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Monday, September 17, 2007

At the hospital, Gwen and Alison have their first appointment for the egg donation process, which included hormones shots for Alison. The doctor meets with them briefly to see how they are feeling. Alison denies any nausea. As they are parting, Alison gets a phone call from Aaron confirming their movie date that night. They plan to meet at The Lakeview.

Back at Gwen's house, she and Alison are surprised to find Iris waiting there. An exasperated Gwen introduces them. Alison asks to use the bathroom to touch up her makeup, and Iris tells Gwen how sorry she is about the baby. She gives Gwen a plant and tells her that she needs her mother. She tells Gwen that maybe she isn't meant to have children. As Alison is leaving, Iris thanks her. Alison, thinking that Gwen told her about the egg donation says "you told her?" Iris wants to know what she is talking about. Gwen covers, saying that she and Alison were putting together a memorial for the baby that she had lost. She then walks Alison outside. Alison apologizes for her blunder- Gwen tells her it's not her fault and that she isn't going to tell Iris about it. Alison leaves. Back inside, Iris questions Gwen's friendship with Alison, mentioning her previous interest in Will and her porn movie history. Gwen tells her to leave. Iris plays on her sympathy, saying that she has lost both her grandbabies. Gwen asks what happened to Sofie's baby. Iris tells her that she paid for Sofie to have an abortion. Gwen is outraged and wants to know what changed Sofie's mind and how Iris could do this. Iris tells her that Sofie and Cole aren't ready for a baby. She tries to make Gwen feel guilty for not helping Cole with his music career. Gwen tells her that after this, she would never help him. Iris tells Gwen that she wishes she could have a child so, she could see just how ungrateful children can be. She storms out.

Gwen throws the plant out that Iris gave to her and calls the Lakeview looking for Sofie.

At the Lakeview, Aaron's boss asks about Sofie's whereabouts, and Aaron covers for her.

In Olde Town, Sofie remembers Cole asking if her unborn baby was his. Cole brings her some breakfast, but she tells him she isn't hungry. Cole apologizes for acting the way he did, and he tells her that there is a way out of this; to get an abortion. He tells her that they can have a baby when they are ready, but the time is not right. Sofie tearfully says he is right. He gives her the envelope of cash that Iris gave him. She rejects the money and wants to know where it came from. He tells her it's from his mother. Sofie worries that Iris will think she is a horrible person. Cole says that Iris understands the situation, and points out that this is ultimately her choice but if she has the baby, he won't be involved. He leaves her standing there holding the envelope of money.

At The Lakeview, a distraught Sofie tells Aaron what happened and contemplates going through with the abortion. Aaron asks her if this is what she wants. She says that she has no choice and that she cannot lose Cole. She tells Aaron that she loves him and that her baby deserves to have a mother and a father. Alison shows up to meet Aaron, but runs to the bathroom with nausea and Aaron follows her. Cole sees Sofie sitting there and asks if she had changed her mind. She said that she is going to have the abortion. She wants to know when to schedule it and asks if he is going to go with her. He says that he will, but makes her feel guilty by reminding her that he gets "weird" around doctors and he wouldn't want to make things worse for her. She sadly tells him not to worry about it, that she will go by herself. Cole tells her that he loves her and leaves to go meet a business contact. Aaron comes back and offers to go with her if she decides to get the abortion but she tells him that Cold already said he would go and leaves. Alison comes back. Aaron asks if she is ok, she admits she really isn't; that the hormone shots are making her sick. She cancels her date with him that night so she can go home and rest. Aaron tells her he wants her to come home with him so that he can take care of her. Sofie sees them walk out together.

In Olde Town, Sofie calls the clinic to make an appointment for the abortion, asking to make it for today.

