William "Billy" Ross
Actor History
Born (on-screen) February 11, 1982
Former bartender at Java Underground
Hired by Bryant Montgomery to add a deck to the Walsh guest house
Resides At
Unknown; last known whereabouts Scotland
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Cody Sullivan (biological father)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (mother)
Ernie Ross(adopted father)
Suzanne "Suzie" Ross (half-sister)
Bart Montgomery (maternal grandfather)
Lyla Peretti (maternal grandmother)
Margo Hughes (aunt)
Craig Montgomery (uncle)
Katie Perettir (aunt)
Jeff Ward (uncle)
Adam (Hughes) Munson (cousin)
Casey Hughes (cousin)
Bryant Montgomery (cousin; deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (cousin)
Gabriel Carras (cousin)
Maria Ward (cousin)
Lowell Ward (cousin)
Nancy Ward (cousin)
Gregory Ward (cousin)
John Dustin Montgomery (cousin)
Jacob Snyder (cousin)
Billy Norbeck (first cousin once removed; deceased)
Margaret Andropoulos (great-aunt)
Flings & Affairs
Jennifer Munson (lovers; deceased)
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Billy Ross came to Oakdale at the request of his cousin, Bryant Montgomery. Best friends since childhood, Billy thought of Bryant as a brother while Billy was grateful when Bryant hired him to build a deck on his grandmother's guest house. Upon arriving in town, Billy met Bryant's girlfriend, Jennifer, and the two were instantly attracted to each other. Though Jennifer was unhappy with Bryant, Billy convinced her that she was being ungrateful and that she meant everything to Bryant. Ultimately though, Billy and Jen couldn't deny the primal feelings they had for each other and made love. Though they tried to stay away from each other for Bryant's sake, neither could deny their feelings and the affair continued. Soon, Bryant learned the truth, railed at his girl and his cousin for their betrayal, and tragically died in a car crash. Though they felt guilty for their role in Bryant's death, the couple realized that their feelings were too strong to ignore and they continued seeing each other. Unfortunately, the couple's relationship couldn't take the strain of Jen's new modeling career and the two parted as friends.

After Jen left, Billy accompanied his friend Bonnie McKechnie to Scotland. Though he tried to convince her to return home to the man she loved, Bonnie wouldn't listen and resumed her relationship with her former fiancÚ, the Duke of Glasgow. Billy was suspicious of the duke and felt that the castle was a dangerous place. After spending a harrowing experience being imprisoned, Billy was finally freed when it was discovered that the Duke was a fraud and Bonnie was the true heir to the title. Billy must have enjoyed Edinboro since that was the last time he was seen.

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