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Monday, November 5, 2001

Katie and Simon got into yet another jam as they drove to the Walsh Mansion to attend the reception for Bryant after his funeral. Simon, after driving a car into Lucinda's foyer, somehow got lost in the backwoods of Oakdale. This however gave Katie time to reflect, and she couldn't believe Bryant was gone. She had regrets for not spending more time with Bryant. Later, the subject of sex came up again as they drove further away from civilization. Katie got agitated with Simon for constantly wanting sex after spurning her advances for almost a year. Katie tried to calm herself by humming. Later, they settled down and focused on Bryant again. They realized that life can be taken away instantly, and that they should make the most of what they have when they have it. At that moment, they find the highway, and get back on course to the reception.

Molly and Jake go home after the funeral and the kids are already in bed, thanks to super grandma Donna. The subject of Nick comes up and Molly doesn't like the fact that Nick is coming between her and Abigail. It's looking like "Nick's the good guy and I'm the heavy." Jake didn't understand, and Molly explained how Nick was withdrawing his friendship from Abigail because of interference from Molly, and now Abigail was blaming her. Jake suggested that maybe it's time to tell Abigail the full truth about her past relationship with Nick. Molly said, if she does that, then she'll have to fess up to other things she and Nick did---"things that you were kind enough not to ask me about." Jake held her close and said, "Molly---Nothing can hurt us." Molly pulled away and told Jake more about her sordid past. The night of the robbery, Nick told her to wait in the car while he picked up a few things in a store. When he came back all of a sudden they were on the run. Hearing police cars chasing them, Nick persuaded Molly to let him out of the car so they could split up. Molly did, and was eventually caught by police, while Nick escaped. Nick left all the stolen cash inside the car implicating Molly in the crime. Molly didn't squeal on Nick because she thought he would come forward and confess. Jake couldn't believe that Molly took the rap for this guy. Molly said, "So, can you see why I can't forgive him?" Jake was incensed and said, "Forgive him?---It's going to take everything I have not to break his neck." Molly calmed him down a notch, and Jake then offered to just threaten Nick. Molly again said no, but later agreed to Jake administering a mild warning over a couple of beers.

Craig stopped by Java Underground after the funeral to visit one of Bryant's old haunts. He ran into Isaac who expressed his condolences to the grieving father. They shared a drink in Bryant's honor, "To Bryant." Craig admitted to Isaac that "maybe he was a good teacher for Bryant, by turning him in for stealing that money." Lisa dropped by and chose not to kick Craig while he was hurting. She expressed her sympathy, then Craig left for the reception.

Bonnie asked Isaac why he wasn't planning on going to the reception. He danced around the questions until Bonnie outright lectured Isaac on how he is a citizen of Oakdale and how he is expected to not only be at the funeral, but at the reception as well. Isaac sorrowful response was that he's "just not into partying over a friends death." Bonnie called off her attack and offered to go with him, as his escort.

Sierra, Lucinda, and Rose walked into the Walsh den and started to prepare for the guests to come later. Mitzi and Matthew brought in one of Bryant's favorite dishes and that sparked Lucinda to reminisce. She "had plans for" that boy. Rose said he had a lot to offer. "He gave a lot of love and he got a lot of love." This made Lucinda break out in tears. She pulled herself together and went to check on the preparations.

Mitzi asked Rose if Paul was at the funeral. She said he was, but that she tried to stay away from him, reminding Mitzi that he can't find out about her past. Mitzi wondered if he was going to drop by the reception, and asked what she would do. Rose nervously cooed, "Go walk my dog." Mitzi said, "But Rose. You don't have a dog."

The Munson family arrived. Sierra spied Jenn and swooped in to thank her for the beautiful words she spoke earlier at the funeral. They consoled each other, when they both see Billy arrive, stepping into the den doorway. Jenn and Billy get together in a corner and Jenn tells him that while she wrote her speech about Bryant's life, she couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of the two of them being together. Billy said there "has to be a way we can stay together."

Lucinda found Sierra in the hallway, overcome by all the mourners and also her emotion. Sierra wanted to be strong but---she lost her son. Wanting her family closer to her heart, Lucinda asked Sierra and little Lucy to come home, "if only for a little while." Sierra didn't answer and fell sobbing into her mother's arms.