At Emma's Craig receives a large envelope that he was apparently waiting for. He tips the courier generously and leaves with a large smile on his face.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Rosanna share breakfast after a night of lovemaking. Rosanna wants to forget about Craig and just focus on them. Paul says it is a mistake to forget about him. He insists that the only place where Craig won't be able to hurt anyone anymore is prison. Rosanna agrees, but points out that she can't testify against him if she can't remember what happened. Paul tells her that this isn't an issue; she just needs to not tell the judge and jury that. Rosanna says that she can't do that. She says that Craig no longer has power over them. Just then, Craig walks in and states that they shouldn't be so sure about that. He serves her with papers; he is suing her for freezing his assets. Craig says that she isn't acting like herself and hopes that the brain damage hasn't altered her personality. He says that he is worried about her. Suddenly she gets a flashback of him saying those words. Craig leaves. Rosanna tells Paul that she is no longer worried about lying in court because her memories were suddenly coming back to her. Rosanna remembers confronting Craig with the truth about Jennifer's baby being alive- she tells him to call Bob so that Rory can be tested. She can't remember what happened after that. Frustrated, she becomes very short of breath. Paul goes to call a Dr., but she stops him. She remembers realizing that Rory was Jennifer's baby and that she must tell her the truth even though it meant losing the baby and she remembers fearing Craig would kill her for crossing him. Paul tells her that she nearly lost her life because of Craig and they must stop him. He goes to call the police; Rosanna says no and puts her hand on the phone. She suddenly has another memory of Craig ripping the phone out of her hand and telling Rosanna that no one would ever take his son away from him. Rosanna still can't remember everything, but Paul says he has an idea. He arranges for her driver to take them to where the accident occurred. Just then she hears the tires of the car peeling out, and remembers being in her car trying to get to Paul. She sees headlights behind her and sees Craig in her rearview mirror. She says that she now remembers everything.

At Oakdale PD Craig shows up to talk to Margo. He laments about Paul and Rosanna's vendetta against him. He tells her that Paul is obsessed with him. Margo wants to know why he is really there. He asks her for a favor; if the case against him for running Rosanna off the road was to come up again, he wants her to be fair. Margo tells him she will not look the other way. He says that he didn't do anything wrong. She said that if he didn't do anything wrong, he has nothing to worry about. He says that this isn't always true- that they both have done jail time for crimes they didn't commit, but he doesn't want to dwell on that because he loves her. Margo tells him that she isn't the one he should be sucking up to- but rather to Tom, because if he is arrested, she will do her job.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

At her house, Carly is on the phone with the hospital trying to get the results of her tests. She tells them she suspects it's an inner ear issue and for the doctor to call in a prescription so she can drive again, but the results aren't in. She leaves with her keys in hand.

In the interrogation room at Oakdale PD, Katie and Jack sample wedding cakes. Jack feeds some to Katie, and they share an amorous moment which is cut short by a knock at the door; it is Carly waving a pink piece of fabric telling them that she comes in peace. She apologizes for the night before, insisting that she never meant to interrupt the shower. She asks about Sage, and Jack assures her that she is ok. She asks Katie if she could make Sage's dress for the wedding and shows her the piece fabric she was holding. She tells Katie there was no pressure- that she and Jack could talk it over. She leaves and Katie worries that yet another thing about the wedding will be about Carly, instead of them. Jack apologizes for this latest upset and if she doesn't want Carly to make the dress, she won't. Katie says she doesn't mind her making the dress and that Sage will love it. Katie says that she can't get mad at Carly when she is being nice, even though she again was butting in on their wedding. Jack questions if Carly is actually being nice- and tells Katie that he thinks the decision that they made last night is the right one, and that he will tell Carly. Carly comes back to the room, and Jack tells her that she can make the dress. Carly happily thanks them. She goes to leave, but Jack wants to talk to her. Katie leaves them alone. Jack then tells her that she isn't invited to the wedding. Jack tells her that there will be other weddings for her to see the kids involved in; such as perhaps Paula and Rosanna. Jack apologized for blindsiding her. She hurtfully tells him it was ok; that she saw it coming. She admitted that her previous bad behavior was to blame. She told him that there was no excuse, but she just couldn't accept them not being together. Jack told her that she needs to get used to it. He tells her that the wedding is happening and that maybe someday they could all be one big happy family. She said that they could be that now; she could go to the wedding and sit quietly in the back just so she could watch her kids. Jack asks her how she will be when he is saying his vows and kissing the bride. Carly nervously laughs and tells him she shouldn't and won't go. She goes to leave- he stops her. He tells her that he tried to forget what they meant to each other and tried to pretend that it was less than what it was. He told her that he now remembers everything and wouldn't change a thing; but he is never going back there. She softly tells him goodbye and leaves.

