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Monday, September 16, 2002

Bonnie tells Jessica, Ben, and Lisa that she made a move on Marshall Travers in order to help Paul get access to Marshall's room. Jessica tells everyone that Bonnie did not have to go to those extremes, since Jessica has already faxed an apology to The City Times for using her influence on the liquor control board in Isaac's behalf. Isaac meanwhile confronts Marshall in his hotel room, and Hal walks in on the confrontation. Hal persuades Isaac to leave, and Isaac immediately finds Bonnie at Java and fires her. Bonnie tells Isaac that she was distracting Marshall for Paul, and she is shocked to think the Isaac would think so badly of her. She says that love doesn't seem to be enough for Isaac anymore. Bonnie admits to Jessica that she kissed Marshall, and Jessica is visibly shaken at the thought of Bonnie kissing Marshall. Then Bonnie meets Paul, and Paul tells Bonnie that he ran into Brandy when he was searching Marshall's room.

Hal asks Marshall about the three days he spent in Singapore before he came to Oakdale, and asks him why James Stenbeck sent him to Oakdale. Hal tells Marshall that the people of Oakdale would not like to have Marshall be elected just in order to let Stenbeck off after he is district attorney. Marshall discovers that his passport is missing, and, in spite of the fact that Hal tells him that his passport just appeared at the police station, Marshall threatens to press charges against Paul Stenbeck for stealing his passport. As soon as Hal leaves Marshall's room, Marshall picks up his phone and makes a call, saying "Come to my suite right away. You're going on a manhunt." Brandy comes in, and Marshall orders her to find out what Paul knows about Marshall. He offers her lots of money, and suggests that she go to bed with Paul.

Alison sulkily walks up to Susan and Emily wearing her boarding school uniform, and says that she does not want to go to Wisconsin to an "academic convent." Susan replies that her only option is family court. Emily argues that it is drastic to send Alison away from the family and begs Susan not to do it. Alison listens her mother and her sister quarrel once again, then she bursts in accusing both of them of being against her. Emily goes out to Alison and tells her that she might be able stay if she tells Emily that she stole Rosanna's cell phone to help Aaron. Emily tells Alison that Aaron would not give up a year of his life just to do a favor for Alison. Alison walks out, saying, "I guess it's time to find out."

Meanwhile Aaron and Lucy are waiting in the stable for Alison to go on a picnic with them. Lucy asks Aaron why he invited Alison, and he said that it was because Alison was lonely. Aaron and Lucy decide to go out riding on his bike instead of just waiting around for Alison. They reason that when Alison sees the picnic basket she will know they are coming back for her.

Mollie and Mike are kissing in the country club pool, when Bob Hughes walks up to tell Mike that a sizable anonymous contribution has come in to Memorial Hospital to build a burn unit, and he hires Mike to do the job. As Mike is about to leave with Bob to go over the plans, Mike tells Bob that if Rosanna or anyone else used their connections so that Mike would get the job, he would not take the job. Mollie, with her back to them, looks distinctly uneasy. Bob reassures Mike that he hired Mike because he thought Mike was the best man for the job. After Mike leaves to get dressed, Bob tells Mollie that she should tell Mike that she was the anonymous donor. Nancy Hughes interrupts Mollie, just as she was about to tell Mike the truth. Mollie goes to Carly's house to discuss her dilemma about telling Mike the truth.