Rose and Lucinda are in the foyer talking when the doorbell rings. It's Craig, and it's clear from the looks on Rose and Lucinda's faces he wasn't invited. Seeing this reaction, he graciously asked to attend the reception, but understands that if he's not welcome, he'll leave. Lucinda lets him stay, and as he walked into the den says, "I hope St. Peter was listening, because I want points for this at the Pearly Gates." Craig walked into the den and saw Sierra, but she turned and walked out of the house. Craig followed.

The doorbell rang again and Rose answered. This time it's Paul. Her smile disappeared, and Paul's hope faded. Rose walked away, but Paul chased after her.

Outside, Sierra and Craig talked about their daughter, Lucy, who was on vacation in Brazil. Sierra told Craig she is waiting to tell Lucy of Bryant's death in person. Craig jockeyed for some input into that decision saying, "I'm her parent too." Sierra sobbed back softly, "You may have fathered her, but you're hardly her parent." With that, she brushed past him back into the house.

Margo came outside, and Craig told her how much he wanted to hold Lucy again and that he didn't know what normal was anymore. Then he saw Billy and he transformed back into his conniving, vengeful self. Craig slithered over to Billy and asked if they could take a walk. Doe-eyed Billy appeased Uncle Craig, and they strolled. After some small chit-chat, Craig asked Billy for a favor. He asked to keep his affair with Jenn a secret. Billy agreed that was for the best.

Inside the house, Adam told Jenn he didn't want to fight anymore. Jenn was happy about that and told him that maybe he should try to make up with Abigail also. Adam found Abigail and told her what a total jerk he's been lately, and he offered to both apologize to Nick and to thank him for all the help he's given them on their project. Abigail liked that gesture and let Adam back into her heart. Billy came in from his talk with Craig and promptly broke up with a stunned Jenn.

Isaac arrived with Bonnie on his arm, bringing flowers for Lucinda. Later, Isaac thanked Bonnie for encouraging him to attend saying, "It was the right thing to do."

Simon and Katie arrived and made appearances throughout the room. At various stops, Simon pronounced with actions and words that he and his wife Katie, were in love. This tipped Katie off her scale. She's been waiting so long to hear these words come out his mouth. It was icing on the cake that he did this in public. She grabbed his hand and told him that if they didn't make love in the next few minutes, she'd burst. On the way out however, the couple was greeted by two characters from Katie's recent past: Rainbow and Aretha. They said that Starshine, a.k.a. Katie, skipped out from her duties of feeding the animals at the commune, and that was very uncool.

Saving the best for last, Paul finally cornered Rose and said he saw what he wanted and doesn't understand why he can't have it. Rose said, "Look, I've got a million things to do---" Paul said, "Stop! I've been thinking of a way to change your mind about how you feel about me, but I just need to honest with you." Rose tried to divert his attention, "I think you're being honest enough for the both of us." Paul was adamant about getting his point across, "No! NO! This may not be the right place, and I'm SURE this is not the right time, but---what I'm trying to say is---(and not well)---is that---you---me---I.---" Rose, in her blunt Jersey accent said, "Spit is out, hon."

"Fine! I---I've fallen in love with you."

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Katie & Simon try to get rid of the hippies that Katie befriended on her trip. One of the hippies reads Katie's fortune and tells her to stick to her plan. After finally getting Simon to agree to recreate their first night together, Katie finds out that Nancy Hughes bought the convertible and sets up a meeting with her. Simon smooth talks Nancy into letting them borrow the car. Katie tells Simon that she's afraid that he won't enjoy sex with her. Simon convinces her otherwise and pulls her into a kiss.

Rose pretends to faint after Paul tells her that he's falling in love with her. As Lucinda & Mitzi try to convince her to stay with Paul, Jack follows him outside to reveal that he saw James Stenbeck. Jack also intimates that Barbara may have already known James was in town, and tells Paul that Barbara won't listen to anybody. They agree to meet in the morning and Jack heads inside as headlights blind Paul.