Katie meets Nancy at the Lakeview. She tells her how lucky she is to have Jack. Nancy asks about Carly. Katie says they have had their ups and downs. She tells Katie that Carly will never stop trying to win Jack back. She offers to put Carly in her place, but Katie tells her that Jack has already done that. Katie wants to know how Nancy stayed married for so long. Nancy hands her a box; it's the pearls Nancy wore for her wedding. She tells Katie her secret to staying married: "whenever Jack is mad at you, climb into bed with the pearls on and nothing else!"

Back at the station, Katie greets Jack with a big kiss and asks how Carly took the news of not going to the wedding. Jack admits that she was disappointed, but that she always bounces back.

At the hospital, the neurosurgeon meets with Carly to discuss her test results. She tries to minimize her symptoms, but the Dr. tells her the problem is very serious. She tries to tell the Dr. that she has been under so much stress and that she is an emotional wreck, but he tells her that the symptoms are being caused by a physical problem. A shocked Carly learns she a lesion on her brain.

At the Woman's clinic the doctor tells Sofie that she is well into her 2nd trimester. Sofie looks relieved and smiles. She asks if it is too late. The doctor tells her that she still can have the abortion, but there may be complications. Her smile now faded, Sofie tells the doctor that she has to have the abortion. The doctor tells her that she will need someone there with her for after the procedure and leaves to answer a page. Sofie picks up her phone to call Cole, but then stops.

At Emma's, Alison's nausea continues but when Gwen calls to check on her, Alison tells her that she is feeling better. Aaron asks her why she is hiding her nausea from Gwen. She tells Aaron that if she tells Gwen she is having a bad reaction to the hormones, she fears the doctors won't let her go through with the donation. She really wants to do this- so she can finally do something that she will be proud of. Aaron tells her that he regrets making her feel like she had to prove something to him and wants to make it up to her. He turns to her- she thinks he is going to kiss her, but he turns her around and gives her a shoulder massage, which she enjoys. He tells her he will give her any thing she needs and they almost kiss, but just then there is a knock. Aaron goes outside to find a very distraught Sofie. She tells Aaron that she couldn't go through with the abortion. Aaron asks her what he could do to help, but she tells him she just wanted to tell someone. He asked where Cole was. She told him that he was at work, and Aaron realized that Cole didn't even go to the clinic with her. Aaron was outraged and Sofie tried to make excuses for him. He asks her what she is going to do- she says doesn't know. Aaron told her to be careful with Cole and she leaves. As he goes back in the house, Alison tells him that she going to get going because she doesn't want to interfere with him and Sofie. Aaron asks her if she is jealous and that she has no reason to be. Alison tells him that she might be jealous if they were still dating. He tells her that Sofie has a lot of things going on and that she doesn't have anyone else to talk to and that is as far as it goes. Alison smiles at this information. He asks her to please stay. She tells him how nice the day was with him and that she is feeling a little nervous. Aaron tells her that maybe next time she will feel a little better. They kiss and she leaves.

