's back, was the last thing he saw. Jennifer tells Craig that he cared more about money than about his own son and that Bryant knew it too. She then tells him about the letter Bryant wrote before he died. Craig wants to see the letter but Jennifer will not let him see it. Carly breaks up their fighting words. Carly tells both of them not to blame someone else and that Bryant caused his own death by not wearing a seatbelt. Jennifer says that maybe neither of them loved Bryant enough and that if they had loved him, he would be alive today. Jennifer leaves and Carly tells Craig to turn to her. She tries to convince Craig to get cleaned up and go to the memorial service. Craig agrees but asks for a minute alone in the cottage. He spots on the floor a picture of him and Bryant as a boy. Craig says, "You needed me, I was there for you. Now I can take care of things."

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Jack interrupts Barbara's meeting with James at the gazebo. He confronts Stenbeck about finding the dirt on Rose's past and trying to manipulate Barbara, which of course, Stenbeck denies. Then Jack tells him about the pictures of Carly he found and although James says he remembers Carly, he denies being involved. Afterwards, Jack accuses Barbara of being in collusion with Stenbeck, which she also denies. Later, Barbara tells James she is through with him, but he is convinced she will call on him again.

Craig informs Hal that Jennifer and Billy were having an affair behind Bryant's back and asks him for help in keeping the two teenagers apart. Hal says that Jennifer would never do anything like that, if she did, he would know about it. Hal then tells Craig it is too late to try to be a father to Bryant. Meanwhile, Billy agrees to consider Jennifer's proposal that they continue their relationship. Later, Craig tells Billy that he does not blame him for Bryant's death, but unbeknownst to Billy, he is not so forgiving.

Nick goes to see Abigail to show her the edited video of Jake and Molly's wedding. He later tells Abigail that they cannot be friends anymore because Molly does not trust him.

Trying to protect Simon, Katie leaves with Bruno. Bruno takes Katie back to the Lakeview, where Simon tracks them down, breaking down the door, forcing a confrontation. Katie and Simon kick Bruno out and admit their love for one another.

Friday, November 2, 2001

Rose and Luke are at Al's eating hot fudge sundaes when Paul shows up. Rose and Luke make a toast to Bryant and talk about how sad they feel. Paul goes over to see Rose and tells her he has been looking for her. Rose tries to leave and Paul begs her to give him five minutes. He asks her why she won't talk to him and wants to know what happened the night they went out. Rose tells him some things are just not meant to be. Paul wants to know what's wrong and tells Rose he will fix it. Rose insists that some things can't be fixed and she runs off.

Jack shows up at Carly's house and tells her she has been a big comfort to Craig. He tells her he has actually seen James Stenbeck and she should quit working for BRO before she gets hurt. Carly asks Jack if he has proof that James and Barbara are working together. Jack says no, but tells her Barbara has been working overtime to interfere in Paul's life and she couldn't do that without help from someone like James. Carly insists that Jack has no real proof and Jack warns her that she is exposing more than her designs to danger. She assures Jack that she will stay alert and will rely on him to keep her safe if danger appears. Carly tries to explain to Jack her reasons for continuing with her BRO job.

Abigail confronts Molly about Nick. She accuses Molly of being too suspicious of Nick and demands to know why. Abigail defends Nick and says he is her friend. Molly asks Abigail how Nick got involved in what is bothering her. Abigail wants to know if Molly trusts her. She wants to know what Nick has to do to get Molly to trust him and quit treating him like a criminal. She accuses Molly of being the reason she and Nick can no longer be friends. Molly asks Abigail if Nick told her that and she tells Molly that Nick said he doesn't want to cause trouble between Molly and Abigail by trying to be Abigail's friend. Molly asks Abigail if she has a crush on Nick, but Molly denies it and insists they are just friends. She tells Molly that Nick has always been a gentleman with her and respects her ideas. Molly asks about Adam and Abigail tells her he has been impossible ever since Nick started trying to help them with their video. She tells Molly she is afraid that things are never going to be the same again between her and Adam. Abigail hugs Molly and Jake and leaves the room. Jake asks Molly what happened and Molly tells him Nick Scudder is a problem and he is not going away.