Craig insists on being with Sierra when she tells Lucy about her brother's death, but Sierra is adamant that he won't. Craig is happy to see Carly, who finally tells him she cares about him. Jack keeps his cool when he sees the two together, and offers Craig condolences. After telling Jen that it's not possible for them to be together, Billy tells Sierra that he changed his mind and would like to speak about Bryant. Despite Jen's efforts, he keeps his relationship with her to himself, and she is appalled when she realizes that Craig is behind his decision. Though there's tension in the room between himself, Billy and Jen, Craig feels better after spending some time with Carly.

Jack tells a relieved Rose that he didn't spill her past to Paul, but warns that she should, since Paul will need her soon. She decides to tell as soon as he comes inside, but stops when Barbara follows him in. Barbara makes veiled threats to Rose while Craig and Carly take potshots at her from across the room. Paul speaks to Carly about his conversation with Jack, and Barbara interrupts and tells him to go get the car. She insults Carly, but Craig jumps in to stop her. Carly tries to keep the peace and Barbara snipes she doesn't need a slut defending her and hustles out. She sees Paul speaking to Rose, and orders him to take her home. He tells her she can leave or she can wait in the car until he's done with his conversation. Barbara remains, forcing Rose to tell Paul she doesn't love him. Paul refuses to accept that and says that they'll talk later.

After Bryant's funeral reception. Mitzi meets up with Jack at Al's Diner. She tells him how Barbara stopped Rose from telling Paul about her past. She offers to help Jack go after James. Paul remains curious as to what Rose was going to tell him before Barbara came in, and refuses to even look at his mother when she tries to talk to him.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

In the back of Nancy's car, Simon and Katie embrace each other and talk about their wonderful night together. Katie says it was the second best night of her life but that the honeymoon is now over and they must get to the "main course" - their marriage. Back at their Lakeview suite, Katie opens up an old trunk full of mementos and memories. Included in the trunk are embroidered towels, sheets, and some books. Simon picks up one book that happens to be Katie's journal that she has kept since she was 7 years old. Katie tells Simon that her dad died when she was a baby so her way of talking to him would be to write down questions in this journal and she believed he could hear her. She wrote down all of her dreams and now, she says they are all coming true. She is happy that she found a man who loves her and looks forward to getting a home and a real job. She tells him they will have "the most perfect life in the world. Katie continues to go through her books but Simon isn't interested, he wants to know what kind of job she had in mind. Katie begins to read about "mirroring" and wants to talk about their future. She asks Simon what he hears when she talks about their future. Simon says that rather it is what he sees. He doesn't picture himself wearing a tie having to deal with time clocks and budget reports but he does have an idea of what she would want. Flash - to - Dream Sequence - Simon imagines the life he thinks Katie would like. (Picture 1950's.) Simon is dressed in a conservative suit; Katie is wearing a polka-dot puffy dress complete with pearls and a bouffant hairstyle. In the sequence, the couple has a bunch of little bunnies running around their home. Simon is jolted back to reality when Katie hits him over the head with a book. "Don't make fun of me," she says, " I'm not a carton character. Sometimes your such a man." Simon apologizes looks at her book and tries to "mirror" with her. He asks her the same question -- how she believes Simon sees marriage. Flash - to - Dream Sequence - (Picture Mission Impossible.) Simon is wearing a blue jumpsuit which he rips off to reveal a sleek tux underneath. Katie has long red hair and also wears the same jumpsuit which she pulls off to reveal a sexy black outfit. The two share a Martini then talk about their days - gambling, cracking secret codes, being captured and almost painted gold. They agree to travel on their jet and have dinner in Rome. Simon tells Katie they will find what works for them. He says he can't completely change because he wouldn't be the man she fell in love with. Simon takes Katie's hands and tells her he wants to lead her to another adventure - making love in their own bed. "Honey, I'm home," he says, and then they kiss.