Will finds the plant that Gwen threw out and brings it back in the house. Gwen takes it out of his hands and hurls it outside. She explained to him that the plant was from Iris and that she had given Sofie money to make her get an abortion. Gwen frantically searches for Sofie's number so she can stop her, but Will tells her that this decision is between Sofie and Cole. Gwen is worried that Cole won't even go to the clinic with her. Thinking that Iris gave Sofie the money yesterday, Gwen decides that she probably already went through with it. Will tells her that she needs to think about something else. An envelope appears at their doorstep from a fan who wants her to listen to their CD. Gwen is skeptical, but Will says they should listen to it.

At Henry and Vienna's diner, Gwen and Will listen to the CD that the fan sent. Unimpressed, they mock the lyrics aloud. Suddenly from behind, an angry Cole confronts them admitting that the CD was from him. Will asks if Gwen knows who he is, she tells him it's her brother. She starts to explain that not everyone has the same tastes, but Cole snatches the CD from her hand and storms off. Gwen goes after him and they argue as Will watches. With Cole gone, Will and Gwen talk about their future parenting.

In Olde Town, Cole finds Sofie sitting alone. He thinks that she has had the abortion and tells her that he knew she wanted the baby, but this wasn't the right time. Sofie says nothing as he tells her about his disastrous encounter with Gwen. He tells her he has nothing left but his "sweet Sofie" and wants to take her home so he can take care of her. He tells her to forget about the baby; they don't need anyone. Still silent, she takes his offered hand and goes with him.

At the Lakeview, Rosanna and Paul meet with Tom. Rosanna wants to hire him as her lawyer. She asks him how to get Craig charged with attempted murder. Craig, who was walking in, hears and hides nearby trying to listen to their conversation. Rosanna tells Tom what she remembers. Tom tells them that putting Craig in prison isn't going to happen. Paul angrily gets up to leave, saying Tom was biased because Craig is Margo's brother. Rosanna asks Tom why he can't be arrested and Tom says it's because Craig had already been tried and convicted of this charge. Short of accusing him of another crime, there is nothing that can be done.

Back at Fairwinds, Rosanna wonders what to do. Paul leaves to handle the lawsuit, he tells her to stay there until he returns and to not do anything crazy.

Outside the Lakeview, Craig confronts Tom and demands to know what his conversation with Rosanna and Paul was about. Tom refuses to tell him. Craig bullies him, saying that HIS lawyer told him that he couldn't be prosecuted again because of double jeopardy. Tom admitted that the law was on his side this time and that he need to have the good sense to not harm Rosanna a second time. Tom leaves. Craig then gets a phone call from Rosanna. She tells him that she wants draw up settlement terms so that they can stay out of each others' lives. She tells him that the clock is ticking and to meet her at Fairwinds.

Craig arrives at Fairwinds. "So, you want a truce?" He says. He tells her that she wants to settle since he won't be going back to jail. Rosanna snickers and tells him that he may not be going back to jail for trying to kill her, but make no mistake; he will be going back to jail.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Carly learns from her doctor that she has a lesion on her brain that appears to be deadly. Carly asks the doctor what his plan is and he informs her that there is no surgical or radiation option for her because of where her legion is and that she may have only a few months to live. She tells the doctor he must be wrong and as she is set to storm out the doctor tells her to please get a second opinion and seek out medical attention immediately. He advises her she needs help, now.

Vienna and Jack plan a surprise for Katie that backfires. Vienna shows Katie brochures of a beautiful island for her honeymoon and questions whether or not she thinks it is the perfect spot for a honeymoon. When she replies no, Jack appears with tickets to that same island. Katie tries to back paddle her way out of ruining his surprise, but tells him that islands tend to remind her of Simon. In the end Jack tells Katie that the island was Vienna's idea and the two agree to plan their honeymoon together. Jack and Katie head out to take Sage to dance class while Vienna decides to continue with her plan of surprising Jack and Katie with the "perfect" honeymoon.

