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Monday, May 19, 2003

Craig comes clean to Evelyn and covers for Jack, but Henry is brought in and spills the beans. Jack confesses. Carly insists that Jack cannot sacrifice himself that way, but he sends her away for her own protection. Evelyn arrests Rose, Emily, Craig, Henry and Jack. Hal blames Barbara for the whole mess and declares she should be home waiting to hear from Paul. Carly and Rosanna square off. Carly maintains she's not involved in this fiasco and Rosanna's troubles are of her own making. They fight about who's reached out to whom in their relationship and who's hurt the most. Carly reveals that Craig is indeed infatuated with her, but she told him to get over it. Hal overhears Rosanna swear she is going to vanish Carly from her life permanently. Molly tends to Dusty's wound. He says that he owes Spangler a lot of money, and asks her to stay with him a while. As Molly tries to come up with ways to get Dusty out of trouble, she realizes that he may be trying to con her. Dusty denies he is trying to set her up and he throws her out of his suite. Molly takes her confusion to Brackett who, when he finds out Dusty works for Spangler, wants nothing more to do with him. When Molly gets into her car, a desperate Dusty pops up, declaring that he needs her help. John urges Bob to step down as the head of the hospital, now, even if he isn't responsible for the latest death. Bob thinks John is pushing him to step down prematurely. John admits to Rick that he would like to be the new head. Meanwhile, Chris talks to Nancy about confronting Bob. Nancy agrees to do so but advises Chris not to jump to conclusions that it's Alzheimer's. Kim and Chris bring Nancy to Bob and she appeals to him to see a specialist. He agrees, making an appointment with Rick, and admits to Kim that he is scared.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Craig turns to Rosanna for help with Barbara but she refuses. Sierra backs her up. Invigorated by cutting Craig loose, Rosanna decides she'll do the same to Carly. The women leave and Marshall gives Craig his business card. Later, Craig proposes a solution to Evelyn and calls Marshall Travers. At Hal's, Carly hears Jack leave a message for her telling her how much he loves her. Parker draws as a sad Carly writes a note. Rosanna observes from the window when Will comes home and startles her. Rosanna leaves, but soon after, alerted by Will, Carly rushes after her. Jack gets Henry to recant his accusations, and Hal releases him to get Carly. Jack finds only Alison and does not see the note Carly wrote that is under Parker's drawing. Marshall witnesses Barbara's delight in telling Sierra, Lucy and Aaron that Craig is in jail. Sierra assures Lucy that she and Rosanna are giving Craig a reality check and letting him stand on his own two feet. Marshall wonders if Barbara is in trouble again, but she rejects any offer of his assistance. Molly drives Dusty to the Old Mill to hide out. She informs him that the FBI is backing off the case now that they know Spangler is involved. Before Molly can leave, Spangler's thugs arrive and string up Dusty, demanding money. As Molly is held outside, Dusty is beaten to a pulp inside the Mill. Molly runs inside, saying that she will pay whatever they want if they stop. Despite Dusty's protest, they strike a deal with Molly promising to bring a check to McCann the next day by noon. When she leaves, Spangler reminds Dusty that the threat is real; his life is in Molly's hands.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Emily, Rose and Craig all make bail, however Henry does not. Craig tells Margo that Barbara will drop the charges because his lawyer - Marshall Travers - is very persuasive. Margo reminds him that Marshall is a rapist. Meanwhile, Marshall goes to see Barbara to see if she'll drop the charges in exchange for a large financial settlement. He tells her that if Craig is prosecuted, he'll get him off. Barbara says she'll make a deal on her own terms. Marshall also encourages her to drop the charges against all of them, in return for something that she wants. Barbara decides that she wants Craig to sell Monte Carlo to her for $1 and "not a cent more." - and she wants an answer in one hour. With this deal, Barbara is convinced she'll have her son back again.

Craig goes to the farm to see if Rosanna is there. Emma says that she didn't come back last night. Rosanna walks in dirty and disheveled. She says that her car broke down and her cell phone battery went dead, so she waited until morning and walked home. Craig tries to help her but Rosanna pushes him away. Craig tells her that he wants to take her home. Rosanna says she realizes that she will never be the true center of his attention. Craig kisses her and Rosanna says, "You think that solves everything don't you." She tells him that he needs to show her what he has shown everyone else because she feels like she doesn't even know him anymore. Rosanna says that he always needs things from her but she never gets what she needs from him. Craig says he'll give her whatever she needs but all she asks for is some time.

Craig leaves and takes a call from Marshall who tells him about Barbara's offer. Craig tell him to take it, then turns around and goes back to see Rosanna. He asks if he could put their previous conversation - about leaving her alone and not asking for things - on hold because he needs something from her.

Emily comes home and Alison is surprised she's out of jail. She also wonders why she got punished for burning down the barn but Emily doesn't get punished for kidnapping Barbara. Later, Emily apologizes to Alison for doing a stupid thing and jeopardizing their family.

Dusty and Spangler are waiting for Molly to come with the money. She meets McCann and Mike sees them arguing and comes to her rescue. McCann says that Molly is his girlfriend and forces Molly to kiss him. Mike is disgusted to see them kiss. Meanwhile, Dusty is getting roughed up and Spangler tells him that he never liked him. Molly goes to Dusty and tells him that she gave McCann the money to keep him from being killed. They talk and Dusty thanks her for helping him but says he is leaving town after just one stop.

