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Monday, April 16, 2007

Jade arrives at Al's just in time to see Gwen almost spot Cleo. Later, Jade blasts Cleo, but Cleo surprises her by doing a great Gwen imitation. Jade appreciates the improvement but wants her to promise to stay in the motel and Cleo agrees. Will teases Gwen about Alison and Gwen teases back about her guy fans. Will points out she's talking about the future for the first time in a long while, and Gwen begins to seduce Will. Henry tells Maddie that he knows he made the right decision but is regretting hurting Vienna. Maddie comforts Henry, and urges him to talk to Vienna. Jack kisses Katie, and Brad almost catches them. Vienna asks Brad to take her back to the Lakeview, and tries to seduce Brad. Henry arrives in time to hear Vienna go after Brad, and decides not to interrupt. Brad tells Vienna he doesn't want to sleep with her, while Jack brings up the kiss to Katie. She avoids it. Later, when they're both alone, Jack and Katie remember their kiss.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today's edition of As the World Turns was pre-empted today for CBS News coverage of the convocation ceremony at Virginia Tech.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lily sits in downtown Oakdale waiting for her mother who appears from her yoga class and asks Lily what she is doing there. Lily asks Lucinda to listen to her but she declines until Lily says she has a full proof plan to get World Wide back from Craig. Lily tells Lucinda that she is considering taking Craig's job offer at World Wide and being Lucinda's eyes and ears so she can wait for Craig to make a mistake and the two can retake the company. Lucinda dismisses Lily's idea and says that she doesn't need her help and that Lily should be focusing on her family and Faith. Lucinda also questions Lily's being a "double agent" while trying to quit taking amphetamines. Lily claims she isn't taking them any longer, but Lucinda obviously doesn't believe her. When Lucinda goes to leave, Lily asks her mother not to turn her back on her again and then goes into the litany of mistakes Lucinda has made that have affected Lily. She then reminds Lucinda that she, Lily, has always forgiven her. She tells Lucinda she doesn't understand why she can't forgive her this time. Lucinda informs Lily that she wants her to focus on her life, her family and not World Wide. When Lucinda walks away Lily stumbles upon a display for diet drugs and immediately goes into purchase the pills.

Faith comes into the farmhouse kitchen and sees Vienna's discarded wedding dress. She picks it up and looks at it dejectedly and then she tosses half of her lunch away. She then begins to frantically rummage around the kitchen cabinet. As she continues her search, Holden walks in and becomes suspicious of Faith and her excuse that she is just putting things away. He offers to help her and as he looks in the cabinet he discovers laxatives. Faith immediately says she was getting ready to throw them away, but Holden doesn't believe her and then goes to throw them out. He stops and tells Faith, "it doesn't mean anything if I throw them away" and the two sit down and talk. Holden asks Faith why she is doing this and she admits she did it to look good for the pep rally that Parker invited her to. When Faith talks about just using the laxatives this one last time, Holden explains that these feelings of one last time will always be there. He tells her that she needs to feel scared and nervous about things like the pep rally and that being skinny isn't going to make things easier or those insecurities go away. Faith tells him he doesn't understand and that he loves her too much to see that she is "the fat girl that everyone laughs at". Holden conveys to Faith the reason he fell in love with Lily is because she wasn't like everyone else and he wants Faith to be herself, his beautiful little girl. Faith is touched by Holden's speech and the two hug. Holden implores her not to do this to herself anymore. Just as Holden convinces Faith to believe in herself and throw away the laxatives, Lily walks in and condemns Faith for having the pills. Holden tries to defend Faith, but she runs out of the room with Holden and Lily following her. When Holden returns to the kitchen to look for the therapist's card, Lily rushes in and tries to stop him before he finds the pills she purchased in her bag. She is too late and Holden holds them up and asks her "what are these?".

Tom finds Casey begrudgingly studying statistical probabilities on the couch in the family room and drops a cheap shot about his lack of success at gambling and disdain for this particular subject. Casey takes the joke at his expense and the two discuss Casey's impending trial and house arrest. Casey asks Tom to speed up his sentencing because being at home and constantly disappointing him and Margo has helped him decide it is time to face the music and get his sentence started. After Tom leaves, Maddie knocks on the door and confides in Casey about what Henry did to Vienna at the wedding. Casey doesn't take the wedding debacle seriously and hugs Maddie as she tells him how much she wishes he could have been there with her. Afterwards, Casey tells Maddie he asked his dad to move up the sentencing. Maddie is sad about Casey's decision, but he explains that he is doing this so that in the end they will have all the time they want together. As the two sit on the couch, they hear Tom and Margo approaching and Maddie runs out to avoid another run-in with Casey's parents. When Margo and Tom come in, Margo tells Casey she knows what he has asked Tom to do and she hugs Casey. As the two are hugging Tom informs them that Casey's sentencing has been rescheduled to tomorrow.