Carly arrives at the farm while on the phone with another physician who gives her the same diagnosis as the other doctor. Carly goes into the farm and runs into Brad who asks about the doctor and she tells him to shut-up. Sage overhears the two arguing and asks why Carly is mad at Brad and why she is seeing a doctor. Carly explains to Sage that she just saw a doctor to make sure she is alright after the accident and she is fine. Carly tells Sage she is there to work on her flower girl dress, but Sage explains she is waiting for her dad to take her dance class. Carly tries to convince Sage to skip the class, but Jack arrives and after hearing Carly trying to persuade Sage to miss the class he insists on talking to Carly alone. He chastises Carly for sneaking out to the farm and trying to take Sage without talking to him first. Jack gets very angry at Carly and she becomes flustered and overwhelmed and runs out of the house.

Carly returns to her house where she speaks to another doctor who agrees with the other physicians about her diagnosis and a dejected Carly heads up to take a bath. As she soaks in the tub she goes under as Brad bangs on the door. Brad gets inside and pulls Carly up, but she insists she wasn't trying to kill herself. Brad asks what she was doing and she just says she was trying to feel what "it would be like." With a look of shock and wonder on Brad's face, Carly tells him she is dying.

Back at the farm, Vienna arrives and gives Katie another look at a new honeymoon, but Katie tells her to let her plan her own honeymoon. Vienna says o.k. and as she turns to go Katie questions why she is trying to plan this. Vienna explains that Jack planned the original surprise and she only got involved to help out because it was booked. Katie feels bad that she didn't realize that the surprise was Jack's. When Jack returns from driving Sage to class, Katie apologizes for not liking his honeymoon surprise and tells him that she wants to go and doesn't care about Simon or her past.

Craig and Rosanna continue their discussion about Rosanna's declaration that she plans to "bring him down" and send him back to prison "where he belongs." Craig informs her she may want to send him back to prison, but she has no chance of getting him charged a second time with attempted murder. Rosanna explains that she knows why Craig ran her off the road and will do what she can to send him back to jail. Craig continues to explain that Rosanna would make a terrible witness and should give up her fight. To this, Rosanna says that she may not be a great witness, but the nurse he bribed to switch the babies could probably be bought again and she is just the person to do it. Craig tells Rosanna that she won't do any of this because she is a truthful person who won't go forward based on lies Paul put in her head. Craig condemns Rosanna for remember his past, but for refusing to see Paul for who he really is and informs her about Paul's past two years of using and lying to people to get revenge. Rosanna tells Craig that he may have known the woman before the accident, but he has no idea who she is now.

At the Lakeview, Dusty overhears Noah's dad telling Lily that he knows what Luke is doing to his son and he wants it to stop. He goes on to tell her that he doesn't want Luke's influence around Noah; all the while implying that Luke is making Noah homosexual. When Lily tries to comfort Winston and tell him that she understands how difficult it can be to deal with the reality of who there sons are; he says he isn't deny who Noah is and refuses to "throw in the towel" about Noah's future. Before he goes he makes it clear that he wants Luke to stay far away from Noah and Lily agrees. Dusty arrives and asks Lily about Colonel Mayer, Noah's dad, and finds out that his son is Noah. When Lily tries to find out why Dusty is interested, he tells her to not worry about it and let him take care of Cheri's murder. Dusty leaves and Lily is determined to find out what Winston and Noah have to do with Cheri's death and make sure that Noah is alright.

Luke finds Noah at the station and tells him he wants to be there for him to help him through what he is dealing with. Noah replies angrily and tells Luke to "Go to hell." Noah goes on to blame Luke for all of his troubles. Luke tells Noah that he cares about him and wants to help him live his life truthfully. With this Noah storms out.

Luke heads out to talk to Maddie and finds her at Al's. Luke tells Maddie that nothing really happened between him and Noah and that everything that is going on is happening inside Noah. Luke explains that he encouraged Noah to tell Maddie the truth, but he refused. Maddie is still angry and believes that Luke sat by and watched as she planned her life with someone he knew she could never really share it with. Maddie explains to Luke that she feels horrible about herself partly because she has lost Noah to a guy. Luke tells Maddie that the situation is bad for everyone and they both agree it is especially bad for Noah. They both discuss the difficulty that Noah faces in dealing with his dad.