Katie and Simon are in bed and he tells her one of the things he loves about her is her unexpected sense of humor, after she tells him again that she can't make love to him. When she says for the third time she can't make love to him, Simon tells her it is just like riding a bike. He reminds Katie that they have been through a lot and finally wound up together, so now it is time for him to show her how much he loves her. She says no and Simon asks her why not. She responds by saying that it is not the anniversary of the first time they were together. Simon pleads with her to be reasonable, but she refuses. When Simon protests that he is being ordered to keep his hands off his own wife, Katie explains that she spoke to the guru at the ashram about the first time she and Simon had sex. She tells Simon that their emotional signals have been picked up by "prankster spirits" which get loose around Halloween. She says that the "gateway" is now open and they have to wait until the night of their anniversary and relive their first time together exactly the way it happened in order for things to be right between them. A disappointed Simon asks Katie what he is supposed to do until then. Katie says he will just have to resist. Simon tells her he can't wait and starts kissing her neck. He asks her if she can really resist and she tells him yes and moves away from him. Simon starts to kiss her again, but Katie resists. She then tells Simon if he can't see the value in honoring their first night together and if he doesn't care enough to do whatever is necessary to ensure their love, then he can have her right now. She then falls back on the bed in a limp and unresponsive posture and tells Simon to do whatever he wants. She assures Simon she won't be participating since Simon won't do what she wants, but he should let her know when he's finished. Simon gives up and tells Katie if she's really serious about waiting, then he will wait. After successfully manipulating Simon into doing what she wants, Katie leaves the room.

Emily goes to see Jennifer, who is working on Bryant's eulogy. Emily tells Jennifer to make the eulogy a celebration of Bryant's life and to let the whole world know how much she loved him. Jen goes upstairs to continue working on the eulogy. Hal tells Emily about his visit from Craig. He asks her what she thinks about Craig's request to keep Jen and Billy apart. He confronts Emily and tells her that she knew all along about Billy and Jennifer being together. Emily defends herself by telling Hal that she promised Jen she would not tell anyone and she was sure that Hal would react badly if she told him. Hal surprises Emily by thanking her for not saying anything and for respecting Jen's privacy and confidence. Emily is surprised but happy by Hal's reaction. Hal then tells Emily he reserves the right to have a different reaction after he has had time to find out more about Jen and Billy. Jennifer comes into the room and tells Hal she is upset because she can't find the right words to say about Bryant. Hal tells Jen she needs to forgive herself for her mistakes with Bryant and move on. Jen asks Hal if he thinks Bryant would forgive her and Hal reassures her that Bryant already has. He tells Jen that living is hard, loving is harder, and losing someone you love is the hardest of all. He promises Jen they will get through Bryant's death.

Jack goes to see Rose, who demands to know who is behind digging up the information about her arrest for prostitution. Instead of telling her about James, Jack challenges Rose to call Barbara's bluff if she really cares about Paul and tell people herself. Rose gets upset and asks Jack how she could possibly tell her father about that part of her past. Jack tells Rose that if her past is going to come out, it will be much better if it comes from her rather than someone else. Lucinda walks in and Jack leaves. Lucinda thanks Rose for taking Luke out for a treat and tells her how much she appreciates the help Rose has given the whole family. Lucinda tells Rose a PR guy will be contacting her to create a biography of her for her new job as vice president. She lets Rose know that she should downplay her past as a dancer and showgirl in Atlantic City for the good of Worldwide. Her comments stop Rose from telling her the truth about the prostitution charge. Lucinda talks to Rose about how important her family is to her and how much she values their ability to help each other. Lucinda tells Rose that she is a part of the Walsh family now and forever and hugs her.

Carly goes to Al's where she sees Paul. She asks him about the New York show and tells him about all her ideas for her show. Paul corrects her and says it is BRO's show and assures her that everything will be taken care of. Carly tells Paul he looks like hell and asks him to promise her that it has nothing to do with the fashion show. Paul tells Carly that she was right and he can no longer deceive Barbara. He lets her know that he plans to tell Barbara everything he and Carly have been doing. Carly is surprised and asks Paul if he is drunk. She tells Paul it is too late to tell his mother the truth now and he should wait until after the fashion show. Carly tells Paul the time for truth telling has passed and it would cause more problems than it would solve if Paul tells Barbara the truth before the show. She tells Paul he is just going to have to live with his decision for the time being and she is not going to let him tell his mother. Paul tells Carly how hard it has been to lie to Barbara and that he thinks his mother is hiding something from him. He is afraid his life is spinning out of control. Carly tells him he might be right-maybe someone else has been pulling strings. She suggests that Paul talk to Jack before he takes any other action.

Hal and Emily leave for the funeral. Jennifer sits alone, looking at a photo album with pictures of Bryant. She softly tells him goodbye by remembering a sweet, sad poem.

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