At the station, Margo receives a visit from her sister Katie who wants to talk to her, but when Margo is pulled away by an officer Katie sees Jack's desk and remembers the kiss they shared. Jack walks in and surprises Katie, who becomes flustered by Jack's arrival. Jack asks if Katie has heard from Henry and she mentions that Maddie has called and says he is fine. Katie and Jack agree that Henry was rushing into his marriage with Vienna and rushing into things is not a good idea. Their conversation about Henry seems to be more about their kiss. As they talk Jack touches Katie's face to access her injury from Vienna and remembers the time they spent together at the farm that lead up to the two kissing. Katie becomes uncomfortable with talking to Jack and makes a hasty retreat by saying she has a meeting at the TV station.

Katie arrives at the station and finds Brad going through contest submissions. When Brad shows Katie what he perceives as the winning letter, Katie lashes out at his choice because it is a "blatant come-on". Brad quickly detects that Katie is angry after running into Jack and gives her a hard time about letting Jack get to her. Katie tells Brad that he is wrong and to stay out of her personal life and chose a letter that actually involves a chore.

Back at the police station, Margo approaches Jack and asks where Katie went. When Jack tells Margo that Katie left, but she wasn't making much sense, Margo asks him what happened between them at Henry's wedding. Jack denies anything happened at the wedding, but Margo continues to push Jack about what is going on with Katie and he claims he "wants a lawyer". Without admitting that he kissed Katie, Jack tells Margo that his life is too complicated for someone like Katie who would just make his life more problematical. Jack tries to avoid any further conversation with Margo, but before he can leave to get "the bad guys" Margo tells him that he needs to go to a conference tonight in Chicago and asks him to finish up some reports. Margo calls Katie and asks why she left so quick. After giving the meeting as an excuse, Margo tells Katie to meet her at Al's Diner. Alone at the station, Jack completes a report and thinks back on his kiss with Katie. Just as he chides himself for acting like a teenager, Brad walks in and tells him he knows about Katie and what she thinks about Jack. Brad tells Jack that Katie is with him because she feels guilty about her part in Carly leaving town and because Jack is similar to Katie's ex-husband, Mike. In addition, Brad explains to Jack that he has just chosen another irresponsible blond to replace Carly. Brad tries to convince Jack that he and Katie are just too complex to be together and Jack admits he maybe right. Jack questions why Brad would even care what he does with Katie. To this Brad claims to care because he likes his job and is worried that Jack having a relationship with Katie will end his career in television. He also maintains that he wants Jack to be happy and he believes that this thing with Katie won't make him happy. Jack takes Brad's advice and goes to the conference in Chicago as a timeout from Katie.

At Al's Diner, Katie details for Margo the kiss at the farm. She admits that she liked the kiss and is beginning to see Jack differently. She continues on and claims to be confused because immediately following the kiss Jack became "all Jack like" and told her they shouldn't make an issue out of what happened. Since Katie is so mystified by Jack's advances, Margo asks her what she wants. Katie explains that she really likes Jack and doesn't want to hurt him. When Katie tells her that may be the best way to assure that Jack won't get hurt is to drop the entire thing and just not talk about the kiss again, Margo urges Katie not to drop it, but to go forward and give herself and Jack a chance to be happy again. After her lunch with Margo, Katie returns to the station and runs into Brad who tells her Jack has left for Chicago. Katie asks Brad what he said to Jack and he claims that Jack just wanted to go to the conference for sometime alone. Katie accuses Brad of trying to get between her and Jack and repeats her request to him to stay out of her life. Alone, Katie wonders if she scared Jack off or if the kiss didn't mean anything to him.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paul continues to bait Craig, saying if Craig gives up WorldWide, he'll lead him to Johnny. Craig turns down Paul's offer, when Meg enters and pretends to be furious that Paul used Johnny to manipulate Craig. Craig takes satisfaction in the rift he sees between Paul and Meg. Later, knowing they must keep their relationship hidden, Paul and Meg make love. Luke learns that Jade introduced Lily to the diet pills. Jade insists it's not her fault that Lily became addicted, but Luke's disgusted with Jade when she refuses to take any responsibility. Lucinda admits to Bob she's not okay. Bob reminds Lucinda that her priority should be her family, not her company. Lucinda warns Craig he can destroy her company, but not her. Holden calls and asks Lucinda to meet him at the farm. Holden accuses Lily of lying about the diet pills he found in her purse. Faith eavesdrops as Holden tells Lily that she and Faith both have eating disorders that are destroying them. Lily and Holden continue to argue, until Faith interrupts promising to eat if they'll reconcile. Lily and Faith tearfully embrace as Lily admits she's the one with the problem. Lucinda is loving and supportive when she learns Lily has decided to enter rehab.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Emily and Alison return to Susan's house after an early-morning support group meeting that Emily made Alison attend. Emily insists that Ali needs a job and a routine and says she's found a therapist for Ali in Chicago. Susan walks in and hears them arguing, but they tell her it's just about a rock group Ali liked in Seattle that Emily doesn't "get" because she's too old. Susan wants to take Alison shopping, and Alison agrees, saying she needs clothes if she's going to start interviewing for a job. Emily is ready to go with them when Dusty calls and asks if she can meet him at the Lakeview to discuss business. Susan and Alison tell Emily to go ahead; reluctantly, Emily leaves to go meet Dusty.