At Lucinda's home, Sierra tells her mother that Lucy's tour group is delayed so she will stay for the afternoon. She says she doesn't know how to tell Lucy that her brother has died. They were close not only as siblings but also as friends. Lucinda asks if Craig is also going to Montega. Sierra tells Lucinda no and Lucinda replies what kind of father is he. At that moment, Craig is at the door. Sierra says to tell him she just stepped out. Lucinda decides to answer the door and tells Craig that if she has her way, he will never see Lucy again. Craig tells Lucinda that she doesn't have a clue about his and Sierra's relationship - they are Lucy's parents. Craig says, "I love my daughter." Lucinda says, "Just how you loved your son." Craig continues, "Don't doubt my love for my children. No one will keep me from my daughter." Later, Sierra tells her mother that she gave Craig the impression that she wanted nothing to do with him. Sierra is mad that Lucinda spoke for her and made it seem that she had left for Montega already. Sierra says, "You couldn't resist making it worse for him. You failed. You made me want to go to him and hold onto whatever family we have left." Lucinda puts up her hands and shakes her head.

Craig goes over to Carly's place and tells her he is going to Montega. Carly asks, "When are you are Sierra leaving?" Craig says he is going alone before Sierra can poison Lucy from him. Carly says he should give Sierra room to do things her way, then set Lucy straight when the time is right. Craig still feels guilty over Bryant's accident and doesn't want to lose Lucy. Carly feels he should let Sierra grieve and that part of her grief is blaming Craig. Craig tells Carly he can't stop himself from thinking that if he picks up the phone, Bryant will answer it. He wants to hold his daughter and never let her go. He says, "I want to feel like Lucy's dad again." Carly walks over to comfort Craig who says he values her advice. She says to take it and do something good with the day, like going to see Billy who seemed upset. Craig says he already talked with Billy and they now understand each other. As Carly leaves, she agrees to dinner in the dining room with Craig. "It's just dinner", she tells him. He replies, "Everything is negotiable, don't you know that." Carly smiles.

At Java Underground, Rose and Mitzi arrive to see Paul who is talking on the phone with Carly. Paul and Carly argue over her helping him to audition/interview models for the fashion show. He tells her to keep her distance.

Jack walks in and talks to Paul about James Stenbeck. He tells Paul that Barbara knows James is back and explains to Paul that he wants Carly out of the company because it is too dangerous. Jack says, "You know how bad it can get, she doesn't." Paul feels that his mother has not been in contact with James. Jack says Barbara should know the truth about Carly and to not keep it a secret because James will then have the power. Jack says he is watching Paul's back as long as Carly is working for him. Paul asks Jack to let him know if anything more comes out about James. Jack says, "You'll be the first. Some things aren't worth the risk Paul."

Paul wants to talk to Rose about the break-up. He reminds her that he is falling in love with her. He wants to know what changed because everything had been so good. He asks if she has been threatened because he knows that someone or something got to her. Rose decides to tell Paul the truth about her past. She says, "That girl you are falling in love with, was once arrested for prostitution." She explains the story and asks what is going on in his head? He wants to know what happened that particular night at the Lakeview because the prostitution charge happened a long time ago. She responds that they were getting very close. Paul thinks there is more to it. He asks, "Did my mother have something to do with this, did my mother have something to do with us breaking up?" Rose replies, "Yes, of course", she 's rich and classy. Everything I'm not. I'm just Rose." Paul says, "I'm a guy who tried to kill his own father - we all have baggage." They look into each other's eyes and KISS.

Jennifer goes to Java Underground hoping that her mother would be there for the model auditions. She is upset to learn Barbara won't be there. Bonnie tries to cheer her up and tells her to forget about Billy. He's just a guy that ran in the other direction. Bonnie says it's "time to sizzle and shine." We are "bold and beautiful," "young and restless." Bonnie convinces Jennifer to audition for the modeling job. Wearing a short, tight, low-cut brown dress with high brown boots and hair teased out. BRO's publicist says Jennifer is " the ultimate Barbara Ryan original." The model search is over.

James and Barbara meet at the gazebo. Barbara says that Jack knows James is back and soon Paul will know. She regrets telling James about Rose but believes that Rose is out of her son's life. She feels good because BRO is launching a new line and Barbara is confident that she will be in control again. James replies that she will be in control of nothing because she has no idea what is going on. He tells her that she needs him and that without him, she will have nothing. James reminds Barbara that Paul is also his son and has his blood running through him. Barbara says Paul is nothing like him and wants James gone. Jack will tell Paul James is back. James asks, "Who will keep your fragile world from falling apart?" Barbara yells that she won't let it fall apart, turns her head and sees that James has disappeared.

