ANDERSON Family Tree
Robert Anderson Sr. (died in 1980)

a. Adele Winston Hamilton
    c. Brooke Hamilton (deceased)

m. Phyllis (divorced)
Phyllis and Bob had just gotten back together before he died of a heart attack.
    c. Mary Anderson (deceased) Mary was murdered by the Salem Strangler.
        m. Alex Marshall (divorced)

m. Julie Olson (divorced; see Horton and Olson)
    c. David Banning
    Julie's son with David Martin, adopted by Scott Banning (see Banning).
    c. Robert Anderson Jr.
    The baby died not long after birth.

m. Linda Patterson (divorced)
    c. Melissa Horton
    Linda's daughter with Jim, adopted by Bob (later adopted by Mickey and Maggie).
        m. Peter Jannings (divorced)
            c. Charles Jannings
            Pete's son with Ivy.
        m. Unknown Man
            c. Unnamed Child

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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