Craig tries to persuade Carly to go to work for him at B.R.O. as a designer. Craig tells Carly that she is afraid to work for him because she doesn't trust herself to be around Craig, "You never have, and you never will." Carly orders Craig out and slams the door in his face. He pushes back in, but Carly tells him that she will not go back on her contract with Lisa, that there isn't enough money in the world to make her go to work for Craig. Pretending to play with Parker, Craig walks out with Carly's sketch pad. Craig then goes directly to Lisa. He shows the sketches to Lisa and tells her that they are sketches Carly made for him, and that now Carly is working for him.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Paul and Bonnie team up to bug Marshall's room. At the Lakeview, Marshall hires Brandy to befriend and spy on Paul. Jessica confronts Marshall about messing with her family. She demands that he set Isaac straight about having not slept with Bonnie, but their close proximity sends them into a kiss. At Java, Isaac and Ben suspect that Marshall may have set up the robbery to be Bonnie's hero. Craig claims that he has hired Carly to be his head designer and Lisa is furious that Carly reneged on their deal. Meanwhile, Carly urges Molly to take her relationship with Mike to the next level. She explains that Molly's secret will eventually get out and she has to fight dirty to keep him. Lisa confronts Carly and announces that they are no longer business partners. Mike asks Rosanna if she is behind his getting the construction job from the hospital. Rosanna denies any involvement, but suggests that Molly might have pulled some strings. Later, Molly asks Mike if they are ever going to make love. Meanwhile, Craig drops the bomb on Rosanna that he hired Carly to work for BRO. In the park, Aaron does stunts on his bike to impress Lucy. They decide to return to meet Alison and Aaron loses control and the bike crashes into a tree. Alison goes to the barn to show off her new school uniform only to find that Aaron and Lucy aren't there, but Will is. Will admits that he is worried that Holden is mad at him. Alison has a heart-to-heart with Will and urges him to apologize. Aaron runs into the barn carrying a hurt Lucy.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Mike and Molly continue to discuss their relationship. Mike feels like he's caused pain to every woman he's been with. He tells Molly that from the moment he first saw her, he thought she could be "the one." However, he is cautious because he knows she's still in pain. She tells him that she is moving on. Jake taught her true love and happiness so that she would recognize it if she saw it again. Molly tells Mike she found it in him.

Abigail brings a sick little boy into the emergency room. She was with him in the day care center where she interns when he suddenly became ill. Chris sees her and comes to the rescue, taking care of the boy. Then, Dr. Susan Stuart takes over but she wants to send the boy home. Chris wants to admit him and Susan finally agrees with him.

Aaron carries Lucy into the barn where Alison is. Even though her leg hurts, Lucy doesn't want to go to the hospital because she doesn't want her dad to know. Finally, Aaron convinces her and Alison drives them to the hospital. Susan is there to help Lucy. She tells her she needs to get her father's approval first because she needs stitches. In the meantime, Aaron is very worried about Lucy. Alison tells Aaron about her boarding school. She asks Aaron to explain to her mother that Rosanna just wants to get rid of her. Aaron's shocked that Alison didn't tell her mother about Rosanna. He agrees to help her because she kept her word to him, even when it got her in trouble.

Craig tells Rosanna that he offered Carly the job as head designer for BRO. She says she won't let another man make a fool out of her with Carly. Craig says she will have the best revenge because Carly's designs will make Rosanna a lot of money. Rosanna doesn't believe Craig. She says he can't forget Carly because she is "the one that got away." Rosanna tells Craig to withdraw the offer to Carly or she'll find someone else to run BRO. Craig says he doesn't like ultimatums but Rosanna says they will have no future. At that moment, Craig gets a call from the hospital telling him that Lucy was in an accident. He goes to the hospital and is being very "nice" to Aaron. Later, he leaves a message for Holden telling him he needs to talk about Aaron.

Jack comes home to find Carly upset that Lisa resolved their professional agreement. They realize that Craig told Lisa a "bogus story" and that Lisa believed it. Jack tells Carly to just forget it but Carly wants to talk to Lisa. She goes to Java Underground looking for Lisa who isn't there. Rosanna sees Carly and tells her that the offer no longer stands for her to design for BRO. Carly tells Rosanna to give a message to Craig - that she would never consider working for him. Lisa walks in and Carly tries to explain but Lisa doesn't want to work with Carly anymore. Lisa says she'll help her with reimbursements but nothing else. When Carly returns home Jack says they can move to New York City so she can start her own fashion house but Carly doesn't want to walk away from Oakdale. She says she won't be defeated.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Mike carries Molly back into Lucinda's cottage after they have taken a swim. All they are wearing are their towels. Molly asks Mike where they left their clothes. Mike says, "All over the place." Molly goes to look for their clothes and Mike notices that the glass from the broken window has been cleaned up. Molly tells Mike that their clothes have been taken away. They surmise that the cleaning lady has come in and cleaned up. Molly calls Carly to come to the rescue.