Rose goes to see Barbara and tells her she doesn't want to play dirty but will if she has to. Barbara threatens Rose with the rap sheet again. Rose says she was only worried about her Pop but that she is now making up the rules. Rose says, "You thought Paul was in the palm of your hands. You don't know your son." Barbara says that Paul will drop Rose. Rose says she is holding the cards and calling the shots. She tells Barbara to "make nice" and "lose the attitude" and maybe Rose will make sure that Paul doesn't cut his mother out of his life completely.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

Paul initially objects to Jennifer being the new BRO model, but Carly convinces him to offer his sister the job. He does so, but says she may reconsider when she finds out about his deal with Carly. Paul, swearing Jennifer to secrecy, tells her that Carly is BRO's new top designer. He explains to Jennifer that Barbara is not yet back up to par with her designs and in order for BRO to survive, it needs a new spring line. Jennifer says she needs time to think it over and goes to see Barbara.

Rose confronts Barbara, telling her that Paul knows everything about her past. Rose orders Barbara to stay out of their lives or she will tell Paul the role Barbara played in their break-up. Later, Barbara leaves James a message letting him know his plan to get Rose out of Paul's life backfired and orders him to stay away from her. Meanwhile, back at Java, James gets his hands on one of Carly's sample dresses.

Sierra goes to see Craig and apologizes to him for Lucinda's lie. She tells him that she is about to head home to tell Lucy about Bryant's death. Sierra still insists that she inform Lucy about her brother's death without Craig there. Later, Carly shows up for her dinner date with Craig and they share a passionate kiss.

Adam and Abigail disagree over which film they should submit to class for their project.

Meanwhile, Jake tells Nick to explain to Abigail that Molly is not the reason he is ending their friendship. Nick agrees to Jake's request, but then makes a mysterious telephone call. Nick is later greeted by a disguised woman, informing her that their plan is working.

Friday, November 9, 2001

In his hotel room, Craig tells Carly how attractive she is to him; she tells him she wants to look respectable. Craig lets Carly know how much he appreciates her support of him since Bryant's death. They leave for the Lakeview dining room.

At Java, Rose tells Paul she wants to spend the night with him at the Lakeview. He agrees and they kiss. James, in disguise, sees them and gets up to leave, looking very angry. As he leaves, he grabs the sample dress Carly forgot when she got sidetracked by Paul and Jennifer. Paul wants to call Barbara, but Rose stops him, telling him that she has already spoken with Barbara. When Paul asks Rose how it went, she avoids telling him the truth and says her talk with Barbara was fine and she will no longer object to Paul seeing her.

Jennifer goes to see Barbara to tell her that she has been chosen as the "Barbara Ryan Original" model. Barbara gets really upset and wants to know all the details. She asks Jen how Paul could do auditions, interviews, and any other publicity for BRO without clearing it with her. She insists to Jennifer that Paul doesn't know enough about running the business to do such things without her consent and help. Barbara calms down somewhat when she finds out that Jennifer is the chosen model, but she lets Jen know that she thinks modeling is not good enough for her and that she could be anything she chooses to be. Barbara again questions how Paul could do such things without letting her know first.

Jennifer tells Barbara about Bryant signing his trust fund over to her. Barbara questions her about why Bryant would do such a thing and Jennifer tells her the trust fund is the reason she and Bryant broke up. She also tells Barbara that Bryant gave her the trust fund because he didn't want Craig to get his hands on it again. Barbara tells Jen that she now has so much money she won't need to model, but Jen tells Barbara that she is giving the trust fund money back to her. Barbara is astonished and asks Jen if she has told Craig or anyone about the trust fund. Jen lets her know that she told Bonnie and Abigail, but assures Barbara they won't tell anyone. Jen also tells her mother that Craig was trying to borrow more money from Bryant the night he died. Barbara tells Jen that she is beautiful because she is beautiful inside. Jen lets Barbara know she hopes that now she can begin to get past her mistakes, but Barbara tells her she is too young to have any regrets. Jen tries to kiss her mother, but Barbara turns her face away. Jennifer's feelings are hurt and she tells her mother goodbye and leaves. Barbara suddenly becomes gleeful as she contemplates telling Craig what has happened to the trust fund.