Lily arrives at the station and asks Noah where Luke has gone. She asks Noah to give Luke a message and he explains that Luke is done with the project and probably won't be back. Lily says she talked to his dad today and Noah immediately apologizes. She tells him not to apologize for him and details for Noah what the Colonel said about Luke. Lily offers to help Noah by talking to his dad again and he tells her not to bother because nothing will change his father. Noah explains to Lily that he wants this thing with Luke to be over and that he has to live his life so that he doesn't lose his dad.

Meanwhile, Dusty has followed Noah's dad into Old Town and confronts the Winston. The Colonel explains that he remembers Dusty is the one who threatened Cheri and doesn't think it is right for them to talk and as he turns to leave Dusty yells after the Colonel that he knows who Cheri really was. The Colonel threatens Dusty to keep whatever information he has to himself and walks away. Their exchange convinces Dusty he has found "his guy." Dusty returns to his room and pours himself a drink and prepares to call Margo with his information about Noah and Winston Mayor and their connection to Cheri. As he stands up and starts to dial he passes out. After Dusty is out cold a gloved Colonel Mayor arrives and finds the evidence Dusty has on him and takes it out with Dusty.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Carly explains that multiple doctors agree she's terminal, but Brad's unwilling to accept that. Brad wants to get help for her illness but Carly refuses to tell anybody especially Jack. Sage innocently mentions to Jack that Carly went back to the doctor today. Jack accuses Carly of giving Sage misinformation about her health in order to put a pall on the wedding. Katie no longer fears a honeymoon island hex, but is still concerned about a Carly crisis creeping up. Katie and Jack run into Brad, who can't cover his upset. Jack guesses Brad is upset about a woman, and Brad claims that the woman he's upset about is Katie and how Jack stole her from him. Lily tells Luke about her ineffective chats with Colonel Mayer and Noah, respectively. Luke appreciates Lily's concern, but thinks it's best if she stays out of it. Holden questions why Lily didn't volunteer for Natalie's trip and quickly guesses she wants to stick around to help Dusty. Dusty surprises Col. Mayer by leaping up and grabbing him. When Dusty manages to overtake Col. Mayer, he pulls a gun and shoots. Having shot Dusty, Col. Mayer plants evidence against Dusty, and finds the picture of Cheri with Noah. Lily lets herself into Dusty's room, unaware that Mayer is in there. Dusty starts to come to, as Lily leaves him another message. Later, Dusty fights to get out of the car. Noah wants things to go back to the way they were, but Maddie doesn't see how that's possible since Noah's gay. Noah's surprised when Maddie reveals that Luke's the one who helped her understand Noah's dilemma. Later, Noah confides in Luke that Maddie wouldn't take him back, and thanks Luke for helping Maddie understand. As Noah prepares to tell his dad, Luke assures Noah he isn't alone.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

At the Snyder farm, the kids and Holden and Brad are supposed to be getting ready for Jack and Katie's wedding, but Brad keeps getting phone calls, which turn out to be from specialists he has called about Carly's brain lesion. Brad takes a moment to call Carly to let her know he's trying to find a miracle for her, but she's upset that he's making these calls at the farm, where someone might overhear him. After he hangs up from talking to Carly, he is in the middle of another call to a specialist when Margo, who has recently arrived and who has heard from Holden that Brad is shirking his duties, confiscates his cell phone.

At the Lakeview Hotel, Katie has a nightmare in which she's late for her wedding to Jack and instead sees him marrying Carly, who tells her she's the only one Jack will ever love. She awakens, screaming, and Henry and Vienna run in to see what's wrong. Katie calms down but is concerned that Jack hasn't called yet; however, she tells them she trusts him.