At Jack's house, Carly is working on a sketch. Jack quietly walks up behind Carly and kisses her neck. Carly jumps and tells Jack not to scare her like that. Jack tells her that Craig already has her jumping through hoops. He says that Craig threw down a challenge and she couldn't leave it alone. He adds that the only person that will lose will be him. Carly rolls her eyes. She tries to explain to Jack that she is trying to jumpstart her career and she is not going to work for Craig. She adds that her sister would not allow it anyway. Jack asks if she sees what Craig is doing. He tells her that they are getting married is six weeks and she has not worked on her wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses or the reception. She stops him and asks if a woman comes into the station and tells him that she has a stalker...Jack interrupts her and says that there is nothing he can do about it if the woman keeps letting the stalker in the house. He walks away and Carly yells, "Jack?" He tells her to say hello to Craig and he goes upstairs to get dressed for the day. The phone rings and Molly is calling with a problem of her own. She asks if Carly could bring her some clothes and Carly asks, "Bring you clothes where?" Molly tells her that they are at Lucinda's cottage. Carly asks, "We?" Molly says, "Oh yeah, could you bring a pair of Jack's pants and a shirt." Molly tells her cousin that she will explain when she gets there. Carly tells Molly that when she told her to jump Mike's bones, she meant in a hotel room behind a locked door. Molly tells her to hurry and they hang up.

Lucinda goes to Simon and Katie's cottage to talk to Simon about Henry. She knocks and knocks but no one answers. Then she hears music being played very loudly so she goes inside the cottage. Simon and Henry are there working on the sound system. Lucinda looks around the cottage and everything is fixed up nicely and there is furniture in the place. Lucinda asks what is going on and Simon tells her that Henry is a genius. Lucinda asks, "Henry?" Simon tells Lucinda everything that Henry has done around the cottage to get everything ready for Katie's return. He tells Lucinda that he has to go and get her from the hospital. He grabs Henry by the shoulders and tells Lucinda that Henry is a keeper. Simon leaves to go get Katie. Lucinda asks Henry, "What am I going to do with you now?" Henry suggests that she let him go. Lucinda says, "No chance."

Lucy wakes up in the living room of her father's hotel suite and sees Craig watching her. Lucy asks if he sat there all night and Craig tells her no. She tells him that the painkiller that she took for her leg really knocked her out. Craig gets up and comes over to her and gives her a small box. He wishes her a happy birthday. She remembers that it is her birthday. She thanks her father and opens the box. She takes out a charm bracelet. Craig tells her that there are seventeen charms on the bracelet, one for every year she has been alive. As she is looking at the charms and commenting on them, there is a knock at the door. Craig goes to the door and opens it and Aaron is standing there with flowers in his hand. He asks if Lucy is awake yet. When Lucy hears his voice, she says, "Aaron!" Aaron walks past Craig and over to Lucy. Craig steps outside in the hall and makes a call to Holden. He asks Holden if they can talk. Holden tells him that he is at the farm. Holden warns Craig that he doesn't want and surprises or games. Craig tells him that he has never been more serious in his whole life.

Back inside the hotel suite, Aaron gives Lucy her flowers and asks how her father was last night. She tells him that he didn't say anything but she could tell that he was worried. He sees the bracelet and asks where she got it. She tells him that her father gave it to her for her birthday. He tells her that when she is better, he has something special planned for her birthday. Lucy gives Aaron a hug. Craig walks back in and asks what is going on and Lucy says that Aaron has something special planned for her birthday. Craig says that is great, but Lucy needs her rest now. Aaron says he has to go anyway to pick up his paycheck at the country club. Aaron tells Lucy to get some rest and he goes to the door. Craig walks with him and when they get to the door, Aaron tells Craig thanks. Craig asks for what and Aaron says, "For being cool." Craig tells him that he is welcome and he closes the door. Craig walks back to his daughter and says that there is someplace that he needs to be and he warns her not to dance in the apartment while he is gone. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

At the country club, Alison is still telling her mother that she does not want to go to the boarding school that Rosanna has offered to her. Susan gets a page from the hospital and when she leaves the table, Alison asks Emily if she is going to do anything. Emily tells Alison that she has tried but their mother is set on her going to this school. Susan returns and tells her daughters that she has an emergency at the hospital and asks her daughters to stay and have dessert. She kisses a sulking Alison on the cheek and tells her to have a piece of key lime pie for her. After Susan is gone, Alison tells Emily that she hates key lime pie. Emily tells her that she has to graduate from high school and she reminds her that her friend Aaron even knows how important it is to have a high school education. Emily reminds her sister that she has to tell their mother the truth about what happened with Rosanna's cell phone. Aaron walks in and hears the two talking. Alison tells Emily that she promised to keep a secret and Emily says that she thinks that is noble but why isn't Aaron stepping up to the plate. Aaron walks over and tells Emily that he won't let Alison take the fall for him. He adds that he will tell her whatever she needs to know. Aaron and Alison tell Emily the whole story. Emily tells Aaron that he will have to trust her. Aaron tells her to do whatever she has to do to keep Alison from being sent away. Aaron gives Emily the phone and then says that he has to go. Alison says that she will walk him out. As they are walking out, Alison tells Aaron thanks and she kisses him on the cheek. Aaron tells her that the fact that she stole the phone saved things with him and Lucy. She says, "Well, no good deed goes unpunished." Aaron tells her to go by and see Lucy because she is home alone on her birthday. After Aaron is gone, Emily walks up to Alison and tells her that she did a very unselfish thing. Emily adds that she doesn't know if the information will do anything to change their mother's ideas but she will try. She tells her little sister to leave Rosanna Cabot to her.