Paul and Rose go the Lakeview where he orders champagne. Rose tells Paul he is her gift and really blew her away when he didn't care about her former prostitution charge. Just then, Craig and Carly walk in and sit at the next table. They exchange a few unpleasant words and Rose excuses herself to go to the powder room. Craig asks Carly and Paul if Rose knows they are working behind Barbara's back. Carly gets angry with Craig and gets up to leave. Paul tells Craig to back off and stop trying to embarrass him in front of Rose. Rose returns and the two couples go back to their own tables. Rose and Paul make a toast to a wonderful future and she then asks Paul what Craig could possibly see in a tramp like Carly. Carly warns Craig that he is messing with her life and if he wants to continue to be around her, he had better butt out. Craig begins to smile and tells Carly that he knows she is there because she wants to be and he thanks her for saving him from being alone. Rose decides she wants to leave the restaurant and go upstairs with Paul. Just as they are getting ready to leave, Barbara shows up. Craig spots her and asks Carly if she is there because Paul told her about substituting Carly's designs for hers. Carly tells him to shut up. Barbara goes over to Paul and tells him she will wait up for him to get home and then walks over to the table where Craig and Carly are. She tells Craig that she wants to talk to him alone. Craig reluctantly agrees to go upstairs to his suite to talk. After he leaves, Paul asks Rose to go ahead upstairs because he wants to talk to Carly. He asks Carly what is going on with Barbara and Craig, but she insists that she doesn't know either. Carly then asks Paul if he has seen the sample dress she took to Java for one of their models to try on. He tells her no, but agrees to call Java to find it. When he returns, he lets Carly know that no one can find the dress and he has no more time to look for it because Rose is waiting for him upstairs.

Jen meets Abigail at Al's and they talk about their problems. Jen tells Abigail about becoming a model and wanting to share her excitement with her mother. She complains to Abigail that instead of being happy for her, Barbara is too wrapped up in her own problems and why Paul did not let her know what he was up to. Abigail tells Jen about Molly and how difficult she has been about Nick. She is very proud of her videotape and tells Jen she can't share it with Molly because of the way Molly feels about Nick. Jen asks Abigail if she has a crush on Nick, but Abigail says no, that she sees Nick as more of a mentor. Just then, Billy walks in. Billy tries to have a friendly conversation with Jennifer and Abigail, but Jen gets mad and runs off, telling Billy that she refuses to pretend that they never meant anything to each other. Billy and Abigail talk for awhile and he tells her that he loves Jennifer. Abigail advises Billy to treat Jennifer as someone special if that is the way he really feels about her.

Upstairs, Barbara shows Craig the trust fund papers and tells him what Bryant and Jennifer have done. Craig is unhappy about the news and tells Barbara that Bryant wanted him to use the money from his trust. Barbara gloats over the fact that the trust fund money is now hers and Craig can't get his hands on it. She tells Craig that Bryant wanted anyone but him to have the money and that his last telephone call was meant to let Craig know how much he loathed him. Craig orders Barbara to leave and warns her that it is later than she thinks. When she demands to know what he means, Craig tells her she can find out on her own. Just then, Carly interrupts them and asks Craig if she should just go home and order a pizza. Barbara tells Craig and Carly they deserve each other and she leaves. Carly asks Craig what kind of terrible things Barbara said to him. Instead of answering, Craig tells Carly to go home and kiss Parker and make sure that he knows his mother loves him because one day it might be too late. He asks Carly to promise him that she will never take a moment with her son for granted.

Paul finds Rose has changed into a sexy black negligee in the hotel room they have rented. She asks Paul what is so special about her and he tells her he loves her wicked sense of humor, her courage, her honesty, her eyes, and her smell. They share a passionate kiss and move to the bed.

Barbara arrives home and goes to the gazebo, calling for Paul. She finds the sample dress James has left there and realizes that it is not one of her designs....

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