At the Lakeview, Dusty cautions Emily against trying to be all things to her sister --- sister, therapist, support group, etc. Emily says she has to do this, because it's her sister, and she thinks she'll have to give up the paper because she can't focus on that at the same time and doesn't want to work with Craig anymore. Dusty tells her she won't have to, saying he's bought the paper from Craig and sold Craig his shares in Worldwide as part of the deal. He's out of a job now and wants Emily to make a go of the Intruder again. Emily realizes he's done this for her, and she says she doesn't know how to thank him. He tells her to get the paper back on its feet and stay away from Cheri.

At Old Town, Susan and Ali laugh about their past shopping expeditions, and Ali thanks Susan for finding her worthy of presents. Susan is surprised that Alison thinks she might not deserve presents. Elwood walks up and is stunned to see Alison, saying he recognizes her from a movie he's seen. She tells him she's sure he's mistaken, and then he realizes it wasn't an actual movie, it was some kind of video. As Ali tries to get an amused Susan to leave, Elwood says it was the "sexy Justin Timberlake video." Ali goes along with that idea, and Elwood tries to get her to autograph his back, since he doesn't have any paper on him. Ali declines, dragging Susan away. When they get back to Susan's house, Susan is called to go into the hospital; Alison insists it's okay for her to go in. Susan leaves, and so does Alison. Emily returns later, and Susan calls her asks Emily to make sure Alison's okay; Emily says she will. She hangs up, yells for Alison, then calls Dusty when she realizes Ali's gone.

Meg and Paul wake up in bed together, but Meg is worried someone will see them and Craig will find out they didn't really break up again. She thinks Paul should stay away from her completely while they work on their plan to bring Craig down, but Paul says he can't do that, and he wonders why Meg won't let this go, since it's not her battle anyway. Meg says it became her battle when Craig manipulated her, and there's no other way she can think of to get revenge against Craig. They kiss, then they go their separate ways.

At Al's, Luke and Faith are having breakfast, although Faith's not eating. Lucinda comes in and joins them and tells Faith that she needs to eat so they don't have to send her to "kiddie rehab." Luke tells Lucinda that you can't force a person with an eating disorder to eat, but Lucinda thinks Faith has been coddled too much and not required to do anything she doesn't want to, but that's not going to happen today. She tells Faith to eat, saying she'll stay to be sure she does and will stay long enough to make sure Faith can't "get rid of it" afterwards. Holden calls Luke on his cell phone, and Luke goes outside to talk to Holden. Faith actually eats some of her breakfast, and Lucinda tells her that's a positive step, and they all have to keep themselves healthy while Lily is away in rehab. Meanwhile, Paul has come into Al's, and he walks up to say hello to Faith, asking her how her family is doing. Lucinda dismisses him, but Faith asks Lucinda why Paul can't stay. Before she can answer, Luke comes back in, saying Lily is doing fine, but Holden wanted to remind him that Faith has an appointment with her therapist in a few minutes. Faith gets up to go with Luke without arguing about the appointment, which surprises him, and she says goodbye to Lucinda and Paul and leaves with Luke. Paul sits down to join Lucinda, who tries again to get him to leave, but he tells her they have a common interest besides Faith --- Craig. He tells Lucinda that he's not the enemy, Craig is, and he says, "Don't let your need to control everything affect the way you treat Faith." Lucinda tells him to stay away from her and Faith; Paul responds that he doesn't think he can do that. He wants Lucinda to believe he's on her side, but she doesn't and tells him to stay out of her way.

At Montgomery Enterprises, Meg walks in on an exasperated Craig, who dismisses his personal assistant and complains about the difficulty in finding a good assistant or a good woman. Meg says she came to be sure Craig knows she didn't have anything to do with Paul telling him he had a vision of Johnny; he tells her he knows that's not her style. Meg says she came to warn Craig that he's in "serious danger," but Craig says he's been around danger (and money) all of his life, and he's not afraid, but he can see she's afraid of something. When he asks what it is, she says, "Paul." She says Paul wants to destroy him or kill him, but Craig says that's always been the case with Paul, and he wonders why Meg cares. She says she couldn't live with herself if something happened and she hadn't tried to warn Craig, and she suggests that he protect himself. He thanks her and says he will, but he says he can tell there's something else she wants to say. Meg says she feels guilty for going to Paul after being with Craig, and she thinks she hurt Craig so much that he decided to go after her family. Craig denies that, saying he and Meg had sex, and that's all. Meg disagrees and says she knows the real Craig. He pushes her against the wall and says she doesn't know what's real, but she says she knows she hurt him, and it pushed him over the edge so that he did a terrible thing. She knows he's better than that, and she wants the world to know it, too. Craig says he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him, and he tells Meg they're different --- he knows what he wants and doesn't deviate from trying to get it, but she's not like that; she admits that she goes back and forth, and he tells her when she's decided where her loyalties lie, she should let him know. Meg tells him he can help her decide, if he wants, and he says this shocking turnaround of hers is hard for him to believe. She says it's real, and he says "Prove it --- in bed!" Meg says as tempting as that offer is, she wants it to be on her terms and on her time. She turns and leaves.

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