Craig walks into the barn at the Snyder farm. Holden says hello and asks about Lucy. Craig gives a report on how she is doing. Holden tells Craig that he is glad that Lucy will be ok. Holden adds that he will be setting down new rules with the bike. Craig tells Holden that he saw it coming and no one would listen. He adds that when the hospital called, he was taken back to the night that his son had died. Craig looks at Holden and tells him that he can't lose his little girl. Craig asks if Holden can understand that. Holden says that he can, but there is nothing that they can do. He adds that Lucy and Aaron want to see each other and they will do that no matter what. Craig looks at Holden and tells him that he needs his help. He asks Holden to help him put some distance between Holden's son and his daughter. Holden asks if Craig wants him to send his son away. Craig says that he doesn't want Aaron to go away for good. Maybe just for a semester somewhere. Emma walks in and says hello to Craig. Craig says hello and asks how Emma has been. He turns to Holden and asks him to think about what he has asked. Craig walks out of the barn. Holden tells his mother that Craig wants him to send his son away. Holden says that he is not going to do it. Emma informs Holden that Lily knows about the accident. She tells him that the police called the house and Lily answered the phone. Holden gets upset because Lily's blood pressure has been up and she is supposed to be watching that. Emma tells Holden that she has been in touch with Julie and Caleb and they are getting things together and they would like to spend some time with Aaron. Emma goes on to suggest to Holden that after Lily has the baby and things settle down, then they can see how it goes. She tells her son that it is the idea that counts, not where it came from. She tells her son to think about it and she leaves the barn. Holden goes on cleaning the bike and later Aaron comes in and tells his father that Emma said he was looking for him. Aaron apologizes for the accident. Holden says that they need to have a talk. Aaron says that he won't be taking Lucy on his bike anymore. Holden says, "I think you need to head back to Seattle."

Back at Jack's house, Paul and Bonnie stop by to talk to Jack about Marshall Travers. They fill Jack in on what Marshall is planning and they tell him that they want to bug Marshall's hotel room. Jack tells him that his hands are tied and he can't be involved in what they want to do. Jack tells them that there is someone who could help them.

Back at Simon and Katie's cottage, Simon brings Katie home and she is so excited and surprised at the way the cottage looks. Simon sits her down on the couch and they start to talk about their future. Simon tells Katie that he has a job. He informs his wife that he is going to be selling insurance. Katie says that she did not marry an insurance salesman. She married a Simon. There is a knock at the door and Simon sends Katie upstairs to get into bed. When he opens the door, Paul and Bonnie are standing there. They ask how Katie is and Simon says that she is upstairs resting. They tell Simon that they won't stay long but they have a business proposition for him. Bonnie says that they want him to do something illegal for them. Simon rolls his eyes.

Carly walks into Lucinda's cottage and catches Mike totally naked. She takes a look at him and as he is grabbing his towel she says, "Hello handsome." He apologizes for not locking the door and she says that it isn't anything that she hasn't already seen. Molly walks in and they give her the whole explanation of what had happened to their clothes. As Molly is getting dressed, Carly tells Mike what has happened between she and Craig and Lisa. Molly walks back in and tells her cousin that if she goes to work for Craig, she will break both her legs. Molly tells her to focus on planning her wedding. Carly looks at the clothes that Molly is wearing and tells her that she can't wear all those clothes together. Molly leaves the room and Mike gives Carly his advice. He reminds her that she is the designer and they can't do it without her. He tells her to lay the law down to Craig and in the mean time she can get on with her life with Jack. She smiles at him and says that it is great to have him to talk to. Molly walks in and she kisses her cousin goodbye and leaves Molly and Mike alone.