Meanwhile, Jack has gone to see Carly to pick up Faith's dress. Carly has a wobbly moment, and Jack worries that the doctor released her from the hospital too soon. Carly insists she's okay, and she becomes upset when Jack suggests that perhaps she's not in any shape to watch the kids while he's gone on his honeymoon. Carly calms down and tells Jack she wishes him the best, saying maybe it was meant to be for him to end up with Katie. She tells him he deserves the best, and he says she does, too. She confesses that she thought they'd be together always, but Jack says they ran out of time to get it right. Carly almost cries, and Jack kisses her on the cheek and then holds her for a moment before taking the dress and leaving.

Jack goes to the Lakeview, where Katie will only crack open the door to her room, so he won't see her before the wedding. He hands her 2 presents, telling her to open just the little one now. She does, and it's a beautiful necklace; when she says she didn't get him anything, he responds that she has given him the best gift of all --- herself. After he leaves, Henry comes to pick up Katie, and she tells him how glad she is that their friendship is back on solid ground; she says that despite the fact she's marrying Jack today, Henry will always be her best friend.

At Fairwinds, Paul finds out from Rosanna that she invited Craig to come see her the night before, and Paul is concerned that Craig threatened her. Rosanna says he did in a way, but she says she's fine, and what she wants more than anything else is just to end up with Paul. Then, Rosanna leaves to go see how Carly is doing on Jack's wedding day, and Paul takes the opportunity to go to Will and Gwen's place to try to convince them to testify against Craig. Will says Gwen is out at the moment, and he's unwilling to put her through any type of trial in which Paul would expect her to rehash her feelings when she found out that Craig had switched the babies and that her son had died. Paul can't believe Will isn't jumping at the chance to lock Craig up for the baby switch, but Will points out that Paul is just as guilty as Craig because he knew about the switch and kept it from their sister. Paul says Craig is much worse than he is, and he thought he could count on him to do this for Jennifer, if nothing else.

Rosanna visits Carly and tells her she's remembered everything about the night Craig tried to run her off the road, and she asks Carly if she'd be willing to testify against Craig in a trial. Carly says a trial could be months away, but she will help Rosanna any way she can if she's still around. Rosanna asks where Carly might be going, and she says she doesn't know, but she might not have a choice about being around. She tells Rosanna how lucky she is to have another chance with Paul and tells her not to waste her life trying to get revenge against Craig. Rosanna understands her point, and when Carly turns down an offer to go out to lunch, Rosanna suggests she go shopping instead, buy something really expensive, and have it billed to Rosanna. Carly says she might just do that, and Rosanna leaves.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul tells Rosanna that Will wouldn't agree to testify against Craig and thinks they should give this whole thing up. Rosanna tells Paul that maybe they ought to do just that, but Paul says they can never be completely happy with Craig still free, not having paid for his crimes against them, and he tells her he wants them to be happy because he wants to marry her. They make love, and Rosanna then says that her answer is "yes," including that she'll continue to try to have Craig put away so they can put all this behind them and start a new life as husband and wife.

Jack arrives at the farm, and Margo tells him that he'll be writing parking tickets for the rest of his natural life if he does anything to hurt her baby sister. Brad gets his cell phone back and finds he has missed 10 calls. Katie arrives with Vienna and Henry, and Vienna gives her the blue garter from her leg as "something borrowed, something blue." The pendant Jack gave Katie is "something new," and Margo gives Katie a bracelet she wore when she married Tom, saying now Katie is joining the exclusive club of couples who are meant to be together forever. The wedding music begins, and Jack and Holden notice that Brad is still on his cell phone talking to someone, even as Katie is about to walk down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Carly watches her clock at home, then grabs her keys and leaves to go window shopping at Old Town. She sees a clock and watches it ticking away, then suddenly, she collapses. A stranger walks up to her and tries to rouse her, asking her if she can tell him her name. She looks up at him and says, "I don't know."

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