Rose meets with Lily for breakfast at Al's Diner. Lily tells Rose that Dusty asked her to buy him out of the shop and she agreed. Now, the shop is all Rose's but she says it's not the same without Dusty there to share it. Lily says Rose is just infatuated by him. Rose says that he does care for her because in the end he couldn't lie to her. Lily asks if Dusty never came to town, would she have married Paul. Rose says, "I hope not." She says she kept trying to make it fit but she procrastinated for a reason - it just wasn't meant to be between her and Paul. Hal finds Rose at Al's Diner and says he has some information about Paul. He tells her that Paul's plane went down in the Atlantic.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Rose, reeling from Hal's news that Paul's plane went down but hopeful that he may still be alive, heads off to the Roller Palace. A battered Dusty finds her there and admits he was lying when he said he didn't care about her because he does. Hal shows up and informs her that Paul is dead. Rose goes ballistic and Dusty grabs her up in his arms. Barbara is excited about Monte Carlo and starts packing to go in search of Paul. Will visits, concerned about what he's heard, and Barbara reassures him. She is going to find Paul and Jennifer and bring them home. Hal discovers Barbara is gone. Craig tells Rosanna he agreed to sell Monte Carlo to Barbara. He convinces Rosanna to let go of Monte Carlo. She agrees only if he will allow Lucy to see Aaron and never fight about it again. Craig goes off to make the arrangements while Rosanna tells Emma that Craig wants to make another go of their marriage. She states cryptically that she has made her peace with Carly. Meanwhile, Jack is worried when he can't find Carly. Katie fills in Mike on the events of the fashion show and assumes he will go off to find Carly. Instead, Mike says he is taking Katie's "stay away" advice. He kisses Katie in thanks, but she points out that friends don't kiss on the lips. Mike agrees not to do it again. Bonnie imagines her upcoming day of community service. Optimistic, Bonnie arrives at the center and is immediately put to menial work by the director, Troy. After knocking over a table with the Center's lunch fixings for the kids, Bonnie meets a beautiful but quiet girl named Sarah. Bonnie thinks she is making inroads with Sarah, but soon realizes her overtures are for naught. She starts to wonder if maybe she is in over her head. She lies to Isaac that her day at the community center was swell.

Friday, May 23, 2003

At Memorial Hospital, John Dixon asks Katie if she saw Bob the day his patient died. She lies and said she didn't. Alison questions her about the lie and tells her to talk to Chris about it. Katie does tell Chris that she saw Bob that day and that he was acting a little out of it. Chris goes to John and tells him to stop spreading rumors about his father. John says he isn't slandering Bob but he is looking out for the welfare of the hospital. Rick and John also share words about Bob as well. Meanwhile, Bob goes to Rick who performs cognitive dysfunction and memory loss tests. He tells Bob that he'll have the results in about a week.

Craig comes home and Sierra tells Craig to put aside his pride and to give Rosanna a second chance. She says that Rosanna "gets it" and knows what it is like to be a good parent. Craig doesn't want to agree to Rosanna's stipulations because he says Aaron is wrong for Lucy. Sierra reminds him that it is Lucy's choice, not theirs. Just then, Aaron and Lucy walk in and Sierra makes Craig tell them that they can see each other. Aaron questions Craig's intentions and is afraid that he will still make trouble for them. Sierra confirms Craig's intentions by saying that she has two first class tickets to Montega for them so if Craig doesn't abide by the rules, then they are welcome to join Sierra.

At the farm, Rosanna tells Emma that she had a fight with Carly last night and even told her to leave town. Jack comes to the farm and questions Rosanna about the last time she saw Carly. He asks Rosanna for the truth and tells her that he knows she was at Hal's looking at Carly through the window. Rosanna says she was there but once she saw Parker, she left because she didn't want to yell at Carly in front of him. Rosanna admits she said she'd be happy if Carly vanished but she is not responsible for Carly missing. Jack wonders about her scar and says he want to check out the story about her car breaking down. Emma says she knows that Rosanna wouldn't hurt her sister. Jack is convinced that Rosanna is lying and he tells her so. He says to her that he thinks she knows more than she is telling and that she'd better stay close to home.

Rose is very upset after learning about Paul's death and Dusty tries to comfort her. She says it is their fault that Paul is gone because he lost his will to live and, "He deserved better from both of us." Dusty says that if Paul lost his will, it was because of him and not Rose. Dusty says that she just wasn't in love with Paul the way he wanted her to be. Dusty tells Rose he doesn't want her to be alone right now. Holden and Lily come to the beauty shop to comfort Rose. Holden tells Dusty to leave Rose alone but Dusty says he'll wait to hear that from her. Holden and Dusty give each other a look that could kill and then Dusty leaves. As he is leaving, Dusty says, "Paul Ryan was my best friend." Rose tells Lily that she wants to have a memorial service for Paul. Lily wants her to come home with them but Rose wants to be alone for a little while. After they leave, Rose calls Dusty and tells him not to leave town. He says he'll stay and help her get through this troubled time.

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