Later, Craig goes back to his hotel suite and sees Alison there visiting Lucy. Lucy gives her father the good news that Alison won't be leaving. She tells him that Aaron has fixed it so she can stay. Craig says that Aaron can just fix anything. There is a knock on the door and when Craig answers it, Carly is standing there. He steps into the hall with her and she asks if Rosanna is holding court in there. Craig tells her that Lucy had an accident, but she is going to be ok. Craig asks, "And you are here because?" Carly says that she is there because he ruined her chances with Lisa. He says that he ruined her chances to reinvent the moo-moo. She smiles and says that she will be willing to work with him if he can clear it with Rosanna. Craig says, "Excuse me." She says that she has been down that road before with Barbara and she is not going to do it again. He says, "You and me?" She answers, "Working together." She adds that if he crosses that line, she will be gone. As she walks away, Craig says, "Give my best to Jack."

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Friday, September 20, 2002
by Andy

Bonnie and Paul ask Simon to be a part of their plan to trap Marshall. But Simon isn't crazy about turning into the guy everyone runs to when they need something illegal done. Katie says she and Simon need a moment alone. She thinks there isn't much harm, and then tells Bonnie and Paul that Simon will take the job. Simon relents and tells Paul to go rent a room near Marshall so they can watch his comings and goings.

Emily meets Rosanna at the Country Club and asks her to take back her offer to pay for Alison's tuition at the boarding school. Rosanna apologizes, but says they "must really forge ahead with our agreement." Emily waves Rosanna's cell phone in her face and demands that she call Susan and rescind her offer, or else she'll tell Lucy herself about all the calls she made to Seattle to bring Aaron's ex to town for the dog and pony show. Rosanna calls her bluff and says, "Well, if you're going to tell the child, tell her." Emily ups the ante and tells Rosanna that if Emily tells Lucy all about the phone, Craig will most likely blame Rosanna and try to wash his hands clean of the whole situation leaving Rosanna out in the cold. This looks like it gets through to Rosanna and her insides squirm. Rosanna relents and calls Susan at home to give her the bad news. She says the scholarship won't be funded any longer. After Rosanna is finished with the call, Emily returns the phone and says, "Oh, and lunch was on you."

Back at Craig's suite, Alison visit's the injured Lucy. Craig walks in and Lucy wonders what he's been up to. He says, "I've been getting a few of my ducks in a row." Susan stops by to pick up her daughter. Craig shifts gears and says he's been wanting to talk to Lucy about her future. Craig wants to know about her plans for college. He says Lucy is headed into an upper class world and suggests Aaron might not fit. "How is a guy who's hard pressed to wear a belt going to feel wearing a tuxedo all night at a debutante party? How is Mr. Monosyllable going to make conversation at a college mixer?" Lucy wants to cross that bridge when she comes to it. Lucy's eyes are opened however and she starts to doubt if the class obstacles can be overcome.

At the Snyder ranch, Aaron is shocked at his father for suggesting that he return to Seattle for awhile. "Why am I being busted?" Holden says that Aaron's surrogate parents, Caleb and Julie, have been through counseling and they're a lot happier. Aaron screams, "Because I'm not there!" They shout some more about the messes Holden has rescued Aaron from the moment he came to town. Aaron says that the crash on the bike yesterday was just an accident. Holden disagrees. "Yesterday...was about you proving to me that you're incapable of thinking about anyone but yourself." Holden lays it on even thicker. He tells Aaron that Lily went to the doctor after she found out about the accident, and her blood pressure is sky high. Holden says that Caleb and Julie will be here in the morning to pick Aaron up.

Brandy and Marshall meet up at the Lakeview lounge and talk about how Brandy can seduce Paul and get information on what he knows about Marshall's relationship with Paul's father James Stenbeck. Paul walks into the lounge and Brandy improvises. She throws a glass of wine at Marshall's face and they make like they're in the middle of a big argument. Marshall storms off and Paul comes to Brandy's rescue. Paul gives her his cell phone number and they agree to meet later at a discreet location.

Lucinda's next task for Henry is to have him clear out Jake's old office. Henry wants to know why he's her new pet project. Lucinda feels she owes Henry for all his help in Avanya. Lucinda gets a call from Simon asking her for Henry's services. She lets Simon have Henry.

Aaron stops by to see Lucy and tells her that Holden wants him to return to Seattle...tomorrow. Outside the suite, Craig smiles.

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